LRA Annual Conference 2016-Nov-29 to 2016-Dec-04

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"Can I Have Two Interpretions"? Becoming Teacher Educators in a Reading/Writing Community
 Isbell, Janet. and Sapp, Lee.

"Competent Outsider" Literacy
 Kohnen, Angela. and Saul, Wendy.

"Even Tho’ We Be Hoodlums We Still Gotta Finish High School": Interrogating Culturally Responsive Instructive through Affective Economies at Last Chance High
 Hines, Mary Beth. and Kersulov, Michael.

"Feeling Brown" in Gay YA: Reading Machismo, Mariposas, and the Drag of Identity in Award-Winning Queer Latino Literature
 Wargo, Jon.

"Hey this guy, he was actually there": Teaching students to write arguments warranted with historical thinking heuristics
 McCarty, Ryan.

"I never realized I was doing that!" Peer and self-captured videos as professional development tools to meet the literacy needs of English learners
 Grimaldo, Leticia. and Giroir, Shannon.

"I wish I was in B": Influences of Tracking on School Experiences and Constructions of Selves
 Swauger, Sarah.

"It it a She or a He?": Using Literacy to Disrupt Gender-/Hetero-normativity with Second-Graders
 Hartman, Paul.

"My School Does Not Even Have a Library": An Analysis of High School Literacy Teachers’ Text Choices from National Survey Data
 Darragh, Janine. and Boyd, Ashley.

"“Wetback” was the word they used most and they also used more offensive words": Transformative Practices Through Interactive Read Alouds
 Leija, María., Fránquiz, María. and Lara, Gilberto.

(Em)PowerPoint: Exploring teacher perceptions of a tired technology awakening disciplinary literacy success
 Ringler-Pet, Sue., Napoli, Ashley., Palmer, Barry., Nash, Elizabeth. and DiStanislao, Christina.

(Re)Imagining and (Re)Defining Social: Intra-activity of humans and non-humans in Writers’ Studio
 Kuby, Candace. and Crawford, Shonna.

(re)Storying Literacy Experiences and Practices of African American Families through Narrative Inquiry
 Rochester, Shana.

4K Teachers and Writing
 Zamzow, Lois.

4th Graders’ Figured Worlds of Videogames and Literacy
 Stufft, Carolyn.

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A Case Study Examining the Use of TED Talks to Develop Multiliterate Students
 Hollibush, Matt., Gallagher, J. David. and Freedman, Matthew.

A Case Study of a Child in a Summer Reading Program based on Self-Determination Theory
 Holmberg-Masden, Loretta.

A Case Study: Refining Dialogic Teaching in an Early Elementary Classroom to Support ELL Students
 Meyer, Amber.

A Comparison of Fathers’ and Mothers’ Oral Language Interactions with Primary School Students
 Lynch, Jacqueline. and Williams, Nicola.

A Content Analysis of Diversity in Caldecott Winner and Honor Books Across the Decades
 Koss, Melanie., Martinez, Miriam. and Johnson, Nancy.

A Content Analysis of Fifteen Literacy Journals, 2009-2014
 Parsons, Seth., Gallagher, Melissa., Ward Parsons, Allison., Bruyning, Alicia., Daoud, Nisreen. and Team, Content.

A Critical Approach to “Social Justice” Literacy Education: Beginning with New Teachers’ Notions of “Equity” and “Texts”
 Zenkov, Kristien., Newman, Kerry. and Clark, Ellen.

A Formative Experiment of Culturally Responsive Writing Workshop in a Grades 3-5 Title 1 School
 Hagood, Margaret.

A Framework for Decomposition in Teacher Education
 Danielson, Katie.

A Framework of Critical Global Literacy for Literacy Educators
 Yoon, Bogum. and Yol, Ozge.

A Girl Named George: Finally Representing the “T” in LGBT in Chapter Books for Elementary School Readers
 Hermann-Wilmarth, Jill. and Ryan, Caitlin.

A Journey of a Young ELL Student through Social and Cultural Identity Transformation: What Does It Take?
 Tsarykovska, Olha.

A Moving Target: What it Means to Learn Vocabulary across Four 6th Grade Classes
 Brodeur, Katherine.

A Multicultural Feminist Perspective on Motherhood and Literacy: Re-centering Pedagogies of the Home
 Granados, Nadia., Allen, Kelly., Bacon, Heidi. and Anders, Patty.

A Multidisciplinary Perspective on Inquiry in Disciplinary Literacy
 O\'Brien, David. and Ortmann, Lisa.

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Barriers to Implementing an Engagement Model of Reading Intervention in High School
 Cantrell, Susan. and Rintamaa, Margaret.

Becoming Their Own Hero: The Storied Worlds of LGBTQ YouTubers
 Bogard, Treavor.

Beliefs versus practices: Do early childhood teachers of ELs really practice culturally responsive teaching?
 Carley Rizzuto, Kerry. and Steiner, Lilly.

Between Standards and Social Worlds: Exploring Intermediate Elementary Students’ Writing and Storied Selves
 Brownell, Cassie.

Beyond State Requirements: Examining Teacher Preparation for Literacy Instruction in U. S. Teacher Education Programs
 Swaggerty, Elizabeth., Birdyshaw, Deanna., McGriff, Mary., Rutherford, Angela., Lewis-Spector, Jill., Leach, April. and Fine, Joyce.

Beyond Synergy: Children's role in brokering literacy practices in an Afghan-American refugee family
 Sadiq, Assadullah.

Beyond the Textbook: Reimagining Disciplinary Literacy in Teacher Education
 O\'Brien, David., McDonald Van Deventer, Megan. and Lemanski, Laura.

Bilingual Kindergarteners’ Engagement in Multicultural Picture Books through Prediction, Imagination, and Social Interaction: A Case Study
 Kim, So Jung. and Song, Kwangok.

Bilingualism and Disciplinary Literacy Practices among Mexican-origin Engineering Students
 Mein, Erika. and Esquinca, Alberto.

Black Girl Power: Examining Identity and Agency in Williams-Garcia's One Crazy Summer Novels
 Howard, Christy. and Ryan, Caitlin.

Blogging as transformative classroom practice: Creating affinity spaces at school
 Pigozzi, Grace.

Books in Every Maine Child's Hands: Assessing the Impact of the Raising Readers Book Distribution Program at Well-Child Visits
 Groenhout, Rachel. and Bennett-Armistead, Susan.

Boundary Play with the Hijab and MLK Jr.: Youth Reassembling Difficult Topics through Humor
 McDermott, Mairi. and Lenters, Kimberly.

Bridging the Chasm: Exploring the Intersection of Creative Literacy Practices and Civic Engagement with High School Tutors and Underserved Elementary Students
 Dunkerly Bean, Judith., Bean, Thomas., Kidd, David. and Johnson, Elizabeth.

Building Capacity For Teaching Writing with Rigor: Teachers’ Perspectives on Where Policy Makers Should Start
 Dismuke, Sherry.

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Can ‘mush fake’ help students make texts from ‘out-of-school’-domains?
 Buch, Bettina.

Cartographic Literacy: An Analysis of Student Texts through Metaphors of Movement
 Williams, Amy. and Mathison, Maureen.

Case Study of an Urban Elementary Faculty’s Writing Practice: Mobilizing Transformative Whole Faculty Professional Development to Improve Writing Capacity and Student Outcomes
 Sulentic Dowell, Margaret-Mary.

Change Your Stance: Secondary English Teachers as Digital Writers with a Critical Literacy Stance
 Caprino, Kathryn.

Channeling hooks, Banks, Freire, and Gay: Mobilizing Doctoral Candidates for Social Transformation
 Stewart-Wells, Gillian., Schaefer, Ryan. and Smith, David.

Children's Insights about Bilingual Education Via Small Group Discussions
 Proctor, Patrick., Ossa Parra, Marcela. and Pedersen, Joelle.

Close reading through translanguaging: An examination of collaborative translation
 Keyes, Christopher., Puzio, Kelly. and Jimenez, Robert.

Coherence and Linguistic Dimensions of Popular Texts: Analysis of Summer Book Fair Book Selections
 McGill-Franzen, Anne. and Ward, Natalia.

Collaborative Digital Storytelling: Group Flow Within Communities of Activity
 Erlich, Brian.

Collaborative Visual Responses to Literature: Opportunities for Inferential and Higher Order Thinking in the Act of Transmediation
 Tochelli-Ward, Andrea.

College Readers' Perceptions of Literacy: Identity, Engagement and the Role of Anomaly.
 Allen, Kelly.

Comic Artists’ Depictions of Adolescence: Fabrication, Enchantment, and Nostalgia
 Lewis, Mark.

Common Messages about Instruction? An Analysis of State-Provided Common Core Resources for English/Language Arts
 Benko, Susanna., Hodge, Emily. and Salloum, Serena.

Community Literacies in Latin America: Building from Within
 Trigos-Carrillo, Lina.

Components and Models of Effective Writing-intensive Methods Courses in Teacher Education
 Sanders, Jennifer., Myers, Joy., Ikpeze, Chinwe., Yoder, Karen., Smetana, Linda., Scales, Roya. and Tracy, Kelly.

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Deconstructing Reading Curricula: A Critical Analysis of Constructing Kinds of Readers
 White, Kristen.

Defining literacy achievement: Pre-service teachers make sense of the goals of secondary English education
 Neville, Mary. and Johnson, Ashley.

Designing Global Futures: A Mixed Methods Study to Operationalize and Validate Teaching for Global Readiness
 Kerkhoff, Shea.

Designing a Goal 3 Instructional Study To Optimize Results
 Graves6940 W 105th St, Michael., Li, Linlin. and Flynn, Kylie.

Determining and Learning from Authentic Representations of Chronic Illness in Young Adult Literature
 Rowland, Leslie.

Developing Character Analysis and Figurative Expression through Multimodal Composition
 Dalton, Bridget., Valenzuela, Cecilia. and Potvin, Ashley.

Developing Critically Literate Children at Bilingual Homes
 Al Bulushi, Zawan.

Developing Methods for Using Multimodal Interaction Analysis in Literacy Classroom Research
 Tochelli-Ward, Andrea.

Developing Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Content-Area Literacy
 Brugar, Kristy. and Roberts, Kathryn.

Developing Pre-Service Teachers’ Positionalities in 140 Characters or Less: Examining Microblogging as Dialogic Space
 Bissonnette, Jeanne. and Cook, Michael.

Developing Pre-service Teachers’ Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Literacy through Content Coaching in a Study Abroad Context
 Dennis, Danielle., Branson, Stephanie., Flores, Brian., Papke, Allison. and Sweeney, Sherridon.

Developing an Adaptive Stance in Preservice Teachers
 Vaughn, Margaret.

Development and Validation of a Reading Motivation Survey for English Learners
 Protacio, Maria Selena. and Jang, Bong Gee.

Differentiated literacy instruction: Boondoggle or best practice?
 Puzio, Kelly., Colby, Glenn. and Algeo, Dana.

Diggin Deeper: An understanding of non-proficient minority students through reading and motivational profiles
 Smith, Hiawatha. and Miller, Samuel.

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Early Childhood Literacy: A Decade in Review
 Teale, William., Whittingham, Colleen. and Hoffman, Emily.

Easter Eggs and Semiotic Cues: Embedded Meaning within an Online Programming Community
 Hagge, Julia.

Edmodo cohort: Mobilizing e-mentoring and educator meet-ups
 Scott, Chyllis., Canady, Fawn., Plachowski, Tara., McKinney, Marilyn., Paretti, Lois. and Hayden, Steve.

Effective Literacy Interventions for At-Risk Readers: A Literature Review
 Noel, lesley.

Effectiveness of an electronic pen-pal project on preservice teachers’ self-competency and knowledge of instructional strategies working with ELs
 Mahalingappa, Laura., Hughes, Elizabeth. and Polat, Nihat.

Effects of Print Referencing on Vocabulary Learning
 Chambre, Susan., Ehri, Linnea. and Ness, Molly.

Effects of a Tier 1 Intervention Designed to Improve Fluency and Comprehension in Grades 3-5
 Amendum, Steve., Pasquarella, Adrian., Walpole, Sharon., McKenna, Michael. and Strong, John.

Effects of poverty on reading development: A framework for research, teaching, and policy
 Knapp, Nancy.

Elementary Teachers' Beliefs and Practices Related to Literacy-Infused Mathematics Instruction
 Chavez, Kathryn., Anders, Patty. and Wilson-Lopez, Amy.

Empowering Emergent English Learners (ELs) and Building Oral Language Ability Using Healthy Recipes in Korea
 Lee, Guang-Lea.

Empowering Students in an Age of High Stakes: Improving Stamina for Comprehension Based Silent Reading
 Hayden, Emily., Trainin, Guy. and Hiebert, Freddy.

Empowering Students through Inquiry: Using a Guided Inquiry Approach in High School Research
 Fleming, Sarah.

Engaging Multilingual Guatemalan Students in Literacy through Dialogue Journal Writing
 Linares, Rebecca.

Engaging Teacher Candidates in a Content Analysis of Informational Texts from Their Communities
 Xu, Shelley.

Engaging in Effective Cross-Discipline Collaborations: Literacy Education & Speech-Language Pathology
 Dostal, Hannah., Bowers, Lisa., Gabriel, Rachael. and Kindall, Heather.

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Fakes, Jocks, Thugs, and Nerds: Deconstructing stereotypes in tenth grade English Language Arts
 Delaney, Carol.

First-Graders' Re-Descriptions of Ezra Jack Keats' Narratives: Transforming Story Worlds into Social Worlds through Oral and Written Responses Within Read-Aloud Discussions and Pen Pal Letters
 Fullerton, Susan., Hubbard, Koti. and McClure, Erin.

Flexible Assessments: Transforming Our Understandings of How African American and Latina/o Emergent Bilinguals Approach Literacy
 Bauer, Eurydice. and Colomer, Soria.

Flexible Grouping: One Teacher's Formative Response to Literacy Proficiency
 Beatty, Barbara. and Algeo-Nichols, Dana.

For Argument's Sake: Building a Pathway to College for Urban Adolescents
 Imbrenda, Jon-Philip.

Fostering Discussion-Based Disciplinary Learning Through Shared Reading Experiences
 Smith, Antony. and Hintz, Allison.

Fostering Engaging Vocabulary Instruction Through Responsive Professional Development
 Anderson, Blythe. and Gallagher, Melissa.

Fostering the Early Literacy and Technology Practices of Immigrant Parents through Project LIFE
 Lee, Vera. and Levine, Bruce.

Four Years & Still Tutoring! The Impact of a Successful Literacy Intervention that Continues to Thrive & Assist Pre-Service Teachers Learn How to Teach Literacy.
 Neel, Joanna.

Framing Dyslexia in State Education Policy
 Gabriel, Rachael.

Framing Literary Argumentation: Teaching and Learning Writing and Reading in English Language Arts Classrooms
 Newell, George., Bloome, David. and Goff, Brent.

From "struggling" to "successful": The use of bilingual graphic novels in dual-immersion programs
 Casesa, Rhianna.

From Adolescents-in-Crisis to Adolescence-as-Construction: A Discursive Analysis of Rationales for the Use of Young Adult Literature in Secondary Curricula
 Groenke, Susan. and Thomas, Katie.

From Barriers to Bridges: Mobilizing Early Writing Students through Successful Digital Writing Experiences
 Mitchell, Jessica., Thompson, Rachel. and Anderson, Rebecca.

From Bystanders to Contributors: Transforming Teachers Through Academic Writing
 Cawley, Valerie.

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Gaming Literacies and Second Languages: When using a second language becomes the key to victory
 Mora, Raul., Castaño, Sebastian., Hernandez, Michael., Orrego, Tyrone Steven., Ramirez, Daniel., Castaño, Walter. and Villada, Santiago.

Geeking out as identity exploration: from 90s cartoons to anime expertise
 Pigozzi, Grace.

Getting Out of Our Silos to Make Sense of Disciplinary Literacies in Elementary Teacher Education
 Frambaugh-Kritzer, Charlotte. and Buelow, Stephanie.

Good Student/Bad Student: Situated Identities in the Figured Worlds of School and Creative Multimodal Production
 Jocius, Robin.

Grappling with Criticality: Collaborative Inquiries into Literacy Methods
 Riley, Kathleen. and Crawford-Garrett, Katherine.

Growing & Empowering Minds Through Storytelling: Exploring the Literacies & Lived Experiences of African American High School Students in a GEAR-UP Program
 Gibbs, ThedaMarie.

Growth Mindset and At-Risk Children’s Writing Achievement: A Hidden Key to Social Transformation?
 Whitsett, Beau. and Bell, Sherry.


Hashtag Activism and Gender Advocacy: A Virtual Ethnography of Activism on Twitter
 Mehta, Rohit. and Gretter, Sarah.

Health Literacy and Type 2 Diabetes: A Case Study in Complexity
 Hughes, Megan.

Helping DLL Preschoolers Learn New Concepts and Vocabulary Through Guided Drawing
 Cassano, Christina.

How Adults Help Preschoolers Build Foundational Understandings about Speech/Print Matching During Writing
 Rowe, Deborah. and Piestrzynski, Laura.

How Cross-District Peer Mentoring at an Urban Middle School is Transforming Teacher Practice and Engaging Underserved Students in iPad-mediated Learning
 Smith, Carol. and Santori, Diane.

How Do Teachers Mobilize and Transform their Conceptualizations of Reader–Text Interactions into Representations of Instructional Practice?
 McElhone, Dot., Tenore, Blake. and Davis, Dennis.

How Preservice Teacher Literacy Identities Effect Sociopolitical Awareness
 Pendergrass, Emily. and Hostetler, Andrew.

How Sponsors Influence Students’ Writing Practices in an Eighth Grade English Language Arts Classroom
 Loretto, Adam.

How Teachers Plan to Integrate Technology into Literacy Instruction: A Think-Aloud Study of Planning Processes
 Woodward, Lindsay. and Hutchison, Amy.

How Undergraduate Writing Mentors Draw upon Space and Place to Make Sense of Coaching High School Writers
 Yoo, Monica. and Brooks-Gillies, Marilee.

How a Meetup Writing Group Supports Adult Literacy
 Evans, Mathew.

How do Economists Read Discipline-Specific Texts?
 Bennett, Stephanie. and Smith, Rebecca.

How do full alphabetic readers learn to read irregular words?
 Murray, Bruce., McIlwain, Mary Jane., Wang, Chih-hsuan., Murray, Geralyn. and Finley, Stacie.


Identical Readers, Identical Readings?: First-Generation Twin Brothers and the Complexities of Textual Relevance
 Sciurba, Katie.

Identification and Utilization of Diverse Children’s Literature in Classroom Instruction
 Arnold, Jackie. and Sableski, Mary-Kate.

Identifying Key Domains and Criteria of Digital Multimodal Composition Assessment: A Literature Review
 Park, Sohee.

Ill-fitting Glass Slippers, or Everyday Discomfort in Trying New Methods?: Why Reading & Critical Literacy Researchers Need Each Other
 Psycher, Tracey., Crampton, Anne., Ittner, Anne. and Struck, Maggie.

Illustrating the Range of Teacher Language During Child-Directed Playtime in Head Start Preschools
 Paulick, Judy.

Implementation and Effects of Project-Based Units Taught by Teachers New to Project-Based Pedagogy
 Duke, Nell., Halvorsen, Anne-Lise., Revelle, Katie. and Strachan, Stephanie.

Implementation of Critical Global Literacy with ELLs
 Yol, Ozge. and Yoon, Bogum.

Implementation of a Cross-Content Area Vocabulary Intervention in an Urban Middle School
 Kucan, Linda. and Cianciosi-Rimbey, Michelle.

Improving Disciplinary Literacy Teaching: A Formative Experiment Exploring Professional Learning
 Wilder, Phillip., Hughes, Susan., Howell, Emily. and Jacques, Lorraine.

Improving Reading Comprehension for Students with Autism: A Formative Approach
 Liebfreund, Meghan.

Improvisation, Literacy, and Emergence
 Tanner, Samuel. and Leander, Kevin.

In Pursuit of Equity: Disciplinary Literacy in English/Language Arts
 Reynolds, Todd., Lampi, Jodi., Holschuh, Jodi. and Rush, Leslis.

Indigenous Children’s Use of Language during Play in Rural Northern Canadian Kindergarten Classrooms
 Stagg Peterson, Shelley., Portier, Christine., Eisazadeh, Nazila. and Rajendram, Shakina.

Individualized Professional Development: Supports and Obstacles to Teacher Growth in Literacy Understanding
 Norvell, Cassie., Broemmel, Amy. and Morgan, Denise.

Information Seeking in the 21st Century: Student and Teacher Perceptions
 Kohnen, Angela. and Saul, Wendy.

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Journeys of Language and Identity Amongst Cuban-American Bilinguals
 Perez, Natasha.


Kindergarten Teachers’ Structuring of Small-group Reading Instruction and Responses to Students’ Miscues
 Anderson, Kimberly.

Kindergarten and First Grade Teachers’ Knowledge of Reading at Rural, High-Poverty Schools
 Jordan, Rebecca.

Korean High School Students’ Recontextualizing Their Aspirations on a Global Online Community
 Jung, Jin Kyeong., Plummer, Emily., Stornaiuolo, Amy. and Hall, Matthew.


LOL? Racial Comedy and Critical Media Literacy in College Classrooms
 Fulmer, Ellie. and Gayle, Alesha.

La Plaza: Centro Comunitario Adult Education Program
 Pratt, Kristen.

Language and Literacy Practices at a Public Library: Drawing on Multilingual and Multicultural Resources
 Zhang, Jenny. and Borge Janetti, Gabriela.

Language, Literacy, and an Invisible University: How Moroccan Undergraduates Acquire the English Language
 Dressman, Mark. and Amzil, Amine.

Language-as-Resource—When, Where, and for Whom? Case Studies of Dual Language Graduates
 Granados, Nadia.

Laughter as Critical Engagement in a Documentary Filmmaking Class
 Tierney, Jessica.

Learning about writing pedagogy in an online course: In-service teachers’ perceptions of growth as teachers of writing
 Scales, Roya. and Tracy, Kelly.

Learning from each other: Justice work with 9th grade urban English I students
 Larson, Joanne., Fitta, James., Domiano, Eugene. and Bethmann, Christopher.

Learning to Develop Culturally Competent Approaches to Digital Literacies Instruction
 Price-Dennis, Detra., Wiebe, Molly. and Greeter, Erin.

Learning to Write Academic Language: Lessons from A Newly-Developed Instructional Unit
 Dobbs, Christina. and Phillips Galloway, Emily.

Learning to cover, learning to resist: The experiences of Filipino-American students in a white-centric school system
 Miller, Henry., Colantonio-Yurko, Kathleen., Park, Jungyoung., Dong, Rongrong. and Fu, Danling.

Letting Go of “The Research Project” In 1:1 Contexts: The Positive Impact of Embedding Online Research and Comprehension Strategies in Existing Middle School Curricula
 doubek, kellie.

Leveraging literacy for social transformation: Using genre pedagogy to equip culturally and linguistically-diverse adolescents to write historical explanations
 Schall-Leckrone, Laura. and Barron, Debra.

Leveraging the Affordances of Educational Apps in Disciplinary Literacy Instruction: A Study of Teachers’ Instructional Design
 Karchmer-Klein, Rachel., Shinas, Valerie., Mouza, Chrystalla. and Park, Sohee.

Libros cartoneros: Democratizing access to literacy for social transformation
 Huerta, Mary Esther.

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Making Sense in Affinity Spaces: A Case Study of One High School Writing Class
 Marsh, Valerie.

Making Space for Critical Conversations in Literacy Methods Courses
 Ticknor, Anne. and Cavendish, Leslie.

Making a Writing Teacher: Using Case Studies to Evaluate Effective Teacher Educators
 Hodges, Tracey. and Matthews, Sharon.

Mapping the Research Claims of the New York City Literacy Improvement Sector
 Ferguson, Daniel., Rumberger, Alyson., Ahn, Meesuk. and Hatch, Thomas.

Media Habits & the Global Refugee Crisis: a Critical Discourse Analysis of media literacy practices
 Cullerton, Alexis., Rumenapp, Joseph. and Schaefer, Ryan.

Meeting the author with friends: Collaborating with other meaning makers in online discussion
 Lee, Jeonghyun., Park, Jeongbin., Gaines, Rachel., Williams, Kyle., Choi, Eunjeong., Mattar, Lina., Hwang, Sunyoung. and Schallert, Diane.

Methodological Considerations for Analyzing Teachers’ Situated Learning about Supporting Students’ Historical Literacies
 Popp, Jacquelynn.

Methodological Landscapes in Literacy Research, 1996 - 2015: JLR, RRQ, and the LRA Yearbook
 Gillis, Victoria., Van Wig, Ann., Ventura-Kalen, Karen., Shur, Anna., Frahm, Tia., Sanders, Amanda., Borti, Adeline., Khasilova, Dilnoza., Reutzel, Douglas., Hinchman, Kathleen. and McKim, Courtney.

Middle School Reading Motivation and Art Integration
 Bishop, Kaia-Marie. and Carpenter, Robert.

Missing the Savoir for the Connaissance: Disciplinary and Content Area Literacy as Regimes of Truth
 Bean, Thomas. and Dunkerly Bean, Judith.

Mobile Professional Learning: A Case-Study of a Twitter Chat for Literacy Educators
 Porath, Suzanne.

Mobilising iterative learning opportunities to support pre-service teacher reflection through dialogue: Literature circles revisited
 Simpson, Alyson.

Mobility and Modality in the Hybrid Household: Literacy Ecologies of the Contemporary Western Child
 Mackey, Margaret.

Mobilizing Critical Dialogue for Social Transformation: The Intersemotic Relationship amid Multimodal Text and Teacher Supported Student Talk
 Nyachae, Tiffany.

Mobilizing Emotive Empathy with Informational Text: Three Middle School Students’ Think-Aloud Protocols of Gettysburg: The Graphic Novel
 Chisholm, James., Sheffield, Caroline. and Shelton, Ashley.

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Narrative Assessment with 1st Grade Spanish-English Emergent Bilinguals: Spontaneous versus Retell Conditions
 Lucero, Audrey. and Uchikoshi, Yuuko.

Narrative Inquiry to Address Community Literacy Needs
 Block, Meghan., Vandeusen-Macleod, Betsy. and Spear, Annie.

Narrative Inquiry: Storying a Professional Development Planning Initiative
 Vujaklija, Amy.

Negotiating Multiple Identities and Formal Schooling: Narratives of Somali Bantu Refugee Youths in the United States
 RWANDA, STELLA. and Guetler, Vivian.

Neural Signatures in Reading and Reading Comprehension for Typical, Bilingual, and Adults with Reading Disabilities: An fNIRS and Eye-tracking Examination of Syntactic Processing
 Juth, Stephanie., Mohr, Kathleen., Gillam, Ron. and Simonsmeier, Vicki.

New Elementary Teachers’ Evolving Development for Teaching Literacy
 Adams-Budde, Melissa. and Howard, Christy.

Not Just Another Course: Exploring Exemplary Literacy Practices in a Study Group with Student Teachers
 Kunz, Kenneth.


Observation and drawing as a pathway to expository writing
 Miner, Kristie. and Washburn, Erin.

Online Learning to Improve Classroom Text Discussion Quality
 Matsumura, Lindsay Clare., Bickel, Donna DiPrima., Correnti, Rip., Wang, Elaine., Zook-Howell, Dena. and Walsh, Marguerite.

Out Loud: Promoting Social Transformation through Spoken Word Poetry
 Curwood, Jen Scott.


Painting a Picture of Pre-service and In-service Teachers as Writers and Writing Teachers
 Norman, Rebecca., Bixler, Janine., Gangi, Jane. and Benfer, Nancy.

Parent University: Parents as Partners in School
 Lohr, Heather.

Passageways of practice: punching through domain boundaries
 Chamberlain, Liz.

Pedagogies of (Re)membering for Young Adult Literature and Racial Trauma
 Jones, Stephanie.

Perceptions of Seventh Graders in using Debate to Support their Argumentative Writing
 Malloy, Jacquelynn., Tracy, Kelly., Evering, Lea., Menickelli, Kristin. and Scales, Roya.

Personal Transformations within a Knowledge Building Community of Eighth Grade Readers
 Smit, Julie.

Pinning English Curriculum: Practitioner Engagement in Social Media
 Bausell, Sarah.

Places and Spaces of Literacy [Inter]Action: One Linguistically and Ethnically Diverse Preschool
 Whittingham, Colleen.

Poetry Translation as a Trans-Languaging Practice: Multilingual Youth Moving Between Languages, Meanings, and Worlds
 Park, Jie.

Poetry as Reality Pedagogy: A Genre of Access for English Learners
 Friedman, Audrey., Bacon, Christopher. and Pedersen, Joelle.

Polyphonic Analysis: Obuchenie in Qualitative Research
 Collet, Vicki. and Ciminelli, Michelle.

Possibilities for School and Social Change: A Rhizomatic Analysis of Youth’s Engagements with Literacy
 Johnston, Kelly.

Post-colonial, school-wide literacy reform efforts: The case of the Roadrunner Readers
 Sailors, Misty., Davis, Dennis., Sellers, Teresa., Villarreal, Alicia. and Wilburn, Marcy.

Practice Based Evidence: Intelligent Action Inquiry for Complex Problems
 Eppley, Karen. and Shannon, Patrick.

Pre-Service Teachers’ Metaphors of Learning and Teaching English as a Second Language
 Shaw, Donita. and Andrei, Elena.

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Quality Standards Matter: A Comparative Case Study Examining Interactive Writing
 Hall, Anna.

Queering the Curriculum: A Critical Content Analysis of Literacy Methods Textbooks
 Draper, Roni., Hernandez, Jimmy., Wimmer, Jennifer. and Rosborough, Alex.


Re-Imagining Pre-service Teacher Education: Co-Designing Social Justice Practices in a Studio-Based Workshop for Secondary English Education Pre-service Teachers
 Kelly, Mary. and Repko-Erwin, Melia.

Re-reading Freire in Brasil
 Willis, Arlette., NOGUEIRA, GABRIELA. and Arriada, Eduardo.

Read to Me: A Community-University Tutoring Program for Young Children
 Webb, Sandra.

Reading Achievement and Motivation Development: Gender Differences Across Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade Chilean Students
 Orellana, Pelusa. and Baldwin, Paula.

Reading Collecting and Curating as Genres of Participation in Youth Activism: Mobilizing Social Justice through Digital Media Production
 Wargo, Jon.

Reading Comprehension in Third-Grade English Language Learners and Native English Speakers in the U.S.
 Hwang, HyeJin.

Reading Research and Trends
 Lee, Sungyoon., Kuo, Li-Jen., Chen, Zhuo., Wang, Angela., Guo, Daibao., Moon, Chi Yun., Park, Jeong Hyun., Schluens, Amber., Dobson, Joshep. and Ging, Amy.

Reading Sacrifice Zones Ecocritically: Opportunities to Explore Fluid Landscapes and Mobile Activism in Realistic Environmental Fiction
 Panos, Alexandra.

Reading Scaffolding for Complex Texts
 Reynolds, Dan.

Reading and Writing to Learn: The Affordances and Constraints of Literacy and Science Integration in 4th Grade Classrooms
 Flushman, Tanya.

Reading graphs: Uncovering adolescent girls’ perceptions of their science literacy

Reading outside the Box: Adopting a Queer Pedagogy to Challenge Students’ Normative Literacies
 Shelton, Stephanie Anne.

Reading the world through images: Latina/o emergent bilinguals exploring inequities and transnational migration through photography
 Ghiso, Maria. and Martínez-Álvarez, Patricia.

Reading, Writing, and Talk: Inclusive Teaching Practices for Diverse Learners
 Souto-Manning, Mariana. and Martell, Jessica.

Reconceptualizing literacy engagement through Roland Barthes’ Jouissance: A microethnographic discourse analysis of Jouissance in a middle school language arts classroom
 Heggestad, Robert.

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STAR Fellows Session: Navigating the Academy: Voices of Early Career Literacy Scholars of Color
 Haddix, Marcelle., Jang, Bong Gee., Gibbs, ThedaMarie., Baker-Bell, April., Brooks, Maneka., Johnson, Lamar., Sealy-Ruiz, Yolanda., Martinez, Ramon., Turner, Jennifer., Bauer, Eurydice., Kynard, Carmen., Perry, Tonya. and Williams Farrier, Bonnie.

Same Program, Distinctive Development: Exploring the Biliteracy Trajectories of Emergent Bilinguals at Two Dual Language Schools
 Babino, Alexandra.

Science Literacy Integration in the K-6 Classroom: Teacher Perceptions and Resulting Decision Making
 Jennings, LaShay. and Moran, Renee.

Second Graders' Responses during Interactive Read-Alouds within the Multi-Sensory Robotic LIT Room and Traditional Story Room: Social and Technological Transformations in Talk and Literature
 Fullerton, Susan., Schafer, George., Hubbard, Koti., McClure, Erin., Ross, Rachael., Salley, Leslie., Green, Keith. and Walker, Ian.

Seeing, Thinking & Doing Race in 4K: A multi-case study of racial constructions and enactments across diversity-focused literacy instruction
 Quast, Erin.

Seeking More Productive Approaches to Multimodal Analysis
 Low, David. and Pandya, Jessica.

Self-reflection and Collaboration in a Virtual Professional Learning Community
 Bates, Celeste. and Salley, Leslie.

Semiotic Re-mediation: A call to action in engaging marginalized students in secondary literacies
 Gruen, Rachael.

Sense-making Through Art Making: Transforming Literacy Experiences for English Learners
 Papoi, Kristin.

Sentence Stems as Supports for Interpretive Reading and Writing
 Levine, Sarah.

Setting Conditions for Teacher Adaptation and Transformation
 Robertson, Marla., Wickstrom, Carol. and Patterson, Leslie.

Social Connection in a High School Writing Class
 Marsh, Valerie.

Social Literacy Learning: Literacy Histories Shaping Literacy Identities
 Howard, Christy., Myers, Joy. and Adams-Budde, Melissa.

Social Resistance to Scripted Instruction in a Rural Middle School
 Johnson, Brian. and Batchelor, Melissa.

Social Transformation: Connecting with Students’ Worlds
 Delaney, Carol. and Matson, Sandra.

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Taking Action: Reciprocity in Reading and Writing Within Early Intervention
 Hight, Clarene.

Taking a “discrete approach to writing”: A Multicase Study of Middle School ESL Teachers’ Writing Instruction
 Chenowith, Natasha.

Talk to me baby: Measuring mother’s talk to children as a way to increase interactive reading and conversational exchanges.
 Beecher, Constance.

Talk, Action, and Artifact Use as Indicators of Elementary Students’ Literacy Practices in the Engineering Design Process
 McVee, Mary., Shanahan, Lynn., Silvestri, Katarina., Haq, Kate. and Ramia, Amanda.

Teacher Candidates’ Perceptions of a Literacy Methods Course Embedded in Clinical Practice
 Gallagher, Melissa. and Parsons, Seth.

Teacher Educators' Perspectives, Understandings, and Experiences Around Teaching About Dyslexia
 Worthy, Jo., Lammert, Catherine., Salmeron, Cori., Long, Stacia., Godfrey, Vickie. and Clark, Lindsay.

Teacher Educators’ Autoethnographies as a Transformational Tool in Critical Teacher Preparation
 Justice, Julie. and Tenore, Blake.

Teacher Identity Theory in Neoliberal Times: A Literature Review
 Haq, Kate.

Teacher Perceptions of the Impact of Freedom Schools on Student Reading and Personal Growth
 Pressley, Tim., Roehrig, Alysia., Rawls, Erik., Hoy, Sarah., Boss, Delaney. and Farfan, Guillermo.

Teacher Sensemaking of Literacy Policy: Leveled Text in First Grade
 Walski, Melanie.

Teacher Talk and Conversation Analysis: Examining Discussions of LGBTQ Topics in Classrooms
 Shelton, Stephanie Anne.

Teachers as learners: The transformative power of professional development on teachers’ beliefs about vocabulary instruction
 Newton, Joanna.

Teachers' Preparation to Teach English Learners: An Investigation of Perceptions, Preparation, and Current Practices
 Correll, Pamela.

Teachers’ Planning for Literacy Instruction with Digital Tools
 McCarthey, Sarah. and Kennett, Katrina.

Teachers’ Sensemaking within Professional Development in Language Arts Instruction
 Stumpf, Rachel. and Olson, Carol.

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Understanding Varied Field Arrangements: Putting Action into a Real-World Setting
 White, Kristen., Castle, Ann. and Rosaen, Cheryl.

Understanding and Breaking through the Noise: Literacy Leaders in the Face of Accountability, Evaluation, and Reform
 Kelly, Catherine., Kunz, Kenneth., McManus, Michael., sanden, sherry., Miller, Sara., Waldron, Chad., Bahlmann Bollinger, Chelsey. and Graham, Karen.

Understanding the Decision Making of New Teachers Regarding Literacy Assessment, Instruction, and Policy
 Ohle, Kathryn., Mullins, Amy., Huddleston, Andrew. and Lowry, Hannah.

Understanding the Text Preferences of Third-Grade Readers
 Ness, Molly. and Gallo, Gina.

Uniting Science Knowledge and Literacy Development: Reading to Learn in First Grade
 Billman, Alison., Pearson, P. David. and Rowe, Marjorie.

Unpacking Impact Factors
 Gilles, Carol., Small, Erin. and Gilles, Jere.

Unpacking Productive Coaching Interactions: The influences of discourse, stances, and critical self-reflection on teachers’ uptake of instructional ideas
 Robertson, Dana., Ford-Connors, Evelyn., Paratore, Jeanne., Frahm, Tia., Lombardi, Cherylanne., Kiessling, Donna. and Frey, Kristine.

Unpacking ethical dilemmas through critical multimodal literacies: Process Drama in a Grade 9 Social Studies Classroom

 Wager, Amanda. and Schroeter, Sara.

Unraveling Common Core and Its Tensions with High Stakes Literacy Assessments
 Polleck, Jody. and Jeffery, Jill.

Using Cross-Institutional Critical Peer Review to Scaffold Pre-Service Teachers' Development of Literacies Instruction through Digital Design
 Barrett-Tatum, Jennifer. and Caudle, Lori.

Using Design Research to Develop the TRANSLATE Instructional Model (Teaching Reading And New Strategic Language Approaches To English learners)
 Jimenez, Robert. and Do, Abigail.

Using Disciplinary Inquiry to Develop Secondary Teachers’ Disciplinary Literacy Perspectives and Practices
 Hart, Steve., Bennett, Stephanie. and King, James.

Using Learning Progressions to Formatively Assess Students’ Argumentation Skills
 Song, Yi. and Sparks, Jesse.

Using Photo Elicitation to Understand Teachers' Perspectives on Literacy in the Age of Common Core
 Moran, Renee., Keith, Karin., Hong, Huili. and Fisher, Stacey.

Using Video Analysis Technology to Improve Literacy Coaching Practices in a Graduate Clinical Experience
 Lee, Valarie. and Leftwich, Stacey.

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Validating an Online Assessment of Developmental Spelling Knowledge
 Gehsmann, Kristin., Spichtig, Alexandra., Tousley, Elias., Pascoe, Jeffrey. and Ferrara, John.

Video-mediated reflection on literacy field experiences: A framework for teacher educators
 Gelfuso, Andrea.

Visual Interpretation of a Novel
 Barone, Diane. and Barone, Rebecca.

Visual Thinking Strategies: Engaging with Complex Visual Texts Across the Disciplines
 Cappello, Marva. and Walker, Nancy.

Visual, Embodied, and Empathetic Literacies: Research Methods to Understand How Adolescents See, Become, and Feel Challenging Texts
 Chisholm, James., Whitmore, Kathryn., Shelton, Ashley. and Baize, Jonathan.

Visualizing Families: Children Relocalizing and Remaking Family Photographs
 Collier, Diane., Rowsell, Jennifer. and Jobb, Cory.

Vocabulary Demands in Recommended Books
 Kletzien, Sharon. and Dreher, Mariam Jean.


Weaving Comprehension into Foundational Skills Development: Teaching Kindergarteners to Read Informational Text
 Martin, Nicole.

Western epistemology and global literacy research: a decade of literacy research in the United States
 Tierney, Rob., Xiang, Ran. and Wei, Kan.

What Are First Graders Doing During Independent Reading Time? A Yearlong Study
 Moses, Lindsey. and Kelly, Laura.

What Happens when Fanfiction Goes to School? The Challenges and Opportunities of Teacher-Supported Networked Writing
 Lammers, Jayne.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Standards: Teacher Sensemaking Of Literacy Standards
 Walski, Melanie.

What else are they assessing: A close and critical look at phonological awareness assessments
 Cassano, Christina. and Steiner, Lilly.

What's Right With Gavin? Recognizing Literacies in a Neurodiverse Emerging Adolescent
 White, Kristen.

What’s good about entering your child’s reality during play: Exploring intersubjective precursors to early literacy
 Warner, Jayce., Freeman, Jen., Griffin, Holly., Schallert, Diane. and McManus, Molly.

When Children of Color ‘Feel White’? The Effects and Affects of Young Immigrant Children’s Literacy Performances
 Dernikos, Bessie. and Souto-Manning, Mariana.

When Suburban Meets Rural: The Effects of a Cross-District Professional Learning Community on Literacy Instruction
 Ronan, Briana. and Bauer, Julee.

When children move fluidly between digital and non-digital activities: How children’s non-digital play influences their digital choices
 Teichert, Laura.

When it hurts to learn: A (re)reading of Gail Boldt’s Resistance, loss, and love in learning to read
 Mason, Annie.

When the Textbook is the Curriculum: A Content Analysis of Integrated Reading and Writing Textbooks
 Armstrong, Sonya., Lampi, Jodi. and Stahl, Norman.

Whiteness disrupted: A White teacher grapples with White privilege in a professional book study group
 Dodge, Autumn. and Wieland, Karen.

Who Counts as a Writer: An Examination of Teacher, Parent, and Child Perceptions of Writing during the Preschool Years
 Hall, Anna., Guo, Ying. and White, Kelley.

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Young Adolescent Writers' Language Resource Mobility
 Lambert, Claire.

Young Scholars’ Perceptions of their Freedom Schools Experience in the Rural South
 Roehrig, Alysia., Boss, Delaney., Pressley, Tim., Maxion, Amanda. and Tackett, Samantha.

Youth Led Spaces: Bridges Between In and Out of School Literacies
 Vasudevan, Veena.

Youth Participatory Art-Making as Multimodal Ethnography: The Case of Kate’s Room
 Smith, Amanda.

Youth critical literacies and pedagogies of public spaces: Analyzing the critical discourses, texts, and social action in youth public performances in Puerto Rico
 Medina, Carmen. and Henze, Adam.
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