The Law and Society Association 2004-May-27 to 2004-May-30

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"Justice Served?" Legal Aid and Access to the Courts for Refugees in a Comparative Context.
 Soennecken, Dagmar.

"One Strike"and Urban Crises: Regulating the "Unruly" Neighborhood
 Cooper, Cindy.

'I'm Gay': Declarations, Desire, and Coming Out on Prime-Time TV
 Herman, Didi.

'Overfunctioning Courts' as a Threat to Democracy
 Provine, Doris Marie.

‘Gay Marriage’: Civil Partnerships for Same-Sex Couples in the United Kingdom
 Barker, Nicola.

“Honest and Unfortunate” or Dishonest and Greedy? Discriminating Against the Discriminated-Against in Bankruptcy
 Chapman, Robert.

“La decision de casarse con un chino . . .”: Contesting Citizenship, Race, and Gender in Mexico, 1900-1940
 Augustine-Adams, Kif.

“Sometimes it Feels Really Bad”: Rape Care Advocacy and the Legal Response to Rape
 Corrigan, Rose.

“Subversive Stories and Hegemonic Tales” of Childhood Sexual Abuse: From Expert Legal Testimony to Television Talk Shows
 Doan, Carrie Ann.


A Call to Criminalize Domestic Violence
 Tuerkheimer, Deborah.

A Critical Linguistic Analysis of Critical Legal Theories
 Oh, Reginald.

A Cultural History of the Electric Chair
 Martschukat, Juergen.

A Legal Field in Action: Beyond the Debate on Who Acts Under Which Shadow
 Hacker, Daphna.

A Mouth Full of Ants: The Relationships of Brazilian Street Children to Crime
 Drybread, Kristen.

A Network Theory of Privacy
 Strahilevitz, Lior.

A New Look Job Satisfaction: Mobility and Delayed Gratification Among New Lawyers
 Dinovitzer, Ronit. and Garth, Bryant.

A New Perspective on an Old Problem: Negligence, Strict Liability, and Non-Legal Sanctions
 Keren-Paz, Tsachi.

A Pragmatic Paradigm for Advocating Expanded Rights by Means of Analogical Reasoning and Membership Categorization
 Berard, Tim.

A Project for Sexual Rights: Sexuality, Power, and Human Rights
 Cervantes-Carson, Alejandro. and Citeroni, Tracy.

A Quest for Legitimacy and Justice: Judicial Review and Social Norms in Taiwan
 Lee, Li-Ju.

A Remedy for Racial and Ethnic Group Defamation
 Polelle, Michael.

A Systemic Analysis of Law School Affirmative Action
 Sander, Richard.

A Tale of Two Cities: Courts, Voting Rights, and State Takeovers of Cleveland and Detroit Schools
 Robinson, Gerard.

A Thirteenth Amendment Framework for Combating Racial Profiling
 Carter, William.

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Balancing the Individual's Right of Privacy vs. the Rights of the Communinty: A Jewish Law Perspective
 Rakover, Nahum Menahem.

Because There Was No Real Choice: The Emerging Notion of "Citizenship by Fate"
 Akiba, Takeshi.

Bergman's Trilogy and the Theology of Responsibility
 Kaplan, Leonard.

Between Commenting and Negotiation: The Contours of Public Participation in Agency Rulemaking
 Balla, Steven.

Between Law and Politics: Constitutional Review of Legislation
 Cavari, Amnon.

Between Universalism and Localism: Regional Adjudication of Human Rights
 Stacy, Helen.

Beyond Equality and Liberty: Full Faith and Credit and DOMA applied to same sex marriage and sexual identity
 Herald, Marybeth. and Greenberg, Julie.

Beyond 'Gender-Specific': Girls in Trouble with the Law
 Schaffner, Laurie.

Beyond the Marshall Hypothesis: International Human Rights and the American Death Penalty
 Whitt, Laurie. and Clarke, Alan.

Beyond the Walls of the Laboratory: Judge and Jury Interpretations, Perceptions and Understanding of DNA Evidence
 Holmgren, Janne.

Bilateral Trade Agreements, National Regulation, and Global Governance
 Arup, Christopher.

Border Wars: Regulating Sex, Commerce, and Urban Space in the Global City
 Bernstein, Elizabeth.

Brown and the Historical Imagination
 Goluboff, Risa.

Brown, Executive Orders, and Cultural Legitimacy
 Stack, Kevin.

Building French Immigration Laws Through Litigation. The Paradoxical History of the GISTI's First Years
 Israel, Liora.

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California’s New Plain-Language Jury Instructions
 Tiersma, Peter.

Call for the Lay Participation in Korea
 Park, Kwang Bai. and Kim, Sangjoon.

Can Legal Apologies Be Authentic?
 Smith, Nick.

Can There Be Healing Without Justice? Post-Trauma in Argentina
 Braidotti, Christina.

Can We Generalize About Plaintiffs' Personal Injury Lawyers?
 Van Hoy, Jerry.

Case Complexity: Perceptions of Lawyers, Judges, and Jurors
 Heise, Michael.

Catastrophe Risk, Insurance and Terrorism
 Ericson, Richard.

Cause Lawyering and Political Advocacy: Moving Law on Behalf of Central American Refugees
 Coutin, Susan.

Changing Norms Seriously:The Rule of Law and Transitional Law Regimes
 Ziegert, Klaus.

Children, Citizenship, and the Voting Age
 Cheng, Jenny Diamond.

Chinese Lawyers and Their Competitors: State-Mediated Jurisdictional Conflicts
 Liu, Sida. and Michelson, Ethan.

Circumcising FGM Claims? UK Courts' Approach to FGM Claims in Asylum & Human Rights Appeals
 Loughran, Nicola.

Citizens Are Born/Made
 Danielson, Caroline.

Citizenship and Severity: Recent Immigration Reforms and the New Penology
 Miller, Teresa.

Civil Law and Social Justice: Evidence from the LSRC Survey
 Buck, Alexy. and Balmer, Nigel.

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Danish Judges in the 20th Century
 Hammerslev, Ole.

De Facto Parenthood and Social Change: From Personal Action to Legal Status
 Dennehy, Susan.

Dealing with Legal Discourse in English and Spanish: Contrasts and Similarities of Legalese in Two Languages
 Orts Llopis, María Angeles.

Debating Diversity: The Politics of Affirmative Action at the University of Michigan
 Berrey, Ellen.

Declining Jurisdiction in International Litigation: Evidence from Australia
 Keyes, Mary.

Defining Deviancy Upside-Down: Social Science and the Misunderstanding of Child Sexual Abuse
 Cheit, Ross.

Defining Marriage: The California Experience
 Levine, Lawrence.

Deliberative Democracy and the Seducements of Juristic Discourse
 Zurn, Christopher.

Democracy and the Rule of Law through the Prism of Latin America
 Schor, Miguel.

Demystifying Justice in Patent Law
 Mossoff, Adam.

Determining Legal Outcomes in U.S. Immigration Cases--Choosing Themes of Legal Reasoning and Their Consequences
 Law, Anna.

Differential Racialization, Racio-Ethnic Stereotypes, and Discrimination in Criminal Processing
 Schlesinger, Traci.

Disparate Gendered Legal and Lay Actor Aims & Conceptions of the Meaning and Function of Mediation
 Relis, Tamara.

Do Feminist Legal Theories Apply Globally?
 Marshall, Jill.

Do First Year Law Students Think Lawyers are Sleazy? A Transnational Media Effect Study
 Asimow, Michael., Greenfield, Steve., Machura, Stefan., Osborn, Guy., Robson, Peter., Sharp, Cassandra. and Sockloskie, Robert.

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E-Rulemaking Revolution and the Future of Citizen Participation
 Noveck, Beth.

EPA's Self-Policing Policy and Regulatory Institutionalization
 Short, Jodi. and Toffel, Michael.

EU Governance of Transnational Public Health Risks: The Case of Blood Policy and Regulation
 Farrell, Anne-Maree.

Economic Sociology's Legacy to Corporate Governance, 2004
 Kahn, Faith Stevelman.

Effects of Gender on Perceived Expert Witness Competency
 Singer, Julie., Kelly, Janice. and Mohr, Donald.

Egypt in the Aftermath of 09/11: A Survey on Changes in Human Rights Policies
 Rossmann, Sarah.

Emergence of Japanese Transnational "Mega" Firms: Is There a Possibility?
 Chan, Kay-Wah.

Enhancing Judicial Reliability and Independence in China
 Wang, Kuan-Hsi.

Entangled Legalities: Formal Acts and Informal Tactics in the Making of PostColonial Legality Through the Restructuring of Apartheid Fisheries Regulation
 Salo, Ken.

Entering Unprecedented Terrain: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Exploring Burgeoning Rights Conflicts After Sept. 11, 2001
 Barnes, Mario. and Bowman, F. Greg.

Envisioning Feminist Jurisprudence: The Life and Work of Lee Tai-Young (1914-1998)
 Kim, Haesook.

Epistemology and Accountability: Improving the Decisions of Corporate Boards
 Beecher-Monas, Erica.

Equal Justice, Reform, and the Grassroots: Constructing Civil Rights Lawyering in the Direct Action Era
 Hilbink, Thomas.

Equality, Dignity, and the Politics of Interpretation
 Botha, Henk.

Eugen Ehrlich on State & Law
 Ziegert, Klaus.

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Family Friendly? Rights, Responsibilities, and Relationship Recognition in Britain
 Stychin, Carl.

Fan Fiction, Copyright, and the Scripting of Cultural Identities: Queering Copyright with Xena and Buffy
 Ledwon, Lenora.

Fast Track to the Death House: Why Texas Continues to Lead the Nation in Executions
 Owen, Robert.

Fatherhood and Reproductive Technologies
 Sheldon, Sally.

Fearing 'Yellow,' Imagining 'White': Media Analysis of the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882
 Kil, Sang Hea.

Features of Stance in Depositions
 Davis, Boyd., Bosley, Deborah., Mason, Peyton. and Chapman, Ronald.

Federal-State Competition in Securities Enforcement
 Jones, Renee.

Female Drug Offenders: An Analysis of Recidivism
 Solinas-Saunders, Monica.

Feminism and Globalization
 Rodriguez-Abad, Luis. and LaLonde, Suzanne.

Feminism, Motherhood, and the Globalization of Reproductive: What is Justice?
 Romero, Mary.

Feminist Interpretations of Intellectual Property
 Halbert, Deborah.

Fiat vs. Structure: Rethinking Speeding, Music Piracy, and Other Quasi-Crimes
 Cheng, Edward.

Film As Evidence in the Nuremberg Trial
 Delage, Christian.

Financing a Legal Education
 Wilder, Gita.

Fleeing the State Court Jury: The Growth of Wrongful Removal to Federal Court
 Eisenberg, Theodore. and Morrison, Trevor.

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Game Theory Accounts of Inequality and Contingency
 McAdams, Richard.

Gay and Lesbian Human Rights: Acting for Alternatives in the Portuguese Context
 Santos, Ana Cristina.

Gender Violence and Trafficking-in-Humans in Kazakhstan: Risks and Responses in a Transitional Society
 Snajdr, Edward.

Gender, Violence, and the State: Law and the Culture of Battering in Africa
 London, Scott., Mazzuchi, Thomas. and Steffan, Melissa.

Getting Into the System: Legal Advocacy and the Asylum Bureaucracy
 Kawar, Leila.

Give and Take: The Elimination of State Sodomy Laws and the Introduction of Anti-Same Sex Marriage Laws
 Barclay, Scott. and Fisher, Shauna.

Giving Back at Death (Really)
 Waldeck, Sarah.

Global Governance, Cross-Border Organizing, and Labor Rights: Corporate Codes of Conduct and Anti-Sweatshop Struggles in Global Apparel Factories in Mexico and Guatemala
 Rodriguez-Garavito, Cesar.

Global Human Rights Institutions and Regional Diffusion
 Smith, Heather.

Global Influence on the Rate of Trademark Genericide
 Westerhaus, Jennifer. and Butters, Ronald.

Globalization by Bits: Information Technology Standards as International Law of Contracts
 Winn, Jane.

Globalization on the Ground
 Keenan, Patrick.

Globalization, Buddhism, Ghosts, and Lawyers in Contemporary Thailand
 Engel, David.

Globalizing "Civil Society": In Search of Conceptual Clarity
 Alkoby, Asher.

Good Immigrants and Good Citizens: Literacy and Morality in Early Twentieth Century U.S. Immigration Regulation
 Goolsby, Alyssa.

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Hard Cases: The Extraterritorial American
 Scully, Eileen.

Have International Tribunals Written Adequate Histories of Genocide?
 Wilson, Richard.

History Disrupting History: Narrating Difference in Native America/America
 Gooding, Susan.

Housing Law and Social Exclusion: The Case of Public Housing in Israel
 Ziv, Neta.

How Commercial Disputants Address their Conflicts in Venezuela
 Gomez, Manuel.

How Much Do We Really Know About Race and Juries?
 Ellsworth, Phoebe.

How Much Does Law Matter in Rural China?
 Michelson, Ethan.

How Useful is Harm Reduction as a Policy Framework?
 Reuter, Peter.

Human Rights As a Commodity? The Question of Ethics in International Trade
 Paone, Valerie.

Human Rights Trials in Chile: Bringing the Criminals of the Other 9/11 to Justice?
 Hilbink, Lisa.

Hyperlinking Meaning and Community: Creating Property Ideology on the World Wide Web
 Hatcher, Laura.

Hypermarks and Hypermarkets: An Essay on the Commodification of the Virtual
 Beebe, Barton.


I-CAN! Do It Myself: Form Pleading Technology for Pro Se Litigants
 Utman, Jr., Richard. and Meeker, James.

Identity, Group Rights, and the Representation of Childhood
 Hearst, Alice.

Ijtihad on Women’s Rights Under Islamic Law and the Impact of International Norms: A Case Study of Shi’I Jurisprudence in Post-Revolutionary Iran
 Mokhtari, Shadi.

Imagining Restorative Justice in East Asia: Notes on the Korean Criminal Justice System
 Chang, Won Kyung.

Immigrants, American Indians, and External Colonies: Using the Plenary Power Doctrine to Subvert the Rule of Law
 Saito, Natsu.

Immigration Law, Forced Migration, and Asylum in the United States
 Oxford, Connie.

Impunity and Civil Liberties
 Baylis, Elena.

In Pursuit of the Public’s Health: Paternalism and Deliberative Democracy
 Renfro-Sargent, Matthew.

In the Fields of Law: Realism, CLS, and the Amherst Seminar
 Rose, William.

In the Name of Equal Rights: "Special" Rights & The Politics of Resentment in Post-Civil Rights America
 Dudas, Jeffrey.

Incarcerating the Past, Compensating the Present: Race and Sentencing in Canada
 Murdocca, Carmela.

Indigenous Legal Myths and other Modern Legal Myths
 Petersen, Hanne.

Inferences in Courtroom Conversation
 Lanouette, Ruth.

Information Access and Presentation to Support the Writing of Regulations: Legal, Technical, and Political Considerations
 Shulman, Stuart.

Injurious Medicine, Injurious Remedy: Public Health, Law, and Ringworm Mass Irradiation in Israel
 Davidovitch, Nadav. and Margalit, Avital.

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Jackson Pollock, Judge Pollak, and the Dilemma of Fingerprint Expertise
 Cole, Simon.

Japanese Jury System
 Okawara, Mami Hiraike.

Joy to the World! A (Healthy) Child is Born! Reconceptualising 'Harm' in Wrongful Conception
 Priaulx, Nicolette.

Judge-Juror Agreement in Criminal Cases
 Eisenberg, Theodore., Hans, Valerie. and Hannaford-Agor, Paula.

Judges as Hierophants, Economists as the Unacknowledged Legislators of the World: Value, Truth, Poetry, Science
 Chapman, Robert.

Judging Judges: The Politics and Polemics of Fieldwork Research at the Paris Juvenile Court
 Terrio, Susan.

Judicial Activism and Human Rights: A Comparative Approach in the Context of Transitions
 Chang, Wen-Chen.

Judicial Ambition and Judicial Independence: The Role of Promotion in the Federal Judiciary
 George, Tracey.

Judicial Deference to Organizational Institutions in Employment Discrimination Decisions
 Edelman, Lauren., Krieger, Linda., Albiston, Catherine. and Hanson, Joel.

Judicial Entrepeneurs on the Federal Courts of Appeals: A Citation Analysis
 Berger, Jeffrey. and George, Tracey.

Judicial Independence and Its Political Consequence on Authoritarian Regime: The Case of Taiwan
 Wang, Chin-shou.

Judicial Independence in Latin America: The Lessons of History in the Search for an Always Elusive Ideal
 Couso, Javier.

Judicial Politics and the Politics of Selecting Judges: Judicial Selection in Israel
 Hofnung, Menachem.

Judicial Reform, Rule of Law, and Revolution in Venezuela
 Perez-Perdomo, Rogelio.

Jurispersuasion, Pluralism, and Sovereignty
 Berman, Paul Schiff.

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Kiamas: Informal Justice Processes and Domestic Violence in Kenya
 Muli, Elizabeth.

Killing With a Vengeance: Prison Conditions as Part of Death Sentence
 Rountree, Meredith Martin.

Killing Children: International Law and the Execution of Juvenile Offenders in Texas
 Long, Walter.

King Canute & the Regulation of Spam e-mail: Perception & Reality of Legal Solutions
 Thain, Gerald.


LGBT Family Rights Consciousness and the Dilemma of Difference
 Richman, Kimberly.

Labor Rights in a Global Economy
 Trubek, David.

Labor's Fragile Right of Association Post-9/11
 Garcia, Ruben.

Labor's 'New Star': Wisconsin's Public Sector Labor Statute and the Transformation of American Labor Relations
 Slater, Joseph.

Language and Nationality: The Case of Refugee Claimants
 Eades, Diana. and McNamara, Tim.

Law Before Knowledge: Civil Commitment for Sex Offenders After the Catholic Bishops' Study
 Smith, Margaret.

Law and Cinema Movement
 Machura, Stefan.

Law and Other Knowledges
 Nelken, David.

Law and Politics in the Kenyan Transition
 Gathii, James.

Law as a Multicultural Agent: Moving from a General Theory of Multiculturalism to a Concrete Case Analysis
 Rimalt, Noya.

Law as a Newtonian Neologism: The Problems of Time and Modernity
 Messinger, J. Henry.

Law as a Theater of the Absurd: Whiteness Trials and the Penalty of Death
 Randle, Judith.

Law at the Margin: Eugen Ehrlich, Roscoe Pound and the Provincial Origins of Sociological Jurisprudence
 Likhovski, Assaf.

Law, Class and Empire in the Philippines: Neo-Colonial State to the Embryo of Global CIvil Society
 Dezalay, Yves. and Garth, Bryant.

Law, Literature, and Libel: Victorian Censorship of 'Dirth Filthy' Books on Birth Control
 Brandser, Kristin.

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Managing the Politics of Public Defense
 Pogorzelski, Wendy.

Manifestations of Restoration in the Death Chamber: Evidence from Texas
 Rice, Stephen.

Market Transitions and the New Constitutionalism
 Moustafa, Tamir.

Measurement of Normative Stability by Hazard Analysis Regression: Stare Decisis in State Supreme Court
 Keckler, Charles.

Media Management as a Regulatory Compliance Tool: A Comparative Analysis of Media Management Practice in UK and Australian Competition & Consumer Regulation
 Yeung, Karen.

Media Policy Out of the Box: Engaging the Public Sphere in an Age of Plenty
 Goodman, Ellen.

Media, Justice Images, and Brazilian Reality Television
 Riccio, Vicente.

Mediation of Employment Disputes Examined Under the Lens of Social Justice: Tilting at Neutrality Windmills While Expecting a Transformative Pipedream
 Green, Michael.

Memory of Crime and the Absence of the Present: The Swiss Banks Holocaust Remedy
 Rosen, Robert.

Mercy in the Military
 Meyer, Linda Ross.

Mercy on Trial: Clemency in the Killing State
 Sarat, Austin. and Hussain, Nasser.

Methodology and Legal Consciousness: Field Dilemmas in Mi'kmaq Country
 McMillan, Leslie.

Mi'kmaq Legal Consciousness
 McMillan, Leslie.

Micro-Engendering Law: The Bottom-Up Regulation of Sexuality in Brazil
 Monteiro, Geraldo Tadeu Moreira.

Microsoft v. Brazil
 Christie, Drew.

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New Approaches to Healthcare Governance
 Trubek, Louise.

New Developments in Complex Financial Contracts
 Litvak, Kate.

New Institutionalism, Critical Legal Studies, and the Constitutive Theory of Law
 Whitehead, Jason.

New Protectorates and New Protectors: a Problem of Archaism
 Medjad, Karim.

New Trends on the Reforms of the Administration of Justice: Dejudicialization, Informalization and Access to Law and Justice at Issue
 Dias, João Paulo., Pedroso, Joao. and Trincao, Catarina.

Nihilism and Misrecognition: Modernity’s Antinomies in The Believer
 Kaplan, Paul.

Nobody Wins? The Competition of the Adversarial and Inquisotorial System in International Criminal Law and the Rise of a Third Model of Criminal Procedure
 Langer, Maximo.

Norms & Architecture: Limits on Rape Law Reform in South Africa
 Smythe, Dee.

Not Quite the End of the Road: Post-Verdict and Post-Judgment Activity in Civil Trials
 Hannaford-Agor, Paula.

Not Your Mother's MtDNA? Jury Reforms, Jury Comprehension, and the Use of Mitochondrial DNA Evidence
 Dann, Michael., Hans, Valerie. and Kaye, David.


OSHA's Voluntary Protection Programs: A Case Study in Responsive Regulation
 Ashby, Roger.

Of Courts and Legislatures: Comity, Conflict, and Competition in the Policy Process
 Schmeling, Thomas.

Offending Women: Hybrid Prisons and the Production of the Self
 Haney, Lynne.

Official and Unofficial Wars on Terror: Immigrant Perceptions and Responses
 Boyle, Elizabeth Heger. and Songora, Fortunata Ghati.

Old Inequalities in a Different Guise: Analyzing the Political Geography of Tel-Aviv
 Tzin, Eran.

On the Cognitive Foundation of Legal Institutions
 Arrunada, Benito.

On the Internet, Nobody Knows Your Race, and Does It Really Matter?
 Gibbons, Llewellyn.

Organization of Lawyers' Pro-Bono Service and Poor People's Use of Lawyers for Civil Matters
 Sandefur, Rebecca.

Organizational Response to Judicial Decision-Making: Effects of Exceptions to the Employment-at-Will Doctrine on Personnel Practices
 McGill, Christa.

Orientalism and International Law: A Dialectic of Urgency and Inclusivity
 Falk, Richard.

Out of Place: The Bedouins of the Negev Under Israeli Law
 Kedar, Alexandre.

Out of Sight Regulation: The ACCC's Role in Authorising Anticompetitive Conduct on the Grounds of Public Benefit in Australia
 Nagarajan, Vijaya.

Outside Director Liability
 Black, Bernard., Klausner, Michael. and Cheffins, Brian.


Pathological Lawyers: Tales from the Disciplinary Process
 Abel, Richard.

Perceptions of Terrorism and Disease Risks: A Cross-National Comparison
 Feigenson, Neal.

Performance and Learning at Regulatory Agencies
 Mendeloff, John.

Philip Selznick's 'Humanist Science' and the Scope of Human Rights
 Krygier, Martin Evald John.

Photography and the Jurisprudence of Property Differentiation
 Mitchell, Thomas.

Piracy Norms
 Hetcher, Steven.

Plain Meaning and the Patterns of Cognition
 Coles-Bjerre, Andrea.

Policing Politics: The Supreme Court and the Rule of Law
 Dawood, Yasmin.

Policing of Social Dissents in China: The Case of Falun Gong
 Wong, Kam.

Possible Pitfalls For the Reciprocity Theory: Lesson of Social Capital
 Cepl, Matej.

Post-Apartheid Justice: Can Transnational Litigation and Nation-Building Be Reconciled?
 Nagy, Rosemary.

Power, Sovereignty, Modernity, and the Baroque
 Heinze, Eric.

Practising Citizenship: Rights, Power, and Marginalised Communities in Southern Africa
 Van Huyssteen, Elsa.

Pragmatism Over Politics: Local Government Privatization Trends 1992-2002
 Warner, Mildred.

Predicting Outcomes: A Study of Forecasts of Supreme Court Decisions
 Kim, Pauline., Ruger, Theodore. and Martin, Andrew.

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Queer (Theory) Eye for the Straight (Legal) Guy: Lawrence v. Texas' Makeover of Bowers v. Hardwick
 Burgess, Susan.

Queers and Provocateurs: Hegemony, Ideology, and the Doctrine of Provocation
 Smyth, Michael.


Race at Work: Describing Discrimination in Deposition Testimony
 Burkhalter, Byron.

Race, Feminism and Law: The British Context
 Mirza, Qudsia Lubna.

Racialising space: the role of Aboriginal reserves in the dispossession of Indigenous Australians
 Harris, Mark.

Rape and the Failure of Law Reform: Recognizing the Need to Give Women a Seat at the Table of Criminal Justice Policy-Making
 Murphy, Wendy.

Read My Lips: No More Regulation of Employer Labor Organizing Campaign Promises
 Green, Michael.

Realizing Autonomy for Incompetent Patients: Engineering Rights
 Vezzoni, Cristiano.

Reason for Hope? The Spotted Owl Injunctions and Policy and Social Change
 Swedlow, Brendon.

Rebuilding the Walls of the Fortress: Regulating Risk in Post-Cold War/Post 9/11 Nuclear Weapons Lab
 Egan, Matthew Jude.

Recidivism and the Life Course of Offenders Subject to Long-Term Incarceration as Juveniles
 Singer, Simon.

Reclaiming Universalism: Towards a Feminist Response to Reservations on Human Rights Treaties
 Mullally, Siobhan.

Reconstructing Law on the Street: The Influence of Citizen Characteristics on Traffic Law Enforcement
 Epp, Charles., Haider-Markel, Don. and Maynard-Moody, Steven.

Reflections of Disobedience: Power, Ideology, and Construction of Resistance to Military Service in Israeli Media
 Aviram, Hadar.

Reflexive Labour Law in the World Society
 Rogowski, Ralf.

Reflexive and Decentred Information Society Regulation in Europe: Revisiting Objectivity, Neutrality, and Intentionality
 Sideri, Katerina.

Reform and Resistance in Turkish Prisons: Struggles over Social Control within Limited Space
 Ibikoglu, Arda.

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Safeguarding Critical National Infrastructures: Law, Terrorism and Human Rights
 Likosky, Michael.

Science-Fiction and the Fiction of Science: A Feminist Critique of the Parol Evidence Rule
 Keren, Hila.

Searching for the Soul of Judicial Decisionmaking: An Empirical Study of Religious Freedom Decisions
 Sisk, Gregory.

Searching for the State: Who Governs Prisoners' Reproductive Rights
 Roth, Rachel.

Secrets, Lies, and Contracts: An Exploration of the Duty to Disclose in Contract Formation Between Intimates
 Oberman, Michelle.

Self-Serving Biases in Legal Representation
 Simon, Dan., Snow, Chadwick. and Read, Stephen.

Senior Federal Judges: Tenure, Politics, and Retirement
 Yoon, Albert.

Sentencing Americans to Death Post-Furman
 Greenberg, David. and West, Valerie.

Sentencing Policy Innovation in the United States, 1975-2002: The Adoption of Determinate Sentencing and Sentencing Guidelines
 Stemen, Don.

Settling with Microsoft: A Case Study of Taiwan's Political Economy and Legal Culture
 Lee, Samantha.

Sexual Orientation in the Professions: Occupational Segregation and the Effect of State Antidiscrimination Laws
 Baumle, Amanda.

Sexually Predatory Parents and Children in Their Care: Costs of Failing to Grasp Sociolegal Research
 Wilson, Robin Fretwell.

Shaming or Shamming? Private Regulation of Labor Conditions in the Global Apparel Industry
 Bartley, Tim.

Shared Natural Resources and State Sovereignty: Rethinking the Role of International Environmental Treaties
 Hoffman, Kelly.

Signature: Race and 'Forced Consent' in Criminal Law
 Sanchez, Lisa.

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Taking Legal Consciousness Seriously: Beyond Power and Resistance
 Kostiner, Idit.

Taking Self-Regulation Seriously? Some Recent Developments In Responsible Care
 Rees, Joe.

Tax Administration and the Courts From Colonial Times to the Present
 Crane, Charlotte.

Teams: The Contradictory Role Morality of Corporate Law
 Greenwood, Daniel.

Tejano Migrants and the Meaning of Citizenship: The War on Poverty and Migrant Activism in an American City, 1964-1974
 Rodriguez, Marc.

Ten Years After Apartheid: South African Politics by Information Law Means
 Klaaren, Jonathan.

Testing Drugs vs. Testing Drug Users: Morality, Deterrence, and Harm Reduction
 MacCoun, Robert., Catron, Janette. and Taylor, Jennifer.

Testing the Boundaries of Blackness: Religion and Narrative of the Death Penalty Among African Americans
 Price, Melynda.

Testing the Focal Point Theory of Legal Compliance: Third Party Expression in An Experimental Hawk/Dove Game
 McAdams, Richard. and Nadler, Janice.

The "Full-Time Face-Time" Norm and the Untapped Transformative Potential of Employment Discrimination Law
 Travis, Michelle.

The 1940s FCC Newspaper-Radio Hearings and the Making of the Modern Mass Media
 Stamm, Michael.

The Aesthetic Turn in Post-Apartheid Republicanism
 le Roux, Wessel.

The American Hospital As A Regulatory Institution, 1920-1950
 Rees, Joe.

The Art of Legal Ethnography
 Williams, Eric.

The Behavioral Foundations of the Expressive Function of the Law, Exploring the Interrelation among Legality, Price, Morality and Consensus
 Feldman, Yuval.

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Unassimilable Muslims and Civilized White People: The Race/Culture Divide in Law
 Razack, Sherene.

Under Cover of Science: American Legal-Economic Theory and the Quest for Objectivity
 Hackney, James.

Understanding Organizational Efforts to Prevent Sexual Harassment and Their Impact on Employees
 Grossman, Joanna., Magley, Vicki. and Kath, Lisa.

Understanding Stare Decisis: Developing Measures of Judicial Compliance
 Comparato, Scott. and McClurg, Scott.

Understanding the Punitive and Non-Punitive Public: Beyond Retribution versus Rehabilitation
 Maruna, Shadd.

Undocumented Immigrants & the Mexican Remittances Market: A Social Basis for Immigration Law Reform
 Trujillo, Bernard.

Undoing What Judges Have Done: Judicially Amending the NLRA (CRN 8)
 Dannin, Ellen.

Unionization, Professionalism, and Zealous Advocacy: New York Legal Aid Society in the 1960s
 Saute, Robert.

Universal Human Rights Norms and the Abolition of Capital Punishment
 Bae, Sangmin.

Unreasonable Doubt: Manipulating Jurors' Perceptions in a Closing Argument at Trial
 Hobbs, Pamela.

Urban Development and Cause Lawyers
 Cummings, Scott.

Using Religious Ethics to Promote Corporate Responsibility
 Stabile, Susan.


Vaccines to Stop Drug Abuse: Promises and Pitfalls
 Caulkins, Jonathan.

Views on Mental Incapacity
 Johnston, Carolyn.

Vox Populi: People's Images on the WTO and Its Legitimacy
 Cho, Sungjoon.


Waging War on Terror through Commercial Legal and Institutional Reform in Asia
 Taylor, Veronica.

War Fever
 Stone, Geoffrey.

Was The Disparate Impact Theory a Mistake?
 Selmi, Michael.

We, the People: A Role of Citizenship in the EU
 Kuhelj, Alenka.

Weber's Misunderstanding of Traditonal Islamic Law
 Isik, Gulseren. and Kozak, Aysegul.

Welfare and Work in Radical Democracy
 Wang, Jeanne.

We’re Not Metrosexuals: Identity, Place, and Sexuality in the Struggle Over Gay Marriage
 Rasmussen, Claire.

What Montesquieu Hated: On Enlightenment Moderation as Political Strategy
 Mosher, Michael.

What to Do With IP Law When Information Is Infrastructure
 Frischmann, Brett.

When Rights Collide: Anti-Abortion Protests and the Ideological Dilemma in Planned Parenthood Shasta-Diablo, Inc. v. Williams
 Wilson, Joshua.

When Sexual Abuse Survivors Sue: Clinical Implications
 O\'Dea, Mary Gail Frawley.

Where Is Class in Law and Society Today?
 Nice, Julie.

Where the Grass Grows Tall and Buddhism Flourishes: Thai, Khmer, and Burmese Law
 Huxley, Andrew.

White Acres, Black Heirs: Challenges to the Interracial Disposition of Property in the US, 1865-1945
 Novkov, Julie.

White Collar Crime
 Nicholson, Lisa.

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Zhou Yongkang, Sun Zhigang and New Policing in China
 Fu, Hualing.
The Law and Society Association 2004-May-27 to 2004-May-30
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