The Law and Society 2005-May-31 to 2005-Jun-05

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A Closer Look at Challenges for Cause in California Voir Dire Proceedings
 Hannaford-Agor, Paula. and Waters, Nicole L..

A Comparative Study of Counter-Mobilization: The Responses to Judicial Action Over Same Sex Marriage in Canada
 Lemieux, Scott. and Fisher, Shauna.

A Culture of Crisis: Judicial Decision Making and the Scope of American Civil Liberties in the Era of Terrorist Threat
 Merola, Linda.

A Culture of Crisis: Public Opinion and the Scope of American Civil Liberties in the Era of Terrorist Threat
 Merola, Linda.

A Foundation for International Taxation: The Institutional Competence of Nations
 Laity, Eric.

A Grounded Theory Approach To Studying Property Crimes
 Lopez, Vera.

A Hand Full of Judges: Reflections on the Success of the Law & Economics Movement
 Aviad, Nimrod H..

A Judicial Glass Ceiling? The Selection of Buenos Aires Federal and State Judges.
 Bergallo, Paola.

A Judicial History of Crossburning: The Supreme Court's Use of Historical Materials in Virginia v. Black
 Kahn, Robert.

A Jury for Argentina?
 Hans, Valerie.

A Legal Analysis of the Criminalization of Behaviors During Pregnancy
 Miller, Monica K..

A Life Course Perspective
 Van Gundy, Karen. and Rebellon, Cesar J..

A Mixed Jury System for Japan
 Kawatsu, Hiroshi.

A Modern Westphalian Model for Sustainable Energy Production
 Osofsky, Hari.

A Multi-Dimensional Approach to Legal Reasoning
 Finckenauer, James., Cohn, Ellen. and Grant, Heath.

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Bare Life, Hollywood-Style: Steven Spielberg's State of Exception
 Feldman, Leonard.

Beneath the Privileged Smiles: Tourism in The Gambia and Its Social Ramifications
 Mboka, Abu.

Between Charity, Welfare, and Warfare: Privileges and Neglect in the Politics of Disability Policy In Israel 1948-1958
 Mor, Sagit.

Between Feminism and Terrorism: "Woman of Color/Third World Woman" as the "New" Legal Subject
 Hua, Julietta.

Beyond Parents' Rights and Children's Rights: A Third Way
 Huntington, Clare.

Beyond Tinkering: A New Direction for Behavioral Economics
 Ellis, Stephen. and Hayden, Grant.

Beyond Transitional Justice: Principled Ambiguity and Transitional Mechanisms in Democratic Transitions
 Klug, Heinz.

Beyond the "Counter-Majoritarian Difficulty": Lessons from Contemporary Democratic Theory
 Lemieux, Scott. and Watkins, David.

Beyond the Public-Private Divide: New Paradigms for Constraining Corporate Power in the Age of Globalization
 Sinden, Amy.

Big Stakes, Little Gambles: Audit Lottery and Attorney-Client Privilege in an Age of Customized Taxes
 Beale, Linda.

Bingo Hall Justice: Mi'kmaq Legal Consciousness
 McMillan, L. Jane.

Black Workers and Employment Dispute Resolution in the Twenty First Century
 Green, Michael.

Body and Soul: State Protection of Battered Women
 Thomas, Rebecca.

Bootprints on the Chest: Culturalizing 'Terror as Usual'
 Razack, Sherene.

Braiding a Sacred Hoop: Using Marginalized Histories to Envision School (Re)Segregation in the United States
 González, Marc-Tizoc.

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California’s Undocumented Latino Immigrants: Challenges of Translating Human Rights Claims into Subnational Law
 Seif, Haley.

Cameras in Court: An Empirical Analysis of Television News Coverage of the Trial of Four Police Officers Charged in Amadou Diallo's Death
 Pogorzelski, Wendy. and Brewer, Thomas W..

Can Legal Pluralism Inform the Inclusion of International Law in Judicial Decision-Making?
 Ochoa, Christiana.

Can WTO Technical Assistance and Capacity Building Serve Developing Countries?
 Shaffer, Gregory.

Can We Manage Plea Bargaining Better? Insights from Germany
 Iontcheva Turner, Jenia.

Can the Nation be a Parent? Delinquency, Federalism, and the Limits of Progressive Juvenile Justice
 Tanenhaus, David.

Capital Punishment and the Construction of the Carceral State in the United States
 Gottschalk, Marie.

Capital Punishment, the Civilizing Process, and America's Peculiar Constraints
 Garland, David.

Categories in the Mind, World, and Legal System
 Spellman, Barbara A..

Categorization and Identity
 Hill, Claire.

Cause Lawyers and Social Movements, Failure and Success: Comparing the Two Waves of Same Sex Marriage Litigation
 Barclay, Scott. and Fisher, Shauna.

Causes and Consequences of Inaction in Response to Civil Justice Problems
 Pleasence, Pascoe. and Balmer, Nigel.

Chile's Legal Complex and the Formation of a Democratic State: The Vices and Virtues of a Peculiar Path Toward Political Liberalism
 Couso, Javier.

Choosing a Europe: The Politics of Governance Strategies in EU Health Policy
 Greer, Scott.

Chronicle of a (Dis)Appearance: Agricultural Labor and Penality in Colonial Egypt
 Esmeir, Samera.

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DMCA Anticircumvention Provisions in a Different Light: Perspectives from Transnational Observation of Five Jurisdictions
 Wang, Richard Li-dar.

De-Meaning of Contract
 Stychin, Carl.

Death, Taxes, and the Family: How the Internal Revenue Code Reinforces Gender Stereotypes
 Crawford, Bridget J..

Deific Decree: Mothers, God, and Infanticide
 Ayres, Susan.

Democratic Theory and Policing
 Grabosky, Peter.

Developing Capacity: Adolescent "Consent" at Work, at Law, and in the Sciences of the Mind
 Drobac, Jennifer.

Development as Governance: Sovereignty and the Mandate System of the League of Nations
 Anghie, Tony.

Dichotomizing Sovereignty: Native Hawaiians and Federal Recognition
 Cahill, Shauna.

Differences in Decision-Making Process Between Clients and Lawyers: The Cases of Multiple Debts in Japan
 Kinoshita, Manako.

Dimensions of Tolerance: Media Framing and Its Impact on American Attitudes Toward Civil Liberties of Muslims in the United States
 Moore, Kathleen. and Harrison, Chase.

Disability Rights and the Politics of Analogy
 Heyer, Katharina.

Disciplining Doctors: Legal, Medical, and Public Interest Discursive Domains
 Horowitz, Ruth.

Discourse and Practice of Customary Law in China: Tradition and Modernity, 1900-1927
 Chen, Li.

Disputing Inheritance in the French Soudan, 1905-1912
 Roberts, Richard.

Dissociation under Emergency: Comparative Judicial Responses to the
 Scheppele, Kim Lane.

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EZ-Pass and Check 21: The Role of Government and Institutions in Changing Preferences
 Waldeck, Sarah. and Lillquist, Erik.

Economic Analysis in Judicial Decision Making: An Assessment Based on Judge Posner's Tax Jurisprudence
 Chodorow, Adam.

Effect of Single-Tier versus Two-Tier Partnership Tracks at Am Law 200 Law Firms: Evidence and Theory
 Henderson, William.

Election Appeals: The Legitimation of Democracy and the Limitation of Complaint
 Coles, Kimberley.

Emotion Management in the Lower Courts
 Mack, Kathy. and Roach Anleu, Sharyn.

Empirical Research about the Use of Judicial Doctrines in Recent Federal Decisions by Trial Courts
 Schneider, Dan.

Encumbered Shares
 Partnoy, Frank. and Martin, Shaun.

Enforced Belonging: Race, Nation and Citizenship
 Harris, Cheryl.

Enough Crime and Punishment: A New Paradigm for Juvenile Courts
 Lloyd, Angela.

Environmental Torts in Japan
 Osaka, Eri.

Ethos, Pathos, Lathos: Ethical Considerations in International Law and Institutions Revisited
 Tzimitras, Harry-Zachary.

European Judicial Systems: A Comparison of 40 Member States of the Council of Europe--the Role of the CEPEJ
 Albers, Pim.

European State Responses to Immigration Flows: Citizenship Law and the Maintenance of Global Hierarchy
 Catey, A. Scott.

Evil Enters the Garden: A Case of Murder Inside a Juvenile Reformatory
 Drybread, Kristen.

Evoking Tradition: Adultery and Honor Crimes in Turkey
 Kogacioglu, Dicle.

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Fact, Value, and Action in Nonconceptual Jurisprudence: The Next Step
 Shreve, Gene.

Faith in Governance: The Institutional and Legal Framework for the Management of Religion in Singapore
 Tan, Eugene.

False Claims Act: Deputizing the Public to Combat Corporate Fraud
 White, Joseph.

False Convictions and Exonerations
 Gross, Sam.

Family Leave Policies and Practices in American Law Schools: Preliminary Findings and Open Questions
 Kessler, Laura.

Family Property and the End of Slavery: Southern Gold Coast and the U.S. South
 Penningroth, Dylan.

Fatal in Theory and Strict in Fact: Debunking the Strict Scrutiny Myth
 Winkler, Adam.

Fee Arrangements, Counting Hours, and Keeping Clients Happy: Lawyers and Their Insurance Company Clients
 Kritzer, Herbert.

Felony Disenfranchisement Laws: An Historical Analysis of Legislative Process
 Campbell, Michael.

Fields of Hope, Fields of Despair: Legisprudential and Historical Perspectives on the AgJobs Bill of 2003
 Gilbert, Lauren.

Filter Mechanisms in Procedures for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
 Van Erp, Judith. and Klein Haarhuis, Carolien.

Forms of Citizenship
 Volpp, Leti.

Forward Sales Contract, Windfall Gains, and Substantive Justice
 Wood, David.

Framing the Communications Decency Act(s)
 Steward, Daniel John.

Freer Markets, More Lawyers?
 Hildebrand, Youri. and Van Waarden, Frans.

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Gambling and the Problematic Normalization of Victimless Crime
 Dombrink, John.

Gambling for Success: Global Flows of Lebanese Entrepreneurs
 Beydoun, Lina.

Gambling with the Future? Tulips, Futures, and World Empire
 Day, Christian.

Gaming Law School Rankings
 Espeland, Wendy. and Sauder, Michael.

Gender Differences Among the Family Law Judges of the City of Buenos Aires: A View from Within
 Kohen, Beatriz.

Gender Equity Regimes
 Sturm, Susan.

Gender Identity and Identity Regulation in the 21st Century Workplace
 Weiss, Jillian.

Gender and Income Inequality in the Legal Profession
 Sterling, Joyce., Reichman, Nancy., Dinovitzer, Ronit. and Wilder, Gita.

Gender and Judicial Appointments
 Feenan, Dermot.

Gender, Class, and Professional Power Within the Third Branch of the English Legal Profession
 Francis, Andrew.

Gendered Judging
 Epstein, Lee. and Martin, Andrew.

Gendered Justice? Domestic Homicide and the Death Penalty
 Messing, Jill.

German Undercover Policing: Reactions to Organized Crime and Terrorism
 Ross, Jacqueline.

Global Justice: A Comparative Content Ethnography of Contemporary Responses to Gross Human Rights Violations
 Mboka, Abu.

Globalization and Regulatory Chracter: Regulatory Reform after the Kader Toy Factory Fire
 Haines, Fiona.

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Hacking the Gender Binary Myth: Recognizing Fundamental Rights for the Intersexed
 Benson, Sara.

Harmless Error, Crime Control, and the Iago Principle
 Simon, Dan.

Has Judicial Review Caused a Rulemaking Retreat?
 Coglianese, Cary.

Heads in the Sand: How Canada is Dealing with Allegations of Racial Profiling
 Scot, Wortley.

Hindu Customary Matrimonial Remedies Between Official Discourse and Legal Praxis
 Holden, Livia. and Holden, Marius.

Historic Films, National History, and Legal Censorship
 Barak-Erez, Daphne.

Historical Changes in Plantiffs' Law Firms
 Van Hoy, Jerry.

History, Power, and Critique in Cornell's Imaginary Domain of Law
 Pryor, Benjamin.

Hostis Humani Generis: The War Criminal and Sociality
 Campbell, Kirsten.

House Demolitions in East Jerusalem: Illegality and Resistance
 Braverman, Irus.

How Do Social Movements Decide to Move? Polyamorous Relationships and Legal Mobilization
 Aviram, Hadar.

How Legal Speech Acts
 Constable, Marianne.

How the Criminal Law is Used to Control Men’s Roles as Fathers and Sexual Partners
 Miller, Monica K.. and Harrell, Angela.

Human Rights in an Era of Globalization: The ATCA and the Unocal-Burma Case
 Holzmeyer, Cheryl.

Human Rights, Property, and the Environment in Europe
 Morrow, Karen.

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Identities, Law, and Politics of Rights: Beyond Globalization
 Barzilai, Gad.

Imagining a "Second City" in a Cane Field: Landscape, Property Regimes, Memory, and Suburban Growth
 Milner, Neal.

Imagining the Greek Nation: The Lawyers’ Contribution
 Tsoukala, Philomila.

Impact of Jury Deliberation on Scientific Evidence Comprehension
 Farley, Erin. and Albertson, Stephanie.

Implementation of New Ideals for Legal Profession: The Recent Discussion of Legal Educational Reform in Korea
 Tsche, Kwang-Jun.

Implementing Jury Trials in Argentina: Is It Possible?
 Hendler, Edmundo.

Improving Jury Comprehension: A Canadian Perspective
 Holmgren, Janne.

In Supreme Judgement of the Poor: The Role of the United States Supreme Court in Welfare Law and Policy
 Baldwin, Bridgette.

In the Minds of Men: A Theory of Compliance with the Laws of War
 Bradford, William.

Incest in Film: Evasions, Postponements, and the Therapeutic Response
 Doan, Carrie.

Inclusion of the Other, Exclusion of Violence: Islam and the Normative Basis of Democratic Stability in Turkish Politics
 Sahin Akilli, Yelda. and Özbank, Murat.

Increasing Legal Socialization Through Field Experience in Criminal Court
 Lindahl, Mary W..

Indigenous Regulation and the Principal-Agent Challenge: OHS and the Mining Industry
 Gunningham, Neil.

Indirect Rent Seeking: Demands of Trade Protection Under U.S. Trade Remedy Law
 Guo, Danli.

Industries of Crime, Crimes of Industry: Crime and the Rap Music Industry
 Bogazianos, Dimitri.

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Japanese Lawyers and Japanese Justice: Ethics and Regulation of Japanese Lawyers in a New Century
 Ishida, Kyoko.

Judging Gender: Narrating Transgender Identity in the Courts
 Currah, Paisley.

Judicial Autonomy and Activist Courts
 DeMary, Michele.

Judicial Decisions and Compliance: The Electoral Connection
 McFarland, Thomson.

Judicial Deference to Employment Institutions
 Edelman, Lauren., Krieger, Linda., Albiston, Catherine. and Eliason, Scott.

Judicial Empowerment and Democracy: Does the New Constitutionalism Really Threaten Democracy?
 Hilbink, Lisa.

Judicial Policy-Making in Mass Torts and the Administrative State: A Case Study of the Agent Orange Litigation
 Bloom, Anne.

Judicial Review and National Security Crises
 Wells, Christina.

Judicial Tenure on the U.S. Supreme Court, 1789-1868: Frustration, Resignation, and Expiration on the Bench
 Vining, Richard., Navarro, Susan. and Zorn, Christopher.

Juries, Judges, and Punitive Damages: An Empirical Study, Part II
 Eisenberg, Theodore. and Heise, Michael.

Juror Stress: Causes and Interventions
 Miller, Monica K.. and Bornstein, Brian H..

Justice Brewer's Christian Nation Argument and the "New Textualism" Debate
 Blatt, William.

Justifying Human Rights and Stabilizing Democracy Under Conditions of Cultural Diversity: The Idea for an Overlapping Consensus on Dialogue
 Özbank, Murat.

Juvenile Waiver to Adult Criminal Court: Media Attributions of Responsibility
 Singer, Julie.


Killing the Other in Order to Save Her: The Modernity/Premodernity Distinction in Legal Efforts to Protect Women from Culture
 Razack, Sherene.


Labor Rights in Collision with Investor Rights: Multinationals and Weak States
 Leader, Sheldon.

Labor as Property: Guestworkers, NAFTA, and the Democracy Deficit
 Garcia, Ruben.

Land Law Reform, Naturalized Power, and the Construction of National Identity in Contemporary Tanzania
 Porter, Karen A..

Land Title Legislation, Property Rights Systems, and Cadastral Mapping in Lusophone Nations
 Knight, Rachael.

Law & Society . . . and Race
 Obasogie, Osagie.

Law (and Perceptions of Law) as a Restraint on Pre-9/11 Counterterrorism Policy
 Chesney, Robert.

Law and Development: Searching for Homo Economicus
 Manji, Ambreena.

Law and History in the US Case: Toward a Structural History of National Legal Practices
 Tomlins, Christopher.

Law and Literature and the Right to Death
 Thurschwell, Adam.

Law and Society Pedagogy: Social Science or Humanities?
 Weiss, Jillian.

Law as Politics: Holding Government to Account in the Non-Democratic Society of Colonial and Post-Colonial Hong Kong
 Jones, Carol.

Law, Developments, and the Coloniality of Power
 Benavides Vanegas, Farid Samir. and Marquez, Erika.

Law, Gender, and Immigration: The Violence Against Women Act and Mexican Undocumented Battered Immigrant Women
 Salcido, Olivia.

Law, Lay Justice, Race, and Human Value
 Bergstrom, Randy.

Law, Social Science, and the End of the Georgia Poll Tax
 Johnson, Kimberley.

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Mad Women and Desperate Girls: Infanticide in Law and Myth
 Rapaport, Elizabeth.

Making Difference: Antimiscegenation Law and the One Man One Woman Marriage Requirement
 Battalora, Jacqueline.

Making Parents? Trial Court Recognition of Second-Parent Adoptions in Colorado
 Sterett, Susan.

Making Up "The Illegal"
 Inda, Jonathan.

Making a "Recognition Space"? The Development of Koori (Aboriginal) Courts in Australia
 Harris, Mark A..

Managing the Law: How the Human Resources Profession “Does” Law
 Quinn, Beth.

Managing the Manager: Coping with Sexual Harassment in Housing
 Collinsworth, Linda., Wright, C. Vaile. and Fitzgerald, Louise.

Mapping Systems of Juvenile Justice by Place, Participant Characteristics, and Expert-Systems of Knowledge
 Singer, Simon.

Marriage and Meaning: Initial Results from a Survey of Same-Sex Couples in California, Oregon, and Massachusetts
 Andersen, Ellen.

Martha Stewart Saved!: Insider Liability for Undisclosed Personal Facts and Transactions
 Heminway, Joan.

 Maurer, Bill.

Masculinities at Work: Las Vegas' Sexualized Workplace and Gender Discrimination
 McGinley, Ann.

Maximum Feasible Reflexivity: Democratic Citizenship and the War on Poverty
 Olson, Kevin.

Mental Disability and Human Rights Law in Eastern Europe: An Exploratory Study
 Tucker, James.

Mexican Law Students: Building a Future or Pursuing an Illusion?
 Perez Hurtado, Luis Fernando.

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Narrating a Corporate Mens Rea
 Gowri, Aditi.

Narrating a Verdict: An Interactional Model of Jury Decision-Making
 Conley, Robin.

Native American Identity and the Challenge of the "Kennewick Man" Case
 Ray, Alan.

Nazi Germany and the Reconsideration of the Rule of Law Ideal in the United States
 Kornhauser, Anne.

Negotiating Coercion and Compassion:The Demands of Integrating Therapeutic Jurisprudence and Drug Court Practice
 Baker, Kimberly.

Neighborhood Mediation and Procedural Justice: From China's Experiences
 Chen, Yingying.

Neither Public Nor Private? Independence of Children’s Ombudspersons
 Gran, Brian., Patterson, Robin. and Gannon, Lynn.

Networks of Collective Practice: Communication Among Notable Conservative Lawyers
 Paik, Anthony., Heinz, John. and Southworth, Ann.

Neutralizing Consent in the Law of Rape
 Tiersma, Peter.

New Data From Bargaining Simulations
 Dannin, Ellen.

New Governance in Health Care: What Can We Learn from the Experience of Social Insurers
 Jost, Timothy.

New Governance in Hospital Quality Improvement:
 Farquhar, Marybeth.

New Insights In Founding-Era Search and Seizure Law
 Roots, Roger.

New Landscapes of Possibility and Probability: Spatially Governed Vice as Local Development Bid
 Perry, Richard.

New Mechanisms in the Regulation of Business: The Role of "Corporate Social Responsibility"
 McBarnet, Doreen.

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OMB Intervention in Safety, Health, and Environmental Rules: An Empirical Analysis
 Driesen, David.

Of Sex and Citizenship: Reading the Iconography of Special Rights
 Goldberg-Hiller, Jon.

Old Labor and New Identities: Local 1199 and the LRBW
 Johnson, Kimberley.

On Being Regarded as Black: Why Title VII Should Apply Even if Lakisha and Jamal Are White
 Onwuachi-Willig, Angela.

On Race, and Governance through Necropolitics
 Sealy, David.

On the "Absolutism of Continental Governments" and Police Power Jurisprudence: The Road to Lochner
 Morag-Levine, Noga.

On the Ambiguities of Cosmopolitan Law: The Case of Humanitarian Military Intervention
 Fine, Robert.

On the Relationship Between Legal and Non-Legal Categorization
 Schauer, Fred.

One Elle: Images of the Law Student in American Popular Culture
 Rowley, Keith A..

Open Borders?
 Johnson, Kevin.

Opting Out of Liability: The Forthcoming Near-Total Demise of the Modern Class Action
 Gilles, Myriam.

Opting Out: Joseph Conrad and the Fiction of Neutrality
 Reichman, Ravit.

Out of Bounds:
 Flynn, Alexandra.

Out of the Shadows: Lesbian-Feminist Silence and Civil Partnerships
 Auchmuty, Rosemary.

Overruling Behavior on State Supreme Courts: An Event Count Analysis
 Lindquist, Stefanie. and Archie, Carrie.

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Paradise Lost: The Transformation of Wildlife Law in the Vanishing Wilderness
 Granfield, Robert. and Colomy, Paul.

Paradox of Veiling and Fundamentalist Women’s Participation in the Social Sphere of Turkey
 Kantarci, Serap.

Parallel Worlds of Litigation and Mediation
 Relis, Tamara.

Paris, Diamonds, and Champagne: Casinos on Reservations and the New “Rich Indian” Identity
 Darian-Smith, Eve.

Parsi Pluralism: Zoroastrians and the Legal Profession in Colonial Bombay, 1900-30
 Sharafi, Mitra.

Partners in Crime: Female Offenses and Punishment Patterns in Early Modern Netherlands
 Feeley, Malcolm. and Aviram, Hadar.

Paternalism and Cognitive Bias
 Trout, J.D..

Plant Genetic Resources as a "Limited Commons": From "Common Heritage" to "Sovereign Property" and Back Again
 Aoki, Keith.

Playing With Paradigms: Manufactured Principles and the Religion Clauses
 Ravitch, Frank.

Playing with the Rules: The Tax Games of Accountants and Lawyers
 Rostain, Tanina.

Plural Corporate Persons: Displacing Subjects or (Re)Forming Identities
 Kleinhans, Martha-Marie.

Pluralism and Legal Philosophy
 Davies, Margaret.

Pluralism and Legitimacy in Global Trade Governance
 Buchanan, Ruth.

Policing Protest in the Post-Fordist City
 Passavant, Paul.

Policing in a Time of Crisis: Law Enforcement’s Response to Disaster
 Cross, Remy.

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Qualified Legal Compliance Committees: The Diffusion of an Organizational Form
 Rosen, Robert.

Queering Citizenship and Its Metaphors: Birthright and Naturalization
 Somerville, Siobhan.


RFID, Privacy, and Commerce
 Smith, Lars.

Race Matters: Ideologies of Race in Police Personnel Decisions
 Mellema, Virginia.

Race, Labor, and American Politics: Herbert Hill's Legacy and Its Contemporary Relevance
 Warren, Dorian.

Race, Political Empowerment, and Minority Perceptions of Judicial Fairness
 Overby, Marvin., Brown, Robert., Bruce, John., Smith, Charles E.. and Winkle, John.

Racial Double Binds
 Oh, Reginald.

Racial Naturalization
 Carbado, Devon.

Racism Revised: From an Individual to a Political Understanding of Racism
 Frymer, Paul.

Radiating Effects and Bargaining Chips: Litigation, Negotiation, and the Statutory Protection of Free Exercise Rights
 Forren, John.

Raising the Bar: State Strategies for Improving the Quality of Work and Care in Early Childhood Education
 Fitzgerald, Joan.

Raping Like a State: Colonialism and International Legal Rhetoric

Re-Reading Durkheim
 Greenhouse, Carol.

Re-Regulating Labor Markets through Best Practices in “Doing Business”: A New Form of Governance?
 Santos, Alvaro.

Re-Telling the National Narrative: Transitional Justice in Post-Democratization Korea
 Hahm, Chaihark.

Re-Thinking the Study of Wrongful Conviction
 Leo, Richard.

Reason for Hope? The Spotted Owl Injunctions and Policy and Social Change
 Swedlow, Brendon.

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Same-Sex Legal Education: A Case Study of First Year Public Law Students
 Francis, Andrew. and Barker, Nicola.

Sandoval and Gonzaga: What Do They Mean for Environmental Justice Enforcement?
 Dehner, Corey Denenberg.

Saving Legalese and Length Sentences from a False Charge
 Hotta, Syugo.

Scapegoating the Vulnerable: The Indefinite Detention of Immigrants in America's War on Terror
 Bali, Asli.

Second Class Citizenship on the Frontier: Race, Place, and the Limits of Federal Citizenship in the Nineteenth Century
 Gomez, Laura.

Serving the Interests of African American Students at Brown Plus Fifty: The Fordice Effect and Historically Black Colleges
 Diamond, Alfreda.

Setting the Conditions for Abu Ghraib: The Law and the New War Prison
 Brown, Michelle.

Sex Crimes Adjudication in the Wake of "Megan’s Law"
 Corrigan, Rose.

Sex and the Single Girl: The Liberal State and the Marital Contract
 Rasmussen, Claire.

Sex, Race, and Mastery: A Slave Accused of Rape in the Antebellum South
 Gillmer, Jason.

Sexual Citizenship, Governmentality, and the Self-Managing State
 Cooper, Davina.

Sexual Harassment Reporting: The Gap Between Workplace Reality and the Law
 Vijayasiri, Ganga.

Sexual Harassment in Section 8 Housing
 Reed, Maggie., Collinsworth, Linda. and Fitzgerald, Louise.

Shake-and-Bake Tribes, Special Interests, and Scam Artists: How Public Discourse on Indian Gaming Shapes Law and Policy
 Rand, Kathryn. and Light, Steven.

Shareholder Bylaws, Shareholder Nominations, and Poison Pills
 McDonnell, Brett.

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Talking Back: The Discursive Role of the Dissent in Family Law Cases Involving LGBT Parents
 Richman, Kimberly.

Talking Economics? Accountability in Network Price Setting
 Rubinstein, Dorit.

Taming the Market for Medical Information: "Sharing is (S)Caring" on the Digital Frontier
 Suchman, Mark.

Targeting Legal Services from the Right: Conservative Interest Groups and the Legal Services Corporation
 Kilwein, John.

Taxation over Time
 Stark, Kirk. and Fennell, Lee Anne.

Teaching About Law and Terrorism at the United States Military Academy: Program and Curriculum Design
 Welton, Mark. and Stock, Margaret.

Technology and Law in the Digital Age: The Subversion of Digital Copyright through Technological Means
 Postigo, Hector.

Terrorism, Human Rights and the United Kingdom
 Gale, Christopher. and James, Helen.

Testing the Effects of American Hegemony on International Law: Does Polarity Affect Adherence to International Legal Norms?
 Thomas, Ashley.

The "Little Polish Jew" and Other Unwelcome Easterners: Gender, Race, and Class in English Law
 Herman, Didi.

The "Science" of Judicial Review
 Wells, Christina.

The ACPA and the First Amendment: Protecting Commercial Speech in Cyberspace
 Rupert, Maya.

The AJD Data Revisited: Exploring the Relationship Between Race and Income
 Dinovitzer, Ronit., Sterling, Joyce., Garth, Bryant. and Wilder, Gita.

The Anatomy of a Wrongful Conviction
 Simon, Dan.

The Anxiety of Influence
 Epps, Garrett.

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Unadorned Speculation: Genetic Ancestry Tracing, Race, and Legal Standing in Slavery Reparations
 Hamilton, Jennifer.

Unbundled Legal Services to Low Income Communities: Critical Questions for Inquiry
 Richardson, Margaret.

Uncertainty at Work and Gender Differences in Promotions: The Case of Large Law Firms
 Gorman, Elizabeth.

Uncivil Society
 Trexler, Jeffrey.

Understanding Jury Norms: Interests, Values, and Scripts
 Sanders, Joseph.

University Research and Patenting
 Strandburg, Katherine.

Unsettled Imaginings: Images, Intellectual Property Rights, and Indigenous Groups
 Zanotti, Laura.


Valuation in Bankruptcy: An Empirical Study of Consumer Exemptions Cases.
 Trujillo, Bernard.

Value-Based Labor Law: Value-Based Labor Activism
 Dannin, Ellen.

Venus Boyz: Female Masculinity, Transgender, and the Legal Imagination
 Cottier, Michelle.

Victims on Truth Commission
 David, Roman.


W.E.B. Du Bois and the Contemporary Scene of Critical Theory
 Chandler, Nahum.

Ways of Responsiveness: How the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Responds to Business Regulatees
 Nielsen, Vibeke Lehmann.

We Are Just One Race Here: Supreme Court Constructions of Race after Brown v. Board of Education
 Augustine-Adams, Kif.

We Don’t Believe in the Promised Land: Resentment , Blame, and the Anti-Tribal Casino Movement
 Dudas, Jeffrey.

We Insist! Freedom Now: Does Contract Doctrine Have Anything Constitutional to Say?
 Keren, Hila.

Weber's Sociology of Law in the Genealogy of Contemporary Legal Consciousness
 Kennedy, Duncan.

What Counts as Domestic Violence?
 Dempsey, Michelle.

What Do Unions Do? Workforce Governance, Worker Rights, and Union Democracy
 DauSchmidt, Kenneth.

What Does History Offer to the Death Penalty Debate?
 McGowen, Randall.

What Future for the International Adjudication and Enforcement of Human Rights?
 Stubbs, Matthew.

What You Don't See Won't Hurt You: An Economic Analysis of Morality Laws
 Curry, Phil. and Mongrain, Steeve.

What the Standards Got Right, Got Wrong, and Simply Avoided
 Burns, Robert.

What's Going on with Sexual Harassment in Japan? The Equal Employment Opportunity Law Impact on the Japanese Employers and Workers
 Shinohara, Chika.

What's at Stake in Fatness as a Disability?
 Kirkland, Anna.

What's the Matter with Yoo? A Critical Reading of the US "Torture Memos"
 Hajjar, Lisa.

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You Do Not Have to Say Anything...: Instructing the Jury on the Defendant’s Right to Silence
 Cotterill, Janet.

You Shall Not Eat Here: Race, Gender, and Respectability in Emma Coger’s Battle against Segregation on the Upper Mississippi, 1872-1873
 Brodnax, Sr., David.


Zizek and the Leader
 Dean, Jodi.

Zorkin v. Morshchakova: The Constitutional Dispute in Rethorical terms
 Soboleva, Anita.
The Law and Society 2005-May-31 to 2005-Jun-05
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