The Law and Society Association 2006-Jul-04 to 2006-Jul-09

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A Cognitive Linguistic Model of Trademarks: An Experimental Research
 Hotta, Syugo. and Fujita, Masahiro.

A Comparative Analysis of the Effectiveness of International Organizations on the Establishment and Acceptance of International Social Norms of Behavior
 Potters, Bobby.

A Comparative Institutional Analysis of “Regulation through Litigation”
 Wagner, Wendy.

A Crisis in Virtue: The Challenges Posed by the Rise of Negotiability in Eighteenth-Century France
 Kessler, Amalia.

A Kind of Rashomon: Reading (In)Justice in Native American Archival Records
 Leftoff, Sondra.

A National Quanitative Analysis of Court Decisions on Juvenile Suicides in Criminal Justice Custody
 Gallagher, Catherine. and Douds, Anne.

A New Alliance Between Religion and Labor?
 Horwitz, Robert.

A New Era of Tax Enforcement Polic: From "Big Stick" to Responsive Regulation
 Leviner, Sagit.

A Nondiscrimination Approach to Animal Welfare
 Satz, Ani.

A Rapist in the Family: The Collision of Family Law and Criminal Law in Statutory Rape
 Murray, Melissa.

A Theoretical Exploration of Legal Pluralism
 Tamanaha, Brian.

A Uniform Domestic Partnership Act: Legislative Proposals for the Protection of Children and the Inclusion of All Families
 Drobac, Jennifer. and Page, Antony.

A Way Out to Post-Colonialism in Africa? The Chinese Corporations: A Trend in Global Business
 Paone, Valerie.

ALAS and Alack: The Role of Insurers in Regulating Large Law Firms
 Chambliss, Elizabeth.

Above the Law: How US Avoidance of International Human Rights Obligations Led to Torture
 Mayerfeld, Jamie.

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Bargaining Toward Equality? The New Development of Taiwanese Family Law
 Lee, Li-Ju.

Battles Over Citizenship and Belonging in Egypt
 Stumpo, Pamela.

Belonging and Social Citizenship: The New Deal and the Wagner Act
 Zietlow, Rebecca.

Between Evil and Hope: Disability Allowances Struggles as a Challenge to Rights
 Mor, Sagit.

Beyond Discretion: Compliance and Enforcement in Cap and Trade Regulation
 McAllister, Lesley.

Beyond Judicial Review: Assessing Alternative Institutionalizations of Constitutional Review
 Zurn, Christopher.

Biometrics: Solving the Regressivity of VATs and RSTs with "Smart Card" Technology
 Ainsworth, Richard.

Bootstrapped Justice
 Walen, Alec.

Branding Law / Trademarking Culture
 George, Alexandra.

Brave New World after the Jobs Act: Changing Roles of Tax Professionals, Tax Administration, and the Courts
 Beale, Linda.

Brazil, WTO Dispute Settlement, and State-Business Transformations
 Shaffer, Gregory. and Sanchez, Michelle.

Bringing Jury Instructions into the Twenty-First Century
 Marder, Nancy.

Broadcast Localism and Minority Media
 Reed-Huff, LaVonda.

Bureaucratic Decisionmaking within the World Bank: Internal Contestations over Human Rights
 Sarfaty, Galit.

Business in the Shadow of the Law: Parasols and Other Self-Help
 Dickerson, Claire Moore.

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California’s New Jury Instructions: An Update
 Tiersma, Peter.

Campaigning for Life: Building a New Transnational Solidarity in the Face of HIV/AIDS and TRIPS
 Klug, Heinz.

Can Local Vote-Catching Hamper International Law? The Impact of the French Law on the Blessing of Colonialism
 Medjad, Karim.

Cause Lawyers in Latin American Film
 Meili, Steve.

Celebrities in the Courtroom: Legal Responses, Psychological Theory, and Empirical Research
 Chamberlain, Jared., Miller, Monica. and Jehle, Alayna.

Centralized Resolution of Mass Tort Claims in Bankruptcy Under Section 157(b)(5)
 Smith, Douglas.

Challenges and Coping Strategies in China's Criminal Defense Bar
 Michelson, Ethan.

Children’s Bioethics: International Law, Participatory Citizenship, and the Right to Cultural Identity
 Sabatello, Maya.

Christian Polemics against Jewish Ritual Law as a Precursor of Religious Freedom in Modern Law
 Yelle, Robert.

Circular 230 and the KPMG Indictments: A Chilling Effect on Tax Practice
 Pinilis, Russell.

Cities in European Union Law
 Nicola, Fernanda.

Citizenship and Place in Assistance after Katrina
 Sterett, Susan. and Reich, Jennifer.

Claim Management and Deterrence: Preliminary Investigations in Four Settings
 Schlanger, Margo.

Claims of Racial Bias in Policing: Racial Policing and Order Maintenance in New York City
 Gelman, Andrew. and Fagan, Jeffrey.

Class War and the Estate Tax: Where are the Troops?
 Schmalbeck, Richard.

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D.H. and Others v. the Czech Republic: Human Rights Law, NGOs, and Local Civil Society in the Expanded EU
 New, William.

Daubert in the Law Office: Routinizing Procedural Change
 Kritzer, Herbert.

Dear Lawyer Bao: Institutional Change, State Power, and Popular Resistance in China
 Michelson, Ethan.

Death for Revenge or Justice? Rethinking the Social Function of the Death Penalty in Taiwan
 Lee, Chia-Wen.

Debate Over Competent Lawyer in Japan
 Osaka, Eri.

Debating the Global Exportation of Alternative Dispute Resolution: Mediation, Rights, and Development in Nepal
 Cohen, Amy.

Decoupling in the World Polity: The Case of Children's Education and Health Rights in Tanzania
 Makene, Fortunata.

Decriminalizing Family: The Private Ordering of Polygamy
 Sigman, Shayna.

Deep Throat Revealed: Vertical and External Reporting of Wrongdoing in Complex Organizations
 Lobel, Orly.

Defining the Disadvantaged for Affirmative Action in India: Recent Supreme Court Decisions
 Jenkins, Laura.

Democratization Reforms in The 1982 Constitution of Turkey
 Yuruk, Ayse.

Determinants of Compliance with OSHA Standards
 Mendeloff, John., Gray, Wayne. and Ko, Kilkon.

Developing Legal Education in Palestine
 Van der Borght, Kim. and Milhem, Feras.

Digitizing Yoga: National Reactions to Individual Intellectual Property Claims on Traditional Knowledge
 Fish, Allison.

Direct Democracy, Majority Tyranny, and Minority Stress: Should Same-Sex Marriage Be Put to a Popular Vote?
 Hayne, Cheryl.

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EU Ways of Governing Risks of Pharmaceuticals: Effective Protection of Patients' Safety?
 Dorbeck-Jung, Bärbel. and Oude Vrielink-Van Heffen, Mirjan.

Early Experiences of Internationalization of the Socio-Legal Field: Coming Back to the 1960s/1970s Period
 Vauchez, Antoine.

Earning and Giving: A Behavioral Perspective
 Hill, Claire. and Polsky, Gregg.

Economic Conditions and the Risk of Execution in the American States
 Unah, Isaac.

Economic Inequality in the New Global City
 Morales, Cristina.

Ed Fagan and the Ethics of Causes: Who Stole Identity Politics
 Karno, Valerie.

Educational Background of Korean Corporate Lawyers - An Analysis of "Big 4" Law Firms in Seoul
 Lee, Kuk-Woon.

Effects of Small Group Dynamics on Governance in Common Property Associations Such as Condominiums and Cooperatives
 Martirossian, Jasmine.

Elusive Equality in Domestic and Sexual Violence Law Reform
 Goldscheid, Julie.

Emotion in the Courtroom: Defendants’ Apologies at Federal Sentencing Hearings
 Gruber, Katie.

Emotional Economies and Jurisprudence: On Victim Impact Statement Instructions
 Langstraat, Lisa.

Employment Arbitration
 Bales, Richard.

Employment Without Contract? Prison Laborers as Statutory Employees
 Zatz, Noah.

Empowering or Disempowering? A Comparative Study on Judicial Use of Transnational Norm
 Chang, Wen-Chen.

Environmental Impact Assessment and Sustainable Development
 Trisolini, Katherine.

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Family, Law, and Nationalism: Lessons from Post-Ottoman Greece
 Tsoukala, Philomila.

Federalism and the Fundamental Right to (Keep Your) Same-Sex Marriage
 Sanders, Steve.

Fetus Ghost, Abortion Law, and Abortion Discourse: In Search of a Rights Rhetoric in Taiwan
 Kuan, Hsiaowei.

Fighting with Words: The Contestation of Public Terms of Discourse About Same Sex Marriage
 Fisher, Shauna.

Finally Supreme? The Canadian Supreme Court’s Role in the Constitutional Protection of Aboriginal Rights
 Carlson, Kirsten.

Financial Consumer Education and the Regulation of Women’s Decisions in Managing Household Economies: A Case Study
 Williams, Toni.

Financial Regulation and International Criminal Policy: The Brazilian State Faces the Anti-Money Laundering System
 Machado, Maíra.

Fire, Death, False Confession, and Wrongful Conviction: A Tale of Two Countries
 Fox, Michael.

Florida Cause Lawyers and Tobacco Litigation, Impact of Framing and Culture on Law and Social Change
 Howard, Phillip.

For Better or Worse? Considering the Position of Medicare Beneficiaries Post-Part D
 Cancelosi, Susan.

Forensic Psychiatry Imagines the Sex Offender: Lombroso and De River
 Leon, Chrysanthi.

Forgetting Freud: Date Rape and the Comparative Roles of the Unconscious in the Law of Evidence and the Substantive Criminal Law
 Taslitz, Andrew.

Forgetting the Future: Are Capital Trial Attorneys Cause Lawyers?
 Kaplan, Paul.

Formal Contracts in the Presence of Relational Enforcement Mechanisms: Evidence from Technology Development Projects
 Sampson, Rachelle.

Formalism is Transcendent in the South African Constitutional Court's Religion Cases
 Kende, Mark.

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Gay Rights, Common Courtesy, and Law
 Bybee, Keith.

Gender Identity Recognition in the Courts
 Weiss, Jillian.

Gender Identity as Human Right: An Insoluble Legal Jigsaw Puzzle?
 Plett, Konstanze.

Gender and Collegial Decisionmaking in the Federal Appellate Courts
 Peresie, Jennifer.

Gender and Judging: Beyond the Different Voice
 Kenney, Sally.

Gender and the Legal Profession: Initial Results from the Michigan Alumni Data Set
 Dau-Schmidt, Kenneth., Galanter, Marc., Hull, Kathleen., Voss, Paul. and Mukhopadhaya,, Kaushik.

Gender, Domestic Homicide, and the Death Penalty: Does the Defendant's Plea Matter?
 Messing, Jill.

Gestating Rights: Pregnant Persons, Parental Rights, and Reproductive Technology
 Condit, Deirdre. and Mann, Hollie.

Getting Beyond Legal Orientalism
 Mootz III, Francis.

Getting a Better Understanding of the “CSI” Effect: Assessing the Impact of Crime Dramas on Mock Jurors' Use and Expectations of Forensic Evidence
 Farley, Erin.

Glass Ceilings in Large Law Firms
 Gorman, Elizabeth. and Kmec, Julie.

Global Criminology and Law's Ends: Transcending Disciplinary Parochialism
 Friedrichs, David.

Global Justice for Victims: New Means, New Measures?
 Hirsch, Susan.

Good Mothers, Bad Mothers, and the Law
 Murphy, Pat.

Governing Bureaucrats, Governing the Environment in British Columbia
 Sullivan, Kathleen.

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Habeas Litigation in US District Courts
 King, Nancy.

Happiness and Cost-Benefit Analysis of Financial Regulation
 Huang, Peter.

Harmony as Ideology: The Promotion of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Singapore
 Tan, Eugene.

Harnessing the Costs of International Tax Arbitrage
 Rosenzweig, Adam.

High Court Advisory Opinions in the States: Unique Judicial Role
 DeMary, Michele.

High on the Agenda: The Mysterious Disappearance of Marijuana Decriminalization, 1975-1983
 Jacobs, Adam.

Homicides: Making a Federal Case of It
 Barnes, Katherine.

How Determinate Sentencing Contributed to the Prison Boom: The Failure of Race Neutral Policies
 Schlesinger, Traci.

How Not to Argue Against a Constitutional Right to Same-Sex Marriage
 Den Otter, Ronald.

How Tax Law Created the Modern World
 Cockfield, Arthur.

How You Downsize Is Who You Downsize: Legal Accountability and Women’s and Minorities' Vulnerability to Layoffs
 Kalev, Alexandra.

Human Rights and Legal Aid in the Work of the European Council’s Commission on the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ)
 Johnsen, Jon.

Human Rights and Transnational Corporations: Discursive Ambivalence in the U.S. Alien Tort Claims Act
 Dale, John.

Human Rights and the International Transformation of European States
 Madsen, Mikael.


I Beg to Differ: Exploring Outsider Dissent
 Johnson, Rebecca. and Belleau, Marie-Claire.

I Believe In Justice: Race and Ritual in Capital Jury Selection
 Price, Melynda.

ICANN and Its Role in Internet Self-Regulation
 Lee, Maeng Joo.

ISO14001 Plus: How Can Performance Evaluation Influence the Forces of Esteem?
 Mil-Homens, Joao.

Ideas and the Judicialization of Politics: Social Rights Adjudication in Colombia
 Rueda, Pablo.

Identity, Arrogance and Persuasion in Pleas for Leniency at Sentencing Hearings: Michael Skakel and Rabbi Fred Neulander
 Nicholson, Nancy.

Images and Identity: Immigrant Battered Women’s Representations of Identity in Photography and Narrative
 Frohmann, Lisa.

Images of Human Rights Lawyers in the British Press
 Maiman, Richard.

Imagination and the Developing Mind
 Dailey, Anne.

Imagineering Corporate Culture: The Disney-Pixar Merger Agreement
 Fleischer, Victor.

Imagining the Transported Convict
 Tracy, Willow.

Immigrant Perceptions of the Courts: A Report from California
 Rottman, David.

Implementation of an Asylum Agreement Between the United States and Canada
 Churgin, Michael.

Implementing TRIPS in Developing Countries
 Klug, Heinz.

Incidentally Untying Citizenship from Nation-State
 Holzer, Elizabeth.

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Japan's Animal Protection Law: From Bark to Bite
 Fox, Michael.

Judge Steed's Wild Ride: The Search for Legitimacy at the Intersection of Law, Culture, and Religion
 Pingree, Greg.

Judges Changing Political Parties in Texas Judicial Elections
 Sullivan, II, Ronald.

Judging Gender and Professional Prestige: Judicial Decisions in Family Law in Israel
 Bogoch, Bryna., Halperin-Kaddari, Ruth. and Katvan, Eyal.

Judging the Judges: Some Notes on Judicial Decision-Making.
 Friedman, Lawrence.

Judicial Background Characteristics and the Choice to Dissent
 Lindquist, Stefanie.

Judicial Control of Constitutionality in Turkey
 Akbas, Kasim.

Judicial Deference to Institutionalized Organizational Practices in Civil Rights Cases
 Edelman, Lauren., Krieger, Linda., Eliason, Scott., Albiston, Catherine. and Mellema, Virginia.

Judicial Governance in the European "Community of Law"
 Frerichs, Sabine.

Judicial Impartiality, Bias, and the Engendered Decision-Maker
 Vandervort, Lucinda.

Judicial Independence and Adjudicative Committee in Chinese Courts: A Theoretical Analysis of an Organizational Arrangement
 Li, Ke.

Judicial Review in Northern Ireland: Analyzing Ideology, Doctrine, and Strategy
 Weiden, David.

Juridical Anti-Militarism in Fin de Siècle France: The Aernoult-Rousset Affair
 Cerullo, John.

Juries or Mixed Tribunals in Argentina
 Hendler, Edmundo.

Jurors' Attitudes Toward Scientific Evidence as a Function of Race
 Albertson, Stephanie.

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Knowledge Practices of Visuality After Lockett
 Cheng, Jesse.


Labor Unions and Job Advancement in the Service Sector Economy
 Fitzgerald, Joan.

Law and Collective Memory: The Case of Slobodan Milosevic
 Savelsberg, Joachim. and Faue, Courtney.

Law and Protest in Latin America: When Culture Trumps Justice in the Future of Free Trade
 Simon, Suzanne.

Law of the Heart: Race, Religion, and the Coming Community in Malaysia(n Literature)
 Lim, Chong-Lim.

Law on the Screen and on TV: Cultivation Effects
 Machura, Stefan.

Law or Order: Police Discretion at the 2004 Republican National Convention Protests
 Vitale, Alex.

Law, Metaphysics, and the New Iconoclasm
 Sherwin, Richard.

Law's Reach into Private Domains: Children's Ombudspersons' Impacts on Child Maltreatment
 Gran, Brian. and Daub, Antje.

Lawyering for Children: The Roles of Attorneys in Replicating and Challenging Legal Norms
 Appell, Annette.

Lawyering for Humanity
 Hajjar, Lisa.

Lawyers and Political Liberalism in Venezuela
 Perez Perdomo, Rogelio.

Lawyers and the Criminal Legal Aid in Istanbul Courts
 Elveris, Idil., Kalem, Seda. and Jahic, Galma.

Lawyers and the Transformation of the Public Sphere: A Zambian Case Study
 Gould, Jeremy.

Lawyers in the Northeast Asian Legal Complex
 Ginsburg, Tom.

Lawyers' Pro Bono Service and American-Style Civil Legal Assistance
 Sandefur, Rebecca.

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Making Electronic Contracts Enforceable (and Unenforceable)
 Mann, Ronald.

Making Taxes Work
 Forman, Jonathan.

Mapping the Terrains of Hard and Soft Law
 Mundlak, Guy. and Sol, Els.

Marginal Zones: Trojan Horses For Water Exports?
 Forest, Patrick.

Marriage: A Class Act?
 Nice, Julie.

Mass Torts in a World of Settlement: Government as Plaintiff
 Nagareda, Richard.

Materiality and Social Change
 Sachs, Margaret.

Means Testing and the Middle Class: The Formation of Citizen Expectations for State Intervention in Long-Term Care
 Levitsky, Sandra.

Measuring the Consequences of Criminal Jury Trial Protections
 Prescott, JJ.

Medellin and the Horizontal Integration of International Human Rights Law in US Courts
 McGuinness, Margaret.

Media Constructions of Child Sexual Abuse
 Doan, Carrie.

Media Framing and Threatening Information in the War on Terror
 Merola, Linda.

Mediating Child Protection Issues: Confronting Inherent Power Imbalances and the Imposition of State Values
 Sutherland, Sharon.

Melodrama and the Tale of the Whistleblower
 Cherry, Miriam.

Metaphysicians Manque
 Ross, Thomas.

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NLRA Values, Labor Values, American Values
 Dannin, Ellen.

National Styles of Regulation
 Krislov, Samuel.

National, Dual, and European Citizenship Among EU Migrants in Turkey
 Kaiser, Bianca.

Negotiated States: Local Elites, Colonial Authority, and the Construction of Islamic Law
 Hussin, Iza.

Negotiating Gender at the Law's End
 Coleman, Amanda.

Negotiating Science in Law's Shadow: The Evolution of the Anti-Evolution Movement
 Steward, Daniel.

Negotiating Water Rights in Patagonia: Hydropower and Environmental Flows
 Bauer, Carl.

Neither Nurses, Nor Maids: Defining Home Care as Labor
 Boris, Eileen. and Klein, Jennifer.

Neoliberalism and the End of Indigenous Rights?
 Howard, Deirdre.

Networks and Regulation in Healthcare: A Case Study of the National Quality Forum
 Hoflund, A.. and Farquhar, Marybeth.

New England Puritan Jurisprudence in Comparative Perspective
 Ross, Richard.

New Questions About Contracts: Empirical Studies of Contract Terms
 Smith, Gordon.

Next-Wave Organizing and the Shift to a New Paradigm of Labor Law
 Pope, Jim.

Nike's Law: The Anti-Sweatshop Movement, Transnational Legal Mobilization, and the Struggle over International Labor Rights in the Americas
 Rodriguez-Garavito, Cesar.

No Child Left Behind and the Children Left Behind
 Palley, Elizabeth.

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On the Straight and Narrow: Opposing Same-Sex Marriage After Goodridge
 Goldberg-Hiller, Jonathan.

One Minute Silence and Copyright Laws
 Kurzon, Dennis.

Opportunism and Reputation in the Governance of Venture Capital Financed Companies
 Broughman, Brian. and Fried, Jesse.

Otherness on the Bench: How Judging is Gendered
 Thornton, Margaret.


PAPER WITHDRAWN--Consciousness and Claiming in Employment Discrimination Litigation
 Nelson, Robert. and Nielsen, Laura.

PAPER WITHDRAWN--How Do Online Investors Seek Information and What Does This Mean for Regulation?
 Kingsford Smith, Dimity.

PAPER WITHDRAWN--Legal Protection for the Informal Goods Market in Latin America
 Fandl, Kevin.

PAPER WITHDRAWN--Social Norms, Self-Interest, and Ambiguity: An Experimental Analysis of the Rule vs. Standard Dilemma
 Feldman, Yuval. and Harel, Alon.

Panjim and the Realms of Law and the Imagination
 Fernandes, Jason.

Parental Notification of Teen Abortion: Input from Law and Psychology Can Inform the Debate
 Summers, Alicia., Miller, Monica. and Mattas, Megan.

Paupers or Citizens? Contesting the Status of Relief Workers During the New Deal
 Goldberg, Chad.

Performing Regulation: Observations from Four HIV Clinics
 Heimer, Carol. and Gazley, J..

Pierson v. Post and the Realities of Fox-Hunting
 McDowell, Andrea.

Pilot Study of Legal Problems and Legal Needs of the Urban Poor in Istanbul
 Jahic, Galma. and Elveris, Idil.

Pinochet and the Failure of International Criminal Justice
 Power, Robert.

Plain Legal Drafting Is More Important than Persuasive Writing
 Schiess, Wayne.

Pluralism and Privatization
 Dickinson, Laura.

Poignancy in the Balance of Painments: Reducing the Transactions Costs of Workers' Remittances
 Gabilondo, Jose.

Policing Neighborhood Boundaries: Violence, Racial Exclusion, and Persistence of Segregation
 Bell, Jeannine.

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Quebec Anglophones, Ethnic Conflict, and Linguistic Peace
 Green, William.

Questioning Style of Pro-Se Defendants
 Lanouette, Ruth.

Questioning the Centrality of State in Rule-Making: Stateless Socio-Legal Spaces
 Sezgin, Yuksel.


Race-ing Cars in Los Angeles
 Khadjavi, Lily. and Gustafson, Kaaryn.

Racial Pluralism within Racialized Groups in the United States
 Banks, Taunya.

Racial Profiling: Stories of Traffic Stops as Told by Drivers and Cops
 Epp, Charles., Maynard-Moody, Steven., Haider-Markel, Donald. and Portillo, Shannon.

Rape as a War Crime: International Law, Policy, and Feminism
 St. Germain, Tonia.

Rationality Reconceived
 Hill, Claire.

Re-Dressing Public Law to Redress Historical Injustice: Mass Restitution and the Limits of Private Law
 Sebok, Anthony.

Re-Forming the Secular: Theological Double-Talk and "Faith-Based" Social Services
 Sullivan, Winnifred.

Re-Visiting Miranda v. Arizona and the Genesis for the Miranda Warnings
 Choi, Alice.

Reaching Out to the Moderate Muslims in Singapore: The Role of Soft Law, Norms, Education, and Dialogue
 Tan, Eugene.

Recommendation #21: The Problems of Justice in Aboriginal Inquiry
 McMillan, L. Jane.

Reconceptualizing Contractual Intent
 Kim, Nancy.

Reconceptualizing the Family-State Relationship: Relationships Between Adults
 Eichner, Maxine.

Recurring Dilemmas: Law's Race to Keep Up with Technological Change
 Bennett Moses, Lyria.

Regulating Mexico/U.S. Labor Migration: Lessons from the Remittances Data
 Trujillo, Bernard.

Regulating Sexuality: Social Movements and the Liberalization of Global Sodomy Laws
 Boutcher, Steven. and Frank, David.

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Safety Cultures and the Legal Regulation of Technoscientific Risks
 Brown, Alexander. and Silbey, Susan.

Same-Sex Marriage and the Politics of Faith
 Rollins, Joe.

Scarf Wars IV
 Kantarci Sanlikol, Serap.

Securities Law Recidivists: Smart, Charismatic, Adaptable Men (Mostly)
 Barnard, Jayne.

Securities Market and Regulation as Leverage of Corporate Governance: A Chinese Experience
 Wei, Yuwa.

Securitization of Migration in the West
 Kaya, Ayhan.

Security, Spectacle, and Neoliberal Urban Governance
 Passavant, Paul.

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: The Minority Report, "Pre-Crime," and the Ideological Content of Science Fiction
 Niles, Mark.

Separate But Equal Revisited: The Case of Same Sex Marriage
 Botts, Tina.
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 [009] [010] [011] [012] [013] [014] [015] [016]

Sex Offenders and the Compulsion to Confess
 Leon, Chrysanthi.

Sex, Trust, and Corporate Boards
 Heminway, Joan.

Sexual Citizenship in International Context
 Naples, Nancy.

Sexual Orientation Biases in Cases of Same-Sex Violence and Harassment: Implications for Legal Policy
 Brown, Michael. and Groscup, Jennifer.

Sexuality, Cyberspace, and Legal Control
 Ashford, Chris. and O\'Brien, Mark.

Shifting Crime: A New Theory of Beneficial Displacement
 Mikos, Robert.

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Tales of Diversity: What Lawyers Say About Racial Equity in Private Firms
 Conley, John.

Tax Treaties as a Mechanism for the Just Distribution of Income Between Nations
 Brooks, Kimberley.

Tax and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa
 Christians, Allison.

Teaching About Hate and Hate Crime Law
 Henry, Jessica.

Technical Mediation and Legal Pluralism: Metrics, Technics, and “Democratization” in El Salvador
 Cross, Jason.

Technology and the Fourth Amendment: Curbing Police Discretion
 Joh, Elizabeth.

Terror Threat Information and the Discourse of Legal Elites
 Merola, Linda.

Testing for Possible Faking of Language Proficiency by Defendants
 Van Naerssen, Margaret.

Text-Typing Threat Letters
 Chaski, Carole., Howald, Blake. and Parker, Judith.

Text-Typing a Suicide Note and Justice for Diaz-Perez
 Chaski, Carole.

The (Neglected) Importance of Being Lawrence: The Constitutionalization of Public Employee Privacy Rights
 Secunda, Paul.

The Agencies of Abuse: Domestic Batterers’ Descriptions of Their Experiences with Mandatory Arrest and Prosecution
 Guzik, Keith.

The Alienation of Affection Tort: Love It or Leave It?
 Gordon, Elizabeth.

The Bait-and-Switch in Direct Democracy
 Staszewski, Glen.

The Basic Law and Palestinian State-Building
 Strawson, John.

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US Migration Policy and Patterns: Review and Critical Assessment
 Smirnova, Olga.

Union Freedom and Union Rights in Turkey
 Ooguz, Ozgur.

Universal Treaties and Rational States
 Meyer, Timothy.

Unruly Discourses and the Permeation Strategies of a Marginalized Religious Law
 Gray, Hillel.

Untying the Knot: Gender, Marriage, and the Remaking of Heterosexuality
 Rasmussen, Claire.

Urban Law School Graduates: Tracing the Multiple Pathways of Early Careers
 Dinovitzer, Ronit., Sterling, Joyce., Garth, Bryant. and Nelson, Robert.

Urban Renewal: The Effects of Increased Sexualization on Women Workers
 McGinley, Ann.

Urban Revitalization, Business Improvement Districts, and Neo-Liberalism
 Lippert, Randy.

Uses and Abuses of Economic Class of the Defendant in the Trials of Crimes Against Children
 Gurevich, Liena.

Using Data from the Federal Justice Statistics Program
 Motivans, Mark.

Using State Welfare Programs to Increase EITC Payments: Ambiguities in the Scope of "Earned Income"
 Stark, Kirk.

Using the Thirteenth Amendment to Improve Workers Lives: Challenging Guest Worker Programs and Other Arrangements
 Ontiveros, Maria.

Utopia is a Harsh Mistress: Science Fiction and the Construction of Marriage in Polyamorous Relationships
 Aviram, Hadar.


Vanishing Trials? An English Perspective
 Dingwall, Robert. and Cloatre, Emilie.

Vanishing or Increasing Trials in the Netherlands?
 Niemeijer, Bert. and Klein Haarhuis, Carolien.

Victim Impact Statements in Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Cases: Judicial Reaction
 Schuster, Mary.

Visions of Equality: Pregnancy, Law, and Sameness/Difference Feminisms
 Harris, Adrienne.

Vulnerabilities to Terrorism
 Brunet, Alexia.


We the Jurists: Islamic Constitutionalism in Iraq and Prospects for Progressive Family Law
 Rabb, Intisar.

What Constitutes a Tax Cut?
 Gamage, David.

What Difference Does Participation Make? Contrasting Formal and Informal Strategies in Deliberative Decision-Making
 Lee, Caroline.

What Do Fat Rights Activists Want from Law?
 Kirkland, Anna.

What Is the Role of the World Bank in Exporting the New Public Management (NPM) Edeology and Affecting Public Administration Globally?
 Pintard-Newry, Yvette. and Palma, Alejandra.

What Not to Wear: A Legal Mobilization Approach to Explaining Recent Rights Claiming in France
 Fredette, Jennifer.

What Rights? The Limitations of Rights Talk as a Mobilization Tool for Social Welfare Entitlements
 Levitsky, Sandra.

What is the Federalist Society?
 Hatcher, Laura.

What the Press (Un)Covers: The Undocumented at Work
 Ilha, Ana.

What's Next For Networks?
 Zaring, David.

What's a Little Prosecution Among Friends? Investigating Allegations of Executive Branch Wrongdoing in the Absence of an Independent Counsel
 Yalof, David.

When Is It Appropriate to Use Taxes to Regulate Behavior?
 Newman, Joel.

When Social Movements Promote Access to Law and Justice
 Duarte, Madalena.

When Women Judges Speak
 Feenan, Dermot.

When the Lawyer Knows the Client is Guilty: Legal Ethics and Popular Culture
 Asimow, Michael.

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Your Home Is Your Castle: Lawyering With the Quixotic Takings Clause
 Hatcher, Laura.


Zoning Out Dance Clubs in New York City: Neoliberal Regulatory Practices and Changing Landscapes of Alternative Cultures
 Hae, Laam.
The Law and Society Association 2006-Jul-04 to 2006-Jul-09
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