The Law and Society Association 2007-Jul-24 to 2007-Jul-28

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"Dual-Use" Regulation and Nanotechnology
 Sylvester, Douglas., Marchant, Gary. and Abbott, Kenneth.

1, 2, 3 ... No More Legal Orders
 Haskell, John.

19th Century Stock Exchange Regulation and Its Effect on 21st Century Corporate Governance
 Andrews, Neil.

‘No Gods No Masters’: Anarchism and the other art of life
 Loizidou, Elena.

“Customary law and development. Insights from land management in Ghana.”
 Ubink, Janine.

“Hate Torts” To Fight “Hate Crimes”: Punishing the Organizational Roots of Evil
 Koenig, Thomas. and Rustad, Michael.

“King Lear and the ‘Aweful’ Majesty of the Law”
 Heinzelman, Susan.

“The President’s Commission on Civil Rights and the Growth of a Litigation Support Structure, 1939-1954”
 Dodd, Lynda.

“To all mankind addressed”: Death in Custody - Tragedy . . . but is it Beckett or Shakespeare?
 Thomas, Mark.


A Bayesian Approach to Selection Bias Applied to Racial Profiling
 Barnes, Katherine.

A Call to Arms: Regulation of Consumer Lending
 Reifner, Udo.

A Case for Universal Access to High Technology Health Care
 Satz, Ani.

A Commodity Form Theory of Law and the Reconstitution of Global Capitalism
 Cutler, Athena Claire.

A Comparative Analysis of Filing Rates and the Severity of Consumer Bankruptcy Law
 Mann, Ronald.

A Comparative Study of Law School Reform in Japan and Korea.
 Kuboyama, Rikiya.

A Comparative Study of Repayment Forms of Individual Bankruptcy
 Braucher, Jean.

A Comparative Survey of Japan and US Law Students: Motivation, Job Preference, and Legal Consciousness.
 Fujimoto, Akira.

A Comparison of the Profiles of Desisters, Persisters, and Non-Offenders in Self-Reports and Official Records
 Kazemian, Lila., Farrington, David. and Le Blanc, Marc.

A Constellation of Eras: Materialist History, the Atlantic World, and Law
 Tomlins, Christopher.

A Contemporary Picture of the Practice of Law: Views from the Inside
 Sterling, Joyce., Garth, Bryant. and Dinovitzer, Ronit.

A Critical Assessment of the Culture Concept in Law and Development
 Cohen, Amy.

A Critique of the Ascendance of Content and Viewpoint Neutrality: Conflating Hate Speech and Pornography with Dissident Speech
 Eckert, Lynn.

A Cross-Cultural and Empirical Approach to Studying Credit Card Regulation
 Wiener, Richard. and Block-Lieb, Susan.

A Decent and a Safety Work: A Right or a Mirage?
 Maneca-Lima, Teresa.

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Balance in Deliberations: Over Time, By Case Type, and Across Jurors
 Diamond, Shari. and Rose, Mary.

Barriers and Obstacles in the Process of Awarding and Implementation of EU Funds in Poland
 Polak, Paulina. and Gadowska, Kaja.

Base Wretches and Obliging Prostitutes: A Story of Sex and Race, Violence and Compassion, During Slavery Times
 Gillmer, Jason.

Bearing Cultural Distinction: Marking Places of Difference in Neoliberalism
 Coombe, Rosemary.

Behavior and Contract
 White, Alan.

Behavior, Decision-Making, and Evaluation by Japanese Civil Litigants and Their Lawyers
 Foote, Daniel., Ota, Shozo., Kawai, Mikio., Wada, Yasuhiro., Kaminaga, Yuriko., Moriya, Akira., Kakiuchi, Shusuke., Maeda, Tomohiko., Hasegawa, Kiyoshi., Iida, Takashi., Fujita, Masahiro., Sakai, Masahiro., Irie, Hideaki. and Mori, Daisuke.

Behavioral, Institutional, and Socio-Legal Antecedents of Decentralized Enforcement in Organizations: An Experimental Approach
 Lobel, Orly. and Feldman, Yuval.

Behavioural Structures in Political Assassinations
 Wilson, Margaret.

Behind the Written Law: Why International Criminal Tribunals Function the Way They Do
 Sluiter, Goran.

Bentham and Governmentality
 Engelmann, Stephen.

Bentham and the Vitality of Democracy
 Leroy, Marie-Laure.

Bentham, Utility, and the Romantic Imagination
 Canuel, Mark.

Bentham's Defence of Judicial Torture
 Schofield, Philip.

Better Socializing Corporate Governance: The Berle and Dodd Debate 75 Years Later
 Stewart, Fenner.

Between Custom and Code: Dispute Resolution in an Egyptian Port
 Hegel, Christine.

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Calculating Risk: The Politics of the Subject
 Murray, Stuart.

Can China Promote Electronic Commerce Through Law Reform?
 Song, Yuping. and Winn, Jane.

Can European Courts Cure the Social Deficit? The Ambivalence of "Soft Law" Fundamental Rights
 Ruffer, Galya Benarieh.

Can Family Law be a Site of Gender Justice? France and Quebec’s Framing of Women’s Rights
 Revillard, Anne.

Can Law Empower Women? A Critical View of Law in Violence Against Women
 Duarte, Madalena.

Can Law be Emancipatory? The Role of Law in the Social Movement's Struggles
 Duarte, Madalena.

Can Modern Copyright Law Safeguard Archaic Cultural Expressions? Observations from a Legal Sociology Perspective
 Graber, Christoph-Beat.

Can Self-Representation in Tribunals be Made to Work?
 Adler, Michael. and Whitecross, Richard.

Can We Do Justice to the Past? Comparative Empirical Analysis of Lustration, Decommunization, and Restitution in Russia, Poland, and Germany
 Skapska, Gracyna.

Can the Notion of “Exclusive Use” Disappear in Law? Predicting How an Aboriginal Claim Responds to This Question
 Daum Shanks, Signa.

Canada and the United States Cooperation in Immigration/Asylum Since 9/11
 Churgin, Michael.

Canadian Sex Work Policy for the 21st Century: Lessons from Australia and New Zealand
 Jeffrey, Leslie. and Sullivan, Barbara.

Capacity to Marry: Law, Medicine, and Conceptions of Insanity
 Hasson, Ezra.

Capacity-Building for Defence Council in East Timor's Hybrid Tribunal
 McAuliffe, Padraig.

Capital Punishment and the Paradox of Lethal Injection
 Kaufman-Osborn, Timothy.

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Dangerous Sex, Invisible Labor: Mobilizing "Entertainment Workers" In India
 Kotiswaran, Prabha.

Data Leakage and the Corporate Cyborg
 Matwyshyn, Andrea.

Daubert's Negative Impact on Public Adjudication
 Berger, Margaret.

Dead Rite: The Ritual Slaughter Debate in Early Twentieth Century Germany
 Lavi, Shai.

Dealing with Non-Citizens Suspected of Terrorism: Comparative Scenarios from Canada, the UK, and New Zealand
 Baglay, Sasha.

Death Row Inmates in Cyberspace
 Owen, Robert.

Death Scene and Injury Interpretation
 Scott Bray, Rebecca.

Death in Delaware: Judges, Juries, and Race
 Blume, John., Hans, Valerie., Johnson, Sheri. and Eisenberg, Theodore.

Debating Secularism in the Last Hindu Kingdom: Nepal’s Democratic Experience 1990-2006
 Malagodi, Mara.

Deconstructing Local Anti-Undocumented Immigrant Property Ordinances
 Villazor, Rose.

Decriminalizing Migration
 Chacon, Jennifer.

Deep Impact: Mapping the Impact of Anti-Discrimination Law
 Masselot, Annick.

Defining Genocide at International Criminal Tribunals: Towards a Political Understanding of Genocide
 Wilson, Richard.

Defining Torture Down: The U.S. and Other Democracies (Never) Embraced the Legal Prohibition of Torture
 Rapaport, Elizabeth.

Defining and Delimiting "The State" in Senegal
 Melly, Caroline.

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EU Administrative Law - The Framework of Integrated Administration in Europe
 Hofmann, Herwig.

EU Governance of Health Care and the Welfare Modernisation Agenda
 Hervey, Tamara.

EU Impact Assessment: Regulation or Constitutional Law?
 Meuwese, Anne.

EU Judicial Cooperation in Civil Matters: What Does It Matter?
 Hartnell, Helen.

Earl Warren and Brown v. Board of Education: A Non-Instrumental Account
 Hockett, Jeffrey.

Early Jurisprudence of the International Crimnal Court: A False Start?
 Sloan, James.

Earth Shrines: The Sacred/Secular Connection in West African Land Litigation
 Lentz, Carola.

East Asian Foundations for Constitutionalism: Resistance or Reconstruction?
 Chang, Wen-Chen.

Economic Integration and Growth as Historical Contingencies
 Paul, Joel.

Economic and Philosophic Theory and Law & Society Research: The Disservice the Current Law-School Paragidms Render and the Service the Correct Positions Would Perform
 Markovits, Richard.

Economic and Social Rights Violations: Holding Non-State Actors to Account
 Nolan, Aoife.

Effects of Globalization on Turkish Law: Anti-Dumping Law
 Okan, Neval.

Effects of PowerPoint on Juror Decision Making
 Feigenson, Neal.

Elaborations of Halal in the United States and France
 Bowen, John. and Zeghal, Malika.

Elder Abuse and Restorative Justice
 Desroches, Frederick.

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Facts and Furies: The Antinomies of Law and Retribution in the Work of Capital Prosecutors.
 Kaplan, Paul.

Failed Lawyers and the Great Satirical Tradition
 Yablon, Charles.

Fair Trade, Brand-Based Regulation, and New Global Governance
 Chon, Margaret.

Fairness and Federalism in Taxation
 Galle, Brian.

Fairness-Control of Dismissals by Labour Courts: Legal Conception and Practical Effects
 Hoeland, Armin.

Faith-Based Dispute Management in Transnational Communities
 Turner, Bertram.

Families in Transnational Legal Space between Dutch and Islamic Family Law
 De Hart, Betty.

Family Law, Sex Law, and Popular Culture
 Appleton, Susan.

Family Lawyers: The Work of the English Family Bar
 Maclean, Mavis.

Family Obligations and Gender Equity in the United States
 Ritter, Gretchen.

Family Solicitors and Family Mediators: Cues from Professional Bodies About Values and Approaches
 Webley, Lisa.

Family, Marriage, and Children: Neo-Liberal Choices and Conservative Values
 Lessard, Hester.

Family, Nation, and Religion in Nineteenth Century Latin America
 Jaramillo, Isabel.

Fatherhood Identity After Divorce
 Quadrelli, Isabella.

Fathers in Law: Violence and Reason in Twelve Angry Men
 Sarat, Austin.

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Gaining Access and Getting the Story Right: Methodological Issues in Qualitative Research on Race and Law
 Bell, Jeannine.

Gaining Ground: The Role of the Canadian Human Rights Commission in Advancing Sexual Orientation Equality Rights in Canada
 Nierobisz, Annette., Searl, Mark. and Theroux, Charles.

Gaming the System: Virtual Worlds and the Securities Markets
 Bradley, Caroline.

Gender Bias in Poor Child Maintenance Arrangements
 Breithaupt, Marianne.

Gender Bias in the Juridical Decision Making Process: Real-Life Moral Dilemmas of Female and Male Judges
 Ludewig, Revital.

Gender Differences in the Legal Professions
 Gastiazoro, María.

Gender Equality and the Diversity of Rights and Obligations in Swedish Social Citizenship
 Gunnarsson, Åsa.

Gender Outlaws Meet the Law: Feminism and Queer Theory at the Borderlands
 Gross, Aeyal.

Gender Race Bias and Perspective OR How Otherness Colours Your Judgment
 Graycar, Reg.

Gender and New Governance: Iranian Women and Legal Pluralism
 Van Engeland, Anicee.

Gender and Punishment: The Regulation of Criminalized Women through Feminist Psychological Discourses
 Pollack, Shoshana.

Gender and the Just War Ethic: Political Justifications for Militarized "Humanitarian Intervention"
 Denike, Margaret.

Gender, Financial Exclusion, and the Regulation of Financial Consciousness: A Critical Comparison of Policy Discourse in Canada, the UK, and South Africa
 Williams, Toni.

Gender, Nationalism, and the Remaking of Islamic Law in South Asia
 De, Rohit.

Generational Differences in the Conception of Social Justice and Problems of Intergenerational Solidarity
 Jerabek, Hynek. and Soukup, Petr.

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HIV/Aids: Discrimination at Work and Employment – Legal Concepts and Experiences in Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, and Switzerland
 Paerli, Kurt.

Habermas, Democracy, and the "Post-National Constellation"
 Baxter, Hugh.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: Conforming for Hire
 Lacy, D. Aaron.

Harmful Tax Competition, OECD Effort to Prevent, Role of Banking Practices
 Schmalbeck, Richard.

Hate Crime Law and the Privatization of Political Responsibility
 Kaplan, Morris.

Health Rights, Health Law, and Policy in Post-Apartheid South Africa
 Heywood, Mark.

Health and Safety Legal Consciousness: The Influence of Job Hierarchy on Workplace Safety Rights
 Gray, Garry. and Easton, Mark.

Hegemony and International Law: On the Power of Norms and the Norms of the Powerful
 Reinold, Theresa.

Heritage Management on the Chinese Countryside: Living Culture and the Law
 Svensson, Marina.

Hidden Ghettos: Questions on Jewish Identity and Rights in Poland Post-1945
 Dasgupta, Rohee.

Historical Contextualization and Legal Knowledge
 Parker, Kunal.

Holy “Mother” against Holy Father: How Prohibition by the Law of Canons Helped to Establish the Alternative Church
 Herman, Aleksandra.

Homerus Lex: Investigating Legal Culture through the Lens of The Simpsons
 Podlas, Kimberlianne.

Homicides in Rio de Janeiro State – Brazil: A Geographical Distribution and Its Impacts for Public Policies Concerning Crime Reduction
 Ruediger, Marco Aurelio., Riccio, Vicente. and Britto, Angela.

How "Transnational" are NAFTA Networks?
 Harrington, Christine.

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I Can't to I Kant: The Sexual Harassment of Working Adolescents, Competing Theories, and Ethical Dilemmas
 Drobac, Jennifer.

I Do Not Attach Great Significance to It: Taking Note of the Holocaust in English Law
 Herman, Didi.

ILO Standards, Gender, and Globalization in the Field of Textile Industry in Sri Lanka
 Perera, Chandima.

ISO Corporate Social Responsibility Standards and the Legitimation of Global Regulation Beyond the State
 Wood, Stepan.

Identifying Competitive Norms in Intellectual Property
 Ghosh, Shubha.

Identifying Norms of Competition in Intellectual Property Law
 Ghosh, Shubha.

Identity in Ireland: Loss and Reinvention
 MacGiolla Bhéin, Ciarán.

Ideologies of Fat Rights Claims in the U.S.
 Kirkland, Anna.

Ideology and Precaution Against Terrorism and Technology
 Pieterman, Roel.

If Only We Can Find Appropriate Terms to Use, the Issue Will Be Solved
 Diduck, Alison.

If We Are Teaching Contracts, Why Aren’t the Students Reading Contracts?
 Rubin, Edward.

Illegal Markets and International Economic (Dis)Order
 Thomas, Chantal.

Illegal Sacraments: The Impact of Gonzalez v. O Centro Espirita Beneficente Uniäo do Vegetal on Religious Free Exercise in the United States
 Foreman, Victoria.

Illiberal Education: Constitutional Constraints on Homeschooling
 Yuracko, Kimberly.

Illuminating Secrecy: A New Economic Analysis of Confidential Settlements
 Moss, Scott.

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Japanese Cause Lawyers and Constitutional Rights
 Repeta, Lawrence.

Japanese Corporate Governance Practices in the Post-Bubble Era: Implications
 Nakamura, Masao.

Jeremy Bentham’s Logic of the Will: Is Acting Logically to Act Morally?
 Bozzo-Rey, Malik.

Journalistic Ethics and the Shrinking Legal Concept of News
 Gajda, Amy.

Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged? Sacred Structure, Secular Error
 Thomas, Mark.

Judges and Politicians: The Experience of UK Industrial Relations History
 Spencer, Maureen.

Judging Democracy: How Constitutional Courts Influence Democratic Development in Eastern Europe
 Smithey, Shannon.

Judging in an Age of Moral Pluralism
 Den Otter, Ronald.

Judicial Administration in Brazil: Dissemination of Information and Transparency
 Cunha, Luciana.

Judicial Bias, Sex, Gender, Race, and Class on the Canadian Prairies: A Case Study
 Vandervort, Lucinda.

Judicial Formalism and Judicial Reform: An Example of Central and Eastern Europe
 Matczak, Marcin.

Judicial Governance in the European Legal Field: A Political Economic Perspective
 Frerichs, Sabine.

Judicial Independence in the Brazilian Judicial Reform
 Dos Santos, Élida de Oliveira Lauris.

Judicial Intervention Coming of Age? The Creation of the International Criminal Court
 Birdsall, Andrea.

Judicial Politics and Novel “Appropriations” of the Law in the Pursuit of Political and Social Change
 Domingo, Maria del Pilar.

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Katrina: Electoral Consequences of Federal Responses to Regional Crises
 Smith, Terry.

Kazakhstani New Lay Participation System in Criminal Trials: Legal Framework and Prospects
 Nurumov, Dmitry.

Kemal Faruki’s Reconstruction of Islamic Law: A Modernist Position in Islamic Jurisprudence
 Gould, Mark.

Killing and Pardoning: Death Penalty as a Political Tool in Soviet Tajik Republic in 1920s-30s
 Kassymbekova, Botakoz.

Know Your Source: Uses and Abuses of Commercial Jury Verdict Reporters
 Waters, Nicole. and Lee, Cynthia.

Knowing Democracy: The Embeddedness of Indigenous Self-Determination
 Tsai, Chih-Wei.

Knowing How to Sleep Walk: On Expert Witnessing and Distributed Authority in English Jury Trials
 Scheffer, Thomas.

Knowing When Yes Is Really Yes: Criminal Law's Construction of Consent in Intoxicated Rape
 Cowan, Sharon.

Knowledge, Perception, and Reasonableness: Roadblocks to Fighting Discrimination
 Grossman, Joanna. and Brake, Deborah.

Koban Revisited
 Yoshida, Naoko.


Labor Law Change, Female Employment Patterns, and Work Life Balance in Japan
 Osawa, Machiko.

Labor Law and Regulation of Immigrants in Two Southwestern States
 Murthy, Hamsa.

Labour Rights under the European Convention on Human Rights
 Mantouvalou, Virginia.

Lakisha and Jamal Go to Work: Analyzing Workplace Appearance and Grooming Standards as "Racial Stereotyping" under the Mixed Motive Standard of Discrimination
 Onwuachi-Willig, Angela. and Barnes, Mario.

Land Expropriation in Courts: Citizens Contesting Public Interest Procedures
 Melot, Romain.

Land Titling and Tenure Security for Indonesia's Lower Income City Dwellers: Experiences from the Kampungs of Bandung
 Reerink, Gustaaf Olivier.

Langston Hughes and the Poetry of a Dream Legally Deferred
 Ostrom, Hans.

Language Structure and Law School Reform
 Mertz, Elizabeth.

Language and Colonialism in Ireland: Power, Resistance, and Regeneration
 MacIonnrachtaigh, Feargal.

Language, Schooling, and National Identity: The Implications of Transnationalism, Globalization, and Mass Migration
 Salomone, Rosemary.

Latest Twists in German Transgender Jurisprudence: Degendering the Concept of Sex in the Constitutional Protection against Sex Discrimination?
 Adamietz, Laura.

Latin American Political Radicalism in the XIXth Century
 Gargarella, Roberto.

Law After War: The "Messianic" Sovereign
 Ansah, Tawia.

Law Enforcement Expenditures in Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil: A Case of Mismanagement
 Riccio, Vicente. and Ruediger, Marco Aurelio.

Law Professor and Foreperson of a Jury: How I Spent (Some of) Last Summer
 Thain, Gerald.

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Mafia-Style Organized Crime Changes and Transformations in the Globalization Age
 Dino, Alessandra.

Maintenance for Divorced Muslim Women in India: Twenty Years of the Muslim Women Act
 Vatuk, Sylvia.

Making European Law Work through Courts: The Importance of National Differences
 Slepcevic, Reinhard.

Making Friends, Making Enemies: Simulacra of the Islamic Woman in Western Liberal Democracies
 Fredette, Jennifer.

Making Histories: Expert Witnessing, Difference, and the Legal Production of the American Indian Past
 Buchanan, Nicholas.

Making Normative Meaning Accountable in "International" Politics
 Wiener, Antje.

Making Relations Proper: Laws of the Household in Colonial Punjab
 Kapila, Kriti.

Making Violence Speak: Reading Section 498 “Torture” Cases as a Prism on the Political Economy of Marriage in India
 Basu, Srimati.

Making a space to be heard: The development of “Aboriginal Courts” in Australia
 Harris, Mark.

Making the WTO More Flexible: Carving Out Policy Autonomy for Developing Countries
 Santos, Alvaro.

Man Bites Dog, Dog Bites Back: Dangerous Dogs and Dangerous Humans
 Blake, Andrew.

Managed Care As Governance
 Hunter, Nan.

Managing Herself: Women, Risk, and Drug Treatment Court
 Moore, Dawn.

Managing Refugees in the Shadow of Refugee Law
 Holzer, Elizabeth.

Managing Securities Litigation Claims
 Baker, Tom.

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Nanotechnologies and Regulatory Innovation
 van Calster, Geert.

National Security and Human Rights: Towards Sociopolitical Deconstruction of Power Relations
 Barzilai, Gad.

National Traditions in Criminology? Issues of Method
 Hebenton, Bill. and Jou, Susyan.

Naturalization and Ethnic Identity: Moving Zainichi-Korean Identity
 Tsuchiya, Akihiro.

Navajo Justice in the Early Reservation Years: Autonomy, Resistance, and Mutuality
 Leftoff, Sondra.

Navigating Diverse Identities: Building Coalitions through Redistribution of Academic Capital, an Exercise in Praxis
 Gruber, Aya.

Necessity of Constitutions
 Bilgin, Mehmet Fevzi.

Negotiating Cultural Autonomy: The Contesting of Honor Killings in Turkey and Israel
 Belge, Ceren.

Negotiator Communication Style: A Cross-Cultural Approach
 Donohue, William. and Leiss, Myrto.

Neoliberalism and Urban Governance: "Urban Transformation Projects" in Istanbul
 Kuyucu, Tuna.

New Constitutionalism, and the Prospects for a New Constitutional Knowledge for the Global Age
 Anderson, Gavin.

New Feminists and Their Vision of Rights and Law
 Gawkowska, Aneta.

New Governance and Decentralization in Employment Policy
 Büchs, Milena. and López-Santana, Mariely.

New Governance and New Corporate Accountabilities: Corporate Social Responsibility Beyond Law, Through Law, and For Law
 McBarnet, Doreen.

New Governance in the GMO Regulation in the EU
 Dabrowska, Patrycja.

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ONGs & Global Warming, reshaping legal conciuosness: The case of the Basque Country
 Chaparro, David.

Occupation, Resistance, and the Right of Self-Defence under Domestic Law
 Clarke, Ben.

Of Service Workers, Joint Employers, Legal Consciousness, and the University of Miami
 Casebeer, Kenneth.

Official and Unofficial Norms and the Changes of Society
 Laitinen, Ahti.

Old Revenue Laws and Their Negative Implications in Pakistan
 Shah, Syed.

Old or New Governance?
 Dose, Nicolai.

On Confinement: Client Perspectives of Secure Care and Imprisonment
 Halsey, Mark.

On Legal Culture: A Systems-Theoretical Approach
 Hendry, Jennifer.

On Participation, Empowerment, and Individual Rights in Social Policy
 Van Aerschot, Paul.

On the Sources of Dynamism in Shari'a Courts: A Neo-Institutional Perspective
 Shahar, Ido.

On the Transnationalisation of Ideas about Law: Legal Anthropology and Legal Pluralism as Globalising Discourses
 Benda-Beckmann, Franz von.

Online Racism: Understanding Interactivity
 Mason, Gail. and Pollock, Ed.

Open Legal Concepts and Cultural Diversity
 van Rossum, Wibo M..

Opening of the Judiciary in Korea: Hwang Yun-suk and the Pioneer Women Judges from 1952-1990
 Kim, Haesook.

Organizing and Managing Legal Work in England: Exploring the Multiple Strategies of Firms and Professional Experiences of Corporate Lawyers
 Muzio, Daniel. and Faulconbridge, James.

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PAPER WITHDRAWN--1138----From Ethos to Nomos: A Discourse Perspective on Max Weber's Legitimacy Theory
 Tans, Olaf.

PAPER WITHDRAWN--1214----Cultural Conflicts in Cyber-Society and the Importance of Analyzing Global Aspects of Cyber-Crime
 Ruether, Werner.

PAPER WITHDRAWN--1418----The Limits of International Law
 Kirewskie, Cassandra.

PAPER WITHDRAWN--1506----Guilt and Shame as Predictors of Recidivism of Young Offenders
 Hosser, Daniela.

PAPER WITHDRAWN--2203----Giving Expert Testimony Here and Abroad (in Forensic Linguistic Cases)
 Kniffka, Hannes.

PAPER WITHDRAWN--2203----Legal Construction of Ordinary Terms and Passive Constructions
 Dumas, Bethany.

PAPER WITHDRAWN--2233----Marriage Contract as an Essence of Marriage of Nubian Women: Law and Practice in Ballana Village
 Malinska, Malgorzata.

PAPER WITHDRAWN--2414----Discoursal Production in Social Europe: Social Policy Work as Social Meaning Production
 Gundogdu, Ercument.

PAPER WITHDRAWN--2420---Torture and Impunity in Brazil: A Failed Criminal Investigation System
 Nobrega, Flavianne Fernanda.

PAPER WITHDRAWN--2439---Battered Mothers, Shattered Lives: Domestic Violence and Liability for "Failure to Protect" Child Abuse
 Clarke, Antoinette.

PAPER WITHDRAWN--2505----British Muslim Women and Religious Discrimination Laws
 Mirza, Qudsia.

PAPER WITHDRAWN--2509---Skeletons in the Closet: Transitional Justice in the Post-Communist World
 Nalepa, Monika.

PAPER WITHDRAWN--4113----Law and Values in Society: An Examination of Muslim's Response to "Child's Right Act" in Nigeria
 Khalid, Sulaiman.

PAPER WITHDRAWN--4227---Vertiginous Time: All But Impossible to Be Captured by Law
 Lobão, Ronaldo Joaquim da Silveira.

PAPER WITHDRAWN--4235----Violence in Search of Democracy: The Media Portrayal of the War in Iraq
 Van Horne, Sheryl.

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Quality Control and Legal Ethics in Dutch Notary Firms
 van Heesen-Laclé, Zayènne.

Quality Housing for All: An Overview on Regulatory and Administrative Framework in Malaysia
 Sufian, Azlinor.

Quantitative Case Analysis of Juries
 Rose, Mary.

Queer Law and Its Tragedy: Penthesilea
 Pahl, Katrin.


Race Matters: The Paradox of Race in Police Personnel Decisions
 Mellema, Virginia.

Race in the German Law
 Barskanmaz, Cengiz.

Race, Gender, and Identifying Wrongful Convictions: Are We Missing Women?
 Parkes, Debra.

Race, Space, and Law's Response to White Settler Violence
 Razack, Sherene.

Race-Conscious Educational Assignment Policies: Law, Social Science, and Diversity in Public Education
 Green, Paul.

Racial Conspiracies and the Legal Anachronism of Intent
 Smith, Catherine.

Racial Equality in the South African Constitutional Court and the U.S. Supreme Court
 Kende, Mark.

Racism Colonialism and the Genocide Convention of 1948
 Qadri, Mustafa.

Radical Lawyering and the Birth of Critical Legal Studies
 Hilbink, Thomas.

Radical Lawyers in Italy after 1968
 Malatesta, Maria.

Rank, Resources, and Resourcefulness: Socioeconomic Differences in Responses to Justiciable Problems
 Sandefur, Rebecca.

Rape and Gender Ideology in Egypt
 Mohamed, Reem.

Rationality and Happiness in Law and Economics
 Ulen, Thomas.

Rationality, Consumer Credit, and Bankruptcy Reform: A Found Experiment
 Janger, Edward.

Re-Imagining Women's Security through the Lens of Collective Human Rights
 Hillyard, Paddy. and Maguire, Amy.

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Sacred Mountains and Sacred Dollars: Multiple Discourses Surrounding Snowmaking on the San Francisco Peaks
 Sefiha, Ophir.

Safe Revisions: Legal History without Feminism
 Auchmuty, Rosemary.

Same-Sex Marriage and the Division of Household Labor: A Cautionary Tale
 Schultz, Vicki. and Yarbrough, Michael.

Sarbanes-Oxley and Global Capital Markets
 Arewa, Olufunmilayo.

Say “I Do”: Consent in the Legal Discourse of Sexual Assault in Marriage
 Lazar, Ruthy.

Science in the Law School Curriculum: A National Survey of Evidence Professors about Teaching Science to Law Students
 Merlino, Mara., Richardson, James. and Chamberlain, Jared.

Science in the Law School Curriculum: A Snapshot of the Legal Education Landscape
 Merlino, Mara., Richardson, James. and Chamberlain, Jared.

Search for Pareto Optimality in Protection of Intellectual Property
 Ahluwalia, Vardaan. and Sood, Ankur.

Second Generations in Italy between Culture Conflict and Deviance: A Self-Report Study
 Massa, Ester. and Melossi, Dario.

Secondary Constitutional Review: American Lessons from the New British System of Constitutional Review
 Fontana, David.

Secular Feminism and Multi-Faith Legal Pluralism
 Davies, Margaret.

Securing Cultural Hegemony: Transnational Neo-Liberalisation through Microcredit Programs
 Allspach, Anke.

Security Governance in Northern Ireland: Lessons from the Past for the Future
 Ellison, Graham.

Security and Human Rights: The Search for a Language of Reconciliation
 Goold, Benjamin. and Lazarus, Liora.

Seeing Justice Done: A Matter for the Courts Rather Than the Media
 Stepniak, Daniel.

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Taking Context Seriously: Principles Based Securities Regulation as New Governance Regime
 Ford, Cristie.

Taking Root: The Impact of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia on Politics and Law in Croatia
 Carlson, Kerstin.

Taking a Break from Feminism? What’s Happened to Feminist Courses at Canadian Law Schools
 Brooks, Kim., Koshan, Jennifer., Calder, Gillian., Lawrence, Sonia. and Parkes, Debra.

Taking a Stand on Taking the Stand
 Hans, Valerie. and Eisenberg, Theodore.

Taking into Account of a Cultural Dimension in Prevention, Judicial Handling, and Educational Action
 Choquet, Luc-Henry.

Talking about Human Rights and Human(e) Life: A Theological Ethicist Perspective on Contemporary Human Rights and Human Rights Law
 Slotte, Pamela.

Taonga maori: Encompassing Rights and Property in New Zealand
 Salmond, Amiria.

Tax Debts and the Concept of Discharge in Consumer Insolvency Legislation from a Belgian Viewpoint
 De Groote, Bertel.

Tax Equity
 Infanti, Anthony.

Tax Policy, Statutory Interpretation, and the “In Lieu of” Theory
 Larre, Tamara.

Tax Reform and Political Reform in Hong Kong
 Krever, Tor. and Cullen, Richard.

Tax Regulation of Intimacy by Contract: Transfer Tax Aspects of Powers of Attorney
 Crawford, Bridget.

Tax Shelters and the Tax Minimization Norm: How Does the Patenting of Tax Advice Transform the (Global) Playing Field?
 Beale, Linda.

Taxation as Subsidization of Religion in the United States and Germany
 Hoffer, Stephanie.

Taxes and Competitiveness
 Knoll, Michael.

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U.S. Habeas Corpus: What Does the Evidence Tell Us about Its Effectiveness?
 Gould, Jon.

U.S. Women Federal Court Judges Appointed by President Carter: Past and Present
 Martin, Elaine.

Ubiquitous Corporations and Trusting Citizens
 Velasco Maillo, Honorio.

Unbuttoning the BNP
 Mason, Gail. and Sutton, Mike.

Uncertain Future, Post-Modern Exception: Rights beyond Certainty
 Bitetto, Francesca.

Uncertain Justice: The Determinants of Outcomes in Federal Employment Discrimination Litigation 1987-2003
 Nelson, Robert., Nielsen, Laura Beth. and Lancaster, Ryan.

Uncertainty, Probability, and Common Sense: People v. Collins as Origin for the New Evidence Scholarship
 Britt, Elizabeth.

Uncovering Law's Cognitive Bias
 Dailey, Anne.

Uncovering Normative Work, Care, and Family of Australian Leave Entitlements
 Chapman, Anna.

Understanding Judicial Ceremony in Comparative Context
 Chase, Oscar.

Understanding Judicialisation in Latin America: Tracking the Changes in Legal Culture
 Bergoglio, María Inés.

Understanding Legal and Institutional Responsibilities: Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Detection in a Canadian Financial Institution
 Iafolla, Vanessa.

Unfair Tax Competition in the U.S. and the EU
 Kaye, Tracy.

Unfinished Decolonization: Land and the Law of the New Basics
 Santos, Boaventura de Sousa.

Unification, Race, and Legally Constituting the German Nation
 Edler, Juliane.

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Validity of the Sharia Law and Its Attendant Problems: A Case Study on the Nigeria Situation
 Achilefu, Ignatius.

Valleys Girls, Learning to Be Lawyers
 Cryer, Rachel.

Value Attitudes, Problem Experience, and Disputing Behavior
 Murayama, Masayuki. and Matsumura, Yoshiyuki.

Values, Practices, and Outcomes in Public and Private Sector Corrections
 Liebling, Alison. and Crewe, Ben.

Vanquishing the Enemy or Civilizing the Neighbour? Controlling the Risks from Hazardous Industries
 Haines, Fiona.

Varieties in Disputing Behavior in Different Countries: Explanatory Strategies and Methodological Pitfalls
 Niemeijer, Bert. and Ter Voert, Marijke.

Varieties of Regulatory Capitalism
 Levi-Faur, David.

Veiled Women and the "Affect" of Religion in Democracy
 Motha, Stewart.

Veiling in English Schools: Disentangling Choice, Equality, and Difference
 Gies, Lieve.

Vernacular Cosmopolitanisms in the History of International Law
 Becker Lorca, Arnulf.

Victims of Racism or the Proletariat of the Proletariat: Immigrants’ Rights Law Reform in the United States and France
 Kawar, Leila.

Victims' Justice: Perspectives from Anthropology
 Hirsch, Susan.

Victims’ and Offenders’ Perceptions of Restorative Justice within Criminal Justice
 Shapland, Joanna.

Violence Between Lovers, Strangers, and Friends
 Hessick, Carissa.

Visible Claimants and Invisible Claims: Cultural Authority and Jurisdiction in the Indian Child Welfare Act
 Brown, Caroline.

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War Crimes and the Politics of Large Numbers
 Levi, Ron. and Hagan, John.

War and Gender: Sexual Violence and Refugee Law
 Markard, Nora.

Wasta: Corruption or Legitmate Networking in the Jordanian Arbitration Process
 Al-Ramahi, Aseel.

We Are Indians Too: Anthropological Knowledge, Indigenous Subjectivity, and Constitutional Adjudication
 Ariza, Libardo.

Weber, Rationality, and Tort-Law
 Schwitters, Robert.

Were All "Legal Dollars" Created Equal?
 Feldman, Yuval. and Teichman, Doron.

Western Advocacy for Muslim Women: It's Not Just the Thought that Counts
 Quraishi, Asifa.

What (or Who) is a Feminist Judge?
 Hunter, Rosemary.

What Can New Governance Learn from Transparency Provisions in EU Governance Related to Pharmaceuticals?
 Dorbeck-Jung, Bärbel. and Oude Vrielink-Van Heffen, Mirjan.

What Could Intersexed Persons Get Out from the Newly Acknowledged Right to One’s Sexual Identity?
 Plett, Konstanze.

What Do They Know? Prejudices against Anthropologists Teaching Human Rights
 Toivanen, Reetta.

What Do We Mean by the "Non-Use" of Contract?
 Campbell, David.

What Do We Owe Future Generations?
 Buchanan, Neil.

What Do You Do When You Have Sex? Curiosity, Secrecy, and Child Media Protection
 Lee, Nick.

What Does International Consensus Tell Us about Cruelty?
 Lee, Youngjae.

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Xucuru do Ororubá: Indigenous Struggles, the State, and Post-Colonial Diversity in Northeast Brazil
 Santos, Cecilia MacDowell.


Zoroastrian Husbands and Wives: The Parsi Chief Matrimonial Court of Bombay, 1900-30
 Sharafi, Mitra.
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