The Law and Society Association 2008-May-27 to 2008-Jun-02

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501 (Say What?): Proposing a New Exempt Category for Churches
 Schmalbeck, Richard.


A Case for Quality-of-Life Programs in Youth Correctional Facilities
 Blomquist, Martha-Elin.

A Case for an International Investment Court
 Van Harten, Gus.

A Common Law Parent/Child Privilege in Prosecutions of Juveniles: Fundamental Fairness and Fundamental Protection
 Farber, Hillary.

A Comparative Study on Human Right Protection in the Post-SARS Public Health Laws in Taiwan and China
 Wang, Wei-Hong.

A Constitutional Geography of Sharing
 Crocker, Thomas.

A Coroner's Case: Continuing to Govern in an Era of Defensive Risk Management
 Leslie, Myles.

A Corpus Analysis of the Japanese Mixed Juries: Delineating the Differences between Lay and Professional Judges
 Hotta, Syugo.

A Critique of Director Primacy
 Dallas, Lynne.

A Failure to Communicate: Rights-Discourse Addresses Anti-Panhandling Legislation
 Berti, Mario.

A History of Violence: Neuroscience & Violence in Criminal Law History
 Pustilnik, Amanda.

A Humean Account of the "Convict Code"
 Woltze, Scott.

A Jurisdictional Theory of Double Jeopardy
 Colangelo, Anthony.

A Mechanism to Remove Individuals Who Pose a Threat to National Security: Security Certificates and the Criminalization of the Merely Suspicious
 Larsen, Mike.

A New Legal Realist Approach to Transnational Legal Orders
 Shaffer, Gregory.

A Passion for Truth and Justice: Law, Love and the State in the Films of Denys Arcand
 Cowan, Sharon.

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Banishment: Its Return and Consequences
 Beckett, Katherine.

Base Lines: Rap Music and the Cultural Memory of Crack Cocaine
 Bogazianos, Dimitri.

Battle of the Forms: How Biglaw and Clients Bargain over the Terms of Legal Engagements
 Steele, John.

Bedouin Land Rights in the Israeli Legal System
 Rego, Nasser.

Best Practices and Contract Enforcement in Developing Countries: A Senegalese Reality Check
 Paquin, Julie.
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Better Dead than Disabled? The Disability Movement’s Rejection of a "Right" to Die
 Heyer, Katharina.

Better Than Exemption
 Fleming, Jr., J. Clifton. and Peroni, Robert.

Between Social Movements and Identity: The Case of the Indigenous Urban Multi-Ethnic Cabildo; The Chibcariwak in Colombia
 Restrepo Amariles, David.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: How Much Work Can the Charter Do?
 Tucker, Eric.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Judging in the Space Between Community and the Individual
 Mayeda, Graham.

Beyond (Same-Sex) Marriage and Beyond Conjugality: "Spinster Sisters" and the Recognition of Non-Sexual Relationships in Hawaii, Tasmania, and the UK
 Barker, Nicola.

Beyond Compliance: Why Businesses Go There -- and Why It Matters
 Coglianese, Cary.

Beyond Compulsory or Voluntary: Ethical Reflections on Global Response to the Introduction of HPV Vaccine
 Lin, Shin-Rou.

Beyond Deadbeat Dads: Child Support Policy Confronts the Complexities of Fatherhood in America
 Brito, Tonya.

Beyond Discretion: Prosecution, the Logic of Sovereignty, and the Limits of Law
 Sarat, Austin.

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Can Japanese Converse with Professional Judge in Saiban-in System?
 Maruta, Takashi.

Can an Integrated Europe be a Social Europe? The EU’s Economic Constitution and the Future of Social Europe
 Trubek, David.

Can the Naked Female Body "Speak"?
 Adler, Amy.

Can't Let Go: Obsession and the Criminal Law
 Holland, Brooks. and Treuthart, Mary Pat.

Canada in the Early Twentieth Century: Empowering Science through Patents
 Piper, Tina.

Canada's First Capital "L" Lesbian Sexual Assault Trial: Yellowknife, 1955
 Backhouse, Constance.

Can’t Hold Us Back! Hip-Hop and the Contestation of Colonial Legal Knowledges Amongst Indigenous Youth
 Buffam, H V Bonar.

Cause Lawyer Leadership: Managing Conflict, Seeking Justice
 Howard, Tim.
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Cause Lawyers and Social Change: Framing, Naming, and Blaming
 Howard, Tim.
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Cause for Concern: Causation and Federal Securities Fraud
 Fisch, Jill.

Caveat Emptor: Intellectual Property Enforcement on Demand
 Scafidi, Susan.

Challenges of Diversity: Social and Employment Regulation at the EC Level--The Case of Working Time
 Zbyszewska, Ania.

Changing Horizonts: From Land to Migration--Transformations in the Familiar Strategies after the Constitutional Reform of 1992 in Papaloapan Region (Oaxaca, Mexico)
 Toledo, Ana.

Cheats and Liars: Power, Governance, and Educational Testing under No Child Left Behind
 Gilliom, John.

Chevron's Overlapping Consensus
 Criddle, Evan.

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Damage to the Mind and Tort Law: Uncomfortable Places
 Belanger-Hardy, Louise.

Damages as the Appropriate Remedy for “Abuse” of an Easement: Moving Toward Consistency, Efficiency, and Fairness in Property Law
 Strang, Lee.

Dance in Prison: Toward a Space of Resistance? Implications for Crime and Punishment
 Frigon, Sylvie.

Dancing Handcuffed in a Mine Field: Survival Strategies of Defense Lawyers in China’s Legal Complex
 Liu, Sida. and Halliday, Terence.

Dangerous Boys and Endangered Girls? Children’s Participation in Legal Procedure from a Gender Perspective
 Cottier, Michelle.

Dangerousness as a Criterion for Detention
 Denbeaux, Mark.

Day Labor and Public Space
 Kettles, Gregg.
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De-Aggregating Wills and Possessions
 Winter, Kari.

De-Territorializing Labor Law
 Mundlak, Guy.

Death of a Judge: Fragments of a Historical Analysis of Sexuality and the Judiciary
 Moran, Leslie.

Deconstructing the Backlash: Same-Sex Marriage Litigation and Social Change
 Pierceson, Jason.

Deconstructing the Overlaps among Foreign Investment and Trade Regimes
 Trujillo, Elizabeth.

Decontracting the State: Sovereign Capital Funds and Their Displacement of Corporate Law and Theory
 Andrews, Neil.

Defending Windfalls
 Hurt, Christine.

Defining the "Adversary": Reflections on the International Legal Dimension of the NATO Definition
 Moore, James.

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EU Legislation and Social Integration
 Ahmed, Tawhida. and Cloatre, Emilie.

Early Adopters: Congolese Courts and the International Criminal Court
 Baylis, Elena.

East Meets West: The Law of Evidence in Mandate Palestine
 Blum, Binyamin.

Economic Arguments for Human Rights: The Case of Sexual Orientation Rights
 Lau, Holning.

Economic Gain versus Exploitation: Using Children as Guinea Pigs for Profit
 Yearby, Ruqaiijah.

Elder Gays, Lesbians, and Bisexuals: Demographic and Legal Analyses
 Baumle, Amanda. and Romero, Adam.

Elite Law Firms and Social Movements: A Relational Analysis of Large Firm Pro Bono
 Boutcher, Steven. and Lind, Benjamin.

Embodied Law: Theatre of the Oppressed in the Law School Classroom
 Calder, Gillian.
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Embodying the Border
 Magnet, Shoshana.

Emerging Pluralism in Korea
 Choe, Yukyong.

Emotional Influences on Legal Judgment
 Feigenson, Neal.

Employee Identity / Employee Power: Congressional Intent and Judicial Amendment
 Dannin, Ellen.

Employment Law and Labor Market Transitions in Israel
 Lurie, Lilach.

Empowering Victims through Criminal Justice
 Wemmers, Jo-Anne.

Enabling Urban Sprawl: Exclusionary Zoning and the Supreme Court
 Batchis, Wayne.
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Fair Trade and the Pirate Economy
 Long, Doris.

Families for Tax Purposes: What about the Steps?
 Gerzog, Wendy.

Family and Territory in Dutch immigration Law: An Historical Approach
 van Walsum, Sarah.
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Fanny Hill and Worse: Regulating Moral and Religious Expression in Massachusetts and Nova Scotia, 1820-40
 Campbell, Lyndsay.

Fatal Domestic Abuse and Civil Protection Orders
 Connelly, Clare.

Federalism and Pluralism
 Berman, Paul Schiff.

Federalism of the Mundane: A Comparison of Mixed Legal Cities.
 Drummond, Susan.

Female Genital Cutting and Harmful Cultural Practices in the West: Critical Notes on the Intersections of Gender, Culture, and Choice
 Hrzan, Daniela.

Feminist Fundamentalism and the Baby Markets
 Case, Mary Anne.

Feminist Perspectives on Vulnerability in a Criminalized Society
 Bumiller, Kristin.

Feminist Practices in Transnational Work: Collaborative Human Rights Fact-Finding in Namibia
 Bruch, Elizabeth.

Feral Cats and a Case for True Justice for Animals
 Schaffner, Joan.

Fighting against Air Pollution through Litigation
 Osaka, Eri.

Filesharing Spreading over Oceans: Deep Water for Authors?
 Mezei, Péter.

Finding Law: A Map of Fault
 Tam, Joyce.

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Gender Issues in the Legal Profession and Legal Education in Japan
 Osaka, Eri.

Gender and Judging Studies with Regard to Common Law/Civil Law Systems
 Boigeol, Anne.

Gender and the Legal Profession: Final Results from the Michigan Alumni Data Set
 Dau-Schmidt, Kenneth., Galanter, Marc., Mukhopadhaya, Kaushik. and Hull, Kathleen.

Gender, Judges, and Legal Databases: The Publication of Judicial Decisions in Family Law in Israel
 Bogoch, Bryna., Halperin-Kaddari, Ruth. and Katvan, Eyal.

Gender-Benders: Risk and Law in the Shaping of a Contaminated Identity
 Scott, Dayna.

Gendered Bodies in Time and Space: Ex-Prisoners Negotiating Corporality
 Bruckert, Chris.

Gendered Dimensions of Judicial Decision Making: The Case of Succession in Kenya
 Kamau, Winifred.

General Deterrence in the Waste Disposal Industry in the Netherlands
 van Wingerde, Karin.

Gentrification and the Birthplaces of Hip-Hop: An Affordable Housing Preservation Role for Historic Preservation Law
 Alexander, Lisa.

Geographic and Network Analysis of NLJ 250 and Am Law 200 Firms
 Alderson, Arthur. and Henderson, William.

Geographies of Exclusion: The Female Trafficked Migrant
 FitzGerald, Sharron.

Geography and the "Evidence Landscape": Reconciling Customary and Statutory Land Rights in the Developing World
 Unruh, Jon.

Getting Away from Private Sphere: Women in Legal Education and Profession
 Liu, Xiaonan.

Global Administrative Rule of Law as Legal Pluralism: The Formal, Informal, and Illegal
 Sandvik, Kristin.

Global Circulations: Islamic Law across the Indian Ocean
 Hussin, Iza.

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Habeas Corpus and Prison Administration: A Square Peg in a Round Hole
 King, Nancy.

Hallowed Ground: The Gettysburg Battlefield in Historic Preservation Law
 Byrne, Peter.

Harmonization or Improvisation? Encounters of Language and Legal Traditions [Harmonisation ou Improvisation? Rencontres à Travers des Langues et des Traditions Juridiques]
 Leckey, Robert.

Harmonizing Terminology: The Canadian Bijural Model in a EU Context
 Yankova, Diana.

Hate Thy Neighbor
 Bell, Jeannine.

Health Services Research and Patient Disputes
 Frankford, David.

Hear the Other Side: The Dilemma of the Advocate before an Unfair Hearing
 Lahav, Alexandra.

Hedonic Adaptation and the Settlement of Civil Lawsuits
 Bronsteen, John., Buccafusco, Christopher. and Masur, Jonathan.

Here Be Dragons: Risk, Reality, and Regulation in Virtual Worlds
 Guadamuz, Andres.

Here Comes Progress: Transnational Corporations, Resource Extraction, and Human Rights in Latin America
 Rodriguez-Garavito, Cesar.

Hero or Inmate, Camp or Prison, Rehabilitation or Labor Extraction? California's Prison Fire Camps
 Goodman, Philip.

History and Politics of China's Legal Reform in Summary Criminal Procedures, 1997-2007
 Chen, Li.

HomeFront: Calgary’s Specialized Domestic Violence Court
 Tutty, Leslie.

Honestly, Neither Celine Nor Gillette Is Defensible!
 Yap, Po Jen.

How A Focus On Class Can Build On and Add To Feminist Legal Theory Projects, Taking an Intersectional Approach
 Kessler, Laura.

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ICT Tools to Measure Judicial Performance
 Velicogna, Marco.

Identifying Nietzsche's Criminal
 Pavlich, George.

Identity and the Law in Post-Genocide Rwanda
 Smith, Samantha.

Illegal Buyouts
 Cumming, Douglas. and Zambelli, Simona.

Illegal Refugees: The Rise of Restrictive Asylum Policies in Canada, Australia, and the United States
 Hamlin, Rebecca.

Illicit Legality: The Role Law Plays in Re-Making the Social World
 Trager, Glenn.

Illicit Objects of Desire: Limiting the Collection and Trade in Antiquities
 English, Penny.

Imagining a Different Word: Legal Consciousness in Fictional Utopian Space
 Harding, Rosie.

Imagining a Federal Future in Israel / Palestine
 Ryder, Bruce.

Immigrant Workers and the Thirteenth Amendment
 Ontiveros, Maria.

Immigrants at the Margins of Freedom of Association and Practical Politics
 Garcia, Ruben.

Immigration Judicial Review Waivers
 Family, Jill.

Immigration, Crime, and Justice: Rhetoric, Reality, and Ramifications of Recent U.S. Immigration Policies
 Zatz, Marjorie. and Smith, Hilary.

Impact of Globalization and War on Terrorism in Indian Country - USA
 French, Laurence.

Impact of Globalization and War on Terrorism on Canadian Indians, Inuit and Metis.
 Williams, Robert.

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Japan and the Social Technologies of Democracy, Scientific Inquiry, and the Free Market
 Parker, Richard.
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Japanese Judicial Scriveners in Identity Crisis?
 Chan, Kay-Wah. and Ii, Takayuki.

Japanese LSAT: Four Years Summary and Its Challenges
 Fujimoto, Akira.

Japanese Military Sexual Slavery as Unresolved Issue of Human Rights Violation in East Asia
 Yang, Hyunah.

Japan’s International Cooperation in the Area of Criminal Justice: Current Status, Problems, and Future Prospects
 Kawamura, Arinori.

John F.A. Sanford As the CEO of the Frontier's First Megabusiness
 Vandervelde, Lea.

Judge Jennie Loitman Barron: Feminine Judging through the 20th Century
 Aliotta, Jilda.
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Judge Not: The Juridical Impact of Music on Television
 Lorenz, Aaron.

Judge in the Box: The Effects of Bureaucratization on the Courts of the Criminal Justice System
 Smith, Sven. and Kolnes, Ashley.

Judge or Lawyer? Public Agencies and Investor Compensation
 Winship, Verity.

Judging Alterity: Displacement of Indigenous Communities through Common Law Adjudication
 Pavlovic, Marina.

Judging Charter Activism: Contrasting Sections 8 and 15
 Wheeldon, Johannes.

Judging Experts: Preliminary Notes toward a Theory of Meta-Expertise
 Cole, Simon.

Judging by What You're Saying: Judges' Questioning of Lawyers as Interactive Interpretation
 Hobbs, Pamela.

Judicial Abuses in the Fight against Terrorism: The Guilford Four (1974), the Maher Arar Case (2002), and the Constitutional Ban of Batasuna (2003)
 Guittet, Emmanuel.

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Keep Your Coins, I Want Change! The Homeless and the Shrinking Public Space in Montréal
 Fortin, Véronique.

Keeping it Whole: Voluntary Amputation and the "Right to Bodily Integrity"
 Loeb, Elizabeth.

Knowing Nature: Expertise, Indigeneity, and Environmental Legality in the Pacific Northwest
 Buchanan, Nicholas.

Knowledge Based Economy and New Challenges to the State Intervention: A Case Study of Brazilian Development Bank
 Schapiro, Mario.

Korean Perceptions of Arbitrator Neutrality
 Lee, Ilhyung.


Labour and Copyright: Freelance Writing and the Authorship Caste
 D\'Agostino, Giuseppina (Pina).

Landed Traditions and the Rights of the Cultural Diaspora
 Long, Doris.

Language Choice and Language Alternation in Malaysian Courtrooms
 Powell, Richard.

Language Rights as Multiculturalism Policy in the United States
 Chen, Ming Hsu.
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Law Firm Characteristics and Women and Minority Partners
 Gorman, Elizabeth.

Law Not War against Terror
 Schwartz, Richard.

Law Personified: The Constitutive Nature of Parking Enforcement
 Marusek, Sarah.

Law Review Diversity after Proposition 209
 Myers, Shayla.

Law School Clinics as Legal Service Providers
 Martin, Joanne. and Daniels, Stephen.

Law and Education as Ways of Placing, Not Merely Places' Ways
 McMorrow, Thomas.

Law and Legal Culture about Confessions: Comparisons among Japan, Korea, and China
 Kawamura, Arinori.

Law and Ojbwe Indian "Traditional Cultural Property" in the Organized Resistance to the Crandon Mine in Wisconsin
 Nesper, Larry.

Law and Religion in a Secular Society
 Bradney, Anthony.

Law and Urban Slums: The Emergence of Exclusionary Power
 Weller, Penny.

Law and the Emergence of Ethical Provenance in the Realm of Bioexchange
 Hamilton, Jennifer.

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Making Human Trafficking from Colombia to Japan Legible: Struggles for Legal Recognition of International Norms
 Warren, Kay.

Male and Female Genital Cutting: Legal and Ethical Aspects
 Davis, Dena.

Managing Bipolar: Flesh, Agency, and the Psychopharmaceutical Self
 Grabham, Emily.

Managing Domestic Violence: Reflections upon Feminism and Governmentality
 Carr, Helen. and Drakopoulou, Maria.

Managing Herself: Women, Risk, and Coerced Treatment
 Moore, Dawn. and Marriner, Susan.

Managing Legal Risk
 Halliday, Simon. and Scott, Colin.

Mandating Justice: The Perils and Potential Promise of Mandating Fair Treatment
 Feldman, Yuval. and Tyler, Tom.

Mapping Legal “Black Holes,” “Ghost Detainees,” and the “Global Spider’s Web” of Rendition after 9/11
 Scanlan, John.

Markets for Legal Services as Sources of Pro Bono Lawyering
 Sandefur, Rebecca.

Marxist Approach to Criminology and the Modern Nation State
 Patel, Sajni. and Kachwaha, Samar.

Masculinity, Violence, and Prisoning: Why We Need to Question the Resort to Incarceration as a Solution to Social Anxiety
 Comack, Elizabeth.

May It Please the Court: Assessing Whether the Emotional Context of Oral Argument Questions Affects Case Outcomes
 Johnson, Timothy., Black, Ryan. and Treul, Sarah.

Meaning, Emotions, and Symbols: Mobilizing for Women Judges
 Kenney, Sally.
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Meanings and Outcomes of Japan’s Assistance to the Judicial Reforms in Asia
 Kaneko, Yuka.
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Measuring Prison Population in China: A Preliminary Observation
 Jiang, Su.
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NGO's and Parliaments
 Vandervlies, Inge.

Naming, Shaming, and Criminal Justice: Mass Mediated Humiliation as Entertainment and Punishment
 Kohm, Steven.

Naomi Klein's Shock Doctrine and the Neo-Liberalization of Immigration Control
 Koulish, Robert.

Narrating Palestine: Law on the Border
 Strawson, John.

National Law, Divine Law, and the Rule of Law
 Nasser, Salem.

Nationalism, Family Law, and European Harmonization
 Tsoukala, Philomila.

Negotiation, Meet New Governance: Interests, Skills, and Selves
 Cohen, Amy.

Neoliberal Transitions in Contemporary Turkish Prisons
 Ibikoglu, Arda.

New Governance as GPS: The “Placing” and “Coordinating” Roles of International Governance Networks
 Nance, Mark.

New Wine in Old Bottles: Ingredients for Successful Reconceptualization of Constitutional Doctrine
 Krislov, Samuel.
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 [025] [026] [027] [028]

Nimble Fingers in Nigeria: A Need for International and National Concern
 Ihua-Maduenyi, Fortune.

No Place to Turn: Inventing Safe Places after the Race Riots of the Red Summer of 1919
 O\'Donnell, Seán.

Non-Chirographic Legal Pluralism
 Macdonald, Roderick.

Non-State Custom and International Law
 Ochoa, Christiana.

Non-Traditional Actors and the Development of Norms in Investment Dispute Settlement
 Odumosu, Ibironke.


Ocean Grove versus Ocean Grove
 Poirier, Marc.

Of Course No One Saw Them …: Discourses of Criminalization and Aboriginal Accused in the Criminal Court in the North-West Territories, 1876 - 1903
 Gavigan, Shelley.
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 [033] [034] [035] [036] [037] [038] [039] [040]
 [041] [042] [043] [044] [045]

Of Spheres and Spaces: Critical Geography, Law, and Rural Women
 Pruitt, Lisa.

On Breaking or Balancing Patents
 Ho, Cynthia.

On Chicago School Sociology in Toronto and the "Monsters among Us"
 Sealy, David.

On Liking and Not Liking in the Law of Discrimination Part II: Cultivating and Incest Taboo in the Workplace
 Case, Mary Anne.

On Private Regulatory Regimes: Seeking Relationships
 Senn, Myriam.

On Silence, Sexuality, and Skeletons: Imagining Agency, Speaking the Self
 Johnson, Toni.

On Sovereignty and the Institutionalization of North America
 Spitz, Laura.

On the Fence: Balancing Issues of Governance and Social Work in a Halfway House for Women
 DeVellis, Leah.

On the Wrongness of Appearance-Based Discrimination
 Shin, Patrick.

Online Social Networks: Places of Risk, Places of Law?
 Levin, Avner. and Nicholson, Mary Jo.

Opening Neighborhoods to the Mobility Impaired
 Malloy, Robin Paul.

Organizational Hybridity in the Pursuit of Cause: Inside the Private Public Interest Firm
 Cummings, Scott.

Organizational Response to Complex Law via Procedurally Rational Learning and Policy Sharing
 Glick, David.

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PAPER WITHDRAWN--2110--Femicide and the Law in the Arab World and the West: Honor, Passion, and the Moral Order
 Warrick, Catherine.

PAPER WITHDRAWN--A Cast of Insubstantial Subjects: The Police in Post-colonial Northern India
 Jauregui, Beatrice.

PAPER WITHDRAWN--Charles Hamilton Houston and the Social Engineers: Lesson for 21st Century Legal Education
 Holley-Walker, Danielle.

PAPER WITHDRAWN--Citizen Activism: Peer Production of Human Rights Reporting
 Beutz, Molly.

PAPER WITHDRAWN--Citizenship without Nationality: The Case of the Palestinian Arab Minority in Israel
 Zeidan, Mohammad.

PAPER WITHDRAWN--Commodifying Public Deliberation
 Lee, Caroline.

PAPER WITHDRAWN--Comprehending 'Change' in the Indian Family: Personal Law Reforms through the Prism of Pragmatic Constitutionalism
 Prateek, Satya.

PAPER WITHDRAWN--Foucault, Governmentality, and the Control of Madness in Canadian Mental Health Law
 Fraser, Gene.

PAPER WITHDRAWN--Indigenous Peoples ’ Rights and Protection: A Brief Discussion on Indigenous Basic Law in Taiwan
 Hsieh, Jolan.

PAPER WITHDRAWN--Individual Rights versus Relational Freedom: The Family as a Site of American Constitutional Development
 Ritter, Gretchen.

PAPER WITHDRAWN--Law, Restorative Justice, and Gender Based Violence
 Randall, Melanie.

PAPER WITHDRAWN--Medication and Informed Consent
 Jansen, Rita-Marie.

PAPER WITHDRAWN--Migration, Legal Inadequacies, and Changing Societal Values
 Khondker, Rokhsana.

PAPER WITHDRAWN--Patients without Borders: The Emerging Global Market for Patients and the Evolution of Modern Health Care
 Cortez, Nathan.

PAPER WITHDRAWN--Reverse Integration
 Oh, Reginald.

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Questioning the Rule of Law: Theoretical Debate and Angola
 dos Santos, Daniel.


Rabbit in the Moon: Reconsidering Hollywood's Treatment of the World War II Internment of Japanese Americans
 Banks, Taunya.

Race and the Shaping of US Immigration Policy
 Dobkin, Donald.

Racial Liberalism in Action: A Cause Lawyering/Legal Mobilization Perspective on Sheff v. O'Neill
 Paris, Michael.

Racial Profiling Inbound and Outbound
 Berard, Tim.

Racial Profiling and Traffic Stops: A Legal, Social, and Psychological Conundrum
 Parker, Robert.

Racism, Latin American Style: Law and the Transnational Struggle against Racism in the Americas
 Rodriguez-Garavito, Cesar.

Racism's Property Victims: Why Blacks Are Exploitable by Subprime Mortgages
 Brown, Carol.

Rape, Law, and Medicine: Constructing "The Victim" through Technologies of Medico-Legal Expertise
 White, Deborah.

Re-imagining Misdemeanor Disposition: Collapsing Procedural Norms in Pursuit of Substantive Ends
 Fairfax, Roger.

Real Name System in Chinese Cyberspace
 Ling, Hu.

Reason-Giving and Accountability
 Staszewski, Glen.

Reclaiming International Law from Extraterritoriality
 Parrish, Austen.

Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Court Judgments and Awards in Turkey
 Kucuk, Esin.

Reconfigured Selves in Self-Regulation
 Bradley, Caroline.

Reconstructing Citizenship in a Global Economy: How Documentation Requirements for Welfare Impact Citizens in the U.S.
 Bhuyan, Rupaleem.

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Sacrifice and Civic Membership: Who Earns Rights, and When?
 Novkov, Julie.
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 [009] [010] [011] [012] [013] [014] [015] [016]
 [017] [018] [019] [020] [021] [022] [023]

Sacrificing Sacrifice
 Bryant, Taimie.

Satisfying Victims after Mass Atrocity: Toward Intertwined Theories of Voice and Justice
 Hirsch, Susan.

Save the Peaks: Symbolic Rights Talk in the Legal Mobilization against Snowmaking at Arizona Snowbowl
 Jones, Lynn.

Science versus Sacredness: Ending the Exploitation of Children for the Benefit of an Unworthy Society
 Yearby, Ruqaiijah.

Scott v. Harris and the Rhetoric of the Real
 Spiesel, Christina.

Seamstresses in Manhattan: The Human Rights of Unauthorized Workers
 Ilha, Ana.

Section 71, IRC, Impoverishes Children, Endamgers Ex-Wives, and Creates Traps for the Poorly-Advised
 Waggoner, Michael.

Security, Risk, and Human Rights: A Vanishing Relation?
 Tsoukala, Anastassia.

Seeing Jurisdiction: Some Jurisprudential Issues
 Brigham, John.

Separable but Equal? How Title VII Preserves Sex and Race Lines
 Tirosh, Yofi.

Separate Opinions in the Grand Chambers of the ECHR (1998-2006)
 Bruinsma, Fred.
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 [009] [010] [011] [012] [013] [014] [015] [016]
 [017] [018] [019]

Separating the Wheat from the Chaff: The Signaling Role of Prisoner Reentry Programs
 Thacher, David.

Serfs at the Mercy of a Hungry Beast
 Dexter, Bobby.

Settlement Negotiation in Japan's Civil Litigation
 Ota, Shozo., Foote, Daniel., Kakiuchi, Shusuke., Kawai, Mikio., Kaminaga, Yuriko., Wada, Yasuhiro. and Moriya, Akira.

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TV Lawyers: The European Experience
 Robson, Peter.

Taking Geography Seriously: Asserting Space into Critical Legal Theories
 Oh, Reginald.

Taking Rape Away from the State: Community-Based SANE Programs
 Corrigan, Rose.

Taking the Rule of Law to International Law
 Nasser, Salem.

Tax Advisers as First Interpreters
 Beale, Linda.

Tax Deharmonization: Radical Asymmetry in the International Tax Regime
 Dean, Steven.

Tax Issues in Identity Theft
 Hoffer, Stephanie.

Tax Planning for Same-Sex Couples
 Robinson, Toni.

Tax Treatment of Child Support
 Beck, Richard.

Tax and Budget Issues Facing the New President
 Forman, Jon.

Taxation and the Sabbatical: Doctrine, Planning, and Policy
 Miller, John A.. and Pikowsky, Robert.
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 [009] [010] [011] [012] [013] [014] [015] [016]
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 [025] [026] [027] [028] [029] [030] [031] [032]
 [033] [034]

Taxes and Death: The Rise and Demise of Jenkens and Gilchrist
 Regan, Mitt.

Taxing Public and Private TICs
 Borden, Bradley.

Teaching Indigenous Peoples Law in Canadian Law Schools
 Borrows, John.

Teaching Students to be Scholars
 Johnson, Devon.

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U.S.-Canada Refugee Policy
 Musalo, Karen.

US Childcare Policy: Why Are We Where We Are?
 Palley, Elizabeth.

Ubi Ius, Ibi Resistentiae: On Non-State Actor Resistance to International Law
 Hoffmann, Florian.

Unauthorized Immigration into Mexico: Responses in Law and Politics
 Provine, Doris Marie.

Uncertain Justice: Explaining the Outcomes of Employment Discrimination Litigation in Federal Courts 1987-2003
 Nielsen, Laura Beth. and Nelson, Robert.

Understanding Capital Punishment in Taiwan
 Lee, Chia-Wen.

Undoing Citizenship Injustice: Indigenous Peoples, Racialized Violence, and the Law
 Cannon, Martin.

Union Responses to Privatization
 Hebdon, Robert. and Jalette, Patrice.

Unregulated Labor in the Globalizing State
 Gonos, George.

Unruly Identity: Confessions, Law, and Citizenship in Lebanon
 Kolesas, Mara.

Unsolved Issues for Saiban-in Seido in Japan: How to Improve Judge and Lay Discussion
 Nishimura, Takaeshi.

Urban Citizenship: Women’s Claims about the State and the Self in Postwar New York City
 Kornbluh, Felicia.

Urban Rights in Neoliberal and Postindustrial Cities
 Hae, Laam.

Use and Outcome of Civil Protection Orders by Battered Immigrant Women in the U.S.
 Ammar, Nawal., Olroff, Leslye. and Dutton, Mary Ann.

Using and Misusing Comparative Law: Legitimacy, Identity, and Israel’s “New” Exclusionary Rule
 Blum, Binyamin.


Valuating the Potential New Governance Answers to Right to Health Questions in Canada
 Klein, Alana.
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 [065] [066] [067] [068] [069] [070] [071]

Valuation Discounting Techniques: Terms Gone Awry
 Gerzog, Wendy.

Variations on a Theme: Global Strategies of US Law Firms
 Silver, Carole. and Phelan, Nicole.

Victim or Patient? Maintaining the “Rape Shield” in Clinical and Courtroom Space
 Mulla, Sameena.

Victims and Prosecutions: A Philosophical Analysis
 Dempsey, Michelle Madden.

Victims, "Closure," and the Sociology of Emotion
 Bandes, Susan.

Victims' Perceptions of the ICTY Justice
 Kutnjak Ivkovich, Sanja. and Hagan, John.

Violent CDs: The YCJA and Violence
 Hogeveen, Bryan.

Violent Encounters: Families and Neighbors in Fascist Italy
 Belco, Victoria.

Violent Subjects: The Child of International Law in Contested Spaces and Conflict Situations
 Monforte, Tanya.
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 [009] [010] [011] [012] [013] [014] [015] [016]
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 [033] [034] [035] [036] [037] [038] [039] [040]

Virtue's Domain
 Yankah, Ekow.

Voice, Vulnerability and Dependency: Advocating for Children in a Neoliberal World
 Appell, Annette.

Volunteer Lawyers: The Influence of Race, Gender, and Workplace Context on Pro Bono Legal Services
 Granfield, Robert.

Vulnerability, Children, and Neoliberalism
 Hearst, Alice.

Vulnerable Borders: Sex, Time, and Space
 Currah, Paisley.


Wanjina and Wunggurr: Native Title, Intellectual Property Rights, and the Protection of Traditional Cultural Expressions in Australia
 Graber, Christoph-Beat.

Watching the Watchmen: Reviewing the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal in the UK
 Fletcher, Maria. and Goodall, Kay.

Water Parliaments: Toward a Participatory Institution for Decision-Making on Water Issues
 Giménez, Marta.

We Will Kill 10 to 15 People a Day While Respecting the Law: Notes on the Brazilian Legal Culture of Violence
 Sylvestre, Marie-Eve.

What Can the Analysis of Legal Technicalities Tell Us About the Situation in Rural Colombia?
 Latorre, Sergio.

What Do Negotiation and Conflict Theory Have to Say About Free Speech?
 Aragaki, Hiro Naraindas.

What Is the Real Deal? Business Relations, Symbolism, and the Case of the Music Industry
 Osborn, Guy. and Greenfield, Steve.

What Is the Russian Anti-Money Laundering Regime Being Used to Achieve?
 Orlova, Alexandra.

What is Public about Public Charity? Robertson v. Princeton and the Problem of Restricted Gfits to Public Charity
 Goodwin, Iris.

What's in a Frame? Framing Same-Sex Marriage across Policymaking Arenas in Washington State
 Fisher, Shauna.

What’s "Japanese" About the Japanese Legal System? An American Perspective
 Feldman, Eric.

What’s in a Name? Naming Restrictions, Social Cohesion, and the Integration of Immigrants in the European Union
 Ruffer, Galya.

When Is a Cause Lawyer a Political Lawyer?
 Hatcher, Laura.

When Job Segregation Declines: Organizational Restructuring, Ascriptive Inequality and Implications for Antidiscrimination Law.
 Kalev, Alexandra. and Green, Tristin.

When Property Rights Yield to Negotiation: An Exploration of Everyday Eminent Domain in Philadelphia's Blighted Neighborhoods
 Becher, Deborah.

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Zelman's Submerged Narrative: Race, Place, and the Fallacy of Voucher's as Brown's Fulfillment
 Brown, Josie.

 Solum, Lawrence.
The Law and Society Association 2008-May-27 to 2008-Jun-02
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