The Law and Society Association 2009-May-25 to 2009-Jun-01

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A Bitter Pill to Swallow: The Law and Politics of Discipline for Physician Offenders
 Pinaire, Brian., Heumann, Milton. and Burger, Simon.

A Case in Indonesia: Project for Strengthening Reconciliation and Mediation (ADR) System
 Kusano, Yoshiro. and Kawata, Sozaburo.
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A Closer Look at Veil Piercing in Federal District Courts
 Hoffman, David.

A Comparison of Income Taxation in the United States and Germany
 Schwidetzky, Walter.

A Comparison of Legal Decisions between American and Korean Mock Jurors in an Adversarial and an Inquisitorial Trial
 Kim, Min. and Penrod, Steven.

A Comparison of an Adversarial and an Inquisitorial Trial in South Korea: Judges vs. Juries
 Kim, Min. and Penrod, Steven.

A Critique of the Joint Committee's New Approach to Tax Expenditure Analysis
 Fleming, Jr., J.. and Peroni, Robert.

A Dysfunctional Marriage: Problems of Justice and Equality in International Procedures
 Carlson, Kerstin.

A Feminist Critique of Copyright Law
 Chaloner, Emily.

A Fixer-Upper for Finance
 Hockett, Robert.

A House Is Not a Home: Lessons on Race, Love, and Housing in Rhinelander v. Rhinelander
 Onwuachi-Willig, Angela., Murray, Melissa., Hamilton, Vivian. and Abrams, Kerry.
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A Little Guidance and a Lot of Discretion: A Critical Analysis of Judges' Capital Sentencing Decisions in Delaware
 Dunn, Kerry.

A No-Excuse Approach to Transitional Justice
 Gray, David.

A Pattern of Convergence: Longitudinal Analysis of Gender in the Legal Profession
 Sander, Richard. and Yorke, Vanessa.

A Prisoner's Dilemma: Transgendered Persons in Prison
 McGrath, James.

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Back to the Future: Fears of Radical Islam Inside American Prisons
 Moore, Kathleen.

Balancing Sovereignty and Individual Rights in Deportation Proceedings
 Banks, Angela.

Ballot Initiative Laws and Constitutional Amendments: The Case of Same-Sex Marriage in the United States
 Coulter, Kristine. and Cialeo, Christopher.

Banished Indians and Common Law Agency: The Case of Deer Island
 Goodman, Nan.

Banking on the Future: Financial Sustainability Reconceptualized
 Sarra, Janis.

Baptists and Church-State Advocacy: An Analysis of the Effects of Membership Opinion on Lobbying the Supreme Court
 Lewis, Andrew.
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Be Careful Who You Fire: A Survey of Rule of Law Development Assistance Providers in Afghanistan.
 Alkon, Cynthia.

Bearing Human Rights: Maternal Health and the Promise of ICPD
 Roseman, Mindy.

Becoming Citizen(like): Latinos in Southwestern Pennsylvania
 Macia-Vergara, Laura.

Becoming the Four Horsemen: Regimes, Reputations, and the Post-New Deal Construction of Conservative Jurisprudence
 Costello, Hopi. and Schmidt, Patrick.

Between the Binaries of Gender and Sex: Masculinities, Title VII, and Discrimination against LGBTI Individuals
 McGinley, Ann.

Between the State and the Family: Feminist Litigation on the Right to Welfare and the Duty to Provide Childcare in Israel
 Ziv, Neta. and Freibach-Hefetz, Dana.

Beyond Compensation: Public Purposes and Private Motives in Initiating Litigation
 Kwok, David.

Beyond La Venta Abulante (Street Vending): Latina Immigrant Food Vendors in a Southern California College Campus
 Santos, Xuan.

Beyond Self-Regulation: The Case of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation
 Parker, Philip.

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COMPSTAT and the New Penology: A Paradigm Shift in Policing?
 Willis, James.

Caliban’s Burden--Applicability of the United Nations Contract on the International of Goods (CISG) to the Commonwealth Caribbean: A Step Towards Uniformity, Synthesis, or Injustice in International Contracts?
 Spence, Glenys.

California Women: Putting the “Community” in Community Property
 McMahon, Stephanie.

Can Communities Affect the Trade in Conflict Goods?
 Ochoa, Christiana.

Can Factory List Disclosure Improve Labor Practices in the Apparel Industry? A Case Study of Nike and Levi-Strauss
 Doorey, David.

Can Individuals Get Justice from Large Organizations? A Research Agenda for the Study of Law in Society
 Kagan, Robert.
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Can Publishing a Newspaper Constitute a Charitable Purpose?
 Schmalbeck, Richard.

Cap-and-Trade Will Not Work to Limit CO2 Emissions, but a Carbon Tax Will
 Waggoner, Michael.
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Carbon Taxation in Theory and Practice
 Duff, David.

Career Aspirations, Expectations, and Attainments of Law Students
 Seo, Patricia.
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Careers at the Top? Retention and Mobility in the Large Law Firm Sector
 Dinovitzer, Ronit. and Garth, Bryant.

Cause-Lawyering in Violent Contexts
 Lemaitre, Julieta. and Rodriguez-Garavito, Cesar.

Cautious Deregulation? Incrementalism and Nigeria's Telecommunications Regulatory Reform
 Alhassan, Abubakar.

Celebrity Entertainers' Involvement in American Federal Lawmaking
 Demaine, Linda.

Censure without Sanction: A Retributive Argument against Punishment
 Wood, David.

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DSH, Low Income Pools, and the Ethics of Privatization
 Hermer, Laura.
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Damaged Goods? Incarcerated Women, Experiences of Violence, and Social Vulnerability
 Schlesinger, Traci.

Dams, Markets, and Sustainability: Hydropower Policy and Governance in Chile
 Bauer, Carl.

Dangerous Liaisons: Why Networks Theory Supports a Limited Right of Online First Publication
 Linford, Jake.
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Debating Sharia in Morocco
 Buskens, Léon.

Debt as Venture Capital
 Ibrahim, Darian.

Debunking the Corporate Fiduciary Myth
 Alces, Kelli.

Decisions of the Hungarian Constitutional Court Pertaining to Collective Labor Rights
 Nacsa, Beata.

Declaring Independence: Disability and Exclusion in the National Federation of the Blind
 Kornbluh, Felicia.

Decline to State
 Rich, Camille.

Deconstructing Innocence--Reflections from a Public Defender: Can Student Attorneys Accept the Paradigm of Guilt and Continue Zealous Representation?
 Brown, Geneva.

Deconstructing Labor and Love: The Case of Shashin Kekkon
 Abrams, Kerry.

Defining Addiction: Drug Courts, Class, and the Biopolitics of Habitus
 Kaye, Kerwin.
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Defining Community in the International Legal Context
 O\'Donoghue, Aoife.

Defining Life: Abortion as a Legal Fiction
 Kolnes, Ashley. and Smith, Sven.

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EC Redundancy Law and the Promotion of Industrial Democracy: Did Europe Succeed?
 Gerlach, Roland.

ECJ Caselaw on Trumping Fundamental Labor Rights with Economic Freedoms: Global Trade/Labor Implications
 Weiss, Marley.

East Asian Administrative Law in Comparative Historical Perspective
 Ohnesorge, John.

Economic and Cultural Gobalization and Gender Inequality
 Kim, Minzee.

Education Finance Litigation: "Adequacy" as the Legal Framework for Reform
 Berman, Alllison.

Effects of Economic Recovery on the Volume and Nature of Litigation
 Farhang, Sean.

Efficiency and Dignity in Corporate Regulation
 Martin, Isabelle.

Electrifying Economics: The Unexpected Problems of Liberalizing the Electricity Sector
 Reiss, Dorit.

Elite Conflict and the Creation of Family Values
 Carbone, June.

Elusive Explainations for Unfairness: The Brief-Filing Time Limits of the Federal Rules of Procedure
 Roots, Roger.

Emasculating the Executive: Judicial Activism and Civil Liberties in Late Colonial India
 De, Rohit.

Emergent Disability and the Context of Equality: Considering the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
 Ribet, Beth.

Emotional Displays in Criminal Cases
 Maroney, Terry.

Employer Reports of Sexual Harassment: Impact of Gendered Organizations and Rights Consciousness
 Vijayasiri, Ganga.

Enduring Effects of Tobacco Litigation
 Haltom, William., McCann, Michael. and Fisher, Shauna.
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Fair Termination in an At-Will World
 Arnow-Richman, Rachel.

Fairness in Divorce Property Division: Results of a Cross-National Survey
 Garrison, Marsha.

Family Assets Building in Transnational Mexican Families in Arizona
 Gurrola, Maria.

Family Failure and Premarital Financial Arrangements in a Mobile Global Community: Lessons From Roman Law?
 Rosettenstein, David.

Family Law in Syria
 van Eijk, Esther.

Family Matters: Families, Children, and the Role of the State
 Eichner, Maxine.

Family Privacy Reconsidered
 Lee, Li-Ju.

Fatherhood in the Cinema of Justice
 Robson, Peter.

Fathers Who Kill their Children
 Collins, Jennifer.

Fathers, Child Support, and Welfare Cost Recovery
 Brito, Tonya.

Federal and State Conflicts in Criminal Procedure Law: Who Controls the Idea of Arrest and Search?
 Sack, Emily.

Federalism, Party Politics, and the Failure of the First Federal Child Labor Law, 1906-08
 Sawyer III, Logan.

Feminist Networks and the Development of Sexual Harassment Law
 Coukos, Pamela.

Feminists Against the Law
 Karalekas, Nikki.

Filling the Gaps: Toward Universal Norms of Worker Protection
 Garcia, Ruben.

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Gender Equality, Diversity, and Leadership
 Lee, Rebecca.

Gender Inequality in the Chinese Legal Profession
 Michelson, Ethan.

Gender and Sexuality in Arrest Outcomes for Intimate Partner Violence
 Hamilton, Melissa.

Gendered Citizenship and the Politics of Belonging
 Mullally, Siobhan.

Geographic Mobility of Lawyers over Time
 Adams, Terry.

German Daytime TV Judges and 0ther German Law Shows
 Machura, Stefan.

Ghosts of 1932: The Lost History of Estate and Gift Taxation
 Cooper, Jeffrey.

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due: How the Tax Credit System Confounds Many Taxpayers and What We Can Do About It
 Robinson, Toni.

Global Corporate Citizenship and Inequality in the 21st Century
 Anderson, Rachel.

Global Restrictions on the Use of the Death Penalty: The New Human Rights Dynamic
 Hoyle, Carolyn.

Global Tax Governance
 Christians, Allison.

Go Directly to Jail: Racial Disparities in Felony Bail Decisions
 Good, Martha.

Governability and Government System: The Brazilian Presidential Experience after 1988
 Becak, Rubens.

Governance of Public Health Emergencies through Ethics and Human Rights
 Gable, Lance.

Governing against Inequality
 Pommer, Sieglinde.

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Hague v. CIO and Free Speech for Radicals in the American Liberal Mainstream
 Weinrib, Laura.

Hanging God at Auschwitz: The Necessity of a Solitary Encounter with the Other as the Genesis of Levinasian Ethics
 Loumansky, Amanda.

Happiness and Punishment
 Bronsteen, John., Buccafusco, Christopher. and Masur, Jonathan.

Hedge Fund Fraud and the Public Good
 Cabrera Pierre-Louis, Lydie Nadia.

Heller through the Lens of Indian Law: The Right to Self-Defense as a White Right
 Tweedy, Ann.

Hero or Inmate, Prison or Camp, Rehabilitation or Labor Extraction? A Multi-Level Study of California’s Prison Fire Camps
 Goodman, Philip.

Hiding Pension Benefit Reductions from Employees: Applying Information Manipulation Theory to ERISA Mandated Disclosures
 Stratman, James.

Holocaust Denial as a Form of Past Directed Hate Speech
 Kahn, Robert.

Home as Nomic Setting: Seeing How the Legal Happen
 Delaney, David.

Horizontality in International Human Rights: The Role of Human Rights Courts, Commissions, and Committees
 McGuinness, Margaret.

Hospitals, HIPAA and the Politics of PARO: Modeling and Measuring Heterogeneous Organizational Postures toward Legal Change
 Suchman, Mark., Dimick, Matthew. and Swider, Sarah.

How Brazilian Prosecutors Enforce Labor and Environmental Laws: The Organizational Basis of Creative Problem-Solving
 Coslovsky, Salo.

How Do You Hold a Humanitarian Organization Accountable?
 Holzer, Elizabeth.

How Feminist Jurisprudence Sheds Light on Power and Inequality In 4th Amendment Consent Doctrine
 Ross, Josephine.

How Judges Judge: Exploring the Medical Analogy
 Souris, Renee.

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I Didn’t Understand the Police Warning: A Legitimate Claim?
 van Naerssen, Margaret.

I Want to Be Just Like You, Mommy: Anxiety over Mimetic Reproduction of Parents’ Identities
 Pearson, Kim.

Identification, Crime, and the Pursuit of Security
 Goold, Benjamin.

Identity and the Law in Post-Genocide Rwanda
 Smith, Samantha.

Illegal Aliens and the Dilemmas of Law and Government in Modern America
 Murthy, Hamsa.

Immigrant Women Exposed to Male Partner Violence: Gender, Power, and Difference in Swedish Criminal and Alien Law
 Burman, Monica.

Implementation of the Legal Obligation to Support Alimony and Respect the Personality Rights in Brazilian Legal Perspective
 Nunes, Lydia.

Implementing Parallel Importation and Involuntary Licensing Mechanisms to Increase Access to Medicine In Kenya
 Nyaga, Jackline.

Implicit Racial Bias and Peremptory Challenges: The Role of General and Domain-Specific Implicit Stereotyping
 Flores, David.

Impoliteness: How to Get Arrested
 Linfoot, Kerry.

Imprisoning Terrorists: Human Rights, Security, and Resistance after Guantanamo Bay
 Buntman, Fran.
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In Consideration of Consequentialist Retributivism
 White, Mark.

In Defense of Reality: Law and Technique in the New Fighting Industries
 Bogazianos, Dimitri.

In Law We (Dis)Trust: International Law and the Evils of the New World Order
 Tzimitras, Zachary.

In the Shadow of the WHO, WTO, NIH, FDA, PEPFAR . . : Disciplining Medicine or Creating Chaos?
 Heimer, Carol.

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Jailhouse Attorneys, Building Tenders, and Slaves of the State: The Construction of a Prison-Made Civil Rights Movement
 Chase, Robert.

Jane (Formerly Known as John): Labor Market Discrimination of Transgender Individuals
 Weinberg, Jill.

Japan's Experience in Supporting Legislation of Civil Code and Code of Civil Procedure of Cambodia
 Sakano, Issei.
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Japanese Gradualist Approach to the Judicial Reform in Vietnam: A Review of Cassation Cases
 Kaneko, Yuka.
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Journey to the U.S.: Foreign Lawyers in American LL.M. Programs
 Lazarus-Black, Mindie. and Globokar, Julie.

Judging Experts: Examining Appellate Opinions Considering the Admissibility of Arson Experts in Criminal and Civil Cases
 Dioso-Villa, Rachel.

Judging Judge Judy
 Marder, Nancy.

Judgment, Identity, and Independence
 Robertson, Cassandra.

Judicial Deference and Information Rebounce: De-Judicilization in Post-Transitional South Africa and Taiwan
 Huang, Cheng-Yi.

Judicial Dissonance: The Supreme Court’s Conflicting Views on the Jury’s Role (Capital Punishment vs. Punitive Damages)
 Tiersma, Peter.

Judicial Independence and Court Delay
 Goelzhauser, Greg.

Judicial Regulation of Obscenity, Normative Emotions, and the Teaching of Disgust
 Popescu, Mihaela.

Judicial Review and Social Differentiation: An Argument for Autopoietic Renditions
 Baghai, Katayoun.

Judicialization of Politics: Counter-Majorities Limits of the Brazilian Superior Tribunal Eleitoral and Tribunais de Contas
 Lois, Cecilia., Lena Marchiori Neto, Daniel. and Bastos Jr, Luiz Magno.

Jury Jokes
 Hans, Valerie., Galanter, Marc. and Henry, Matthew.

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Labor Market Dualism and History of Temporary Work Agencies in France and Germany
 de Froment, Charles.
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Language Ideology, Gang Language, and the Reasonable Inference
 Greenlee, Mel.

Large Law Firms, Pro Bono Publico, and Social Movements: Mapping the Elite Pro Bono Organizational Field
 Boutcher, Steve.

Latin@s in Immigration Enforcement: Negotiating Work and Identity at the Intersection of Race, Gender, and Nation
 Prieto, Samuel.

Latino Immigrant Street Vendor Youth in Los Angeles: Markets of Shame and Pride
 Loy, Emir. and Hondagneu-Sotelo, Pierrette.

Law Firm Culture and Associate Expectations as Reflected in Recruiting Terminology
 Nersessian, David.

Law Talkin' Guys on "The Simpsons"
 Podlas, Kimberlianne.

Law and Community in the Midst of the Methamphetamine Epidemic
 Garriott, William.

Law and Geography: A Postcolonial Interrogation
 Mahmud, Tayyab.

Law and Governance of the Socialist State: Re-Reading Pashukanis
 Valiavicharska, Zhivka.

Law and History in the English Utilitarian Imagination of India
 Parker, Kunal.

Law and Policy Doctoral Education for the Mid-Career Professional
 Howard, Tim.

Law and Public Policy in the United States
 Singh, Connie.

Law and Society in the New Millennium: Predictions from Film
 McMillian, Lance.

Law and the Common Good
 Swiffen, Amy.

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Making Defendants Speak
 Sampsell-Jones, Ted.

Making Good Governance: Anti-Corruption Initiatives in Comparative, Global Perspective
 Shinohara, Chika.

Making Heroes and Villains: Cinematic Representations of Criminal Insanity
 Covey, Russell.

Making Implicit Bias Explicit: How the Motivating Factor Framework Can Help Employers Uncover Implicit Biases
 Pedersen, Natalie.
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Making Taxes and Welfare Work Together: What Do We Know and What Can We Learn from Other Countries?
 Forman, Jonathan.
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Managing Information Technology/Managing Law
 Rosen, Robert.

Managing the Deluge: Insurance and Taxes
 Abramovsky, Aviva. and Luke, Charlene.

Managing the Risk Managers: Regulating Credit Default Swaps
 Johnson, Kristin.

Mapped Out of Local Democracy
 Anderson, Michelle.

Market Economy, Law, and the Abuse of Institutionalized Power in the Age of Regulated Freedom
 Lubbe, Andrzej.

Market Failure and Individual Responsibility
 Rosser, Ezra.

Marketing Creation: The Law and Intelligent Design
 Ravitch, Frank.

Marketing Mothers' Milk: The Commodification of Breastfeeding and the Markets in Human Milk and Formula
 Fentiman, Linda.

Marriage as Punishment
 Murray, Melissa.

Measures of Legal Formalism: Readings in Jurisprudence and in Legal Cases
 Alberstein, Michal.
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Narrative Economies: The Global Consumption of Testimony in Post-Conflict Zones
 McKinley, Michelle.

Navigating Religious Pluralism: The Hermeneutics of Religious Diversity
 Ravitch, Frank.

Negotiating Puerto Rican Citizenship: An Assertion of Nationalism in a Fragmented Nation
 Font-Guzman, Jacqueline.

Negotiating Written and Oral Versions of Events in Dutch Criminal Trials
 van der Houwen, Fleur.

Negotiating with Sin: Lessons from Dutch Lawyer Disciplinary Proceedings
 De Groot-van Leeuwen, Leny.

Neither Merit Nor Malice: Whiteness as a Spontaneous, Complex, Self-Organizing System
 Lee, Brant.

Neoliberal Penality: The Birth of Natural Order, the Illusion of Freedom
 Harcourt, Bernard.

Neoliberalism Meets Human Rights? The Global Struggle over Rule of Law and Human Rights Indicators
 Rodriguez-Garavito, Cesar.

New Data on Civil Litigation: Exploring the Non-Urban Legends
 Waters, Nicole. and Strickland, Shauna.

New Developments in Socioeconomic Rights
 Ray, Brian.

New Forms of Coerced Participation in Medical Research: Conscripting Human Subjects
 Noah, Lars.

New Juvenile Justice Law in Mexico: Protecting or Restraining Children´s Rights?
 Frias Armenta, Martha.

New Kazakhstani Mixed Court System: Effective Safeguard or Powerless Institution?
 Kovalev, Nikolai. and Nurumov, Dmitry.

New Sources of Managerial Authority in Large Law Firms
 Chambliss, Elizabeth.

No Politics, No Rights, and No Dialogue about Poverty, Inequality, or Economic Justice
 Nice, Julie.

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One Atom of Sodium and One Atom of Chlorine: The Curious Union of Moral Valuation and Scientific Discourse in the California Gay Marriage Cases
 Reinbold, Jenna.

Operationalizing Optimal Tax Theory: The Case of Multinationals
 Seto, Theodore.

Organisational Context and the Creation of Risk-Related Information by the General Medical Council
 Lloyd-Bostock, Sally.

Organisational Responses to Legal Risk
 Halliday, Simon., Ilan, Jonathan. and Scott, Colin.

Organizational Culture and Subtle Discrimination in Social Networks: Implications for Employment Discrimination Law
 Nguyen, Dana.

Originalism, Language Philosophy, and Linguistics: Clearing Up the Confusion
 Wilson, Sean.

Other People's Secrets: Comparative Treatments of the State Secrets Privilege
 Setty, Sudha.

Overcriminalization as Vulnerable Citizenship
 Ramsay, Peter.


POSTER 01--Communities, Culture, and Constitutions
 Carfield, Maggi.

POSTER 02--Law Enforcement’s Perspective on Mandatory Arrest in Domestic Violence
 Thacker, Devon.

POSTER 04--Perceived Effectiveness of the Electronic Monitoring of High-Risk Young Motor Vehicle Theft Offenders in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
 Bowness, Evan.

POSTER 05--Private Prisons in Public Discourse
 Burkhardt, Brett.

POSTER 08--The Economic Approach to Law and Development: Principles, Effects, and Defects
 Perry-Kessaris, Amanda.

POSTER 09--The Legal Attitudes of Parents in the Juvenile Justice System
 Pennington, Liana., Farrell, Amy. and McDevitt, Jack.

POSTER 10--There's No Greek Word for Privacy: Personal Data Protection in Greece
 Placas, Aimee.

POSTER 11--What is Law in a Plural and Fragmented World?
 Rodriguez, José Rodrigo.

POSTER 12--Woman, Family, and Violence: A Comparative Study of Law in Migration Contexts
 Belló-Alberola, Elia.

POSTER 13--Women’s Labor Rights in Emerging Markets: Law, Politics, and Global Economy
 Gao, Simin.

POSTER 14--Experts on the Frontier: The Use of Expert Witnesses in Wyoming Trials
 Armstrong, Cynthia. and Bowdre, Paul.

Paradigms and Paradoxes: Foreign Intervention in Afghanistan
 Eddy, Jon.

Parents’ Perceptions of State Power and their Vaccination Decisions
 Reich, Jennifer.

Patent Bullies: How Industry Incumbents Abuse the Patent System
 Sichelman, Ted.

Pattern of Movement of Law Firm Partners Across Firms
 Nanda, Ashish. and Kim, Young-Kyu.

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Quality of Democratic Governance and the Judicialization of Public Policy: A Study from Argentina
 Ryan, Daniel.
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 [009] [010] [011] [012] [013] [014] [015] [016]
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 [033] [034] [035] [036] [037] [038] [039] [040]

Quantifying Human Rights: Governance versus Resistance Strategies
 Rajagopal, Balakrishnan.

Queer(ed) Risks: Life Insurance, HIV/AIDS, and the Politics of Activism
 Cobb, Neil.


RNC Arrestees and Future Protest Participation: The Impact of Protest Arrests on Future Expected Protest Participation
 Earl, Jennifer.

Race Ipsa Loquitur: How Blind People Understand Race and Its Implications for Equal Protection
 Obasogie, Osagie.

Race and Ethnic Relations in China: The Autonomous Regions
 Lee, Simon-Hoey.

Race and Sex in Organizing Work: Paying Attention to Relations
 Green, Tristin.

Racial Discrimination and Interpretation at Work
 Roscigno, Vincent. and Light, Ryan.

Racial Disparities in Physical Activity Venues: A Civil Rights Approach?
 Henderson, Ana.

Racism, Stress, and Health: Why Obama's Class Based Approach Won't Eliminate Racial Health Gaps
 Randall, Vernellia.

Racism's Property: Prime Subprime Mortgage Targets
 Brown, Carol.

Rational Monsters: Evil and Culpability in Capital Trials
 LaChance, Daniel.

Rationality, Law, and the Rise of Modern Capitalism: An Inquiry into Max Weber's Sociology of Law and the Failures of Modern Capitalism in Islamic Societies
 Lungu, Anthony.

Rationalizing Racism: Reexamining the Constitutional Debate over Affirmative Action
 Bedi, Sonu.

Re-Thinking the Accessions Tax as a Replacement for the Estate Tax
 Dodge, Joseph.

Re-Writing Human Rights: A Non-Historicist Perspective
 Parmar, Pooja.

Reading against Settlement from the International Plane
 Cohen, Amy.

Realizing Complementarity: Using the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court to Strengthen Women's Rights
 Lake, Milli.

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Sacred but Not Religious: Religion, Science, and Public Debate about Environmental Policy
 Evans, Michael.

Safety Culture from the Flight Deck to the Hospital: Aviation Safety Reporting as a Model for Patient Safety
 Van Rite, Eric.

Safety Rights, Risk, and Responsibility
 Gray, Garry.

Safety Through Punishment? An Essay Honouring Diane Martin
 Snider, Laureen.

Same-Sex Marriage: The Irrelevance of the Economic Approach to Law
 White, Mark.

Saving Face: Truth Production Processes in Criminal Law
 Martel, Joane.

Scared Straight: An Analysis of the United States’ Concern for Politically Motivated Prosecutions by the International Criminal Court
 Rhea, Harry.

Science in the Law School Curriculum: Law Professors’ Use of Credible Dissemination Sources for Teaching Science to Law Students
 Merlino, Mara., Richardson, James. and Chamberlain, Jared.

Searching for Evidence of an "Opt-Out" Revolution among Women Lawyers: What Is the Picture after the Seventh Year of Practice?
 Sterling, Joyce. and Plickert, Gabriele.

Second Guessing Second-Requests: Rethinking the Pre-Merger Approval Process
 Sharpe, Nicola.

Security, the State, and the Citizen: The Changing Architecture of Crime Control
 Zedner, Lucia.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005] [006] [007] [008]
 [009] [010] [011] [012] [013] [014] [015] [016]
 [017] [018] [019]

Sensationalized Vulnerability: Constructions of Imperiled Citizenship and Family in Conservative Opposition to Gay Rights and Immigration
 Oliviero, Katie.

Sentencing Tariffs and the Academic: Some Dilemmas
 Sebba, Leslie.

Separate Subjects: The Structure and Status of "Legal Indians" in "Indian Country"
 Bateman, David.

Separate Telangana Movement in India: Democratic Versus Territorial
 Begari, Jagan.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005] [006] [007] [008]
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 [041] [042] [043] [044] [045] [046] [047] [048]

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Taking Great Cases: Lessons Learned from the Rosenberg Case
 Snyder, Brad.

Talking about Fairness: The FSA’s Treating Customers’ Fairly Initiative
 Gilad, Sharon.

Talking about the Constitution
 Pickerill, Mitchell.

Taming Prometheus: Safety Nets or Safety Cultures
 Silbey, Susan.

Tarrying with the Real: What is the Difference that Marriage Makes?
 Goldberg-Hiller, Jon.

Tax Elections: A Normative Analysis
 Beale, Linda.

Taxation of Economies of Scale
 Borden, Brad.

Taxing Private Ryan
 Lipman, Francine.

Taxpayer Choice in Legal Transitions
 Field, Heather.

Teaching Comparative Law and Law Reform
 Danchin, Peter.

Teaching Sicko
 Leonard, Elizabeth.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005] [006] [007] [008]

Teaching Transcultural Perspectives on the World's Legal Systems
 Chibundu, Maxwell.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005] [006] [007]

Technologies of Privatization: The Relegation of Refugees in Buduburam Refugee Camp to a Clandestine Realm "Outside" the Natio-Legal Order of Things
 Sagy, Tehila.

Telling Stories about Health Insurance: Using New Films in the Classroom
 Pendo, Elizabeth.

Territory, Property, Wilderness and Reservation: Land and Religion in Native American Supreme Court Cases
 Sands, Kathleen.

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U.S. Family Policy: In Whose Best Interest?
 Palley, Elizabeth. and Shdaimah, Corey.

US Environmental Stewardship in Question: Environmental Problems at U.S. Military Bases in South Korea
 Chae, Young-Geun.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005] [006] [007] [008]
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 [033] [034] [035] [036] [037] [038] [039] [040]
 [041] [042] [043] [044] [045]

Uncertainty and the Pure Economic Loss Rule
 Rhee, Robert.

Unconscious Discrimination: Moral Objections and Legal Responses
 Shin, Patrick.

Underlying Questions: Nomos, Jurisdiction, and the Recognition of Mahr
 Enright, Mairead.

Understanding Adversarial Legalism: An Analysis of Three Pacific and Inland Northwest States
 Ley, Aaron.

Undocumented Identities: Immigrant Integration of Youth and Adults
 Abrego, Leisy.

Unequal: Nationality, Discrimination, and Equality Rights in Japanese Courts
 Martin, Craig.

Unspeakable Subject and Decontextualized Consent: Taiwanese Legal Understanding of Rape
 Wang, Hsiaotan.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005] [006] [007] [008]
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 [033] [034] [035] [036] [037] [038] [039] [040]
 [041] [042] [043]

Unwept, Unburied? Toward a Communicative Theory of "Closure"
 Madeira, Jody.

Unwilling Avatars: Harassment, Idealism, and Liberty in Cyberspace
 Franks, Mary Anne.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005] [006] [007] [008]
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 [049] [050] [051] [052] [053] [054] [055] [056]
 [057] [058]

Urban Sprawl and the Constitution: Educational Inequality as an Impetus to Low Density Living
 Batchis, Wayne.

Using Survey Data as Evidence of the "Reasonable Person" in Criminal Prosecutions
 Hook, Jay.

Using the Medical Profession as a Model for Change in the Legal Profession: The Unmet Need for Civil Legal Services
 Harrell, Susan. and Posey-Goodwin, Patricia.


Victim Social Status and Capital Punishment
 Phillips, Scott.

Virtual Work
 Cherry, Miriam.

Virtue Ethical Animal Law Reform
 Bryant, Taimie.

Visualizing Structural Violence in Death Penalty Mitigation: Some Significant Challenges
 Hirsch, Susan., Grattan, Karen., Sheppard, Colleen., Rosenthal, Robyn., Bergmann, Lauren. and Douglass, Sarah.

Viva La VEBA (and Other Retiree Benefits): Are You Willing to Take the Risk?
 Cancelosi, Susan.


Waiting for the Big One: The Economics of Plaintiff-Side Personal Injury Litigation
 Hyman, David., Black, Bernard. and Silver, Charles.

Water Wars: Engendering the Human Right to Water
 Padhy, Sanghamitra.

We're Alright Now. He Calls Me Dad: Queer Kinship and the Suffering of Uncertainty
 Goodfellow, Aaron.

Weaving Straw into Gold: Enhancing Microcredit Impact through Personal Involvement
 Canales, Rodrigo.

Welfare Fraud: Individualistic Opprtunistic Acts or Collective Ideology? A Case Study of Women Welfare Recipients in Israel
 Regev-Messalem, Shiri.

Welfare and the Civil Rights Model of Disability
 Weber, Mark.

What Clients Want from their Lawyers: Are Big Firm Clients Different?
 Cunningham, Clark.

What Motivates Businesses to Join Voluntary Environmental Programs?
 Coglianese, Cary.

What Owners Want and Governments Do: Evidence from the Oregon Experiment
 Berger, Bethany.

What We Know about the Gendered Dimensions of Inheritance: Sociological Food for Legal Thoughts
 Hacker, Daphna.

What are the Effects of Failing the Bar? An Empirical Study
 Yakowitz, Jane.

What's Going On in California? Stem Cells, Direct Democracy, and Regulatory Pluralism
 Allyse, Megan.

What's Wrong with the Conventional Wisdom about the Japanese Supreme Court?
 Law, David.

What's in a Name? Language and Status in Family Law
 Kim, Suzanne.

What's the Bang for the Harvard Buck? HLS Graduates and AJD Lawyers: A Comparison
 Nersessian, David.

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Xenophobia in South Africa: What's at the End of the Rainbow?
 Klaaren, Jonathan.


Young People, Race, and the Rise of Modern Drug Prohibition in the United States
 Kreit, Alex.


ZZ PAPER WITHDRAWN--The Promise and Peril of Federal Judges in Virginia’s State Constitutional Conventions
 Sasser, Jackson.

ZZ PAPER WITHDRAWN--The Tilted Scale: Social Equality in a Neo-Liberal Ethos: Is It Really Possible?
 Larocque, Rachelle.
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