The Law and Society Association 2010-May-24 to 2010-May-31

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A Choice between Authority and Alternative Conflict Resolution? A Study of How Social Services in Denmark Handle Separating Families in Conflict
 Vestergaard, Christina.

A Cognitive Misunderstanding: The Observations of Social Sciences about the Criminal Rehabilitation
 Raupp, Mariana.

A Common Approach to the Problem of Commercial "Free Speech"? Assessing the UK and US Approach to the Constitutional Protection of Commercial Expression
 Wragg, Paul.

A Comparative Consideration of Social Welfare Rights
 Nice, Julie.

A Critical Look at Public Employee Citizenship Requirements
 Garcia, Ruben.

A Cry from Below for Inclusion through Caretaking: Explaining Welfare Non-Compliance in Israel
 Regev-Messalem, Shiri.

A Diversion of Attention? Immigration Courts and the Adjudication of Rights
 Chacon, Jennifer.

A Double Edged Sword: Adjustment of Status and the Material Support Bar
 Redeker-Hepner, Tricia. and McKanders, Karla.

A Dutch Lawyer in the Dock
 de Groot-van Leeuwen, Leny.

A Fault Liability Standard for Copyright Infringement
 Hetcher, Steven.

A Fearful Asymmetry? Emergency Power and the Intersection of Boumediene, Arar, and Iqbal
 Margulies, Peter.

A Grammar of Everyday Justice Talk
 Cottee, Simon.

A Horse of a Different Color: Racism and Classism within the Animal Welfare Movement
 Ivory, Alicia.

A Justice Analysis of Inmate Grievance Processes in a California Women's Prison
 Smith, Sarah.

A Lack of Resolution
 Zaring, David.

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Backlash against Women Judges
 Kenney, Sally.

Banning Leaf Blowers and Taco Trucks: Urban Social Control, Race, and New Subaltern Immigrant Formations
 Olmos, Daniel.

Bargaining in the Shadow of "Shadow Law": An Ethnography of How Business Organizations Shape the Meaning of Law in Private Organizational Courts
 Talesh, Shauhin.

Barriers and Challenges to Public Interest Litigation in South Africa
 Cote, David. and van Garderen, Jacob.

Be Consolidated or Not: Assessing Taiwan’s Democratization Based on a Framework of Synthetic Index
 Chen, Wei.

Becoming Tolerant: Reason, Sensorium, and the Politics of Pain
 Toender, Lars.

Bending Authority: The Strategic Role of Police Authority in Movement and Countermovement Dynamics
 Cross, Remy.

Benevolent Failure or a Failure of Benevolence? The World Bank, Shared Sovereignty, and Chad-Cameroon Oil Pipeline Project
 Duruigbo, Emeka.

Between Copyright and Democracy: Answer Songs, Conversation, and Permission in Jamaican Music
 Mann, Larisa.

Between Indigenous Rights and Global Governance: The Right to Prior Consultation and the Proceduralization of Survival
 Rodriguez-Garavito, Cesar.

Between Laws and Lawlessness: Lawyers for National Security Detainees and Prisoners Post 9/11
 Prabhat, Devyani.

Between a Hunch and a Hard Place: Discretion and Reasonable Suspicion at the Canadian Border
 Pratt, Anna.

Beyond Compliance: Using Medical Simulation to Instill Responsibilization for Patient Safety
 Gray, Garry. and Singer, Sara.

Beyond Legal Origins? A Case Study of Consumer Credit and Overindebtedness Regulation in the UK and France
 Ramsay, Iain.

Beyond Risk Society: Law, State and the Politics of Catastrophes
 Nitrato Izzo, Valerio.

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Campbell Systematic Review on Forensic DNA in Police Investigations
 Wilson, David., Weisburd, David. and McClure, Dave.

Can I Get Married over Instant Messenger? Religious Websites and the Interpretation of the Sharia Online
 Beyer, Jessica. and Hussin, Iza.

Can Scandals Cause Regulatory Change? The Tuskegee Syphilis Study and Historical Accounts of Rights Violations in Medical Research
 Stark, Laura.

Can the Day Laborer Speak? The First Amendment and the Limits of the Public Sphere
 Espiritu, Nicholas.

Carceral Feminism and the Governance of Masculinity: Mobilizing Criminal Laws against Sexual Violence and Commercial Sexual Exploitation
 Kinney, Edith.

Caring Too Much about Stock Prices: Managerial Myopia and Long-Term Institutional Shareholders
 Dallas, Lynne.

Carl Schmitt and Constituent Power in Latin American Courts
 Colon-Rios, Joel.

Cause Lawyering, Public Interest Activism, and the Movement to End Mass Incarceration
 Thomson, Douglas.

Ceremonial Deism and the Reasonable Religious Outsider
 Corbin, Caroline.

Challenges to Change for Environmental Protection in China: An Overview from the Legal Perspective
 Kung, Wen-Hsiang.

Challenging the Singularity of Official Utterance: Changing Culture of Criminal Justice in 18th Century Geneva
 Briegel, Francoise.

Championing the "Defenseless" and "Oppressed": Excessive Zeal in the United States
 Abel, Richard.

Changes in Punishment and the American States: Considering the South
 Schoenfeld, Heather.

Chasing Science: The Troubling Case of Shaken Baby Syndrome
 Tuerkheimer, Deborah.

Child Sexual Abuse as Gendered Violence: A Critique of Media Coverage of Child Sexual Abuse in the US and Britain
 Doan, Carrie.

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Damaged Lives: The Slippery Slope of Wrongful Life/Birth Claims
 Mor, Sagit.

Dar ul Qaza v. the Courts? An Examination of a Muslim Alternative Dispute Resolution System
 Redding, Jeff.

De Facto Disenfranchisement
 Allen, Jessie.

De-Exceptionalising the Exceptional Case: The "Plural Readings" of Islam
 Cavanaugh, Kathleen.

Dear Auditors: If You Discover My Corporate Fraud, Let Me Know It, Otherwise I’ll Sue You!
 Paolini, Adolfo.

Death Watch for Death Panels: The Elusive Goal of Having the Last Word
 Shapiro, Susan.

Debt and Aspiration: Who Goes to Work for the Public?
 Sandefur, Rebecca.

Debtors' Environmental Impact: Structured Finance and Suburbanization of Open Space
 Hughes, Heather.

Deceptive Imagery in Advertising
 Demaine, Linda.

Deconstructing the Charitable Deduction: Devising a Workable Framework to Analyze “Charitable” Transfers
 McCormack, Shannon.

Deconstructing the Palaces of Justice: Places of Justice and the Dilemma of Post-Modernity
 Marrani, David.

Deconstructing the Palestinian Legal System through Sociological Jurisprudence and IT
 Salem, Jamil.

Defending Legitimacy: Muslim Community Organizations and Counter-Terrorism Law and Policy in Australia
 Chong, Agnes.

Defense Counsel in Criminal Cases: A Profile of Defense Counsel’s Role in Felony Cases Processed in the Nation’s 75 Most Populous Counties
 Cohen, Thomas.

Defining a Role for Direct Democracy in Non-Essential Government Spending
 Hoffer, Stephanie.

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Economic Arguments in Antitrust Litigation: When, How, and By Whom Are They Presented?
 Haw, Rebecca.

Economic Crises and Intellectual Censorship
 Darian-Smith, Eve.

Effects of Economic Recovery on the Volume and Nature of Litigation: Evidence from Job Discrimination Litigation
 Farhang, Sean.

Effects of Mortality Salience on Capital Punishment Sentencing Decisions
 Beringer Jones, Megan. and Wiener, Richard.

Efficiency Federalism
 Parlow, Matthew.

Emotion and the First Amendment
 Wells, Christina.

Empathetic Leadership
 Lee, Rebecca.

Empirical Measures of Judicial Activism
 Domino, John. and Pettibon, Patrick.

Employment Discrimination Implications of Iqbal and Twombly
 Seiner, Joseph.

Employment and Exile: U.S. Criminal Deportations, 1908-2005
 King, Ryan., Massoglia, Michael. and Uggen, Christopher.

Empowerment and Repression
 Holzer, Elizabeth.

Enforcing IPR through Culture-Based Institutions: The Role of Religion in Fighting Software Piracy
 Gouda, Moamen. and El-Bialy, Nora.

Engendered Policy: The Domestic Violence Law in Japan
 Freiner, Nicole.

Entering the Judiciary: Comparing Women Judges and Women Magistrates
 Mack, Kathy. and Roach Anleu, Sharyn.

Entrepreneurship and Employee Ownership
 Bodie, Matthew.

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Facing the Compliance Challenge: Hercules, Houdini, or the Charge of the Light Brigade?
 Haines, Fiona.

Factors that Influence the Protective Order Process for Rural and Urban Victims: Implications for Legal Advocacy, Social Justice, and Policy
 Logan, TK.

Failure to Arrest: A Pilot Study of Police Response to Domestic Violence in Rural Illinois
 Benson, Sara Rachel.

Fairness, Utility, and Market Risk
 Schwartz, Jeff.

Family Law and the Limits of the Will Theory? "Contract," Conjugal Rights, and the Globalization of Classical Legal Thought into Late 19th Century India
 Chaudhry, Faisal.

Far From the Monied Crowd: Social Exclusion as Cause and Effect of Over-Indebtedness
 Patel, Ashish. and Balmer, Nigel.

Fatal Distraction: Does the Texas Capital Statute Discourage the Consideration of Mitigating Evidence?
 Vartkessian, Elizabeth.

Fathers in Law: The Impact of Children and Childcare on Men's Legal Careers.
 Dau-Schmidt, Kenneth.

Favoring the Former Colonizer: Law, Ethnicity, and Portuguese Immigration to Brazil
 Mendes, José.

Fear vs. Rage: Assessing How Emotion Affects Policy in the Wake of Terror Attacks
 Rubin, Gabriel.

Fear, Duty, and Regulatory Compliance: Lessons from Three Research Projects
 Kagan, Robert A.., Gunningham, Neil. and Thornton, Dorothy.

Federalism, Radical Critical Citizens, and the Limits of Political Participation
 Strauber, Ira.

Felony Defendants in Large Urban Counties, 2006: An Overview of How Defendants Charged with a Felony Offense Are Processed from Initial Appearance through Adjudication and Sentencing
 Kyckelhahn, Tracey. and Cohen, Thomas.

Female Directors and Corporate Boards
 Wheeler, Sally.

Feminist Legal Realism? Realistic Women on the Benches, in the Trenches, and Beyond
 Quinn, Mae.

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GPS Tracking as Search and Seizure
 Gershman, Bennett.

Gaps between Membership and Belonging: Salvadoran Immigrant Youth and the Possibility of “Common Law” Citizenship
 Coutin, Susan. and Trager, Glenn.

Gay and Lesbian Elders: A Crisis in Aging and the Historically Contingent Nature of Identity
 Knauer, Nancy.

Gays in the Military and Pop Culture: New Heroes for the Post-Cold War Era?
 Burgess, Susan.

Gender and Global Lawyering: Analyzing the Status of Women in Global Law Fims
 Silver, Carole. and Boutcher, Steve.

Gender and Globalization: Engendering Social and Environmental Justice through Globalizing Women's Human Rights
 George, Erika.

Gender, National Identity, and the Regulation of Difference in Canadian Refugee Law
 Arbel, Efrat.

Gender-Based Violence, Help Seeking, and Criminal Justice Recourse in Haiti
 Faedi, Benedetta.

Gendered Appearance Norms in U.S. Laws and Organizations: An Analysis of Employment Discrimination Lawsuits, 1970-2008
 Trautner, Mary Nell. and Kwan, Samantha.

Genetic Maps and Ethical Compliance: The Mobilization of Lay Expertise in the Governance of Human Genetic Variation Research
 Hamilton, Jennifer.

German TV Judges
 Machura, Stefan.

Ghosts in the Postmodern Family
 Appell, Annette.

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due: Incorporating Cultural Norms and Trademark Theory into Copyright Law's Treatment of Collage Works
 Moffat, Viva.

Giving Up: Who Volunteers for Execution?
 Rountree, Meredith.

Glass Ceilings and Dead Ends: Professional Ideologies, Gender Stereotypes and the Future of Women Lawyers at Large Law Firms
 Wald, Eli.

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Has Globalization Changed Political Power in Law: Epistemological and Theoretical Lessons
 Barzilai, Gad.

He Shall Go Free: Prosecution of Human Traffickers in the Sex Trade as Sex Offenders: The Need for a Trafficker Registry
 Brown, Geneva.

Head-of-State Trials at the International Criminal Court
 Greenawalt, Alexander.

Health Care, Inequality and the Potential of New Governance
 Hunter, Nan.

Health Rights Litigation and Access to Medicines in Costa Rica: Priority Classification of Successful Cases from the Constitutional Court
 Wilson, Bruce. and Norheim, Ole.

Hiring Teams from Rivals: Theory and Evidence on the Evolving Relationships in the Corporate Legal Market
 Beardslee, Michele., Coates IV, John., Wilkins, David. and Nanda, Ashish.

Historical Hawaii Court Records: Crime, Punishment, and Gender during the Monarchy Period (1849-1892)
 Nakamura, Brent. and Feeley, Malcolm.

Hopi Tradition as Juris-Diction: On the Potentializing Limits of Hopi Sovereignty
 Richland, Justin.

How Can You Say You’re Korean? Law, Governmentality, and National Membership in South Korea
 Lee, Chulwoo.

How Civil Litigation Improved American Policing
 McCoy, Candace.

How Do International Human Rights Treaties Affect the Design of National Constitutions?
 Elkins, Zachary., Ginsburg, Tom. and Simmons, Beth.

How Do You Blame the Supreme Court?
 Galoob, Stephen.

How Law Can Come in from the Cold: The Possibility of Politics
 Bowring, Bill.

How Maori Entered the New Zealand Parliament: Language Ideologies and the 1867 Maori Representation Act
 Gershon, Ilana.

How Resistance Matters in Public Bureaucracies: Collective Moral Identities and the Micro-Politics of Legal and Policy Change among Parole Agents, Social Workers, and Teachers
 Rudes, Danielle. and Morrill, Calvin.

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I Can Has Lawyer? Toward a New Participatory Legal Culture
 Jewel, Lucy.

I Was Seen and I Was Asked
 Schultz, Ulrike.

IPR Enforcement amid Reform and Practice: Identifying the Determinants of Software Piracy Using a New Set of Indicators
 Hawash, Ronia. and El-Bialy, Nora.

I'm Using My Nightstick: How Police Officers Develop Their Views about Using Force
 Oberfield, Zachary.

Ideas and Institutional Change: Baja California Courts in Comparative Perspective
 Ingram, Matthew.

Identity Politics and the Battle to Control Indigenous Innovation
 Long, Doris.

If You Build It, They Will Fill It: The Unintended Consequences of Prison Overcrowding Litigation
 Guetzkow, Josh. and Schoon, Eric.

Illegalizing Change: Local Immigration Law and the Preservation of Collective Memory
 Longazel, Jamie.

Imagining Different Selves: Discourses and Practices Surrounding Rehabilitation, Transformation, and the (Im)Mutability of Character
 Goodman, Philip.

Imagining SOSHA (Sex Occupations Safety & Health Administration)
 Davis, Adrienne.

Imagining the Rule of Law in Nineteenth-Century Britain: The Story of the Clan
 Weiner, Mark.

Immigrant Activism and the Political Construction of Family
 Pallares, Amalia.

Immigrant Rights in a Post-Rights Reform Era
 Koulish, Robert.

Immigrants Rights and the Anti-Slavery Analogy
 Bosniak, Linda.

Immigration Enforcement, Racialization, and the State: The Case of Car Impoundments
 Prieto, Samuel.

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Judges and Gender: Making Movies for the Masses
 Applebaum, David.

Judges and Intersectionality in India
 Stewart, Ann.

Judges in Ancient Near East
 Kociszewski, Pawel.

Judges on Trial in Contemporary Italy. Preliminary Grids for a Research Project
 Olgiati, Vittorio.

Judging DWI Trials: The Case for Eliminating the Right to Jury Trials for Misdemeanor DWI Cases
 Gershowitz, Adam.

Judging Judge Judy and Other Television Judges
 Marder, Nancy.

Judging Police Lies: An Empirical Perspective
 Wilson, Melanie.

Judging the Common Good: An Unaccounted Judiciary and Challenges of Political Transition
 Yusuf, Hakeem.

Judgments of Offenders: The Role of Empathy
 Wood, Jane.

Judicial Constraints: Challenges to the Constitutionality of State Statutes in Civil Cases
 Palazzolo, Cynthia.

Judicial Discretion in Specialized Courts: Understanding Changes to Bail Practices
 Maurutto, Paula. and Hannah-Moffat, Kelly.

Judicial Emotion
 Maroney, Terry.

Judicial Erasure of Mixed-Race Discrimination
 Leong, Nancy.

Judicial Gender Perspectives in Resolving FMLA Conflicts
 Martin, Elaine. and Pyle, Barry.

Judicial Protection of Right to Health in Colombia: An Elusive Promise?
 Parra-Vera, Oscar. and Yamin, Alicia.

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Khmer Roge Tribunal - An Experiment in Hybrid Justice
 Ahmed, Anees.

Kin Triumphant: The Enshrinement of Family Reunification in Immigration Law, 1952-1965
 Wolgin, Philip.

Kinds of Legitimacy: Mediating between Moral and Legal Reasoning and Rule-Violating Behavior
 Cohn, Ellen., Trinkner, Rick., Van Gundy, Karen. and Rebellon, Cesar.

Know-How: Its Legal Definition and Regulation
 Arup, Christopher.


Labour Human Rights and Labour Conflicts Resolution: ILO and the Case of Portugal
 Ferreira, António. and Henriques, Marina.

Land Transaction Institutions and the Scale of Agricultural Production in Early Modern Societies: Comparing China and England
 Zhang, Taisu.

Language Assistance and Local Voting Rights Law
 Ancheta, Angelo.

Lasting Remedies for Massive Human Rights Violations: The South African Experience
 Atuahene, Bernadette.

Law Entrepreneurs
 Ribstein, Larry.

Law Firm Managing Partners: A Team Cohesion Analysis
 Bierman, Leonard.

Law Firms and IPO Pricing
 Beard, Rob.

Law Is No Laughing Matter--Or Is It?
 Podlas, Kimberlianne.

Law Market Forces Underlying International Jurisdictional Competition: The Case of Taiwan’s Regulatory Evolution on Outward Investment in Mainland China, 1997-2008
 Tsai, Chang-Hsien.

Law and Mourning: The Triangle Fire of 1911
 Pool, Heather.

Law and Society Scholarship in the Muslim Contexts
 Bilgin, Fevzi.

Law as Conversation: Courts and the Fight against Terrorism
 Scharia, David.

Law between Citizens and the State: Dynamics of Power and Resistance in Communist Property Practices (Romania, 1945-1989)
 Serban, Mihaela.

Law for Lawyers: Learning from America’s First Law School
 Simard, Justin.

Law in Action: How Immigration Attorneys Manage Legal Uncertainty
 Morando, Sarah.

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Madam, Are You Still Seeking Restraining Orders Today? On Domestic Violence Victims’ Agency in Two Different Legal Designs
 Bello Alberola, Elia.

Madness, Law, and Solidarity: Reading Jeremiah as Political Theology
 Curle, Clinton.

Magistrates, Professionalization, and Organizational Change: Moving Forward in Virginia
 Moran, Travis.

Making Courts Matter: Constitutional Change and Judicial Empowerment in Uganda and Zambia
 Simpkins, John.

Making Law after Critique: Jurisprudence of Reconstruction
 Alberstein, Michal.

Making Money While Making a Difference: Can Law Help Social Entrepreneurship Transform the World?
 Page, Antony. and Katz, Robert.

Making an International Lawyer: The Genealogy of a New Expertise
 Lazarus-Black, Mindie. and Globokar, Julie.

Making the Best of Two Bad Laws: A Comparative Look at U.S. and Canadian Inadmissibility Laws
 Garfield, David., Weldesellasie, Paulos. and Brouwer, Andrew.

Male Same-Sex Sexual Harassment: A Qualitative Analysis of Observer Decision Making
 Blenner, Jordan., Smith, Amy. and Wiener, Richard.

Male Subjects as Sexual Victims: The Recognition of a Legal Problem in the United States
 Small, Jamie.

Managing Contracts and Relationships: Trust and Cooperation in Industrial Clusters
 Paquin, Julie.

Manifest Disregard and the Imperfect Procedural Justice of Arbitration
 Burch, Thomas.

Manufacturing Consent and Liberating Elites: The Discordant Functions of Colonial Law
 Massoud, Mark.

Markets and Morality: Do Free Markets Corrode Moral Values?
 Chen, Daniel.

Marriage as Punishment
 Murray, Melissa.

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NPM and Craftsmanship: An Explorative Case Study in a Utilities Company into a Neglected Relationship
 Bacharias, Yannis. and Mascini, Peter.

Naming and Shaming in Regulatory Enforcement
 van Erp, Judith.

National Experiments in Reconciliation and Multiculturalism
 Murdocca, Carmela.

Nations Re-Bound: Race and Necropolitics at the U.S. and E.U. Borders
 Márquez, John.

Natural Mentors and Delinquency: The Siblings Paradox
 Noh, Jooyoung., Kelley, Margaret. and Swicegood, Gray.

Negotiating Federalism
 Ryan, Erin.

Negotiating Social Rights on the Frontlines of Service Delivery to Immigrants with Precarious Status
 Bhuyan, Rupaleem.

Neighborhood Disfranchisement and Voter Turnout in 2008
 Burch, Traci.

Neoliberal State Violence: Torturing Demonstrations of Democratic Strength
 Passavant, Paul.

Networks of Lawyers in National Policymaking
 Heinz, John., Paik, Anthony. and Southworth, Ann.

Networks, Beliefs, and Decisions: Latour and Derrida on Democracy
 McLane, Patrick.

New Frontiers in Family Law
 Kessler, Laura.

New Trials for Old Evil: Latin American Trials and the Brazilian Case
 Brandao, Cristina.

Niger-Delta as a ''Terrorist'' Space: Implications for Peace Process
 Ogunfeyimi, Adedoyin.

No Human Being is Legal: The Problem of Citizenship for Migrant Rights
 Kurland, Shannah.

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Obama and the Rhetoric of Justice
 Hartnell, Anna.

Obama, Reagan, and the American Narrative
 Reger, Alexander.

Objective Antecedents of Procedural Justice Judgments in Bilateral Negotiation
 Hollander-Blumoff, Rebecca.

Occupational Commonsense, Bias, and Expertise on the Jury
 Diamond, Shari., Rose, Mary. and Murphy, Beth.

Of Triangles and Dialogues: Moving beyond Rights and Violations in Social and Economic Rights Enforcement
 Brinks, Daniel. and Gauri, Varun.

Off the Shelf: Reflections on the Federal Bureau of Prisons' Standardized Chapel Library Project
 Harris, Joshua.

Officially Immune? Liability of Former Officials for International Law Violations in National Courts
 Keitner, Chimene.

On Regulation and Evolution: Charles Francis Adams and the Sunshine Commission
 Sagy, Yair.

On the Constitutionality of the Defensive Democracy: An Analysis of Taiwan’s Grand Justice Interpretation No. 644
 Huang, Hsin. and Chen, Yi.

On the Defensive: Translating the Same-Sex Marriage Debate in California for the Public and Policymakers
 Fisher, Shauna.

Online Arbitration: Locus Arbitri as a Social Construct
 Jemielniak, Joanna.

Open Source and Financial Regulation: Technology to Improve Securities Disclosure and Financial Regulators
 Gerding, Erik.

Organizational Diversity and Racial Inequality: Can Law Promote Social Change?
 Bowman, Jamillah.

Organizational Obstacles and Disability Access Litigation
 Burke, Tom. and Barnes, Jeb.

Organizational Personality and the Propensity to Comply and Overcomply
 Coglianese, Cary.

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Panchayats in the Bombay Presidency , 1780-1830: Attitudes and Aspirations
 Jaffe, James.

Parental Incarceration, Child Homelessness, and the Invisible Consequences of Mass Imprisonment
 Wildeman, Christopher.

Passed beyond our Aid: Deportation, Law, and the Unplanned American Diaspora
 Kanstroom, Daniel.

Patriarchy in Japan and in the West
 Parker, Richard.

Patterns and Problems in Environmental Policy Transitions
 Huber, Bruce.

Pay Transparency
 Ramachandran, Gowri.

Performing “Reason” from Sheppard v. Maxwell to The Fugitive
 Lewis, William.

Philanthropic Foundations and the Reform Agenda in K-12 Education
 Carr, Patrick.

Plaintiffs' Lawyers and the Tension between Professional Norms and the Need to Generate Business
 Martin, Joanne. and Daniels, Stephen.

Playing God: The Legality of Plans Restricting People with Disabilities from Scarce Resources in Public Health Emergencies
 Hensel, Wendy. and Wolf, Leslie.

Pleasure Panic: Where Law Meets Culture in the Criminal Prosecutions of U.S. Pain Management Doctors
 Loeb, Elizabeth.

Police Compliance with Constitutional Restraints when Stopping Citizens (i.e. Terry Stops)
 Liverman, Thomas.

Police Reform in Brazil: Police and Public Support
 Skogan, Wesley.

Police Reform, Civilian Control, and National Security in the Republic of Georgia (former USSR)
 Light, Matthew.

Police and the Rule of Law in Russia
 McCarthy, Lauren.

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Quasi-Crime and Quasi-Punishment: Criminal Process Effects of Immigration Status
 Chin, Gabriel Jack. and Skidmore, Doralina.

Quasi-Mothers: The Shifting Perceptions of Foster Mothers in the Legal System
 Shaughnessy, Joan.

Queer Theory, Cyber-Ethnographies, and Researching Online Sex Environments
 Ashford, Christopher.

Questioning Corporate Time through a Cinematic Breakdown of Humanity
 Kleinhans, Martha-Marie.


Race and American Indian Tribal Nationhood
 Fletcher, Matthew.

Race, Educational Loans, and Bankruptcy
 Atkinson, Abbye.

Racial Justice and Legal Categories of Minority Group Rights
 Hooker, Juliet.

Racial Profiling and a Punitive Exclusionary Rule
 Holland, Brooks.

Racial and Ethnic Minority Representation in Large U.S. Law Firms
 Gorman, Elizabeth. and Kay, Fiona.

Re-Thinking the Command to "Come Out"
 Robinson, Russell.

Real Estate Transactions and Entrepreneurship
 Malloy, Robin Paul.

Realism, Old and New: On the Place of Critique in Post-Realist Sociolegal Theory
 Rose, William.

Reassessing the New Commonwealth Model of Constitutionalism
 Gardbaum, Stephen.

Reconciling the Duties to Maintain Impartiality and to Provide a Meaningful Hearing: An Empirical Study of Lawyers' Perceptions of Fairness of Judicial Assistance to Self-Represented Litigants
 Goldschmidt, Jona. and Stalans, Loretta.

Redefining Chinese: Nationality Law, Jus Sanguinis, and Colonial/Post-Colonial State Succession (1909-1980)
 Shao, Dan.

Redefining Corporate Residency to Enforce Worldwide Taxation against Runaway Corporations and Shareholders
 Fleming, Jr., J. Clifton.

Refiguring Slavery: Trafficking the Exceptionalism of US Democracy
 Hua, Julietta.

Reflexive Law and Welfare Regulation
 Kristiansen, Bettina.

Reform Approaches for Quasi-Judicial Officers in Two Jurisdictions: Are They Prototypes for Other Settings?
 Lepage, Cory.

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STEM Women in the Academic Workforce: The Impact of the Socio-Legal Environment on Institutional Characteristics and Faculty Diversity
 McNeely, Connie L. and Vlaicu, Sorina.

Sacrificing Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: The Law Ritual and Battle of the Sacreds
 Soboslai, John.

Sales or Plans: A Comparative Account of the "New" Corporate Reorganization
 Ben-Ishai, Stephanie. and Lubben, Stephen.

Sanctions and the Lack of Redress in the British New Deal Programmes
 Adler, Michael.

Scattered Sand: The History of Liberty in Sun Yat-sen's Constitutional Theory
 Dale, Elizabeth.

Screening Immigrant Status: 287(g) in the Davidson County Jail
 Armenta, Amada.

Searching for Leviathan: Justice Antonin Scalia, Author of Tradition
 Tagliarina, Daniel.

Secrecy, Power, and the U.S. President
 Kitrosser, Heidi.

Secret Liens and the Financial Crisis of 2008
 Simkovic, Michael.

Securities Enforcement by the Mexican Stock Exchange: An Overview of Self-Regulation in Mexico
 Cárdenas, Eugenio.

Security a la Mexicana: Crime, Security, and Emergent Governmentalities in Contemporary Mexico
 Guzik, Keith.

Security and Terrorism-Related Inadmissibility: Impact on Refugee Resettlement to the U.S. and Canada
 Nezer, Melanie., Dench, Janet. and Williams, Glynis.

Seligman, "Some Neglected Economists," and Fiscal Sociology
 Mumford, Ann.

Senescence of the Death Penalty: Execution of the Aged of Death Row
 Rapaport, Elizabeth.

Service Animals in Educational Environments
 Huss, Rebecca.

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Tailoring Objective Standards to Individuals
 McMunigal, Kevin.

Taming the Wild Beast: The Regulation of Equity Derivatives in New Zealand
 Seuffert, Nan.

Tax Eclectism and a Critical Look at the Economic Argument for Taxing Only Labor Income
 Sanchirico, Chris.

Tax Subsidies for Retirement Saving: Some Inequities in the Canadian Context
 Young, Claire.

Taxation and Social Justice: Lessons from 20th Century New York
 Crawford, Bridget.

Taxed by Default
 Field, Heather.

Techniques of Governance and State Legitimacy in West African Small Arms Control
 Hultin, Niklas.

Tell Us What You Really Think: Oral Dissenting on the Supreme Court
 Shapiro, Carolyn. and Schmidt, Christopher.

Tensions and Troubles in Transition: A Micro-Sociology of State-Based Juvenile Justice Reform
 Cox, Alexandra.

Terrorism-Related Inadmissibility Grounds: Litigation Strategies in the United States and Canada
 Ragland, Thomas. and Jackman, Barbara.

Terrorists on Trial: Comparative Perspectives on Specialized Courts for Terrorism Trials
 Setty, Sudha.

Testing the Correspondence between State Enforcement and Compliance
 Welsh, Michelle.

Text into Numbers: Measuring Law in Empirical Research
 Burris, Scott.

That's Not Discrimination! Motivational and Cognitive Factors in the Perception of Discrimination
 Eyer, Katie.

The "Future > Past Bias": Interpretations and Implications for Tort Litigation
 Hook, Jay.

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U.S. Exceptionalism in the Political Asylum Context
 Meili, Stephen.

U.S. Immigration Laws and Salvadoran Families: The Impact of Immigrants’ Legal Status on Transnational Family Well-Being
 Abrego, Leisy.

US Culture War in Singapore: Same Rhetoric, Different Outcome
 Chen, Jianlin.

Un/Transformative Constitutionalism: Land Reform, Taxation, and the Right to Health in the Courts of Brazil
 da Silva, Virgilio. and Ferraz, Octavio.

Uncertainty, Profit, and the Business Judgment Rule
 Rhee, Robert.

Uncovering the Undervalued Role of Ideological Conflict in the Proliferation of International Law
 True-Frost, Cora.

Under the Influence of Technology: DUI and the Legal Production of Objectivity
 Mnookin, Jennifer.

Under the Influence: Implicit Bias, Proactive Policing, and the Fourth Amendment

Understanding Judicial Behavior and Legal Mobilization by Analyzing Governmental Positions in Litigation
 Dotan, Yoav.

Understanding Legislative Intent in Constitutional Adjudication
 Greenman, John.

Understanding United States Tax Policy Surrounding Small Business Tax Breaks
 Eyal-Cohen, Mirit.

Unions and Racial Justice: What Ricci and Pyett Hath Joined Together, Let No Employer Put Asunder
 Green, Michael.

Universalizing Workplace Protections
 Clarke, Jessica.

Ups and Downs in Dutch Consumer Bankruptcy Related Legislation
 Huls, Nick.

Urban Governance in Shanghai (1949- 2008): An Analysis Based on Modernization Theory
 Chuang, Min-Ta.

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Valuing Intellectual Property: An Experiment
 Buccafusco, Christopher. and Sprigman, Christopher.

Varieties of Legal Dualism: Making Sense of the Role of Law in Contemporary Russia
 Hendley, Kathryn.

Victim Participation in Criminal Trial in Japan
 Saeki, Masahiko.

Victims of Failed Border Policies: Demographics and Causes of Death of Unauthorized Migrants in Southern Arizona
 Martinez, Daniel.

Video Recording in the Interrogation Room: Comparative Study Based on Socio-Legal Analysis and Psychological Experimental Test
 Ibusuki, Makoto.

Visual Commonsense and Visual Bias
 Feigenson, Neal.

Voluntary Regulation as Gap-Filler: The Case of the Mexican Environmental Audit Program
 McAllister, Lesley.

Vulnerable Youth: Collateral Consequences of U.S. Immigration Policies and Practices
 Zatz, Marjorie. and Rodriguez, Nancy.


WIP ACCEPTED--The Low-Resource Plaintiff and Procedural Rules
 Coleman, Brooke.

WIP ACCEPTED--Work in Progress Paper--Accounting for Silence: Nation, Narration, and the Politics of Redress between China and Japan
 Koga, Yukiko.

WIP ACCEPTED--Work in Progress Paper--Bias in Selection of Juveniles for Pre-Adjudicatory Diversion
 Stone, Kristin.

WIP ACCEPTED--Work in Progress Paper--Institutional Discretion and Racial Disparity in Arrest Rates
 Sekhon, Nirej.

WIP ACCEPTED--Work in Progress Paper--Mental Health Courts and General Systems Theory
 Daly, Kevin.

WIP ACCEPTED--Work in Progress Paper--My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad: The False Dichotomy between Gay Dads and Black Dads
 Pearson, Kim.

WIP ACCEPTED--Work in Progress Paper--Political Blackness: The Construction of Blackness in Brazil, France, South Africa, and the United States
 Davis, Angelique.

WIP ACCEPTED--Work in Progress Paper--Political Plus Racial: Linking Indian Racial Identity and Tribal Political Rights
 Rolnick, Addie.

WIP ACCEPTED--Work in Progress Paper--Public Discourse about Citizenship in Egypt: The "Safe" Way to Call for Increased Rights
 Stumpo, Pamela.

WIP ACCEPTED--Work in Progress Paper--Right to Water: A Story of Law, History, and Freedom
 Parmar, Pooja.

WIP ACCEPTED--Work in Progress Paper--Transnational Legal Mobilization before the European Court of Human Rights
 Dolidzè, Anna.

Wasted Talent and Hard Work: An Evaluation of Framing in the Immigrant Rights Movement
 Gleeson, Shannon. and Gonzales, Roberto.

We Don’t Need No Ghetto Education: Educating for Citizenship Through A Youth Development Approach to School Searches
 Forman, Sarah Jane.

We’re All Niggas It Seem Like: The Original Rainbow Coalition and Racial Power in Chicago, 1968-1984
 Lopez, Antonio.

What Does It Take for Children to Have Rights? Internationalization of Law, a Children’s Champion, and Few Kids
 Gran, Brian.

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You Know You Gotta Help Me Out
 Gray, David.

You’re Asking ME? Juror Questions in Capital Proceedings
 Greenlee, Mel.


ZZ PAPER AUTHOR(S) DID NOT APPEAR Another Glance toward the Mentally Ill Offenders: Should We Change Departments?
 ZZ DID NOT APPEAR Oliveira, Renata. and ZZ CO-AUTHOR 1ST AUTH DID NOT APPEAR Gonçalves, Rui.

ZZ PAPER WAS NOT PRESENTED--authors did not show--The Changes in the System of Civil Servants in Turkey
 ZZ DID NOT SHOW Avci, Mustafa. and ZZ CO-AUTHOR--#1 AUTH DID NOT SHOW Yildirim, Turan.

ZZ PAPER WD (NIGHT BEFORE SESSION) 1123 Perceptions of Justice and Police Accountability: Measuring Satisfaction and Deterrence Benefits of Mediating Police Complaints
 ZZ DID NOT ATTEND--em\'d chair nite before session Soler, Marcos.

ZZ PAPER WITHDRAWN 2302 Political Economy of the Network Neutrality in Europe
 ZZ WD Kitsing, Meelis.

ZZ PAPER WITHDRAWN 2320 Derivative Works in a Digital World: Authorship and Adaptation
 ZZ WD Wong, Mary.

ZZ PAPER WITHDRAWN 2513 Love, Law, and Liberty in Early Afro-Protestantism
 ZZ WD Stone, Andrea.

Zones of Indistinctions, Exceptionalism, and Asylum
 Howard-Wagner, Deirdre.
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