The Law and Society Association 2011-May-30 to 2011-Jun-06

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20 Years of Water Conflicts in Chile: Where Do We Go from Here?
 Reyes Mendy, Francisca. and Larrain, Sara.


A Case Study in Blurring Boundaries and Widening Gaps in Canadian Aboriginal Law
 Siegel, Shana.

A Class of Their Own: An Initial Look at the Influence of Conservative Christian Law Schools
 Wilson, Joshua.

A Collective Good: Disability Diversity as a Value in Public Sector Collective Bargaining Agreements
 Basas, Carrie.

A Common Law for Labor Relations (redux)
 Fischl, Richard.

A Comparative Analysis of Elite Narratives of Counterterrorism in France and the United States
 Hotchkiss, Nikole.

A Comparative Critical Examination of the Empirical Foundations beneath Personal Insolvency Laws’ Conceptions of Consumer Debtors
 Spooner, Joseph.

A Constitutional Analysis of Practice of Workforce Quota in Disability Law in Taiwan
 Wang, Yun-Ju.

A Contextual Process: Understandings of Transitional Justice in Rwanda
 Palmer, Nicola.

A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Advocacy and Legal Advice Centers
 Nischan, Ulrike., McAtee, Rebecca., McBride, Jonathan. and Hoechst, Jonathan.

A Credit History: Emancipating the Financial Identities of Married Women
 Seith, Patricia.

A Critical Perspective on International Equity
 Infanti, Anthony.

A Danse Macabre: State Violence and Indigenous Australians in the Enduring Colonial Moment
 Harris, Mark.

A Deconstruction of Hohfeldian Rights
 DeLong, Sidney.

A Dialogue with Postcolonial Studies: Discourse Analysis of the 2007 European Union Enlargement Acts
 Filipescu, Corina.

A Disability Critique of Torts: Preliminary Directions
 Mor, Sagit.

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Backdoor Harmonization: The New Era of Tax Information Exchange
 Ring, Diane.

Balancing Intellectual Property Rights Protection and Access to Medicines: Evidence from Four Andean Countries
 Andia, Tatiana.

Bank Capital Regulation by Enforcement: An Empirical Study
 Hill, Julie.

Banking Reform in Authoritarian Regime: China 1998-2009
 Wang, Siman.

Barking at the FDA's Door: Calling for Change in the Laws that Regulate Pet Food and Drug Products
 Gardner, Emily.

Be the Brand: Required Involvement in Social Media
 Liebler, Raizel. and Chaney, Keidra.

Beasts and Bloodlines: Legacies of Slavery in Colonial Ghana
 Penningroth, Dylan.

Because Emergency Shelters Are for Emergency Situations: Regulating Liminal Legality in Violence against Women Shelters
 Bhuyan, Rupaleem. and Jeyapal, Daphne.

Because I’m Born Here: How the Legal Contours of Belonging Shape Citizenship and Membership in the United States
 Bloemraad, Irene.

Becoming American
 Banks, Angela.

Becoming a Prosecutor: How Prosecutors Grow into Their Professional Roles
 Levine, Kay. and Wright, Ron.

Behind More and More Litigation: Chinese Characteristics of Dispute Resolution Compared to the US and Japan
 Jingwen, Zhu.

Between Citizens, Aliens, and Enemies: Judicial Review of Administrative Detentions in the Israeli Supreme Court
 Krebs, Shiri.

Between Compassion and Discipline: Homeless Shelter Service Providers, (In)Formal Rules, and Their Tactics
 Ranasinghe, Prashan.

Between Individual Rights and Islamic Litigation: The Dynamics of Legal Mobilization in the Context of the Egyptian Legal System
 Cannon, Connie.

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CSI v. Law & Order: Creating Diverse Evidentiary Expectations Among Jurors?
 Borland, Suzanne.

California Initiatives and Direct Democracy: Does Process Undercut Substance?
 Weinberg, Joanna.

Can "Prepolitical" Communities Be Democratically Legitimate?
 Oman, Natalie.

Can Litigation Bring More Equity to Health? A Comparative Study of Six Developing Countries
 Ferraz, Octavio.

Can Originalism Undermine Judicial Independence? The Comparative Anatomy of a Successful Court-Packing Plan
 Varol, Ozan.

Can Regulation Infuse Corporations with Value?
 Gilad, Sharon.

Can Victimized Children Take Part in the Criminal Process? A Proposed Needs-Rights Model
 Gal, Tali.

Can We Turn from Studying Informal Economy to Studying Registered Economy?
 Paneyakh, Ella.

Canines on Campus: Service Animals in Post-Secondary Institutions
 Huss, Rebecca.

Captured Specialists? The Promise and Performance of Medical Courts in Taiwan
 Chen, Thomas.

Case Study of an Australian Disciplined Lawyer
 Haller, Linda.

Caught in the Middle: Transsexual Marriage and the Disconnect between Sex and Legal Sex
 Anthony, Deborah.

Challenges Facing the Construction of a Vernacular Legal System in Timor Leste/Timor Lorosae
 Powell, Richard.

Changing the Marriage Equation
 Widiss, Deborah.

Chapter Choice, Race, and Attorney Attitudes
 Lawless, Robert. and Cohen, Dov.

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Dangerous Categories: What Corporate Insiders Say about Director Diversity
 Conley, John.

Debating Death: Furman, Gregg, and Supreme Court Decision Making
 Shemtob, Zachary.

Debt Forgiveness and Apology: Judicial Decision Making in Bankruptcy
 Robbennolt, Jennifer. and Lawless, Robert.

Decarceration through Law: Criminal Law, Development, and Social Change
 McLeod, Allegra.

Decentring Workplace Law: Risk and Polycentric Order
 Doorey, David.

Defendant Sex, Attributions of Culpability, and Severity of Sentencing
 Merlino, Mara., Alexander, Cierra. and Walker, Tashaunda.

Defending the (Free) Artistic Function of Trademarks
 Calboli, Irene.

Defending the Indefensible: Why Society Should Protect Snitches
 Rich, Michael.

Defining Terrorism: Comparative Perspectives Ten Years after 9/11
 Setty, Sudha.

Defining “Fill”: The Struggle over Surface Mining in Appalachia
 Hirsch, Susan.

Delegation and the Regulation of Finance in the United States Since 1950
 O\'Halloran, Sharyn., Epstein, David. and ZZ WD NOT ATTENDING ADD Mc Allister, Geraldine.

Delegation of Judicial Tasks to Law Clerks: Trends and Consequences
 Doornbos, Nienke. and Praagman, Silke.

Democracy and Judicial Power: Pakistan and Bangladesh in Comparative Perspective
 Ghias, Shoaib.

Democracy, Human Rights, and Criminal Punishments: The Hidden Paradoxes of the Humanistic Discourse
 Possas, Mariana.

Depoliticizing and Repoliticizing Development in Emerging Markets
 Musaraj, Smoki.

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E-Resistance and Technological In/Security in Everyday Life: The Palestinian Case
 Shalhoub-Kevorkian, Nadera.

Economic Development through Decentralization in US and EU
 Nicola, Fernanda.

Economic Recovery Rules and Attorney Representation in Civil Rights Litigation
 Farhang, Sean. and Spencer, Douglas.

Economic and Social Rights in the USA: Implementation without Ratification
 MacNaughton, Gillian.

Effects of Corporate Litigation on Executive Turnover and Board of Directors Composition: An Empirical Analysis
 Liu, Chelsea.

Egalitarian Liberalism and the Case for Minimum Workplace Entitlements
 Rogers, Brishen.

Electronic Surveillance in Sweden and Iceland: A Comparative Study of Behavioural Assumptions in Legislative Debates
 Gustafsson, Paer. and Stefansson, Kolbeinn.

Eliminating Rights and the Politics of Being Burmese
 Cheesman, Nicholas.

Embedded Liberalism in Crisis: Irish Famine Ships, African American Communities, and Fugitive Slaves in the US-Canadian Borderlands, 1845-55
 Freyer, Tony.

Emerging Themes in Comparative Constitutional Law
 Perju, Vlad.

Empathy and Judging
 Lee, Rebecca.

Empirical Scholarship in Israeli Legal Academia: What Has Changed in the Last Decade and Why
 Holzman-Gazit, Yifat. and Bendor, Ariel.

Employer-Provided Mobile Communication Devices: Keeping the Employees' Expectation of Privacy Realistic?
 Green, Michael.

Enforcing Directors’ Duties in Australia: A Model for U.S Corporate Governance?
 Jones, Renee. and Welsh, Michelle.

Entrepreneurial Finance and Performance: A Transaction Cost Economics Approach
 Robb, Alicia.

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Facade or Formation? The Potential Influence of International Law on Canada's New Labour Law Constitutionalism
 Banks, Kevin.

Factors Affecting Gender Differences in Japanese Lawyers’ Specialization Choices
 Nakamura, Mayumi.

Fair or Fared? Comparing First Amendment Defenses in Copyright, Right of Publicity, and Trademark Cases
 Tehranian, John. and Bartholomew, Mark.

Fairness and Formulas: The Standardization of Family Law When There Is No Standard Family
 Baker, Katharine.

Fairness and International Taxation Revisited
 Kaufman, Nan.

Faith-Based Initiatives and the Politics of Religious Rescue
 Louk, David.

Faked or Truthful Second Language Proficiency: Assessing Claims
 van Naerssen, Margaret.

Family Law Exceptionalism and Civil Rights: Part I – Race and the Constitutional Colorblindness Norm
 Eyer, Katie.

Family Law Reimagined: Recasting the Canon of Family Law
 Hasday, Jill.

Family Violence, Family Protection: The Sexual Politics of State Appropriation
 Thuma, Emily.

Family or Contract? Recognition of Homoaffective Union in Brazilian Legal System
 Meirelles, Delton. and Fernandes, Fernanda.

Fast Trackers in a Litigation Firm and Team Learning Effectiveness
 Bock, Heather. and Berman, Lori.

Federal Corporate Law Ready or Not: Adding Together FCPA, SOX, AML, Dodd-Frank, and SEC Rule 14a-8
 Stevelman, Faith.

Federal Preemption: Disentangling the Local from the State in Immigration Cases
 Decker, Annie.

Federalism and Climate Adaptation Policy
 Kaswan, Alice.

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Gang Realities: Advocacy, Representation, and Gang Intervention in the Transnational Sphere
 McGuire, Connie.

Gatekeepers and Social Control at Both Ends of Pregnancy: Genetic Counselors and Child Protection Reporters
 Roberts, Dorothy.

Gender Constructs
 Rosenbury, Laura.

Gender Diversity on the Bench: How Do Men React to an Increase in Female Judges?
 Scherer, Nancy.

Gender Education for the Judiciary in Argentina: An Assesment
 Kohen, Beatriz.

Gender and Judging: Comparative Aspects
 Schultz, Ulrike.

Gender in the Boardroom
 Wheeler, Sally.

Gender, Difference, and Professionalism amongst Brasilian Judges
 Bonelli, Maria da Gloria.

Gender, Race, Wealth, and Tax
 Fellows, Mary. and Kahng, Lily.

Gendered Injustices: The "Security State" and Political Trials under Anti-Terror Laws
 Singh, Ujjwal.

Gendering "Soft" Policing: Multi-Agency Working and the Fragilities of Occupational Culture/s
 McCarthy, Daniel.

Generational Differences in Workforce Commitment among Lawyers
 Ohgami, Jane.

Genetic Testing and Employment Discrimination: The Need for Heightened Protections
 Ajunwa, Ifeoma.

Genocidal Rape in Darfur: The Prosecution of Sexual Violence in International Criminal Law
 Ferrales, Gabrielle.

Genocide and Sexual Atrocities: Arendt's Eichmann in Jerusalem and the Karadzic Case in New York
 Nenadic, Natalie.

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H-1B Guestworkers, Non-Resident Disputants: Resistance and Law in the New US Knowledge Economy (1990-2010)
 Clark, Gabrielle.

Habits of Near Eastern Legal Orthodoxy
 Salaymeh, Lena.

Hate Crimes and the Narration of Community: Territory, Visibility, Anonymity
 Poirier, Marc.

Health Insurance Regulation and Healthy Behavior
 Baker, Tom.

Health Is Wearing a Suit: Are Today’s Public Interest Lawyers Suited to Deal Effectively with Health Problems?
 Feddersen, Mayra.

Healthy Choices
 Lobel, Orly.

Helping Hand-Cuffs: Criminal Justice and Social Welfare Symbiosis in the Regulation of Skid Row
 Stuart, Forrest.

Heroes and Villains: A Case Study of Evatt Francis Anthony Merchant
 Woolley, Alice.

Hills v. Gautreaux and Public Housing Integration: The Origins and Limits of Chicago's Voucher-Based Desegregation Program, 1966-1997
 Gill, Andrea.

Holding Us All Accountable: Legal Failure and Political Success after Emmett Till’s Murder
 Pool, Heather.

Home Court Advantage: Sustaining Regulatory Bargains in Weak Institutional Environments
 Post, Alison.

Homeland Insecurity: Private Delegation of Public Safety
 Imoukhuede, Areto.

Horizontal European Legal Integration and its Effects
 Littlepage, Kelley.

Hostile Indian Tribes, Outlaws, Wolves, Bears, and Things Like That? The Second Amendment, Supreme Court Precedent, and Tribal Self-Defense
 Tweedy, Ann.

How Child Welfare Workers in the US, England, and Norway Experience the Court
 Skivenes, Marit.

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I Wasn't Born to Be a Criminal: Ex-Offenders and Their Strategies in the Quest for a Job
 Enriquez, Elaine.

IP Policy for the UN Green Fund
 Van der Veen, Menno.

IRS Opportunism: What Respect Should Courts Accord Rulings and Regulations Issued During Litigation?
 Lederman, Leandra.

Imagining Justice: An Exploration of the Controversy Surrounding Subversive Images of Justitia in Nineteenth Century Liverpool
 Mulcahy, Linda.

Imagining Otherness: The Political Novel and Animal Rights
 Rasmussen, ClaIre.

Immigration Enforcement’s Gravitational Pull
 Kalhan, Anil.

Immigration Law and the Legitimation of Discrimination
 Johnson, Kevin.

Immigration Law's Information Brokers
 Lee, Stephen.

Immigration Policy Activism: A San Francisco Bay Area’s Multiethnic Coalition
 Suárez, Paola.

Immigration Procedures and the Unmaking of an Immigrant Subject
 Cohen, Avinoam.

Immigration Reform and the Long-term Care Workforce in the United States
 Kraiem, Daniela.

Immigration in Criminal Court
 Eagly, Ingrid.

Impounding Justice: An Analysis of the Enforcement and Adjudication of Vehicle Impoundments in Chicago between 2005 and 2009
 Berk, Christopher. and Mathless, Gabriel.

Improving the Benefit Corporation: How Traditional Governance Principles Can Enhance the Innovative New Business Form
 Munch, Steve.

In Defense of 47 U.S.C. Section 230
 Goldman, Eric.

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Japan's Quasi-Jury and Grand Jury Systems as Agents of Social Change: Decolonial Strategies of Deliberative Participatory Democracy
 Fukurai, Hiroshi. and Krooth, Richard.

Japan’s Sentencing Disparity Before and After the Introduction of the Lay Judge (Saiban-in) System
 Fujita, Masahiro. and Hotta, Syûgo.

Jews, Law, and Identity Politics in the Progressive Era
 Forbath, William.

Joint and Several Liability: I Do Not Think That Statute Means What You Think It Means
 McMahon, Stephanie.

Judges and Lawyers: Comparing How They Are Seen and What They Do in Different Countries
 Kurkchiyan, Marina.

Judicial Architecture on Trial: From Opacity to Transparency? A Comparative Perspective on the Evolution of Places and Palaces of Justice
 Marrani, David.

Judicial Dispute Resolution: The Japanese Approach
 Feldman, Eric.

Judicial Empowerment in Authoritarian Regimes
 Alexander, John.

Judicial Ethics and Legal Implications of the Problem-Solving Courts
 Bettinger-Lopez, Sean.

Judicial Ideology in New Democracies: Ideal Points of Justices on Brazil's High Court
 Desposato, Scott., Ingram, Matthew. and Lannes, Osmar.

Judicial Selection: Diversity, Inclusion, and the Idea of Justice
 Gomez-Velez, Natalie.

Judicialisation and Social Citizenship in the Norwegian Welfare State: Toward Empirical Analysis
 Aasen, Henriette.

Judicialisation and Temporary Agency Work in Norway.
 Eidsvaag, Tine.

June Cleaver, Mommy Dearest, the Lone Wolf, and the Family Man: How Constructions of Gender, Marriage, Love, and Parenthood Influence Penal Attitudes
 Madeira, Jody.

Juridical Publicities: Race, Law, and the Public Force of State Inquiries
 Buffam, Bonar.

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Kigyo no Shakai-teki Sekinin: Challenges for Corporate Social Responsibility in Japan
 Sarra, Janis.

Killing Conscience: A Behavioral Economics Analysis of the Criminogenic Effects of "Pay for Performance"
 Stout, Lynn.

Korean Society and the Law on Abortion
 Kim, JaeWon.

Korea’s Effort to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emission
 Chae, Young Geun.


LGBT Elders: Rethinking Equality across the Lifespan
 Knauer, Nancy.

Labor Law, New Governance, and the Ghent System
 Dimick, Matthew.

Labor Market Rights and Immigrant Flows within Europe: The Role of the State in Shaping Destination Choices
 Palmer, John.

Labor Obligations in the US-Chile Free Agreement: The Illusion of Soft Law
 Gamonal, Sergio.

Land Disputes and Comite y’Abunzi (Mediation Committees) in Rwanda
 Doughty, Kristin.

Land Policy and Rapa Nui People: Progress and Contradictions.
 Rivas, Antonia.

Law Seen from the Inside: The Disputes over the Application of Brazilian Statutes against Gender Violence
 Rodriguez, Jose. and Machado, Marta.

Law and Climate Change: Part of the Problem, or the Solution?
 Adamian, Martin.

Law and Entrepreneurship: An Assessment Approach
 Okamoto, Karl.

Law and Science: A Meeting of the Minds
 Hussey Freeland, Deborah.

Law as Cultural Contestation: Religious Freedom and Islam in Europe and the United States
 Kalanges, Kristine.

Law as Integrity and Law as Identity: The Case of Drugs for Neglected Diseases
 Chein Feres, Marcos.

Law in the Age of Terror: Guantanamo, Biopower, and the Problem of Stateless Prisoners
 Federman, Cary.

Law, Identity, and Genocidal Violence: A Critical Reading of the ICTR Jurisprudence Concerning the “Ethnic” Classification of the Tutsi Minority
 Manfredi, Zachary.

Law, Lawyers, and Legitimacy in the Construction of Global Corporate Capitalism
 Picciotto, Sol.

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Madisonian Democracy
 Mayerfeld, Jamie.

Making Asians Visible: An Examination of Anti-Asian Racial Disparities in Criminal Processing
 Schlesinger, Traci.

Making Citizens in British Prisons
 Kaufman, Emma.

Making Rules To Be Broken: Russian NGOs, Case Work, and Legality in an Authoritarian Regime
 Light, Matthew. and Wong, Wendy.

Making a List and Checking It . . . Never: Gang Databases--Creating a Quasi-Illegal Class
 Howell, Katherine.

Making a Place in the Regulatory Space: Advice, Guidance, and Exclusion
 Brady, John.

Making the Black Box Accountable: Rethinking Governance in Public Welfare Organizations
 Jewell, Christopher.

Management of Regulatory Networks: The Case of Telecommunications Regulation in Europe
 Saz-Carranza, Angel. and Longo, Francisco.

Manning the Gates: Standing Doctrine as a Barrier to Judicial Policing of Agency Action
 Funk, William.

Mapping (In)Equality
 Pruitt, Lisa.

Mapping the Fragmented Matrix of Trade, Culture, and Intellectual Property in Global Law
 Burri, Mira.

Marginalizing the "Other" in Terrorism Detentions: The Debate over Institutionalized Preventive Detention"
 Duffy, Maureen.

Market Logic and Rankings
 Espeland, Wendy.

Market Price, Social Price, and the Right to the City: Taxes and Rates in Rio and the United States
 White, Alan.

Maximum Feasible What? Seeking Deepened Democracy in Social Welfare Policy from the Ashes of the War on Poverty
 Bach, Wendy.

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NGOs’ Contribution to the European Court of Human Rights through Amicus Curiae Briefs
 Van den Eynde, Laura.

Narrating Law: The Construction of "Other"
 Cavanaugh, Kathleen.

National Judges as European Union Judges: Knowledge, Experiences, and Attitudes of Lower Court Judges in Germany and the Netherlands
 Nowak, Tobias. and Hertogh, Marc.

Nationalizing Cosmopolitanism: The Regularization of Undocumented Migrants and the Nation-State in a Comparative Perspective
 Duman, Yoav.

Native American Capital Defendants in North Carolina: Striking Evidence of Discrimination, 1990-2009
 Grosso, Catherine. and O\'Brien, Barbara.

Native Landscapes, Cultivated Gardens, and the Erasure of Indigenous Sovereignty in Cinematic Accounts of Australia’s Colonial History
 Duncanson, Kirsty.

Natural Disaster as Political Event: Legalities, Entitlements, and Survivorship
 Egan, Jude.

Navigating Gender, Vulnerability and Connection
 Kelly, Alicia.

Negative and Positive Human Rights
 Fellmeth, Aaron.

Negotiating Mediation, Negotiating Modernity: A Study of the Juridical Field in Turkey
 Kalem, Seda.

Neither Rules Nor Standards
 Dean, Steven.

Neoliberalism and the Politics of Solidarity
 Veitch, Kenneth.

Network Analysis Reveals the Structural Position of Foreign Law in the Early Jurisprudence of the United States Supreme Court
 Katz, Daniel., Bommarito, Michael. and Provins, Eric.

Neuroevidence, Neuroimagery, and Jurors’ Judgments of Criminal Responsibility
 Schweitzer, N. J.. and Saks, Michael.

New Approaches to Managing Collective Redress in the United Kingdom
 Hodges, Christopher.

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Observing Youth Conflict: Dismantling an Adult-Centered Jurisprudence of Youth Violence
 Musheno, Michael.

Of Civil Liberties and Exceptional Spaces: An Analysis Policing at G8/G20 Summits
 Deak, Andrew.

Of Ethics, Statutory Interpretation, and Self-Assessment: The Modern Challenge of Balancing Tax Lawyers' Responsibilities as Gatekeepers and Zealous Advocates
 Lavoie, Richard.

Of Woman Born? Technology, Relationship, and the Right to a Human Mother
 Hendricks, Jennifer.

Of “Preferences” and Failures: Parallels between Affirmative Action and International Trade Discourses
 Oprea, Alexandra.

Offences against the (Moral) Person: HIV Transmission Offences in Australia
 Houlihan, Annette.

Offensive Venue: An Empirical Analysis of Requests for Declaratory Relief in Patent Cases
 Chuang, Chester.

Ombudsmen and the UnPIE to PIE Transformation
 Morgan, Phoebe. and Jones, Lynn.

On Past Probabilities and Future Injuries: A Temporal Investigation of the Hand Formula
 Burns, Zachary. and Caruso, Eugene.

On the Almost Universal Appeal of Therapeutic Jurisprudence
 Rosen, Robert.

On the Borderline between State Law and Religious Law: Regulatory Arrangements Connected to Kosher and Halal Foods in the Netherlands and the United States
 Havinga, Tetty.

On the Democratic Legitimacy of Judicial Review in a Constitutional Democracy
 Chen, Wen Cheng.

On the Effectiveness of Global Corporate Self-Regulation and the Power of Reputation: The Implementation of the Equator Principles by Multinational Banks
 Meyerstein, Ariel.

On the Rise of China and the Future of Chinese Political Rights
 Feng, Ching.

Once We Were Slaves, Now We Are Free: The Legal, Administrative, and Psychosocial Issues Raised by Passover Seders in Prison
 Orenstein, Aviva.

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Paradoxes of Perception
 Greene, Wendy.

Parenthood: A Barrier to Career Progression?
 Duff, Liz.

Parents and Non-Parents: The Struggle to Define Parentage in the Age of the New Family
 Grossman, Joanna.

Parliamentary Sovereignty, Constitutional Protection, and the Precariousness of Administrative Justice
 Adler, Michael.

Participatory Democracy and Its Implementation: Historical Perspective and Future Prospect--The Brazilian Internet Regulatory Framework
 Beçak, Rubens.

Passion/Provocation Tales: Sexual Infidelity from Shakespeare to Murder Trials in Late Modernity--First as Tragedy, Second as Farce
 Howe, Adrian.

Patentable Creativity and the Nature of Scientific Discovery
 Landers, Amy.

Peace Negotiations: Normatization Beyond Space?
 Kastner, Philipp.

Peak Oil and the Law: Why Resource Depletion and Ecological Limits-to-Growth Should (and Could) Be the Overarching Framework for Socio-Legal and Social Scientific Analysis
 Lipson, Daniel.

Pedagogical Breakthrough: Using the Stages of Change Model to Teach Lawyers to Represent Abuse Survivors
 Stoever, Jane.

Penal Subjectivities: Three Dimensions of Penal Consciousness among Ohio State Prisoners
 Sexton, Lori.

Penal Transportation in Eighteenth-Century London: Alternative to a Death Sentence or Netwidening Innovation?
 Rubin, Ashley.

Pension Policy and the Public Interest
 Schwartz, Jeff.

Perceptions of Justice by the International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia and the Local Courts
 Kutnjak Ivkovich, Sanja. and Hagan, John.

Perceptions on Violence against Women: Defying the Boundaries of Law
 Duarte, Madalena. and Oliveira, Ana.

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Questioning the Utility of Desert in International Criminal Law
 Woods, Andrew.


Race and Gender Differences in the Careers of Young Lawyers
 Payne-Pikus, Monique., Nelson, Robert. and Hagan, John.

Race in the Legal Order of Colonial Saint-Domingue (1720-1789)
 Gomis, Christelle.

Race, Sovereignty, and Empire
 Thobani, Sunera.

Racial Discrimination, Relationships, and Cultural Capital: Investigating the Sources of Law Firm Racial Inequality
 Woodson, Kevin.

Racial Disparity in Traffic Enforcement: Police Response to a Legitimacy Crisis
 Hakstian, Anne-Marie.

Racial Reinvention in Early 20th Century America
 Munshi, Sherally.

Racism and Racial Discrimination Cases in the Brazilian Judiciary: Empirical Research on Rulings of Nine Brazilian Appeal Courts
 Machado, Marta.

Rationalization without Secularization: The Revival of Islamic Commercial Jurisprudence and the Growth of Islamic Finance, 1975-2010
 Calder, Ryan.

Re-Theorizing America's Punitive Turn: Accounting for Regional and Temporal Variation across the States
 Campbell, Michael. and Schoenfeld, Heather.

Re/Appropriating Understandings of Law, Courts, and Democracy through LGBT and Racial Justice Movement Litigation
 Leachman, Gwendolyn.

Ready to Listen: The North Carolina General Assembly’s Decision to Go Where the McCleskey Court Wouldn’t
 O\'Brien, Barbara. and Grosso, Catherine.

Realizing the Potential of Instructions to Disregard
 Demaine, Linda.

Rearranging Deck Chairs on the Titanic: Rule of Law Development Assistance to Weak, Warring, and Troubled Countries
 Alkon, Cynthia.

Reasonableness with Teeth: The Future of Fourth Amendment Reasonableness Analysis
 Lee, Cynthia.

Recognition and Distribution in Public Policy: The Case of South Africa
 Ferguson, James.

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SAMs: Pretrial Solitary Confinement, the War on Terror, and the Preventive State
 Laguardia, Francesca.

Sanctioned Ignorance: Violence, Subjugated Knowledges, and the Reasonable Person in Residential School Litigation
 Blackburn, Carole.

Sans Papiers as Subjects of Legality
 Barbero, Iker.

Saving Face(book): How Social Networking During Voir Dire Will Eviscerate What's Left of Batson
 Morrison, Caren.

Scale and Time in Human Rights: Gender Equality and Canada’s Indian Act
 Painter, Genevieve.

Scales of Law: Rethinking Climate Change, Terrorism, and the Global Financial Crisis
 Osofsky, Hari.

Scarcity and Redistribution in International Law: A Case Study in High Seas Fisheries
 Boon, Kristen.

Scarecrows and Canaries: Justice and the Youthful Other
 Hogeveen, Bryan.

Scientific Truths: Emerging Contours of the Liberal Security State
 Lokaneeta, Jinee.

Searching for the Missing Link: Trade, Censorship, and Human Rights in the Digital Era
 Gao, Henry.

Secularizing Shari'a: Islamic Law and Family Planning in Indonesia (1938-2005)
 Menchik, Jeremy.

Secure Communities? Conflicts over State and Local Autonomy in Immigration Enforcement
 Desormeau, Katherine. and Tan, Michael.

Securities Law in Cyberspace: The Regulation of Securities Markets in Virtual Societies
 Chaffee, Eric.

Security, Punishment, and Transformation: Contradiction and Symbiosis at San Quentin Prison
 Lindahl, Nicole.

Seeking Justice for English Language Learners: The Intersection of United States Standards, Finance, and Law
 First, Patricia., Ordu, Chinasa. and Martinez, Edna.

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Taking Exception and Testing Governmentality's Limits: The Case of Financial Markets and Urban LIfe
 Lippert, Randy. and Williams, James.

Taking Our Country Back: The Tea Party and Coercive Constitutionalism
 Daum, Courtenay. and Ishiwata, Eric.

Taking the Cows to Court: Religious Authority and Constitutional Discourse in Postcolonial India
 De, Rohit.

Tax Compliance under High Penalty Regimes
 Morse, Susan.

Tax Lawyers and the Construction of Taxpayer Identity
 Regan, Mitt.

Tax Pluralism
 Likhovski, Assaf.

Tax Policy, Federalism, and Climate Change: Negotiating Jurisdictional Boundaries to Solve a Boundless Problem
 Mann, Roberta.

Tax Reform in Japan and the Occupation: Why Comprehensive Income Taxation Failed to Take Root
 Muramatsu, Ryo. and Brownlee, W. Elliot.

Tax Sweets or Eliminate "Sweet" Subsidies from the American Diet? Can Taxation Make Us Healthier?
 Brown, Eleanor.

Tea Party Politics Redux: Racial Constitutionalism and the Tragedy of American Democracy
 Miller, Lisa.

Teens, Porn, and Videogames: Time to Rethink Ginsberg?
 Humbach, John.

Tempests and Teapots: A Crisis in Civic Literacy
 Kennedy, Sheila.

Terroir-ism: Legal Indexicality and the Politics of Place in a Space of Flows
 Perry, Richard.

The "Common Sense" of Taxing Services: Values and Value Conflicts at the Swedish Tax Agency
 Björklund Larsen, Lotta.

The (Willingly) Fettered Executive: Presidential Spinoffs in National Security Domains and Beyond
 Michaels, Jon.

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U.S. Private Equity Investments in India
 Afsharipour, Afra.

Un/Regulated Public Art and Forced Reconciliation
 San Roque, Mehera.

Una Cosa Segura? Technological Artifacts and the Enforcement of Security in Mexico’s War on Crime
 Guzik, Keith.

Uncertain Protection: The Undefined Scope of the Third-Party Retaliation Doctrine
 Fink, Jessica.

Under the Colonial Gaze: Ethical Forensics, Obstetric Jurisprudence and the Legal Death of the Sleeping Baby in the Mother’s Womb
 Larson, Satyel.

Understanding Gender through Sex Discrimination Law
 Kosbie, Jeffrey.

Understanding Jury Usage in Democracies: A Survey of 80 Countries
 Sikich, Keri.

Understanding Problem-Solving Courts: Theoretical and Practical Recommendations for Legal and Mental Health Professionals
 Castro, Anthony.

Understanding Sectoral Reregulation in China’s New Regulatory State
 Hsueh, Roselyn.

Understanding Tenure Rights in Natural Resources Management: A Case from East Kalimantan, Indonesia
 Simarmata, Rikardo.

Understanding and Valuing Family-Level Notions of Justice: Engaging Parents as a Legitimacy-Building Approach in Juvenile Delinquency Court
 Pennington, Liana.

Understanding the Regulatory Moment: Uncovering the Initial Stages in the Development of a Regulatory Regime
 Howlett, Michael. and Newman, Joshua.

Understanding the Rise of the Regulatory State in the Global South: A Framework for Analysis
 Morgan, Bronwen.

Undocumented Debtors in the Bankruptcy System
 Ondersma, Chrystin.

Undocumented Immigrants as Plaintiffs in American Courts: Crusading for Human Rights or Chasing the American Dream?
 Szantova Giordano, Stella.

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Valorizing Disobedience within the Ranks: Law and Resistance in Popular Culture
 Khoday, Amar.

Vengeance, Complicity, and Criminal Law in Othello
 McAdams, Richard.

Victims of Medical Accidents Require Highly Specialised Legal Advice: But How Does Specialisation Really Effect Medical Malpractice Claiming?
 Melville, Angela. and Stephen, Frank.

Victims, Perpetrators, and Resistance: Expanding the Scope of Transitional Justice
 Leebaw, Bronwyn.

Viewing the Defamation of Religions Debate through the Prism of Otto-Preminger-Institut v. Austria
 Kahn, Robert.

Violent Liberty: Black Masculine Slaves and the Project of Self-Making
 Lovelace, Vanessa.

Voting Rights for the Documented and/or Undocumented? Lessons from the U.S.
 Hayduk, Ron.

Vulnerable Stability: Benefits and Disadvantages of Temporary Protected Status for Salvadoran Transnational Families
 Abrego, Leisy.


WORK IN PROGRESS PAPER--ACCEPTED 01--Corporate Culture and the Law
 Olazabal, Ann. and Sanchez Abril, Patricia.

WORK IN PROGRESS PAPER--ACCEPTED 01--What If? A Study of Seminal Cases as if Decided in a “Twombly/Iqbal” Regime
 Coleman, Brooke.

WORK IN PROGRESS PAPER--ACCEPTED 02-- Assessing Securities Enforcement Across Latin American Financial Systems
 Cárdenas, Eugenio.

WORK IN PROGRESS PAPER--ACCEPTED 02--1930s New Deal Legislation and Its Legal Underpinning for Fair Employment Practices: The Work of William H. Brown and his work with EEOC
 Porter, Aaron.

WORK IN PROGRESS PAPER--ACCEPTED 03--Affirmative Action in Brazil: What Does It Mean for the Society? What Challenge Does It Create for Legisture?
 Ferreira, Renato.

WORK IN PROGRESS PAPER--ACCEPTED 03--Codified Native Customs: British Government and Plague in Late Nineteenth-Century India
 Brillman, Michael.

WORK IN PROGRESS PAPER--ACCEPTED 03--Intersectionality and the Politics of Reinvention
 Ribet, Beth.

WORK IN PROGRESS PAPER--ACCEPTED 04--Are We Overpoliced? How Do We Measure This?
 Roots, Roger.

WORK IN PROGRESS PAPER--ACCEPTED 04--Police Officer or Judge? Sentencing Manipulation in the Undercover War on Drugs
 Tinto, Katie.

WORK IN PROGRESS PAPER--ACCEPTED 04--The Social Problem of Hospital and Jail Overcrowding: Gatekeeping and the Imagination of Poverty
 Lara-Millan, Armando.

WORK IN PROGRESS PAPER--ACCEPTED 05--Deal or No Deal? Delivering Justice in Misdemeanor Courts
 Brown, Cynthia.

WORK IN PROGRESS PAPER--ACCEPTED 05--There Goes The Neighborhood: An Examination of Preferences in Neighbors as a Reflection on Criminal Justice Decision-making
 Balgobin, George.

WORK IN PROGRESS PAPER--ACCEPTED 06--Challenges of indebtedness in relation to released prisoners
 Olesen, Annette.

WORK IN PROGRESS PAPER--ACCEPTED 06--Legal Education in Portugal: An Analysis of Curriculums and Pedagogical Practices in Law Schools
 Hagino, Córa Hisae.

WORK IN PROGRESS PAPER--ACCEPTED 07--Different Colors, Different Voices, and Different Experiences: Collective Memories of Students in Oklahoma during the Era of the Brown v. Board of Education
 Liang, Bin.

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Yesterday’s Privations: Rehabilitation and Empowerment in an American Prison
 Clark, Robert.

Young and Undocumented: The Impacts of Undocumented Immigration Status on the Integration of Immigrant Youth in Los Angeles
 Patler, Caitlin.


Zoning In: State Power and the Siting of Drug Rehabilitation Clinics
 Walker, Bela August.

Zoning for Dollars: What Is the True Value of Donated Real Property?
 Elliott, Heather. and Lee, Grace.
The Law and Society Association 2011-May-30 to 2011-Jun-06
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