The Law and Society Association 2012-Jun-03 to 2012-Jun-09

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140 Character Assassination
 Garfield, Leslie.

3D Access to Justice: The Need for Participatory Justice in Judicial Dispute Resolution?
 Roberge, Jean-Francois.

3D Visualization System for Lay Judges to Understand Legal Disputes on Trial
 Sato, Tatsuya.

40% of these Guys Have This Hillbilly Look: How Prosecutors and Defense Attorneys Think about People Who Commit Sexual Crimes
 Small, Jamie.

“You Can’t Handle the Truth”:Institutionalized Rape Culture in the United States Military
 Tucker, Tiffany.


A Canadian Law Dean at the University of Minnesota: American Influences on Canadian Legal Education
 Adams, Eric.

A Change of Heart: Toward a Relational Model of Reproductive Decision-Making
 Madeira, Jody.

A Civilized Brothel?
 Crofts, Penny.

A Comparative History of U.S. and Japanese Resistance to the Value-Added Tax
 Mehrotra, Ajay. and Nomura, Hiroyasu.

A Comparative Study of Within and Across Country Variations in the Globalization and Localization of the Different Branches of Islamic Law: A Case Study of the U.K and the U.S.
 Kozak-Isik, Gulseren. and Kozak, Aysegul.

A Conceptual Administrative Manual: Discursive Formations in Japan's Heritage Nomination Process
 Yamada, Toru.

A Consequential Court: The U.S.Supreme Court in the 20th Century
 Kagan, Robert.

A Constitutional Remedy for the Urban Underclass
 Sidhu, Dawinder.

A Contemporary East-West Dialogue: The Orientalism Discourse in the Relationship between the European Union and the Western Balkans
 Filipescu, Corina.

A Contested Institution: The Case of Law Reviews
 Kluttz, Daniel. and Haveman, Heather.

A Core Case for Judicial Review: Striking the Dynamic Balance between Constitutionalism and Democracy
 Chen, Wen Cheng.

A Criminogenic Tier Approach to Fraud in the U.S. Mortgage Market
 Rorie, Melissa. and Simpson, Sally.

A Different Jurisprudential Performance: A Rule of Law for Animals
 Deckha, Maneesha.

A Fairness Model of Legal Institutions
 Donovan, James.

A Framework for Testing the Validity of Forensic Science Evidence
 Kemp, Richard. and Martire, Kristy.

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Back to Basics: Rethinking the Fundamental Issues in Japanese Corporate Governance after the Olympus Case
 Aronson, Bruce.

Bad Blood
 Robinson, Russell.

Balancing Freedom of Expression and Reputation: The Media Defamation Law in the People’s Republic of China and Jurisprudence of UN Human Rights Committee
 Chin, Yik Chan.

Balancing Multiple Objectives of Youth Justice: The Tale of a Youth Therapeutic Court in Canada
 Marinos, Voula.

Banking Regulation between Freedom and Security
 Manâa, Monia.

Bankruptcy, (Dis)Trust in the Market, and Stigma in the Iberian Countries
 Frade, Catarina. and Lopes, Claudia.

Bare Life: Animal States of Exception
 Banerji, Anurima.

Basketball in the Key of Law: Legal Sensibilities and Disputing in Pick-Up Basketball Games
 DeLand, Michael.

Beauty Treatment: Policing the Public Image of Graffiti and “Mental Illness” in Canada
 White, Kimberley.

Because of Sex
 McGinley, Ann.

Becoming a Victim: Protectionism and the Cultural Analysis of Human Trafficking Act in Taiwan
 Wang, Hsiao-tan.

Being Homeless in Montreal: A New Form of Civil Death?
 Fortin, Veronique.

Belford V. Lawson: Supreme Court Advocate
 Parks, Gregory.

Betraying the Dead and the Living: The Mothers of Srebrenica and Destruction of Memorial Culture by the ICTY
 Simic, Olivera.

Between Copyright and Geographical Indications: Protecting Traditional Cultural Expressions in Ghana
 Boateng, A Boatema.

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Cameras at the Supreme Court: A Rhetorical Analysis
 McElroy, Lisa.

Campus Sexual Intimidation as a Prop for Neoliberal Ideology
 Stiritz, Susan.

Can "Echronometrics" Expose and Measure the Invisible Determinants of Civil Case Disposition Time?
 Economides, Kim. and Haug, Alfred.

Can International Regulation Confront the Abuses of Corporate Power? Examining Struggles to Subject Global Capital to the Rule of Law
 Bittle, Steven. and Snider, Laureen.

Can Patients Tell When They Receive Bad Quality Medical Care? Evidence from American Hospitals.
 Young, Cristobal.

Can Punitive Damages Aid Victims and Deter Injurers?
 Ikeda, Yasuhiro.

Can Worker Assemblies Give Chinese Workers a Voice?
 Estlund, Cynthia.

Capacity and Autonomy: A Thought Experiment on Minors' Access to Assisted Reproductive Technology
 Duke, Naomi.

Caring for the Stranger: Maori Perspectives on Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Aotearoa
 West-Newman, Catherine.

Catastrophes and Compensation: Lessons from Japan?
 Feldman, Eric.

Catch Me If You Can: Revisiting the Role of Anti-Circumvention Provisions under International Law
 Kobayashi, Tomohiko.

Cause Lawyering Inside the State
 NeJaime, Douglas.

Cause Lawyers and Dialogical Lawmaking in Vietnam
 Gillespie, John.

Celebration or Abomination? Gay Pride and Religious Right(s) in Belfast
 Curtis, Jennifer.

Challenges of Emergency Response: History, Hollywood, and Health Hazards’ Laws
 Gerwin, Leslie.

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De-Politicization of Judicial Reform: China’s Problems and Countermeasures
 Xin, Xu.

Deaf Perspectives on Access to Justice: Utilising a Legal Consciousness Framework
 Hirons, Sarah.

Deal Technology
 Afsharipour, Afra.

Death by Any Other Name: Definitionalism's Impact on America's Response to Genocide
 Brown, Christopher.

Debt Discharge for Insolvent Consumers: Classification and Explanation of Personal Bankruptcy in 15 Countries
 Heuer, Jan-Ocko.

Debts and Legal Consciousness
 Rantala, Kati.

Default Judgments about Paternity Are Lies We Shouldn't Tell Children
 Hatfield, Kara.

Defending One's Self: From the Self Defense Doctrine to the Castle Law
 Browning, Sandra. and Miller, R. Robin.

Defending the Rights of the Homeless in Quebec: The Case of a Research-Action
 Bellot, Céline.

Deferring to Secrecy
 Kwoka, Margaret.

Defining Education: Indicators and Human Rights Discourse
 Fisher, Angelina.

Defining Future Seas: The Sustaining Subjects of Sustainable Governance
 Sullivan, Kate.

Defining the In-Crowd: Exploring the Causes and Consequences of State Occupational Regulation
 Red Bird, Beth.

Democratic Positivism and Tax Expenditure Management: A Wintry Antipodean Critique of Positivism's Limitations
 Burton, Mark.

Demonic Ambiguities: Enchantment and Disenchantment in Nathaniel Turner's Virginia
 Tomlins, Christopher.

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EU Immigration Policy and the Dilemma of the Third Country National: Making a Case for a “Principle of Racially Constituted Identities”
 Barahimi, Mina.

EU Law and the Prospects for Achieving Shared Legal Outcomes
 Littlepage, Kelley.

Earthquake and Property Law: An Historical Perspective
 Koyanagi, Shunichiro.

Education Not Deportation! Undocumented Students and the Reframing of the Debate about Immigrant Rights
 Patler, Caitlin. and Gonzales, Roberto.

Effects of Procedural Fairness on Civil Litigations in Japan: Different Influences on Acceptance and Satisfaction from Case Types
 Imazai, Keiko. and Sugawara, Ikuo.

Elder Protection Clinic at Pennsylvania State University Law School: A Model for Service-Based Legal Education
 Pearson, Katherine.

Electing Simplicity
 Barry, Jordan.

Eliminating FTC's Ugly Stepsister: The Case for Single Agency Federal Antitrust Enforcement
 Bush, Darren.

Em/Placing Law: Contesting Law, Place, and Belonging in Solomon Islands
 Monson, Rebecca.

Emerging Relationships after Tsunami: On Collective Relocation after 3/11 in Japan
 Kimura, Shuhei.

Emotion and Jury Deliberation: Does Expressing Emotion Make Stereotyped Holdout Jurors More or Less Persuasive?
 Salerno, Jessica.

Empirical Research on the Petition Relating to Lawsuit of China
 Hou, Meng.

Employee Dress Codes: The Contest over the Meaning of Race and Gender Identity in the Workplace
 Ainsworth, Janet.

Employment Discrimination Litigation and the Reinscription of Hierarchy
 Nelson, Robert Lee., Berrey, Ellen. and Nielsen, Laura Beth.

Ending the Failure of Finality by Federalism
 Berry, William.

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Facilitating Rights: Interest Groups and the Early Implementation of Title VII
 Woodward, Jennifer.

Facilitating Successful Failures
 Harner, Michelle.

Failure of Successful Conciliation? Toward the Gender Eduction for the Judiciary in Japan
 Minamino, Kayo.

Fair Trial or Unfair Trial? Judge’s Dual Participation in the Decision Making Process
 Okawara, Mami Hiraike. and Higuchi, Kazuhiko.

False Dichotomy: Examining the Public Functions of Private Entities
 Tucker, Anne.

Families of Color in Crisis: Bearing the Crushing Weight of the Financial Market Meltdown
 Cummings, André.

Family Law and Its Ethical Facets in Chinese Tradition
 Shan, Chun.

Family/Domestic Violence Death Reviews: An International Comparative Analysis of Existing Models
 Bugeja, Lyndal., Dawson, Myrna., McIntyre, Sara-Jane. and Walsh, Carolyn.

Faretta, Marsden, and the Pro-Se Motion: Legal Language on the Skids
 Greenlee, Mel.

Fear of a Queer Child
 Rosky, Clifford.

Federalism Conflicts in the Brazilian Supreme Court after the Constitution of 1988
 Arlota, Carolina. and Garoupa, Nuno.

Feminism and Comparative Law: A Possible Union?
 Langevin, Louise.

Feminist Asylums: Petroleum Violence, Sexual Violence, and Imperial Legibilities
 Turcotte, Heather.

Feminist Judgments: Making a Difference
 Hunter, Rosemary.

Fight against Climate Change through Dispute Resolution System: Comparative Research between the U.S. and Japan
 Osaka, Eri.

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GPS Tracking into Fourth Amendment Dead Ends: The Katz Conundrum
 Arcila, Fabio.

Gain Ethics: Enforcing Internal Code of Behavior within Japanese Crime Organizations
 Hofnung, Tamar.

Gaining Assurances
 Lee, Julia.

Gaps between Policy and Practice under Mandatory Arrest Laws: Standardized Law + Differential Training ≠ Uniform Response Outcomes
 Thacker Thomas, Devon.

Gatekeepers or Rights Keepers: Domestic Violence Court Clerks, Discretion, and Administration of Justice in South Africa
 Moult, Kelley.

Gender Training for the Judiciary: The Challenge to Measure Its Mid- and Long-Term Impact
 Kohen, Beatriz.

Gender Indicators as a Tool of Global Governance
 Powell, Catherine.

Gender and Difference among Brazilian Judges and Lawyers: Public and Private Practice in the Global Periphery
 Bonelli, Maria da Gloria.

Gender and Global Lawyering: Analyzing the Status of Women in Global Law Firms
 Silver, Carole. and Boutcher, Steven.

Gender and Judging in the UK Asylum Tribunal
 Hambly, Jessica.

Gender and Judicial Education in Cambodia
 Sakano, Issei.

Gender and Judicial Education: Weaving Law and Logic in Judicial Training in India
 Mohanty, Tapan.

Gender and Nation in Representations Surrounding the Case of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui
 Shaikh, Khanum.

Gender and Sentencing: Do Female Homicide Offenders Receive Gendered Treatment?
 Cahill, Sarah. and Dawson, Myrna.

Gender, Family, and Social Security System in Taiwan
 Sun, Nai-Yi.

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Haitians in Brazil: From Refugees to Legal Migrants
 Gomes, Charles.

Handling of Information in Disaster: Trust People or Avoid Panic?
 Ota, Shozo.

Hannah Arendt, the United Nations, and the Srebrenica (Bosnia) Genocide
 Nenadic, Natalie.

Harm, Attribution, and Remedies: A Cross-Cultural Experiment
 Mehra, Salil.

Has the Supreme Court’s Philosophy of Science Made It to Canada?
 Frederiksen, Soren.

Has the Tide Turned in Favor of Disclosure? Revealing Money in Politics after Citizens United and Doe v. Reed
 Torres-Spelliscy, Ciara.

Hate Crime in South Africa
 Gillespie, Kelly.

Hawaiian Mahuwahine, Tahitian Mahu, and Childrearing
 Zanghellini, Aleardo.

Hawai‘i’s Pre-Statehood Water Law: The Concept of Formalism
 Johnston, Keith.

He Did Everything He Possibly Could for Me…: Medical Malpractice Claimants’ Experiences of Legal Services
 Melville, Angela.

Health Insurance Choice
 Baker, Tom.

Health Rights at the Public-Private Intersection: The People’s Republic of China
 Ho, Christina.

Heightened Review in Environmental Cases: Fact or Fiction?
 Wildermuth, Amy.

Hiding Information in Civil Discovery: How Court Sanction Works and Frustration among the Japanese Bar
 Takebe, Harumi.

Hiding and Falsification of Criminal Evidence by Police and Prosecutors in Japan
 Maruta, Takashi.

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I Am the Author: Conceptions of Digital Authorship and the Management of South Asian Classical Systems of Medicine
 Fish, Allison.

IP Creation Myths: Copyright, Creativity, and Thick Description
 Arewa, Olufunmilayo.

Identity in Law: The Second Medical Use and the Drugs for Neglected Diseases
 Chein Feres, Marcos Vinicio.

If You Can't Beat Them, You Gotta Join Them: A Paradigm Shift-Victim-Turned Trafficker
 Dai, Linh.

Ignoring Parental Testamentary Appointments of Guardians for Minor Children
 DiRusso, Alyssa.

Image of Law and Lawyers in the Names of Korean Large Law Firms
 Lee, Kukwoon.

Imagining Justice after Ghailani: What Exactly Are We Afraid Of?
 Hirsch, Susan.

Imagining Justice after Occupy Wall Street: Contentions over Public Protest, Space, and Order
 Twine, France Winddance.

Imagining Justice after Revolutions: Interrogating Sovereignty in the Egyptian Rebellion
 Esmeir, Samera.

Imagining Justice after the Killing of Anwar al-Awlaki: Extra-Judicial Executions, Government Secrecy, and the Eroding Principle of Due Process
 Hajjar, Lisa.

Imagining the Law: On the Interplay between Uncertainty and the Creation of Legality
 Krasmann, Susanne.

 Kalhan, Anil.

Immigrant Japanese and Domestic Violence
 Shiratori, Noriko.

Immigration and Local Policing
 Cox, Adam. and Miles, Thomas.

Immigration in Criminal Court
 Eagly, Ingrid.

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Japan's New ADR System for Resolving Nuclear Damage Claims
 Foote, Daniel.

Japan's Prominent Lay Adjudication Trials: Appealing Acquittal Verdicts and People's Right to Try "Untouchables"
 Fukurai, Hiroshi.

Japanese Judicial Training Programs and Their Approach to Gender Issues as Women’s Human Rights
 Watanabe, Chihara.

Japanese Law School Students' Perceptions Regarding Dispute Resolution
 Yamaguchi, Aya.

Japanese Local Police Elite and Its Role in Central Policy Making and Career Development
 Yoshida, Naoko.

Japanese Long-Term Employment at the Crossroads: Looking for a Sustainable Solution
 Pejovic, Caslav.

Japan’s Evolving Lay Judge System: Room for Improvement or Even Expansion?
 Wilson, Matthew.

Judges on Screen: A Comparative Perspective
 Marrani, David. and Richard, Pascal.

Judges, Politicians, and Journalists: Trends in Adjudication of Defamation Cases in Russia, 2004-2010
 Popova, Maria.

Judging Rape: Judicial Perceptions of Rape and Sexual Assault
 Tombs, Jacqueline. and McMillan, Lesley.

Judging in Shades of Grey
 Pulte, Alexander.

Judicial Course Corrections in the Wake of Financial Crisis
 Glater, Jonathan.

Judicial Dispute Resolution: Australia and New Zealand Issues with Judges Holding Private Meetings in Judicial Dispute Resolution
 Sourdin, Tania.

Judicial Dispute Resolution: Comparing Judges
 Zariski, Archie.

Judicial Diversity: Is Disagreement a Positive Objective in Law?
 Lynch, Andrew.

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Keep On Keepin’ On? Conceptualizing and Operationalizing Judicial Review
 Pickerill, Mitch. and Ward, Artemus.

Keeping the Arrows in the Quiver: Mapping the Contours of Morality in the Exercise of Prosecutorial Discretion
 Wilks, Stephen. and MacLean, Charles.


LGBT Movement, Legal Mobilization, and Judiciary in Brazil
 Fanti, Fabiola.

Labor Rights as Duties of Justice: A Cosmopolitan Approach
 Milman-Sivan, Faina. and Dahan, Yossi.

Labouring through the Supply Chain: Do Codes of Conduct Influence Supply Chain Managers?
 Doorey, David.

Lack of Data on Ethnicity, Language, and Religious Affiliation and Protection against Discrimination
 Gul, Idil.

Land Law Federalism
 Ostrow, Ashira.

Land Use Disputes and Creative Acts of Resistance
 Layard, Antonia.

Latina/o Immigrants and the American Dream
 Bender, Steven.

Latino Immigrants' Diverse Experiences of "Illegality" in the U.S.
 Abrego, Leisy.

Law and Health in Systems Theorie
 Ramos, Luiz.

Law and Order on a Beer Mat: The Intellectual Tourist
 Priaulx, Nicolette.

Law and Order: Dispute Disposal Unit
 Levin, Hillel.

Law and Social Movements in South Africa: Rights Framing or Rights Framed?
 Madlingozi, Tshepo. and Dugard, Jackie.

Law and Society in Critical Historicism
 Gordon, Robert.

Law and Society: A Historical Perspective from Evidence Law
 Porwancher, Andrew.

Law and the Circulation of Narratives of Terror
 Shalhoub Kevorkian, Nadera.

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Machines Work; Secretaries Think: Sex Equality Law, the Comparable Worth Movement, and the Problem of Skill in Postwar Office Work
 Turk, Katherine.

Madison's Full Faith and Credit Clause: A Historical Analysis
 Yablon, Charles.

Madness, Masculinity, and Military Colonialism on the Tropical Frontier
 Sailiata, Kirisitina.

Mail Order Brides: The Forgotten Feminists
 Zug, Marcia.

Making Sense of the "Tainted Trade" in Private Security
 Goold, Benjamin.

Making Sense of the Myriad Meanings of Security in a Homeless Shelter
 Ranasinghe, Prashan.

Making Things Count: Gender, Sexual Orientation, and Racialization in the Criminalization of HIV Non-Disclosure in Canada
 Mykhalovskiy, Eric.

Making a Deal with the SEC: Candor, Cooperation, Contrition, and Cultural Change
 Barnard, Jayne.

Making the Invisible Visible: A Critical Look on Masculinities, Men's Agency, and Violence
 Eriksson, Susanna.

Malice in Wonderland: The Journey of the Actual Malice Doctrine in a Polarized Democracy
 Hsu, Jimmy Chia-Shin.

Malpractices in Freedom of Religion
 Fezer, Tamas.

Management of Bluefin Tuna Fisheries under International Law
 Gardner, Emily.

Managing Risky Sleepers: Sleep Experts’ Negotiation of Self-Intoxication and the Insane Automatism Dichotomy
 Rees, Gethin.

Mapping Community: State Power and the Regulation of Communities in the Juvenile Court
 Brown, Elizabeth Anne.

Mapping Inter-Organizational Collaboration for Social Justice: The Structure of Pro Bono in the United States
 Boutcher, Steven. and Acton, Ryan.

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National Treasure: A Comparative Analysis of Domestic Statutory Schemes Penalizing Illicit Excavation and Exportation of Archaeological Objects
 Alderman, Kimberly.

Navigating Safety During (In)Secure Times: Intersections of Law and Immigration Enforcement and Gender Violence
 Munshi, Soniya.

Nazrinian Monarchy in Malaysia: The Resilience and Reformation of Constitutional Residue
 Harding, Andrew.

Negligence Liability of Public Authorities: A Political Analysis
 Priel, Dan.

Negligence, Causation, and Incentives for Care
 Hylton, Keith.

Negotiating Boundaries: Hybridity and Plurality in Indigenous Governance
 Hendry, Jennifer.

Negotiating Multiple States of Liminality: Migrant Mothers in Canada Seeking Rights, Belonging, and Safety from Gender Violence
 Bhuyan, Rupaleem., Osborne, Bethany. and Juanico Cruz, Janet.

Neither Humans nor Rights: Sovereign Power, Black Suffering, and National Imagination in a Racial Democracy
 Amparo Alves, Jaime.

Neoliberal Creative Industries VS. Digital Remix Cultures
 Zeilinger, Martin.

Neoliberal Indigeneity, Anti-Neoliberal Projects, and the Bolivian State
 Bigenho, Michelle.

 Dinner, Deborah.

Networking a Sea of Islands: Mobilising the International Human Rights System to Promote Indigenous Rights
 Adcock, Fleur.

New Approaches to Studying Transitional Justice: QCA and the Identification of Multiple Transitional Pathways
 Olsen, Tricia. and Dancy, Geoff.

New Boundaries in Transitional Justice and Armed Conflict
 Reiter, Andrew.

New Challenges for Korean Professional Law Schools after the First Bar Examination in January 2012
 Tsche, Kwang Jun.

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Obama’s Presidency at Harvard Law Review
 Agozino, Biko.

Object of Insecurity/Subject to Law: Securing the Car in Mexico’s Public Registry of Vehicles (REPUVE)
 Guzik, Keith.

Observing Law in Changing Society: Call for a Critical Sociology of Law
 Bregvadze, Lasha.

Occasional Legislators: Law, Politics, and the Discourse of Judging
 Rose, William.

Occupy Student Debt: The Future of Liberal Arts Education
 Braucher, Jean.

Occupy the Fed? Central Bank Reform and the 99 Percent Agenda
 Canova, Timothy.

Occupy, National Identity, and Law Reform: Derivatives, Demonstrations, and Revolution?
 Seuffert, Nan.

Of Causative Agents: Discrepancies between the Socio-Legal and Medical Definitions of Minamata and Its Ramifications
 Daigle, Michelle.

Of Course No One Saw Them: Indigenous Accused on the Canadian Plains, 1870 - 1903
 Gavigan, Shelley.

Of Enterprise Principles and Corporate Groups: Does Corporate Law Reach Human Rights?
 Harper Ho, Virginia.

Of Sinking Islands and Shooting Stars: A Human Rights-Based Solution to the Effects of Climate Change on South Pacific Island States
 Smith, Tara.

Offences against the (Moral) Person: HIV Transmission Offences in Australia
 Houlihan, Annette.

Ohana Ho‘opakele: The Role of Place in Corrective Environments
 Brown, Marilyn. and Marusek, Sarah.

Old Persons and New Citizens: A Comparative Study of Custom and Law in Hong Kong and Taiwan
 Jung, Shaw-wu.

On Judicial Leadership
 Lee, Rebecca K..

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PPPs in Global IP (Public-Private Partnerships in Global Intellectual Property)
 Chon, Margaret.

Padilla’s Two-Tiered Duty is Strickland-Lite for Noncitizens
 Garcia Hernandez, Cesar.

Painfully Obvious, Blissfully Ignored: Confronting Race in Education
 Bentley, Keisha.

Paper Routes: Portable Law across the 19th-Century Indian Ocean
 Bishara, Fahad.

Paradigm Shift of Welfare for the Elderly in Korea
 Chang, Cheoljoon.

Paradise Lost and Ways Forward: Exploring Legal Pluralism, Land, and a New Model of Hybrid Justice
 McDonnell, Siobhan.

Parliament, Treason, and the Rule of Law: 1600-1700
 Wachspress, Megan.

Partial Stratification of Japanese Attorneys: Recent National Surveys Results
 Fujimoto, Akira.

Participatory and Deliberative Democracy from Local to Global: The Example of Women's Conferences as New Spaces for Mobilization and Proposed Public Policies on Gender in Brazil
 Junior, Natália.

Past as Prelude: A Look Back at Operation Wetback
 Chacon, Jennifer.

Patenting Transgenic Animals and Plants: With a Focus on Farmers’ Right
 Chen, Lung-Sheng.

Patents and the University: The Evolution of Academic Exceptionalism
 Lee, Peter.

Patient Racial Preferences and the Medical Culture of Accommodation
 Paul-Emile, Kimani.

Patterns and Trends in Federal Pro Se Litigation
 Goldschmidt, Jona. and Stemen, Don.

Pawns for a Higher Greed
 Porter, Tracie.

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Qadi Justice in Chinese Courts: The Bureaucratization of Procedural Justice in China
 Erie, Matthew.

Questioning Authority: Why Boards Don’t Control Managers and How a Better Board Process Can Help
 Sharpe, Nicola.

Questioning the Best Interest in Intercountry Adoption: Child v. State
 Ozturk, Neva.

Quo Vadis Multi-Level Climate Governance?
 Kelly, Gerard.


R.M.S. Titanic: Underwater Cultural Heritage in Peril
 Varner, Elizabeth.

Race As Ideas: How Ideas about "Black People" Structure Policy Framings among African-American Republicans
 Fields, Corey.

Race and Medicine
 Stewart, Charmaine.

Race and Prediction
 Baradaran, Shima.

Race and Property after Emancipation
 Sawers, Brian.

Race, Class, and Gender in the Courtroom
 Brown, Geneva.

Race, Class, or Power? Perpetrator Motivation in Anti-Integrationist Violence Cases
 Bell, Jeannine.

Racial Coding of Railway Stations: Jury Deliberation about the Meaning of Place in a Mock Terrorism Trial
 Tait, David.

Racializing Islam Post-9/11
 Aziz, Sahar.

Radical Praxis
 Silva, Denise.

Rape in Darfur: The Problem of Defining Gender-Based Violence
 Ferrales, Gabrielle. and McElrath, Suzy.

Raça no Pais do Futuro: Brazil’s Journey from Branqueamento to “Racial Democracy”
 Cottrol, Robert.

Re-Examining the Compensation Package of "After the JD" Women and Men Lawyers: Introduction of New Variables
 Sterling, Joyce., Reichman, Nancy. and Plickert, Gabriele.

Re-Examining the Democratization of Credit
 Ben-Ishai, Stephanie. and Schwartz, Saul.

Re/Mapping Citizenship: Jurisdiction, Security, and the Terror of Otherness
 Labove, Joshua.

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SEIU and the Market for Public-Sector Representation
 Bodie, Matthew.

Safeguarding from Harm or Safeguarding Rights?
 Watson, Susan.

Safety Regulation for Nuclear Plants: What Are Key Factors for Nuclear Safety?
 Shiroyama, Hideaki.

Same-Sex Desire in a Small Town: Sexual Minorities and Rural Place in Context
 Boso, Luke.

Sanctions and Financial Regulation: A Meditation upon "Natural Necessity"
 Elder, Shaun.

Science and the New Rehabilitation
 Ryan, Meghan.

Searching for Internet Freedom in China: A Case Study on Google's China Experience
 Lee, Jyh-An., Liu, Ching-Yi. and Li, Weiping.

Secrecy, National Security, and the Creation and Enforcement of Intellectual Property Law
 Levine, David.

Section 8, Rent Control, and the New Progressive Property
 Bray, Zachary.

Secular Immigration? The Politics of Religious Dress, Gender Equality, and Transnational Mobility in Modern Europe
 Heard, Kathryn.

Securitization and Suburbia
 Hughes, Heather.

Sediment, Sentiment, and the Revolutionary State: Entwinements of Law and Landscape in Bolivia’s Agrarian Reform
 Winchell, Mareike.

Seeing (Yourself) Like a State: Criminal Records Expungement and the Bureacratic Self
 Myrick, Amy.

Seeing Like “The State”: The Construction of Prosecutors’ Professional Identity as Oppositional to Bureaucratic Practices
 Martorano Van Cleve, Nicole.

Seeing Sex Offenders Like a Bureaucracy: The Construction of a Narrowly Focused Penal Gaze
 Headworth, Spencer.

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TRAFCORD and Its Participation in the Promotion of Human Rights to Counter Human Trafficking in Thailand
 Wongsa, Duean.

Tackling Women's Poverty across Contexts: A Role for the Right to Social Security
 Goldblatt, Beth.

Taking Fragile Families Seriously
 Harris, Leslie.

Taking the Environmental Justice Principle Seriously in EU Environmental Policy
 Drosos, Spyridon.

Tales of the Unexpected in Copyright Law
 Yu, Peter.

Talking Sugar 2020: The (In-)Coherence of EU Agriculture, Trade, and Development Policies
 Serrano, Katharina.

Tamil Tigers in Indian Special Camps
 Dasgupta, Abhijit.

Taming the Pragmatic Leviathan in Post-Colonial Constitutional Design
 Tan, Eugene.

Tax Administration: Bureaucratic Praxis as an Aspect of Fiscal Sociology
 San Juan, Eric.

Tax Ban on House of Worship Partisan Electoral Speech Inhibits Democratic Participation and Discriminates against Some Religions and Minorities: Hallowed First Amendment Protections Be Damned
 Crimm, Nina. and Winer, Laurence.

Tax Subsidies for the Religious Training of Children in Religious Schools in US and Canadian Tax and Constitutional Law: “Public” or “Private” “Personal” (In)Tangible Benefits of a Suspect “Gift”
 Cartwright, Meredith.

Taxation, Legal Fictions, and Male "Capture" of Wealth: Gender, Corporate Integration, and Joint Taxation
 Lahey, Kathleen.

Taxing Families: The Troubling Disconnect between State and Federal Law
 Cain, Patricia.

Telling Stories from Start to Finish: Exploring the Demand for Narrative in Refugee Testimony
 Vogl, Anthea.

Telling a Code of Law: Interactive Grounds and Contingencies of Giving Legal Advice in Japan
 Kashimura, Shiro.

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US Constitution and Brazilian Democracy
 Tucunduva Sobrinho, Ruy.

Un/Reserving Indians: Legal Pluralism and Indigenous Identities
 Hunt, Sarah.

Unauthorized States: Immigration Actions through the Eyes of the Child Welfare Agency
 Rodriguez, Naomi.

Unbearable Whiteness of Seeing: How the News Media Covers the Militarization of the USA-Mexico Border
 Kil, Sang.

Uncle Sam Wants YOU. . . To Do Whatever He Says: Propaganda and Public Perception
 Reed, Kelly.

Uncomfortable Spaces, Closed Spaces: Theorizing Female Correctional Workers’ Sexual Interactions with Men and Boys in Custodial Settings
 Smith, Brenda.

Uncovering the Roots of the Nation-Wide Counterpublic Sphere in China
 Lei, Ya-Wen.

Undermining or Promoting Democratic Government? An Economic and Empirical Analysis of Public Sector Collective Bargaining
 Dau-Schmidt, Kenneth.

Understanding Professional Forbearance
 Onwuachi-Willig, Angela.

Understanding immigration laws through a sociocultural framework
 Feddersen, Mayra.

Undocumented, Unafraid, and Unapologetic: Undocumented Youth, Civil Disobedience, and Redefining Belonging
 Patler, Caitlin.

Uneven Developments: Madison’s Pro-Union Demonstrations and the Policing of Occupy Wall Street
 Passavant, Paul.

Union Made: Labor’s Litigation for Broad Social Change
 Garden, Charlotte.

Unpacking Socio-Legal Constructions of Human Trafficking in Popular Culture
 Kinney, Edith.

Unravelling Amnesties: The Quest for Justice in Latin America
 Lessa, Francesca., Pereira, Gabriel. and Braid, Emily.

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Value Pluralism in Federal Sentencing: Uniformity in Sentencing and Substantive Rationality
 Kim, KiDeuk.

Valuing Care: How Does Private Law Account for Care?
 Degeling, Simone. and San Roque, Mehera.

Verbal Equivalents to Likelihood Ratios: Limited Probative Value, Strong Prejudicial Effect, Inconclusive Admissibility, Immoderate Usage
 Gans, Jeremy.

Victim Impact Statements in Sexual Assault Cases in Canada: Exploring Women's Narratives of Harm
 Balfour, Gillian.

Victoria's New Homicide Laws: Provocative Reforms or More Stories of Women "Asking for It"?
 Tyson, Danielle.

Viewing Values, Constituting Courts: Documenting Court Actors’ Constitution of the Phoenix Immigration Court
 Abbott, Katherine.

Violence against Women in Afghanistan: Activism, Advocacy, and Agency
 Bazilli, Susan.

Violence and Power along the Gender Axis: Restorative Justice for Violence within the LGBT Community
 Hopkins, C. Quince.

Violence in Adolescent Dating Relationships: In Danger of Losing Its Gendered and Legal Reality
 Stein, Nan. and Hong, Gena.

Vital World: Life on the Line...
 Coombe, Rosemary.

Vitality for Life and Law: Fostering Student Resilience, Empowerment, and Well-Being at Law School
 Marychurch, Judith.

Voluntary Cooperation with Regulatory Law: A Case Study of the Enforcement Process for Outdoor Advertisement Regulations in Kyoto
 Takamura, Gakuto.

Volunteering and Willingness to Serve
 Musick, Marc., Dury, Sarah. and Rose, Roger.

Vulnerable Youth: Untangling the Consequences of Immigration Policies and Practices on Children, Families, and Communities
 Zatz, Marjorie.


WTO’s Environmental Requirements and Agricultural Market Access: Challenges for Bangladesh as a Least Developed Country
 Royhan, Pradip.

Wai through Kanawai: Water for Hawai`iʻs Streams and Justice for Hawaiian Communities
 Sproat, D. Kapua.

Walking Away: Social, Legal, and Economic Determinants of Strategic Default
 Owens, Lindsay.

Walmart and the Challenge of Controlling the Abuse of Buyer Power
 Carstensen, Peter.

War Crimes and the Justice Dispositif
 Shapiro, Michael.

Water, Water Everywhere…and No Where: Immigration and the Doctrine of Prior Appropriation
 Romero II, Tom.

Ways of Pluralizing: Between Relational and Oppositional Legal Formation
 Noble, Brian.

We Are Who We Thought We Were
 Kauanoe, Derek. and Swann Nu\'uhiwa, Breann.

We Are the 99%: An Evolutionary Game Theory Argument for Flattening the Hierarchy
 Roithmayr, Daria.

We Live in a Country of UNHCR: The UN Surrogate State as an Alternative Basis for Refugee Rights
 Kagan, Michael.

Welfare Rights Adjudication between Institutional Constraints and Economic Inequality
 Fidalgo de Freitas, Tiago.

Well-Being Analysis vs. Cost-Benefit Analysis
 Bronsteen, John., Buccafusco, Christopher. and Masur, Jonathan.

What Can Regime Theory Tell Us About International Business Regulation?
 Fellmeth, Aaron.

What Do Chinese Judges Maximize?
 Jiahui, Ai.

What Do Shareholders Really Value?
 Stout, Lynn.

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You Are What You Post: Social Networks and Fundamental Rights
 Andrews, Lori.

You Can Rub My Shoulders But Don't Send Me Emails: Public Perceptions of Sexual Harassment
 Weinberg, Jill., Nielsen, Laura Beth. and Freese, Jeremy.

You Show, You Go: The Trajectory of Intimate Partner Violence Pre- and Post-Partum
 Moe, Angela. and Kothari, Catherine.


ZZ PAPER NOT PRESENTED Immigration and Political Culture in Europe: A Comparative Study
 Garcia-Rivero, Carlos.

ZZ PAPER WAS NOT PRESENTED Criminalizing the "Heretic": Judicial Debates on the “Ahmadi Question” in Pakistan
 Saeed, Sadia.

ZZ PAPER WD NA Regulating Competition in Informal Economies: The Dark Fight in a Cut Throat Industry
 ZZ WD NA Timm, Suzall.

ZZ PAPER WD NA The Development and Use of Sustainability Assurance Standards by Non-State Actors
 ZZ WD NA Sonnerfeldt, Amanda.
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