The Law and Society Association 2013-May-30 to 2013-Jun-03

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"Everyone Does It to Everyone": Transgression as Contagion in Recent School Bullying Legislation
 Maguire, James.

"It Will not be Absurd to Call English Laws ‘Laws’”: English and European Legal Culture
 McSweeney, Thomas.

"Loophole" is not a Four Letter Word: Tax Planning & the Ethical Tax Lawyer
 Field, Heather.

"Material Support to Terrorism" Laws: A History of Congress's Successes and Failures in Defining "Terrorism"
 Brulin, Remi.

"Old Age": Or, Do We Need a Critical Theory of Law and Aging?
 Hall, Margaret.

"Postcards from the Future": Representing Climate Change
 Hay, Bruce.

"Privilege, in Its Evil Sense": Law, Privilege, and the Company of Parisian Brokers in Nineteenth-Century France
 Leuchter, Tyson.

"Putting a Human Face on Climate Change”: Rewriting Climate Politics in the Language of Law
 Koski, Jessica.

"Rugged Vaginas" and "Vulnerable Rectums": The Sexual Identity, Epidemiology, and Law of the HIV Epidemic
 Ahmed, Aziza.

"Seeing Like a Cop": How Homeless and Impoverished Residents Negotiate Hyper-Policing in Everyday Life
 Stuart, Forrest.

"The Market" Unbound: Competition Laws and Post Territorial Legalities?
 Turem, Ziya.

"To Ease the Shoe Where It Pinches": Law, Mores and the Transformation of American Federalism
 Compton, John.

"You Have No Leave to Sing”: First Amendment Remedies for Retaliation in Reporting Military Sexual Assault and Harassment
 Banner, Francine.

(Com)passion and Punishment: American Attitudes Toward State-Sanctioned Death
 Davies, Andrew. and Lopes, Giza.

(Ill)Legalites: Intimacy, Illness and Law
 Houlihan, Annette.

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A Comparative Study of Foci and Consequences of Criminal Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in China and the United States
 Liu, Haiyan.

A Comparative Study on Models of Constitutional Review
 Zhang, Aisi.

A Corporate Law Conundrum: ERISA & the Citizen Shareholder
 Tucker, Anne.

A Critical Discourse Analysis Approach to the Reconstruction of Accountability by Individuals Accused by the ICTY
 Rauschenbach, Mina.

A Critique of Formulary Apportionment as a Replacement for the Arm's Length Approach
 Fleming, Joseph.

A Definitive Statement: The Court’s Challenge to the President’s Monopoly over Foreign Policy-Making when Legal and Political Time Crosses Paths
 Fletcher, Kimberley.

A Different Perspective on Elder Law: From Redistribution to Recognition
 Doron, Israel (Issi).

A Discourse Analysis of Sakurai's Confession Statement of the Fukawa Case
 Okawara, Mami Hiraike. and Higuchi, Kazuhiko.

A European Legislative Remedy for Workplace Bullying
 Connolly, Ursula.

A Feminist Judgments Project for Ireland and Northern Ireland?
 Enright, Mairead. and O\'Donoghue, Aoife Mary.

A Feminist Reflection on Autonomy and Consent Discourses in Transitional Settings
 Ni Aolain, Fionnuala.

A Forgotten History: Constitutional Law in the Law Schools and in Political Science through Corwin
 Paschal, Richard. and Forren, John.

A General Strain Theory Approach to Legitimacy
 Rebellon, Cesar.

A Gideon v. Wainwright for Mexico? The Public Defender at the Federal and State Levels
 Suarez Avila, Alberto.

A History of Removal for a Nation of Immigrants
 Park, Teresa.

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Balancing Complexity and Unsophistication: The Reasonableness Defense in the Context of Refundable Credits
 Drumbl, Michelle.

Balancing between Law of Majority and the Minorities’ Rights: The Case of Middle Eastern Legal Systems
 Jalilian, Seyed Masoud., Jalilian, Saeed. and Najafi, Amir.

Ban on “Homosexual Propaganda” as "Protection of Minors": A Basis for Rights Violations?: Example of Russia
 Dikman, Sergey.

Bank Appeals of Material Supervisory Determinations: An Empirical Analysis
 Hill, Julie.

Bank CEOs, Inside Debt Compensation, and the Global Financial Crisis
 Tung, Fred.

Bank Runs in Reverse: Regulatory Preferences and Herding into Liquidity
 Gerding, Erik.

Banking Regulation between Freedom and Security
 Manaa, Monia.

Barnette's Conservative Legacy: Workers' Right Not to Support a Union
 Lee, Sophia.

Barriers to the Identification of Trafficked Victims in the United Kingdom
 Elliott, Jessica.

Barring Undesirables in the Macau SAR, China: Dangerous Visitors or Dangerous Use of the Legal Norms?
 De Castro Halis, Denis.

Basketball in the Key of Law: The Natural History of Disputes in Pick-Up Basketball
 DeLand, Michael.

Bearing Witness: African Americans and Infanticide Investigations in the Nineteenth-Century South
 Turner, Felicity.

Bedouin Land Recognition: the Customary Law Option
 Elsana, Morad.

Bedside Bureaucrats: Why Medicare Reform Hasn't Worked
 Bagley, Nicholas.

Before Marriage: The Unexplored History of Nonmarital Recognition and its Implications for the Law and Politics of Marriage
 NeJaime, Douglas.

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California's S.B. 48 as a Window upon an L.G.B.T. Rights Debate in Transition
 Leinauer, Mark.

California’s Public Safety Realignment in the Court Context
 Raup-Kounovsky, Anna. and Braithwaite, Helen.

Cameras in Courts: Between Voyeurism and Transparency
 Marrani, David.

Can Cowboys Cry in Court? Masculinity and the South African Constitutional Court
 Pieterse, Marius.

Can Norms be Applied Online in the Form of Conventions? Or, Is Law Necessary?
 Khan, Sarosh.

Can Popular Planning be Protective Planning? Challenges of Applying Environmental Review to Land Use Initiatives
 Zale, Kellen.

Can the Police Protect Immigrant Workers?
 Lee, Stephen.

Capital Improvements? Juror Decision-Making in Texas Death Penalty Trials before and after Penry v. Lynaugh
 Vartkessian, Elizabeth. and Kelly, Christopher.

Capital, Corporate Personhood and Legitimacy: The Ideological Force of ‘Corporate Crime’ in International Law
 Baars, Grietje.

Capitalism, Colonialism and Un-Free Labor: The Case of Indentured Labor from Colonial India
 Mahmud, Tayyab.

Capitalism, Government, and Families: The Rise and Fall of Separate Spheres Ideology
 Eichner, Maxine.

Capstones in Law and Society
 Boggio, Andrea. and Miller, Mark.

Captive Markets
 Plunkett, Leah.

Captured by Disaster? Reinterpreting Regulatory Behavior in the Shadow of the Gulf Oil Spill
 Carrigan, Christopher.

Carandiru’s Massacre and Brazilian Inertia: Prison Overcrowding, Institutional Violence and Judicial Negligence
 Machado, Marta., Machado, Maira. and Ferreira, Luisa.

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DREAMers Raising the Bar: Undocumented Students Eligibility to Sit for the Bar - Post DACA
 Cortes, Luis.

Dark Laws: The Unparliamentary Origins of Anti-Terror Law in India
 Dam, Shubhankar.

Darkness upon the Face of the Earth: The Communications Challenge Facing the United Kingdom’s New Supreme Court
 Cornes, Richard.

De-Incarceration or Trans-Incarceration?: How California’s “Realignment” Law and Social Movements Might Shape Organizational Fields
 Verma, Anjuli.

Deaf Liberty: Language, Disability, and Deaf Culture
 Burke, Teresa.

Death Penalty Drugs and the Moral Marketplace
 Lain, Corinna. and Gibson, James.

Deciding the Public Interest when Law and Medicine Conflict
 Horowitz, Ruth.

Decolonization, Modernization and Globalization: Role of Law and Legal Education in Africa’s Development
 Gamawa, Aminu.

Deconstructing Corporate Governance: Corporate Boards and the Mechanics of Group Trusting and Impersonal Trust
 Reich-Graefe, Rene.

Deconstructing U.S. Citizenship: Activism Among Undocumented Immigrant Young Adults
 Perez, Joanna.

Deconstructing the Bridge Metaphor: The Identification of Prisoner Incorporation Regimes
 Kaufman, Nicole.

Decriminalization by Corrupt Agents and Informants
 Power, Robert.

Deepening Our Understanding of Rights Realization through Disaggregation and Mapping: Integrating Census Data and Participatory GIS
 Haglund, LaDawn. and Aggarwal, Rimjhim.

Defamation Lawsuits against Media in Russia, 2004-2010
 Popova, Maria.

Defending the Rule of Law in Post-9/11 America: Abu Ghraib
 Abel, Richard.

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EITC as Income (In)Security
 Ryan, Kerry.

EU-US Regulatory Co-operation: Some Stakeholders Speak
 Bradley, Caroline.

Earning Citizenship
 Ahmad, Muneer.

Ears on the Street: Coqui Frog Patrols and the Guarding of Silence in Hawaii
 Marusek, Sarah. and Brown, Marilyn.

Educational Services: Between the Preferential Trade Agreements' Rules and the Domestic Higher Education Regulation in Brazil
 Tasquetto, Lucas.

Effective Remedies for Ineffective Assistance of Counsel: A New Look After Lafler v. Cooper
 Turner, Jenia.

Effects of Long-Term Community Commitment to Positive Youth Policies Heavily Focused on Latinos
 Parilla, David. and Gebo, Erika.

Effects of Racial and Legal Status Cues in Perceptions of Emotional Legitimacy and Rights Claiming
 Plaut, Victoria.

Efficiency Federalism
 Parlow, Matthew.

Elder Law in Context: A Capstone Course
 Morgan, Rebecca. and Bauer, Mark.

Elite Perspectives on Campaign Finance Regulation and Governance
 Jones, Michael. and Gray, Garry.

Embracing vs. Ignoring Race: Effects of Diversity Ideologies on Hiring Decisions
 Carbone, Christina. and Plaut, Victoria.

Embryo Transactions
 Ikemoto, Lisa.

Emerging Hybrid Corporate Governance Models and the Social Economy
 Liao, Carol.

Emotions and Patient Advocacy in Infertility Treatment
 Madeira, Jody.

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FINRA and the Retail Investor
 Black, Barbara.

Faculty Responses to Garcetti: Conflicting Professional and Legal Discourses
 Turkel, Gerald.

Fair Wages for Fair Trade
 Paul, Joel.

Faking Performance Together: Systems of Performance Evaluation in Russian Enforcement Agencies and their Interaction Effect on Processing of a Criminal Case
 Paneyakh, Ella.

Family Comes First: Victims’ Rights and the Negation of Socioeconomic Consciousness
 Ginsberg, Raphael.

Family Law Reimagined: Recasting the Canon
 Hasday, Jill.

Family Reunification and the Limits of Immigration Reform
 Lee, Catherine.

Far Beyond What is Measured: Governance feminism and indicators in Colombia
 Cespedes-Baez, Lina.

Fear, Death and the Biopolitical
 Hardes, Jennifer.

Federal & Local Tensions in Land Use: Examining Civil Rights and Abstention Doctrine
 Walker, Bela August.

Feeding Finance: Speculation, Law, and Markets in Agricultural Commodities
 Williams, James.

Female Asylees, Gender Violence and Flood Fears
 Gorman, Cynthia.

Feminism and Globalization: The Impact of Global Economy on Women
 Vasudevan Suseela, Jaya.

Fewer Walls and More Bridges: Removing Barriers to Social Enterprise through Tax Reform
 Brown, Eleanor.

Fictional Origins of the Reasonable Person
 Stern, Simon.

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GIS, Analytic Mapping, and Spatial Models
 Parker, Robert.

Gatekeeping Moms Prevent Girly Boys and Sexy Girls: Turning Public Concern about Endocrine Disruptors into Private Responsibilities
 Pearson, Kim.

Gender Equality on the South African Bench: Enhancing the Perceptions of Impartiality and Legitimacy
 Masengu, Tabeth.

Gender Inequality in India & Women´s Representation in the Justice System: A Sociological Analysis
 Agrawal, Arvind.

Gender and Judging in French Family Courts
 Bessiere, Cline. and Mille, Muriel.

Gender and School Effects on the First Firm Sizes of Japanese Lawyers: Changes over Years and through Judiciary Reforms
 Nakamura, Mayumi.

Gender and Work Experiences on Occupational Mobility in Legal Careers in Germany
 Plickert, Gabriele.

Gender and Work Experiences on Occupational Mobility in Legal Careers in the USA
 Park, Jeeyoon.

Gender and the Courts: An Analysis about Gender Discourses in Murder Trials in Porto Alegre/Brazil
 Fachinetto, Rochele.

Gender, Race & Tax Subsidies for Homeownership
 Kahng, Lily.

Gender, Race, Class, and Embodiment in the ‘Litigation Lottery’: An Intersectional Analysis of the Stella Awards
 Glann, Sarah. and Trautner, Mary Nell.

Gendering the Welfare State: Humphreys and the Male Breadwinner Model
 Mumford, Ann.

Genealogies of Religious Freedom: Germany in the Sixteenth Century
 Ludin, Sara.

Genetic Ancestry and the Personal Genomics Market: Risk, Race and Recreation
 Lee, Sandra.

Getting Inside the Judges' Mind: Empirical Evidence on Conduct-Based Cost Shifting in Civil Procedure
 Sluijter, Paul. and van Dijck, Gijs.

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HIV Testing and Treatment as Prevention: The Problems of Punitive Measures in HIV Regulatory Regimes
 Francis, Leslie. and Francis, John.

HIV, Criminal Law and the Problem of Integrity
 Weait, Matthew.

Harmonizing Governance: EU Accession and Human Rights Standards in Turkey
 Babul, Elif.

Harnessing Gender to Law: Designing Domestic Violence Law and Policy
 Vieira Noronha, Joanna.

Harvesting Intellectual Property: Analysis from a Qualitative Study
 Silbey, Jessica.

Has ACA Improved Access for Underserved Populations with Mental Disabilities?
 Bard, Jennifer., Pendo, Elizabeth., Cerminara, Kathy. and Ouellette, Alicia.

Health Reform, Disability, and the End of Life
 Ouellette, Alicia.

Hegemony, Contestation, and Empowerment: The Politics of Law and Society Studies in South Korea
 Lee, Chulwoo.

Helvering v. Gregory: All of the Perspectives from which Learned Hand was Wrong
 Polito, Anthony.

Hierarchical Developmental: An Examination of Sexual Activity and Marriage from the 1940s to the Present
 Kapur, Natalie.

High Courts and Electoral Reform in the US and India
 Mate, Manoj.

High Interest Rates in Brazil: Was it Fair to Blame on Courts?
 Bertran Munoz, Maria.

Higher, Faster, Stronger, Prettier: Equality and Femininity within the Masculine Paradigm of Olympic Competition
 Jones, Ruth., Joffe, Lisa. and Hendricks, Jennifer.

Historically Black Colleges and Universities’ Administration Plight: Addressing the Lawful Presence of Undocumented Students
 Paige, Tiffany.

Hooked on the Rule of Law
 Krygier, Martin.

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I Would Prefer Not To
 Garden, Charlotte.

ICC Outreach and Local Perceptions of the Court in Northern Uganda
 Golden, Shannon.

ICE and Deportation Abolitionists in Chicago: This is what Illegality Looks Like
 Stevens, Jacqueline.

IDP Women Leaders in Colombia Talk about Their Work and Their Hopes for the Future
 Vargas, Juliana.

Identity Entrepreneurs
 Leong, Nancy.

 Knauer, Nancy.

If I were a Gayus Tambunan: A Case Study of Multi Dimension Corruption Case in Indonesia
 Mitamayama, Sozaburo.

Illiquid Indians: How Federal Statutes and Regulations Impose Discriminatory Penalties on Tribal Governmental Securities
 Clarkson, Gavin.

Images in/of Law
 Silbey, Jessica.

Immature but Not Criminal? Legal and Popular Debates Regarding Criminalization of Cyberbullying
 Slane, Andrea.

Immigrant Sanctuary and the Nullification of Enforcement in American Social Life
 Gardner, Trevor.

Immigrant Screening on the Legal Frontlines: Lawyers’ Case Selection in Non-Profit Settings
 Morando Lakhani, Sarah.

Immigrant’s Trajectories of Integration: Between Indeterminate Legislative Criteria and Uncertain Lifecourse: Analysis of Legal Cases in Switzerland
 Di Donato, Flora.

Immigration Management: Balancing Immigration Custody on a Risk-security Axis
 Koulish, Robert.

Immigration Policy & Practice in the Absence of Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Prosecutorial Discretion, Deferred Action, & Immigration Priorities
 Zatz, Marjorie. and Rodriguez, Nancy.

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James Ashley and the Ideological Origins of the Thirteenth Amendment
 Zietlow, Rebecca.

Japanese Lawyering after Fukushima Nuclear Accidents
 Murayama, Masayuki.

Jewish Law Underpinnings and Competency to Be Executed
 Churgin, Michael.

Jihad and Intervention: Pan-Islamism and International Law in the Bosnia Crisis
 Li, Darryl.

Jihadi Terrorism in the Netherlands: Explained from an Economic Perspective
 De Bie, Jasper.

Joining the Revolution: Reflections on Rights to Information and Inclusive Technology
 Lewis, Hope.

Judges’ Choices and Rankings of Sentence Types: An Explorative Study at a Dutch Police Court
 Mascini, Peter.

Judging in God's Name: State Power and the Politics of Islamic Law in Malaysia
 Moustafa, Tamir.

Judicial Activism in a Canadian Context Post 9/11: Cohn/Kremnitzer Model Operationalized
 Murchison, Melanie.

Judicial Behavior and the Politics of Equal Rights: Evidence from South Africa
 Stohler, Stephan.

Judicial Character and Filler Rhetoric in Supreme Court Opinions
 Kuykendall, Mae.

Judicial Dispute Resolution in the Netherlands: Facts, Numbers and Trends
 Verberk, Suzan. and De Hoon, Machteld.

Judicial Narratives of Ideal and Deviant Victims in Judges' Capital Sentencing Decisions
 Kleinstuber, Ross., Zaykowski, Heather. and McDonough, Caitlin.

Judicial Review of Antitrust Decisions: Incentives to Settlements?
 Furquim de Azevedo, Paulo.

Judicial Review of the Voting Rights Act (2006): The Court Should Bail-Out
 Emenaker, Ryan.

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Keeping the Electorate Uninformed: Japan's Regulation of Political Campaigns
 Rosen, Daniel.

 Forman, Sarah.

Killed by Law: Legislation, Sex Work and Client-Perpetrated Violence in a Non-Western Context
 Choi, Susanne.

Kylie, Cocktails and Collectivity Traps: Claiming Recognition for Queer Refugees
 Markard, Nora.


LGBT School Bullying: News Media Construction of a Social Problem within a Social Problem
 Brooks, Robert. and Cohen, Jeff.

Labor Law 2020
 Garcia, Ruben.

Labor Market Outcomes and the Effect of MSA-level Differences in National Origin Discrimination Claims Rates and Local Immigration Enforcement
 Gleeson, Shannon.

Labored Contracts: Managing Emotions in Commercial Surrogacy Agreements
 Berk, Hillary.

Land Law, a Key for Exercise State Power in the Colonial and Postcolonial Context
 Abu Hussein, Hadeel.

Land Legislation as a Means of Segregation and Integration Cases from British Malaya, Mandate Palestine, and Their Postcolonial Successors
 Shauli, Ran.

Language Rights and International Law: An Organized Hypocrisy
 Paz, Moria.

Larger than Life: The Politics of Abortion in Childbirth
 Abrams, Jamie.

Latin American Politics & the Global Governance of Intellectual Property (IP): How Local Non-IP Agendas Drive Global IP Reform that Circles Back to Advance Local Non-IP Agendas
 Cross, Jason.

Laughing Out Loud: Critical Race Theory and Humor
 Lorenz, Aaron.

Law & Health Care Reform: Theorizing a Connection
 Levitsky, Sandra.

Law Changes, Habits Stay Firm: Economic Crime Investigation in Russia
 Chatsverykova, Iryna.

Law Professors in New and Old Terrain
 Mertz, Elizabeth. and Barnes, Katherine.

Law and Agricultural Credit in the Post-Civil War United States
 Wolkoff, Adam.

Law and Biopower: An Analysis of HIV Criminalization
 Federman, Cary.

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Making It Stick: The Use of Criminal Labels in Fourteenth-Century France to Enhance Royal Centralization
 Komornicka, Jolanta.

Making Migrant Legality: French Labor Unions Reshaping the Rights of “Sans-Papier” Workers
 Julliard, Emilien. and Chauvin, Sebastien.

Making Money While Making Law: A Fiduciary Solution to an Agency Problem in Politics
 Nagy, Donna.

Making Policy Public: Developing Bureaucratic Administration through Advisory Committee Public Deliberation
 Moffitt, Susan.

Making Sense of the Multiple and Complex Pathways by Which Human Rights Are Realized
 Haglund, LaDawn. and Stryker, Robin.

Making Time: A New Defense of the Old Blue Laws
 Rose, Julie.

Making the Client’s Peace – Privatizing Peace? International Lawyers Offering Pro Bono Services in Intra-state Conflict and Post-Conflict Settings
 Daase, Cindy.

Making the Female Fetus Speak: Sex Selective Abortion and the Problem of Law in India
 Saha Roy, Sayantan.

Making the Principle of Progressive Realization Operational: The Serf Index
 Randolph, Susan.

Making “Law” Matter: Torture and the Emergence of a Discourse of Acknowledgement
 Del Rosso, Jared.

Male Sex Stereotyping and Place
 Boso, Luke.

Managing Defiance: The Policing of the Occupy Wall Street Movement
 Vitale, Alex.

Managing Fat While Governing a Population: Managing Obesity through the New Governance Framework
 Lee, Tsung-ling.

Many Faces in Politics: A Nascent Review on the Use of Facebook in Political Studies
 Huang, Po-Jui.

Mapping Canadian Critical Race and Socio-legal Scholarship
 Bryan, Tim.

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Names and Namelessness: Plaintiff Anonymity and Legal Mobilization in Japan and Korea
 Arrington, Celeste.

Names are not a Game: Legislating the Naming of Public Property in Los Angeles
 Anyadike-Danes, Chima.

Nanobiotechnologies: A Legal-Ethical Approach
 Vidal Correa, Laura.

Narcissism and the Consumer Subject
 Dudas, Mary.

Narrating Innocent Suffering in Abortion Law
 Kelly, Lisa.

Narratives and Counter-Narratives Surrounding the Passage of the Federal Probation Act of 1925
 Globokar, Julie.

Narratives of Employment Experiences of Disabled People in Canada
 Malhotra, Ravi. and Rowe, Morgan.

National Criminal Justice Systems and the European Legal Order: A Harmonious or Confrontational Relationship?
 Leeuw, Bas. and Geelhoed, Willem.

National Health Regulatory Agencies and Judiciary Power in Brazil
 Aith, Fernando.

National Human Trafficking Initiatives: Dimensions of Policy Diffusion
 Boyle, Elizabeth. and Yoo, Eunhye.

National League of Cities v. Usery and the Return of Constitutional Federalism
 Sawyer, Logan.

National Security Federalism + Immigration Federalism = Biometric National ID
 Hu, Margaret.

National-Level Drug Policy and Young People’s Illicit Drug Use: A Multilevel Analysis of the European Union
 Vuolo, Michael.

Necropractices: Police, PCC, and Contested Sovereignties in Sao Paulo /Brazil
 Amparo Alves, Jaime.

Negotiating Diversity: The Competing Politics of UNESCO’s Cultural Diversity Convention
 Aylwin, Nicole.

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Obama vs. Roberts: The New Culture War or an Old Battle of Ideas and Institutions
 O\'Brien, Ruth.

Objective Good Faith: Brazilian Contours of a New Contract
 Tucunduva Sobrinho, Ruy. and Reis, Clarice.

Observing Change: Establishing Court Monitoring Programs to Encourage Collaboration and Healthy Outcomes for Indian Children
 Fort, Kathryn.

Occupy the Constitution! Towards Participatory Social Contracts
 Burgess, Susan.

Of Counterfeiters and Kingpins: Civil Forfeitures in the War on Piracy and the War on Drugs
 Bridy, Annemarie.

Of Risk & Public Goods: What Piracy Teaches Us about States, Markets & International Law
 Dua, Jatin. and Cross, Jason.

Offices of Goodness
 Schlanger, Margo.

Old Age and the Limits of Vulnerability Theory
 Kohn, Nina.

Older People’s View of Social Care Assessment: An Ethic of Care Perspective
 Webber, Sarah.

Omnipresence of Judicial Control over International Arbitral Proceedings
 Choong, Yeow-Choy.

On Juries, Deliberations, and Racial Diversity
 Sommers, Samuel.

On Law and Daily Life in the British Colony and Post Colony
 Azeem, Muhammad.

On Marissa Alexander and Defenseless Defense
 Montgomery, Jasmine.

On Selective Decentralization of Legislation and Adjudication in China
 Li, Ji.

On the Dynamics of Global Law - General Principles of Law: From Myth to Multitude
 Gulay, Kerem.

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PICS Refocused: On Racial Liberalism and the Future of School Desegregation
 Paris, Michael.

Panchayat-Police Practices, Gender Politics and the Making of a Criminal Case
 Bordia, Devika.

Panchayats and Caste in East India Company Governance
 Shodhan, Amrita.

Paradoxes of Sovereignty and Citizenship: Humanitarian Intervention at Home
 Allan, Hawa.

Parenting Behind Bars
 Ahrens, Deborah.

Parole and the Sentencing of Juveniles to Life
 Singer, Simon.

Patenting Patrimony? The Cost of Recognizing Heritage in Bolivia
 Bigenho, Michelle. and Stobart, Henry.

Patents as Financial Instruments: Implications for Law and Business
 Burstein, Michael.

Patents, Benefit Sharing, and Bioprospecting: Techniques of Governance as Boundary Objects
 Foster, Laura.

Patient Advocacy Organizations, Institutional Corruption and Public Trust
 Rose, Susannah.

Patterns and Trends in Federal Pro Se Criminal Case Processing: A Longitudinal Study of Case Outcomes (1996-2012)
 Goldschmidt, Jona.

Pay-to-Play: Think Tanks, Donor Perks and the Industry of Ideas
 Silverstein, Ken.

People’s Science: Bodies, Rights and the ‘Race for Cures’ on the Stem Cell Frontier
 Benjamin, Ruha.

Perceptions of Rights: The Disjuncture between Parolees’ Experiences and Legal Justifications for Jessica’s Law
 Troshynski, Emily.

Performative Citizenship and Claims-Making by Undocumented Immigrants
 Abrams, Kathryn.

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Que(e)rying the Legislative Debates on Transgendered Hate Crime
 Lunny, Allyson.

Queer Countermeasures: Divesting Liberal Progress Narratives of Assimilation in the U.S. Military
 Naylor, Sharain.

Queering Schools, GSAs and the Law: Taking on God
 Short, Donn.

Questioning the Application of the Equality Principle to Foreigners in Turkish Law
 Tiryakioglu, Bilgin.


R. v. Mabior and the Role of Science in the Development of Canadian Law
 Frederiksen, Soren.

Rabbi Shlomo Goren and International Law: A Critical Dialogue with Concepts of Sovereignty and Human Rights
 Fuchs, Ilan.

Race and Gender Regimes in Probation
 Ward, Amanda.

Race in the Life Sciences: 1950-2000
 Obasogie, Osagie.

Race, Education and Taxpayer Citizenship Claims, 1929-1969
 Walsh, Camille.

Race, Gender and Sex in HIV Prosecutions
 Buchanan, Kim Shayo.

Race, Law and the Geographies of Black Folks
 Shabazz, Rashad.

Race, Space, and Self-Defense
 Rolnick, Addie.

Racialized Retrenchment: The Politics of Crime Victim Compensation Programs in the United States
 Shen, Francis.

Racing Prisons, Imprisoning Race: The Everyday Construction of Race in California's Prison Fire Camps for Men
 Goodman, Philip.

Radical Philanthropy and Civil Rights before Brown v. Board
 Francis, Megan.

Rapid Leaps in Biology Research: Preventing and Prosecuting Biological Attack Transnationally
 Shirazyan, Sara.

Re-Examining the Public/ Private Divide in Law and Governance for Climate Change Adaptation
 Godden, Lee.

Re-Imagined Community: Migration, Belonging, and the Constraints of Sovereignty in the Salvadoran Trans-Nation
 Hallett, Miranda.

Re-Thinking ’Thinking Like a Lawyer': An Australian Prescription for a ‘Curriculum on Legal Ignorance'
 Foley, Tony. and Tang, Stephen.

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SE(c)(3): Social Enterprise and Tax-Exempt Status
 Dean, Steven.

Sacrificial Laws of the Golden Lands: Artisanal Miners, Authoritarian Echoes, and Upward Adjustment in Ghana
 Coyle, Lauren.

Safeguard by Rule of Law for the Fiduciary Construction of Chinese Capital Market
 Jiang, Lilian. and Zhang, Lu.

Safety, Regulation and Trust: Lessons from Coal Mining
 Gunningham, Neil.

Saving Private Standards: Can an Important Part of U.S. Soft Power Overcome Success?
 Krislov, Samuel.

Scaling the Legal Limits of Rights
 Turcotte, Heather. and Cabot, Heath.

 Braucher, Jean.

Scandinavian Research Council for Criminology
 Storgaard, Anette.

Scholarly Legal Literature in Venezuela 2000-2012
 Perez-Perdomo, Rogelio. and Gomez, Manuel.

Scholarship for Social Change: Defining Research Integrity in a Mission-Driven Environment
 Newhouse, Marie.

Scoring the Banks: Building a Behaviorally Informed Community Impact Report Card for Banks
 Brescia, Raymond.

Searching for Justice in the Wake of State-Sponsored Violence in the Balkans, Colombia and the United States
 Rowen, Jamie.

Secondary Learning and the Unintended Benefits of Collaborative Mechanisms: The Federal Aviation Administration’s Voluntary Disclosure Programs
 Reiss, Dorit Rubinstein. and Mills, Russell.

Secular and Religious Legal Forums: Clashes and Accommodation
 Tew, Yvonne.

Seditious Acts of Faith: God, Government and the Conscience of the Catholic Church
 Scaldo, Stacy.

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 Silver, Carole. and Plickert, Gabriele.

Taking Back Authorship: The Case of Quilters and Copyright Law in the U.S.
 Boateng, A Boatema.

Taking Global Constitutionalism Seriously: A Framework for Discourse
 Chen, Wen Cheng.

Taking Politics Seriously: Lawfare and the Legitimacy of Legal Institutions
 Handmaker, Jeff.

Taming the Rights Revolution: The Rehnquist Court and Civil Rights Litigation under Section 1983
 Dodd, Lynda.

Tax Expenditures, Charitable Giving, and the Fiscal Future of the European Union
 Faulhaber, Lilian.

Tax Morale in Hungary
 Kolozs, Borbala.

Taxing in the Shadow of Bankruptcy Law
 Oei, Shu-Yi.

Taxing with Purpose
 Tahk, Susannah.

Teaching International and Comparative Law
 Arthur, Mikaila. and Gehring, Jacqueline.

Teaching Research Methods
 Boggio, Andrea. and Marshall, Anna-Maria.

Teaching Tolerance or Being a Bully? Christian Right Rights Mobilization Challenging Anti-Bullying Efforts
 Tagliarina, Daniel.

Technocratic Shepherding of Migrant Rights: The Power of Legalism to Reframe State "Interests"
 Kawar, Leila.

Television Coverage of the Israeli Supreme Court 1993-1996: The Court’s Mythical Image – A Death of a Thousand Soundbites
 Bassok, Or.

Temporary Constitutions
 Varol, Ozan.

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U Pay Tax 2: When Activists Tune in to International Tax
 Christians, Allison.

U.S. Pre-Hearing Mandatory Immigration Detention: The Expressive Functions of the Noncitizen Presumption of Dangerousness
 Noferi, Mark.

US Policy and the Recognition of the Armenian Genocide
 Stepanian, Adrian.

Unapologetic: Dreamers, Their Parents and Responsibility
 Bosniak, Linda.

Unconstitutional Constitutional Amendments: The Migration and Success of a Constitutional Idea
 Roznai, Yaniv.

Unconstitutional Constitutional Amendments: The Role of Constitutional Courts
 Halmai, Gabor.

Under Pressure: How Post-Communist Judges Resist Political Interference
 Trochev, Alexei.

Understanding Immigration Policing at the Local Level: An In-Depth Analysis of Four Case Studies in the United States
 Varsanyi, Monica., Provine, Doris Marie., Lewis, Paul. and Decker, Scott.

Understanding and Overcoming the Gap between Sex Offender Research and Policy: A Bridge Too Far?
 Lave, Tamara.

Understanding the Meaning of Evidence in the Use of “Evidence-Based Practices”: Drug Policy Reform in Colorado
 McKinzey, Shelby. and Steen, Sara.

Understanding the Role of Identity in Conflict and its Creative Engagement
 Alberstein, Michal.

Undocumented Immigrants in Australia and the US: Rights, Realities, and Political Mobilisation
 Larking, Emma.

Uneasy Lies the Head That Wears the Lawyer’s Hat: Toward a Definition of the Layperson
 Offit, Anna.

Uneven Norm Internalization and the Resurgence of Torture in the U.S. Global War on Terror
 Jimenez-Bacardi, Arturo.

Unfilled Promises, Plyler at Age 30, Educating to Deport
 Ho, Jou-Chi.

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Value-Based Insurance Design and Wellness: Better Outcomes for Health?
 Elliott, Heather.

Values and Law-Related Behavior
 Tyler, Tom.

Venture Capital, IPOs and the Infrequent Return of Founder Control
 Broughman, Brian. and Fried, Jesse.

Victim Impact Evidence and Gruesome Photos: Reconsidering the Probative, the Prejudicial, and the Emotional
 Bandes, Susan.

Victims Protection: A Comprehensive Legislative Approach to Combating Sexual Trafficking in the United States
 Gilfillan, Christina.

Virtual Schooling and the Law of Equality of Educational Opportunity
 Saiger, Aaron.

Virtual Workplace Culture
 Martin, Natasha.

Voter Identification Law: Controversies and Consequences
 Wechsler, Jenna.

Vulnerability as a Mitigating Factor: A Tool of Proportionality for Seriously Ill Offenders
 Johnston, Lea.

Vulnerability’s Ambivalent Political Life: Precariousness and Law in Social Justice Organizing
 Oliviero, Katie.


WIPO Treaty for Blind People
 Baker, Brook., Lewis, Hope. and Sabatello, Maya.

Waiting for Obama’s “Bracero” Workers: Are they Coming?
 Plascencia, Luis.

Was Glenn Beck Right? Another Look at Health Care Reform and Reparations
 Koeninger, W. David.

Was the South African Land Restitution Process Fair? A Bottom-Up Assessment of the State’s Attempt to Address the Legacy of Land Dispossession
 Atuahene, Bernadette.

Watching Me: The War on Crime and Its Effects on Individual Privacy
 Bailey, Kimberly.

We Have to Get By: Court Interpreting and Its Impact on Access to Justice for Non-Native English Speakers
 Szantova Giordano, Stella.

Weathering Wal-Mart
 Seiner, Joseph.

Weight: A New Category in Israeli Law
 Tirosh, Yofi.

Welcoming the Outsider: Variations in Local Construction of the Law toward Immigrants
 Williams, Linda.

Welfare and Law Interacting: Utilising a Socio-Legal Text Analysis Model
 Svensson, Lupita.

Wellness as a Worldwide Phenomena?
 Bowman, Diana.

What About Illegal Don't You Understand
 Katzenstein, Mary. and Jones-Correa, Michael.

What About Illegal Don't You Understand
 Jones-Correa, Michael. and Katzenstein, Mary.

What About Us? The Role Middle Managers Play during Change in Community Corrections Organizations
 Goldberg, Victoria.

What Can Comparative Legal Studies Learn from Feminist Legal Theories in the Era of Globalization
 Raigrodski, Dana.

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