Mathematical Association of America 2007-Aug-03 to 2007-Aug-07

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2X More Littlewood Oscillations Compared to MathFest2005
 Eng, Genghmun.

4-Square Challenge
 Hollenbeck, Brian.

Reading textit{Flatland}
 Taylor, Scott.


A Brief History of the Genus Concept
 Khosravani, Azar.

A Calculus Module for Modeling Bioaccumulation, Biomagnification, and Elimination of Mercury
 Adkins, Frederick.

A Colorful Introduction to Group Theory
 Rosin, Amber.

A Course in the History of Mathematics with Student Presentations and Some Original Sources
 Bukowski, John.

A History of Mathematics course that emphasizes the history of calculus.
 Kemp, Daniel.

A Locally Compact REU in the History of Mathematics
 Tysdal, Kimber. and Mayfield, Betty.

A Mathematical Journey through Space and Time
 Nucci, Maria Clara.

A Mean Value Theorem for a Number Field
 Mammo, Behailu.

A New Day in Algebra Instruction: Implementation of an Computer-Assisted Learning Program in Algebra
 Hall, Mike.

A Note on Graphically Abelian Groups
 Weld, Kathryn. and Goldstone, Richard.

A Pocket Full of Mathematics
 Roberts, Lila.

A Potpourri from Euler
 Nucci, Maria Clara.

A Spreadsheet Learning Environment (SLE)
 Narayan, Jack. and Schell, Robert.

A Student Exploration of the Texas State Standards for Mathematics Education
 Huddleston, Meg.

A Very Applied Numerical Methods Project
 Ghrist, Michelle.

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BIO 2020: Looking Ahead
 Carpenter, Bruce. and Woods, Debra.

Basic Statistics via Elementary Geometry
 Touhey, Pat.

Biocalculus and Beyond at Benedictine University and College of DuPage: Reaching Biology Students
 Comar, Timothy.

Biomathematics: Desegregating Mathematics and Biology
 Robeva, Raina.

Bringing Students to Mathematics with Art and Animation
 Hillyard, Cinnamon.


CAMCOS, Its Challenges and Rewards
 Cayco, Bem.

California Gold from an Old Timer
 Huff, Brad.

Capstone Projects for Senior Mathematics Majors
 Molitierno, Jason.

Cataloging and Publishing Euler's Works: A History
 Stemkoski, Lee.

Characterization of Randomly $ -Decomposable Graphs, $2le k le11$
 Molina, Robert., McNally, Myles. and Smith, Ken.

Circling the (Magic) Square
 mulcahy, colm.

Classroom Activities from {em Elementa Doctrinae Solidorum} (E230)
 Bukowski, John.

Classroom Voting in Linear Algebra and Differential Equations
 Cline, Kelly.

Clicker Questions for Conceptual Understanding
 Murphy, Teri.

Coloring the Generalized Tower of Hanoi Graphs
 Doree, Suzanne.

Comparing Evolutionary Trees
 St. John, Katherine.

Computation of the Jacobsthal function for leq 50$.
 Hagedorn, Thomas.

Computational Studies of a Model of Signaling Pathways in Embryonic Xenopus laevis
 Tecarro, Edwin.

Computer error is not a contradiction in terms
 Tongen, Anthony.

Contemporary College Algebra: A Pilot Project For New Teaching Techniques in College Algebra
 Lambright, Jonathan.

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DNA Codewords and De Bruijn Sequences
 Hartke, Stephen.

Designing a Numerical Analysis Course: Key Elements, Ideas and Strategies That Work
 Brezhneva, Olga.

Developing Statistical Concepts: Simulating Type I and Type II Errors
 Dunham, Penelope.

Discover the FTC via numerical integration
 Kuhlmann, Doug.

Discovering Derivatives and Derivative Rules including Product, Quotient and Chain Rule
 Wildstrom, Susan.

Discovering Mathematics Through the Elon Traveling Science Center
 Arangala, Crista.

Discretion is the Better Part of Valine: Why Biology Majors Should Take Discrete Mathematics
 Hunter, David.

Discussing and writing in an online course
 Morrow, Margaret.

Distance Properties of Graphs
 Winters, Steven.

Distribution of Segment Lengths in Genome Rearrangements
 Tesler, Glenn.

Doctorate of Mathematics Education Programs in China - A Bright Future
 Han, Annie., Sunderland, Michael., Yuan, Hong. and qi, chunxia.

Dynamic Domination in Graphs
 Horton, Steve., Blair, Jean. and Gera, Ralucca.

Dynamical systems on the Riemann sphere
 Sherman, Morgan.


ELL Students and their counterparts: An analysis of TAKS data
 Das, Kumer.

Edge Nets of the Cube
 Matsko, Vincent.

Eigenvalues of Random Matrices
 Basor, Estelle.

Enabling Student Success Across the Disciplines Through a Lab-Based Math Class
 Webb, Derek.

Engaging Students Mathematically - Pitch by Pitch
 Chartier, Timothy.

Equally Likely Standard Dice Sums
 Rosin, Amber.

Ethnomatical activities in the post-secondary classroom: Linking curriculum standards to practice.
 d\'Entremont, Yvette.

Euler Can't Resist Ballistics
 McMurran, Shawnee. and Rickey, V. Frederick.

Euler and analytic number theory
 Bell, Jordan.

Euler and the English
 Tou, Erik.

Euler in Three Acts
 Dunham, William.

Euler on the Principles of Elasticity
 Langton, Stacy.

Euler, lunar theory, and the calculus
 Plofker, Kim.

Euler's Analytic Geometry
 Bradley, Robert.

Euler's Contribution to Rational Fluid Mechanics and Naval Science
 Koenig, Axel Mainzer.

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Feasible Inferential Statistics Projects for Introductory Statistics
 Brown, Kenneth. and Gregory, Cheryl.

Financial Planning Using Spreadsheets: A Discrete Application of Calculus
 Qian, Maijian.

Fish Populations in the South San Francisco Bay, 1972--2002
 Diesel, Susan.

Fortunate and Lesser Fortunate Numbers

Fortunatus's Purse: a many-colored story
 Goldstine, Susan.

Four dimensiona tic-tac-toe on a torus - the game of Set
 Johannes, Jeff.

From Taylor to Cramer to Vandermonde to Schur: Finite Difference Approximations of Derivatives Random Grids
 van Joolen, Vincent.


Geometry and calculus in Euler's mechanics
 Suisky, Dieter.

Getting Students to Learn from their Mistakes.
 Cherepinsky, Vera.

Gibonacci Magic
 mulcahy, colm.

Global Alliance Partitions in Graphs
 Gera, Ralucca. and Eroh, Linda.

Global Experiences in Mathematics Education
 Epstein, Elana.

Graph Classes Characterized both by Forbidden Subgraphs and Degree Sequences
 Hartke, Stephen.

Graph Energy Change Due to Edge Deletion
 So, Wasin.

Groups Unlimited: A New Software Program
 Rodgers, Nancy., Anewalt, Doug. and Lee, Paul.


Hamiltonian Cycles Avoiding Sets of Edges in a Graph
 Ferrara, Michael., Harris, Angela. and Ferrara, Michael.

Hecke Algebras ad Support Varieties for Algebraic Groups
 Li, Weiping.

History for the Masses
 Rocca, Charles.

History of Mathematics For The Non-Mathematician
 Schmidt, Stan. and Vivona, Robert.

History of Mathematics at Ohio State: Web Resources
 Wyman, Bostwick. and Dotson, Daniel.

How Euler Almost Did It
 D\'Antonio, Lawrence.

How High School Mathematics Teachers are Produced in Japan – an Insider’s View
 West, Kazuko.

How do you know what you know? (and other big questions)
 Salomone, Stephanie.

How does a course in the Mathematics of Symmetry Affect students in the Liberal Arts?
 Mellor, Blake.

How to Improve Middle School Mathematics Teacher Quality: Lessons Learned from 2005-2007 Texas TQGP Grants
 Sung, Chen-Han.

How to Incorporate Mathematics into a General Biology Course
 Whyzmuzis, Carol.


Insights and Oberservations: Mathematics Education in Russia
 Cloherty, Helen.

Integrating Ancient Numeral Systems into a History of Mathematics Course
 Fulmer, Jim. and McMillan, Tom.

Integrating College Algebra and Statistics to Meet Students’ Mathematical Needs in Biology
 Gordon, Sheldon.

Integrating Math and Biology through Storytelling: The Salmon Example
 Karsai, Istvan., Schmickl, Thomas. and Knisley, Jeff.

Integrating Math and Secondary Math Education Majors in a Freshman and Sophomore Level Curriculum
 Carpenter, Jenna. and Turner, Galen.

Integrating Mathematics and Biology Through Storytelling: Some Insights into the SYMBIOSIS project
 Knisley, Jeff. and Karsai, Istvan.

Integrating Mendelian Genetics with Probability and Statistics: A Teaching Module of SYMBIOSIS
 Jopin, Karl.

Integrating the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition in a Calculus Concept Course for Teachers
 richardson, sandra.

Interactive Tools for Exploring Statistics
 Mabrouk, Sarah.

Introducing modeling through Calculus labs
 De Young, Gary.

Is this an English course? A case study approach to statistics for non-majors
 Delpish, Ayesha.

Iterated Line Graphs
 Hartke, Stephen.


Lecture 1: Models of the Internet and the World Wide Web
 Chayes, Jennifer.

Lecture 2: Mathematical Behavior of Random Scale-Invariant Networks
 Chayes, Jennifer.

Lecture 3: Convergent Sequences of Networks
 Chayes, Jennifer.

Let Us Teach Nim
 Stadler, Jonathan.

Let’s Discuss it – Online!
 Mabrouk, Sarah.

Leximorphic Spaces
 Mir, Ellen.

Linear Recurrence Relations in Music
 Martin, Carla.

Linking in Straight-edge Embeddings of Complete Graphs
 Ludwig, Lew.

Lost in Translation: A Reflection on the Ballot Problem and Andr\'e's Original Method
 Renault, Marc.

Lying Oracles and Misguided Tourists
 Pendergrass, Marcus.


Making Connections with Interpolation
 Riley, Kyle.

Making Mathematics Dance
 Schaffer, Karl.

Managing Natural Resources: Mathematics Meets Politics, Greed, and the Army Corps of Engineers
 Gross, Louis.

Manifolds with Density and Partitioning Problems
 Morgan, Frank.

Manual Labor: Developing a Laboratory Manual for an Introductory Statistics Course
 Barat, Christopher.

Maple and Flash Animations for Abstract Algebra
 Zeiser, Dorothy.

Math History Without Prerequisites
 Smith, Charlie.

Mathematical (Pro)Logic: More is Less is More
 McGrail, Robert.

Mathematical Biology and Computational Algebra at the Sophomore Level
 Attele, Kapila. and Hrozencik, Dan.

Mathematical Curiosities
 Becerra, Linda. and Barnes, Ron.

Mathematical Knowledge and Fluency Inservice Teachers Need to Create Technology-enhanced Mathematical Tasks
 Epperson, James.

Mathematical Model for Myocyte Function
 blackman, david.

Mathematical Problems from the Maine Farmer’s Almanac
 Burdick, Bruce.

Mathematical and Statistical Consulting at Wheaton College
 Ratliff, Thomas. and Kahn, Michael.

Mathematics Minors for Elementary Education Majors: Followup Report
 Buck, Robert.

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Negafibonacci Numbers and the Hyperbolic Plane
 Knuth, Donald.

Non-Euclidean Geometry: A Writing Intensive Course
 Dray, Tevian.

Numbers with a large prime factor
 Baker, Roger.

Numerical Differential Equations at Northern Illinois University
 Awanou, Gerard.


On Being a Mathematical Citizen: The Natural NExT Step
 Steen, Lynn.

On Euler's 1770 paper ``{it Problema Algebraicum}" (E407)
 Mebius, Johan.

On Euler’s Partition Theorem Relating Odd-Part Partitions and Distinct-Part Partitions
 Sellers, James.

On Graphs with Optimal Non-Surjective L(2,1) Labelings
 Georges, John., Mauro, David. and Wang, Yan.

On a combinametric approach to Goldbach Conjecture

On the Dynamics and Evolution of Emergent and Re-emergent Diseases: from Tuberculosis to SARS to the Flu
 Castillo-Chavez, Carlos.

On the Integer-magic Spectra of Tessellation Graphs
 Low, Richard.

Optimal Weighted and Stable Matchings on Graphs for Increasing Live Donor Kidney Transplantation
 Gentry, Sommer. and Michael, T..

Oral and Written Communication of Mathematics in an Introduction to Analysis Course
 Read, Thomas.

Our Students: Calculators, Thinkers or Both?
 Luca, Magdalena.

Outreach – Planting Seeds for the Future and Retaining students in mathematics through mentoring and tutoring
 Gad, Sangeeta.


Pappus, Guldin, and James Gregory too
 Leahy, Andrew.

Paradigms and Myths: A New Approach to Teaching the History of Mathematics
 Fuller, William.

Partitions, Divisor Sums, and the Pentagonal Number Theorem
 Hopkins, Brian.

Pascal’s Square: Determinants, Bernoulli Polynomials, and the Arithmetical Triangle
 Booth, Robert. and Nguyen, Hieu.

Patterns on Pascal’s Triangle
 Fulmer, Jim. and McMillan, Tom.

Phylogenetics Meets Genomics: Challenges in Inferring Evolutionary Relatedness Using Genome-Scale Data
 Kubatko, Laura.

Physical Aesthetics: Scientific Metaphors in the Visual Arts
 Zides, Steven.

Please pass the pi: Euler and the digit race
 Sandifer, Ed.

Podcasts, Video “Tutors” and More in Introductory Statistics
 Humphrey, Patricia.

Poster Projects: Mathematics in Context
 Burroughs, Beth. and Brown, Sharon.

Preparing Students for a Senior Seminar Research Project
 Olsen, Darlene.

Primal Screens
 Pomerance, Carl.

Primes, Research, Academic Freedom, and How the NSA Got What it Wanted
 Landau, Susan.

Probability and Statistics for Elementary Teachers at Western Oregon University
 Beaver, Scott.

Problem Solving and the History of Mathematics
 Mantini, Lisa.

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Rationale for History of Mathematics course
 Bhatnagar, Satish.

Recent developments in solving the generalized Collatz problem
 Simons, John.

Reclaiming Da Vinci: Visualization and Mathematics
 Devadoss, Satyan.

Reflecting, Writing, and Presenting Mathematics in a Senior Capstone Course
 Stewart, Sarah Ann.

Reflections on Spheres
 Crannell, Annalisa.

Revenge of the Twin Prime Conjecture
 Goldston, Dan.

Ribbonlength of torus knots
 Mattman, Thomas.


Sampling + Simulation = Statistical Understanding: Dynamic Graphical Simulations in Excel
 Gordon, Florence. and Gordon, Sheldon.

Science One: Integrating Mathematical Biology into a First-year Science Program
 MacLean, Mark.

Seeing the Forest Through the Trees: How to Stop Students From Memorizing Advanced Calculus Proofs
 Beaver, Scott.

Senior Clinic Projects: Capstone experience for students, exercise in self-restraint for faculty
 Martonosi, Susan.

Sequence Alignment
 Torrence, Bruce.

Six Pretabular Relevance Logics
 Mersch, John.

Size Matters
 Crannell, Annalisa.

Small-world networks
 Jayawant, Pallavi.

Solvability of semi-linear, two-point boundary value problems
 Rumbos, Adolfo.

Solving Triangular Peg Solitaire
 Bell, George.

Some More Lab Experiences in Introductory Statistics
 Humphrey, Patricia.

Some Remarks on Convergence of Maximum Roots of a Fibonacci-type Polynomial Sequence
 Zeleke, Aklilu. and Molina, Robert.

Splitting the Rent: Fairness Problems, Fixed Points, and Fragmented Polytopes
 Su, Francis.

Statistical analysis of popular Rubik's Cube solution systems
 davidson, morley. and Miller, Joseph.

Stimulating Statistics: Engaging Students in an Introductory Statistics Course
 Olsen, Darlene.

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Teaching Mathematics Majors vs. Users
 Stoll, Bradley.

Teaching a 17 Day History of Mathematics Class - An Exercise in Prioritization
 Reynolds, Michael.

Teaching a History of Mathematics Course? – Enjoy!
 O\'Donnell, Sharon.

Teaching a Liberal Arts Seminar on Leonhard Euler
 Bradley, Robert.

Testing of Create a Session
 Nesbitt, Hal.

The Baseball Simulator: Accurately Simulating Major League Baseball Games with a Minimum Number of Statistics
 Franzosa, Robert.

The Double Bubble Theorem
 Morgan, Frank.

The Fascinating Perfect Numbers
 Lemma, Mulatu.

The Historical Development of the Secant Method in 1-D
 Papakonstantinou, Joanna.

The History and Influence of Women in Mathematics Education
 DeBello, Joan.

The Interassociates of the Semigroup of Injective Functions on the Natural Numbers
 Givens, Berit. and Rosin, Amber.

The Perfect Numerical Computing Environment
 Gruenwald, Mark.

The Riemann Hypothesis, Random Matrices, and Primes
 Conrey, Brian.

The Rise and Evolution of the Function Concept in 18th Century Analysis
 Thiele, Ruediger.

The University of California, Davis Explore Math Program
 Strawbridge, Eva.

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Unmasking Implicitly Defined Functions in Calculus
 Renfro, Dave.

Unsolved Gems in Random Graphs
 Shank, Nathan.

Using Average Velocity to Illustrate FTC
 Lotesto, Dan.

Using Captivate to Produce Tutorials for Statistics Packages
 Hodgess, Erin.

Using Classroom Voting to Promote Discussions
 Cline, Kelly.

Using History in the Teaching of Mathematics: A Course for Pre-Service Secondary Mathematics Teachers
 Clark, Kathleen.

Using Oral Exams to Help Prepare Future Elementary Mathematics Teachers
 Goodman, Russell.

Using Simulations to Discover the Truth About Sampling Distributions
 Siegel, Murray.

Using Tornadoes to Prove Regularity for PDEs
 Meadows, Alex.

Using a Genetic Algorithm to Improve Finite Element Solutions of Differential Equations via Mesh Rearrangement
 Miles, Will., Plante, Daniel. and Deyo-Svendsen, Matt.

Using a Wiki to Encourage Collaborative Learning in Linear Algebra
 Waggoner, Murphy.

Using an inquiry based approach to improve student proofs
 Alayont, Feryal.

Using iclickers to enhance student engagement in Calculus
 Lucas, Adam.

Using newspaper, web, and journal articles in an introductory statistics class
 Campbell, Connie.


Visualizing Mappings with Technology (Preliminary Report)
 Flashman, Martin.


When the “best” strategy fails: variance trumps the mean
 Hollenbeck, Brian.

Where are we from? - an entire class project
 Johannes, Jeff.

Why Did Lagrange "Prove" the Parallel Postulate?
 Grabiner, Judith.

Why Wasn't There an Eighth Bridge?
 Drucker, Thomas.

Writing about applications in Linear Algebra
 Hartz, David.

Writing as an Effective Teaching and Assessment Tool
 Davis, Anna.

Writing in a Pre-Calculus: “Why Does an Exponential Model Make Sense?”
 Siegel, Murray.


You CAN hold a group in your hand
 Brown, Ezra.
Mathematical Association of America 2007-Aug-03 to 2007-Aug-07
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