The Mathematical Association of America MathFest 2008-Jul-28 to 2008-Aug-03

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"Do Real Mathematicians Read The Book?": Encouraging Mathematical Maturity Via Reading Checks
 Frazier, Andrea.

"Tabulating" Mathematics
 LeGrand, Denise. and Robison, Sally.

"Vedic" Decimal Fraction Patterns
 Johannes, Jeff.

Near Universal Cycles Exist for Subsets
 Hines, Taylor.

$-adic Numbers
 Garland, Joshua.


A Generalization of Taylor's Theorem: A Determinant Approach Using Mathematica
 Ali, Sayel. and Al-jarrah, Radwan.

A Graph Theoretic Proof That There Are Only Five Platonic Solids
 Alewine, Alan.

A Linearly Transformed View of Multidimensional Differentiation
 Caceres, Gabriel.

A Model Estimating the Probability of Developing Multiple Sclerosis
 Tang, Xuyang.

A Modeling Perspective of Subprime Mortgage Lending
 Reed, Richelle.

A Modular Approach to Teaching a Course in Application-Based Problem Solving
 Galluzzo, Benjamin. and Wendt, Theodore.

A Problem Related to the Sendov Conjecture
 Shatzer, Aaron. and Nuchi, Haggai.

A Streamfunction-Velocity Based Simulation of the Laminar Flow Past a Square Cylinder
 Kalita, Jiten.

A Visual Approach to the Circle-Squaring Problem
 Willert, Jeffrey.

A musical journey through abstract algebra.
 Lopes, Samuel.

A three-stage model of Mosquitofish population dynamics
 Stannard, Luke.

Academic Program Review
 Bondari, Siamack. and Vo, Monika.

Activities exploring the Collatz Conjecture - an unsolved problem in fifth grade arithmetic
 Shaw, Doug.

Adapting Hosoya's Topological Index as a Local Vertex Environment Descriptor
 Hudelson, Matthew.

Addressing the Hammer-and-Nail Phenomenon in Mathematics Classrooms
 Lim, Kien.

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Bending-Torsion Elastic Instability of Cantilevered Beams
 Bunker, Kristopher.

Beyond Classic: New Solution to Generalized Quadratic Function and Equation
 Shen, Roland.

Biofuels, {it Useful} Arithmetic and Embodied Energy
 Fusaro, Ben.

Biology, Discretemathematics and Theoretical Computer Science

Blowups of Algebraic Varieties
 Whitten, Emma.

Brain Injury and Mathematical Discovery: the Enigma of Stanislaw Ulam
 Atwood, Alexander.

Bridging the Group Definition Gap
 Dawson, Matthew.

Building Fast Communications Networks: A Brief Introduction to Expanders and Ramanujan Graphs
 Krebs, Mike.


CAGD, Geometer’s Sketchpad and Secondary Mathematics
 Waggoner, Murphy.

Calculus: Where we've been; Where are we going?
 Rhea, Karen.

Calculus: One Lesson Study at a Time
 Becker, Joy., Bendel, Christopher. and Schroeder, Helen.

Capturing a Class: Adventures with Tegrity
 Dennis, Kevin. and Kjorlien, Chad.

Challenging Gifted High School Students
 Matsko, Vince.

Changing dimensionality in data processing
 Mihnea, Amy.

Chutes and Ladders for those with a Short Attention Span
 Cheteyan, Leslie.

Clique Replacements for d-Dimensional Polytopes with d+4 Facets
 DiPasquale, Daniel.

College Algebra in Context: A report and examples from an NSF project
 Catalano, Michael.

College Entrance Examinations You Need to Pass to Be a Middle School or High School Mathematics Teacher in Japan
 West, Kazuko.

Combinatorics, Probability, and the NCAA Basketball Tournaments
 Menzel, Matthew.

Combinatorics, Topology, and Graph Theory in Jorge Luis Borges' short story "The Library of Babel."
 Bloch, William.

Common Modulus Attacks on RSA and How RSA Security Works
 Riveness, Nicole.

Common misconceptions in middle school math textbooks
 Dancis, Jerome.

Compass and Straightedge Constructions, without a Compass
 Schulze-Hewett, Charlotte.

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Data Mining: An Emerging Topic in Mathematical/Statistical Education
 Gougeon, Dr. Deborah.

Decompositions of Symmetric Spaces
 Koziol, Karol.

Desktop Circuits: Audio Data Collection
 Struthers, Allan.

Developing "Mathematics and Social Justice." A course which incorporates social justice issues and service-learning projects
 Marano, Lisa.

Developing Mathematical Thinkers – Laying the Foundation for Successful Math Majors
 Holcomb, Trae.

Development of a Survey to Assess Pre-Service Teachers’ Views and Uses of Problem-Solving in Mathematics
 Cushman, Jane.

Did A-Rod Deserve the 2007 AL MVP?
 Kazanjian, Laura.

Dissecting $2n$-Gons to Approximate the Circle-Squaring Process
 Pierce, Pamela. and Willert, Jeffrey.

Drop Sequences: Generalizing Descents and Inversions
 Bush, Albert.

Dual enrollment using mathxl
 Calbeck, William.


Edge Cut Cycles and Cutting Numbers of Cycles and Graphs
 Bailey, Brad., Spence, Dianna., Holliday, John. and Johnson, Peter.

Edge Nets of Cubes
 Matsko, Vince.

Edlin's Enigma
 Edlin, Anne.

Egalitarian matching and normalized matching
 Logan, Mark.

Elastic-plastic Transition of Transversely Isotropic Thin Rotating Disc

Elementary physical chemistry problems in multi-variable calculus
 rublein, george.

Energy Efficient Flight: Decsion-Making Mathematics Glider Pilots Use To Soar Great Distances
 Lundin, Michael.

Episodic Cellular Automata
 Dong, Chu Yue (Stella)., Long, Jamie., Staten, Corey. and Umbrasas, Rytis.

Equal Circle Packing
 Xhumari, Sandi.

Equal Circle Packing On A Square Torus
 Dickinson, William.

Equity: Not Just a Goal, But a Vehicle in Introductory Statistics
 Lesser, Lawrence.

Erd"os-Ko-Rado Madness: Generalizing the Theorem
 Brockman, Greg.

Euler's Constant in Interstate Highway Driving
 Ghandehari, Mostafa. and Ardekani, Siamak.

Expert vs. Novice Understanding of Estimation Using Taylor Series
 Martin, Jason.

Exploring Computational Mathematics: Unfolding Polyhedra
 Fasy, Brittany. and Millman, David.

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Factoring Binomials
 Robinson, Eric.

Falling through the earth in the {em Mirrour of the World}
 simoson, andrew.

Fermat's Shrinking Rectangles
 Shell-Gellasch, Amy.

Fibonacci Trees: A Dream Come True
 Collins, Benjamin.

Finding Sequences of Primes
 Allen, Elijah.

Finite C-Groups
 Andrews, Candace.

Finite Versions of Rogers-Ramanujan-Slater Type Identities
 Werley, Eric.

Finite; Infinte and Countable Infinite

Focusing Pre-Service Elementary Teachers’ Thinking on Children’s Thinking in Order to Deepen Their Mathematical Understanding
 Gregg, Jeff. and Millsaps, Gayle.

Four Stories in Applied Mathematics
 Satzer, William.

Frontloading Statistical Inference Topics in an Introductory Statistics Course
 McGivney, Kate.

Fundamental solution of Dirac system
 Liu, Wen. and Hovhannisyan, Gro.


Gendered Division of Labor in Parenting: A Game-Theoretic Perspective
 Vierling-Claassen, Angela.

Generalized Permutation Descents and Inversions Controlled By a Drop Sequence
 Griffiths IV, William. and Bush, Albert.

Geometer's Sketchpad Software (GSP) as a teaching aids for secondary school level

Geometric Truths
 Johnson, Andrew.

Gerrymandering, Convexity, and Shape Compactness
 Marshall, Emily. and Patterson, Geoff.

Getting Your Hands Wet in a Differential Equations Course
 Leiterman, Terry Jo.

Ghosts of Departed Errors: Berkeley's Mathematical Objections to the Calculus
 Boman, Eugene.

Global Consciousness, Social Responsibility, Ethical Awareness (and MATH!) at Westminster
 Bynum, Bradford.

Going Once, Going Twice, Sold; Modeling Different Auction Types
 Housholder, Katrina., Wagoner, Emily. and Onstot, Chad.

Google’s PageRank for beginners: A directed graph example for liberal arts math courses
 Wills, Rebecca.

Group Theory is Child's Play!
 Warton, Pamela.


Happiness in Random Matchmaking
 Brantner, James.

Hard to Guard Art Galleries
 Michael, T.

Homework can Motivate Students to Read the Book
 Maher, Richard.

Honor-ing Mathematics History
 McGrail, Tracey.

How many minimal lattice knots are there?
 Costa, James.


ICLICK the MATH in Class
 Sung, Chen-Han.

If I May Make a Generalization, Generalizations are Generally Good (in numerics)
 Tongen, Anthony.

Illuminating Group Lattices
 Rodgers, Nancy. and Anewalt, Doug.

Induced Topologies and Separation Axioms
 Stine, Jay.

Integrating service learning projects in a differential equations course
 Zobitz, John.

Integrating synaptic models into a differential equations course
 Latulippe, Joe.

Interactive CaluMath Web Pages for College Algebra and Pre-Calculus
 Gregg, Jeff.

Interactive Visualization of Quasicrystals in Virtual Environments
 Ehrman, Geoffrey.

It's Just Thin Air: Resistance and Projectile Motion
 McMurran, Shawnee.

illiSol: A Modern Orrery
 Davis, William.


Journal Forms to Test Student’s Understanding
 Wehe, Amy. and Diakite, Rala.


Knots and Differential Equations
 Hudson, Rachel.


L(3,2,1) Graph Labeling
 Ward, Jeremy., Lingscheit, Michelle. and Ruff, Kiersten.

Lagrangian Formulations of Mechanics with Designer Conservation Laws
 Yankov, Artem.

Leading a Book Discussion in a Liberal Arts Mathematics Class
 Goodman, Russell.

Learning Styles and Measurable Reading Assignments
 Esselstein, Rachel.

Learning to Read and Reading to Learn: The Value of Reading the Text Before Class
 Boelkins, Matt.

Length-minimization problems on non-planar surfaces
 Haponski, Jodi.

Lessons Learned from a Calculus Redesign Project
 McLoud-Mann, Jennifer.

Lets do this once: Folding vector calculus into multivariable calculus using geometry and language
 Wangberg, Aaron.

Limit cycles from a sum and number of digits concatenated sequence
 Brazier, Richard., Knarr, Shauna. and Barraclough, Andra.


MIT vs Harvard: The Mathematics of Good Will Huniting
 Garrett, Kristina.

Mandala as the key to teaching Trigonometry to Multiple Intelligences
 Stang, Paul.

Mappings Between Pieces of a Polynomial Ring
 Zylinski, Jeffery.

Masterful Masts: Beam Buckling with Intermediate Follower Loads
 Kassel, Matthew.

Math 201: Mathematics, Education, and Access to Power
 Knoerr, Alan.

Math Chats: Engaging Students in Mathematics Outside the Classroom
 Anderson, Robin.

Math Modeling Can Help Bridges to the Humanities
 Spellerberg, Rick.

Math-by-Mail - a correspondence program in recreational math
 Elran, Yossi. and Elran, Michal.

MathTV: A Curiously Funny Mathematical Production
 Ghrist, Michelle.

Mathematical Handwriting Recognition for Education
 Garst, Peter.

Mathematical Model of HPV and its Impact on Cervical Cancer
 Lee, Shernita.

Mathematical Myths: Some Interesting Facts and Fictions
 Becerra, Linda. and Barnes, Ron.

Mathematical Thinking with Magic Squares
 Behforooz, Hossein.

Mathematical World: Liberal arts mathematics with an art emphasis
 Oakley, Patricia.

Mathematician or Poet
 Moazzam, Mohammad.

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N+k Queens Reflections
 Chatham, Doug.

Napier's "Logarithms" Weren't
 Martin, Andrew.

Network Analysis of the Clique Replacement Graph
 Wesolowski, Amy.

Numerals based on the golden ratio.
 Atkinson, Bruce.


Obsession from the Greeks: Doubling Cubes, Squaring Circles, Trisecting Angles, and Constructing Regular Polygons.
 Smith, Charlie.

On Dependent Binomial Processes
 Sapp, Stephanie.

On measure-preserving transformations over non-archimedean fields
 Diao, Hansheng.

On notions of sensitivity and their relation to entropy
 Fan, Zhou.

On the Construction of Knights' Tours
 Cobb, Evan. and Fields, Richard.

On the Representation of Recursive Functions by Integrals
 Puzio, Raymond.

On the Riemann Sphere in Complex Analysis
 Smith, Brooks.

On the Strong Symmetric Genus of (not too large) Finite Groups
 Lindberg, Tova.

On the Two-Sided Power Distribution
 Kapila, Amol.

Online Collaboration with a Wiki in Real Analysis
 Peterson, Elisha.

Online, Hybrid, or Traditional - An Experience in Teaching Contemporary Mathematics
 Jiao, Hengli.

Open Source Software: What can it do for you?
 Weathers, Tony.

Optimization as a Competitive Weapon: Mathematical Techniques that Slash Costs
 Beauchamp, Nicole.

Order 6 Quandle Decomposition
 Langford, Joshua.


PRAXIS Project WI: Interactive Learning Objects
 Ernie, Kathryn. and Hofacker, Erick.

Paint By Numbers: Constructing a Map That Neeps Nineteen Colors
 CadwalladerOlsker, Todd.

Parabolas and Their Tangent Lines
 Westrick, Michelle.

Paracycles in Snell Geometries
 Mealy, Jack. and Smith, Cicily.

Paradoxical Euler or Integration by Differentiation
 Fabian, Andrew.

Paths of Least Distance for Polytopes of Higher Dimensions
 Thayer, Peter.

Perfect Numbers and Mersenne Primes
 Placko, Megan.

Permutation Patterns and Patience Sorting: Sophisticated Combinatorics From a Simple Card Game
 Lankham, Isaiah.

Permutation Tableaux and Combinatorial Sequences
 Evans, Katie.

Perspective Drawing Experiment in a Freshman Interdisciplinary Seminar
 Davis, Anna.

Pizza Delivery: 2-Stop-Return Distances in Graphs
 Gera, Ralucca., Eroh, Linda., Winters, Steven. and Bullington, Grady.

Place Value Arithmetic via Polynomials
 Johannes, Jeff.

Popcorn Statistics: Audio Data Collection
 Struthers, Allan.

Positive impacts from using the history of Mathematics when teaching students with weak mathematical backgrounds.
 Mac an Bhaird, Ciarán.

Predator-Prey Models - a Generalization of Lotka-Volterra Model
 Kaganovskiy, Leon.

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Q-Value Method for A Publishing Company to Allocate ISBN
 Peng, Yisha.

QTL Mapping in an Outcross in Sticklebacks
 Fehr, Leah.

Quartic equations applied to 6-DOF Wiimote tracking
 Rieck, Michael.


RcmdrPlugin.epack: A Menu Driven Package for Time Series in R
 Hodgess, Erin. and Vobach, Carol.

Re-distributing and Reconstructing Probabilities in Horse Races, Voting Theory, and Poker
 Jones, Michael. and Stevens, John.

Read it - techniques to get it to happen
 Hibbard, Allen.

Redesigning Developmental Math to More Efficient and Effective
 Beck, Sue.

Regular Conformations of $(2n,2)$-Torus Links
 Chaudhry, Hunan.

Relationship of cubic functions and their tangent lines
 Zaiki, Kristin.

Report on Progress in Developmental Algebra at Lindsey Wilson College
 Dillery, Scott.

Resourceful Session Before a Developmental Math Test
 Vamadeva, Gowribalan.

Revised Win Probabilities in California Football
 Tiedemann, Rory.

Riemann Zeta Function and the prime numbers
 Varey, Anthony.

Running Circles 'round the Truth:a Mathematical Perspective on Deconstruction
 Wodzak, Michael.


Signed Graph Coloring, a Theorem of Jacobi, and the Art of Linear Algebra
 Morse, Steven. and Peterson, Elisha.

Simultaneous Binary Collision for the collinear four body problem
 Yan, Duokui.

Social Networks and their Natural Behavior
 oton, Chanda-louise.

Soliton solutions to the nonlinear Schr"odinger equation
 Rivera, Samuel. and Red Eagle, Crystal.

Solitons and the Korteweg-de Vries equation
 Garcia, Ernesto. and Liskey, Carolina.

Solving Instant Insanity without going Insane
 Robertson, Rachel.

Some Interesting Applications of Numerical Analysis in Science and Engineering
 Usman, Muhammad.

Some Remarks on Fibonacci-type Polynomials
 McCollum, Tom.

Stabilizing Elastic Beams
 Marchand, Richard.

Statistics’r’us – Reshaping students’ attitude from aversion and anxiety to curiosity and confidence
 Erdodi, Laszlo. and Lavicza, Zsolt.

Stick Knots
 Morrison, Ralph.

Strengthening and Assessing College Students’ Learning Outcomes in General Education Mathematics Courses
 Li, Xuhui.

Stuck in a Sudoku
 Schroeder, Helen.

Students and College Algebra Textbooks
 Bhatnagar, Satish.

Superinvariants for Knots
 Starkston, Laura.

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Teach concepts and understanding, and do not concentrate on manipulations which hinder this.
 Rubin, Herman.

Teaching Art, Literature, Science, Theater, Speech, and Computer Science all in one Mathematics Course
 Barnes, Julie.

Teaching Math with Pokemon
 Goeben, Samantha.

Teaching Mathematics to Lebanese Engineers : The Experience of the Ecole Supérieure d'Ingénieurs de Beyrouth
 Salem, Salim.

Teaching Mathematics to Biology Majors Using the Scientific Method
 Fulton, James. and Linda, Sabatino.

Teaching Statistics from A to Z
 Molitierno, Jason.

Teaching the mathematics of music
 Hall, Rachel.

Technology, conjecture and proof: Exposing the thinking of teachers
 Shafer, Kathryn.

The "No WAY!" moment in mathematics
 Krebs, Mike.

The Behavior of DS-Divisors of Positive Integers
 Arango, Elizabeth.

The Box Method for Teaching Ratio and Proportion Problems
 Sullivan, Jim.

The Brachistochrone Revisited: A Timely Consideration
 Lehnen, Alfred.

The Calculation of Galois Groups By Classical Methods with the Aid of Mathematica
 Lunsford, Matt.

The Effect of Knotting on the Shape of Polymers
 Millett, Kenneth.

The Elementary Mathematical Theory of Parallelism, Convergence and Divergence
 Brekke, Stewart.

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Universal Cycles on Simple Graphs
 Snively, Emma. and Kay, Bill.

University Geometry: Preservice Teachers’ Views on its Role in the Classroom
 Hodge, Angela.

Using CaluMath Software to Create Interactive Web Pages for College Algebra, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus
 Turbek, Peter.

Using Clickers Toward Conceptual Understanding: Experiences in Statistics Courses
 Murphy, Teri.

Using Clickers to Encourage Discussion and Communication in Mathematics
 Hofacker, Erick. and Ernie, Kathryn.

Using Cryptography to Teach Number Theory to Future Middle School Teachers
 Saunders, Bonnie. and Beissinger, Janet.

Using Knot Theory to Model DNA: An Undergraduate Research Project
 Schellhorn, William.

Using Prediction Items and Clickers to Address Misconceptions
 Lim, Kien.

Using Recursion to Solve the Pill Problem
 Waite, Kaleb.

Using Recursion to Study Mathematical Induction, Schur Numbers, and the Pill Problem.
 Brandt, Keith.

Using Simulation to Verify Biological Model Fit with Field Data
 Searcy, Scott. and Bartelt, Paul.

Using Tablet PCs in Calculus 1
 Cartwright, Christopher.

Using Video Podcasts to Model Critical Thinking in Undergraduate Mathematics
 Kosiak, Jennifer., LeDocq, Rebecca., Hoar, Robert. and Hasenbank, Jon.

Using a Homework Notebook in College Algebra
 Kiihne, Patricia.

Using technology to promote reflective discourse: Combining dynamically connected representations with video reflection.
 Lapp, Douglas.


Validating the Warrant P(k)-->P(k+1): Does Any Means Justify the Ends?
 Mingus, Tabitha. and Grassl, Richard.

Vector Coloring
 Schaeffer, Amanda.

Vertically Connecting College and Middle Grades Mathematics: The Two-Problem Comparison Paper
 Jorgensen, Theresa.

Viewing Mathematics as Human Endeavor
 Pinter, Mike.

Viewing the Hamming code in its natural habitat
 Weiner, Paul.

Visual Mathematics for the Visually Impaired: Reflections and Strategies
 Maxwell, Mandi.

Voting Off: How Bad Can it Be?
 Helliwell, Dylan.


Wavelet Transforms: The Linear Algebra Approach
 Beauchamp, Jenae.

What Do Students Actually Read, and Its Educational Implications?
 Rybolt, Bill.

What Is Mathematics and Why Won't It Go Away?
 Colley, Susan.

What Students Read is Not Necessarily What They "Get"
 Shepherd, Mary.

What else can you do with an open topped box?
 Shaw, Doug.

What's Interesting About the Number 1729?
 Schumer, Peter.

Who discovered discontinuous derivatives?
 Renfro, Dave.

Who's on my Team?
 Bertram, Kristin.


YouTube in the Classroom: video screencasts of new software packages
 Leahy, Andrew.

Your Paths are Determined! Hankel Determinants and Motzkin Numbers
 Yip, Andrew.
The Mathematical Association of America MathFest 2008-Jul-28 to 2008-Aug-03
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