The Mathematical Association of America MathFest 2009-Aug-06 to 2009-Aug-09

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"Clone Wars" - Clones in Matroids
 Cotwright, Carla.

"How do you say 'cryptography' in Romanian?" Learning about integers from ciphers in different languages
 Holden, Joshua.

"Incorporating a Functions approach in a traditional Freshman Algebra class"
 Vamadeva, Gowribalan.

"Math and the Other Arts", a course at Western Michigan University
 White, Arthur.

12 Coins Problem, Yet Again, a New Viewing
 Smiley, Len. and Wick, Brian.

2-odd Graphs and Prime Distance Graphs
 Starr, Colin. and Laison, Josh.

$$mbox{New and Old Combinatorial Identities}$$
 Zeleke, Aklilu.

Cycles of the generalized Collatz Problem, John L Simons.
 Simons, John.

^p$ - Bounded Point Evaluations and Uniform Rational Approximation
 Militzer, Erin.

A Counter Example for a Chromatic Uniqueness Theorem
 Khalaf, Abdul Jalil. and Peng, Yee-Hock.

title{Efficient Generation of the Ideals of a Poset} author{{sc Lalla Mouatadid}} maketitle
 Mouatadid, Lalla.

“The Art of Balance”- Mobiles in a calculus class
 Guadarrama, Zdenka.


A Chess Encounter of the Four Dimensional Kind
 Reiniger, Benjamin.

A Closure for Claw-free Graphs
 Linderman, Bill.

A Comparative Study of Learning College Algebra in Non-Traditional Higher Education Programs
 Ford, Darcel.

A Course on Ancient Greek Mathematics
 Barbanel, Julius.

A Discussion between Lotka-Volterra Model and Elliptic Regression
 Kim, Daniel.

A Hadamard Matrix Coin-Sifting Algorithm
 Hudelson, Matthew.

A Japanese temple problem
 Richeson, David.

A Law-School Quantitative Methods Course
 Townsend, Michael.

A Mathematical Model for the Healing Process of Wrist Injuries
 Latulippe, Joe. and Sierra, Randy.

A Mathematical Model for the Source Localization of Brain Signals
 Debnath, Shubham.

A Mathematical Model of Weight Change with Adaptation
 Thomas, Diana.

A Mathematical Modification to the Distribution of Byes in Wrestling Championships
 McCullough, Alex.

A Mathematics Program Without a Mathematics Department.
 Hildebrand, Jeff.

A Numerical Algorithm for Solving Nonlinear Integral Equations
 Xie, Shishen.

A Numerical Study of an SIR Model
 Ensley, John.

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Balanced Modular Tableaux
 Killpatrick, Kendra. and Garrett, Kristina.

Beauty of Surfaces
 grzegorczyk, ivona.

Beyond Classic: Unified Law of Conservation of Kinetic Energy and Linear Momentum
 Shen, Roland.

Beyond Math and the Arts
 Robertson, Ann.

Bounds for Cut-and-Paste Sorting of Permutations
 Cranston, Daniel., Sudborough, I. Hal. and West, Doug.

Bounds on the Roots of the Steiner Polynomial
 Jetter, Madeleine.

Building a Bridge Between Problems of Mathematical Olympiads and "Real" Problems of Mathematics
 soifer, alexander.


Calculus II Students’ Motivation and Instructors’ Teaching Styles
 Skjelstad, Erin. and Dwyer, Jerry.

Can Inservice Mathematics Teachers Answer Mathematical Questions that Arise from Classroom Use of Dynamic Software?
 Epperson, James.

Can War Last Forever?
 Spivey, Mike.

Celebrating the Latino Culture Through Mathematics
 Lopez, Constantino.

Chaos in Non-linear Tent Maps: Bifurcation Diagrams, Lyapunov Exponents, and Fractals.
 Njoya, Oumarou.

Characterizations of cop-win graphs
 Clarke, Nancy. and MacGillivray, Gary.

Characterizations of prime numbers via arithmetic functions
 Schwab, Emil.

Circular $(n,k)$-games
 Heubach, Silvia. and Dufour, Matthieu.

Clicking with Class
 Barnes, Ronald.

Clique Swaps, Polytopes and "Near Cubes"
 Mihalisin, James.

Coloring Complex
 Swanson, Rebecca.

Combinatorial Classification of Cubic Polynomials with a fixed Siegel Disk
 Ptacek, Ross.

Combinatorial enumeration via the Riordan group
 Cameron, Naiomi.

Common Error Patterns in Pre-service Teachers' Attempts at Writing Fraction Word Problems
 McAllister, Cheryl. and Beaver, Cheryl.

Competing Prices: Analyzing a Stochastic Interacting Particle System
 Racz, Miklos.

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Dance Choreography and Dance
 McGinnis, Cynthia.

Dancing with Deforming Points
 Hack, William.

Decision-making and Iteration
 Jayawant, Pallavi.

Defining the Sum of an Infinite Series
 Leavelle, Tommy.

Demonstrating the Central Limit Theorem with Minitab
 Gurney, David.

Designer Functions: Power Tools for Mathematics Instruction
 Weinhold, Marcia.

Designing, Implementing, and Evaluating a Teacher Training Workshop for new Graduate Mathematics Teaching Assistants
 Trouba, Jerome.

Did Humidifying the Ball Cut Down on Home Runs at Coors Stadium?
 penn, howard.

Directing Undergraduate Research – Issues Beyond Solving the Mathematical Problem
 Higgins, Aparna.

Discovering the Art of Mathematics
 Hotchkiss, Philip. and von Renesse, Christine.

Divisibility And Periodicity Ideas In The Fibonacci And Lucas Sequences
 Schiffman, Jay.

Dominant Eigenvalues and the Structure of Matrix Spaces
 Lindberg, Tova.

Drawing Cycloids with Geometer’s Sketchpad
 Strasser, Nora.

Drawing Humpty Dumpty in perspective: side topics in projective geometry
 Futamura, Fumiko.

Dynamic Graphical User Interface in MATLAB using GUIDE
 Quinlan, James.

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Edgar structures on manifolds
 Magyar, Andrew.

Edge Geodetic Covers in the Cartesian Product of Graphs
 Mariano, Rochelleo.

Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors: What do students say about them?
 Karakok, Gulden.

Eigenvalues of Trees
 Chang, Ming Wei.

Electrowetting and Digital Microfluidics
 Nadim, Ali.

Elementary Geometry in Parabolic Reflections
 Turzillo, Alex.

Embedding Permutation String Diagrams
 Boothby, Tom.

Emilia's Arithmetic: A Brazilian Intellectual Tackles Mathematics Education
 Gouvêa, Fernando.

Empowering Secondary Teachers with the Power and Beauty of Mathematics
 Debnath, Joyati.

Empowering Student Learning in Mathematical Analysis
 Shipman, Barbara. and Epperson, James.

Encouraging Problem-Solving the First Day of Class
 Pinter, Mike.

Engaging Students In Critical Thinking About The Proof Writing Process
 Campbell, Connie. and Somers, Kay.

Enumeration of the Distinct Shuffles of Permutations
 Smith Barnes, Camillia.

Error estimators in solving systems of second-order hyperbolic partial differential equations by finite element method of lumped masses
 Haque, Md..

Estimating the hidden shape
 Suh, Jiyeon.

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Factoring Polynomials
 grzegorczyk, ivona.

Factorization in Integral Matrix Semigroups
 Ardila, Rene.

False Position, Double False Position, and Cramer's Rule
 Boman, Eugene.

Feasibility of Metabolic Parameter Estimation in Pharmocokinetic Models of Carbon Tetrachloride Exposure in Rats
 Murden, Raphiel.

Finances 101: Teaching Finances in Mathematics Courses
 Luca, Magdalena.

Find Your Team: Content Team-Forming Activities for Calculus Class
 Allen, Martha. and Kelley, Amy.

Finding error terms for numerical integration: Mean Value Theorem vs. Taylor’s Theorem
 Ghrist, Michelle.

Finite Frame Cryptography
 Allen, Darren.

Fixed Points and Modular Calculations in Cryptology
 Kelly, Annela.

Flow and transport in subsurface with multiple scales
 Peszynska, Malgorzata.

Follow the Food Feeding Function: A Biomathematical Study of Gastric Emptying
 Kramer, Ariel.

Fret Not!
 Mihaila, Ioana.

Frieze Music
 Hurwitz, R. and Sicilian, Mark.

From digraphs and determinants to oriented matroids
 Robbins, Jakayla.

From inductive reasoning to proof by induction with Geometry Expressions
 Todd, Philip.

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Gather specific student information on an index card
 Kaseberg, Alice.

Gender Inequities in University Admissions Due to the Differential Validity of the SAT
 Nankervis, Bryan.

General Model for Variations of the Even Cycle Problem
 Pepich, Rachel.

Generalized Composition of Formal Power Series and Its Applications
 Gan, Xiao-Xiong.

Generalizing Some Well Known Congruences Using Burnside's Theorem
 Evans, Tyler.

Geogebra, geodesics, and gift-wrapping
 Traub, Cindy.

Geometric Variations of Self-Avoiding Polygons in $Z^3$ Generated by the BFACF Algorithm
 talbot, zoe.

Geometry and Biosurveillance
 Franko, Jennifer. and Schwell, Rachel.

Geometry for Majors and Future Teachers
 Sibley, Thomas.

Global Warming in Calculus One
 McDougall, Jane.

Google Power
 Chartier, Tim.

Graph Cuts and Groebner Bases
 McCormick, Megan.

Graph Labeling Problems Appropriate for Undergraduate Research
 Wyels, Cynthia.

Graph Theory Applications in Code Analyses and Developing Software Test Strategies
 Riabov, Vladimir.

Groups of Perfect Shuffles
 Morrison, Kent.


Higher Order Lattice Chains and Delannoy Numbers: The generating functions
 Dunn, Chuck.

Higher Order Lattice Chains and Delannoy Numbers: The enumeration
 Caughman, John.

History of Mathematics in Art and Design
 O\'Keefe, Ruth.

Hot Jones!
 Ganzell, Sandy.

How Difficult is Writing in Mathematics?
 Behforooz, Hossein.

How and why a History of Mathematics class can work online?
 Vo, Monika.

How animals get their stripes? An interdisciplinary module for numerical analysis
 Yerion, Kathie.

Hyperbolic Circles are Circular!
 Gonzalez, Alma.


I Don't Teach Math. I Teach Students Math.
 Cederbloom, Stacey.

Identifying Self-Similarity
 Brin, Leon.

Implementation of Inquiry-Based Pedagogy Significantly Improves Student Achievement
 Mayer, John.

Including Pre-Service Teachers in Mathematics Lesson Study
 Burroughs, Elizabeth. and Luebeck, Jennifer.

Index Theory and Its Applications
 Yang, Fangyun.

Inequalities through Geometry
 Kumar, Anand.

Infinite Processes and Sets in the Learner’s Mind
 Ely, Robert. and Frost, Jodi.

Integrating Biology into a Math Major Track Calculus 2 Course
 McKelvey, Steven.

Integrating Some New Methods in a Numerical Analysis Course
 Ionescu, Adrian.

Interactive Demonstrations for Calculus
 Cochran, Lyle.

Interactive MS Excel Workbooks: Learning Tools That Are More Than Spreadsheets
 Mabrouk, Sarah.

Interdisciplinary research with undergraduates
 Mazzag, Borbala (Bori).

Introducing Clickers into Mathematics Classes: A step toward more active learning
 McCabe, Cynthia.

Introducing Preservice Elementary Teachers to the Angles of Parallel Lines using Sketchpad
 Millsaps, Gayle.

Introducing secondary certification students to mathematical modeling
 Taylor, Paul.

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Japan's Ten Year Experiment: What Can We Learn from It?
 West, Kazuko.

Juggling bijections
 Buhler, Joe.


Knot Colorability: Undergraduate Research using Crayons, Computers and Linear Algebra
 DeLong, Matthew.

Knots, Ephmeral Knots and Slipknots in Random Walks and Equilateral Polygons
 Millett, Kenneth.

Knots, Quandles, and the Constraint Satisfaction Problem
 McGrail, Robert.

Knotted Graphs and Boundary Slopes
 Mattman, Thomas.


Lagrangian submanifolds in n-dimensional Complex Euclidean spaces
 Oh, Yun Myung.

Learning Numerical Methods Through Its History
 Jardine, Dick.

Learning Proof by Mathematical Induction
 Yestness, Nissa., Hauk, Shandy. and Davis, Mark.

Learning proof writing by grading incorrect proofs
 Eichhorn, Sarah.

Leonhard Euler's Contributions to Mathematical Cartography
 Heine, George.

Lessons Learned from Leading First Undergraduate Research Team in Applied Statistics
 Crawford, Sara.

Level Curves and Extreme Polynomials
 Niedermeyer, Eddie.

Liberal Arts Mathematics: "A Conceptual Art Form"
 Zides, Steven.

Life’s Expectations And Requirements
 Beane, Susan.

Lights Out for Linear Algebra
 Torrence, Bruce.

Link and knots in complete graphs with linear edges
 Ludwig, Lew.

Linking graph theory and knot theory
 Foisy, Joel.

Lobb's Generalization of Catalan's Parenthesization Problem Revisited
 Koshy, Thomas.

Lots of new intrinsically knotted graphs via computer programs
 Naimi, Ramin.

Lurch: Software for Teaching and Writing Mathematical Proofs
 Carter, Nathan. and Monks, Kenneth.


Making Connections Within Mathematics in Finite or Liberal Arts Mathematics Course
 Fliess, Robert.

Making History of Mathematics Relevant to Pre-Service Teachers
 Hodge, Angie.

Making future teachers want to learn college mathematics
 Szabo, Tamas.

Maplets for Calculus - Developing Intuition in a Computer Lab
 Yasskin, Philip. and Meade, Douglas.

Math, Murder, and Mystery: Mathematics and Detective Fiction
 Knotts-Zides, Charlotte.

Mathematical Exegesis: Readings from Eutocius and Apollonius
 McKinney, Colin.

Mathematical Methods for Determining Art Forgeries
 Kelly, Susan.

Mathematical Model for Spontaneous and Evoked Release of NMDA Receptors
 Blackwell, Justin.

Mathematical Modeling of Structured Textures
 DeSantis, Derek.

Mathematical Models in Ecology and Epidemiology
 Yakubu, Abdul-Aziz.

Mathematical Queries from Late Nineteenth Century American Publications
 Tattersall, Jim.

Mathematical modeling of coastal ocean circulation
 Samelson, Roger.

Mathematical models of tumor growth: lessons learned from (and with) undergraduates.
 Radunskaya, Ami.

Mathematics Tasks with Classroom Connections
 Keen, Virginia (Ginny).

Mathematics for Elementary Teachers: Using Virtual Manipulatives
 Burton, Laurie.

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Newton's Theory of the Speed of Sound
 Langton, Stacy.

Non-Trivial Motivational Study Cases for the College Courses in Introductory Mathematics
 Riabov, Vladimir.

Nonunique Solutions to the Inverse Problem for Electrical Networks
 Klumb, Chad.

Notions of Bounded Variation and Perimeter in Metric Measure Spaces.
 Camfield, Chris.

Novel Pedagogical Resources Based on Protein Structure Analysis
 Masso, Majid.

Number Theory in Sound Diffusion
 Mathai, Elizabeth.

Numerical Approximation of Taylor Series in the radius of Convergence
 Agendia, Atabong. and B., Ibeabuchi.

Numerical calculations with Internet Explorer scripts and Google flot


On Circuit Sizes in Matroids
 Reid, Talmage.

On Groups Admitting a Cayley Prism Mapping
 Weld, Kathryn.

On Proofs of Summation Identities
 Aboufadel, Edward.

On a Fruitful Identity in the Theory of Numbers
 Schneider, Robert.

On the Maximum Number of Isosceles Right Triangles in a Finite Point Set
 Roberts, David.

One Cake, Four Cuts, Two Hungry People
 Duckett, Dallas. and Henry, Aniya.

One-room School House Mathematics Class
 McCreary, Paul.

Online interactive worksheets with Sage
 Grout, Jason.

Optical Solitons in a non-Kerr law media with inter-modal dispersion
 Biswas, Anjan.

Optimal selection of recombinant inbred lines for locating genes: a preliminary report
 Gottlieb, Eric. and Fitz Gerald, Jonathan.

Orthogonal Filters and the Implications of Wrapping on Discrete Wavelet Transforms
 Bleiler, Sarah.


Parameter Regions of Interacting Species using Resultant Theory
 Magomo, Douglas.

Pattern Recognition in Syracuse Problem
 Mihnea, Amy.

Pattern-avoiding of self-avoiding walks
 Gao, Shanzhen.

Pell Numbers and Related Identities via Charged Tilings
 Hopkins, Brian.

Permutation patterns in enumerative combinatorics
 Jones, Brant.

Philosophical Questions You DO Take a Stand on When You Teach First-year Mathematics Courses
 Gold, Bonnie.

Pi, e, and prime numbers
 Debnath, Joyati.

Polishing (Off) Proofs with LaTeX
 Vandervelde, Sam.

Polyhedral Thread Balls
 Yackel, Carolyn.

Polynomial Equations over Matrices
 Hellenbrand, Kaitlyn.

Positive Steady State solutions of general cooperation or predator-prey biological model
 Kang, Joon H..

Power Plant System Identification Using Inferential Statistics: Towards Feasible and Efficient Optimization
 doty, john.

Predicting RNA-RNA interaction probability and structure
 Chitsaz, Hamidreza.

Pretty pictures produce pretty matroids
 Gordon, Gary.

Primary Trait Analysis to Assess a Learner-Centered, Upper-Level Mathematics Course
 Alsardary, Salar.

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Quantized Poker
 Bleiler, Steven.


Radioactive $pi$?
 Dugaw, Christopher.

Ramanujan, Quadratic Forms and the Sum of Three Cubes
 Harper, James.

Real and Generic Population Data Without Best-Fitting Verhulst Growth Curves
 Nievergelt, Yves.

Rectilinear Crossing Numbers for Point Sets with Given Convex Hull Layers
 Lopez, Lorena.

Regression Analysis: Understanding Its Fallacies and Successes
 Chesney, Alexander.

Repeating Decimals
 Ross, Kenneth.

Research Experiences for Secondary Mathematics Teachers
 El-Zanati, Saad. and Barker, David.

Research Results for Underprepared Students in a Redesigned College Algebra Course
 Lucas, Marva. and McCormick, Nancy.

Rethinking Pythagorus with Geometry Playground
 Heath, Daniel.


Senior Capstone Experience for Mathematics Secondary Education Majors
 Boyd, Ernest.

Separating H-sets with open sets
 Tikoo, Mohan.

Set Colorings in graphs.
 Gera, Ralucca.

Set Theory: Cantor’s Creation and Its Ramifications
 Barnes, Ronald. and Becerra, Linda.

Sexy Logic: Running a Math Learning Community
 Diehl, Michael.

Sharing the History of Mathematics Online
 Mabrouk, Sarah.

Short impartial combinatorial games played on partitions
 Gottlieb, Eric. and DuVal, Whitney.

Should My Philosophy of Mathematics Influence My Teaching of Mathematics?
 Sloughter, Daniel.

Silk Threads of Many Colors: Teaching Ibn Mun‘im’s Combinatorics
 Schwartz, Randy.

Slitherlink as a model of levels of abstraction
 Haack, Joel.

Snakes on a Plane: The Mechanics of Slithering
 Nirody, Jasmine.

Solution of the system of linear Fredholm integral equations of the second kind using modified homotopy perturbation method
 Aziz, Kawa.

Solutions to a Diophantine Equation Derived from Polynomials over the Integers
 Demirel, Emel.

Some Arithmetic Properties of Overpartition $-Tuples
 Vary, Robert.

Some odd things about partitions
 Penniston, David.

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Teach concepts first, then how to use them
 Rubin, Herman.

Teach ill-conditioning in a single lecture!
 Stuart, Jeffrey.

Teaching Abstract Algebra for Secondary Mathematics Education Majors
 Lu, Yun.

Teaching Bioinformatics/ Biomathematics at undergraduate level
 Agendia, Atabong. and O., OYESANYA.

Teaching Geometry from a Historical Point of View
 Dillon, Meighan.

Teaching Mathematics via a Detour into her History.
 Pavlika, Vasos.

Teaching Numerical Methods as Interdisciplinary Subject
 Usman, Muhammad.

Teaching Proof by Mathematical Induction
 Mendoza-Spencer, Bernadette., Hauk, Shandy. and Davis, Mark.

Teaching an engaged analysis class
 Terwilleger Mullen, Erin.

Teaching students the habit of using outlines to construct proofs
 Morris, Jason.

Team Activities for the First Day of Class Using a Computer Algebra System
 Jimenez, Jose.

Technology and the classroom. Teachers discover how to enhance learning with strategies.
 Spears, Amy.

Text and Diagrams in Ancient Greek Mathematics
 McKinney, Colin.

The 2-adic valuation of the complementary Bell numbers
 De Angelis, Valerio., Moll, Victor. and Amdeberhan, Tewodros.

The ABC’s of Problem Solving: A Capstone Course for Pre-Service Elementary Teachers
 Nichols, Janet. and Barnett, Janet.

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Understanding the Chinese Remainder Theorem
 Daniels, Isaak.

Using Geometry Expressions to Explore Crop Circles
 Ottman, Larry.

Using Learning Groups to Remove Reasoning Gaps: Implications of Piaget’s Theory of Numbers, Vygotsky’s Social Theory, and Glasson’s Choice Theory.
 Beane, Susan.

Using M&Ms and Excel to Have Fun with Statistics
 Bergquist, Timothy.

Using Maple to apply cubic spline techniques in calculus and mathematical modeling
 Hollenbeck, Brian.

Using Mathematics to Teach the Art of Argument and Rhetoric
 Hammack, Micol.

Using Multimedia to Gauge Understanding in an On-Line Graduate Course
 Flint, Donna.

Using Optical Flow for Botanical Video Analysis
 Holloway, Jason.

Using Permutations to Analyze Algorithms
 Mihnea, Amy.

Using Personal Response Systems to Focus Teaching on Representations and Conceptual Understanding of Mathematics
 Ernie, Kathryn.

Using Proofs without Words to Explore the Pythagorean Theorem
 Fulmer, Jim. and McMillan, Thomas.

Using Toilet Paper to Help Students Make Generalizations
 Waggoner, Martha Ellen.

Using e-activities with the ClassPad 300
 Edwards, Constance.

Using end of semester projects: students as teachers
 Herman, Edwin.

Using fractals to motivate linear algebra
 Crannell, Annalisa.

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Valuation of Discount Points
 Kelly, Brian.

Variations on Basic-End-Game in Poker
 Ferguson, Thomas.

Verifying Surface Intersection Curves Visually
 Seeburger, Paul.

Vertex Adjacencies in Random Planar Trees
 McNicholas, Erin.

Video Examples of Students Writing Proofs
 Roe, Robert.

Visual Group Theory
 Carter, Nathan.

Visualizing Cycles in Random Sequences
 Ryder, Jack.

Visualizing an Accumulation Function
 Shelton, Therese.


What Mathematics Should Be Taught to Gifted Secondary School Students, and How?
 Schroeder, Thomas.

What are they thinking? Examining the mathematical disposition of preservice elementary teachers.
 Feldhaus, Charles.

What is an Orbifold Graph
 Stanhope, Liz.

What is the Mathematically Correct Interpretation of Probability in Quantum Mechanics?
 Izmirli, Ilhan.

What is the Prime Factorization of a Factorial?
 Chang, Mu-Ling.

What's in a norm?
 Ethier, Dillon.

What’s on Your Card? Information Students Perceive Will Help Them on a Calculus Exam.
 Boedigheimer, Ralph., Brilleslyper, Michael., Horton, Kenneth., Williams, Scott. and Soto-Johnson, Hortensia.

Which Came First? The Philosophy, the History, or the Mathematics?
 Flashman, Martin.

Why We Should Not Be Teaching One-Sided Hypothesis Tests in a First Statistics Course
 Johnson, Michael.

Why the Centroid is the Centroid: An ode on a theme by Archimedes
 Mercier, William.

Wiki Technology Facilitates Math Writing Course
 Klotz, Gene.

Writing Proofs across the Undergraduate Mathematics Curriculum
 Kasturiarachi, Aloysius.

Writing to Understand Mathematical Proofs
 Porter, Mary.
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