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Quasi-Cauchy Sequences$
 Cakalli, Huseyin.

"Deaf can't do math!" Barriers to Deaf students in mathematics classrooms in the United States of America
 Cywinski, Rachel.

em Elements of Style rm for Proofs
 Hendrickson, Anders.

“Effective Ideas to Engage Repeating Developmental Mathematics Students.”
 Vamadeva, Gowribalan.

“Equation” as a Metaphor for Life in a Two Cultures Class
 Zides, Steven.


A $(2n-2)$-regular Graph on $2n+1$ Vertices Admits a Hamiltonian Decomposition
 Buchanan, Hollie.

A Beckman-Quarles Type Theorem for Linear Fractional Transformations in the Double Plane
 Mis, Andrew. and Keilman, Josh.

A Bivariate Central Limit Theorem Under $rho^prime$-Mixing
 Niichel, Robert.

A Calculus-oriented Inquiry Based Learning approach to teach a PreCalculus course
 Rao, Rama.

A Capstone Course for Mathematics Majors
 Brzenk, Ronald.

A Clarification of the idiom "No Pain, No Gain."
 Hosie, Andrew.

A Combinatorial Exploration of a Kostka Matrix Identity
 Kimberly, Mary.

A Combinatorial Exploration of a Kostka Matrix Identity
 Qiang, Beidi.

A Construction Algorithm for Lattice Polygons of Specified Genus
 Wilke, Robin.

A Course on the Mathematics of emph{Numb3rs}
 Eichhorn, Sarah.

A Dynamic Network Interdiction Problem
 Lunday, Brian. and Sherali, Hanif.

A Feuerbach Refresher
 Smiley, Len.

A First Year Seminar on Cryptography
 Glass, Darren.

A Generalization of the Law of Cosines
 Collins, Lee.

A Golden Graph
 Northshield, Sam.

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Balancing Numerous Goals in a Mathematics FYS - My Penn State Experience
 Sellers, James.

Baserunner's Optimal Path
 Morgan, Frank.

Basic systems of integral octonions
 Johnson, Norman.

Benford's Law For Coefficients of Modular Forms and Partition Functions
 Rolen, Larry.

Benford's Law, a growth industry
 Ross, Kenneth A..

Beta Spaces: A Generalization of Metric and Uniform Spaces Sufficient for Generalized Fractal Theorems.
 Tager, Tristan.

Bio-Math Mapping and Water Quality Analysis of Hudson River
 Lora, Steven., Young, Jodi-Anne., Yu, YiMing. and Yu, Karmen.

Bio-Math Mapping and Water Quality Analysis of the Gowanus Canal
 Clarke, Renee., Paucar, Jorge. and Ajisogun, Philip.

Biological Applications of Limit Cycles
 Zitelli, David.

Bridge and Superbridge Index for Knots
 Jensen, Stephanie.

Bridges from Math to English
 Galluzzo, Benjamin.

Bringing Mr. Jefferson into the Classroom
 Tattersall, Jim.


Calculus Consultants
 McGuire, Linda.

Can Mathematics Cure Leukemia?
 levy, doron.

Can You Hear Me Now?
 Jadoon, Ibrahim. and Shirley, Evan.

Catalan's Factorial Problem
 Koshy, Thomas.

Categorizing Musical Pieces by Their Correlation Coeficients
 Izmirli, Ilhan.

Cayley Maps of Circulant Graphs on Orientable Surfaces
 Toth, Ashley.

Centers of Triangles (for GSP 5 and Geogebra)
 Cushman, Jane.

Challenges in the Mathematical Modeling of Cholera
 Lombardi, Joseph.

Chlorine Transportation Risk Analysis
 Howell, Dennis. and Miller, Sara.

Choosing Exercises for Well-Rounded Problem Sets
 Burkman, J.

Ciphering to the Rule of Three and the Evolution of Teaching Proportion
 Deichert, Deana.

Classifying Symmetries of Rational Elliptic Surfaces with Section
 Karayayla, Tolga.

Cluster Analysis
 Niu, Zhaoqun.

Cluster Analysis Using Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
 Wessell, Charles.

Collaborative Strategies in Multi-Player Mathematical Games
 Matic, Ivan.

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Deduction Through the Ages: Teaching Elementary Logic via Primary Historical Sources
 Lodder, Jerry.

Degeneracy of Cubic Pull-Back Laminations
 White, Kendrick., Mayer, John. and Oversteegen, Lex.

Degree complexity of birational maps related to matrix inversions
 Bedford, Eric. and Truong, Tuyen.

Dehn Functions of Groups
 Martinez-Pedroza, Eduardo.

Design Optimizations for DNA Nanostructures
 Spuches, Mary.

Designing an assessment program for a mathematics major.
 Hildebrand, Jeff.

Developing Mathematical Thinking and Communication Skills through Guided Discovery Learning in Modern Algebra
 Jones, Molli.

Developing Visualization Skills through an Exploration of Platonic Solids Using Technology and Traditional Methods
 Crowe, Cheryll.

Developmental Mathematics Through the Centuries
 Michael, Tabitha.

Differentiated Instruction and Gender: the Illinois College Science and Math Learning Collaborative
 Kiihne, Patricia.

Divisibility, tori, and the moment polytope.
 Johannsen, David.

Do inquiry-based active learning strategies add value to computer-assisted instruction?
 Bond, William. and Mayer, John.

Dynamics of Cubic Siegel Laminations
 Ptacek, Ross.

Dynamics of a two-patch model for plant-insect interactions
 Kang, Yun. and Armbruster, Dieter.


Early Vector Calculus: A Path Through Third-Semester Calculus
 Robertson, Bob.

Effects of Motility and Contact Inhibition on Tumor Viability: A Discrete Simulation Using the Cellular Potts Model
 Li, Jonathan.

Effects of Staggered Lunch Periods on Geometry Students at an Inner-City High School
 Ehrhardt, Kristel.

Efficiency of Orbit Transfers
 Asmar, Dylan.

Eigencone, saturation and Horn problems for symplectic and odd orthogonal groups
 Kumar, Shrawan.

Electronic Study Guide for Precalculus and Calculus
 Yasskin, Philip. and Meade, Douglas.

Elusive Zeros Under Newton's Method
 Roberts, Gareth. and O\'Brien, Trevor.

Engaging Projects for Problem-Based Learning in Calculus
 Zhu, Guang-Chong.

Engaging Students in Learning about Scaling
 Fischman, Davida.

Enhanced Student Services in Calculus 1 Classes
 Villalobos, Cristina.

Equal Circle Packings on a Torus
 Tries, Brandon. and Watson, Jonathan.

Equivariant topology for Hamiltonian torus actions on symplectic orbifolds
 Holm, Tara.

Euclid's Neglected Postulate
 Johannes, Jeff.

Eudoxus, Euclid and H"older on measurement, ratio and proportion
 madden, james.

Examining General Fibonacci Sequences Modulo a Prime
 Ide, Joshua.

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FYS: Cryptologic Mathematics
 McDevitt, Timothy.

Fibonacci Harps and a Shift of Finite Type
 Crannell, Annalisa.

Fibonacci plays the chaos game
 Marotta, Sebastian.

Fifty Years of Geometric Programming -- including Its Pittsburgh Origins and Signature Characteristics, as well as Its Evolving Essence
 Peterson, Elmor.

Finite Difference Time Domain - Finite Element Method Hybrid Approach for a Two-Dimensional Cavity Problem
 Kaplan, Kimberly. and Padula, Megan.

Finite Geometries and Games
 Smith, Kay.

First Year Seminar Voting Theory Course at TCNJ
 clark, karen.

First-Year Introduction to Communications
 Rocca, Charles. and Burns, David.

First-Year Mathematics at USMA: Modeling in a Real and Complex World
 Arney, David. and Arney, Kristin.

Flash applets for WeBWorK online homework system
 Margolius, Barbara.

Flying through 3-Manifolds
 Rogness, Jonathan.

Formative Assessments to Improve Performance in Pre-calculus and Calculus
 Giraldo, jose. and Abudiab, Mufid.

Formulating Figurate Numbers
 Beery, Janet.

Four Different Experiences
 Johannes, Jeff.

Four Lower Division Student Research Topics: Preliminary Materials from UCI's Interdisciplinary Computational Applied Mathematics Program (iCamp)
 Eichhorn, Sarah., Xin, Jack., Zhao, Hongkai., Welling, Max. and Esser, Ernie.

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Galois groups for Schubert problems
 sottile, frank.

Gateways Ensuring Mathematics Mastery
 Hrozencik, Dan.

Generalized Monotone Method for Caputo Fractional Differential Equations with Applications to Population Models
 Pham, Thanh-Hoa.

Generalizing the Crossing Number of Knots
 Siegel, Kyler.

Generalizing the Pythagorean Theorem and Its Proof
 Ferland, Kevin.

GeoGebra and the Fermat-Torricelli Point
 Renault, Marc.

Geometric Art and Algebraic Surfaces

Geometric Brownian Motion, a Safe Assumption?
 Snyder-Beattie, Andrew. and Groat, Kevin.

Geometry of Surfaces with Densities
 Mara, Michael.

Geometry of control systems with drift
 Moseley, Christopher.

Geometry of jeu de taquin
 Purbhoo, Kevin.

Glaeser's inequality on an interval
 Coffman, Adam.

Graph Theoretic Approach to Texas Hold'em
 Whitaker, David., Blalock, Hannah. and Furr, Deborah.

Graph Theory Takes on International Terrorism in the United States
 Warton, Pamela.

Graph Theory: Play as Mathematics and Research
 Hansen, Samuel.

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HILBERT!!! A Mathematical Opera
 Vallin, Robert.

Happyville and Statistical Thinking
 Robinson, Kevin.

Helping Students Make Sense of Multivariable Functions: A Case Study
 Weber, Eric.

Helping students succeed by engaging them in the mathematics classroom
 Hodge, Angie. and Weber, Christina.

Hilbert's Third Problem for All Ages
 Zakharevich, Inna.

History and Mathematics in Cryptology
 Rocca, Charles.

History of Korean Mathematics
 Lee, SooYeon.

Homework Helpers--Using MAPLE in a Multivariable Calculus Course
 Wildstrom, Susan.

Homotopy Analysis Method: Analytical Solutions for the 21st Century
 Mastroberardino, Antonio.

How Rare is Independence?
 Coleman, John.

How To Get More Underrepresented Minority Students in Mathematics Related Fields
 Hayes, Senan.

How to Allocate Indivisible Objects to People
 Carroll, Gabriel.

How to See Normal and Tangential Euler Numbers for a 2-Surface in 4-Space
 Banchoff, Thomas.


I Lost My Voice and Learned to Teach
 Horton, Leslie.

Ideals of symmetric functions and a possible application to cohomology
 Mbirika, aBa.

Implementation of web-based skill tests for Pre-calculus, Calculus I and Calculus II
 Yengulalp, Lynne.

Improving Abundancy Bounds
 McCaslin, Elizabeth.

Improving Proof Writing by Increasing Confidence, Communication, and Understanding
 Jones, Molli.

In Silico study of rhythmic activity underlying breathing using NEURON and Python.
 Park, Youngmin.

Increase Success Using Stories That Teach Mathematics
 Beane, Susan.

Indicatrices of Knots
 Zhang, Liyang.

Informal Geometry for Aspiring TV/Film Directors and K-8 Educators
 Dechene, Lucy.

Initial Experiences with Case Studies
 Kelly, Brian.

Instability of BGK Waves in a Model of Plasma Dynamics
 Allen, Robert.

Interdisciplinary Statistics Projects: Competitive Cross Curriculum Projects in Statistics
 Shank, Nathan.

Interesting Problems in Apollonian Circle Packings
 Khoury, Michael.

Interesting Proofs for Combinatorial Formulas
 Mihnea, Amy.

Interpretations of some theorems of projective geometry in Euclidean space
 Nelson, Ashley.

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Knot Mosaics and Mosaic Number
 Shapiro, Jacob.

Knots in the Cubic Lattice
 Crawford, Thomas.


Learning Proof-Writing: Applying English Composition Pedagogical Strategies to Undergraduate Mathematics
 Rand, Betseygail., Strickland, Sharon. and Sliter-Hays, Sara.

Learning from my students: a personal experience with the Moore Method
 Rault, Patrick.

Lengths of Piecewise Linear Spirals
 Brothers, Scott.

Lessons from reading Clavius
 Hendrickson, Anders.

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics: Statistical Literacy in Secondary Education
 Dilling, Stephanie.

Light through a window: evidence of Muslim mathematics in Spanish colonial missions of San Antonio?
 Cywinski, Rachel.

Limiting Behaviors of Piecewise Linear Spirals
 Pearson, Brad.

Linear Recurrences Involve Weighted Tilings
 Quinn, Jennifer.

Linking Changes in Epithelial Morphogenesis to Cancer Mutations: An Integrative Model
 Rejniak, Kasia.

Lissajous Spheres: Twisted Spheres in 4-Space
 Farris, Frank.

Localization and specialization in equivariant cohomology.
 Pabiniak, Milena.


Mapping class groups: where algebra meets topology
 Brendle, Tara.

Mapping the Discrete Logarithm
 Holden, Joshua.

March Madness and Markov Chains
 Inselman, Jonathan.

Martin vs. Westvaco: Honors Statistics Mock Trial
 Mabrouk, Sarah.

Math Set in Stone: Famous Stones in the History of Math
 Hollman, Doy.

Math, our Community and Civic Engagement – a SENCER based Approach
 Ghosh-dastidar, Urmi.

Mathematical Communication Shills in Undergraduate Curriculum
 Debnath, Joyati.

Mathematical Economics: The Leontief Input-Output Model
 Milonovich, Brandon.

Mathematical Habits of Mind: Teaching Students How to Think Mathematically
 Gordon, Marshall.

Mathematical Modeling of Atmospheric Dispersion: An Undergraduate Research Project.
 Tweddle, J. Christopher.

Mathematical Modeling of Solute Transfer during Hemodialysis Session
 Annan, Kodwo.

Mathematical Simulations of Tumor Response to Cancer Treatment
 Gevertz, Jana.

Mathematical model of necrotizing enterocolitis: effects of probiotic treatment and Toll-like receptor 4 inhibition
 Arciero, Julia., Ermentrout, G.., Vodovotz, Yoram. and Rubin, Jonathan.

Mathematically Modeling Risk Based Decision Making in Jays and College Students
 Rogers, Marie.

Mathematics of Life
 Theodosopoulos, Theodore. and Theodosopoulos, Patricia.

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Nearest Neighbors: Mathematics and Geography
 Tabak, Leon.

Non-euclidean geometry across the ‘7 grade / major’ spectrum
 Mealy, Jack.

Non-regular Polytope Numbers
 Jantsch, Peter. and Smith, Doug.

Norm Characterizations of Operator Algebras
 Zakahi, Nathaniel.

Number derivatives: A treasure trove of undergraduate research projects
 Krebs, Michael.


On Becoming Indepent Problem Solvers in Biocalculus Courses
 Comar, Timothy.

On Conjugacies of the $3x+1$ Map Induced by Continuous Endomorphisms of the Shift Dynamical System
 Kraft, Benjamin. and Monks, Keenan.

On Drawing Stuff
 Schwartz, Mark.

On Orbits of Semi-simple Lie Groups acting on Flag Manifolds
 Ntatin, Benselamonyuy.

On a Five-parameters Family of Burr-type Distributions
 Shakil, Dr. Mohammad.

On antimagic labelings of graphs
 Barrus, Michael.

On the recurrence of modified simple random walks in $mathbb{Z}^d$.
 Morrissey, Charles.

Oodles and Oodles of Googols; Iterations of the {it Words to Numbers} Function
 Coppenbarger, Matthew.

Open Questions About Compositions
 Hopkins, Brian.

Optimal Control Scenarios in Cancer Dynamics
 Fister, Renee.

Optimal control analysis of a malaria disease transmission model that includes treatment and vaccination with waning immunity
 Okosun, Kazeem., Ouifki, Rachid. and Marcus, Nizar.

Optimizing Aquifer Water Consumption and Maximizing Profit for Strawberry Farmers in Pajaro Valley, California
 Minick, Mark. and Fu, Xiaojing.

Origami and Symmetric Colorings of the Platonic Solids
 Mantini, Lisa.

Outreach programs for Hispanic Students
 Yanik, Elizabeth (Betsy). and Yanik, Joe.


Packing It All Into Real Analysis
 Puckette, Emily.

Parameter Estimation for Constitutive Models of Deformable Objects
 Al-Aifari, Reema.

Parameter spaces for some slices of cubics
 Curry, Clinton.

Patterns in Derangements
 Mihnea, Amy.

Phase transitions in long-jump random walks
 Spitler, Ryan.

Ping-Pong for Free Groups
 Mangahas, Johanna.

Pixie Sines: Viewing Y = sin(50x) through the “Wrong” Windows on the TI-84+
 Martin, Andy.

Planar Isotopy and Tight Knot Diagrams in Hexagonal Knot Mosaics
 Holowatyj, Andreana.

Planar Partitions Minimizing Perimeter and Number of Vertices
 Rosa, Isamar.

Playing with Bubbles: Metacalibration and Optimization
 Sampson, Donald.

Playing with Multivariable Calculus Concepts Wearing 3D Glasses
 Seeburger, Paul.

Poetry, games and art activities in algebra classroom

Polygons Minimizing Perimeter and Number of Vertices
 Wikner, Elena.

Polytopes, Polynomials, and String Theory
 Whitcher, Ursula.

Popular Media and Introductory Statistics
 Briggs, Karen.

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Quantitative Reasoning
 Ford, Darcel.

Questioning the Questions of Liberal Arts Math Students
 Dwelle, Kayla.

Queueing Models with Unknown Service Parameters for Congested Systems
 Johnson, Mike.


Random Walks and Continuum Coupling
 Lee, Sheldon.

Random walks on fractals
 Kowalczyk, Stacey.

Randomness, Dynamics, and Equal Representation
 Aschenbrenner, Carol.

Rank Disequilibrium in Multiple-Criteria Evaluation Schemes
 Stevens, Faye. and Woelk, Jamie.

Rational Points on Quadric Surfaces
 Weisbrod, Jonathan.

Rationality as a Threshold for Evolution Towards Cooperation.
 Weld, Kathryn.

Ray-based Tomography: An application for linear algebra
 Waggoner, Martha.

Readiness Assessment, Course Placement, and Effective Course Redesign through Introductory Calculus
 Ahlgren, Alison. and Harper, Marc.

Redesigning Algebra in the Classroom: Using Assessment to Drive Instruction
 Hall, Mike.

Reflection of acousto diffusive wave from the surface of semiconductor.

Reforming Developmental Mathematics at the College and High School Level
 Beck, Sue.

Relative Lie algebra cohomology and the Belkale-Kumar product
 Graham, William.

Relative efficiency gains of a monotone functional non-linear model.
 Montoya, Eduardo. and Meiring, Wendy.

Reluctantly Creating a Mathematics First Year Seminar
 Marshall, David.

Remarks and Open Problems Regarding Certain Backward Shift Invariant Subspaces
 Karber, Kristi.

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Schubert Calculus and the Cohomology Ring of the Peterson Variety
 Insko, Erik.

Schubert-type formulas for Hamiltonian manifolds
 Tolman, Susan.

Segmentation Image Analysis: A Novel Approach to Identifying Cryptic Species.
 Lemon, Christopher. and Bethka, Valerie.

Self-formation and Patterns of Arid Ecosystems
 Huynh, Nghiep.

Senior Projects in Computational Mathematics with MATLAB at the University of Houston-Downtown
 Redl, Timothy.

Sensitivity and robustness of a neuron model are affected by dendrite shape
 Weaver, Christina., Yadav, Aniruddha., Gamkrelidze, Georgi. and Baker, Robert.

Sequences of Rationals from Games
 Olson, Paul.

Service learning in a Precalculus class: An environmental awareness campaign
 Guadarrama, Zdenka. and Walker, Mindy.

Show me the formula
 Vinogradova, Natalya.

Simple game graphs
 Ho, Bao.

Simulating Entity Behavior using Bayesian Statistics
 Bengfort, Eric.

Single Direction Forcing In Spring Mass Systems
 Makepeace, Andrew.

So You Think You Can Add? The Summed Behavior of Nonlinear Systems
 Rovetti, Robert.

Soap Bubbles: A Metacalibration Approach
 Madsen, Joan. and Kochalski, Katelynn.

Solutions to a generalization of the mixture problem from differential equations.
 Noonan, John.

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Tabulating Irreducible Polynomials over Finite Fields
 Shallue, Andrew.

Tangling and Untangling DNA
 Navarra-Madsen, Junalyn.

Tantrix and the Permutahedron
 Burgiel, Heidi. and El-Hashash, Mahmoud.

Tasks in an Emerging Scholars Program in Pre-Calculus and Calculus via an Active Learning Lens
 Skinner, Julie. and Epperson, James.

Taylor Polynomials positive on the Real Line
 Horwitz, Alan.

Teaching Algebra Concepts through Technology
 Miedema, Chelsea. and Nieuwkoop, Lindsay.

Teaching Biostatistics With Practical Activities
 Strasser, Nora.

Teaching Introductory Analysis in Its Historical Setting
 Rogers, Robert.

Teaching a First Year Seminar on STEM Breakthroughs and Controversies
 Greenwald, Sarah.

Ten Equations that changed how I teach Biomathematics
 McCarthy, Maeve.

Testing How the Submission Site Works - 2010
 Miller, J. Lyn.

Texas A&M Summer Educational Enrichment (SEE-Math) for Middle School Students: The Use of Technology
 Yasskin, Philip.

The "two-constants" theory and tensors of the microscopically-discriptive Navier-Stokes equations
 Masuda, Shigeru.

The $(n+1)$-Volume of an $-Torus
 Serafin, Luke.

The Algebraic Structure of the Riordan Group
 Jean-Louis, Candice.

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Unbreakable Codes

Undergraduate Research Projects in DNA Microarray Data Analysis
 Olsen, Darlene.

Undergraduate Research Projects on Hextile Knot Mosaics
 Blankenship, Robin., Hamilton, Craig. and Sturgill, Tabatha.

Undergraduate Research and LaTeX{}
 Clark, Jeffrey.

Undergraduate explorations in complex dynamics
 Stankewitz, Rich.

Understanding Biodiversity Through Distance Measures and Multidimensional Plots
 Adhikari, Samrachana.

Understanding How the Brain Detects Threats
 Leventhal, Brian.

Use of Online Homework System in Teaching Mathematics
 Lu, Yun.

Useful Tools in the Study of Laminations
 Houghton, Jeffrey.

Using "jigsaw" presentations to develops student communication skills
 White, Diana.

Using Biology to Teach Geometry: Protein Structure Tessellations in Matlab
 Masso, Majid.

Using Critical Thinking Skills in College Algebra
 Walkins, Mary. and Boulis, Caroline.

Using Distorted Gaussians To Model Device Lifetimes
 Eng, Genghmun.

Using Factor Analysis to Understand High School Mathematics Teachers' Beliefs about Teaching Geometry
 Strassfeld, Brenda.

Using Gateway Exams in Calculus I
 Carroll, Teena.

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Variation of Pascal's Triangle
 Taneja, Anjali.

Verblunsky Coefficients for Paraorthogonal Polynomials on the Unit Circle
 Simanek, Brian.

Visualizing the Normal Euler Class for Polyhedral Surfaces in 4-Space
 johnson, ockle.


WAC – Writing Across the Curriculum in Mathematics classes
 Vo, Monika.

What does the Julia Set for (z) = z^{5/2}-frac{1}{2} +frac{i}{10}$ emph{really} look like?
 Sasmor, Joshua.

What to do on Day One in Calculus One
 McMillan, Thomas. and Fulmer, Jim.

What's at the End of an Infinite Group?
 Meier, John.

What’s in your wallet? Analyzing dollar bills to reinforce statistical concepts
 Hollenbeck, Brian.

Where is a Mathematically Competent Teacher Candidate?
 West, Kazuko.

Why Should I Care About i?
 Abernathy, Zachary.

Writing Proofs in Undergraduate Mathematics Courses
 Debnath, Joyati.


Y'all Ready For This? The First Night of Stats Class!
 Miner, Michael.


Zeno's Paradoxes
 Martin, Jonathan.

Zeros of Polynomials in Partition Theory
 Parry, Daniel.

Zipf's Distribution in "Gadsby"
 Zhu, Guang-Chong.
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