The Mathematical Association of America MathFest 2011-Aug-04 to 2011-Aug-07

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"Come On Down!" Mathematics Behind "The Price is Right"
 DeLegge, Anthony.

"Paul Erdos, Ramsey Theory, and the Question of Beauty in Mathematics"
 Blanchard, Peter.

"The Complete Measurer": A Window into 19th Century Geometry
 Leifeste, Kristina.

3 Online Homework Systems for Statistics Service Courses
 Vobach, Carol.


A 200-Question, Campus-Wide Math Contest
 Heinold, Brian.

A Brief Look at Graphs, Codes and Schemes Obtained from Difference Sets
 Polhill, John.

A Computational Model for DNA Packaging
 Vargas, Arturo.

A First Year Seminar: What Is Mathematics and Why Won't It Go Away?
 Colley, Susan.

A Flash Library for Ordinary Differential Equations
 Martins, Luiz.

A Geometric Approach to Eigenvectors and Eigenvalues in the Octonions
 Herdan, Jennifer.

A Geometry Based Math/Art Course with a Studio Component
 Silver, Judith. and Cox, Jonathan.

A Graph Theoretical Analysis of the Path-Goal Theory of Leadership
 Allinder, Matthew.

A Graph Theory Approach to an RNA Problem
 Rahrig, Ryan.

A Learning Community Partnering Pre-Calculus with Introduction to STEM Degrees and Careers
 Murphy, Teri. and Holden, Lisa.

A Look at Five Interesting Triangles: Pascal, Chinese, Harmonic, Euler, and Prime.
 Fulmer, Jim. and McMillan, Thomas.

A Metacalibration Proof of the Isoperimetric Inequality on Constant Gaussian Curvature Surfaces
 Arrowood, Holly.

A Model for Creating a Professional Development Program to Mentor Women Graduate Students
 Carpenter, Jenna.

A New Way to Teach Calculus - with Visualization, Technology and Local Linearity
 Samuels, Jason.

A Node-weighted Model for the Spread of a Non-indigenous Species
 Radcliffe, Maria.

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Better Graphs, Better Formulas, and a Little Technology – Making Statistics a More Unified Course
 Samuels, Jason.

Blending Mathematical Content with Pedagogy in upper-level Mathematics classes
 Debnath, Joyati.

Bringing Neuroscience into the Mathematics Classroom
 Atwood, Alexander.

Bringing Students into the Fold: Engagement through Mathematics History
 Lunday, Brian.

Bringing historical context to first year mathematics courses.
 Kosek, Wojciech.

Bubbles and Boundary: An Invitation to Isoperimetric Research
 Sampson, Donald.


Calculating Truth, Beauty, Justice, and Fairness
 Skaggs, R. Duane.

Can Iterative Voting Solve the Separability Problem in Referendum Elections?
 Bowman, Clark. and Yu, Ada.

Capstone as a Transition
 Oberg, Todd.

Cardano: A minus times a minus is minus !?
 Curtin, Daniel.

Central Nebraska Math Teachers' Circle and Sticky Note Mathematics
 Ford, Pari.

Centrosymmetric Solutions to the N+k Queens Problem
 Chatham, Richard., Doyle, Maureen., Jeffers, Robert., Kosters, Walter., Skaggs, R.. and Ward, Jeffrey.

Clarkson University's AWM Student Chapter: Service to the Scientific, Campus, and Local Communities
 Bachman, Rachel., Fu, X. and Fowler, Kathleen.

College Algebra: Redesigned with Technology
 Schroeder, Chris.

Coloring Knots and Tangles
 Brown, Amelia., Comer, Mike. and Toyne, Jes.

Combining problem solving and writing in single variable calculus courses
 Awtrey, Chad.

Common Sense: A Ten Year Plan for Quantitative Literacy
 Mast, Maura. and Bolker, Ethan.

Commutative Ideals of Upper Triangular Matrices Bijected to Well-Known Catalan Objects
 Cameron, Naiomi. and Van Putten, Christopher.

Comparison of Boolean and Continuous Dynamics of Three-gene Regulatory Networks
 Henderson, Miranda.

Congruences for The Number of Smallest Parts in The Partitions of $
 Liang, Jie.

Constructing geometric concepts with real, tangible surfaces
 Wangberg, Aaron.

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D-optimal Statistical Designs for fMRI Experiments with Application to Nonlinear Models
 Delzell, Darcie., Gunst, Richard., Schucany, William., Carmack, Patrick., Lin, Qihua., Spence, Jeffrey. and Haley, Robert.

Dead end depth in Thompson's group F
 Halverson, Justin.

Decomposition of a Complete Graph into Paths with no subsystems
 Dinavahi, Venkata.

Derivation of the kinetic component of the gluon four momentum operator
 Murphy, Kevin.

Descent pattern avoidance
 Jung, JiYoon.

Describing all Gibonacci Sequences, Modulo $
 Renault, Marc.

Designing a New History of Mathematics Course
 Stockton, Julianna.

Determining the Ideal Class Size
 Bryant, Caitlin., Davis, Jennifer. and Haugh, Janine.

Diagonal Tricks for KenKen Puzzles
 Vallin, Robert.

Distance to uncontrollability with Hermitian matrices
 Cody, Eugene.

Do the Students Really Understand What They're Doing?
 Molitierno, Jason.

Domination and Independence on the Triangular Honeycomb Chessboard
 Tran, Hong Lien.

Dynamic Contact of Particles with Adhesion
 Wolf, Jared. and Ahn, Jeongho.

Dynamic Contact of Viscoelastic Rods
 Calhoun, Jon. and Ahn, Jeongho.

Dynamics of Escherichia Coli O157:H7 Influenced by Variations in Pathogen Shedding
 Yu, Felix.


Empowering Students through Peer Mentoring in Early College Mathematics Courses
 Brenneman, Kathryn., Haugh, Janine. and Wright, Sarah.

Engaging Explorations in Geometry using Excel
 Arganbright, Deane.

Engaging students in mathematical conversations: from book clubs to freshmen seminars
 Pantano, Alessandra.

Engaging students using Immediate Feedback Assessment
 foege, susan.

Enhancing the Classroom Experience with Tablet PC Technology
 Sawyer, Megan., Brenneman, Kathryn. and Burns-Williams, Brenda.

Enumerations deciding the weak Lefschetz property
 Cook II, David.

Equal Circle Packing on Tori
 Ellsworth, AnnaVictoria. and Kenkel, Jennifer.

Equivalence of Discrete Morse functions on graphs
 Scoville, Nick., Aaronson, Seth., Stibich, Laura., Smith, Mitch. and Meyer, Marie.

Examining Efficient Factorization Methods
 Weisblat, Jakob.

Examining How Teachers' Mathematics Content Knowledge Explains Teaching Practice
 Burroughs, Elizabeth.

Excursions to and from semantic oblivion
 Easdown, David.

Existence of the Schubart Periodic Orbit with Arbitrary Masses
 Yan, Duokui.

Expandable Combinatorial Lottery Modeling Projects
 Pivarski, Melanie.

Experimental Mathematics and Data Mining: Extracting Identities from the Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
 Nguyen, Hieu.

Exploration of Cellular Membrane Potential via Mathematical Formulations
 Anderson, Ashley.

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Fair Division with Budget Constraints
 Hodges, Chaim. and Housman, David.

Fibonacci Surprises
 Tanton, James.

Finding Ramsey Numbers
 Henry, Mike., Malbon, Heather. and Nugyen, Max.

Frame Extensions
 Bhattacharjee, Papiya.

From Procedures to Proofs: Some Promising Ways for Undergraduates to Transition to Upper-Level Mathematics Courses
 Bubp, Kelly.

From doodles to induction: recreational research in office hours
 Rault, Patrick.

From modeling projects to original research – an undergraduate course in modeling
 Pinter, Gabriella. and Lauko, Istvan.

Fun puzzles using modular arithmetic
 Yuan, Shenglan.


Galois group computations via resolvents and subfields
 Awtrey, Chad.

Generalization's of Golomb's "Strange Recursion"
 Milcak, Juraj.

Geometric Combinatorics – a Treasure Trove of Math Circle Problems
 Shubin, Tatiana.

Geometric Interpretations of Complex Variables and Complex-Valued Functions
 Soto-Johnson, Hortensia., Rozner, Sarah., Noblet, Kristin., Roberson, Lee. and Oehrtman, Michael.

Geometric Problems Associated with Families of Cubic Polynomials
 DeAlwis, Amal.

Geometric Properties of Quasihyperbolic Distance

Geometry in an Historical Frame
 Johnson, Ockle.

Geometry of Surfaces with Densities
 Fernandez Flores, Miguel.

Geometry via modeling
 Anton, Marian.

Graphing rational functions and solving rational inequalities without a calculator
 joyce, peter.

Great Mathematics Discoveries - Elucidated through Reading and Writing
 Rash, Agnes.


Helping Business Students Acclimate to the Statistics Classroom
 D\'Agostino, Susan.

Helping Teachers and Parents Increase Persistence of minority students, and all students, in mathematics.
 Hayes, Senan.

Historical quotes in finding the meaning and language of limits
 Shipman, Barbara.

History of Mathematics: An Exercise in Strengths
 Walkins, Mary.

Homework Helpers in Multivariable Calculus
 Wildstrom, Susan.

Homological Generators and a Vanishing Conjecture
 Roberts, Joshua.

Hood College student chapter of the AWM
 Dunham, Jill.

How To Make Student Presentation Real for Them
 Alsardary, Salar.

How does the size of your stomach change during a meal?
 Nelson, Mark.

Hyperbolic Manifolds as Discretized Configuration Spaces of Graphs
 Chu, Michelle.


Idempotent Algebra Solutions for Some Minimax Location Problems
 Krivulin, Nikolai.

Identification Problems for Nonlinear Hyperbolic PDEs, with Boundary Data.
 Thapa, Narayan.

Identifying Crucial Concepts and Skills for Success in College Algebra through Calculus
 Harper, Marc. and Ahlgren, Alison.

Improving on the Range Rule of Thumb
 Ramirez, Alfredo., Cox, Chaz. and Caldwell, Chris.

In-depth Look into National Research Experience for Undergraduates Programs (NREUP)
 Karakok, Gulden. and Christopher, Brian.

Incorporating Writing Into an Introductory Statistics Course Focused on Sports and Games
 DeMaio, Joe. and Hillen, Amy.

Increasing prospective secondary teachers’ content and pedagogical knowledge through problem solving
 de la Cruz, Jessica.

Infinity--Past, Present, and Possible
 Drucker, Thomas.

Inquiry Based Learning Statistics Course for Nontraditional Students
 Roberts, Joshua.

Instruction in Mathematical Communication through Problem-Solving Explanations
 Schultz-Ela, Dan.

Interdisciplinary Connections: Applications of Differential Equations in Water Quality, Biomechanics, and Robotics
 Kendricks, Kimberly.

Into the Wild 8-dimensional Yonder: Investigating Eigenvectors and Eigenvalues in the Octonions
 Helmich, Sam.

Introducing Joint and Conditional Probability in an Introductory Business Statistics Course
 Gougeon, Deborah.

Introducing Mathematical Philosophy in the Classroom
 Moyer, Nathan.

Introductory Problem-Solving Skills: An alternative to intermediate algebra for liberal arts majors
 Sykes, Jeffery.

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Journals and Reading and Websites, Oh My!
 Wildstrom, Susan.

Juggling sequences and restrictions
 Stadler, Jonathan.


Keeping Quantitative Reasoning Courses Fresh and Relevant to Contemporary Society
 Boersma, Stuart., Diefenderfer, Caren., Dingman, Shannon. and Madison, Bernard.

Key Contributors in the Evolving Role of Women in Mathematics
 Becerra, Linda. and Barnes, Ron.

Kinesthetically Experiencing Geometry
 Oberg, Todd.


Laboratory-based writing activities in an Engineering Statistics course
 Holden, Joshua.

Ladders Don't Slide
 Galluzzo, Ben.

Laplace Transforms and Exponential Matrices
 Dubinsky, Marianne.

Let = 1$: The First Time Teaching Statistics
 Price, Jason.

Life and Death: The Actuarial Model of Life Tables
 Avallone, Michael.

Lifting Commuting Involutions
 Brenneman, Kathryn.


M-band Wavelet Based Image Compression with Quantum Computing
 Zeng, Sam., Chen, Ray., jing, yunhan. and Wang, Xiaodi.

M"obius transformations and ellipses
 Coffman, Adam. and Frantz, Marc.

Mandatory Supplemental Instruction in Precalculus Courses
 Schwab, Gabriela., Schwab, Emil. and Knaust, Helmut.

Markov chains for Self-assembly: How to create something out of (almost) nothing.
 Randall, Dana. and Streib, Amanda.

Mastery Learning: Meeting the Developmental Math Needs of a Variety of Students
 Beck, Sue.

Math Chats: Engaging Students in Mathematics Outside the Classroom
 Anderson, Robin.

Math Circles along the Hudson River: from New York City to Albany
 Wood, Japheth.

Math Courses in the Science First Year Learning Community at TAMUCC
 Giraldo, Jose.

Math Teachers' Circles - A Descriptive Analysis of Final Evaluations from Summer Workshops
 White, Diana.

Mathematical Analysis of a Simple In-Class Experiment to Emphasize Use of Statistical Tools in Learning
 Doty, John.

Mathematical Modeling for pre-service middle school teachers
 Dwyer, Jerry. and Schovanec, Patty.

Mathematical Modeling of Obligate Mutualism Interactions: Leaf Cutter Ants and Fungus
 Kang, Yun., Clark, Rebecca., Makiyama, Michael. and Fewell, Jennifer.

Mathematical Modeling with High-Speed Imagery
 Sostarecz, Michael.

Mathematics Courses in the Montserrat Program at the College of the Holy Cross
 Little, John.

Mathematics and Me: Reflections on Liberal Arts Mathematics
 Mabrouk, Sarah.

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Negative Numbers in School Mathematics
 Baggett, Patricia. and Ehrenfeucht, Andrzej.

Neo-Riemannian Theory and John Williams' Music
 Wilson, Jaclyn.

Number and Operation for Preservice Secondary Math Teachers
 White, Diana.

Numbers That Can Be Expressed as the Sum of Two Positive Squares in Exactly n Distinct Ways
 Weisbrod, Jonathan.

Numbers and Native American Mathematics
 Johnson, Jon.

Numerical Analysis of Interface Evolution for the Nonlinear Degenerate Diffusion-Convection Equation
 Goldfarb, Jonathan.


On 3-Periodic Orbits of Outer Billiards
 Deboer, Neil. and Hast, Daniel.

On Induced Planar Graphs
 Hayes, Timothy.

On Infinite Subseries of the Harmonic Series.
 Martin, Andrew.

On Legendre Multiplier Sequences
 Blakeman, Kelly.

On Numbers that Can Be Expressed as the Sum of Two Positive Squares in Exactly n Distinct Ways
 Weisbrod, Jonathan.

On a Golden Pair of Identities in the Theory of Numbers
 Schneider, Robert.

On the Properties of a Quasi-Fibonacci Polynomial Sequence
 Alberts, Brandon.

On the computation of Multiweighted Shapley Values.

Optimal Control of the Spread of Cholera
 Peiskee, James.

Optimal Couplings for Card Shuffling
 Thompson, Jennifer.

Optimization of Fuel Use
 Shrestha, Sajan.

Outdoors with Mathematics in the National Parks
 Hoffman, Kristine.


P-Adic Numbers and their Galois Groups
 Edwards, Trevor.

Packing Complete Graphs with $-stars
 Roberts, Dan.

Parametric Toeplitz Operators
 Nikpour, Mehdi.

Pedagogical Methods of Ancient Chinese Mathematics
 Elliott, Lisa.

Perimeter-minimizing Planar Tilings by Pentagons
 Shah, Niralee.

Permutation Statistics and $-analogues of the Catalan numbers
 Dwyer, Tim.

Personal, expository, critical, and creative: using writing in mathematics courses
 Braun, Benjamin.

Plane Geometry Modeling of Gravity Field Space Time Curves.
 Garron, Alexander.

Polynomial interpolation (Newton) and related activities
 Sachs, Robert.

Pre-college Mathematics from an Advanced Viewpoint
 Bremigan, Elizabeth., Bremigan, Ralph. and Lorch, John.

Preparing Students to Engage in Research Through a Biocalculus Course
 Comar, Timothy.

Pro Prob. Problem: Expected Number of Wins vs Expectation of Winning Two-in-a-Row
 Martin, Andrew.

Probability and Strategy in Farkle
 Johannes, Jeff.

Proof Journals
 Childers, Leah. and Mecham, TaraLee.

Proofs by Mathematical Induction for High School Students
 Wildstrom, Susan.

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Quadratures of Parabolas: Integrating before Newton
 Goodsell, Troy.

Quantitative Reasoning Taught Across the Curriculum
 Waggoner, Martha Ellen.

Quantum Chromo/electro-dynamic matrix algebra and its geometric dual
 Lundberg, Wayne.

Quantum walk on graphs and perfect state transfer
 Bachman, Rachel. and Tamon, Christino.

Queuing Model of Congested System Having Unknown Number of Servers, with Application to Highway Traffic
 Johnson, Mike.


Rail Gun Bore Scan Data Analysis
 Lin, Shinemin.

Ratio Test and Its Generalizations
 Sanfilippo, Donald.

Reaching out to younger generations through fun mathematics
 Ortan, Alexandra.

Real World Applications of Mathematics
 Narayan, Darren. and Lind, Joy.

Reflecting and Connecting through Journals and Essays
 Oehrlein, Chris.

Riemann Zeta Function and Integral Representations of Apery’s Constant
 de Alwis, Tilak.

Roots of Generalized FIbonacci-Type Polynomials
 Miller, Rebecca. and Stuart, Laquinta.


Sage-based Software for Automatic Test Generation
 Martins, Luiz.

San Diego Math Circle: history, structure, and curriculum
 Patrick, David.

Seat Value in the Rose Bowl: Comparing Distance and Price
 Whitaker, Leah.

Seeing the Unseen: A Metaphor for Mathematics
 Pinter, Mike.

Selfish Sets and the Fibonacci Sequence
 Pham, Zoe.

Service learning in a quantitative reasoning course
 Henrich, Allison.

Settling Velocity and Sedimentation in Low Reynolds Number Fluid Systems
 Leiterman, Terry Jo. and Weaver, audra.

Size of n! (Stirling approximation) in calculus: important, useful, and fun
 Sachs, Robert.

Sizing Up The Rationals
 Bishop, Nathan.

Small Matroids and a Conjecture of Stanley
 Kemper, Yvonne. and De Loera, Jesus.

Smartphone Sensors and Wavelets
 Marculis, Nathan. and Parsons, SaraJane.

Social Choice in a Liberal-Arts Mathematics Course
 Kelsey, Gregory.

Solvability of irreducible quintic polynomials
 Awtrey, Chad.

Some coefficient bounds for a new subclass of univalent functions
 Winegar, James. and Ntatin, Benselamonyuy.

Some geometric aspects of the finite element method for elliptic PDEs.
 Ntatin, Benselamonyuy.

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Teachers analyzing math in the classroom: Using video to assess, train, and prepare future teachers
 Sutton, Taliesin.

Teaching Minitab by Student Memo Writing
 Jensen, Jacqueline.

Teaching an Introduction to Mathematical Research Course for First-Year Students
 Czarneski, Debra.

Technology in Basic Statistics Class
 Kelly, Annela.

Ten Mathematicians Who Proclaimed the Greatness of God
 McIntyre, Dale.

The Ball of Cork: Using history in calculus, abstract algebra, and dynamical systems
 Brown, Ezra.

The Beginnings of a Math Teachers' Circle
 Geddings, Debra., McNulty, Nieves. and Meade, Douglas.

The Ben-Hur Staircase Climb
 Simoson, Andrew.

The Effectiveness of Computational Algorithms for Constructing Nonregular Robust Parameter Designs
 Brewer, Kelsea. and Ingram, Debra.

The Impact of K-12 Policy on 14-16+ Mathematics Education
 Bowzer, Angela. and Hodge, Angela.

The Induction-Recursion Parallel: An Example for Students
 Brandt, Keith.

The Lambert W Function
 Joseph, Michael.

The Lucas-Lehmer Test for Mersenne Primes
 Elloie, Charles.

The Mathematics Correspondent
 McGuire, Linda.

The Mathematics of Juggling: An Introduction
 Howe, James.

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Uncertain about Uncertainty: Motivating Statistical Thinking in Introductory Statistics courses
 Williams, Talithia.

Undergraduate Research Projects Focusing on the Comparison of Boolean and Continuous Dynamics of Gene Networks
 Hrozencik, Dan.

Understanding Biological Models via Difference Equations
 Anderson, Melanie.

Understanding Classroom Voting
 Zullo, Holly.

Unification and the Multiple Bubble Conjecturet
 Dorff, Rebecca.

Using Cayley Graphs to do Rewriting
 Price, Eddie.

Using Computers to Solve Jigsaw Puzzles
 Crook, Susan.

Using Elementary Probability and Statistics to Understand the Florida Panter Population
 Lazowski, Andrew.

Using Explorations to Discover Derivatives
 Wildstrom, Susan.

Using GeoGebra to Improve Understanding of Proofs in Geometry
 Schellhorn, William.

Using M4C Maplets and Online Calculus at UALR
 LeGrand, Denise.

Using Modified KenKen puzzles in Math Circles
 Reiter, Harold.

Using Online Assessment Effectively in Large Courses
 Townsley, Lisa.

Using Paper Folding to Explore Euclidean Geometry
 wells, carroll.

Using Pictures to study Mathematical Beliefs and Attitutes in middle Tennessee
 Jessie, Stephanie.

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Variations on Euclid [n], the Product of the First n Primes Plus One.
 Schiffman, Jay.

Visualizing Algebraic Surfaces
 Grzegorczyk, Ivona.

Voila! Proofs With Iteratively Inscribed Triangles
 Thron, Christopher.


Wavelet-Based Quantum Computing Algorithm for Face Recognition
 Merhi, Sami., O\'Donnell, Pierce., Wang, Xiaodi. and jing, yunhan.

WeBWorK online homework problems with embedded Flash coming soon to the National Problem Library
 Margolius, Barbara.

Weighted Least-Squares Estimates for the Autoregressive Parameter
 Erwin, Ashton.

Weighted Magic Squares
 Behforooz, Hossein.

What I Wish I Knew the First Time I Taught a Writing Intensive Class
 Kuo, Yu-Ju.

Wheels and Deals: An FYS on Television Game Shows
 Marr, Alison.

When Two Worlds Collide
 Warton, Pam.

Wicked: a problem in counting and probability
 Strong, David.

Wiki Technology Supports Inquiry
 Katz, Brian. and Thoren, Elizabeth.

Winning strategy for Chomp Grid with 0, 1, 2, or 3 pieces in the 3rd row
 Bennett, Crystal.

Women Count, Everyone Counts
 Yanik, Elizabeth.

Word length in alternate presentations of Tompson's group F
 Johnson, Alexis., Stonesifer, Amelia. and Horak, Matthew.

Words Searched: The math of BOGGLE logic puzzles
 Needleman, Jonathan.

Writing Math from Intro Stat to Capstone
 Shelton, Therese.

Writing projects for calculus and liberal arts mathematics
 Tweddle, J.


Yet Another Test Submission
 Miller, J. Lyn.
The Mathematical Association of America MathFest 2011-Aug-04 to 2011-Aug-07
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