The Mathematical Association of America MathFest 2012-Aug-02 to 2012-Aug-04

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"YouBook": Interactive Editable Mathematics Textbook-the Key to Online Mathematics
 LeGrand, Denise.


A Brief History of Rigidity
 foege, susan.

A Collatz-Like Iteration
 Matsko, Vincent.

A Comprehensive Approach to Assessing Students in Mathematics
 Aurand, Eric., Johnson, Heather. and Johnson, Leslie.

A Feedback Cycle on Papers in a History of Math Class
 White, Diana.

A First Look at How Mathematicians Read Mathematics for Understanding
 Shepherd, Mary.

A Graph-Theoretic Analysis of Rubik's Slide Puzzle
 Jones, Michael., Shelton, Brittany. and Weaverdyck, Miriam.

A Math History Course for Liberal Arts Majors
 Beavers, Brian.

A Mathematical Amazing Race: The Radical Dash
 Bergner, Jennifer.

A Mathematical Model of Classical Cross Country Skiing
 Driessel, Kenneth.

A Modified-Moore Method Approach to Abstract Algebra
 Taylor, David.

A Natural Truth about the Natural Numbers Unprovable in Peano Arithmetic
 Martin, Andy.

A New Approach of Genetic-based EM Algorithm for Mixture Models
 Abeysundara, Sachith.

A Recipe for Change: A Look at Mathematics Placement for Transfer Students
 Metcalf, Rebecca. and Seceleanu, Irina.

A Simple Technique for Sketching in Three Dimensions
 Dwyer, Howard.

A Study of the Mathematical Model of Protein Synthesis Initiation
 cheong, sami.

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Basic Search Pattern Algorithms for Search and Rescue Operations
 Ryder, Jack.

Beamer, TikZ graphics, and Flash applets in the classroom
 Hendrickson, Anders.

Beauty in mathematical proofs
 Raman-Sundström, Manya.

Bisecting the Simplex: A Tale of Two Symmetries
 Pesek Jr, John.

Bottom-up approach to mathematical modeling in ecology and epidemiology
 Lee, Namyong.

Bridge to Engineering (B2E)- The First Step: Intermediate Algebra to Calculus Ready
 Wiegers, Brandy., Evans, Addie. and Gomez, Emiliano.

Bringing Math Circle Ideas Into Classrooms
 Serenevy, Amanda.


Calculus Across the Atlantic
 El Sissi, Nermine.

Capstone First: Starting With a Research Seminar
 Olson, David.

Celebration of Mind: Perpetuating the Legacy of Martin Gardner
 mulcahy, colm.

Chaos is Fun
 Muthuswamy, Bharathwaj.

Characterizing Novice Mathematics Teacher Noticing
 Thomas, Erin. and Stockero, Shari.

Circle Packing: Combinatorics, Geometry, and Computation
 Sass, Christopher.

Closed Form Solutions to the Josephus Problem
 Hoxworth, Jennifer.

Co-teaching a credit-enriched section of Abstract Algebra
 Rault, Patrick. and Nicodemi, Olympia.

Collaboration $Rightarrow$ Energy
 McCabe, Cynthia.

Collaboration is the Key
 Loe, Melissa. and Kroschel, Brenda.

Collaborative Writing and Revision: Students Creating a Reference Textbook
 Katz, Brian. and Thoren, Eliazbeth.

Combining forces: math and bio students join to study H1N1
 Greer, Meredith.

Comparison of Quadrilateral Definitions in Euclidean and Non Euclidean geometries
 Dogru, Filiz., Schlueter, David. and Suh, Jiyeon.

Compressive video recovery using bound-constrained optimization
 Marcia, Roummel.

Consecutive Radio Labelings
 Watkins, Amanda.

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Deep Content and Greatest Hits for a Liberal Arts Mathematics Course
 Hitchman, Theron.

Deterministic Walks on Graphs
 Beeler, Katy. and Berenhaut, Kenneth.

Developing Intuition for Hyperbolic Geometry
 Berger, Ruth.

Developing Writing Skills in an Introduction to Proofs Course
 Sundstrom, Ted.

Developing student understanding of species invasions and disease transmission at the interface between mathematics and biology
 Peirce, James., Sandland, Greg., Bennie, Barbara. and Haro, Roger.

Discrete Morse theory and the Homology of Simplicial Complexes
 Scoville, Nick.

Divisibility plots
 Heinold, Brian.

Domination Problems in Families of Graph Products
 Wildstrom, David.

Dyadic Fractions, Permuations and Paper Folding
 Tanton, James.

Dynamics of the Riemann Zeta Function
 Hitzl, Donald.


Editing in a Proof-Based Course
 Ronshausen, Emily.

Elementary and Advanced Coordinate Geometry Exercises on a Single Triangle, with Euclidean Connections
 Burkman, J.

Emanuel Lasker: Mathematician and Chess Immortal
 Smith, Charlie.

Energized Integer Partitions
 Iverson, Todd., Kugel, Roger. and Weiner, Paul.

Enjoying The Diversity Of Number Theory Research As An Undergrad
 Chen, Brian.

Evangelista Torricelli's Quadratura Parabolae
 Leahy, Andrew. and Sullivan, Kasandara.

Evil Monty Hall
 Howe, Sean.

Examining the relationship between class preparation and student success on daily quizzes
 LaCasse, Phillip.

Explaining statistical independence via the approach of determinant
 Mahmood, Munir.

Explicit calculations of local formal integral transforms
 Graham-Squire, Adam.

Exploing the Fibonacci Sequence of Order Three
 Schiffman, Jay.

Exploring Quadratic Residues and Their Potential Applications
 Cho, Richard.

Exploring the Conformation of Protein-Bound DNA: Adding Geometry to Known Topology
 Padberg, Mary Therese., Darcy, Isabel. and Levene, Stephen.

Exponential and Poisson Random Variables in a Campus Cafeteria
 Kudlak, Zachary.

External Influences on Undergraduate Mathematics Curricula: 1950-2000
 Meyer, Walter.


Facilitating Student Mathematical Input on Mobile Devices
 Yasskin, Philip., Meade, Douglas. and Barry, Matthew.

Few-Parameter Camera Response Function Recovery for High Dynamic Range Photography
 Hoft, Thomas.

Finding Euler Cycles: A French Criticism and Solution
 Hopkins, Brian.

Finding a Balance Between Rigor and Exploration in a Non-Euclidean Geometry Course
 Clark, Jeffrey.

Finding funding and support for doing undergraduate research
 Dorff, Michael. and Narayan, Darren.

Finding minimum step number of figure-eight knot confined to slabs in the simple cubic lattice
 Jun, Michael.

Flash Applets embedded in WeBWorK homework problems
 Margolius, Barbara., Martins, L. and Gries, Daniel.

Fraction Addition for Remediation of Arithmetic and Preview of Algebra
 Burkman, J.


Galois-theoretic invariants of sextic extensions of $-adic fields
 Awtrey, Chad.

Generalized Factorization in Commutative Rings with Zero-Divisors
 Mooney, Christopher.

Generalizing Eves' Theorem
 Coffman, Adam.

Geodesic Intuition
 Kerckhove, Michael.

Getting Ready for College Mathematics
 Ahmadi, Dora.

Graph Labelings for Undergraduate Research
 Szaniszlo, Zsuzsanna.

Graph-based Model of Crossword Puzzle Solution Process
 McSweeney, John.

Graphing the Iterations of Selected Polynomials Modulo n
 Weisbrod, Jonathan.

Graphs in Facebook Friendships
 Heenehan, Megan.

Growing a Learning Center: From a small, underfunded closet to a popular learning space
 McHugh, Maighread. and Auby, Karoline.

Guesses, Metrics, and Basketball
 Clark, David.


H1N1 and $emph{Dictyostelium discoideum}$: Projects in Math Bio
 Rissler, Matthew., Sanstead, Erinn. and Lampe, Sam.

Hadwiger Integration of Functionals
 Wright, Matthew.

Hands off! Inquiry based learning in senior number theory
 Clark, David.

Has an Upper Bound for Brun's Constant been Found?
 Martin, Andy.

Helping Students Develop Metacognitive Skills in Mathematics
 Ghrist, Michelle.

Higher-Order Tasks in an Inquiry-Based Course
 Katz, Brian. and Thoren, Eliazbeth.

Hilbert spaces of measures; and some of their applications.
 Niedzialomski, Robert.

Hollow Fiber Dialyzer: Blood and Bicarbonated Dialysate Flow Characteristics
 Annan, Kodwo.

Home Prime Reversals
 Schiffman, Jay.

How Can We Make Mathematics Accessible to Remedial Mathematics Students?
 Ehrhardt, Kristel.

How Many Unique 4 by 4 Natural Magic Squares are There?
 Staab, Peter.

How Rodrigues Did It: The Geometric Discovery of Quaternion Multiplication
 Palais, Bob.

How a computer evaluates trig functions.
 King, Todd. and Struthers, Allan.

Hubcap Geometry
 Ewing, David.

Hybridized Methods in Freshman Calculus
 Cone, Randall.


IBL for fun?
 Gantner, Ryan.

IBL in a Liberal Arts Mathematics Course
 Jensen-Vallin, Jacqueline.

Imagine This: 600 Cells in 4D
 Wasserstrass, John.

Implementing an Introductory Mathematical Software Course
 Karls, Michael.

Incorporating students into curriculum building
 Pivarski, Melanie. and Gonzalez, Barbara.

Infusing the Flavor of Mathematical Biology Research into the Undergraduate Experience
 Washington, Talitha.

Inquiry based learning and my experience in the French and German education systems
 Kazemi, Parimah.

Integer Sequences, Growth Functions, and Growth Limits: Measuring Divergence via Multiplication
 Brilleslyper, Michael. and Warner, Bradley.

Internationalizing the Mathematics Major with the Calculus of Sustainability
 Zobitz, John. and Bibelnieks, Tracy.

Introducing non-Euclidean geometries at the public school levels; the OTP project
 Breckling, Nicole. and Mealy, Jack.

Introducing the Peculiar "Davidson Sequence"
 Davidson, William.

Introduction to the Time Scale Calculus and the Generalized Exponential Function
 Ahrendt, Chris. and Ahrendt, Kevin.

Investigation of a model of Chagas Disease
 Bennett, Crystal.

Is It a Good Idea to Give Undergraduate Teaching Assistants More Responsibilities in Statistics Courses?
 Nowrouzi Kashan, fariba.


Kostant Superalgebras for the Simple Classical Map Superalgebras
 Chamberlin, Samuel. and Bagci, Irfan.


Leonardo Da Vinci's Mathematical Investigations
 Staat, Koren. and Milani, Albert.

Little Wranglers
 Keppelmann, Edward.

Local fields with dihedral Galois group
 Awtrey, Chad.


Magazine, Chapter and More: Diverse Writing and Editing Projects
 Johannes, Jeff.

Magic Tricks involving error correcting codes
 Mateer, Todd.

Making WeBWorK care about Algebra
 Basyrov, Alexander.

Mancala as Nim
 Simoson, Andrew.

Mapping the Common Core State Standards to Advanced Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching
 Stockton, Julianna. and Wasserman, Nicholas.

Mat-Rix-Toe: Strategy and writing in Linear Algebra
 Graham-Squire, Adam.

Math Bucks Can Mean Money in the Bank for Remedial Math Students
 Stillson, Holly.

Mathematical Modeling is not {sc Matlab}: Teaching Students to Communicate
 Linhart, Jean Marie.

Mathematical Models of Glassy-winged Sharpshooter Population Dynamics in Texas Vineyards
 Yoon, Jeong-Mi., Hrynkiv, Volodymyr., Morano, Lisa., Nguyen, Anh Tuan., Wilder, Sara. and Mitchell, Forrest.

Mathematical t-shirts
 Askey, Richard.

Mathematics and Psychology: A Linked Learning Community
 Pinter, Mike.

Mathematics writing, collaboration, and peer review using GoogleDocs
 Eaton, Carrie. and Wade, Stephanie.

Maximizing Code Words
 Sibley, Thomas.

Modeling Quasicrystals: An Application of Hyperbolic Dynamics
 Mei, May.

Modeling the Effect of Diversity in Host Plant-Herbivore-Predator Interactions
 yahdi, mohammed.

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Naive Invented Algorithms
 Beam, John. and Kuennen, Eric.

New Factorizations of the Integers
 Florescu, Alina.

New Ways to Factor the Integers
 Florescu, Alina.

Non-Parametric Estimation of Bivariate Survival Function
 Abeysundara, Hemalika.


On $lambda$-fold Rosa-type Labelings and Cyclic Graph Decompositions
 Bunge, Ryan. and El-Zanati, Saad.

On Some Open Problems in Graph Designs and Graph Labelings
 El-Zanati, Saad.

On the Cusp in Calculus and Mathematics
 Frenzen, Christopher.

On the Role of Assessment in the Design of Online Resources for Learning Mathematics
 Meade, Douglas. and Yasskin, Philip.

On the Sandpile Group of Generalized Book Graphs
 Molina, Luis. and Garcia-Puente, Luis.

One Model of IBL for Practicing Teachers
 White, Diana.

Open problems on Lerch primes and Wieferich-non-Wilson primes
 Sondow, Jonathan.

Opening the Lines of Communication With Your IBL Students
 Crook, Susan.

Optimal Parameters for Klein-Gordon Equation with Neumann Boundary Condition
 Thapa, Narayan.

Oral Reviews in Calculus: Improving Student Understanding
 Henrich, Allison.


PDE in Calc III
 Kerckhove, Michael.

Parametrized maximum principle preserving flux limiters for high order scheme solving scalar hyperbolic conservation laws
 Xu, Zhengfu., Liang, Chao. and Tanner, Franz.

Path Counting for Math Circles
 Vandervelde, Sam.

Peer-Led Team Learning in Precalculus
 Knaust, Helmut.

Periodicity and Chaos in Some Planar Discrete Dynamical Systems with Negative Feedback
 Basu, Sukanya.

Playing with Bubbles: An invitation to Undergraduate Research in Mathematics
 Sampson, Donald.

Poisson's careful handling of transcendental function, criticizing diversion from real to imaginary in definite integral
 Masuda, Shigeru.

Population Models and Chaotic Dynamics
 Kaschner, Scott.

Power Fibonacci Sequences
 Renault, Marc. and Ide, Joshua.

Preliminary Report: Strengthening Student Understanding of One-to-One and Onto Functions
 Beers, Donna.

Preparing Prospective Teachers to Implement the Common Core State Standards for Statistics and Probability
 Groth, Randall.

Preparing Students for Inquiry-Based Learning: Lessons Learned from the Online Learning Environment
 Harbaugh, Allen.

Preserving Quasi-Metrics
 Vallin, Robert.

Prisoners and guards on rectangular boards
 Bullington, Grady., Eroh, Linda. and Winters, Steven.

Professional Development Training for Urban School Teachers in Mathematics, IT and Engineering in Homeland Security
 Wright Brown, D.Eng., Cecelia., Bhattacharyya, Gargi. and Peters, Kevin.

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Recalling Prerequisite Material to Aid in Student Success in Calculus II
 Olli, Jeanette.

Recent Advances in Teaching and Learning the Formal Definition of Limit
 Boester, Tim.

Reconceiving Developmental Mathematics: Embracing the Diversity of Students’ Mathematical Knowledge
 Greenstein, Steven.

Regional University vs. Community College: Just how different ARE they?
 Braddy, Linda.

Research Methods - A Transitional Course
 Roper, Kevin.

Research Results - An Update
 White, Diana.


SEE-Math: Six String Probability Activity
 Yasskin, Philip. and Manuel, David.

San Francisco Math Circle: Evaluation of Changes in Mathematical Attitude, First Report
 Wiegers, Brandy.

Senior Seminar using Unsolved Problems in Number Theory
 Styer, Robert.

Si Se Puede - An outreach Program for middle school Hispanic Students
 Yanik, elizabeth. and Yanik, Joe.

South Carolina High Energy Mathematics Teachers’ Circle (SCHEMaTC): Year 0
 Geddings, Debra., McNulty, George., McNulty, Nieves. and Meade, Douglas.

Stitching Graphs and Painting Mazes: Problems in Generalizations of Eulerian Walks
 Holden, Joshua.

Stochastic Models for Heat Flow in a Cylinder
 Luna, Darwin. and Swim, Edward.

Strictly Platonic: teaching mathematics through sculpture
 Zides, Steven.

Student Research Projects with Biological Models Using Impulsive Differential Equations
 Comar, Timothy.

Student-driven symmetry classification
 Waggoner, Martha Ellen.

Students' Ways of Thinking about Directional Derivative
 Weber, Eric.

Students' natural discovery of the Integral Test for Infinite Series
 Schmitz, Rebecca.

Sums of squares, the octonions, and $(7,3,1)$
 Brown, Ezra.

Supplement to Instruction Program in Mathematics and Statistics at Winona State University
 Debnath, Joyati.

Supplemental Instruction in Undergraduate Mathematics Classes at Saint Leo University
 Kiss, Monika.

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Teaching Mathematical Maturity through Axiomatic Geometry
 Katz, Brian.

Teaching and Learning the Arithmetic of Complex Numbers through IBL with Inservice Secondary Teachers
 Soto-Johnson, Hortensia., Karakok, Gulden. and Anderson, Stephanie.

Techniques for finding Lower Bounds of Radio Number of Graphs
 Benson, Katherine.

The $-component connectivity of the generalized Petersen graphs
 Hanusch, Sarah. and Ferrero, Daniela.

The ACE Program: Improving Retention in the STEM Majors
 Ronshausen, Emily.

The Best of Both Worlds: Linear Diophantine Equations and Solutions of a Certain Size
 Stuffelbeam, Ryan.

The Bridge Program Helping Students Transition into College without Remediation
 Hayes, Senan. and Hamer, Josie.

The Case of Ann: Our First Undergraduate Mathematics Teaching Assistant (& Now Math Major!)
 Deshler, Jessica.

The Feasibility of Electric Vehicles: Driving Interest in Mathematical Modeling
 Schellhorn, William.

The Final Exam Problem Contest: An Opportunity for Making Connections and Personalizing Mathematics
 Mabrouk, Sarah.

The Flat Earth: The Mathematics of Mapmaking
 Johannes, Jeff.

The Geometry of Cubic Polynomials
 Frayer, Christopher.

The Man Who Whammied "Press Your Luck"
 DeLegge, Anthony.

The POGIL project: Student-Centered Learning in Calculus Preliminary report
 Beneteau, Catherine., Guadarrama, Zdenka., Guerra, Jill. and Lenz, Laurie.

The Pizza Theorem and the Joy of Discovery
 Nathanson, Michael.

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Undergraduate Research in Gene Regulation Networks
 Hrozencik, Dan. and Comar, Timothy.

Undergraduate TAs as the Holy Grail: Work savings, Educational benefits, & Program development
 Kung, David.

Unique KenKen Over a Set of Complex Numbers
 Nacin, David.

Using Ancient Egyptian Fractions in Teaching Developmental Math
 Yuan, Shenglan.

Using Course Capture Technology to Supplement Classroom Learning
 Sellke, Kristen.

Using Wolfram|Alpha to Accommodate Students with Math-Related Learning Disabilities
 May, Maggie.

Using a Digital Pen to Enhance Student Learning
 Rissler, Matthew.

Using iPads to Transform Learning Spaces
 Lucas, Timothy. and Fisher, Brian.


Valid Range of an Object’s Unified Kinetic Quantity
 Shen, Audey.

Variation on Leopoldt's Conjecture
 Nelson, Dawn.

Variations on a Theme of DLP
 Holden, Joshua.

Visualization Projects for a Differential Equations Course
 Molitierno, Jason.

Visualizing Clusters in Neural Networks
 Pearson, Paul.

Voting methods for political elections: propaganda, experiments and what US voters want from an election algorithm
 Lenz, Kathryn.


What do Students Think about Online Homework?
 Vobach, Carol.

What makes that matrix regular?
 Jillian, McLeod.

When Zombies Attack: Round Two
 Withrow, Frances. and Linhart, Jean Marie.

Who first proved that /d$ is a constant?
 Richeson, David.

Why Do I Need to Write in Biostastics?
 Luca, Magdalena.

Wiki use for writing and editing in mathematics classes
 Cherowitzo, William.

Working with public schools: Creating math enrichment for elementary students
 Schaubroeck, Beth.

Writing Mathematics Well.
 Roper, Kevin.

Writing and rewriting concept summaries in a first-semester calculus course
 Awtrey, Chad.

Writing mathematics: Investigations in statistics and differential equations
 Smith Zbarsky, Emma.


Zero-order 'rainbows', electromagnetic wave equations and poles of the scattering matrix: what's all that about?
 Adam, John.

Zombies, Ecology, and Epidemiology...Oh My!
 Allen, Robert.
The Mathematical Association of America MathFest 2012-Aug-02 to 2012-Aug-04
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