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"I need a drink of water!": 10 Things to Think About When Working with Elementary Math Circle Students
 Wiegers, Brandy.

$-adic Analysis and $-functions via Explicit Methods
 Schmidt, Matthew. and Zhu, Hui.

$2$-Fusion Systems with Standard Components of Small Rank
 Welz, Matthew.

$textrm{Apr\'{e}s}$ 1713: Bernoulli, Montmort et Waldegrave
 Bellhouse, David.

2-Color Rado Numbers for $displaystylesum_{i=1}^{m-1}x_i+c=x_m$
 Spicer, Chris.

``Where have I seen this before?" - Encouraging undergraduate students to see connections.
 Cardwell, Antonia.


A Beautiful Connection Between Graphs and Knots
 Giambrone, Adam.

A Block-Stacking Game With Applications to Veronese Varieties
 Paul, Stepan.

A Bridge between IBL and Student Inquiry
 Katz, Brian.

A Brief Study of Abundant Numbers Not Divisible by Any of the First n Primes
 Schiffman, Jay.

A Classification of Non-degenerate Quasihomogeneous Polynomials
 Mancuso, Scott. and Jarvis, Tyler.

A Combinatorial Approach to Volume Bounds for Knot Complements
 Giambrone, Adam.

A Combinatorial Proof of the Poincare-Miranda Theorem
 Su, Francis.

A Complex Calcudoku Classification
 Nacin, David.

A Delightful Interconnection Between Pythagorean Triples and Fibonacci-Like Sequences
 Schiffman, Jay.

A Flipped Classroom Study in Second Semester Calculus
 Kennedy, Ellie.

A Hybrid Ensemble Kalman Filter / Variational Method for Data Assimilation of the Ocean
 Penny, Stephen.

A Kin Relations Lesson in Ethnomathematics
 catepillan, ximena.

A Mathematical Model of Sleep Regulation
 Rao, Anita.

A New Approach for the Liberal Arts Mathematics Courses
 Fulton, James.

A New Class of Benford Random Variables
 Khosravani, Azar. and Rasinariu, Constantin.

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Behind the Scene: What the Brain Thinks the Eyes Are Seeing
 Coe, Russell.

Belended Developmental Mathematics Courses
 Weng, Xinlong.

Berggren Tree of Pythagorean Triples Using Dickson's Formulas
 Weisbrod, Jonathan.

Best representations and intervals of uncertainty in a weakened topology for the integers
 Corrigan, Sean.

Beyond Euclid
 Rietz, Kenneth.

Bounding zeroes and coefficients of graph polynomials
 Chin, Alex., MacPhee, Kellie., Vincent, Charles. and Gordon, Gary.

Bounds on Mosaic Knots
 Dye, Heather.

Bridging the Digital Divide: Building a Sense of Community and Improving Student Engagement
 Wheeler, Amy.

Bulls-Eye Jenga
 Smith, Michael.


Calculus - The IBL Way!
 Rech, Janice. and Hodge, Angie.

Calculus Group Projects to Motivate Sequences and Series by Major
 Shifflet, Daniel.

Can The Beauty of Limits Be Recovered in Calculus?
 giraldo, jose.

Canonical maps: where do they come from and why do they matter?
 Marquis, Jean-Pierre.

Case study: Student with Dyscalculia offered history of mathematics course to satisfy general education
 Bhattacharyya, Gargi.

Changing attitudes about teaching through a STEM GTA teaching and mentoring program, a case study
 Eaton, Carrie., Abernethy, Eleanor. and Rand, Ashley.

Characterizations of the Maximal Symmetry Group
 Cordner, Nathan. and Jarvis, Tyler.

Christiaan Huygens's Work on the Catenary, 1690-1691
 Bukowski, John.

Circle in a Plane: Can Math Circle Activities be done with Tablets?
 Zeitz, Paul.

Class Numbers and Continued Fraction Expansions
 Bauer, Mark., Guy, Richard., Wanless, Michael. and Weir, Colin.

Classification of Polyominoes by Spinal Character
 Wildstrom, David.

Classifying Rational Points in Generalized Cantor Sets and Cantor Like Sets
 Daniel, Douglas.

Classifying the Astroid Curve
 Jackson II, Fulton. and Davis, Diane.

Coding Theory and Elementary Number Theory
 Peachey, Justin.

Coding Theory and Graph Search Algorithms
 Weaver, Elizabeth.

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Data Assimilation and Prediction of Cardiac Electrical Dynamics
 Hoffman, Matthew., Scorse, Steven. and Cherry, Elizabeth.

Decomposition of Graphs using Blocks!?
 Asplund, John.

Deconstructing the Formal Definition of Limit at a Point
 Boester, Tim.

Determining Future Genotype Proportions
 Miller, Shaun., Arbet, Jaron. and Debnath, Joyati.

Developing Collaborative Lesson Plans for Math Enrichment
 Rose, Lauren., Goldberg, Beth. and Sebesta, Joy.

Developing a Theory of Bidding Chess
 Lei, Brian., Lee, Seung Hyun., Arana, Alec., Garn, Michael., Shen, Jifeng. and Payne, Sam.

Developing an integrated mathematics curriculum in a health sciences program.
 Huq, Aminul.

Developmental Math as a Gateway, not a Gatekeeper.
 Card, Curtis. and Siewert, Daluss.

Differential equations without derivatives
 Sutton, Brian.

Discovery of Unusual Patterns of Squares Modulo an Odd Prime
 Bilisoly, Roger.

Discovery on “Number Theory Island"
 Allen, Martha. and Dietrich, Blair.

Distributions of Sequences Modulo 1: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
 Spiegelhalter, Paul.

Do numbers play dice? Visualizing order and chaos in number theory through random walks
 Monaikul, Natawut.

Doing SoTL (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning) Projects
 Ultan, Sarah.


Effectively Supporting First-year Students in Precalculus and Calculus Via the Arlington-Emerging Scholars Program
 Epperson, James. and Sutton, Julie.

Efficiently Boarding an Airplane: A Modeling Based Approach
 Helkey, Daniel. and Dementieva, Yulia.

Equal Circle Packing on Flat Tori
 Brandt, Madeline. and Smith, Hanson.

Equality of Cardinality of Sets of Subsets with Cardinality Congruent to Values Modulo $
 Pesek, John.

Equivalences of Dessins D'Enfants
 Volkert, Rachel. and Somodi, Marius.

Essay-style Problems in Differential Equations with WeBWorK
 Martins, L. Felipe. and Margolius, Barbara.

Euclid's Treatment of the Golden Ratio
 Smith, Charlie.

Euler and the Enlightenment
 D\'Antonio, Lawrence.

Euler’s Method for a Plentiful Harvest
 Saclolo, Michael.

Explorations using Sage
 Grout, Jason.

Exploring the conversion of alternative energy
 Eaton, Carrie.

Extended Outer Billiard Map in the Hyperbolic Plane
 Kumar, Sanjay., Tuttle, Austin. and Dogru, Filiz.

Extremal Cayley Digraphs
 Schneider, Joni.


Felix Hausdorff: We Wish for You Better Times
 Simmons, Charlotte.

Fictionalism and mathematical practice
 Clemens, Matthew.

Fighting Fires in Siberia
 Aboufadel, Edward. and Bjorkman, Beth.

Fitch Cheney's Five Card Trick for Four or Three Cards
 Mulcahy, Colm.

Flipping Calculus: A departmental project of the University of Hartford
 Xue, Fei.

Flipping a Math Content Course for Elementary School Teachers
 Ford, Pari.

Folded Ribbon Knots in the Plane
 Denne, Elizabeth.

Fostering online Discussion in Introductory Statistics
 White, Jacci. and White, Scott.

Fractal powers in Serrin's swirling vortex solutions
 Belik, Pavel., Dokken, Doug., Scholz, Kurt. and Shvartsman, Mikhail.

From Cookbook to Toolbox: Modified Moore Method in Discrete Math and Abstract Algebra
 Schwell, Rachel.

From problem solving to research
 Theodosopoulos, Ted.

Fuzzy Greedoids - Structure and Invariants
 Tedford, Steven.


Galois and His Theory
 Blau, Philip.

Gaussian Curvature and Rigid Foldability
 Unsicker, Austin. and Halverson, Denise.

Generosity without reciprocity: Computation models of need-based transfers and risk-pooling
 Hao, Yan.

Geometric approach to the computation of certain definite integrals.
 Artamoshin, Sergei.

Geometry of Fractal Squares
 Roinestad, Kristine.

Geometry of Quasigroups and Groups
 Ziliak, Ellen.

George Washington's Use of Trigonometry and Logarithms
 Crackel, Theodore., Rickey, V.. and Silverberg, Joel.

Getting Hyper from Painting Cubes
 Sibley, Thomas.

Getting Started in MY Online Math Class
 Hannahs, Carol.

Getting at the (Grade) Point of Grading
 Muir, Carrie.

Going to great lengths...
 Schoutens, Hans.

Golden Triangulations
 Atkinson, Bruce. and Carrigan, Braxton.

Good Problems are the Key to Building a High School Research Program
 Teague, Daniel.

Goodness of Fit of Some Well-Known Over-Dispersed Models to Proportion Data
 Saha, Krishna.

Graph theory in DNA self-assembly: an early entry point for interdisciplinary student research
 Ellis-Monaghan, Jo.

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Harmonious Chromatically Critical Graphs
 Fontes-Merz, Natacha., Boerner, Jeffrey. and Anthony, James.

Helping Students Learn Geometry Using the Teacher made Manipulative
 Upadhyaya, Hari.

Heron's Formula for the Area of a Triangle
 White, Diana.

Heron's formula: a proof without words
 Otero, Daniel.

Hidden Equilateral Triangles Inside Circles on Square Hyperbolas
 Eng, Genghmun.

High School Mathematics Competition - Females versus Males
 Childers, Carey.

Hilbert series, h-vectors, and the Fibonacci sequence
 Stone, Branden.

Historical Accuracy, Popular Books, and Videos: Three Components of a History of Math Class
 White, Diana.

Homology of the D-Neighborhood Complex on Graphs
 Previte, Corrine.

Honors College Algebra at the University of Central Missouri
 Bachman, Dale. and Baeth, Nicholas.

How Brook Taylor Got Joshua Kirby a Position
 Melville, Duncan.

Hurricanes : Engines of Destruction
 Laforest, Marc.


I want it all, and I want it now! (or, may I please graduate on time?)
 Davis, Anna.

IBL Classroom Activities Beyond Student Presentation
 Thoren, Elizabeth.

IBL Teachers' Perspectives on Gettting Students to Work Together, Present, and Critique
 Whittemore, Timothy. and Mesa, Vilma.

IBL in the Time of MOOCs
 Nicodemi, Olympia.

Identifying The Right Recursion
 Kelly, Brian.

Images of Andrew Ellicott (1754-1820)
 Fasanelli, Florence.

Implementing a Mastery-Based Format for Remedial Mathematics Courses- an Iterative Approach
 Flint, Donna. and Bingen, Charles.

Implementing the Flipped Classroom in a First-Year Pre-Calculus/Calculus Course
 Sellke, Kristen. and Schultz, Janel.

Improved Success Rates in Developmental Math through Acceleration, Collaboration, and Technology
 Delgado, Awilda.

Improving Secondary School Students' Mathematics Achievement in Nigeria through the use of Tutorial Computer-Aided Instruction
 Iyekekpolor, Solomon.

Improving climate models using non-global data assimilation and parameter estimation
 mitchell, lewis.

In Quest of Fairness, Randomness and Independence
 Chosid, Leo. and Natov, Jonathan.

Increasing math majors’ skills, confidence, community and retention with a 1st year course
 Dewar, Jacqueline., Larson, Suzanne. and Zachariah, Thomas.

Independent Divisibility Pairs on the Set of Integers from $1$ to $
 Sullivan, Rosemary.

Inquiry Based Learning in a Number Theory Course for Non-Majors
 Rose, Lauren.

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Just enough algebra -- a successful approach to preparing college students.
 Doree, Suzanne.


Kempe’s Flawed Proof That Four Colors Suffice
 Sipka, Timothy.

Klein’s Hypercycles in 3D
 Symington, Margaret.

Knot Mosaics
 Ludwig, Lew.


Learning Geometry via Manipulate
 Phaovibul, M Tip.

Leonhard Euler’s Mathematical Correspondence - The Early Berlin Years
 Bradley, Robert.

Linking “Women in Mathematics” and middle school girls through mentoring
 Kose, Emek.

Living it Up with Live Binders: Organizing Faculty Shared Web 2.0 Resources
 Rosenberry, Lea., Johnson, Leslie. and Lis, Michelle.

Locating and Counting the Zeros of the Polynomial (z)=z^n+z^k-1$
 Brilleslyper, MIchael.

Logic is Not Epistemology: Should Philosophy Play a Larger Role in Learning about Proofs?
 Flashman, Martin.


M"obius Transformations Fixing Finite Sets of Points
 Fulghesu, Damiano. and Subedi, Ishan.

Maplets for Calculus expands offerings in Precalculus, Calculus and Differential Equations
 Yasskin, Philip., Meade, Douglas. and Barry, Matthew.

Markov Chains in Linear Algebra
 Doyle, Shawn.

Math (Circles) Magic!
 Crowe, Cheryll.

Math Skills, An Emporium Model Modified: What We learned from the Pilot Year
 Shepherd, Mary.

Math Workshop for Accelerated Pathway to Calculus
 Wiegers, Brandy., Evans, Addie. and Gomez, Emiliano.

MathDL Mathematical Communication: Resources for engaging students in communicating about mathematics
 Ruff, Susan.

Mathematical Devices at the Smithsonian: Ideas for using digital collections in the classroom
 Shell-Gellasch, Amy. and Ackerberg-Hastings, Amy.

Mathematical Logic and the History of Computers
 Seldin, Jonathan.

Mathematical Models of a Zombie Outbreak
 Linhart, Jean Marie.

Mathematics and Art on the Sphere
 Silver, Judith.

Mathematics as Practiced in Colonial and Post-Colonial America
 Guthery, Scott.

Mathematics in the Book of Michael of Rhodes, A Fifteenth-Century Maritime Manuscript
 Perry, Andrew.

Mathematics of Origami Honors Seminar -- Successes and Lessons Learned
 Cherepinsky, Vera.

Mathesis universalis
 Giurgescu, Patricia.

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Native American-based Mathematics Materials for Integration into Undergraduate Courses
 Funkhouser, Charles. and Pfahl, Miles.

Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Benford Sequences
 Zheng, Siqi. and Bressoud, David.

New Roles of an Old Puzzle: the Magic Square Problem
 Li, Aihua.

Newton's Writings on the Calculus
 Goodsell, Troy.

 Perry, John.

Northern Colorado Math Teachers' Circle
 Karakok, Gulden., Morrison, Katherine. and Craviotto, Cathleen.

Numerical Solution of Heat Equation by Spectral Method
 Gudejko, Michal. and Thapa, Narayan.

Numerical Solution of sine-Gordon Equation by Spectral Method
 Thapa, Narayan.

Numerical estimates for the regularization of nonautonomous ill-posed problems
 Fury, Matthew.

Numerical modeling of vegetation-climate feedbacks: An example over western Africa
 Alo, Clement.


Occupation times, drawdowns, and drawups for one-dimensional regular diffusions
 Zhang, Hongzhong.

On Chebyshev Radical Extensions
 Gassert, Thomas.

On the Chebychev quadrature
 Godard, Roger.

On the Parity of a Permutation

Optimal Investment in the Presence of High-water Mark Fees
 Brunick, Gerard., Sirbu, Mihai. and Janecek, Karel.

Origins of block designs, normed algebras, and finite geometries: 1835 to 1892
 Brown, Ezra.

Outreach with Grades K-8 Teachers Impacting Pre-Service Mathematics Courses
 Haines, Matthew.


Parametic Equations Go to the Circus: Trochoids in Poi Flower Patterns
 Farrington, Eleanor.

Persecution of Nikolai Luzin
 Vulis, Maryam.

Philosophy Etched in Stone: The Geometry of Jerusalem's 'Absalom Pillar'
 Petry, Roger.

Pizzas, Calzones, and Crusts: Using symmetry to slice up a circle
 Nathanson, Michael.

Placement Tests: Are Students Getting the Course They Need?
 Wilson, David. and Ghosh, Chaitali.

Plato was Not a Mathematical Platonist
 Landry, Elaine.

Playful History: A Generalizable Mesolabium for Geometer's Sketchpad
 Miller, J. Lyn.

Playing emph{Lights Out} on Petersen Graphs
 Torrence, Robert.

Pointwise Besov Space Smoothing of Images
 Cohen, Jonathan.

Pop-Guitar-Music and Mathematics
 Lee, Duk-Hyung.

Precalculus redesign: The influence of a placement program and the power of a name.
 Ahlgren-Reddy, Alison. and Harper, Marc.

Preparing Students for College Math: A Successful Model of One-Semester Developmental Math\
 Weng, Pangyen.

Presentation Fridays in Advanced Calculus
 Vallin, Robert.

Prime Labelings of Graphs
 Hook, Jonelle.

Princess and Monster Game
 Weisblat, Jakob.

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Quadrature, the Geometric Mean, Hinged Dissections, and the Purpose of Proof
 Wells, Clark.

Quasi-periodic fluctuations in climate due to sea ice
 Saha, Raj.


Raising Standards for Math Practice Software
 Miller, John.

Randomly generating a Dekaaz poetry form
 Pinter, Mike.

Ranking the Academic Output of Medical Schools in the United States Using Data Envelopment Analysis
 Nathanson, Brian.

Rate-Limited Sorption Modeling in Contaminant Transport
 Coulliette, David. and Rietz, Kenneth.

Rational Discovery of the Natural World: An Algebraic and Geometric Answer to Steiner
 Moir, Robert.

Re-sequencing Hypothesis Testing in an Introductory Statistics Course with Active Learning
 Huq, Aminul., Wei, Wei. and Hulsizer, Heidi.

Realigning A Service Mathematics Curriculum To Better Serve The Major Department
 Cole, Daniel.

Recruiting and Training Mathematicians as Codebreakers
 Christensen, Chris.

Research with Zombies
 Linhart, Jean Marie.

Resequencing Calculus with an Early Multivariate Approach
 Dwyer, David., Gruenwald, Mark., Axtell, Mike., Luther, Ken., Stickles, Joe. and Baeth, Nicholas.

Rigorous Calculus I Course for Biology Majors
 Stoner, Melissa.

Rubber Sheet Photography
 Torrence, Bruce.


SIMIODE - Systemic Initiative for Modeling Investigations and Opportunities with Differential Equations
 Winkel, Brian.

SONET-MATH: Using Social Networks to Learn Mathematics
 Dunlop-Pyle, Lori., Garibay, Ivan., Garibay, Ozlem. and Koontz Anthony, Amanda.

Semi-simple Lie groups acting on Flag manifolds
 Ntatin, B.

Sequences, spiral knots, and the elephant in the room
 Taalman, Laura.

Serving the Under-Resourced Student in a University setting through Mathematics
 Luse, Kerry. and Sheridan, Joseph.

Solvable and/or Integrable Many-body Models on a Circle
 Bihun, Oksana.

Solving the World's Hardest Magic Square
 Brown, Ethan.

Some different applications of logarithms
 Heinold, Brian.

Some illustrated comments on selected “magical squares with magical parts”
 Styan, George.

Some not-so-well-known constants associated with the Conic Sedtions.
 Reese, Sylvester.

South Carolina High Energy Mathematics Teachers' Circle: A First Year Experience---Playing It By Ear
 McNulty, George., McNulty, Nieves., Meade, Douglas. and White, Diana.

Special linear systems based at fat points in $mathbb P^n$
 Paul, Stepan.

Spherical Triangle Area and Angle Sum
 Johannes, Jeff.

Spin Concave Fillings of Contact 3-Manifolds
 Radosevich, Mark.

Squares and Pythagorean Triples II
 Chichester, Frederick.

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Taking Math Students from 'Blah' to 'Aha!'; What Can We Do?
 Kalajdzievska, Darja.

Taxicab Geometry and Mass Transit Distance
 Thekkedath, George.

Teachable Math in Cryptocurrency Phenomenon
 Vulis, Maryam.

Teachers Teaching: An Inquiry-Based Approach to Math Education
 Crowe, Cheryll.

Teaching Calculus through History, Intuition, Exploration, and Development (HIED)
 Sisson, Paul. and Szarvas, Tibor.

Teaching Calculus to Students who have already seen Calculus
 Knotts-Zides, Charlotte.

Teaching Faculty How to Improve Students' Quantitative Skills through Cognitive Illusions
 Wang, Frank.

Teaching Mathematical Ideas by the History of from Quadratic to Quartic Equations
 Weng, Xinlong.

Teaching Online Courses to Overseas Students
 Weng, Xinlong.

Teaching Online and Face-to-Face Students in the Same Class
 Miller, Elizabeth.

Teaching Statistics Online Using Blackboard Collaborate
 Ruggieri, Eric.

Teaching an Activities Based Course Online
 Flint, Donna. and Diischer, Becky.

Teaching an Honors Seminar on Fractals for Non-Majors
 Sass, Christopher.

Teaching determinants by rook-arrangements
 Hendrickson, Anders.

Technology Enhanced Large Calculus Lectures
 Miller, Elizabeth.

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UBM Program at University of Houston-Downtown: Experiences and the Challenge to Sustain It
 Tecarro, Edwin., Yoon, Jeong-Mi., Chan, Youn-Sha. and Uzman, Akif.

Ubercrossing Number of Knots
 Irvine, Daniel.

Undergraduate Math Research with Games and Puzzles
 Yuan, Shenglan.

Undergraduate Mathematical Biology Research at Truman State University
 Ryan, Pam.

Undergraduate Research in Epidemic Modeling
 DeLegge, Anthony.

Undergraduate Research in Modeling the Response of Chaparral Shrubs to Wildfires
 Lucas, Timothy.

Understanding the Johnson Filtration of the Mapping Class Group via Geometric Topology
 Heap, Aaron.

Understanding the interplay between the history and the philosophy of mathematics in proof mining
 Buechner, Jeff.

Unit Acceleration Vectors
 Clark, Jeffrey.

Uniting to Support First-Year Success: A Collaboration between State Universities in Connecticut
 Santoro, Karen.

Using $mbox{it Lurch}$ in an Introduction to Proofs Course
 Carter, Nathan. and Monks, Kenneth.

Using Algebra in the Classroom to Understand the Way in which Automobiles Collide
 Atwood, Alexander.

Using Bioinformatic Approaches to Predict Gene Expression Based on Promoter Structure in Acute Myeloid Leukemia
 Stanley, Natalie.

Using Coding Theory for Quantum Cryptography
 Loepp, Susan.

Using Computer Programming to Push Students to Build Mental Frameworks for Abstraction and Generalization
 Stenger, Cynthia. and Jerkins, James.

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Variations on the Theme of Calculus Support
 Jordan, Jill.

Various Extensions of Commutative Rings
 Bhattacharjee, Papiya.

Vector Calculus in Euler's Fluid Mechanics
 Langton, Stacy.

Video Games and Calculus
 Thompson, Derek.

Volatility - A Key Concept in Mathematical Finance
 Sturm, Stephan.


What Your Professor Didn't Tell You About Critical Points
 Webb, Rachel. and Jarvis, Tyler.

What happens in the classroom of Math Teachers’ Circle participants?
 White, Diana.

When is the inversion of circle C over circle k orthogonal to circle k?
 Platt, Mary.

Who's That Mathematician? No, Really, Who Is She (or He)?
 Beery, Janet.


Year One Results from Developmental Course Redesign
 Fast, Stephen.


Zeno Will Rise Again
 Drucker, Thomas.

Zero-divisor graphs of certain semigroups associated to commutative rings
 Epstein, Neil.
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