MPSA Annual Conference 2018-Apr-05 to 2018-Apr-09

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"Chinese Style Soft Power," Antarctica and Global Ecopolitics
 Harrington, Jonathan.

"Gender Stereotypes" 25 Years Later: A Replication of Huddy and Terkildsen
 Huang, Chun-Han., Jang, Minsu., Kanthak, Kristin., McCoy, David., Peterson, Maxfield. and Schiller, Jacob.

"Let's Try it Her Way: Post-Crisis Female Leadership Signals Change from the Status Quo"
 Judge, Dayna.

"On Tocqueville's Response to Pierre Manent's Criticism: Too Democratic? Too Modern?"
 Lindahl, Folke.

"Political Interest in Post-Industrial China"
 Kim, Christine. and Hsu, Becky.

"Seeing is Disbelieving: A Study of 'Fake News' and Who Believes it in War"
 Kaltenthaler, Karl. and Silverman, Daniel.

"Thinking Too Politically: An Aristotelian Response to Pierre Manent's Political Thought"
 Petrie, Eric.

"Thugs-for-Hire": Subcontracting of State Coercion and State Capacity in China
 Ong, Lynette.

"You are Fake News!" How the Term Fake News is Instrumentalized to Undermine News Media
 Egelhofer, Jana., Lecheler, Sophie. and Aaldering, Loes.

#Activism: Content Analysis of Movement Outreach on Twitter
 Sybesma, Jordan.

#MakeTwitterGreatAgain: The Relationship Between Donald Trump's Policy Agenda and the Media
 Lovett, John.

#No2Sectarianism: An Experimental Approach to Reducing Sectarian Hate Speech Online and in the Field
 Siegel, Alexandra.

#Radicalization: Effect of Social Media on Recruitment to Jihadist Groups
 Varma, Kanika.

#TakeAKnee: Racial Attitudes and White Millennials
 Fowler, Matthew. and Medenica, Vladimir.

(Re)Framing Gender Quotas: Assessing Support for Positive and Negative Framing of Gender Quotas in Australia
 Beauregard, Katrine. and Sheppard, Jill.

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A Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science: Are We Training Researchers, Analysts, or Both?
 Franco, Josh.

A Big Hand to the Visible Hands? Support for Government Intervention in Reducing Income Inequalities
 Dong, Hsiang-Kai.

A Bloody Economy: How Unstable Economies Led to Civil War After the Fall of the USSR
 Stout, Molly.

A Brief History of the Abortion Activism
 Kaufer Busch, Elizabeth., Wagner, Rachel. and Poliakoff, Moriah.

A Change in Culture: Acculturation in College Students in the United States
 Tapia, Jacqueline.

A Closer Look at Minority Views: Strategic Behavior of Minority Party Members in Committee
 Bussing, Austin. and Treul, Sarah.

A Community of Communities: How Catholic Social Thought on Political Membership and Integration can Help Bridge the Communitarian vs. Cosmopolitan Divide
 Ramirez, Margarita.

A Comparative Analysis of the Effect of Attorney Gender on Judicial Decision Making
 Kaheny, Erin., Szmer, John. and Christensen, Robert.

A Comparative Analysis of the Structure of National Marine Sanctuary Policy Networks
 Lubell, Mark. and Scott, Tyler.

A Comparative Study on Representative Bureaucracy: Examining the Effect of Gender Representation on Government Effectiveness
 Park, Sanghee. and Liang, Jiaqi.

A Comparison of Politics Surrounding Dam Construction and Removal in the United States
 Park, KyuDong.

A Comparison of State Legislative CFScores and Roll-Call Ideal Points
 Rogers, Steven. and Bonica, Adam.

A Conjoint Equilibrium Model of the Demand for Aid Projects
 Billing, Trey.

A Cross-Country Analysis of the Relationship between Changing Citizenship Norms and Political Action Repertoire
 Cenker-Ozek, Cerem. and Cakmakli, Didem.

A Crude Curse: How Oil Wealth Impedes Nonviolent Resistance
 Dempsey, Ryan.

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Backlogs to Bias: Agency Pressure, Case Processing, and the Politics of Federal Program Implementation
 Keiser, Lael. and Drolc, Cody.

Backyard Voices: Exploring Local Views of Energy Transmission Infrastructure
 Bergquist, Sarah., Ansolabehere, Stephen., Carley, Sanya. and Konisky, David.

Badge of Courage or Sign of Criminality? Experimental Evidence For How Voters Respond to Candidates Who Have Histories Of Direct Action
 Farrer, Benjamin., Caballero Armendariz, Karen. and Martinez, Monica.

Bakhtin and Lukács on Authorship: Thinking About Leadership and Radical Democracy
 Penner, Devin.

Ballot Roll-ON Effects in the 2016 Election
 Jarvis, Matthew.

Ballots, Bombs, and Bullets: The Nuanced Effects of Mortality Salience on Voter Turnout
 Kantack, Ben. and Lassi, Thomas.

Ballots, Pipelines, Protest: The 2016 Election in Indian Country
 Doherty, Steven.

Banning the Burqa: Political Ideology, Gender, and Islam in Europe
 Critcher, Allison. and Akins, Harrison.

Barrier Breaking and the 2016 Presidential Election
 Cooper, Robert.

Barriers to Cooperation and Perceptions of Forum Effectiveness in Complex Governance Systems
 Mewhirter, Jack. and McLaughlin, Danielle.

Barriers to Political Entry: A Field Experiment in Pakistan
 Gulzar, Saad. and Khan, Muhammad Yasir.

Basing the European Neighborhood Policy: between Regional Contexts and the EU`s Normativity.
 Alikin, Artem.

Battle of the Isms: A Conjoint Examination of Social Discrimination
 Deichert, Maggie., Goggin, Stephen. and Theodoridis, Alexander.

Beating a Four Marathon is Good for Democracy
 Rubenson, Daniel., Dawes, Christopher. and Obradovich, Nick.

Before The American Voter
 Spahn, Bradley.

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CO2 Levy or "Klimarappen"? A Discourse Analysis of Relevant Stakeholders
 Schaffer, Lena.

CS4All: A Policy Initiative for Economic Opportunity and Social Mobility
 Gokhale, Anu.

Cameras in the Courtroom and Descriptive Representation Affecting Court Legitimacy
 Lee, Claire. and Waltenburg, Eric.

Campaign Contributions and Speech Codes in State Supreme Court Elections
 Boyea, Brent.

Campaign Dynamics and Presidential Ticket Evaluations: A Time Series Analysis
 Kopko, Kyle. and Devine, Christopher.

Campaign Dynamics in Battleground and Non-Battleground Regions: A Content Analysis of Candidates’ Campaign Posters for the 2010 and 2014 Regional Elections in South Korea
 Kim, Mi-son.

Campaign Events and Candidate Success: Understanding the Relationship between Retail Politics and Electoral Performance in the 2016 Presidential Election
 Goodwin, Ashley. and Sebold, Karen.

Campaign Spheres in Latin America: forecasting 16 presidential elections with polls and Twitter data
 Brandao, Francisco.

Campaigning for No-One: Mobilizing Protest Votes in Latin American Presidential Elections
 Cohen, Mollie.

Campaigning strategies
 Parikh, Rohit.

Can Asia Control the Climate Change: A Comparative Analysis of India and China’s Intended Nationally Determined Contributions
 Mishra, Dr. R.C. Mishra.

Can Citizen Feedback Nudge Bureaucrats into Greater Responsiveness?
 Wittels, Annabelle.

Can Civil Society Curb Corruption? A Field Experiment in the Philippines
 Ravanilla, Nico., Paul, Eitan. and Mendoza, Ron.

Can Clients Rebel? Tribal Identity vs. Authoritarian Institutions in Kuwait
 Freer, Courtney. and Leber, Andrew.

Can Deliberation Reduce Partisan Polarization?: Results from a Field Experiment on Position-taking in a State Legislature
 Zelizer, Adam.

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DACA and Dreamers: Media Framing and Lived Experiences
 Cisneros-Tirado, Jose., Scherlen, Renee. and Navarro Sequeira, Melva.

DENIED: Exploring State Variation in Social Security Disability Determinations
 Long, Jordan.

DIRECT DEMOCRACY TRIGGERED FROM ABOVE The consequences of presidential endorsement and backing on the outcomes of mechanisms of direct democracy in four South American Countries
 Duran, Pablo.

Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don't: Hawks, Doves, and Their Consequences for Interstate Targets
 Carter, Jeff.

Dangerous Words: The Rhetoric and Reality of Repression
 Harrell, Baylee., Graham, Leah. and Carrasco, Gabriela.

Data Reporting Requirements’ Impact on Quality of Services
 Blatnik, Amanda.

Deal to Kill?: Drug Trafficking and Civil War
 Martin, S.. and Cyr, Christopher.

Dealing with Disruption: Determinants of Congressional Republicans’ Responses to Trump’s Agenda and Behavior
 Liu, Huchen. and Jacobson, Gary.

Death Squads: Understanding the Number Present in Civil Conflict
 Singer, Emily.

Death by Protection: Militarized Curfew Enforcement and Civilian Casualties in Ethnic Conflict
 Crowder, Leah.

Debating Guns in Canada and the United States: Divergent Framing Stategies or Different Political Cultures?
 Tatalovich, Raymond., Fleming, Anthony. and McLean, Dylan.

Debunking Myths About Oil: A Case Study of Oil Subsidies
 Kim, Seoyeon.

Decentralization in Non-Democracies: The Cases of Russia and Kazakhstan
 Busygina, Irina. and Filippov, Mikhail.

Decentralization, Executive Selection, and Citizen Views on the Quality of Local Governance in African Countries
 Kuenzi, Michelle. and Lambright, Gina.

Decentralization, Resources and Inequality in Spain: Are There Sill 'Eight Spain's'?
 Irepoglu Carreras, Yasemin.

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Eager to Look: The Empowering and Oppressive Features of Being Seen in Adam Smith’s Theory of Moral Sentiments
 Collins, Kristen.

Early Voting in Australia: The Costs and Benefits of Convenience
 Sheppard, Jill. and Beauregard, Katrine.

Earning Our Place, More or Less: Responsibility's Flexible Relationship to Desert
 Bower-Bir, Jacob.

Ecological Fiscal Transfers for Biodiversity Conservation Policy: A Municipal-Level Analysis
 de Paulo, Felipe. and Camões, Pedro J..

Economic Aid and the Strategy of Containment
 Lee, James.

Economic Anxiety, Visible Minorities and Populism: Public Support for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford
 Kiss, Simon., Perrella, Andrea. and Spicer, Zachary.

Economic Attrition and Conflict Duration: Biding Time versus Timely Retreat

Economic Crises, Ideology and Satisfaction with Democracy
 Jurado, Ignacio.

Economic Distress and Support for Far-right Parties - Evidence from Sweden
 Dehdari, Sirus.

Economic Inequality and Selective Solidarity: How Inequality Favors Welfare Chauvinism and Far-Right Parties
 Magni, Gabriele.

Economic Insecurity, Domestic Institutions and Policy Changes in Social Protection Programs: A Panel Data Analysis of OECD Countries, 1960-2014
 Zhu, Ling., Hofer, Scott. and Zhou, Hui.

Economic Modernization and Participation in Political Violence under Authoritarian Regimes
 Asadzade, Peyman.

Economic Reform, Human Capital and Leadership in Chile, 1930-1980
 Couyoumdjian, Juan. and Larroulet, Cristián.

Economic Resilience and Social Trust in post-Soviet Kazakhstan
 Webb Williams, Nora.

Economic Sanctions and Horizontal Economic Inequality: A Data-Driven Case Study
 Garner, Kristen.

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FEC Divided: Ideological Polarization in Commission Votes Since 1990
 Franz, Michael.

Facebook for News: The Influence of Social Media Use on Objective and Subjective Policy Knowledge
 Britzman, Kylee.

Faces and Phases of Female Empowerment: Women’s Cooperatives in Turkey
 Akyuz, Selin., Cinar, Kursat., Ugur-Cinar, Meral. and Onculer Yayalar, Emine.

Facilitating Communication: Humanitarian Aid in Policy Crises
 Spaniel, William., Bils, Peter. and Smith, Bradley.

Factors Contributing to Students’ Attention to Health Information on Social Media
 Gao, Jingjing.

Factors affecting state attitudes in China-South Korea relations, 1992-2016
 Chung, Alec.

Fail to Coerce: Why the U.S. Fails to Coerce China in the South China Sea
 Yin, Chengzhi.

Failed presidents in Latin America (1980-2016)
 Martinez, Christopher.

Failing Great Expectations: How Local Incentives Undermine Sustainable Energy Transformation in China
 Shen, Shiran.

Failure of the Peruvian Healthcare System: Economic Factors or Policy Inefficiency?
 Banuelos, Leslie.

Failure to Protect: The Child Labor Amendment and the End of the Progressive Era
 Vennard, Ryan.

Fair And Balanced?: The Effect of Media On Perceptions of Government
 Keller, Kurt.

Fair Trade, Protectionism, and the Choice of Where your Purchases Come From: Consumer Consciousness and International Trade in Europe
 Ehrlich, Sean. and Dias, Marielena.

Fairness and Tax Preferences: Evidence from a Conjoint Experiment
 Alvarado, Mariana.

Faith in Conquest: The Politics of Catholic Conversion and Colonialism
 Shirodkar, Aditi.

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Gagne’s Inferno: Testing the Nine Events of Learning
 Padgham, Shanna. and Mitchell, Kristina.

Gaining Ground: The Political Economy of Labor Coercion and Property Rights in Medieval England
 Ahmed, Ali.

Gender Across the Organization: The Interaction of Female Leaders and Managers in the Production of Organizational Policies
 Li, Danyao. and Nicholson-Crotty, Jill.

Gender Cues and Partisan Certainty in Voter Decision-making
 Andersen, David. and Ditonto, Tessa.

Gender Differences in Candidate Reemergence
 Thomsen, Danielle.

Gender Differences in Political Media Coverage: A Meta-Analysis
 van der Pas, Daphne. and Aaldering, Loes.

Gender Differences in Selection and Survival of Western European Jews during the Holocaust
 Welch, Susan.

Gender Dynamics in Prison: The Effect of Gender Representation on Organizational Performance and Accountability
 Holt, Stephen., Johnston, Jocelyn. and Choi, Heasun.

Gender Effects on Member Assignments to Committees in State Legislatures
 Provins, Tessa.

Gender Equality and Anti-Western Terrorism
 Dumas, Jennifer.

Gender Equality and the Family: Compatible or Contradictory?
 Baer, Judith.

Gender Inequality and Female Representative's Participation in Committee Hearings
 Grimmer, Justin., Kaslovsky, Jaclyn. and Ban, Pamela.

Gender Policy Feedback: Perceptions of Sex Equity, Title IX, and Political Mobilization Among College Athletes
 Druckman, Jamie., Rothschild, Jacob. and Sharrow, Elizabeth.

Gender Quotas and Perceptions of Legitimacy
 Snipes, Alex. and Williams, Neil.

Gender Quotas:The Experimental View
 Saha, Sparsha. and Weeks, Ana.

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Hacking the Politics of Administering Elections: Legitimacy and American Elections
 Hale, Kathleen. and Brown, Mitchell.

Haircuts and Turnout: A Field Experiment Testing Barbers' Ability to Increase Political Participation
 Jennings, Jay.

Hands Off My Obamacare: Self-Interest and Symbolic Attitudes in The Health Care Debate
 Reny, Tyler. and Sears, David.

Hannah Arendt, Ivan Turgenev, and the Possibility of Judgment Without Tradition
 Chambers, Chris.

Hannah Arendt's Debt to Rudolph Bultmann
 Josefson, James.

Hannah Arendt's Time Concept: The Temporality of Natality and Political Renewal
 Bermingham, Katherine.

Harmonic World as a Grand Strategy of Chinese Foreign Policy
 Dogan, Fazli.

Harvesting Votes in Different Fields: Campaigning in Central and Eastern Europe in Comparative Perspective
 Cutts, David. and Haughton, Tim.

Has Citizens United Won Elections? The Impact of Super PACs on Congressional Election Outcomes
 Ilderton, Nathan.

Has the Market Liberalization Promoted Chinese People’s levels of Happiness? An Empirical Study with “Bright Spots” Analysis
 Gao, Frank.

He Is a Good Person but a Kurdish!: The Content of Turkish Ethos on the Kurdish Conflict
 Orhan, Yunus.

He Said, But Not How She Said: Analyzing Gender Differences in Executive Rhetoric in the American States
 Guthrie, Samantha.

He Said, She Said: The Effect of Endorser Gender on Candidate Electability
 Hatch, Miranda. and Kreutz, Connor.

Health Insurance, Heart Disease Treatment and the Implications of Health Reform under President Trump
 Allende, Catherine. and Gusmano, Michael.

Healthcare Access Among the Indigenous Communities in the U.S. and Peru
 Shokoya, Elizabeth-Victoria. and Roberts, Lia.

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I Am Not My Brother’s Keeper: The Role of Benevolence in Liberal Theories of Justice
 Melkevik, Åsbjørn.

I hear you loud and clear - and that's the problem
 Busby, Ethan.

I think I know: Survey Experiments on the Role of Self-Perceived Knowledge in the American Public’s Views of Tibet and Related Issues
 Lu, Jie., Cao, Yongrong. and Bao, Le.

ISIS Anashid and the Logic of Imagined Communities
 Wei, Miranda.

I'm a Ratings Machine! Media Coverage and the Celebrity of Donald Trump
 Harvey, Mark.

Ideals, Evaluations and Trust The Consequences of Democratic Ideals and Evaluations for Levels of Political Trust
 Oser, Jennifer. and Hooghe, Marc.

Ideas Matter: Thoughts from the Margins of the Discipline
 Goldford, Dennis.

Ideas and Institutional Change: (De) Concentration of Power in Chile
 Arellano, Juan Carlos. and Martinez, Christopher.

Ideas that Move the Markets: Evidence from ECB Inter-Meeting Speeches in Times of Crisis
 Ferrara, Federico Maria.

Identifying Corruption: How Anti-Corruption Initiatives' Failure to Correctly Identify Corruption Can Worsen Public Goods Provision
 Coyoli, Julia.

Identifying Gaps in Technology Transfer Scholarship that Can Be Filled by Policy Research
 Allard, Grant.

Identifying Legislative Factions: Semi- and Non-Parametric Approaches to Clustering Parliamentary Data
 Goplerud, Max.

Identifying Pools of Republican Women and Inviting Them to Run
 Gimenez, Alejandra., Karpowitz, Christopher., Monson, Quin. and Preece, Jessica.

Identifying Populism in Electoral Manifestos Using Structural Topic Models
 de Paula Castanho e Silva, Bruno.

Identifying an OR ELSE When No One Speaks the Grammar
 Flowers, Jim.

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JFK’s Use of Bill Signing Ceremonies to Cultivate and Harden Support during the 87th Congress
 Evans, Kevin. and Marshall, Bryan.

Jack of all Trades, Master of None: How Jurisdictional Clarity Affects Committee Influence on Agency Behavior
 German, Rachel.

Japan, Canada and Human Security: The Wax and Wane of Human Security as a Norm
 Diaz, David. and Bae, Sangmin.

Japanese Normalization
 Tarr, Paige.

John Locke and Culpability under the Natural Law: Can Those Ignorant of the Natural Law Be Guilty of Breaking It?
 Humphrey, Clifford.

John Stuart Mill’s Aesthetic Model of Deliberative Democracy
 Park, Jin Gon.

Joining Ideological Caucuses in the U.S. Congress: A Survival Strategy
 Hendry, David. and Sin, Gisela.

Journalists Under Threat: Does Economic Anxiety Change the Way Journalists Report About Terrorism and Climate Change?
 Hoffman, Aaron., Jengelley, Dwaine. and Hennes, Erin.

Judges on TV: Using Candidate Dyads to Better Understand Campaign Advertising Content
 Wood, Frederick. and Duff, Jeremy.

Judging with Personality: Traits, Goals, and Dissent Behavior on the U.S. Supreme Court
 Hall, Matthew.

Judgment Formation Strategies and Responsiveness to Corrective Information
 Carnahan, Dustin. and Garrett, R..

Judicial Clauses, Judicial Methodology
 Seitz, Steven.

Judicial Guardians:  Court-Curbing, the Supreme Court, and Judicial Review
 Uribe-McGuire, Alicia. and Hager, Lisa.

Judicial Independence and the Criminalization of Freedom of Expression in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Uganda
 Ellett, Rachel. and Savage, Laura.

Judicial Independence in Authoritarian Regimes: The Contingent Impact of Political Competition
 Aydin Cakir, Aylin.

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Keep Austin Diverse: How District Representation Affects the Agenda of City Council
 Shannon, Brooke. and Jennings, Jay.

Keeping Corporations in My Backyard: Partisan Incentives to Deter Headquarters Relocation
 Yang, Joonseok.

Keeping Friends Close, But Enemies Closer: How Foreign Aid Donors Respond to Natural Disasters
 Cheng, Cindy. and Minhas, Shahryar.

Keeping up with the Joneses?: Evidence on Indirect Mobilization Effects from a Partisan GOTV Experiment in the 2014 European Elections
 Foos, Florian., John, Peter. and Mülller, Christian.

Kenya's Maturing Democracy? Eperiences from the 2013 and 2017 General Elections
 Kivuva, Joshua.

Killing Them With Kindness: The Influence of Parties’ Distributive Strategies on Voters’ Tolerance of Political Graft
 Shehaj, Albana.

Killing me Softly: Suicide in Plato’s Laws, Phaedo, and Apology
 Avramenko, Richard. and Bunn, Philip.

Knowledge and Politics Now: Post-Truth as a Social Practice
 Calles, Jorge.

Knowledge of Selectivity and Support for Immigration in Canada
 Borwein, Sophie. and Donnelly, Michael.

Korematsu v. United States and the Limits of Executive Power: Justice Murphy’s Lesson for Our Time
 Thomas Reneau, Miriel.

Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) and consequences for politics and economics in the region
 Toygar, Alp.

Kurds as New Emerging Actor in the Middle East
 Singh, Ripu.

Kuwait and Her Regional Neighbors: Executive, Legislative and Societal Battles for Women's Rights in the Gulf
 Solomon-Schwartz, Chana.

Kuznets Curve in Energy: Drivers of Transitions to Cleaner Forms of Cooking Energy in Rural India
 Soni, Anmol. and Chatterjee, Anomitro.


LGBT Rights in Latin America: Do New Laws Help or Hinder the Movement?
 Amon, Isabelle. and Chiu, Albert.

Labor Market Dualism and the Insider-Outsider Politics in South Korea
 Kwon, Hyeok.

Labour Market Competition with Immigrants and Far-Right Voting at a Local Level in France
 Bolet, Diane.

Labour Market Participation, Political Ideology and Distributive Preferences
 Miller, Luis.

Lacking Legislative Experience -- the Impact of Changing Justice Backgrounds on Judicial Deference to Government
 Robinson, Robert.

Lakes of Oil: The Impact of Oil on Alliances
 Cohen, Jordan.

Land Inequality, Poor Peasants, and Agricultural Policy: State Responses to Food Crisis in Indonesia and Nigeria
 Arif, Sirojuddin.

Land Reform and the Development of State Capacity on the American Frontier
 Poulos, Jason.

Language and (not) Voting: 2017 Municipal Elections in Montreal
 Anderson, Cameron. and Stephenson, Laura.

Language of the Court: A Conversation Between Majority and Separate Opinions
 Matthews, Abigail.

Latent Scaling of Press Releases and Party Manifestos - Different, Different, but Same?
 Gavras, Konstantin. and Hilpert, David.

Latinas, Religiosity, and Political Engagement
 Holman, Mirya., Silber Mohamed, Heather. and Podrazik, Erica.

Latino Turnout in 2016: Perceptions of Discrimination and Latino Linked Fate
 Cuevas-Molina, Ivelisse.

Latinxs in ‘La Migra’: Why They Join, and Why it Matters in the Age of Trump
 Cortez, David.

Laughing Matters (In More Ways Than One): Understanding the Effects of Political Humor
 Kay, W..

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MISTAKEN OR DISPLACED REVENGE? Anger, Revenge, and US Public Support for the 2003 Iraq War
 Liberman, Peter.

MP Firefighting - When do MPs Hold Government Accountable?
 West, Hallbera.

MP2vec: Scaling British Parliamentary Speech, 1892-1918
 Bronner, Laura.

Machiavelli and the Art of Dictatorship: Lessons from Dystopia
 Faber, Michael.

Machiavelli on the Gracchi reforms
 Ji, Zhiqiang.

Machiavelli on the Vulnerability of Philosophy: Or, the Rhetoric of Machiavelli’s Almost-Silent Treatment
 Lynch, Christopher.

Machiavelli’s Humanity: The Emergency Case for Teaching Christians to be Utterly Wicked
 Pidluzny, Jonathan.

Macroeconomic Shocks, the Impressionable Years, and Attitudes Toward Immigration
 Laaker, Dillon.

Macroeconomics Matter: A Survival Analysis of the Role of Volatility in Intrastate War Onset
 Overton, Kathryn.

Magic Bullet? Cumulative Voting's Effect on Latino Representation
 Mayes, Carly., Krishna, Avesh. and Atsusaka, Yuki.

Maintaining the Farm Programs and Food Stamps Linkage in the Farm Bill: Lessons from the Battle over Welfare Reform
 Bosso, Christopher.

Making America Great Again: System Justification in the U.S. Presidential Election of 2016
 Azevedo, Flávio.

Making Community: How a Neighborhood’s Racial Composition and Design Affect Voting
 LeVan, Carrie.

Making Deliberation Work: Reason-giving and Information Processing
 Ladam, Christina.

Making Order out of Chaos: President Trump’s First Year Judicial Nominees
 Holmes, Lisa. and Monserrate, Mia.

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NATO Force Posture Enhancements and the Russian Reaction
 Chinchilla, Alexandra.

NATO and Populism: The Future of the Western Security Order
 O\'Malley, Patrick.

NGO Best Practices in Mountain Societies: Fostering Development Through Inter-NGO Relationships in Khorog, Tajikistan
 Dholakia, Ashnar.

NGO Network for Migration and Refugee in The Netherlands Prism on Stichting Barka NL: Field Experience
 Atitebi, Babatunde.

NPM Reforms and Employee Organizational Commitment: Findings from a Cross-National Analysis of 20 European Countries
 Suzuki, Kohei. and Hur, Hyunkang.

NPTs and Nuclear Development in India and South Korea
 Kim, Jangho.

Naming, Shaming, and Public Perception: The Defensoria del Pueblo and Human Rights in the Americas
 Moreno, Erika.

Narcissism and Foreign Policy Decision-Making
 Harden, John.

Narrative Construction across Languages: Cultural Context and the Narrative Policy Framework
 Huda, Juhi.

Narrative Construction and the Influence of Policy Benefits and Beneficiaries on Support for Wildfire Management Tools
 Crow, Deserai., DeGolia, Alex., Huda, Juhi., Koebele, Elizabeth., Berggren, John. and Lawhon, Lydia.

Narrative-based Risk Communication: A Lingua Franca for Natural Hazard Messages?
 Raile, Eric., King, Henry., Shanahan, Elizabeth., McEvoy, Jamie., Izurieta, Clemente., Bergmann, Nicolas., French, Kate., Ready, Richard., Reinhold, Ann Marie. and Poole, Geoffrey.

Narratives in the Policy Process: Hurricane Katrina as a Condensation Symbol
 Warnement, Megan.

Nascent Bureaucracies: Sub-national Institutional Building in Mexico
 Ibarra Del Cueto, Juan Fernando., Rogers, Melissa. and Bezares Calderon, Alma.

Nation and Democracy Building: Is Small Beautiful?
 Desta, Teddy Lishan.

National Humiliation Narratives: Origins and Political Success
 Masterson, Michael.

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ODA by India and South Korea
 Kim, Youngwan.

Objective or Subjective Class? The Social Structuration of Class Identities
 Harrits, Gitte. and Stubager, Rune.

Observing Election Incidents in the United States via Twitter: Does Who Observes Matter?
 Mebane, Walter., Pineda, Alejandro., Woods, Logan., Klaver, Joseph., Wu, Patrick. and Miller, Blake.

Occupy the Youth: The Conditioning Effect of Unemployment on Repression
 Smith, Nathaniel.

Oedipus Tyrannus: Man or Monster?
 Zuckert, Catherine.

Of Tirades and Tweets: Public Opinion on President Trump’s Use of Twitter
 Scacco, Joshua., Copeland, Lauren. and Becker, Amy.

Off with Their Heads: The Role of Traditional Chiefs in Social Conflict Across Africa
 Engelsma, Brian.

Officer Involved Shootings and Trust in Government
 Clark, Tom., Glynn, Adam., Owens, Michael. and Zachary, Paul.

Official Disobedience and Fidelity to Conscience:The Case of Kim Davis
 Segers, Mary.

Oil Price Volatility and the Rentier Welfare State: Social Policy Legislation and Spending Procylicality
 Barnett, Carolyn.

Oil, Autocracy and U.S. Public Support for War
 Muradova, Lala. and Gildea, Ross.

Old Times in the New Media: The Social Construction of Democracy in an Accelerated Media Environment
 Lavi, Liron.

On Bilateral Investment Treaty and Host Countries' Environment Security
 Tsai, Chi-ting., Huang, Tung-Kuan. and TANG, CHIH-MAO.

On Levinas and the Welfare State
 Caro, Jason.

On Testing Theories of Constituency Conditions and Political Polarization
 Magazinnik, Asya. and Alexander, Dan.

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Packing Committees in the House: The Strategic Use of Territorial Delegates
 DeHart, Cameron.

Paid Family Leave in the States: Understanding Policy Variation across the United States
 Sholar, Megan. and Krueger, James.

Pakistani Public Opinion and US Drone Strikes
 Nam, Hoshik.

Panem et Circenses: Hard and Soft TV News Coverage in Berlusconi’s Italy
 Vecchiato, Alessandro. and De Angelis, Andrea.

Panic, Punish or Pay No Heed? Promoting Resilience via Measurement of Political Reactions to Cyber Threats
 Colligan, Christopher. and Whyte, Christopher.

Parachuters vs. Climbers: Economic Consequences of Barriers to Political Entry in a Democracy
 Dar, Aaditya.

Parents as Policy Entrepreneurs: Autism Diagnosis and Political Mobilization
 Callaghan, Timothy. and Sylvester, Steven.

Parents, Teachers, and Schools: Test Scores and Perceived Performance of Schools in 72 Countries
 Song, Miyeon., An, Seung-Ho. and Meier, Kenneth.

Parents’ Resources, Parental Financial Assistance, and Black-White Disparities in Higher Education
 Nam, Yunju.

Park Free or Die: The Great North Dakota Parking Meter Debate of 2017
 Jendrysik, Mark. and Harsell, Dana.

Parliamentary Abdication of Responsibility: Can the House of Commons Reassert Its Authority Over the Prime Minister?
 Grundy, Harry.

Parochial Support and Legislative Success
 Vela, Mauricio.

Parsing East Asia’s Foreign Aid Policy-Making for South Asia
 Shin, Sojin.

Parsing the Political: Bureaucratic Influence on Climate Change Policy
 Katz, Juniper.

Partial Effects for Binary Outcome Models with Unobserved Heterogeneity
 Nunez, Lucas.

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Quality Candidates and Primary Elections
 Porter, Rachel. and Treul, Sarah.

Quantifying Indian Riots: Is Newspaper Data Enough?
 O\'Brochta, William. and Parikh, Sunita.

Queer Migrant Movement Formations in Arizona: The Paradoxical Implications of Legal Rights Losses
 Mayo-Adam, Erin.

Questioning Sovereignty: Great Powers and their Near Abroad
 Kayser, Courtney.

Questioning the Effectiveness of Reducing Farm Runoff with State Sponsored Voluntary Market-Based Inducements
 Guehlstorf, Nicholas. and Letterly, Kevin.

Quid Pro Quo? Corporate Returns to Campaign Contributions
 Fowler, Anthony., Garro, Haritz. and Spenkuch, Jorg.


Rabbit Angstrom and John Updike on the Changing Dimensions of American Citizenship During the Post-War Era
 Ramsey, David.

Race and Gender in the Pages of the American Rifleman: Implicit Messaging and the Construction of Gun Rights
 Filindra, Alexandra.

Race and formative voting experiences: Evidence from the 2008 U.S. presidential election
 Brown, Jacob.

Race and the Hidden Welfare State
 Faricy, Christopher.

Race, Class, and the Carceral State: Testing a Theory of Linked Fate in a New Domain
 Anoll, Allison., Engelhardt, Andrew. and Williams-Tuggle, Bryce.

Race, Gender, and Issue Ownership in the 2016 Maryland Democratic Senate Primary: The Reputational Costs of Representing Intersectionality
 King-Meadows, Tyson.

Race, Space, and Representation
 Carroll, Kristen., Maltby, Elizabeth. and Rocha, Rene.

Racial Confidence Gap: Treatment of Blacks and the Impact on Civic Engagment
 Gunn, Jordan.

Racial Diversity and the Changing American Voter
 Lieske, Joel.

Racial Politics and the New Debate over Single Payer Health Care
 Stephan, Lea.

Racial Representation, Socialization and Charter Schools
 Jung, Jihye. and Ronquillo, John.

Racial Segregation in the Largest Brazilian City: The Impact of K-8 School Segregation on the Income Gap between Blacks and Whites.
 Morandi, Eliana., Fernandes, Gustavo. and Francisco, Eduardo.

Racing Extinction: Governance Solutions to Wildlife Trafficking
 Nuzzolese, Anna.

Radical Bodies The Political Biology of the Enlightenment
 Robison, Shea.

Radical Left Parties in Europe: Crises of Social Democracy and Representative Democracy Crossed?
 Arslantas, Senol. and Arslantas, Duzgun.

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SCOTUS Interruptus: Speech Patterns and Opinion Authorship of Female U.S. Supreme Court Justices
 Higgins Merrill, Alison. and Conway, Nicholas.

SNS Use and Online Rights Activism in China: An Instrumentalist Efficacy Pathway
 Yu, Haizhou.

Sacrifice: Self-Denial, Domination, or Both? 
 Scholz, Bettina.

Same Problem, Different Solutions: Stealth Democracy as a Moderator of the Relationship between Populist Attitudes and the Vote for a Populist Party
 Esteban, Irene. and Stiers, Dieter.

Saving Emile from History? - Savages, Solitude and Society in the Second Discourse and Emile
 Higa, Jessica.

Say Goodbye to the Good Old Days: Anti-corruption Campaign, Uncertainty and Firm Performance in China
 Wang, Xiaonan. and Wang, Yan.

Scaling the Founding: Identifying Latent Dimensions in the American Colonial Constitutions
 Abramson, Scott., Barber, Michael. and Pope, Jeremy.

Scandiracy: How Interacting Scandals and Conspiratorial Framing Shapes Voters' Behavior
 Invernizzi, Giovanna. and Mohamed, Ahmed Ezzeldin.

School Attendance Zone Gerrymandering and Income Segregation Across Schools
 Bryant, Kathleen.

School Choice and Charter School Policy Advocacy in East Nashville
 Blissett, Richard.

School Nutrition Programs and Academic Outcomes: A Comparative Assessment of Food Quality and Student Achievement within D.C. Public Schools
 Johnston, Jocelyn. and Takacs, Rich.

Science and Collaborative Watershed Partnerships: Who, What, When, and How
 Thomas, Craig., Koontz, Tomas. and Sell, Austin.

Scientific Assessment, Public Perceptions and City Administrators' Judgments of Climate Risks in Two Urban Centers of Alabama
 Shao, Wanyun., Xian, Siyuan. and Keim, Barry.

Scope of Conflict, Risk Perceptions, and River Restoration: Does the Expansion of the Scope of Conflict Reinforce or Remove Group Biases?
 Parnin, Kayla.

Scratching Backs: A Network Analysis of Legislative Co-sponsorship Patterns in Colombia. Electoral Rules and Legislative Behavior in Fluid Party Systems
 Rodriguez-Raga, Juan Carlos. and Botero, Felipe.

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THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT AND AMERICAN POLITICAL TRADITIONS: Mapping Three Competing Views of Government Instantiated in Health Reform
 Brandon, Bill.

 Hweio, Haala.

TIF Funding and Chicago Public Schools: Where's the Accountability and Transparency?
 Powell-Young, Darry.

Take Back the Tweet: Interactivity and Reach of Anti-Gender Based Violence Social Media Campaigns
 Stabile, Bonnie., Purohit, Hemant. and Grant, Aubrey.

Taking Advantage of Limited Opportunities: Female Candidate Emergence in Congressional Elections
 Geras, Matthew., Rhinehart, Sarina. and Hayden, Jessica.

Taking Care of Business? Asian Security Networks in Kenya
 Raddatz, Rosalind.

Taking Issue with Politics: Which Parties Politicize Democracy and the Political System in European National Election Campaigns?
 Gessler, Theresa.

Taking My Ball and Starting a New Home: County Secession Movements and the Politics of Attention
 Kelly, Thomas.

Taking Official Positions: How Public Policy Preferences Influence the Platforms of Parties in the United States
 Benefiel, Charlana. and Williams, Christopher.

Taking Refuge in India: Case of African Refugees
 Verma, Shaivya.

Taking Stock of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA): A Conceptual Framework for Assessing NEPA’s Effectiveness
 Baldwin, Elizabeth., Emerson, Kirk. and Lopez-Hoffman, Laura.

Taking the Constitution Seriously: Shifting Liberal and Conservative Policy Frames
 Harris, Richard.

Taking the Lead: Role Differentiation in California’s Collaborative Water Governance Program
 Cain, Bruce., Gerber, Elisabeth. and Hui, Iris.

Talking Brexit: MP-Constituency Communication in the UK House of Commons
 Foos, Florian.

Taming Local Agents in a Non-democratic State: Experimental Evidence from China
 Cheng, Chao-yo., Lin, Tao. and Yang, Feng.

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U Shaped Authority: The Influence of Local Economic Development on Attitudes Towards Authority in China
 Lyu, Shupeng.

U.S Military Aid - A Double-Edged Sword?
 Jadoon, Amira.

U.S. Congressional Legislations about Taiwan: Their Supporters’ Characteristics, Issues, and Passage.
 Yang, Kuang-shun.

U.S. Disengagement from Caspian Oil: The Case of Azerbaijan
 Bashirov, Galib.

U.S. Foreign Policy on China’s Man-made Atolls in the South China Sea
 McDougal, Eddie.

U.S. Grand Strategy and the Problem of International Order
 Lieber, Robert.

U.S. Leadership and the Future of the Liberal International Order
 Auger, Vincent.

U.S. Policy and the Israeli-Palestinian “Peace Process”
 Mohamad, Husam.

U.S. Public Support for Restricting the Choices of the Poor
 Zigerell, L. J..

U.S. Trade Policy Disputes with China: The Influences of National Security Interests, Economic Interests, and the International Trade Regime on U.S. Trade Policy
 Gentry, Mark.

 Koyuncu, Berrin. and Özman, Aylin.

US Middle Power Relations and the Asia Pivot
 Stephens, Ian.

UnPresidented: The 2016 Election and the Rise of Populism
 Jones, Sydney.

Unbiased Estimation and Sensitivity Analysis for Network-Specific Spillover Effects: Application to An Online Network Experiment
 Egami, Naoki.

Uncovering Authoritarian Hierarchies Using Career Paths and Network Measures
 Keller, Franziska.

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Values, Process, and Ideology: The Roots of Citizen Preferences for Local Privatization
 Dawkins, Ryan.

Vanguards of Globalization: A Portrait of Firms in America's Pro-Trade Coalition
 Osgood, Iain.

Variations in Power Dynamics across Patron-Client Relationships. A Conceptualisation of Patron States’ Influences on Unrecognised States
 Spanke, Till.

Variations of Fear: Understanding The Liberalism of Fear in Anti-Colonial Settings
 Luo, Simon.

Varieties of Participatory Institutions in Latin America
 Mayka, Lindsay.

Varieties of Tax Structure: The Legacies of Developmental State in East Asia
 Park, Hyeon Seok.

Venue Shopping in International Organizations: Persuasion and Institutional Design
 Awad, Emiel.

Verifying Voter Registration Records
 Amos, Brian., Martinez, Michael., McDonald, Michael., Shino, Enrijeta. and Smith, Daniel.

Vertical Policy Diffusion: Thresholds, Coercion, or Borrowing Strength?
 Hatch, Megan., Mead, Joseph. and Tighe, J. Rosie.

Vetoes and Votes: Democratic Institutional Effects on Protest
 Goff, Sean.

Victim Discounting: A Study of Police Shootings and Racial Resentment
 Goodwin, Alexander.

Victims of Their Own Success?: Explaining the Lack of Microcredit Offerings in Costa Rica
 Ahnen, Ronald.

Victims or Accomplices: How Corruption Leads to Different Outcomes by Who Losers Are
 Kim, Jaerin.

Victory at all Costs: Understanding Absolute War Outcomes
 Crisher, Brian.

Violence and Participation at the Turn of the Century
 Dew, Rebecca.

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Wage-Setting Institutions and Wage Inequality in the OECD: An Examination of the Effects of Liberalization of Wage-Setting Institutions and Membership in the EU and EMU on Wage Inequality
 Hudson, Jennifer L..

Wait, Did a Woman Just Use Force?; The Influence of Female Legislative Coalitions on Humanitarian Military Interventions
 Muster, Danielle.

Waiting to Win, Choosing to Lose: How Electoral Competition Influences Policy Change
 Crosson, Jesse.

Walk the Line: Path Dependency and Legislative Process-Separation of Powers Cases
 Brough, Christopher.

Walking in Your Neighbor's Steps: Neighbor Emulation As Simplistic Learning
 Davis, Nicholas.

Walter Lippmann and the Limits of Progressive Political Economy
 Schmidt, Eric.

War Reporting: Violence Against Journalists During Civil War
 Burch, Michael. and Streilein, Madeline.

War and Rumors of War, Do Improvements in Space Technologies Bring Space Conflict Closer?
 Handberg, Roger.

War on a Sunspot
 Carroll, Robert.

Warmongering Words: Interrogating Uses of Political Rhetoric In Speeches and Documents That Incited (and Regretted) The Invasion Of Iraq
 Saheb, Zahraa.

Warren Harding and Presidential Leadership: The 1920s Economic Boom and the Politics of Normalcy
 Taylor, Zak.

Wartime and Political Engagement: Analyzing the Influence of Conflict on Voter Turnout in Developed Western Democracies,1910-2010
 DeVito, Coby. and Simmons, Noah.

Washington, Jefferson, and Madison: Early Debates Over War Powers
 Burns, Sarah.

Water Use Preferences and the Perception of Risk
 Sondag, Ashley.

Water from the Spider’s Web: Has the UN-Water Network Met its Goals?
 Benes, Maria.

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Xi Jinping’s Economic Statecraft Initiative and China-Latin American Relations
 Teng, Chung-Chian.

Xi Jinping’s Propaganda War about China-India Conflicts during the Border Military Standoff in 2017: The Content Analysis of “Focus Today”
 Lu, Yu-Nu.


Ya Dijimos No: The Ghosts of Pinochetista Policy in Modern Chile
 Montgomery, John.

You Can’t Always Get What You Want: How Majority-Party Agenda-Setting and Ignored Alternatives Shape Public Attitudes
 Paris, Celia. and Harbridge Yong, Laurel.

You Don't Enter the Media Business to get Rich: How a Change in the Political Orientation of a Newspaper Affects Voting Behavior in Immigration Referendums
 Spirig, Judith.

You Don’t Call Anymore: Comparisons Between Web-based and Phone-based Data Collection Outcomes
 Chutkow, Dawn. and Heise, Michael.

You Must Spoil Before You Spin
 Popova, Valeriia.

You Reap What You Sow: Inequality and Commodity Production in Latin America
 Petrova, Bilyana.

You Still Live There: Limitations of the Social Welfare Policy
 Wilson, Meghan.

You Will Not Replace Us: White Backlash to Minority Inclusion in Popular Fiction
 Avant, Denzel. and Gubitz, Samuel.

Young Canadian’s Attitudes about Women in Federal Government: Evidence from Experiments in Alberta and Quebec
 Thomas, Melanee.

Your Motivated Reasoning, Not Mine
 Nelson, Thomas. and Clarke, Erik.

Youth Nationalism in Japan during the Lost Decades
 Wu, Zeying.

Youth Social Movement and Civil Society
 Natil, Ibrahim.

Youth Violence: An Alternative Explanation to Homegrown Terrorism
 Floyd, Kathryn.

Youth Voter Turnout and Pedagogy
 Schenk, Marie.

You’re So Vain: Attorneys’ Use of Brief Citations to Appeal to the Pivotal Justice
 Lane, Elizabeth. and Schoenherr, Jessica.

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