MWERA Annual Meeting 2010-Oct-13 to 2010-Oct-17

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"Stage Fright": How teacher educators can effectively teach Piaget's cognitive theory of development
 Noll, Rachel. and Kinne, Lenore.

"Tech"-nically Shy: Using Technology to Help Students with Different Types of Shyness
 Rausch, John., Bishop, Haley., Goodhue, Katie. and Cain, Katrice.

"Working the Hyphen" in Qualitative Research
 Ziswiler, Korrin., Ferris, Rick. and Place, A. William.

“Principal License Completers (PLCs): Preparation and Career Aspirations”
 Cook, Larry.


A Case for Place-Based Education for In-Service Educators
 Fleming, Louise.

A Case of Special Education Teacher Reported Support
 Vuchak, Kathryn.

A Climate Analysis from a Large, Urban Middle School: Contextual Factors Matter
 Walker, David.

A Comparative Study of Principal Turnover in Union and Non-Unionized School Districts in Ohio
 Hawthorne-Clay, Suszanne.

A Comparative Study on the Impact of Google Earth and Maps or Atlas on Student Learning
 Thankachan, Briju.

A Comparison of Two Learning Community Models
 Kraft, Lori.

A Monte Carlo Study of Several Alpha-Adjustment Procedures Used in Testing Multiple Hypotheses in Factorial Anova
 An, Qian. and Brooks, Gordon.

A Multi-level Model Approach to Investigating Factors Impacting Science Achievement for Secondary School Students – PISA Hong Kong Sample
 Sun, Letao. and Bradley, Kelly.

A Multilevel Meta-Analysis of the Effectiveness of Collaborative Learning in Undergraduate STEM Labs
 Kalaian, Sema. and Kasim, Rafa.

A Rasch Measurement Approach to Analyzing Differences in Pencil-and-Paper and Online Formats for Higher Education Course Evaluations
 Sweeney, Leslie., Bradley, Kelly. and Akers, Kathryn.

A Rasch Modeling Analysis of an Attitudinal Questionnaire
 Zhao, Jing., Li, Jian. and Shang, Wenpeng.

A Teacher Leader Pilot Program Becomes Reality: What Have We Learned and So What?
 Stauffer, Marlissa., Hohenbrink, JoAnn. and Zigler, Ted.

Advancing Change through Three New Models
 Issah, Mohammed., Neiderhouse, Nick., Schumacher, Ron. and Zimmerman, Judith.

Advancing Organizational Change: An Outlook for the Rest of the 21st Century
 Givens, Matt., Jackson, Joyce., Sarver, Marsha. and Zimmerman, Judith.

Alone in My Little Rowboat: Teachers’ Readings of a School’s Unhealthy Relational Contexts and the Pedagogical Consequences of Disconnection
 Stieha, Vicki. and Raider-Roth, Miriam.

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Barriers to Education for Non-Traditional Teachers: A Head Start Sample
 Allen, Amy., Slutsky, Ruslan., Richard, Cynthia. and Elting-Kotlarczyk, Michelle.

Blended Learning Environments in Higher Education: How Do Professors Make It Happen?
 King, Sarah. and Cerrone Arnold, Katie.

Building Relationships and Approving Student Achievement through Multi-Year Education
 Cuspard, Donica.


Can Caring and Cultural Relevance Coexist in Urban Education?
 Love, Bettina. and Tosolt, Brandelyn.

Capstone Course Revisited
 Herrelko, Janet. and Bowman, Connie.

Changing National Profile of School District Superintendents
 Kowalski, Theodore.

Collaboration Makes the Curriculum Count: Co-Teaching and Youth Participatory Action Research in ESL Inclusion
 Cooper, Adam.

College Students’ Alcohol Expectancies: A Construct Validation Study
 Derby, Dustin.

Community Collaboration and Education Reform
 Hall, Marva.

Comparing Classroom Assessment and Standardized Test Preparation
 Kowalski, Monica. and Marietta-Brown, Ashley.

Comparison of Multiple Ratings on Bullying for Students with Behavioral Disorders
 Cho, Jeong-il.

Cooperative Learning: Myths and Realities
 Ghaffari, Masoud.

Critical Discourse Analysis: Interplay of Discourses (D / D1) as Urban and Suburban Elementary Students Learn Science
 Mendoza, Carmen (Karin).

Critical Thinking in the Disciplines
 Nicholas, Mark.


DIBELS Oral Reading Fluency and ISAT Reading: How Well Does One Predict the Other?
 Laben, Joyce. and Collins, Vicki.

Developing a Framework to Identify Constructs to Measure Cross-Cultural Competence in Medicine
 Gates, Madison. and Bradley, Kelly.

Developing a Professional Development Program for Continuous School Improvement
 Murray, John.

Development and Psychometric Evaluation of the Independent School Teacher Development Inventory
 Murray, John.

Differences within Female Education Majors on Risk Taking
 Beziat, Tara., Issacson, Randy. and Was, Christopher.

Dispositions Ambassadors: Supporting Initial Certification Candidates’ Development of Dispositions for Teaching
 Walker, David.


Education Issues and Developments in the Eisenhower Era
 Johanningmeier, Erwin V.

Educational Supporting as Social Capital, School Climate and Achievement: The Case of South Korea
 Lee, Hyunchul.

Electronic vs. Traditional Text and Student Perception
 Young, Andrew.

Enhancing Critical Literacy with an Integrated Curriculum
 Bender-Slack, Delane. and Miller, Angela.

Evaluation of Arguments for Deregulating the State Licensing of School Principals
 Kowalski, Theodore.

Examining College Satisfaction among Students of Color at U.S. Colleges and Universities
 Stewart, Dafina. and Earley, Mark.

Examining Pre-Service Interns’ Perceptions of Their Mentor Teachers: A Critical Component of Establishing Professional Development Schools
 Alexander, Sashelle.

Exploration of the Influence of Goal Orientation and Self-Regulated Learning Strategies in Chinese Students’ National College Entrance Test (NCET) Scores
 Li, Shuting., Li, Ting. and Wang, Aimin.

Exploration of the Influence of Major Selection and Study Motivation on Academic Achievement
 Hu, Yuanshan., Li, Ting. and Wang, Aimin.

Exploring Graduate Students’ Formative Exam-Taking Strategies in an Online Course
 Klecker, Beverly.

Exploring Pre-Service Teachers' Self-Efficacy Beliefs
 Polydore, Catherine. and Lucas, Stephen.

Exploring the Construct Validity of Student Engagement Scales: A Confirmatory Factor Analysis
 Huang, Sui.

Exploring the Intersection of Content and Pedagogical Knowledge in Biology Teaching Assistants
 Hollingsworth, Amy.

Exploring the Linkage between Student Engagement and Student Performance: An Ordinal Logistic Regression Study
 Huang, Sui.


Faculty’s Perceptions of Students’ Characteristics: A for Effort Please
 Stevens, Sharon. and Miretzky, Deb.

Fostering Identity of the Marginalized: Lessons Learned through Duoethnography
 Olive, James.


Generative Teaching for Higher Level Learning: A Study of Effectiveness
 Stuckey-Mickell, Tracey.

Goodness-of-Fit Tests in Quantile Regression Compared to Ordinary Least Squares: An Empirical Examination
 Ren, Weijia., O\'Connell, Ann., Loadman, William. and Moore, Raeal.


High School Teacher-Coach vs. Teacher Non-Coach Perceptions on Student Athletes
 Brown, Alec.


Impact of Newton’s Universe Materials on Middle School Teacher and Student Understanding of Physical Science
 Bradshaw, Timothy., Cunningham, Jessica., Osborn, Jeffrey. and Bradley, Kelly.

Implementation and Improvement of the Teacher Education Core: A Reflection of Lessons Learned
 Kline, Lynn., Vakil, Shernavaz., Mudrey-Camino, Renee., Welton, Evonn., Oswald, Ruth., Li, Huey-li., Herrington, Karen., McElfresh, Rebecca. and Lauzon, Glenn.

Individual Growth Analysis of Children's Reading Performance during the First Years of School
 Giraldo-Garcia, Regina.

Internationally Benchmarking a State’s Science Standards and Assessments: A Survey of Enacted Curriculum (SEC) Perspective
 Woolard, J..

Intersections Between Essentialism and the U.S. Government: 1958-2010
 Kessinger, Ph.D., Thomas A..

Investigating Engineering Educators' Views on the Use of Instructional Technology
 Nicholas, John.


Kentucky's Teacher Quality Measures and Fourth-Grade Reading Achievement: A Secondary Analysis of 2002-2009 NAEP Data
 Klecker, Beverly.


Like Being at a New School: Students’ Lived Experience in a Turnaround School
 Olson, Jennifer.

Linear Mixed Models for Assessing Longitudinal Mediation
 Beasley, T..


Mathematics Progression: A Longitudinal Analysis of K-5th Grade Mathematics Performance
 Meshack, Enock. and Roy, Mamta.

Measures of Readiness Skills for Use with Spanish Speaking Pre-School Children
 Palermo, Luilia. and Campbell, Cynthia.

Measuring Incidence and Factors Associated with Domestic Violence on African American Women: A Cultural Competence Framework
 Collett, Deshana. and Bradley, Kelly.

Measuring Progress toward Understanding LGBTQ Issues in Education
 Larrabee, Timothy. and Tosolt, Brandelyn.

Measuring the External Factors Related to Young Alumni Giving to Higher Education
 Akers, Kathryn. and McDearmon, James.

Mentoring Across Contexts: A Comparison of Entry Year, Student Teaching, and Early Field Experiences
 Henning, John., Gut, Dianne., Beam, Pamela., Cochran, Deborah. and Knight, Rhonda.

Mentoring Indiana Special Area Teachers: We Must Improve
 Townsend, Robert., Freemyer, James. and Bush, Ella.

Methods for Adjusting Assessment Scores in the Classroom
 Large, Joseph. and Campbell, Cynthia.

Missing Data Diagnostic Procedures and Multiple Imputation Using R
 Xu, Deyu.

Missing Data Diagnostic Procedures and Multiple Imputation Using SPSS
 Yang, Weiyu.

Missing Data Diagnostic Procedures and Multiple Imputation Using Stata: Comparing Results with SPSS
 Crumbacher, Christine.

Modeling Generativity and Social Capital as Factors in Parent Involvement
 Stevens, Sharon. and Patel, Nimisha.

Moving Policy towards Place Based Education in Ghana: Discourse Analyses of Artistic Forms and Indigenous Knowledge Systems
 Godwyll, Francis. and Wilson, Alex.

Multilevel Meta-Analysis Study of the Effectiveness of Active Small-Group Learning in College Science Classes
 Kasim, Rafa.

Multilevel Outlier Analysis
 Holt, Janet.


Observing the Language Arts: Theory to Practice
 Young, Teresa. and Bender-Slack, Delane.

On the Problematic of Critique in Critical Literacy
 Lee, Cheu-jey.

Operationalizing and Measuring Role-Identity and Charitable Giving Behaviors of College and University Alumni: The Instrumentation Process
 McDearmon, James. and Bradley, Kelly.

Organizational Culture and Change
 Bodnarik, Tim.


Parental Influence on Minority Students’ Achievement: Using the Social Capital Framework
 Wei, Dan., Napolitano, Roseann. and Campbell, James.

Peer Mentoring in Education: Preparing for Teaching and Learning
 Chorba, Kristen., Morrison, Anne., Rothermel, Ashley. and Wylie, Michael.

Perceptions of a Sixth Grade Mathematics Class in Regards to Cooperative Learning Classroom Strategies
 Allen, Debra.

Place-Based Math Education Across Cases: The Phenomenon at Seven Rural Sites
 Howley, Craig., Howley, Aimee., Klein, Robert., Johnson, Jerry., Showalter, Daniel. and Howley, Marged.

Pre-Service Teachers’ Beliefs about Heritage Language Maintenance
 Ribeiro, Marjurie.

Professional Development in U.S. Independent Schools: Past, Present, and Future
 Murray, John.

Professors' Emotional Regulation: Facing the Challenges of a Shared Governance Model
 Mudrey-Camino, Renee. and McElfresh, Rebecca.


Q Methodology as a Tool for Program Assessment and Decision-Making
 Ramlo, Susan.


Reading with “Young Money” and “J.R.”: A Closer Look at a Small Group Intervention
 Lehman, Margaret.

Reflective Dialog Journals: A Tool for Developing Professional Competence in Novice Teachers
 Gut, Dianne., Beam, Pamela., Burgess, Larry. and Wan, Guofang.

Regional Differences in Faculty Salaries: Does Faculty Rank Matter?
 Pant, Mohan. and Lamsal, Sunil.

Relationship between Success on the Praxis II Principles of Learning and Teaching and Education Transfer Assurance Guide (TAG) Courses
 Herrington, Karen. and Mudrey-Camino, Renee.

Relationships in Teaching: Reflecting on Thinking and Learning in a Peer Mentoring Project
 Chorba, Kristen., Morrison, Anne., Brown, Michael. and Brown, Kallie.

Reluctant Girl Writers
 Chai, Hannah.

Research on Children and Policy Formation: The White House Conferences on Children and Youth, 1909-1970
 Richardson, Theresa.

Retention Challenges and Success of a New Student Group on Campus
 Razek, Nasser. and Coyner, Sandra.


SAS Procedures for Handling Missing Data
 Barcikowski, Robert.

School, Community, Family, and Individual Risks Leading to Depression among African-American Adolescents
 Cain, Katrice. and Rausch, John.

Self-Handicapping among Teacher Leaders
 Miura, Yoko., Hambright, Grant., Franco, Suzanne., Roby, Douglas. and Diamantes, Thomas.

Social Media Guidelines and the Gaze
 Angelone, Lauren.

Some Determinants of Knowledge Sharing in a Community of Practice
 Titi Amayah, Angela.

Standards-Based Grading and Reporting: A Holistic Perspective
 Schaff, Catherine.

Starting Young to Leave No Child Behind: An Assessment of Learning Pre-requisites of First Graders in Selected Ghanaian Grade Schools
 Godwyll, Francis.


Teacher Candidates’ Beliefs about Volunteerism as They Relate to Service Learning
 George, Anne. and Korenman, Tamara.

Teacher Collaboration: Meeting Student Needs along the Continuum of Learning
 Leatherman, Jane. and Bangel, Nancy.

Teachers' Perceptions of Innovations in Teaching
 Henning, John., Rice, Linda., Weade, Ginger., Dani, Danielle. and McKeny, Timothy.

Teachers' Self-Efficacy and Outcome Expectancy for Science Teaching Resulting from a Professional Development Program
 Cripe, Kathleen.

Technology Choices of Pre-Service Elementary Teachers while Planning for Mathematics Instruction
 Johnston, Christopher.

Testing and Refining a Conceptual Framework of Expert Noticing Ability for Literacy Instruction
 Gibson, Sharan.

The Difference in Self-Regulation among GED Students, High School Students and College Students
 Li, Zhan., Li, Ting. and Wang, Aimin.

The Effects of Attrition in Longitudinal Randomized Designs
 Lewis, Marsha.

The Kentucky Education Reform Act: Is Kentucky Better off 20 Years Later?
 Noll, Rachel.

The Longitudinal Study on Academic Achievement of Asian Youth: The Case of South Korea
 Lee, Hyunchul.

The Other Parent: Building Relationships and Approving Student Achievement through Multi-Year Education
 Cuspard, Donica.

The Relationship between Teacher Characteristics and Student Outcomes in Urban High Schools
 Murray, John.

The Role of Personality in Argument Evaluation
 Oyer, Brenda., Gillespie, Michael. and Fasko, Daniel.

The Role of School Leadership in Students’ Achievement in Mathematics in Kenya
 Mwangi, Renson., Perelli, Sheri. and Lingham, Tony.

Thinking about the Earth, Sun and Moon: Urban Second Graders as Investigators
 Isik-Ercan, Zeynep.

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Understanding Math and Reading Achievement through Motivational and Contextual Variables in the Early Childhood Longitudinal Survey (ECLS-K).
 Kelly, Shirley.

Understanding Motivators and Barriers in the Presence of Enhanced Support of First-Generation College Students and Their Quest for Higher Education
 Malone, Dana., Knutson, Nichole. and Bradley, Kelly.

Understanding of International Graduate Students’ Academic Adaptation to a U.S. Graduate School
 Zhou, Yuchun.

Using Rasch Measurement to Evaluate Survey Quality: Evaluating Student College Choice
 Chaffer Schroeder, Kim.

Using an Assessment Center to Evaluate the Effectiveness of a College Curriculum
 Torppa, Cynthia.


Validating Measures of Self Control via Rasch Measurement
 Hasford, Jonathan. and Bradley, Kelly.

Viewing against the Literature: The Portrayal of African American College Presidents of Historically Black Colleges and Universities in Mainstream Film
 Boyce, Travis.


Where the Boys Are, Mathematically Speaking
 Nelson, Van.

Will Students Minimize Absences to be Exempt from Finals?
 Picchi, Rebecca. and Campbell, Cynthia.

Women in Higher Education: Challenges, Triumphs, and Steel Ceilings
 Lennex, Lesia., Murphy, Nikita. and Jones, Brianna.

Working with Bilingual Families with Language-Delayed Children
 Lin, Cindy.
MWERA Annual Meeting 2010-Oct-13 to 2010-Oct-17
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