MWERA Annual Meeting 2011-Oct-12 to 2011-Oct-16

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'Educated' Teachers of Reading: Preparing Pre-service Teachers to be Effective Teachers of Reading through Service-learning
 Soboleski, Penny.

“Please stop whipping me!” Examining critical literacy, race and racism within the writer’s workshop
 Husband, Terry.


A Meta-Analytic Study to Examine the Effectiveness of Cooperative Learning in Science College Classes
 Kasim, Rafa. and Kalaian, Sema.

A Metaphor Analysis Study on Sixth Grade Students’ and Their Teacher’s Conceptualization of Writing
 Chai, Hannah.

A Mixed Method Examination of Beginning Teacher Induction and Mentoring Programs in Rural Schools
 Wilkins, Elizabeth.

An Examination of Goodness-of-Fit Indices used in Ordinal Regression
 Smith, Thomas. and McKenna, Cornelius.

An IRT Analysis of the Strengths Self-Efficacy Scale (SSES) –Assessing Item Characteristics
 Tsai, Chia-Lin., Tang, Nai-En., Flores, Lisa., Chaichanasakul, Adipat. and Zhao, Ran.

An attempt to operationalize culture in healthcare: An analytical literature review
 Collett, DeShana.

An investigation of the effects of technology on mathematics achievement for high school using the United States' PISA sample
 Akers, Kathryn. and Akers, David.

Applying the Rasch Model to Students’ Perceptions of Leadership Abilities
 Thomas, Lauren.

Applying the Rasch model to explore new college sorority and fraternity members' perceptions of hazing behavior
 Knutson, Nichole., Akers, Kathryn., Ellis, Christopher. and Bradley, Kelly.

Applying the Rasch model to measure engineering students perceptions' of instructional techniques for least and most favored courses
 Bradley, Kelly., Akers, Kathryn. and Swan, Gerry.

Are Mobile Schools the Panacea to the Challenges of Nomadic Education?
 Godwyll, Francis. and Gure, Abdifarhan.

Are We Preparing a Well-Educated Early Field Experience Student?
 Thompson, Susan.


Behavioral Consequences of Alcohol: An Investigation of Factorial Invariance Across Gender
 Derby, Dustin. and Smith, Thomas.

bornlearning™ Academy: Parent Education and Kindergarten Readiness
 Harte, Helene. and Gilbert, Jaesook.


Chess and the Development of Emotional Intelligence of Young Players
 Korenman, Tamara. and Korenman, Mikhail.

Chinese and American Parents’ beliefs of Students’ School Purpose
 Li, Wenshu.

Collaborative Practice in a Secondary Education Pedagogy Class: An Action Research Inquiry
 Tinnerman, Larry.

College Seniors Attitudes Toward the First Year Experience Program They Completed as Freshmen
 Daytner, Katrina., Baker-Sperry, Lori. and Dallinger, Judith.

Communication for Eradicating Poverty in the Developing World
 Agunga, Robert.

Comparing The Effectiveness Of Modified Likert Scale Format (Wang) With Modified Harter’S Structured Alternative Format (Wang) With 4- And 6-Category Among Chinese Elementary And Secondary School Students
 Li, Yue., Han, Han. and Wang, Aimin.

Comparison of Outlier Treatment Techniques
 Xu, Deyu., Liao, Hongjing., Johanson, George. and Brooks, Gordon.

Constructing a measure to determine potential impacts of instructors' first-time online instruction on technology usage for face-to-face instruction
 Arrowsmith, Heather. and Bradley, Kelly.

Creating a Professional Learning Community for Preparing Pre-service Teachers to Integrate Technology
 Luetkehans, Lara. and Hunt, Rebecca.

Current Issues in the Publication Process: Perspectives from an Editorial Board
 Pryor, Caroline. and Brown, Kathleen.


Deciding to Teach and the Development of Perceived Competence and Teacher Efficacy Among Teacher Candidates
 Daytner, Gary.

Designing School Websites: A Heads-up for Administrators
 Glick, Marilyn. and Grabner-Hagen, Melissa.

Dimensions of Alumni Role Identity and the Relationship to Institutional Support Behaviors
 McDearmon, James.

Discipline Occurences for Students with Disabilities
 Leone, Suzanna.

Diversity Management in Middle-Eastern and African contexts: A literature review
 Titi Amayah, Angela.


Effectiveness of Small-Group Learning in Statistics and Research Methods College Classes: A Multilevel Meta-Analysis Approach
 Kalaian, Sema. and Kasim, Rafa.

Engineering Students’ Attitudes Towards Mathematics
 Voyles, Elora.

Enhancing science fiction writing pedagogy: Blogs and wikis for peer collaboration
 Kelly, Ryan.

Estimation of Measurement Precision: Multiple Perspectives
 Dimitrov, Dimiter.

Exploring the First Year Experience for Students who Completed a Summer Transition Program: A Qualitative Investigation
 Rivera, Nicole.


Facilitating Professional Preparation in Higher Education Through Volunteerism
 George, Anne. and Korenman, Tamara.

Faculty Support for and Experiences with Three Normative Characteristics of Effective Teaching Evaluations
 Kowalski, Theodore., Dunn, Maura., Hurtado, DeAnn. and McCue, Lesley.


Healing as a Form of Education: The Case of the 2011 Earthquake, Northeast Japan
 Tanaka, Aki.

How (and Why) Has the Federal Government Interpreted Education? A Review of Three Important Educational Actions
 Kessinger, Thomas.


Inclusion: Differences in Theory and Practice
 Leone, Suzanna.

Individual Differences and Language Education: Socio-cultural Influences and Pedagogical Implications
 Kang, Seong-Yoon.

Influence Of Significant Others on Academic Self-Perception
 He, Ya., Zhang, Ji., Han, Han. and Wang, Aimin.

Influences on Grading
 Stevens, Sharon. and Miretzky, Deborah.


Looking for Research Opportunities in Small Sample Equating
 Yang, Weiyu. and Johanson, George.


Making Sense of Ethical Resolutions for Educational Leaders in the Post NCLB Era
 Li, Ting. and Wang, Aimin.

Maximizing Cognitive Change: Defining developmental language leading to best practices for peer education
 Gatsos, David.

Measuring Students' Affective Characteristics in Research Methods Courses
 Earley, Mark.

Mixed-Method Study: Illinois Secondary and Postsecondary Faculty Expectations and Perceptions of College Readiness for Writing
 Brown, Karen.

Myths about Critical Literacy: What Teachers Need to Unlearn
 Lee, Cheu-jey.


National Board Certified Teachers and the Cognitive Engagement of High School Science Students
 Zaleski, Diana.


On the Optimal Number of Response Categories for an Attitude Scale: An Alternative Reading of the Research Literature
 Price, Emily. and Johanson, George.


Parental Sources of Perceived Reading Efficacy: Foundations of Successful Academic Performance Across Grade Levels
 Stuckey, Angeline.

Place and community based education: Girls’ Participation in Formal Education in Teshie Community in Ledzekuku-Krowor Municipality
 Annor, Grace.

Predictive Validity of Reading Fluency Performance Level and Growth with Reading Achievement
 Holt, Janet. and Collins, Vicki.

Proactive identification of academic difficulty of undergraduates – A survey to measure the non-cognitive variables
 Sandberg, Curtis. and Bradley, Kelly.

Professional Codes of Ethics: Reconciling the Inspirational and Personal with the Practical and Professional.
 Magiste, Edward.

Promoting Student Achievement through Integrated Literacy Instruction
 Walker, David.


Re-Examining Treatment Effects for Single Case ABAB Designs through Sensitivity Analyses
 Crumbacher, Christine.

Relationships of College Chemistry Self-Efficacy and Demographic Variables
 Barrow, Lloyd. and Puckett, James.

Response to Intervention: A Program Evaluation
 Raz, Amy.

Results from a Science and Mathematics Integration Professional Development Program For Middle School Teachers
 Cripe, Kathleen. and Lovelace-Cameron, Sherri.


Scaffolding Preservice Teachers’ Classroom Observations: A Programatic Approach
 Bender-Slack, Delane. and Young, Teresa.

Science achievement trajectories from third through eighth grade
 Kafkas, Stephen.

Seeing Double in College: Utilizing Chickering’s Student Development Theory to study twins in college together
 Spudich, Dimana.

Seeking Evidence of Global Competence within Doctorate Degrees of Educational Leadership
 Leavitt, Lynda.

Student Expectations of their Introductory Educational Research Methods Course
 Earley, Mark.

Students don’t know what they don’t know: How well do students judge their learning?
 Moran, Jessica. and Sigler, Ellen.


Talk to Me: Applying Organizational Theory to Improve Campus Communications
 Derby, Dustin., Danner, Jeannette., Silvestrone, Judy. and Marchiori, Dennis.

Teacher-Leaders Use of Reflective Assessment Practices to Improve Student Learning
 Ferguson, Susan.

Teaching Lincoln, K-12—An NEH Program: Evaluating Utility, Knowledge Gain, and Intention to Teach
 Pryor, Caroline. and Pryor, Brandt.

The Effects of Age, Years of Experience, and Type of Experience in the Teacher Selection Process.
 Place, A. William. and Vail, David.

The Impact of Class size and per Pupil Expenditure on Student Achievement
 RUGUTT, JOHN., Chemosit, Caroline. and Banicki, Guy.

The Influence of Peers, Parents, and Teachers on Academic Self-Perception: Gender and Grade Differences
 He, Ya., Guo, Zehan., Han, Han. and Wang, Aimin.

The new face of private schools in Zimbabwe: A case study on Teachers’ perceptions of the influence of changes in student composition on school discipline.
 Manguvo, Angellar.

Toward an Understanding of Middle Level Teachers’ Job Satisfaction
 Lang, Adam.

Towards a Framework for Ego-Involved Assessments in the Higher Education Classroom
 Knowlton, Dave.


Understanding college student-athlete culture and identity by using a framework of social identity theory: A case study
 Smith, Andrew.

Understanding to Practice: An assessment of Illinois first-year teachers
 Lucas, Stephen. and Polydore, Catherine.

University Transition from NAIA to NCAA D-II Sports Classification
 Weir, Graham. and Wisdom, Sherrie.

Using Non synchronous communication and content sharing in a one-to-many mode from instructor to students
 Narayanan, Balaguruprasad.

Using Student and Institutional Characteristics to Predict Graduation Rates at Community Colleges: New Developments in Performance Measures and Institutional Effectiveness
 Walker, David.

Using a framework of best practices to examine Football Bowl Subdivision coaching contract components
 Nichols, Justin.

Using the U.S. PISA results to investigate the relationship between school computer use and student academic performance
 Sun, Letao. and Bradley, Kelly.


Viewing and Visually Representing - Where are They Now? Using Critical Literacy in the Language Arts
 Bender-Slack, Delane. and Young, Teresa.


Why Parents Choose Chinese Immersion for Their Children
 Dretzke, Beverly.

Why are they leaving? A literature review on the causes of undergraduate students’ attritions in engineering
 Jiang, Xiushan. and Freeman, Stacey.

Will a 20% salary bonus motivate principal license completers to accept a principalship in low-performing schools?
 Cook, Larry.

Within the Looking Glass: Evaluating the Data Quality of Electronic Faculty Ratings
 Derby, Dustin. and Davis, Charles.

Women’s learning styles and teaching strategies: Is there a correlation to undergraduate success?
 Baker, Tanya. and Ghattu, Anupama.
MWERA Annual Meeting 2011-Oct-12 to 2011-Oct-16
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