MWERA Annual Meeting 2012-Nov-07 to 2012-Nov-10

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(a) Differences in Social Tolerance Among College Undergraduates: An Exploratory Study
 Mitton, Christine. and Schott, Molly.

2. Enhancing Inquiry-Based Learning in Middle School Science
 Clark, Chad.

3. Supporting High School Teachers in Improving College Readiness Skills
 Blevins, Julie.

4. Coaching as a Form of Teacher Professional Development in Urban Schools
 Hummons, Monica.

“Three Days in Perspective”: A Role-Play Simulation Game for Informing Pre-Service Teachers’ Perspectives of Individuals with Exceptionalities
 Juarez-Porter Carlyle, A.. and Gut, Dianne.


A Study on Resiliency and Coping Strategies of International Students at a Mid-western University
 Chin, Phoebe.

A Transformative Space For Coaches Of Early Care and Education Providers
 Harte, Helene. and Gilbert, Jaesook.

A critical analysis of Football Bowl Subdivision coaching contract components
 Nichols, Justin.

Academically Gifted Adolescents Transferring to an Independent Gifted School: Effects on Academic Identity
 Lancaster, Vanessa.

Acting, Dressing, and Thinking Like a Professional
 Brady, amy. and Gallagher, Sandra.

Advocacy, Coping, and Family Dynamics for Mothers with a Child with Asperger's Syndrome
 Rausch, John. and p, Alicia.

African-America faculty job satisfaction in the Academy
 Nur-Awaleh, Mohamed. and Wingfield, Tuwana.

After School Programs and Performance Scores
 Burgin, Ximena. and Ball, Alexis.

An Analysis of University Student Academic Self-Entitlement: Levels of Entitlement, Academic Year and Gender
 Hartman, M.A., Tiffany. and Pokay, Ph.D., Patricia.

An Oral History of the Influence of Shirley K. Morgenthaler's Wisdom and Works on Early Childhood Education
 Wellen, Lauren.

Analyses for improvement of charter schools
 Hong, JongKoo.

Andragogy for the iGeneration
 Wynn, Sherri. and Mahon, Tammy.

Applying the expert-performance approach to teaching
 Johnson, Leah.

Assessing Institutional Climate via Mixed Methods in Higher Education: Administering the NILIE-PACE Climate Instrument at a Private University in Central China
 Jacobsen, Linda.

Attitudes of School Leadership in the Era of No Child Left Behind
 Thurow, Peggy.


Be an Artist with Your Words: Integrating Instruction in Language Arts and Visual Arts
 Ingram, Debra. and George, Alice.

Borrowing Educational Practices to Confront Societal Dilemmas in the Unfinished Egyptian Revolution
 Gil-Garcia, Ana.


Care and Culture: Supporting Latino Success Through Teacher-Student Relationships
 Roberts, Amy., Lavigne, Alyson. and Oberg De La Garza, Tammy.

Changes in a Writer’s Identity: Reframing the positionality of an elementary school writing teacher
 Patterson, Mary Kate. and Rodgers, Adrian.

Clinic Abroad: The Development and Pilot Assessment of a cocurricular Chiropractic Clinical Abroad Program
 Derby, Dustin. and Schrad, Julie.

Conditioned Emotional Intervention For a Middle School Student with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
 Li, Wenshu., Han, Han., Ding, Xiaoqian., Jin, Hongyuan. and Wang, Aimin.

Coupling Changing Student Demographics with Evidence-Based Leadership Practices: Leading Hispanic Friendly Learning Organizations
 Farmer, Tod Allen.

Criteria for Guiding and Evaluating the Use of Native American Folklore and Culture
 Meidl, Christopher., Christensen, Sarah., McConnell, Patty., Sixel, Katie. and zygiel, miranda.

Cross-cultural Adaptation of International College Students in the United States
 Wang, Yikang. and Wang, Aimin.


Data on Students Requiring Remediation in College
 Edlefson, Carla.

Design Literacy for Non-Designers: Experience the Fundamentals of Design Practice to Enhance Curriculum Development and Content Delivery.
 Richardson, Robyn.

Developing symbolic interpretation through literary argumentation
 Sosa, Teresa. and Hall, Allison.

Development of A Codebook for Examination of Program Evaluations That Use Qualitative Techniques
 Liao, Hongjing. and Hitchcock, John.

Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP) And Religious/Spiritual Instruction –What Do Pre-service Teachers Believe?
 George, Anne.

Differences in visual mental image generated by verbal instruction between English and Chinese native speakers.
 Han, Han. and Wang, Aimin.

Difficult Conversations: One University Tackles Difference Through Small Group Discussion
 Miretzky, Debra. and Stevens, Sharon.


ESL teachers' and students' attitudes, perceptions and experiences with Arts for Learning Projects
 Angelova, Maria. and Wilberschied, Lee.

Earning the right: Teaching and learning community-based ethnography
 Johnson, Laura., Almburg, Anne., Brodeur, Amy., Rivera, Nicole. and Stribling, colleen.

Educational Planning and Brain Drain in Africa in the Wake of Gobalization
 Godwyll, Francis.

Educational Research for Teachers on Facebook
 Durr, Tony.

Effect of the use of smart boards on student’s interaction in learning Mathematical concepts
 hazem, doaa.

Effects of a Relaxation Training Technique in Helping College Students Succeed in Academic Field
 zhao, xi.

Eighth Grade Algebra and Physical Science: Impact of Rigorous Curriculum in an Urban Setting
 Broughton, Christopher. and Brown, Russell.

Engaging Diverse Learners: Measuring the Impact of Electronic Instructional Aides on Students’ Appraisal of Course Outcomes
 Derby, Dustin.

Evaluating the Systematic Validity of a Medical Subspecialty Examination
 Raddatz, Mikaela., Royal, Kenneth. and Pennington, Jessica.

Evaluation of the Conditioned Emotion Intervention Technique: a Study of Chinese College Students with English Learning Anxiety
 Jin, Weili. and Wang, Aimin.

Examining the Use of Data for School Improvement in Ghana
 Amakyi, Michael.

Exploring Bullying in Doctoral Programs: Reducing Negative Peer Relationships
 Quinn, Keelan., Williams, Tiffany., Davis, Brittan., Pitre, Sneha. and Bagaka\'s, Joshua.

Exploring Preservice Teachers’ Attitudes Toward Content Area Literacy Requirement in Teacher Preparation Programs: An Application of Bolman and Deal’s (2008) Four Frames
 Omachonu, Florence.

Exploring Student Success in a Doctoral Program: The Power of Mentorship and Research Engagement
 Bagaka\'s, Joshua., Badillo, Natale., Bransteter, Irina. and Rispinto, Sarah.

Exploring the Influence of Individual Context on the Transition into College Culture
 Rivera, Nicole.


Factors Affecting Student Mathematics Self-Efficacy

Five Shows a Day Five Days a Week: Humor and Engagement in High School Science
 Zaleski, Diana. and Lyutykh, Elena.

Five Year Longitudinal RCT Impact Study of the Reading Growth on Low-Achieving Incarcerated Youth
 Loadman, William.

Fourth Grade Girls’ Perceptions of Writing: Two Case Studies
 chai, hannah.


How Practice and Evaluation Shape Each Other: An Example from an Arts Integration Project
 Radzicki, Elizabeth. and Dretzke, Beverly.

How do you get them to listen? Effective Communication in the Online Classroom
 Saunders, Nancy.

Humility as a Predictor of Transformational Leadership: A Study of Teachers' Perceptions of Principals
 Oyer, Brenda.


Improving Student Retention in a Curriculum and Instruction Doctoral Program
 Henning, Mary Beth. and Wilkins, Elizabeth.

Incorporation of the Empirically-Defined Notion of Morality to Current Moral Education
 Hasebe, Yuki.

Induction and Mentoring Programs: Levels of Student Teacher Understanding
 Wilkins, Elizabeth. and Okrasinski, Jeanne.

Instrument Piloting in a Cross-cultural Context: Lessons Learned
 Thankachan, Briju., Price, Emily. and Hitchcock, John.

Integrating 21st Century Skills into the Curriculum
 Ahmed, Areej. and Gut, Dianne.

Integrating the Arts to Improve Student Learning
 Ingram, Debra. and Weiss, Cynthia.

Integrating the Research: Co-Teaching to Prepare Reading Specialists to be Specialists in Research
 Maddocks, Amanda. and Soljaga, Dara.

Investigating Prospective Teacher's Knowledge of Scientific Theories and the Nature of Science
 Brown, Patrick. and Concannon, James.

Investigating the Vocabulary Demands of the Textbook and Student Learning in Middle School Science
 Brown, Patrick. and Concannon, James.


Layers of Inquiry, Identity and Change: A Study of K-8 Transition into High School (PAR)
 Galletta, Anne., Lamb, Jacqueline. and Giraldo, Regina.

Learning from Those Who are Preparing to be Teacher Leaders
 McCormack, Ginny. and Stauffer, Marlissa.


Marginalization effects on high school teacher’s classroom management, teaching techniques and student’s in class behavior
 Abdel Kerim, Farah.

Meaning-Making with Early Adolescents about Participatory Action Research and Transition into High School
 Galletta, Anne., Quinn, Keelan. and Williams, Tiffany.

Merit Pay: Examples of Fair Evaluation and Equitable Compensation
 Durr, Tony. and Johnson, Stephanie.

Moral Education Through Reader-Response Theory
 Meidl, Christopher., Meidl, Tynisha., Gardner, Emily., Hogan, Maggie. and Holahan, Maeve.

Muslim Women on the Catholic Campus: How Muslim Female Students Experience Campus Life
 Shafer, Cynthia.


New Teachers, Same School: Students' Perspectives of School Turnaround
 Olson, Jennifer.


Outcomes-Based Decision-Making, With Some Data-Based Decision-Making: A Case Study of an Urban Elementary School Using Data
 Kallemeyn, Leanne.


Peaceful Argumentation applied to literacy instruction in the elementary classroom
 Schroer, Joseph.

Perceptions and Practices in Using Technology During Field Experience
 Love, Mary Susan.

Phenomenology exploring the twin relationship and student development among twins in college together
 Spudich, Dimana.

Phenomenology of Twins’ Same Careers: Exploring influences of adult twins’ relationship on their same careers
 Spudich, Christine.

Portraits of Successful African Immigrant Faculty in U.S Campuses
 Abla, Zipporah.

Predicting Academic Success in Tertiary Education: Exploring the impact of academic support programming.
 Magiste, Edward. and Giraldo, Regina.

Prevention of Indonesian Students’ Academic Procrastination: A Preliminary Study
 Kumalasari, Asteria. and Soegijardjo, Witriani.

Principal Stability and Building Grade Span’s Relationship to Ohio Elementary Achievement (2004 - 2011)
 Cusack, Thomas.

Project Based Learning and Invitations: A Comparison
 Lee, Cheu-jey.

Prosocial Behavior Exhibited in Preschool-aged Children through Nature-based Activities
 Acar, Ibrahim. and TORQUATI, Julia.


Rapid Change: The Transformation of a Urban STEM High School in 90 Days
 Sanders, Eugene., Jackson May, Judy., Hathorn, Connie., Rollins, Diane. and May, Jennifer.

Reading Achievement Tests: Predicting Achievement and Language Growth for English Language Learners
 Berrios-Brown, Margaret. and Brown, Russell.

Role of Shyness in PIU among Undergraduate Students from China and America
 Zhang, Xiaowei., Ren, Zhen. and Wang, Aimin.


SES Inequality and Achievement
 Marchant, Gregory. and Paulson, Sharon.

STAYING POWER: Assessing the Impact of the be@school Program on Student Attendance Behavior
 Sheldon, Timothy.

STEM Explore: A Summer Program for Middle School Students Engaging in STEM Activities and Careers
 Cripe, Kathleen.

School context and teacher practices on students' mathematics self-efficacy in Kenya
 Bagaka\'s, Joshua.

School-based and Home-based Identities of a Latina 5th Grade Student: conflicting versions of self.
 Stumme, Simeon.

Self-Appraisal in the Wisconsin Professional Development Model
 Meidl, Christopher., LaLuzerne, Michelle. and Toniolo, Catherine.

Social Media and Marketing of Higher Education: A Review of the Literature
 Nyangau, Josiah.

Social Media and Marketing of Higher Education: A Review of the Literature
 Nyangau, Josiah.

Student Perceptions of Classroom Mathematics Activities: A Cross-Cultural Examination
 Smith, Thomas., Hung, Wei-Chen. and McKenna, Cornelius.

Students of Color in a Small, Faith-Based University: space, micro-aggressions and resistance.
 Stumme, Simeon., Michie, Gregory., McCloud, Laila. and Pollom, Andrew.

Studying the Impact of Structured Learning Assistance on English Language Learners
 Magiste, Edward., Vodicka, Christine. and Alghatani, Abdullah.

Summer School Partnerships of Literary Artists and Sixth-Grade Reading Teachers
 Dretzke, Beverly., Meath, Judy. and Rickers, Susan.

social comparison and its impacts on academic performance of American and Chinese students
 Li, Wenshu., Huang, Ding. and Wang, Aimin.


Teacher and Student Perceptions of Group Instruction and Collaboration in the Anna Plan Program
 Spudich, Dimana. and Spudich, Christine.

Teachers' Perspectives: Factors That Impact Implementation of Integrated Curriculum in K-3 Classrooms
 Fu, Yao.

Technology and Shyness: Examining the Potential for a Counseling Approach
 Rausch, John., Cain, Katrice. and Goldstein, Danielle.

Technology in Mathematics and Science: Comparing Instructional Use in the United States and Asia (Taiwan)
 Sparapani, Ervin. and Calahan, Patricia.

The Closing the Math Achievement Gap of Native American Students Identified as Learning Disabled (CMAG)
 Hankes, Judith., Stacey, Skoning. and Fast, Gerald.

The Development of Pre-service Teachers' Self-efficacy Beliefs
 Polydore, Catherine. and Lucas, Stephen.

The Effect of Standard Setting Judge Variance on Known Assessment Cut Scores Using Simulation Techniques
 Trapp, William.

The Effectiveness of Privatization in Maintaining Program Adherence in School Support Programs
 Cummings, Marlon.

The Global Perspective of Graduating Seniors at a Private Four-Year University
 Leavitt, Lynda.

The Importance of Physical Education in Today's Schools
 Brubaker, Jr., Kenneth.

The Influence of Class Humor on Students’ Engagement, Students’ Perception, Students’ Achievement
 Zhao, Lu.

The Influence of Momentary Classroom Goal Structures and Instructional Practices in High School Science
 Zaleski, Diana.

The Lived Experiences of Faculty of Color who Left a Predominantly White Institution
 Tosolt, Brandelyn., Elliott, Willie., Dudley, Brittanie., Hackworth, Jamilah. and Turner, Georgia.

The New Discourse of Otherness: A Postcolonial Analysis of the Media-Represented Chinese “Tiger Mom”
 Li, Ting.

The New Teacher Academy: Easing the Transition
 Bender-Slack, Delane. and Young, Teresa.

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Undergraduate Conditional Admission as Related to Student Achievement in Higher Education
 Parisi, Joseph., Weir, Graham. and Wisdom, Sherrie.

Understanding Predictors and Correlates of Mathematics Achievement Levels: A Discriminant Function Analysis Approach
 Rugutt, John., Chemosit, Caroline. and Banicki, Guy.

Understanding and Encouraging Academic and Nonacademic Reading in Male High School Students
 Payne, Michael.

Urban Early Childhood Educators' Perceptions of the Impact of NCLB on their Literacy Practices
 Husband, Terry.

Using Critical Self-Reflection and Resistance Strategies in Preparing Culturally Responsive Teachers
 Vaughan, Winston.

Using Hierarchical Generalized Linear Modeling in Factorial Differential Item Functioning (DIF) Analysis
 Xu, Deyu. and Brooks, Gordon.

Using a Training Module to Change Attitudes of Students toward Capabilities of Persons with Disabilities
 Kwarteng, Seth.


Valedictorians and delinquents: Can movies influence the success, failure and incarceration of young American adults?
 Bach, Jesse., Evans, Carly., Love, Carrie. and Schauer, Margaret.

Validating an Instrument to Measure Understanding of LGBTQ Issues in Education
 Tosolt, Brandelyn. and Larrabee, Timothy.


Welcoming newcomers: How non-compulsory tutoring programs can help ESL students with limited formal schooling make academic and personal gains
 Lamping, Sally.

Widening Access: An examination of the structures of inequality and the challenges facing public universities in Ghana
 Atuahene, Francis. and Owusu-Ansah, Anthony.

Wisdom and Ego-identity among Korean Adolescents
 Bang, Hyeyoung.


Year Two - University Transition from NAIA to NCAA D-II Sports Classification
 Weir, Graham. and Wisdom, Sherrie.

You Get What You Expect: The Role of Social Reproduction Theory in American and British Schooling
 Schauer, Margaret., Bach, Jesse., Evans, Carly. and Love, Carrie.
MWERA Annual Meeting 2012-Nov-07 to 2012-Nov-10
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