MWERA Annual Meeting 2013-Nov-06 to 2013-Nov-10

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: Exploring the low access to educationof children in northeastern Kenya
 Godwyll, Francis. and AMOATENG, JOYCE.

¡Juntos y Revueltos! Latino/a and Black Faculty Tenure Attainment
 Roldán Santos, Christian.

“Fahrenheit 451: Starting Our Own Fires to Cultivate Education, Access, and Empowerment in a Micro-urban High School”
 Soboleski, Penny.

“I want you to learn with Me that crosses grow with courage”: Incarnate Word Sisters and the formation of modern religious and teaching identity in Cleveland, Ohio
 Gann, Sarah.

“Well, in America, You are Black”: ‘Tragic Mulatta’ Narratives in Tia & Tamera
 Patterson, Ashley.


A Case Study of Peace Education in Asia: Learning from the School of Peace (SOP)
 No last name, Elizarni.

A Causal Model of the Entrepreneurial Intentions of College Students
 Trebar, Robert.

A Conceptual Framework for Assessment and Factors Related to K-12 Student Achievement
 Muehsler, Hans., Smith, Thomas. and Walker, David.

A Mixed Method Examination of the Culturally Responsive Teaching Self-efficacy of Teachers in Rural Illinois
 Polydore, Catherine.

A Program Evaluation of Response to Intervention (RtI) and Teacher Training
 Sears, Wendy.

A Review of Midwestern States’ Teacher Evaluation Systems
 German, Rachel. and Marchant, Gregory.

A School-University Partnership’s Use of Action Research as an In-Service Clinical Response Initiative to Develop the Literacy-Based Instructional Practices of Teachers
 Downey, Portia. and Walker, David.

A Structural Analysis of the Attitudes Toward Science Scale: Attitudes and Beliefs about Science as a Multi-Dimensional Composition
 Walker, David.

A cross-cultural study: The Differences of Language Development between American and Chinese Preschool Children
 Liu, xinyao., Shi, Yali., Han, Han. and Wang, Aimin.

A statistical analysis of the academic and non-academic variables accounting for the success of minority male students
 Atuahene, Francis. and Atuahene, Mercy.

ABCs: Accessing and Building on Cultural Competencies
 Townsend, Robert., Inamdar-Dowling, Karen. and Saunders, Nancy.

Academic Achievement: Participation in Athletes’ Academic Success Center
 Wisdom, Sherrie., Weir, Graham. and Rebori, Christine.

Access to Ethnic Heroes: Empowering African American Adolescents to Develop a Positive Sense of Self
 Rayford, PhD, Debra D.

Access to education for Muslim women
 Sharma, Rashmi.

Accountability as an Act of Caring: One teacher’s stories of teaching for 46 years in a marginalized school community
 Hampton, Angela.

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Balancing academics and family: Empowering the father academic in graduate school and at home
 Billman, Tyler.

Being Eight Years Old Again: The Least-adult Role in a Second-grade Classroom
 Drewry, Rob.

Being a Temporary Minority: White Student Experiences at Historically Black Colleges/Universities
 Krah, Stephanie.

Believing the hype: Examining the Association between Internalized Racist Stereotypes and Academic Self-Handicapping among African American Male High School Students
 Thompson, Falynn.

Building Bridges to Careers: Educational Connections with Businesses and Community that Go Beyond the Classroom
 Hall, Jona. and Werry, Tasha.

Building Trustee Leadership: The Orientation & Leadership Development of College and University Governing Boards
 Dean, Diane.


Categorizing the Use of Technology by Teachers and Students in Ohio Middle Schools: A Cluster Analysis
 Anthony, Anika. and Lin, Shiang-Yu.

Co-Teaching: Is It Just for Special Education Anymore?
 Cripe, Kathleen.

College Students’ Preference for Solitude, Motivational Types, and Academic Achievement
 Ren, Zhen. and Yi, Sang.

Common Core Standards: Learning from Past Mistakes
 Nichols, Suzanne.

Community College Adjunct Faculty Demographic Characteristics that May Predict Intention to Integrate Technology into Instruction: A Literature-Based Model
 Paver, Jonathan. and Walker, David.

Comparing Achievement Scores of Students in Single-Sex Schools with Students in Coeducational Schools
 Rugutt, John. and Chemosit, Caroline.

Comparing P-12 Teachers' and Higher Education Faculty's Technology Use
 Glick, Marilyn., Saam, Julie. and Grabner-Hagen, Melissa.

Conflict in Collaboration: Challenges as a Discourse Move in One Teacher Team’s Meetings
 Popp, Jacquelynn., Groza, Gabriela., Hall, Allison. and Raphael, Taffy.

Connection, Competence, and Contribution: New outcome measures for assessing outdoor program impact on urban youth
 sheldon, timothy.

Constructing a Community-Centered Environment on the First Day of Class: Instructors' Reflections about "Syllabus Day"
 Frioli, Amanda.

Constructing cultural competence: An interpretive model for analysis and development among preservice teachers
 Bair, David.

Creating Positive Environments: Peaceful Argumentation in Elementary Literacy
 Schroer, Joseph., Covault, Jacquelyn. and Ulrich, Kurt.


Decolonizing Education in Sub-saharan Africa: The Case of Ghana
 Diop, ousmane.

Designing Case-based Instruction to Scaffold Pre-Service Teachers’ Problem Solving Transfer
 Abercrombie, Sara., Hushman, Carolyn. and Carbonneau, Kira.

Developing 21st Century Skills in Teacher Education Through Digital Storytelling
 Husband, Terry.

Developing Community and Connectedness in an Online Learning Environment
 Durr, Tony. and Holbert, Romena.

Developing Indicators of Progress toward a College Degree
 Holt, Janet., White, Bradford. and McLaughlin, Gerald.

Digital Image Perceptions of Chinese Language Teachers and U.S. College Students
 Chiang, Jui-Ling. and York, Cindy.

Doctoral Program Completion: Graduates' Attributions for Success
 Stasko, Linda.


ESL Instructors' Perception of Information Technology Support
 Kravets, Feliks.

Early Program Service-learning – Enhancing Simultaneous Renewal
 Holbert, Romena. and Durr, Tony.

Educational Leaders Developing Socially Just Environments and Integrating Under-represented Groups in Schools
 Robinson, Dwan. and Sharma, Rashmi.

Effective Science Instruction For Young Children
 George, Anne. and Thomas, Elizabeth.

Elementary Education Student Teachers: Levels of Understanding about Induction and Mentoring Programs
 Wilkins, Elizabeth. and Okrasinski, Jeanne.

Elementary Teachers iPad Use During Literacy Instruction
 Frazier, Denise.

Emergent professional development trajectories and practices toward the integration of new media technologies in the classroom
 Dikkers, Seann.

Emotional Awareness and Bibliotherapy Intervention with Students Experiencing Emotional and Behavioral Problems
 Harper, Elaine.

Empowering Future Educators through Environmental Sustainability
 Quick, Marilynn., Holden, Jocelyn., Latz, Amanda., Chapman, David. and Jones, Ruth.

Empowering Leadership in Providing Special Education Services: The Difference between Reality and Aspiration in Saudi Arabia
 Alsulami, Abdulrahman.

Encounters, Intermediaries, and Marginality: Africans at the Periphery of Colonial Health Service, 1916-1961
 Mokake, Flavius.

Engaging Adult Learners Access to Higher Education: Developing an E- Learning Program for Single Mothers Seeking to Acquire Degree Courses in Ghana.
 Malcalm, Ebenezer.

Ethical Issues in Improving Students' High-Stakes Tests Scores
 Johnson, Doris.

Evaluation of the Illinois High School to College Success Report
 Klostermann, Brenda., Cameron, Sean., Newberry, Melissa. and Hamel, Rachel.

Evaluations of New Teacher Effectiveness by the Principals Who Hired Them
 Freemyer, James. and Shepherd, Dan.

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Factors contributing to Latino Community College Completion
 Gaytan-Morales, Columba.

Factors that Predict the Integration of Technology for Instruction by Community College Adjunct Faculty
 Paver, Jonathan. and Walker, David.

Follow the Money: Budget Patterns in Illinois Public Colleges and Universities under Guaranteed Tuition Programs
 Dean, Diane.


Gathering Content Validity Evidence from Test Takers – Asking the Right Questions
 Trapp, William.

Gender differences in student attitude toward science
 Smith, Thomas., Pasero, Spencer. and McKenna, Cornelius.


Habermasian Criteria for Critical Literacy: An Example of Critical Text Analysis and Its Implications
 Lee, Cheu-jey.

High Modernist Japaneseness: Contextualizing Rurality in Northern and Southern Japan
 Tanaka, Aki.

High School Dropout Epidemic among Hispanics: Identifying Risk Factors
 Giraldo-García, Regina.

Historical Context of African-American Faculty Experiences in Academic Medicine
 Hackworth, Jamilah. and Tosolt, Brandelyn.

How Can University Environments Influence Graduation Rates?
 Pitcock, Melissa.

How parents’ and children’s characteristics affect perceptions and needs of the quality and availability of early intervention for young children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Saudi Arabia
 Abusukkar, ola.


Implementing Play Within the Everyday Classroom
 meidl, christopher., Miller, Ashley. and Zelenak, Anna.

Implementing the Flipped Classroom Approach to Engage Your Students: A Bring-Your-Own-Technology (BYOT) Workshop
 Stuckey-Mickell, Tracey. and Hampton, Jr., Antwan.

Income generating Projects for HIV Reduction: A case Study from Sudan
 Fadl Alla, Tegwa.

Individual and Educational Correlates of Turkish Preschool Pre-service Teachers’ Social Competence, Empathy, and Communication Skills
 Ahmetoglu, Emine., Acar, Ibrahim. and Elsa, Escalante.

Institutional Characteristics and Student Retention: A Story in Three Acts
 Roldán Santos, Christian.

Instructional leadership and access to education of students from diverse backgrounds
 Chirume, Dr. Erasmus.

Internationalization of higher education: A comparative case study of two American Universities
 Ahwireng, Doreen.

Investigating African-American Faculty Experiences in Academic Medicine
 Hackworth, Jamilah. and Tosolt, Brandelyn.

Investigating Vocabulary Teaching and Learning in Middle School Science
 Brown, Patrick. and Concannon, James.

Is teacher professional development an effective way to mitigate teachers’ gender differences in technology?
 Li, Yi.


Leadership, Climate, and Community: Essential Criterion and Leading Indicators for Empowering Struggling Urban Schools for Successful Transformation
 May, Judy. and Sanders, Eugene.


Making Thinking Visible in Preschool Science Investigations
 Allen, Amy., Johnson-Whitt, Eugenia., Reinhart, Meredith. and North, Tamala.

Midwestern School Teachers’ Perceptions on Chinese American Students’ Cultural Background
 An, Jing.

Minority Status, Divorce, Household Income, and the Moral Judgment Development of College Students
 Collin, Brian.

Multimodal Literacy Practices in a Third Grade Classroom: Extending the Discussion of Art Images with Language Arts Activities
 Hitchens, Carolyn.


Neoliberalism and Community Education: Policies and implementation in India
 Sharma, Rashmi.

Non-native English-speaking Teachers (NNEST) vs. Native English-speaking Teachers (NEST) in English as a Second Language (ESL) Program


On the Margins: Conducting Research on American Indian Students in Mainstream Educational Spaces
 Zywicki, Stephanie.


Paper or Plastic? A Multiple-Method Approach to Evaluating a Digital Textbook Pilot
 Lacefield, Virginia.

Paper or Plastic? A Multiple-Method Approach to Evaluating a Digital Textbook Pilot
 Lacefield, Virginia.

Parent Education and Involvement Program as a Support for Hispanic Immigrant Spanish Speaking Preschool Parents
 Palermo, Luilia. and Campbell, Cynthia.

Perceptions of Illinois School Board Members' Need for Training on School Board Governance
 Hrivnak, Deborah.

Play Creativity and Play for Creativity: A Cross-culture Comparison of Preschool Children’s Play And Creativity
 Shan, Jiani.

Policy and Procedures: Reactions to Tragedy
 meidl, christopher., Marin, Chelsea. and Tuaschek, Erik.

Positive Behavior Supports in Rural School Settings: How it Relates to the Teacher-Student Relationship
 Augenstein, Marci.

Pre-Service Teachers' Perceptions of Teaching in a Community Center
 Schoenfeldt, Melinda.

Preference of Achievement Goals and Its Influences on Academic Performance among Chinese College Students from Rural and Urban Areas
 Ling, Pan., Qi, Wen., Wang, Aimin. and Han, Han.

Preparing First generation, Low-Income, and Underrepresented Minorities for the Doctorate: Surveying STEM Graduate Experiences
 Bancroft, Senetta.

Preservice Elementary School Teachers’ Conceptual Understanding of Place Value Within a Constructivist Framework
 Murawska, Jaclyn.

Preservice Teachers Constructing Understanding of Observation through Case Studies
 Young, Teresa. and Bender-Slack, Delane.

Professional Learning Communities: Empowering Teacher Leaders and the Effect on Professional Development and Student Learning
 Sparapani, Ervin.

Proximity, In-class Disruptive Behavior and Evaluation of Teacher’s Behavior: A Study of High School Students
 Jin, Su., Tang, Xiaoxue. and Zhang, Rupzhou.

Psychological and Sociological Factors that Contribute to the College Graduation of African Americans: A Sufficiency Model
 Fitzpatrick, Clara.

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Queer Theory: What Our Schools Could Learn From a Trip 'Over the Rainbow'
 Olive, James.


RateMyProfessor: What Matters to Students in Evaluating Courses?
 Dean, Diane.

Reaching out to Rural Teachers: Access to Effective Professional Development for Teachers in Isolation
 Morio, Kristen. and Li, Yue.

Reading Achievement Differences Between Monolingual and Multi-lingual 4th Grade Test-Takers
 Burgin, Ximena. and Ball, Alexis.

Relationships among Student Demographics and Community and School Context Factors and Value-Added Gain Scores in Ohio
 Selvage, Thomas.

Response to Intervention, Family Involvement, and Student Achievement at Tier 2
 Gerzel-Short, Lydia.


Scaling Up Teacher Leadership: A Model for Improving Schools in Ohio
 Hohenbrink, JoAnn. and Zigler, Ted.

School Funding Fiasco: What's Worse ? Inadequacy or Inequity
 Banicki, Guy. and Murphy, Gregg.

Selected Predictors of Success in Community College Developmental Mathematics Courses
 McKenna, Cornelius., Kantner, M. Joanne. and Smith, Thomas.

Sharia laws and women leadership: perception of Muslim women on gender profile: a case study from Ohio university female graduate students
 Fadl Alla, Tegwa.

Spect-actors and Spect-activists: Creativity for social justice educational leaders
 Sharma, Rashmi.

Staff Development: A study in closing the gap in student achievement
 Vieille, Nike.

Standard Error of Measurement: Using Traditional or Conditional to Detect Individual Change
 Ragan, Moira., Kang, Minsoo. and Ragan, Brian.

Student Experiences and Perspectives in a Spoken Word Poetry Program: Evaluation of a Pilot Implementation
 Lyutykh, Elena.

Student Perceptions of Bullying at a Private, Faith-Based University Campus
 Eells, Rachel. and Pollom, Andrew.

Student teaching overseas: Outcomes and persistence of the student teaching abroad experience
 Tu, Ching-Hsin.

Study Skills Factors and Predictions of Learning Motivation for Unprepared First Year College Students
 Stuckey, Angeline. and Hampton, Jr., Antwan.

Systemic Colonization of the Educational Lifeworld: An Example in Literacy Education
 Lee, Cheu-jey.


Teacher Perceptions of Teaching Conditions and Student Achievement in Kentucky High Schools
 Niu, Chunling.

Teachers Speak Out: A Research Report on Teacher Perceptions of Ohio's New Teacher Evaluation System
 Williams, Nicole. and Crates, Kathaleen.

Teachers' perception of adult to adult bullying
 Hanetho, Kolleen.

Teachers’ Attitudes and Perceptions toward Transition Services from School to Work for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students
 Alkahtani, Bader.

Teachers’ perception about parental involvement in the education of children with mild mental retardation in Saudi Arabia
 Almoghyrah, Homoud.

Teaching the Illinois Social-Emotional Learning Standards through the Circle of Courage Framework
 Whitten - Carey, Catherine.

Teaching with Digitally Mediated Environments for Learning: Minecraft in the Classroom
 Dikkers, Seann.

Technology in Mathematics and Science Classrooms: Comparing Technology Use in the United States and Asia (Taiwan), An Ongoing Analysis.
 Calahan, Patricia., Sparapani, Ervin., MacKay, Danielle., Fuchs, David. and Voydanoff, Paul.

The Achieve Program; reducing the achievement gap
 Whitney, Stephen., Day, Jenny., Bolton, Kerstyn. and McCartney, Marsha.

The Act of Watching and the Art of Learning
 Kumbalonah, Abobo.

The Campus Sweetheart: An Idealized Image on Campuses in the 20th Century
 Gorgosz, Jon.

The Demonstration of Item Response Theory with Polytomous Items
 David, Shannon., McElhiney, Danielle. and Brooks, Gordon.

The Differences between Chinese Middle School and High School Teacher’s Self-efficacy
 Peng, Nianjiao., Xiao, Yutong., Han, Han. and Wang, Aimin.

The Effect Of Organisational Management On Team Performance: A Study Of Selected Listed Manufacturing Companies In Ghana
 Mickson, Michael.

The Effect of Media Portrayals of Teachers on Undergraduate Beliefs About Teachers
 Eells, Rachel. and Wickland, Trisha.

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Understanding Teacher Professional Commitment and School Leadership
 Rugutt, John., Chemosit, Caroline. and Nur-Awaleh, Mohamed.

Using Mayer’s SOI approach to help ADHD learners construct knowledge
 Salifu, Shani.

Using Psychological Theory to Measure the Relationship between Psychological Factors and Black Students' College Satisfaction
 Kitchen, Joseph. and Williams, Michael.

Using a transactional model to evaluate the University of Kentucky Black and Latino male student success initiative from different perspectives
 Mensah, Richard., Todd, Kathryn., Rodgers, Alexis., Thompson, Falynn. and Bradley, Kelly.

Using the Cultural Diversity Plunge as an Immersion Experience to Strengthen Pre-service Teachers’ Cultural Awareness
 Vaughan, Winston.

Using triangulation of three data sources in test item analysis: Going beyond statistics
 Rosales de Veliz, Leslie.

Utilizing a Strategic Content Learning Approach to Promote Self-Regulated Learning and Higher Achievement
 HELLER, MONICA. and Marchant, Gregory.


What Successful Mathematics Teacher Say About Teaching
 Freemyer, James. and Decker, Anne.

What You Read is What you Get: Students' Perceptions of Reading and Standardized Testing
 Bender-Slack, Delane.

When Evaluators Ask School Districts for Student Data
 Kundin, Delia., Dretzke, Beverly. and Angermeyr, Jim.

Whither Professionalism? A comparative case study of the socialization of teachers and social workers
 Bair, Mary.

Women Leadership in Muslim Communities: A case Study from Sudan
 Fadl Alla, Tegwa.


Year Three University Transition from NAIA to NCAA Sports Classification
 Wisdom, Sherrie. and Weir, Graham.
MWERA Annual Meeting 2013-Nov-06 to 2013-Nov-10
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