MWERA Annual Conference 2015-Oct-20 to 2015-Oct-25

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30 Years of Research on Chinese Children's Personality
 Yang, Lizhu. and Li, Xiaoxi.


A Better Understanding of Access to Education Through Online Learning in the Developing World: The Case of Zimbabwe
 Chirume, Erasmus. and Ofori-Attah, Kwabena.

A Century of the AAUP and the Meaning of Academic Freedom
 Wilson, John.

A Classification Model of ACT Reading Achievement Levels: A Discriminant Function Analysis Approach
 O’Laughlin, Sean., Rugutt, John., Chemosit, Caroline., Williams, Jeffrey. and Harrison, Tanye.

A Coefficient of Discrimination for Use with Multinomial and Ordinal Regression Models
 Smith, Thomas., Walker, David. and McKenna, Cornelius.

A Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the Technology Acceptance Model Concerning Factors Related to Attitudes Toward Using Moodle in Cambodia
 Hong, Chenda. and Walker, David.

A Discussion of Sampling Methodology of Kentucky Statewide Victimization Survey
 Liu, Ruixue., Setari, Ryan., Stanek, Marjorie. and Bradley, Kelly.

A Look at the Near-Term Results of Transformational Change in Ohio’s Teacher Evaluation System
 Lewis, Marsha., Ruhil, Anirudh. and Strahan, Nick.

A Mixed Methods Sequential Exploratory Study Design of the Effects of European Skill Formation on Vocational Education and Training in Albania
 Vucaj, Indrit.

A Phenomenological Collective Case Study of Experiences of Transition:

A Pilot Study Examining the Inflences of Adjunct Faculty's Confidence Level Using Technology to Improve Their Student's Information, Communication and Technology Skills
 Lewis, Emily.

A Study on Chinese Marital Motivation and Quality Based on Intergenerational Relations
 Liu, Wen. and Tu, Xintian.

Advocating for World Class Universities?
 Wood, Amelia.

Aligning 1956 with the Present: The [Re]design of Physical Space in Public Schools as Metaphor
 Bass, Christopher.

American College Students’ Self-Efficacy and Motivation on Mandarin Chinese Learning
 Liu, Ning., Wang, Yue. and Wang, Aimin.

An Analysis of Researcher-Developed Alphabet Knowledge Assessments
 Horner, Sherri. and Shaffer, Sharon.

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Balancing Theory and Practice to Produce Exemplary Educational Leadership Practitioner Scholars: One Professor’s Self-Efficacy Case Study
 McClain, Pamela.

Beyond Test Scores: A Longitudinal Examination of the Transformation of Failing Schools
 May, Judy.

Building Trust in the ESL/Bilingual Education Classroom: Overcoming Preservice/Inservice Teachers’ Fears of Learning in Collaboration
 Sellen, Joanne.


Case Study of Differentiated Classroom Instruction in a College ESL Course
 Magiste, Edward.

Challenges Encountered by International Students
 Li, Jingxuan., Tanaka, Nozomi. and Guo, Shangyi.

Challenges for Female Indian Graduate Students in U.S Universities: A Case Study
 Roy, Sayani. and Godwyll, Francis.

Child ERP Responses to Two Types of Videogame situations
 Schroer, Joseph.

Clinical Entrepreneurship: A Student Teacher Assigning Desktop Documentary Making
 Schul, James.

Collaborative International Online Learning: Students and Professors Making Global Connections
 Bender-Slack, Delane. and Ceo-DiFrancesco, Diane.

Common Core and Student Learning
 Lebrecht, Dana.

Computing Robust, Bootstrap-Adjusted Fit Indices for Use with Non-Normal Data
 Walker, David. and Smith, Thomas.

Connecting the Pieces: Learning Segments and Assessment in a Teacher Education Assessment Course
 Stevens, Sharon. and Daytner, Gary.

Constructing a Community-Centered Learning Environment: University Instructors' Reflections About the First Day of Class
 Frioli, Amanda.

Construction and Validation of Millennial Students’ Learning Efficiency Questionnaire
 Wu, Xiaodan., Li, Nan., Zhang, Jinghua. and Wang, Aimin.

Contemporary Leadership: Challenges and Opportunities for Education in the US and India
 Sharma, Rashmi.

Contested Challenges vs. Defeat: Characterizing Factors Impacting Mathematics Anxiety Among Non-Traditional College Students
 Baker, Shelletta.

Creating a Measurement Scale for the Prevention and Treatment of Obesity Control
 Li, Xiaoxi., Yang, Lizhu., Wang, Aimin. and Zhang, Yiyuan.

Cross-Cultural Experiences in Teacher Education: A Pilot Trip to Uganda and Implications on Global Perspectives
 Shepp, Bobbi.

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Democratic Leadership: A Model for Rural Education from Gandhi and Dewey
 Sharma, Rashmi.

Developing a Student Evaluation of Teachers Survey for Montessori High Schools: Challenges and Possibilities
 Setari, Anthony.

Development of Reading Motivation Measures for Japanese Students
 Bewick, Lindsay., Tonks, Stephen., Pasero, Spencer. and Usui, Hiroshi.

Developmental Psychology Curriculum: Theory and Practice
 Yang, Lizhu., Li, Xiaoxi., Liu, Wen., Sun, Yan., Hu, Jinsheng., Liu, Yan., Shen, Yue., Zhao, Yuhan. and Wang, Aimin.

Developments or Distractions: Analyzing the Impacts of External Mandates on a Primary School Striving for Success
 Lorenzo, Sarah-Jane.

Digitized and Decoupled? Teacher Sensemaking Around Educational Technology in a Model Program
 Gherardi, Stacy.

Do Novice Teachers Make Deliberative Decisions in the Classroom?
 Zimmerman, Aaron.

Do Place-Based Learning Opportunities Increase Connection, Competence, and Contribution Among Urban Youth?
 Farnsworth, Elyse. and Sheldon, Timothy.

Drug Use Prevention Among Adolescents
 Guo, Ying.


Early Childhood Pre-Service Teachers' Self-Efficacy in Teaching Arts
 Tekin, Ali.

Effect of Progressive Muscle Relaxation Training Program on Chinese College Students Learning in the U.S.
 Cong, Cong., Zhang, Jinghua., Li, Nan. and Wang, Aimin.

Effectiveness of Customized Stepping Criteria to Find Best Subset Models in Stepwise Multiple Linear Regression
 Ruengvirayudh, Pornchanok. and Brooks, Gordon.

Enhancing Mathematic Learning of Preschool Children with Special Needs Through Digital Media
 Tu, Xintian. and Lee, Lena.

Evaluation Capacity Building in Saudi Arabia: Lessons Learned (So Far) Using a Long-Term Approach
 Moss, Marcey., Hitchcock, John. and Alshumrani, Saleh.

Examination of Changing Learning Modes - The Impact That Technology is Having Upon Student Literacy.
 Tinnerman, Larry. and Jared, Wuerzburger.

Examining the Impacts of Music on the Adaptation of Chinese Students to the US Cultures
 Epperson, Nathan. and Wu, Anqi.

Examining the Plan, Self-regulation and Self-efficacy of Obesity Prevention Action Through Open-ended Questionnaire and Interview
 Li, Xiaoxi., Yang, Lizhu., Wang, Aimin. and Zhang, Yiyuan.

Existing and Emerging Dual Language Programs in Illinois
 Oberg De La Garza, Tammy., Mackinney, Erin. and Lavigne, Alyson.

Exploring Online Professional Development In Reducing Teacher Attrition In Two Charter Schools: Mixed Study Design
 Davis-Webster, Holly.

Exploring Online Professional Development In Reducing Teacher Attrition In Two Charter Schools: Mixed Study Design
 Davis-Webster, Holly.

Exploring Reasons for Chinese Student to Study in the US
 Yang, Yiyi., Shen, Zhedong. and Stec, Nathalie.


Factor Exploration of a Christian Identity Scale
 Martin, Amy. and Walker, David.

Factors Influencing Mathematics Anxiety Among College Students
 Baker, Shelletta.

Focusing on Students' Questions
 Zifkin, Jill.

Framing Study Abroad: A Critical Analysis of the Discourse of Online Advertising
 Gathogo, Mary.


Gateway to Equality of Educational Opportunity? Massive Open Online Courses and Low-Income Students
 Stich, Amy. and Reeves, Todd.

Global Mindedness of Graduate Students
 Hozien, Wafa.


High-Impact Immersion: Designing Transformative Experiential Learning
 Bender-Slack, Delane. and Ceo-DiFrancesco, Diane.

How School Districts Are Using Linked Data Systems to Learn About Their Students' College Readiness
 Dretzke, Beverly., Baker, Julia. and Kundin, Delia.


Inequality of Wealth and Tuition Rates
 Wilson, John.

Intersections of Mothering Identities and Student Identities in a High School English Class
 Kindelsperger, Abigail.

Intervention of Planning, Self-Regulation and Self-Efficacy on the Promotion of Female College Students’ Weight-Loss Action
 Li, Xiaoxi., Yang, Lizhu., Zhang, Yiyuan., Zhang, Jinghua. and Wang, Aimin.

Investigating Students' Perceptions of Race in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Majors
 Henderson, Trevion. and Travers, Christopher.

Investigating Students’ Development of Self-Efficacy with Vocabulary in Science
 Brown, Patrick. and Concannon, James.

Investigating the Development of Middle School Students STEM Beliefs
 Brown, Patrick. and Concannon, James.

Is There a Duty When a Student is a Threat to Self?
 Hemingway, Jennie.


Jewish Girls in Informal Educational Spaces: Finding Voice Through Youth-Led Participatory Action Research
 Proweller, Amira. and Catlett, Beth.


Learner Autonomy in Less Commonly Taught Languages: A Phenomenological Study
 Mose, Patrick.

Learning to Write as a Social Practice
 Lee, Cheu-jey.

Lessons Learned: Engaging in an Assessment Inventory Process
 Zaleski, Diana.

Let History Step into Ethical Leadership Studies
 Li, Shaobing.

Levels of Intercultural Competence Found in Students at a Large Midwest Community College
 Davidson, Jennifer.

Logrando El Sueño (Achieving the Dream): Latinas in Higher Education
 Katz, Susan. and Ojeda, Odette.


Mahatma Gandhi: Leadership for Education
 Sharma, Rashmi.

Mathematics Anxiety and the Nontraditional Student on the Community College Level
 Lelko, John.

Mental Health as a Global Education Priority
 Witte, Raymond.

Mexican Immigrant Parental Involvement and Students’ Academic Achievement
 Scoulas, Jung Mi. and Humphries, Marisha.

Motivation of Chinese Students to Study Abroad
 Kong, Fanlin., Zhang, Jinghua., Tang, Xiaoxue., Wang, Aimin. and Zhang, Yiyuan.


New Teacher Perceptions of Induction Programs: A Study of Open-Ended Commentary
 Williams, Nicole. and Gillham, John.


Opportunities and Challenges Perceived by Newly Arrived and Existing International Graduate Students
 Guo, Ying., Wang, Yue., Zhang, Yiyuan., Li, Nan., Tang, Xiaoxue., Zhou, Qiuting., Yang, Yanling., Wu, Beibei., Han, Ying. and Li, Shaobing.

Outlier Impact and Accommodation Methods: Multiple Comparisons of Power
 Li, Yanju., Liao, Hongjing. and Brooks, Gordon.


Parental Decision Making Regarding the Use of Technology in Children from Birth to Age Five
 Lentz, Lorelle.

Participating in the Global Education System: Implications of Study Abroad
 Ruddy, Anne-Maree., Chesnut, Colleen. and Hiller, Stephen.

People Power and Social Media
 Daniels, Sylvia.

Performance of OLS and HCCM Estimators in Heteroscedastic ANCOVA Models
 Beasley, T..

Perspectives and Trends in Global Education Market (U.S. and China)
 Gempesaw, Conrado “Bobby”.

Policy Analysis of Measures for the Accreditation of Teachers for Their Ability to Teach Chinese as a Foreign Language
 Han, Ying.

Potentials and Limitations: Theories and Research for Digital and Global Citizenship Education
 Harshman, Jason., Augustine, Tami. and Choi, Moonsun.

Pragmatic Consequences of Embedding Reference Laboratory Values in a Medical School Achievement Examination
 Kalinowski, Kevin.

Praxis in Teacher Education to Prepare Global Educators for 21st Century Classrooms
 Augustine, Tami. and Harshman, Jason.

Pre-Service Teachers’ Data Use Opportunities During Student Teaching
 Reeves, Todd.

Preference to Study in America vs China of Chinese Students
 Yang, Yiyi., Shen, Zhedong. and Cole, Emily.

Presidential Address
 Godwyll, Francis.

Professional Development Schools Enhancing Literacy Part II: Diagnosing Reading Problems and Formulating Literacy Instruction
 Walker, David. and Downey, Portia.

Program Review: Beyond compliance
 Gorski, Kathleen.


Re-Visiting 'Black Metropolis' in the 21st Century
 Vogt, Kristen.

Reading and Empathy
 McCreary, John. and Marchant, Gregory.

Realizing Inclusive Education in China: The Need for High-Quality Special Education Teacher Programs
 Cai, Jinghong.

Rubrics: Do They Matter?
 Kinne, Lenore.


Safe Spaces? Contested Spaces?: Developing Critical Conversations With Teacher Candidates
 Miller-Hargis, Angela.

Sample Size and Estimation Precision with the One-Parameter Model
 Custer, Michael.

Sample Size for Multiple Comparison Procedures
 McElhiney, Danielle., Al-Abdullatif, Fatimah., Alharbi, Abdulmajeed. and Brooks, Gordon.

School Leadership in Illinois: Past, Present and Future
 Tozer, Steve.

School Leadership in Illinois: Past, Present and Future
 Hunt, Erika.

School Leadership in Illinois: Past, Present and Future
 Klostermann, Brenda. and Stitziel Pareja, Amber.

School Leadership in Illinois: Past, Present and Future
 Reilly, Pam.

Self-Assessing Assessment in Teacher Training
 Daytner, Gary.

Self-Perception of Chinese American and Their Academic Achievements
 Zhang, Lina., Tang, Xiaoxue., Zhang, Jinghua. and Wang, Aimin.

Sense of Validation and Involvement in Residence Halls: A Study of Chinese International Students at a Mid-Western Public University
 Li, Ting. and Wang, Lei.

Special Education Staff Instructing Culturally- and Linguistically Diverse Students
 Horn, Roslyn.

Speech Codes on College Campus
 Wilson, John.

Statistical Analyses Using Microsoft® Excel Functions
 Dretzke, Beverly.

Students' Perceptions of Academic Advisor Effectiveness and its Relationship to Academic Outcomes
 Owens, Madeline. and Polydore, Catherine.

Supporting Young Authors: Exploring the Identity, Positioning, and Blogging of Adolescents
 Pigozzi, Grace.


Teacher Candidates Responses to a One-Day Diversity Field Experience
 Stevens, Sharon. and Miretzky, Deb.

Teaching Diverse Learners: Teacher Candidate Perspectives on Student Teaching in Urban Schools
 Olson, Jennifer. and Rao, Arthi.

Testing for Measurement Invariance in the Belizean Primary School Exam
 Milstead, Brooke. and Usher-Tate, Betty-Jean.

The Development of the Kentucky Statewide Victimization Survey: A Discussion of the Challenges and Process
 Setari, Ryan., Stanek, Marjorie., Liu, Ruixue. and Bradley, Kelly.

The Developmental Characteristics of Infants Relationships Between Self-Recognition and Mother-Infant Attachment Aged from 18 to 24 Months
 Yang, Lizhu., Liu, Ling., Tao, Sha., Zhang, Jinghua. and Wang, Aimin.

The Developmental Characteristics of Infants’ Self-Recognition Aged from 18 to 24 Months
 Yang, Lizhu., Liu, Ling., Tao, Sha., Zhang, Jinghua. and Wang, Aimin.

The Difference of Self-Regulated Learning Among Chinese Students by Different Educational Level, Major, and Gender
 Yu, Hanbing., Wang, Yue. and Wang, Aimin.

The Disturbing College Student: New Phenomena or Old Problem?
 Hemingway, Jennie.

The Effect on an Inquiry Game on Student Comprehension of Pathological Science
 Vogt, Kristen.

The Effectiveness of Psychological Intervention on the Psychological Factors of Body Weight Control of Over Weight Chinese Female Students
 Li, Xiaoxi., Yang, Lizhu., Zhang, Yiyuan. and Wang, Aimin.

The Effects of Parent and School on Students’ Reading Achievement in Top Four Countries Using PIRLS 2011
 Kim, Minsun. and Wang, Ze.

The Globalization of Teacher Evaluation: A Response Based on Statewide Teacher Perceptions
 Brasfield, Jon. and Williams, Nicole.

The Impact of Student Peer Interactions and Traditional Status on Student Assessment of Quality of Teaching and Learning
 Rugutt, John., Chemosit, Caroline., Sang, Hellen., Soi, Dorothy. and Ngeno, Viviline.

The Influence of Student-to-Student Relations, Teacher Student Relations and Personal Involvement on Learning Equity: A Multiple Regression Approach
 Wood, Glenn., Rugutt, John. and Chemosit, Caroline.

The Literacy Afterschool Program
 White, Robyn., Young, Teresa. and Lentz, Lorelle.

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Understanding One’s Racial and Cultural Identity: A Precursor to Becoming a Culturally Responsive Teacher.
 Vaughan, Winston.

Using Psychological Capital to Predict Mental Health of College Students: Implications for Counseling and Higher Education
 Selvaraj, Priscilla.

Using the Grounded Theory Research on College Students' Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy Dimensions
 Gu, Liqun., Che, Fanglu. and Tong, Xueying.
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