Midwestern Educational Research Association 40th Annual Meeting 2017-Oct-18 to 2017-Oct-22

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A Causal Comparative Examination Of The Effects Of Utilizing Community Based “Natural” Mentors In An Urban School Mentoring Program
 May, Judy. and May, Jacquelyn.

A Comparison of student engagment and student recall in elementary students learning with augmented reality versus learning without augmented reality in education
 Hoyt, Mary.

A Mathematics Teacher Educator’s Learning Experience: Unpacking Relationships, Mathematics, and Emotions
 Suazo Flores, Elizabeth.

A Meta-Analytic Review of the Effectiveness of the Small-Group Learning Pedagogies in Engineering and Technology College Classrooms
 Kalaian, Sema. and Kasim, Rafa.

A Monte Carlo Study of Parallel Analysis with Binary Variables in Test Data
 Ruengvirayudh, Pornchanok. and Brooks, Gordon.

A Networked Improvement Community Around Emerging Practices in K-12 Schools
 Kallio, Julie.

A Relational Analysis of Personal Involvement of Student, Critical Thinking Skills, and Collaborative Learning
 Zhang, Shaozhe., Rugutt, John. and Chemosit, Caroline.

A Review of Human Resources in Higher Education Program Curriculum
 Dzwik, Leigh.

Academic Learning Maximized: Developing a Student Respected Environment
 Johnson, Doris.

Activist Literacy and Jurgen Habermas: Identifying and Evaluating Validity Claims
 Lee, Cheu-jey.

American College Students’ Self-efficacy and Motivation on Mandarin Chinese Learning
 Liu, Ning., Yan, Jun., Yang, Yanling., Zhang, Jinghua. and Wang, Aimin.

An analysis of the relationship of school-level demographic variables and teacher effectiveness measures
 Brasfield, Jon.

An invariance test of Leisure Satisfaction Scale short form across age groups
 Do, Hoan.

Analyzing student learning as participation in asynchronous online discussions
 Topper, Anderw., Bair, Mary., Patterson, Nancy. and Lancaster, Sean.

Applicant Qualifications as Predictors of Doctoral Student Persistence
 Gillham, John. and Brasfield, Jon.

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Back to the Stone Age? The Effect of Internet Communication Technologies on Students in Higher Education
 Tinnerman, Larry. and Wuerzburger, Jared.

Beginning Teachers and the Experience of Doomed Foreclosure
 Zimmerman, Aaron.

Beyond representationalism: extending the mind in the field of Educational Technology
 Shutkin, David.


Charter School to Prison Pipeline: The Consequence of Educational Neoliberalism
 Perkins-Williams, Ruqayyah.

Children, Technology, and the Brain
 Schroer, Joseph.

Choices and Challenges Facing District Leaders: Closing a School
 Quinn, Daniel.

Closing the Opportunity Gap: Core Instructional Practice in Blended Learning Classrooms
 Jones, Mary., Anthony, Elizabeth. and Wills, Ph.D, Fr. Nate.

Cochran Mantel-Haenszel Chi-square Analysis of Student Achievement based on Geographical Location of High School
 Atuahene, Francis., Atuahene, Mercy. and Adabor, James.

Collaborative action research professional development: Collaboration between urban public schools and an urban university
 Huang, Grace., Corrigan, Diane., Abate, Ronald. and Gove, Mary.

Comparative Education in the Arab Word: Implications for Innovations in the curriculum
 Ofori-Attah, Kwabena.

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy Matters: Deconstructing the concepts of Race, Class and Privilege in Teacher Education
 Vaughan, Winston.


Designers for Learning: Autoethnographic Study in a Service Learning MOOC to Gain Experience for good
 Janakiraman, Shamila.

Detecting Individual and School Effects on Mathematics Achievement in the United States and Taiwan using TIMSS 2011
 Liu, Jingfei.

Different studying efficiency between Male and Female college students
 Ge, Yuanyuan., Zhang, Jinghua., Yan, Jun. and Wang, Aimin.

Differentiating the Rural Principal: Retention and Attrition Across Locale
 Pendola, Andrew.

Discipline with Emotion: Exploring African American Elementary Students’ Perceptions of and Responses to Teacher Tone
 Cashdollar, Sarah.

Discourse Analysis of Soka Women’s College: Within the Context of Women’s Higher Education in Japan
 Inukai, Nozomi.

Discriminant Analysis versus ANOVAs Post-hoc for Significant MANOVA: A Monte Carlo Study
 Al-Abdullatif, fatimah.

Dissemination of Research: An Interactive Workshop
 Williams, Nicole.

Do I Have to Teach Math? The Pre-Service Teachers' Narratives of their mathematics Identities
 Omitoyin, Janet.

Domain analysis of people’s moral decisions: “Do I care about others’ needs and rights?”
 Hasebe, Yuki.

Dropout recover schools: How two charter schools are working to prevent the school to prison pipeline
 Basford, Letitia. and Lewis, Joe.


Effective Teamwork: Perceptions of School District Administrators
 Dail, Sara. and Stevens, Sharon.

Enhancing Science Teachers’ Content Knowledge and Pedagogical Skills Through a Collaborative Summer Research Experience
 Olson, Jennifer., Shyjka, Andria. and Kotche, Miiri.

Equipping Teacher Candidates for the edTPA: Perspectives of Teacher Preparation Program Supports
 Rao, Arthi., Reeves, Todd., Olson, Jennifer. and Koss, Melanie.

Evaluating the Instructional Effectiveness of Early-Career Colorado Educators
 Hart, J. Ryan. and Farley, Amy.

Examining Educators’ Needs, Practices, and Ouctomes during College Readiness Exam Transition in Illinois and Michigan
 Aisen, Amanda. and James, Katie.

Examining Students Performance: Providing Feedback via Audio Screencast and Traditional Written Feedback on Writing Assignments
 Cunningham, Marcelene.

Experiential Learning: Student Views After Working With Older Adults in An Exercise Science Program
 Juvancic-Heltzel, Judith A.., Richardson, Laura. and Ramlo, Susan.

Exploring Factors of Student Technology Acceptance of Mobile Devices for Classroom Instruction: A Quantitative Case Study
 Therriault, Victoria.

Exploring Graduate Student Perspectives on Participating in and Attending a Professional Conference
 Wickman, Scott., Campbell, Cynthia., Gonzales, Christopher. and Cramer, Brad.

Exploring Middle School Student Perspectives of Best Practice Using Technology in Art
 Leonard, Nicholas. and Campbell, Cynthia.

Exploring New Models for Teacher Education Programs
 Handley, Mary., Gove, Mary. and Huang, Grace.

Exploring Reading Strategy Use in Native and ESL Readers
 Feller, Daniel., Kopatich, Ryan. and Higgs, Karyn.

Exploring Reliability and Validity Evidence for A Student Teaching Evaluation Instrument
 Quilter, Shawn.

Exploring Teacher Candidates’ and Mentor Teachers’ Beliefs Regarding Inquiry in the Science Classroom
 Sneed, Stacey. and Zimmerman, Aaron.

Exploring the Relationship between Advanced Mathematics Enrollment, College Grade Point Average, Race, and Disability Status
 Whitley, Samuel. and Rugutt, John.

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Factors Influencing Reading Growth in Online K-2 Students
 Wotring, Deborah.

Factors That Promote Collaborative Learning in the Classroom
 Nkansah, Joan.

Faculty Development through Video Clubs and Learning Labs
 Diarrassouba, Nagnon., DeFrance, Nancy., Stockton, Terry. and Bair, Mary.

First-Generation College Students' Perspectives of Positive and Negative Instructor Behaviors
 Samson, Katherine.

Fostering Teacher Leadership for Urban Pre-Service Teachers: Empowering Teachers with Leadership Capacity
 Olson, Jennifer. and Swanson, Jason.


Higher Education and Upward Social Mobility: A Review/Synthesis of the Literature
 Ayivor, Sandra.

How Can Technology-Enhanced Feedback Improve Preservice Teachers’ Ability to be Culturally Responsive in their Practice?
 Hisrich, Katy., Cummings, Marlon. and Vujaklija, Amy.

How Faculty Assessments of Degree Completion Likelihood Shape their Advising Relationship with Doctoral Students
 Kalke, Nan.

How to Change the World: The Relationship Between Social Media and Social Justice in the Classroom
 Jernigan, Sarah.


I-Search/Re-Search: A Place-Based Teacher Education Conceptual Model
 McClain, Pamela.

Impact of Instruction, Professional Development, and Ed Tech on College Readiness Exam Score Growth
 Aisen, Amanda. and James, Katie.

Impact of Number Talks on Children’s Mathematical Reasoning and Algebraic Thinking
 McCarthy, Kathleen., McCafferty, Tess. and Pourdavood, Roland.

Implementing and Embracing Innovation to Support College Access: A Study of Two Schools
 Ochsner, Amanda.

Improvement of critical thinking ability: Islamic Perceptions of the Elementary Schools Preservice Teacher Education Programs
 Alwadai, Mesfer.

Initial Conceptions of Engineering Held By Secondary Mathematics and Science Teachers
 Thatcher, Will.

Inservice Elementary Teacher Constructivist Technology Integration: An Explanatory Correlational Quantitative Proposal
 Barton, Patricia.

Institutional Rankings of College Attainment of Underserved Students in Illinois
 Holt, Janet. and Duffy, Daniel.

Internationalization and Global Partnerships
 Gertz, Meredith.

Internationalization in Special Education
 Zascavage, Victoria.

Internationalization in a Gifted Fifth Grade Classroom
 McLean, Jimmy.

Investigating Motivational Factor in Online Professional Development Environment Among Faculty at King Khalid University.
 Jabli, Naif.

Investigation of cultural differences of self-perception among Chinese and American secondary school students
 Yang, Jianxiang., Xiang, Yunlu., Yan, Jun., Zhang, Jinghua. and Wang, Aimin.

Is there a correlation between Critical Thinking Skills, Student Extra Learning, and Personal Involvement by Students in students who participated in Honors Program?
 Ruiz, Jesus., Rugutt, John., Rosado, Tricia. and Armen, Alvarez.


Knowledge sharing evaluation metric based on customer satisfaction: student discussion forum
 AL-ararah, Rakez. and Harb, Yousra.


Latina educators' testimonies on their journeys through the teaching pipeline: What can be learned.
 Trombetta, Adriana.

Leadership for Personalized Learning
 Halverson, Richard., Barnicle, Alan., Hackett, Sarah., Rawat, Tanushree., Kallio, Julie. and Strikwerda, Arlene.

Learn in 3D: Best and current practices for the creation of stereoscopic 3D educational multimedia
 Wuerzburger, Jared.

Learning to Teach through Writing with Students
 Lee, Cheu-jey.

Lessening the Anxiety of Graduate Students
 Harris, Monica. and Bailey-Fakhoury, Chasity.

Linking NWEA with M-Step Proficiency
 Wei, Dan.

Logistic regression under sparse data conditions
 Smith, Thomas., Walker, David. and McKenna, Cornelius.


Making sense of users’ lived experiences of school built environments in Ghanaian basic schools
 Agbevanu, Wisdom.


Non-Traditional Students: A Study on Age and Full-time Employment as it Relates to Teacher
 Soriano, Diana., Rugutt, John., Sanchez, Jorge., Medina, Rosalva. and Wortel, Michelle.


On Becoming a Dad, a Mom, and a Professor
 Roegman, Rachel.

Online Learning for Doctoral Students: Experiences from the University of West Florida
 Godwyll, Francis.

Onward, Upward and the Journey Through: Perceptions of Education from African-American and Latina Women
 Edwards, Anne. and Stich, Amy.


Perceptions of Faculty about Academic Leadership Styles in Maroodijeex International University and Golis University in Somaliland
 Nur-Awaleh, Mohamed.

Personalized Assessment Ecosystems
 Hackett, Sarah.

Place and Positionally in Education Research
 Breault, Rick.

Pre-service Teachers Change in Perceptions after Urban Field Experiences
 Cripe, Kathleen., Matanin, Marcia. and Miller, Kenneth.

Predicting Instructional Alignment from Alignment Practices
 Ehrmann, Joseph. and Walker, David.

Predicting Student Achievement Using a Multinomial Logistic Regression Analysis of Educational Reform in Ghana
 Atuahene, Francis., Atuahene, Mercy. and Adabor, James.

Promoting an Educational Culture of Understanding for Students with Learning Disabilities: A Narrative Perspective
 Marita, Samantha. and Hord, Casey.

Promotion of Campus Engagement and International Students’ Language Confidence: A Study in a Mid-sized Public University
 Li, Ting., Spann, Sammy. and Zanoguera, Inmaculada.

Pscyhological Testing and Assessment in Guidance and Research Centers in Turkey: ITC Test Use Guidlines
 Borkan, Bengu.


Racial Stereotype Threat: A Critical Race Perspective
 McCloud, Daniel.

Reading motivation measurement in a postsecondary setting
 Powers, Elyzia. and Tonks, Stephen.

Realizing the Ideal School District Size: How District Size Affects Achievement and Expenditure
 Banicki, Guy., Rugutt, John. and Hayes, James.


Satisfaction Matters: Evaluation of A Learning Community for International Graduate Students
 Yu, Jiaqi. and Jaramillo Cherrez, Nadia.

Short-Term Effects of an Online Data Literacy Intervention on Pre-Service and In-Service Teachers’ Beliefs and Anxiety
 Reeves, Todd. and Chiang, Raye.

Social Emotional Learning through a Child Rights Lens
 Grezlac, Kate., Outrich, Katie., Bubbett, Johnathan., Fitzsimmons, Marnie., Naser, Shereen. and Abate, Ronald.

Social Emotional Learning: The parents’ view of school
 Stevens, Sharon. and Daytner, Gary.

Social Media and School-Community Relationships
 Stevens, Sharon., Miretzky, Deb. and Sellen, Joanne.

Stakeholder Perspectives on Student Mobile Device Use in Illinois High Schools: an Exploratory Study
 Tabbara, Ph.D., Omar.

Stories Worth Telling: Young Volunteers in the the Nicaraguan Literacy Campaign
 Bender-Slack, Delane.

Student Perceptions of How Compassionate Enrollment Affects Persistence at a Two-year Institution
 Moore, Kimberly.

Student Perceptions of School Climate and Student Attitude Towards Science: A Cross-Cultural Examination
 Chen, Hsiang-Ting., Wang, Hsin-Hui., Yang, Kuay-Keng., Walker, David. and Smith, Thomas.

Student Veterans and Their Transition to Becoming a College Student
 Higgerson, Paul.

Students' Engagement Differences in Online and Face-to-Face Classes
 Alshrari, Yousef., Elgosbi, Khalifa. and Albalawi, Abdullah.

Students' Views about Technology: Academic Skills, Career Interest, and Post-Secondary Choices
 Giraldo-Garcia, Regina. and Suarez-Caraballo, Lisa.


Talking about Race in Schools: A Survey of Administrators’ Comfort and Practice
 Roegman, Rachel. and Hettinger, Caleb.

Teach Toledo: an innovative initiative to recruit and retain diverse teachers
 Rasey, Zachary., Hamer, Lynne. and Imoh, Collins.

Teacher Candidate Collaboration: Differentiating Instruction for Diverse Learners
 Seeger, Victoria. and Shantel, Farnan.

Teacher Perceptions of the Ceiling Effect With Gifted Students and the Impact on Teacher Value-Added Scores
 Billings, Brian.

Teacher Voice in the Local Context: Identifying Themes that Sustain Passion and Commitment
 Snyder, Richard.

Teachers’ Analyses of Assessments with Informational Sources
 Jafari, Samaneh., Kaya, Jean., Gonzalez, Salvador. and Miller, Grant.

Teaching Teachers to Understand Data Use in Instructional Decision Making
 Chirume, Erasmus.

The Built Pedagogy of Personalized Learning in K-12 as Designed Opportunities for Student Voice and Choice
 Kallio, Julie.

The College English Curriculum Evaluation Survey in China: development and initial validation
 Liao, Hongjing. and Li, Yanju.

The Comparing Study of New Teachers Preparation Programs in the USA and Saudi Arabia
 Almahfdud, Mohammed.

The Effect of Safe Ride Programs on Neighborhood Crime
 Longwell-Grice, Robert.

The Effectiveness of Bilingual Education in Second Langue Classroom: Teacher Education for English Language Learners
 Han, Jung. and Park, Kyongson.

The Effectiveness of Self-Paced Online Professional Development in Promoting Technology Integration in Saudi Arabia
 Alahmari, Ayshah., Rugutt, John. and Banicki, Guy.

The Effects of Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Leveled Text on Reading Comprehension for Students with Disabilities.
 Tandy, Jacob. and Rispoli, Mandy.

The Layered Experiences of Student Athletes: Young Muslim Women in the US, UK, and RSA
 Sadoun, Meriem.

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Using Massively Multiplayer Online Games to Help Engagement and Performance in a College Writing Course
 Bawa, Papia.

Using short-term study abroad experiences to expand global awareness and critical thinking
 Ruettgers, Mary. and Leavitt, Lynda.

Utilizing Digital Badges to Promote a College-Going Culture in Urban High Schools
 Strait, Marquetta.

Utilizing Online Discussion Boards in Education to Facilitate Dialogue among Students
 Pogge, Callie.


Value-Creating Education and Curriculum Development: An Instrumental Case Study at Soka University of America
 Inukai, Nozomi.

Visual Tools for Eliciting Connections and Cohesiveness in Mixed Methods Research
 Murawska, Jaclyn. and Walker, David.


WORKSHOP: Analyzing Online Survey Data in the Cloud and Delivering High Quality Results in Teams
 Lieber, Eli., Salmona, Michelle. and Kaczynski, Dan.
Midwestern Educational Research Association 40th Annual Meeting 2017-Oct-18 to 2017-Oct-22
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