North American Association For Environmental Education 2008-Oct-13 to 2008-Oct-20

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: Increased Energy Education Yields Lower Utility Bills
 Rickert, Melissa.

"Doing Science" as Service Learning
 Landon, Beth.

"Earth Community" -- Bridge or Barrier?
 Sawtell, Peter.

"Head Smart for a Healthy Start": Education for a Lifetime
 Jackson, Octavia. and Lassiter, Keith.

"Spirit of the Estuary: Using Art to Understand Ecology"
 Lyons, Sue Ellen.

"The Greatest Good" Film: Bridging the Gap in Communities Nationwide.
 John, Meg.

: Identifying common interests with Mexican researchers on education to support sustainable communities.
 Meyers, Ron., Ramírez Quintana-Carr, Ana. and Peña, Ofelia Pérez.

“Blue Jay Fledgings”—a Successful Tactic Increasing PreK-K Group Visits
 Hefner, D\'Nise. and Avett, Stephanie.

“Living in a Global Forest;” Environmental Justice Goes Beyond National Borders
 John, Meg.

“Look Before You Leap”: Assessing Education Providers When Forming a Collaborative Approach to Conservation
 Dayer, Ashley. and Bonney, Rick.

“Watt” We “NEED” is Shocking
 Keaton, Doug. and Reagor, Karen.


A Case for Urban Forestry
 Liu, Jared.
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A Critical Pedagogy of Place: Rethinking Place-based Education
 Zimmer, Lana.

A Field Guide to Nonprofit Boards
 McGuire (Org), Sue.

A Forest for Every Classroom: Taking Place-Based Westward Ho
 Stephens Williams, Pat. and Legg, Mike.

A Long Term Solution: Creating Empowered Youngsters Working Together
 Camargo, Camilo.

A New Lens to View the World: Science Education that Makes a Difference
 Schedler, Karen., Molina-Walters, Debi. and Schwartz, Kerry.
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A Review of the Research on Outdoor Learning - An Update
 Dillon, Justin. and Stevenson, Robert.

A Tandem Action Research and Teaching for Sustainability in Environmental Education
 Zoller, Uri.

A characterization of ecology and ecosystem understanding: a call for targeted instruction.
 Jordan, Rebecca. and Gray, Steven.

A quasi-experiment using integrated EE curricula: Student preferences for social and natural elements of land use
 Kumler, Lori.

Activities for Young Children: From the Mountains to the Prairies

Adapting in an Uncertain World: Environmental Learning within Rural Southern African Communities
 Wojcik, Deborah.

Add MAGIC to Your Environmental Presentations for Children...and Adults!
 Cummins, Kent. and Walden, Chris.

Addressing Rural Sustainability through Sustainability Education
 Maxwell, Mona.

Advancing Environmental Education in the Middle Years
 Grant, Tim.

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Back to the Garden: Nurturing a Spirit of Belonging
 Sheffield, Elise.
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Beyond Evaulation Data: When the Process IS the Outcome
 Herbert, Matthew., Norland, Emma. and Heimlich, Joe.

Bird Conservation through Education: A New Bird Education Network
 Hawthorne, Org, Josetta. and Baicich, Paul.

Blazing a Playtrail: Designing Natural Spaces for Play and Discovery
 Bernstein, Bonnie.

Breadfruit and Rubber in Film: Plants, People, and Environment Transformed
 Frazier, Richard.

Breakout Group 1
 Meyers, Ron.

Breakout Group 2
 Kelly, Erin.

Breakout Group 3
 Kelly, Erin.

Breakout Sessions
 Krasny, Marianne. and Meyers, Ron.

Bridging the Divide: Creating a Sustainable Training Academy for China
 Askue, Laurel. and Heimlich, Joe.

Bridging the Gap: Integrating Indigenous Knowledge and Science in a Non-Formal Environmental Learning Program
 Swayze, Natalie.

Brief Overview of Research Issues Workshops
 Meyers, Ron.

Bring Birds into Your Inquiry Classroom
 Davenport, Nikki.

Bringing Alive the Guidelines for Excellence for Early Childhood (pre-K to Third Grade)
 Torquati, Julia.

Bringing EE Programs to Local School Districts: One Successful Approach
 Merchant, Heather.

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CEO Integration: A Dynamic Course for Achieving Educational Objectives
 von Klan, Laurene. and Picard, Nancy.

Case Study: White Teachers Understanding Environmental Racism
 O\'Connell, Coleen.

Cavorting Penguins and Meandering Icebergs: Connecting Classrooms to Antarctic Research
 Neely, Norma.

Celebrating and Making Visible the Centrality of Nature: Infusion of Nature in a Model Early Childhood Education Program
 Rupiper, Michelle.

Certification Advisory Council Meeting
 Weiser, Brenda. and Bumpous, Sue.

Changing Teacher Education: Developing Environmental Consciousness through Experential Education
 Luce, Austine. and Wee, Bryan.

Children's International Art Exchange: Connecting Children to Conservation through Art
 Garland, Joan., Klink, Korie. and Rod, Alyssa.

Christian Wilderness Programming: What Works. What Doesn't.
 Griffin, Jimmy.

Citizen Science & Environmental Literacy: Developing a Curriculum Framework
 Reilly, Scott.

Clay Nature: A Synthesis of Earth and Art
 Hyde, Warner.

Climate Change: Global Connections and Sustainable Solutions
 Wilton, Dave.

Climate Classroom: NWF's Age and Developmentally Appropriate Global Warming Education
 Stanton, Carey.

Climate Classroom: NWF's Environmental Education Program Inspiring the Next Generation
 Stanton, Carey.

Climate Literacy Resources
 Barstow, Daniel.

Combatting Nature Deficit Disorder - Evaluating Environmental Literacy of Fifth Graders
 Davis, Sarah.

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Decentralization: Building Regional EE Teams in Virginia
 Ruble, David.

Deliberately Creating our Environmental Future through Universal Laws of Attraction
 Sadler, Janet.

Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of the Online Course, Making EE Relevant for Diverse Audiences
 Cordie, Alison., Wilke, Rick. and Medina, Augusto.

Designing Field Tested Outdoor Learning Environments Proven Effective for Young Children
 Wirth, Susan. and Rosenow, Nancy.

Designing an Innovative Web-Based Earth Systems Science Course
 Moseley, Christine. and Noyes-Herber, Rosalie.

Detroit TreeKeepers Kids: Revitalizing Schoolyards
 Wayne, Melanie.

Developing Pre/Post Activities to Meet Teacher and Funder Needs
 Seitz, Jennifer. and Thurman, Kimberly.

Developing a Best Practices for Field Days Assessment Tool
 Carlson, Stephan., Storksdieck, Martin. and Heimlich, Joe.

Developing a Financial Plan for an EE Certification Program
 Heimowitz, Alison. and Johnson, J. Allen.

Developing a Framework for Informal Science Education Participation
 Bruyere, Brett. and Billingsley, Ethan.

Developing a National System to Increase Organizational Strength for EE
 Goto, Masakazu. and Hioki, Mitsuhisa.

Developing a Sustainable Fundraising Plan for Your Organization
 Visitacion, Jennifer.

Developing an EE Certification Program for Your State, Region, or Province
 Marcinkowski, Tom., Walker Bravo, Andree\'., Weiser, Brenda. and Wilcox, Org., Libby.

Developing an Online Educator Training for Florida Project Learning Tree
 Berg, Jon., Seitz, Jennifer. and Monroe, Martha.

Developing an Urban Outdoor Adventures Program for Inner-City Teens
 Lambert, Veronique.

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EARTH PARTNERSHIP: Schoolyard Ecological Restoration Builds Community Awareness and Stewardship
 Bauer-Armstrong, Cheryl. and Hall, Richard.

EE Grows Up: Making Sustainability Relevant to Adults
 Cowles Paul, Kathleen.

EE Without Borders: Facilitating Binational Collaboration between US and Mexico
 Marcos-Iga, Jose.

EJ, Environmental Health, Climate Change Open Space
 Medina, Augusto.

Early Childhood-Nature Play Initiative: A Higher Education Service-Learning Project
 Ernst, Julie.

Earth Gauge™ - Advancing Environmental Literacy through the TV Weather Report
 Posegate, Ann.

Eco Sprouts: Fundraising with a Purpose
 McGuire, Emily.

EcoJustice, Uncertainty Thinking, and Teachers of Georgia’s Satilla Watershed
 Carroll, Gwendolyn., Mueller, Michael., Shelton, James. and Jackson, Rhett.

Ecological Monitoring and Assessment Networks: Elementary Schools' Participation in NatureWatch
 Karrow, Douglas. and Fazio, Xavier.

Ecospirituality and Modernism: Reflecting on Religion in EE
 Meyers, Ron.

Educating citizens to climate change and adaptations: Challenges and possibilities
 Pruneau, Diane., Demers, Mélanie. and Chouinard, Omer.

Education in a Free Society: What's Possible?
 Miller, Sean.

Education or Advocacy: The Challenges of Explaining Controversial Natural Resource Issues
 Monroe, Martha., Oxarart, Annie. and McDonell, Lauren.

Educators Workshop: Hands-on Curriculum Stemming from Acclaimed Organic Garden
 Solomon, Summer., Miller, Christine. and Stanko, Cissy.

Effectiveness of Applying Community Senior Human Resources in Local Culture Teaching Activity
 Liu, Shih-Tsen., Jia-Yu, Ou. and Chen, Hsao-Lin.

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FRESH: Exploring the Environmental Impacts of Everyday Eating
 Hass, Dylan.

Facilitating Learning through Group Research: An Investigation of Interdisciplinary, Cross-Cultural, Participatory Research
 Wojcik, Deborah.

Facilitating Learning through Team Research: An Investigation of Interdisciplinary, Cross-Cultural, Participatory Research
 Wojcik, Deborah.

Finding a Home for Environmental Education Research: Behavior or Memory?
 Weiland, Ingrid.
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Finding and Involving Environmental Justice Communities
 Ruble, David.

Food For Thought: Designing Programs on Sustainable Food Choices
 Rohe, Sarah.

Forestry Certification as a Conservation Tool: A Guatemalan Case Study
 Stenstrup, Al., Ghiso, Maria. and Schrader, Julianne.

From Dirt to Dinner: How Garden Education is Related to Our Stomachs
 Brinton, Scott.

From Inspiration to Action: Supporting Early Childhood Teachers as they Incorporate Nature Into their Programs
 Churchill, Susan. and Torquati, Julia.

Fueling the Future: Energy Interconnections and Sustainable Choices
 Wilton, Dave.


Getting Past Fear to Faith: Re-learning Stewardship
 Enns, Garry.

Giving Montserrat’s Public a Voice in Environmental Planning and Management
 McCauley, Carole. and Mendes, Stephen.

Global Connections: Forests of the World
 Stenstrup, Al. and Zenn, Rick.

Global to Local: UNESCO’s Impact on Ontario’s Curricular Policies
 Galvin, Kathryn.

Got Needs? Special Needs Students Answer the Call
 King, Laura. and McPheeters, Joellen.

Graduate Study: Developing Fairytales to Teach Children about Forest Ecology
 Colley, Lara., Howell, Grace., Monroe, Martha. and Seitz, Jennifer.

Grass Roots Organizing for Environmental Communication
 Mabion, Richard.

Green and Healthy Schools (GHS): A Valuable Teaching Tool
 Eller, Jane. and Zoretic, Maria.

Growing a Garden of Words
 Enz, Billie. and Walters, Molina.
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Growing a Green School from the Ground Up
 Toth, Susan.

Guidelines Trainers' Bureau Meeting
 Simmons, Bora.


Handling the Climate Change Opportunity and Opportunistic
 Liu, Jared.
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 [017] [018]

Healthy Forests Education: Why and How
 Iyer, Geetha.

Healthy Waters Institute: Connecting Environmental Education and On-the-Ground Restoration
 Price, Traci.

Helping Young Children Know Nature Through Prairie Exploration
 Guhr, Brad.

Herpetological Conservation Education Summer Field Experiences for High School Students
 Matthews, Catherine. and Somers, Ann Berry.

How Infant and Toddler Teachers Facilitate Learning Experiences in Nature
 Topil, Denise. and Perry, Kathryn.

How does classroom talk jive with an integrative framework for environmental education?
 Honda, Sandra., Sinnott, Corinn., Berkowitz, Alan. and Grant, Terry.

How the Brain Learns: Creating Unforgettable Programs Using Cognitive Science
 Signer, Ian.
 [001] [002] [003]

How to Get Your State EE Certification Program Accredited by NAAEE
 Marcinkowski, Tom., Walker Bravo, Andree\'. and Weiser, Brenda.

How to Take Award-Winning Environmental Photos
 Buckler, Mark.


ICF Conservation Education: Bridging Conservation and the Interdisciplinary K-12 Community
 Klink, Korie., Rod, Alyssa. and Garland, Joan.

Including Students with Mild Disabilties in Outdoor/Environmental Education Programs
 Harader, Dana.

Influence of Foundational EE Literature on Practitioners' Understanding of Conservation and Environmental Education
 Ernst, Julie. and Kwako, Joan.

Influences on Middle School Teachers' Use of Environment-Based Education
 Ernst, Julie.

Informing and Motivating the Public through Interesting Text
 Oxarart, Annie. and Monroe, Martha.

Infusing EE into Preservice Education at The University of Montana
 Brown, Fletcher.

Inquiry-based Citizen Science Fosters Skills for Environmental Learning and Action
 Shirk, Jennifer., Schaus, Jennifer. and Krasny, Marianne.

Instructions, Gender Roles, and Activity: Looking for Best Practices in Mediated Experiences
 Heimlich, Joe., Kiehl, Kimberlee. and Meyer, Emily.

Integrating EE into the K-12 Curriculum - The Wisconsin School Forest Program
 Solin, Jeremy.

Integrating Technology to Advance Educational Education and Increase Environmental Literacy
 Willis, Jana. and Weiser, Brenda.
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Interested in Becoming a National Program Reviewer for NAAEE/NCATE?
 Coker, Teresa. and Gopalan, Org., Himanshu.

International Experiences via the NAAEE International Commission
 White, Peta. and Marzolla, A. Michael.

International Handbook of Research in EE
 Brody, Michael.

International Perspective: Student Experience as Environmental Educator in South Africa
 Roske, Molly.

 Krasny, Marianne. and Meyers, Ron.

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Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots Youth Humanitarian Program and ChimpanZoo
 King, Laura., Page, Diane. and Landau, Virginia.

Just Eating: Practicing Your Faith at the Table
 Steury, Paul.

Just Like the Wind Blows, Energy Education Grows
 Keaton, Doug. and Reagor, Karen.


K-12 Student Involvement Opportunities in Energy Education
 Ziolkowski, Carrie. and Steuck, Kelly.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER- Developing Active Care for the Environment: Pivotal Topics for Further Research
 Chawla, Louise.

Kansas Environmental Leadership Program: Local Leaders Making Wise Environmental Decisions
 Willingham, Judy.

Kansas Water Celebrations: A Roundtable-Chair Tour
 Arthur, Melissa.

Kids4Earth: Environmental Curriculum for Grades 6 to 8
 Mosley Gordanier, Marilyn.


Land-Use Planning as a Strategy to Mitigate Environmental Health Disparities
 Stokes IV, Shereitte., Gragg, Richard., Johnson, Elijah., Essien, Frederic., Owens, Marcia. and Kearney, Gregory.

Latino Legacy: Creating Connections Between Latino Communities and Public Lands
 Conway, Tamberly., Stephens Williams, Pat. and Legg, Mike.

Leadership Training for Disadvantaged Youth to Promote Environmental Stewardship
 Simon de Ortiz, Margie. and Romero Azuela, Arnoldo.

Learning About, Becoming Engaged with Local Food-Production via Service-Learning Partnerships
 Hudspeth, Thomas.

Learning about Environment, Food and Agriculture at an Urban Farm
 Bartosh, Oksana., Mayer-Smith, Jolie. and Peterat, Linda.

Learning and Teaching Naturally: An Assessment of Nature Education Workshops in a University Introduction to Early Childhood Education Course
 Hill-Menson, Toni.

Learning for Capacity Building within Community-Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) Communities
 Wojcik, Deborah.

Learning from Case Studies of Programs using My Environmental Education Evaluation Resource Assistant (MEERA)
 Zint, Michaela., Covitt, Beth., Dowd, Patrick., Burnett, Drew., MacKinnon, Kathleen. and McDonald, Barbara.

Learning through Teaching: An Innovative Approach to University Environmental Education
 Wojcik, Deborah.

Leave No Family Inside: Bringing Families Together in the Outdoors
 Hill, Emily. and Dostal, Karen.
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 [009] [010]

Lesson Plan Kits for Community Environmental Education
 Strauss, Mary.

Lessons Learned: Creating An On-Line Place-Based EE Curriculum
 Marzolla, A. Michael.

Leveraging ICT to Promote Multidisciplinary Environmentally Focused Authentic Educational Projects
 Barrett, Andrew.

Leveraging Pre-Service Teacher Education Programs to Include EE
 Wilson, Terry., Simmons, Bora. and Bumpous, Sue.

Life, art, and tears: Researching pedagogy
 McKenzie, Marcia., Russell, Constance. and Dillon, Justin.

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M.I.S.S.I.O.N. Organization: Educational Resource Management "Tricks of the Trade"
 Avett, Stephanie. and Hefner, D\'Nise.

MDC Discover Nature - Schools: Conservation Education Units for Grades K-12
 Knauer, Regina.

Magnify the Impact of Your Program: Make Connections to the Classroom
 Thurman, Kimberly. and Seitz, Jennifer.

Make a Difference
 Peckumn, Gail. and Gillaspey, Mary.

Making W.I.N.-W.I.N Win-Win: Needs Assessment for a Mature Conservation Education Program
 Norland, Emmalou. and Heimlich, Joe.

Managing Your Legacy: A Model for Educating Landowners About Land Management
 Garascia, Amy.

Meeting with Your Legislators: Easy Ways to Influence Environmental Education Policy
 Visitacion, Jennifer.

Middle Schoolers Tackle Low Impact Development
 Barnes, Pamela.

Middle Years Students' Views of Human/Nature Relationship. What is Your View?
 McDonald, Christina.

Mindfulness and Holistic Environmental Education
 Tantillo, Carla.

Misconceptions About Food, Agriculture and the Environment
 Hellerich, Ellen.

Mismanagement of Transnational Waters of the Aral Sea Basin: What can we learn?
 Yu, Huiching. and Yeh, Shin-Cheng.
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 [009] [010]

Mixed Methods Approach Exploring Transformative Learning in Environmental Science Courses
 Blatt, Erica. and Abrams, Eleanor.

Model Solar Cars: Learning About Solar Energy Can Be Fun
 Higby, Pat.

Movies, Cell Phones, Internet Voting, and Blogs
 Haight, April.

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NAAEE/NCATE Accreditation: Evidence for Meeting the Requirements
 Bennett, Billy. and Wilder, Melinda.

NAAEE/Pierce Foundation Film Contest First Prize Winner: King Corn
 Bumpous, Sue.

NAAEE/Pierce Foundation Film Contest Second Prize Winner: Return to Penguin City
 Bumpous, Sue.

National Public Lands Day-- Advancing Conservation Education Through Volunteerism
 Hampton, Robb.

Native Plants & Native Peoples: A Sacred Relationship
 Plata, Marion.

Native Waters, Native Science, The Native Spirit of Science
 Frazier, Scott.

Natural Environments and Children with ADHD: A “Natural” Fit?
 Ritter, Amy.

Natural Resources vs Basic Human Needs: A Decision-based Game
 Camargo, Camilo.

Nature Preschool: Easy as 1-2-3
 Snyder, Susan.

Nature-Based Tourism Providers and Environmental Education in Costa Rica
 Seales, Lisa.

New EE approaches in academia: promoting global learning and change
 Savelyeva, Tamara.

No Family Left Inside: The SPARK Program
 Cormons, Grace., Satterlee, Donna. and Cormons, Matt.

No Toddler Left Inside: Early Childhood Education at The New York Botanical Garden
 Colon, Christina.

Noah's Ark Today: A K-5 Curriculum Kit Saving Rare Breeds
 King, C.C..

Novelty in Outdoor Environmental Education
 Liddicoat, Kendra. and Krasny, Marianne.

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Oil in the Niger Delta: Conflict, Capital, and Inter-Generational Justice
 Kola-Olusanya, Anthony. and Glazebrook, Trish.

OpEPA: Promoting Children's Environmental Connection and Action in Latin America
 Camargo, Camilo.

Outdoor Learning for Mini-Naturalists!
 Komatsu, Randy.

Outdoor Wildlife Learning Sites (OWLS) in Kansas
 Potts, George.


PANEL: EE Research: To What End?
 Marcinkowski, Tom., Jickling, Bob., McKenzie, Marcia., Heimlich, Joe. and Potter, Ginger.

PLENARY- EE Research Agenda in an Age of Global Change: A European Perspective
 Wals, Arjen.

PLENARY- Where to next?
 Krasny, Marianne. and Meyers, Ron.

PLT GreenSchools!
 Stenstrup, Al.

Pacific Education Institute: Advancing Environmental Education in Washington State
 Bartosh, Oksana. and Tudor, Margaret.

Participatory Action Research Informing Pedagogy and Research in Environmental Education
 Brody, Michael.

Partnering with Parents to Bring Nature Home
 Navin, Kathryn. and Bohling, Vicki.

Partnerships Gone WILD: Preparing Early Childhood Teachers for Environmental Education
 Desjean-Perrotta, Blanche., Crim, Courtney. and Moseley, Christine.

Pioneering Critical Evaluation for Environmental Education in Yellowstone National Park
 Houseal, Ana., Petrick, Ellen. and Fuhrmann, Bob.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005] [006] [007]

Place-Based Education and Sustainability
 Jensen, Jon.

Place-Based Inquiry: Advancing Environmental Education in Science Curriculum
 Sarkar, Somnath. and Frazier, Richard.

Poetry Performance, Active and Interactive
 Lombardi, Joseph. and Lombardi, Carl.

Poetry's Vital Role in Environmental Education
 Woodcock, Diana.

Potentials and Pitfalls of Partnering with the Churches: Learning to Work with Churches
 Illyn, Peter. and Steury, Paul.

Pre-Service Advisory Council Meeting
 Moseley, Christine. and Desjean-Perrotta, Blanche.

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Quantifying a Relationship Between Place-based Learning and Environmental Quality: Final Report
 Duffin, Michael., Murphy, Michael. and Johnson, Brian.


Rainforest Service Learning Partnership Has Benefits for All
 Abusharbain, Elaine.
 [001] [002] [003] [004]

Reaching Cultural Diverse Audience: Research and Application
 Switzer, Merebeth.

Reaching Teens through Integrated Environmental Education Programs in Chicagoland
 Presseller, Stephenie. and Patel, Nicole.

Reaching Your Audience through Web–based Modules
 Seitz, Jennifer. and Berg, Jon.

Ready, Set, Engage!: A Conservation Education Toolkit
 Braus, Judy., Ford, Mary. and Hopkins, Melissa.

Recycling Volunteers Build Community Support for New Initiatives
 Howard, Bianca.

Religious Food Dynamics, an Exciting World of Diverse Opportunity!
 Sharpe, Anthony.

Renewable is Doable!
 Keaton, Doug. and Reagor, Karen.

Reorienting University Education to Address Sustainability
 McKeown, Rosalyn.

Report Back, Synthesis, and Reaction
 Meyers, Ron. and Heimlich, Joe.

Research Symposium Reception
 Krasny, Marianne. and Meyers, Ron.

Research for designing climate change education and communication strategies
 Pruneau, Diane., Chouinard, Omer., Therrien, Jimmy., Demers, Mélanie. and Langis, Joanne.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005] [006] [007]

Research on the Factors Influencing Volunteer Interpreters' Satisfaction in Taiwan
 Pan, Su-Lan.

Resource Reviews Advisory Council Meeting
 Mann, Lori.

Restructuring Course & Degree Programs for Global & Community Engagement
 Myers, Chris., Anzano, Jamie., Myers, Lynne. and Korach, Jill.

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SLE and the Impact on Later Life Pro-environmental Behavior.
 Farmer, James., Chancellor, Charles. and Fischer, Burnell.

Saturday Ecology Academies - Making Connections
 McHenry, Nadine. and scarborough, erika.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005] [006] [007] [008]

Saudi Arabian Adult Environmental Literacy Assessment - Results
 Meyers, Ron., Tubaishat, Khulood. and Shalhoub, Naif.

Seeds of Learning: Young Children Develop Important Skills through Gardening
 Miller, Dana. and Murdoch, Holly.

Solar Powered Cooking and Water Purification
 Higby, Pat.

Spanning the GLOBE: Implementing the GLOBE Program from K to Grad School
 Coverdale, Greg.

Spirituality and Environmental Education
 Matlock, Deborah.

Staking Your Claim: Finding a Place in the Field
 Berg, Jon., Braun, Nichole. and Mony, Preethi.

Staking Your Claim: Rounding Up 2008 and Trailblazing for 2009
 Berg, Jon., Braun, Nichole. and Mony, Preethi.

Staking Your Claim: Visiting Pioneers in the Field
 Berg, Jon., Braun, Nichole. and Mony, Preethi.

Statewide Online EE Resource Directories
 Goulstone Sweeney, Ali., Downey, Laura. and Eller, Jane.

Strategic Planning for the Uninitiated
 McGuire (Org), Sue.

Strengthening Educational Capacity: An International Collaboration for Science and Conservation
 Domroese, Meg.

Students’ abilities in posing an urban environmental problem
 Langis, Monique. and Pruneau, Diane.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005] [006] [007] [008]

Sustainability Courses Emphasize Local Solutions to Global Climate Change Challenges
 Hudspeth, Thomas.

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Taking EE out of the Classroom and into the Community
 Weitzel, Debra.

Teach Them Well and Let Them Lead the Way
 Mollica, Jamie.

Teacher Education at the World’s Largest Renewable Energy Fair
 Windjue, Sara.

Teacher Perception of Energy Education
 Ford, Theresa.

Teacher to Ranger to Teacher Program in the National Parks
 DuBey, Leslie. and Fillion, Jacob.

Teaching About Wilderness: Environmental Attitudes as Explored in Early American Primers and Modern Environmental Education
 Hunter, Joshua.

Teaching Children to Love the Earth Before Asking Them to Save It
 Murdoch, Holly.

Teaching Environmental Attitudes and Behaviors in HS Environmental Science Courses
 Blatt, Erica. and Abrams, Eleanor.

Teaching the Greatest Challenge of Them All: Climate Change
 Grant, Tim.

Technology Teaches – Training Strategies that Accommodate Different Learning Styles
 Miller, Stefanie. and Yockers, Dennis.

Terra-Agape: Developing a God-Given Love of the Land
 Illyn, Peter. and Steury, Paul.

The Aesthetics of Sustainability: Taking EE to the Level
 Miller, Sean. and Keane, Linda.

The Anacostia Watershed Underground Railroad Expedition: A Path to Empowerment
 Johnson, Kevin.

The Architecture of Children’s Relationships with Nature Based on Gender
 Kalvaitis, Darius.

The Biologist-in-Training Program: U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Connects Kids and Nature
 Toppins, Judy. and Patrick, Amanda.

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UVM Sustainability Initiatives in Curriculum and Campus Operations
 Hudspeth, Thomas.

Understanding how business Sense of Place builds sustainable communities.
 Jurin, Richard., Thomas, David. and Gaede, Diane.
 [001] [002] [003] [004]

Urban Environments: Engaging Youth in Garden Mosaics
 Gunter Gayton, Emily. and Ferenz, Gretchen.

Urban Renaissance: Downtown Business Recycling as a Sustainability Case Study
 Howard, Bianca.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005] [006] [007] [008]
 [009] [010] [011] [012] [013] [014] [015] [016]
 [017] [018]

Using Community Based Social Marketing in Water Conservation School Programs
 Toms, Joanne.

Using Evaluation to Identify Best Practices
 Medina, Org, Augusto. and Zint, Michaela.

Using Inquiry to Investigate the Environment of Past Eras
 Meyer, Xenia., Crawford, Barbara. and Krasny, Marianne.

Using Monarchs to Connect Communities
 Garland, Karen., Meyers, Susan. and McCoy, Jennifer.

Using Nature Journals to Promote a Sense of Place
 Dulin, Naomi. and Hershiser, Michael.

Using Portfolios to Evaluate Teacher Professional Development Towards the NAAEE Guidelines
 Phillipson-Mower, Teddie.

Using Social Marketing to Educate DC Residents and Conservation Practitioners
 Laubhan, Shelby.

Using Technology to Achieve Conservation Goals
 Hopkins, Melissa. and Braus, Judy.

Using the Guidelines for Excellence for Program Development and Evaluation
 Coker, Teresa.

Using the Modern Technologies to Improve Nature Science Classes
 Godoy, Carlos Eduardo. and Correia, Paulo.


Variations on a Theme: Making Familiar Activities Work for Young Children
 Hefner, D\'Nise. and Avett, Stephanie.

Voluntary Conservation and the Education of Young People: Insights from Rural England
 Fish, Robert. and Leyshon, Michael.


Walk the Talk: Leave No Trace in K-12 Field Experiences
 Hobbs, Will. and Spencer, Steve.

Water Works for Agriculture!
 Gaskalla, Lisa.

Water and Education for the Americas and the Caribbean
 Lyle, Laurina. and Vazquez, Rita.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005] [006] [007] [008]

WaterLINK: Utilizing Service Learning to Enhance and Protect Water Quality
 Smith, Christa., Hargrove, William. and Middendorf, Jan.

We Research It but do They Use it?: Teachers’ Perspectives on EE Research
 Tudor, Margaret. and Bartosh, Oksana.

We're Hot to Trot! When...We Pot!!!
 Boudreaux, Donna.

Welcoming New Faces to Environmental Education
 Green, Jessica., Burke, Daniel., Davis, Phillip. and Burkhardt, Robert.

What counts as Quality in EER: Issues of Representation and Legitimation
 Hart, Paul., Reid, Alan., Russell, Constance. and McKenzie, Marcia.

What's Happening in Teacher Preparation?
 Bennett, Billy., Coker, Teresa., Gopalan, Org., Himanshu., Molina-Walters, Debi., Paznokas, Lynda., Stenstrup, Al. and Wheeler, Gilda.

What's New from Project WILD and Flying WILD
 LeFebre, Marc.

Where am I: Untours and How Under-Represented Populations Experience a Visit
 Bennett, Nadya., Hause, Josh., Meyer, Emily., Mony, Preethi., Stuckman, Scott. and Yocco, Victor.

Wichita's Solution: the WATER Center - Setting a Precedent in Groundwater Remediation and Environmental Education
 Johnson, D. Kay. and Albers, Libby.

Wild about Wild Research: Evaluation toward Building a New Zoo Experience
 Heimlich, Joe., Bronnenkant, Kerry., Meyers, Christopher. and Anzano, Jamie.


Young Children’s Experiences and Connection with Nature: A Research Study
 Kalvaitis, Darius.

Young Green Builders: Exploring Energy Concepts and Green Collar Careers
 Abney, Glenda.
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