North American Association For Environmental Education 2009-Oct-05 to 2009-Oct-11

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"Wangari Maathai & The Green Belt Movement": A Grass-Roots Model
 Rueter, Rebecca. and Royer, Celeste.

...and Responsibility? Current Engagements with Sustainability and Education in (English) HE
 Muller, Susanne.

21st Century K-12 Learning Standards
 Wheeler, Gilda. and Levine, Jessica.

3 Government Agencies, 2 Curriculums, and a Natural Resource Day in a Tree
 Tally, Joy.

3CM Cognitive Mapping to Explore Community Forestry Perspectives in the Bolivian Amazon
 Biedenweg, Kelly.

4-H Wildlife Stewards: Bringing Science and Nature Together, One School at a Time
 Hosty, Maureen., Livesay, Maggie. and Galloway, Robin.

4-H Wildlife Stewards: Schoolyard Habitats for Outdoor Education
 Galloway, Robin. and Livesay, Maggie.

‘Without Action, Environmental Education is just Talking, Talking, Talking…’
 Thomson, Gareth.

“Not this Playground….THIS One!”: Experiences of Young Children Natural Spaces
 Elliot, Enid.

“Where are the field investigations?” An Investigation of the (Implied) Paradox of Learning Environmental Education in a Virtual Classroom
 Moseley, Christine. and Noyes-Herber, Rosalie.


A Comparative Study on the Environmental Education of Korea and Japan
 Jung, Yun Jung.

A How To: Working with Underserved Youth and their Communities
 Giesen, Jeff. and Chu, James.

A Model for How to Connect Urban Youth to the Outdoors
 Vanderberg, Bill.

A Multi-Tiered Service-Learning Approach to Environmental Education
 Goetzelman, Rachael. and Bradley, Karla.

A New Interdisciplinary Environmental Education Vehicle: Job Readiness.
 Bertschi, Jimena.

A State-Based EE Research Database: The Creation of the Wisconsin Environmental Education Research Database (WEERD)
 Enlund, Abigail., Sivek, Daniel., Lane, Jennie. and Ashmann, Scott.

A Study on Pedagogical Content Knowledge of Pre-Service Environmental Teachers
 Choi, Don-Hyung. and Cho, Seonghoa.

A Whole New World: Expanding Ecological Identities through SciVi Field Trips
 Ibanez, Atziri. and Clark, Amy.

ACT: Shaping the Future of Zoo Education in China
 Askue, Laurel.

Adapt It's Our Water! for Your State
 Laird, Shelby.

Adaptability of ESD Perspectives from DESD-IIS into the “Period of Integrated Studies” in Japanese Formal Education
 Sato, Masahisa., Goto, Masakazu., Okamoto, Yasuhiko. and Nakayama, Shuichi.

Adaptive Comanagement, Social Learning, and Collaboration in Resource Management
 Seales, Lisa.

Advocacy 101: A Toolkit for Promoting Environmental Education
 Fitzgerald, Patrick. and Knowlton, Shareen.

Affiliate Growth and Life Span
 Thomson, Gareth.

Affluence and Recycling: Measuring Environmental Attitudes and Evaluating Community Participation
 Krohn, Laura.

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B-WET Charrette: How Can NOAA’s B-WET Grants Meet Your Needs?
 Steelquist, Robert.

Backyard Glacier - Nature Inspiring Art
 Maher, Karen.

Barriers and Motivations to EE Program Participation at Great Smoky Mountains National Park
 Wright, Beth.

Bash the Trash: Building Instruments from Recycled/Reused Materials
 Bertles, John.

Be the Change: A Sustainability Symposium for Secondary Schools
 Seymour, Mike.

Become S.E.L.F. (Student Environmental Leadership Forum) Aware and Involved
 Fisher, Sally. and Carpenter, Amy.

Becoming More Sustainable: The Gladstone School District Experience
 Olds, Susan. and McKeown, Rosalyn.

Best Practices for Building Capacity for Environmental Education
 Regn, Ann.

Beyond Counting Heads: Building Capacity for Measuring the Impacts of EE
 Morford, Shawn.

Beyond Green: Teaching for Sustainable Design
 Wheeler, Ben.

Biotechnology and Environmental Risk: Project Learning Tree’s New Secondary Program
 Stallard, Jackie.

Bridging the Urban-Rural Divide: Youth as Catalysts for Change
 Hosty, Maureen., Smith, Jedediah., Schreiber, Deb. and Williams, John.

Bringing Bikes to EE: A Fun and Easy Way for Kids to Save the Earth!
 Whitney, Kim.

Brownfields: International Urban Planning Symposium, a Middle School Storyline
 Zuckerman, Jan.

Building Agency/University Partnerships to Contextualize the Water Cycle and Enhance Student Learning.
 Evans, Emily., Gutstein, Joyce. and Harns, Megan.
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California Environmental Education Interagency Network: Diverse Partners Promoting Environmental Literacy
 Antunez de Mayolo, Kay., Kolstad, Carolyn. and Royer, Celeste.

California's Education and the Environment Initiative
 Mann, Lori.

Campus-Community Partnerships for Sustainability
 Hudspeth, Thomas.

Cascading Leadership: Engaging Urban Youth in Environmental Education
 Schraft, Adam.

Case Studies in Conservation Planning: Motivating Behavior Change
 Braus, Judy., Petty, Bob. and Ford, Mary.

Causes, Impacts and Effective Responses to Climate Change: Student Perceptions
 Fortner, Rosanne., Kim, Chankook., Stanisstreet, Martin., Corney, Jeffrey., Hassett, Susan., Manzo, Lyndsey. and Whitley, Lynn.

Cedar River Watershed Report: High School Leaders Broadcast Sustainability Benchmarks
 Donaldson, Peter.

Challenge and Response: How Taiwan’s National Parks Re-Create Conservation Education by Strategic Partnership
 Tseng, Yuchi.

Challenge and Strategies of Regional ESD: Beijing Geography Teachers’ Views
 Yang, Guang.

Changing Climate, Changing World: Tackling the Global Warming Challenge
 Gardiner, Lisa. and Henderson, Sandra.

Children and Nature: What Works and How Do We Know?
 Heimlich, Joe., Stylinski, Cathlyn. and Storksdieck, Martin.

Children are Acting to Protect Endangered Species and Threatened Environments
 Erdogan, Mehmet. and Erentay, Nilgun.

Citizen Science Wildlife Monitoring: Connecting a Community to a Conservation Issue
 Masching, Amy.

Citizen Science: Conservation in Action – At Home and Abroad
 Vega, Santiago. and Klaus, Joshua.

Classroom at Crater Lake: EarthCaching with Adolescents at 7,000 Ft!
 Hilligoss, Linda. and McCabe, Marsha.

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Defining Essential Ecoliteracy: A Transdisciplinary Construct Analysis
 Nichols, Bryan.

Design, Develop, and Implement an AmeriCorps Program to Build Organizational Capacity
 Lefevre, Stephanie. and Mueller, Jonathan.

Designing Field Tested Outdoor Learning Environments Proven Effective for Young Children
 Wirth, Susan.

Developing Partnerships to Advance Marine Science and Ocean Literacy
 McDonald, Ruth.

Developing a Financial Plan for an EE Certification Program
 Heimowitz, Alison.

Developing a Meaningful, Practical Evaluation Plan for Your Organization
 Ruzic, Roxanne.

Developing a Pedagogy of Sustainability in Teacher Education
 Lawrence, Molly., Romano, Rosalie. and Nolet, Victor.

Developing a State-based EE Research Database: The Creation of the Wisconsin Environmental Education Research Database (WEERD)
 Enlund, Abigail., Sivek, Daniel., Ashmann, Scott. and Lane, Jennie.

Developing a framework for assessing systems thinking on environmental issues.
 Lin, Chuan-Shun. and Liu, Shiang-Yao.

Developing an After-School Junior Ranger or Junior Naturalist Program
 Kronk, David.

Developing an Environmental Literacy Plan for Your State
 Seitz, Jennifer., Takaki, Elena., Price, Traci., Guyton, John., Nixon, Lois. and Coventry-Payne, Laurie.

Developing an Environmental “Sense of Place” for Science Teacher Education
 Howes, Elaine. and Lim, Miyoun.

Developing an Evaluation Plan for your Environmental Education Proposal
 Burnett, Drew. and Zint, Michaela.

Development and Implementation of the Communicating Ocean Sciences Program
 Clay, Tansy., Waters, Raechel., Halversen, Catherine. and Anderson, Andrea.

Development of Learning Guideline for ESD in Japanese School Education
 Okamoto, Yasuhiko., Goto, Masakazu. and Sato, Masahisa.

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EE Certification of Nonformal Educators – Recommendations for Future Investments
 Medina, Org, Augusto. and Rhoads, Linda.

EE Curriculum as Foundation in Technology Training: Classroom Implementation
 Willis, Jana. and Weiser, Brenda.
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EE Organizations and Sustainability: Seeking the Evolutionary Interface
 Visitacion, Jennifer. and Chase, Dave.

EE Professional Development Needs and Priorities – National Study Results
 Medina, Org, Augusto. and Fleming, Lynette.

EE Research: A Diversity of Views on Questions to Guide the Future
 Krasny, Marianne., Marcinkowski, Tom., McKenzie, Marcia., Meyers, Ron., Potter, Ginger., Stevenson, Robert., Wals, Arjen. and Monroe, Martha.

EE in Cuba 2008: The International Commission Delegation’s Report
 Marzolla, A. Michael.

EPA Environmental Education Programs and Resources for Students and Educators
 Brown, Larry., Burnett, Drew., Gavin, Megan. and Morrison, Denise.

EUGENE: A New, Innovative Evaluation Tool for Environmental Educators
 Andrews, Michelle. and Zint, Michaela.

Eagle Eye Inquiry Project; Educational DVD, Script, and Web Resources
 Donaldson, Peter.

Earth Camp: Leadership for a Shared Planet
 Garcia, Jesus.

Earthsinging: The Nature of Music & the Music of Nature
 Orleans, Dave.

Ecology Disrupted: A Museum-University Partnership Connecting Daily Life to Ecology
 Wyner, Yael., Gano, Steve. and Koch, Janice.

Educating Students for the 21st Century: Promoting Global Environmental Literacy.
 Goodwin, Dean. and Adkins, Jeannette.

Educating and Empowering the Next Generation’s Environmental Stewards and Leaders
 Brown, Larry.

Education for Global Sustainability: Engaging Lessons for the Primary Grades
 Rakow Bernier, Kim.

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Facilitating Early Childhood Education with Project Learning Tree
 Stallard, Jackie.

Factors Resulting in College Students’ Behaviors of Stopping Global Warming
 Chou, Ju., Pan, Su-Lan. and Wu, Homer.

Failing to inspire urban ecological engagement
 Stern, Marc.

Farm to Table Lunches: Linking Academics, Local Food, and Environment
 Dulin, Naomi., Hill Pfeiffer, Erica. and Hershiser, Michael.

Finding the Hook for Urban Bird Conservation
 Thomas, Sue.

First Bloom: Connecting Urban Youth to National Parks
 Cassady, Jerrell.

Forest Explorers
 Maher, Karen.

Fostering “Connectedness to Nature” through USFWS EE Programming: An Evaluation Study
 Ernst, Julie. and Theimer, Stefan.

Fourth Graders' and Preservice Teachers' Environmental Literacy: Who Knows More?
 Desjean-Perrotta, Blanche. and Moseley, Christine.

From Coast to Coast: Putting the Net into the Project WET Network
 Lyle, Laurina., Seavey, Marcy. and Rust, April.

From Oregon To Sakhalin, Russia: The Salmon Watch Program
 Portley, Nicole. and Oakley, Sarah.


Get Kids Outside in a Nature Explore Classroom
 McCartan, Sheila.

Getting Children Outside: Grassroots Efforts and Nontraditional Partnerships in Kentucky
 Robb, Elizabeth. and Patrick, Amanda.

Graduate Breakfast and Banter
 White, Org, Peta., Shirk, Jennifer. and Capps, Daniel.

Great Ideas Alone Can’t Improve Our Environment
 Price, Traci., Utman, Lara. and Deis, Tony.

Green Charter Schools: Pilot Project for Environmental Education in Public Schools?
 Atwood-Blaine, Dana.

Green Eggs and Sand: Horseshoe Crab/Migratory Shorebird Education Project
 Etgen, Cindy.

Green Jobs for the Future: Engaging a Diverse, Ecoliterate Workforce
 Graves, Ben.

Green School at the Devonian Botanic Garden
 Bell, Antonella.

Green Your School: Success Stories from the Field
 Miller, Sean.

 Stallard, Jackie.

Growing Experience through Seeds of Change: Creating Sustainable Programs 101
 Glassberg, Josie.

Growing Up WILD: Exploring Nature in Early Childhood
 Haynes, Lori. and Hawthorne, Josetta.

Growing Up WILD: Incorporating Nature Exploration in Your Early Childhood Program
 Hawthorne, Josetta.

Growing with Students: Terra Nova Community Farm
 Hudak, Paul.

Guiding Conservation: Naturalist Certification on Catalina Island
 Morehouse, Aaron.


Half-Structured Concept Map: An Innovative Approach to Foster Disciplinary Partnerships
 Correia, Paulo., Dazzani, Melissa., Silva, Amanda. and Silva, Cicera.

Helping Young Children Learn with Nature through Age-Appropriate Environmental Education
 Rose, Julie.

Highlights and Reflections from the Research Symposium
 Krasny, Marianne. and Dillon, Justin.

Highlights from Analyses of Trends in Dissertations in and Related to EE, 1971-2000
 Marcinkowski, Tom.

Hope and Deeds: Religion, Spirituality, and Environmental Education
 Kool, Richard.
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How Can Multicultural Education and Environmental Education Inform Each Other?
 Estrada, Ruby Marie.

How Does Outreach Education Based on Student-Led Projects Effect Participants’ Consciousness and Behaviors?
 Muramatsu, Rikuo.

How EPA Incorporates the Guidelines: Decision Making Policy for K-12 Web Sites
 Gavin, Megan. and Burnett, Drew.

How Much Service? How Much Learning? Enhance Your Message!
 Walker, Bev. and Samia, Cory.

How should Not-for-profits Groups Respond to Rough Economic Times
 Thomson, Gareth.

How the Earth Charter Can Guide Your Community Action Programs
 Charmatz, Kim.

How to Leave No Child Inside
 Krebill, Michael.


Ice, Ice, Baby
 Hamilton, Cheri.

If You Bus Them, They Will Come
 Corr, Kathryn.

Imagination and the Environment: An Integrative Theory and Framework for Environmental Education.
 Blenkinsop, Sean. and Fettes, Mark.

Improving Attitudes to School through Environmental Community Service
 Bartosh, Oksana., Mayer-Smith, Jolie. and Tudor, Margaret.

Improving Environmental Literacy and Action: Findings from Largest Opinion Survey
 Mott, Bill.

Incorporating Environmental Education into Teacher Preparation Programs
 Torquati, Julia., Cutler, Kay., Churchill, Susan., Gilkerson, Deanna. and Rupiper, Michelle.

Increase Ocean Literacy with National Marine Sanctuaries
 Fackler, Claire. and Thompson, Kathryn.

Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Its Relevance in Promoting Environmental Sustainability Education
 Kola-Olusanya, Anthony.

Innovations in One Year Residential EE Graduate Programs: Research Projects!
 Steury, Paul.

Innovations in Student-Produced Environmental Podcasts and Videos
 Bane, Anneka. and Harrison, Molly.

Innovative Collaborations: Deepening Environmental Education’s Impact in the Bay Area
 Berkowitz, Allan. and Sabol, Brittany.

Innovative Possibilities: Making the Most of What You Have
 Coleman, Stephen.

Inspiring Environmental Action through the Movement of Words – Part 1
 Lombardi, Carl.

Inspiring Environmental Action through the Movement of Words – Part 2
 Lombardi, Carl.

Instilling Sense of Place in Children through Theatre – Part 1
 Coventry-Payne, Laurie.

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Job Readiness: A Method to Teach Sustainability
 Bertschi, Jimena.


Kansas Green Schools Program: Creating Healthy, Sustainable Places to Learn and Work
 Wilson, Shari.

Kentucky University Partnership for EE: Promoting Environmental Literacy and Advancing the EE Profession
 Phillipson-Mower, Teddie., Haight, April., Bennett, Billy., Wilder, Melinda., Erwin, Ira., Wilson, Terry., Reeder, Brian., Hanley, Carol., Javed, Kazi., Baker, Cecilia. and Ryan-Downing, Christian.

Keystone’s Youth Policy Summit: An Innovative Negotiation and Leadership Program
 Kranowitz, Jeremy.

Knowing Native Ways: Understanding How Native Americans Learn
 Ybarra, Abby., Frazier, Scott. and Smith, Vina.

Knowledge Transfer: Cross-Cultural Challenges in International Environmental Education Partnerships
 Schofield, Jennifer., Hammer, Ken. and Rollins, Rick.


Lack of Diversity & the Creation of a Public Lands Ambivalent Electorate
 Moreno, Roberto.

Leadership in a Time of Change
 McGuire (Org), Sue.

Learning Landscapes: The Short Walk to a Long Change
 Wade, Robert.

Learning and Leading Together
 Newberry, Vicki., Lukonen, Dara., Nelson-Angelsea, Caulin., Nakayama, Naholowaa., Gilliland, Alex., Takata, Trevor., Tanaka, Kaylie. and Jenkins, Sarah.

Learning from Mount Mulanje's Charcoal Producers
 Fort, John.

Learning in Liberia: Conservation Education Techniques for Non-Literate Audiences
 Signer, Ian.

Learning to Engage Culturally Diverse Audiences: Evaluating an Online Course
 Cordie, Alison. and Wilke, Rick.
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Leaving No Child Inside: Examining the Partnership Efforts of Our Community
 Ramey, Linda.

Lessons from NorthBay: EE for the Hip-Hop Generation
 Stern, Marc., Ardoin, Nicole. and Powell, Bob.

Lessons learned: Applying cognitive and affective evaluation to program design
 Cachelin, Adrienne., Kucera, Kristina. and Nedreberg, Heidi.

Leveraging Pre-Service Teacher Education Programs to Include EE
 Simmons, Bora. and Wilson, Terry.

Life in the Leaf Litter: A Table Top Field Trip
 Rainboth, Donna. and Munck, Miriam.
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Living Sustainably: It's Your Choice
 Simon-Brown, Viviane., Hyde, Leslie. and Elliott, Catherine.

Living in the Sonoran Desert: Her Plants, Animals, and Indigenous Peoples
 Herrmann, Lisa.

Louisville Environmental Youth Summit: Partnering on Climate Change and Sustainability
 Phillipson-Mower, Teddie.


M.Ed Graduate Program through North Cascades Insitute
 Busby, Laura., Weisberg, Saul. and Giesen, Jeff.

Makani, Manu, Kai: Wind, Wing, and Wave
 Lukonen, Dara., Newberry, Vicki., Nelson-Angelsea, Caulin., Nakayama, Naholowaa., Takata, Trevor., Tanaka, Kaylie., Jenkins, Sarah. and Gilliland, Alex.

Making Classroom – Community Connections: The Environmental Leadership Program
 Lynch, Kathryn.

Making Connections with English Language Learners
 Brody, Allison. and Butler, Allyson.

Making Science Engaging, Interdisciplinary, and Relevant for Native Youth
 Skerbeck, Christia. and Hanson, Kim.

Making a Sustainable Impact in Student Involvement
 Olsen, Elena. and Henry, Chuck.

Making the Easy Connection from Ecology to Ecological Economics
 Jurin, Richard.

Making the Familiar Strange: Teacher-Candidates Teaching Sustainability to 7th Graders
 Romano, Rosalie.

Managing the Sustainability Effort in Schools/Districts: Education and Operations
 Stole, Lori. and Schuster, Anne.

Map and globe skills for implementing ESD in K-6 Toshimitsu Tabe*(Japan Women's University),Shigehumi Nagata(Mie University),Masahisa Sato(Musashi Institute of Technology)
 Tabe, Toshimitsu.

Mapping Water History in the Santa Clara Valley
 Machado, Mary.

Marine Debris: Engaging Activities to Promote Awareness
 Bliss, Angela.

Marine Education Resources from NOAA Fisheries in the Northwest
 McArthur, Deborah.

Mark Your Calendar for February 2010: An Encounter with the Maya Forest Landscape
 Marzolla, A. Michael. and Signer, Ian.

Master of Education in Environment-Based Learning at Mary Baldwin College
 Willis, Tamra. and Gatewood, Betty.

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NAME Share-a-Thon
 Tally, Joy.

National Citizen Science Projects PBE Integration: Making Global Climate Change Locally Relevant
 Phillips, Tina. and Levedahl, Katie.

National Environmental Literacy Assessment in Four Countries; Israel, Korea, Turkey and the USA
 Marcinkowski, Tom., Volk, Trudi., McBeth, William., Hungerford, Harold., Meyers, Ron., Sagy, Gonen., Noh, Kyung-Im. and Erdogan, Mehmet.

National Tribal Water Council: Organizational Leadership through Collaboration
 Hill, Kathleen.

Native Hawaiian Standards and Place-Based Issue Investigation: Cultural Relevance Relationships
 Cheak, Marie.

Nature Experience of Fifth Graders in Taiwan
 Wang, Shun-Mei.

Nature Fest 2008 - Environmental Celebration through the Arts
 Bohnert, Paul.

Nature Journaling across the Curriculum: Make-and-Take a Journal
 Gatewood, Betty. and Willis, Tamra.

Nature Preschools in the US: A Survey of Best Practices
 Oltman, Marcie. and Braus, Judy.

Nature Speaks Out: The Common Language between Nature and Children
 Erentay, Nilgun. and Erdogan, Mehmet.

Nature-Based Tourism Organizations: Place Builders in the Natural Environment
 Strickert, Drew. and Jurin, Richard.

Negotiating Successful Relationships between University Leaders and Campus Sustainability Professionals
 Bezbatchenko, Anne.

No Child Left Inside Act – Systemic EE in K-12 Schools
 Fitzgerald, Patrick., Knowlton, Shareen., Mueller, Jonathan. and Rhoads, Linda.

Not Just a Building in Which We Learn: Green Buildings
 Smaistrla, Katy Mike.


Ocean Connectors - Connecting Youth Binationally for Marine Conservation
 Kinney, Frances.

Ocean Science and Environmental Education in Underserved Communities: What Works?
 Goodwin, Lindsay. and Ruzic, Roxanne.

Ocean Sciences Curriculum Sequence for Grades 3-5: Overview & Development Process
 Halversen, Catherine. and Beals, Kevin.

Ocean for Life — An initiative to Increase Cultural Understanding through Ocean Science
 Fackler, Claire. and Thompson, Kathryn.
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Online Tools for Small Nonprofits
 Taylor, Jason.

Open Earth Media: Building an Innovative Environmental Education Media Network
 Moss, E. Harold.

Open Space Stewardship Program: A Collaborative Approach
 Morris, Melvyn.

Operations-Academics Collaboration Offers Benefits to Students, University, and Planet
 Ryan-Downing, Christian.

Opportunities for Change
 Jalloh, Sulaiman.

Organic Evaluation: Developing a Long-term, Sustainable Program Evaluation System
 Troy, Jeanne. and Kraemer, Anita.

Our Amazing Coast: Introducing Coastal Habitats to Elementary Teachers
 Hathaway, Terri.

Our Common Home: Exploring Place, Exile, and Conservation on Catalina Island
 Morehouse, Aaron.

Our Language, Land, and Lives are Threatened: We're Not Happy Natives!
 Skerrett, Mere. and Te Aika, Lynne Harata.

Outdoor Biology Instructional Strategies – OBIS is Back!
 Snyder, Joanna.

Outdoor Philosophy: Dirty Minds and the Moral Community
 Goralnik, Allison.


PASSIONATE FACT: A Storytelling Way of Giving Information
 Strauss, Susan.

PLT and 4H: Developing Online Professional Development to Strengthen Partnerships
 McConnell, Lindsey. and Monroe, Martha.

Paradise Lost: Blending Art and Science to Teach about Climate Change
 Ledin, Dolly.

Participatory Research and Social and Environmental Learning: Implications for Building Resilience in Communities and Forests
 Ballard, Heidi. and Belsky, Jill.

Partnering towards Diversity and Inclusiveness in Environmental Education
 Grablander, Jennifer.

Partnering with Teachers to Evaluate Environmental Education Programs
 Fuhrman, Nicholas. and Brain, Roslynn.

Partnering with the Land - Legacy Leadership of Mercer Slough
 Johnson, Mark.

Partners in Energy Education in Kentucky
 Reagor, Karen.

Partnerships for Action: Supporting Environmental Education in Public Elementary Schools
 Axen, Ulrike. and Sexter, Adam.

Partnerships in Teacher Education: Restructuring a traditional elementary science methods course using place-based education principles via a university schoolyard garden.
 Sanger, Matt.

Partnerships, Sponsorships & Fund Development
 Summerford, Affiliate, Haily.

People Count: Engaging Students in Human Ecology and Sustainability Education
 Dumouchel, Denise.

Place, Power, and Pedagogy: A Potential Partnership between the Te Atiawa Tribe and New Zealand Secondary Schools
 Manning, Richard.

Place-Based Imaginative Education: An Integrative Framework for Teachers
 Fettes, Mark. and Blenkinsop, Sean.

Play it Cool with Climate Masters: A Community Climate Action Program
 Mazze, Sarah., Simon-Brown, Viviane. and Houglum, Lyla.
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Qualitative research: Project WET usage by formal & non-formal educators
 Lyle, Laurina., Heimlich, Joe., Schwartz, Kerry. and Tramontana, Eileen.

Questing: Connecting People & Places with Community Treasure Hunts
 Glazer, Steven.


Raising Children Who Love to Play Outside: A Field-Tested Model
 Wirth, Susan.

Raising the Green Roof: Data Show How Beneficial “Green” Can Be
 Pike, Lisa.

Rancher Perceptions of Conservation Easements: A Constructivist Study
 Brain, Roslynn., Irani, Tracy. and Monroe, Martha.

Recognizing Cultural Assumptions: Increasing Our Cultural Competency in Environmental Education
 Morford, Shawn.

Reconnect Computer Recycling Program
 Johnson, Beth. and Murphy, Tim.

Reconnecting Children, Nature, and Community through Ecological Restoration
 Cramer, Jennie.

Recreating the World One Heart at a Time
 Salazar, Melinda.

Regional Partnerships for Sustainability Education
 Wheeler, Gilda., Stole, Lori., Nolet, Victor. and Rakow Bernier, Kim.

Research/pedagogy, restorying culture, and the politics of the everyday
 McKenzie, Marcia., White, Org, Peta. and Morehouse, Aaron.

Results of an Indiana State Environmental Education Teacher Survey
 Weiland, Ingrid.

RiverSmart Schools
 Doan, Trinh.

Rivers & Canyons as Catalyst for Service Learning
 Fillion, Jacob. and Wharton, Emma.

Role of Niger Delta Women in Ecological Justice Struggles
 Kola-Olusanya, Anthony. and Glazebrook, Trish.
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SAVE: Impacting Preservice Teachers’ Beliefs of the Environment
 Crim, Courtney., Moseley, Christine. and Desjean-Perrotta, Blanche.

SECRETS Environmental Science Program
 Morehouse, Aaron.

ST.E.W.A.R.D.S. of Our Watersheds, Bringing a New Generation to the Table
 Briggs, K.C..

Sacajawea Park Native Plant Rehabilitation Service Learning Project
 Coast, Christenia.

Salmon River Side Channel Restoration Project: Students as Partners in Conservation
 Oakley, Sarah.

School Garden Coordinator Certificate Training – Best Practices & Expanding Capacity
 Blethen, Caitlin.

Schoolyard Science: Connect Students to the Natural World – Enhance Your Curriculum
 Spencer, Erica.

Science Education and Sustainability - Unreliable Friends?
 Maxwell, Mona.

Science, Art & Civics: Lenses for Community Experience
 Gurnee, Anne., Anderson, Sarah., Colombo, Lisa. and Martin, Michael.

Seasonal is Sustainable: Teaching and Eating through the Seasons
 Hill Pfeiffer, Erica.

Secondary Teachers as Researchers
 Sahnow, Susan., Dimeo-Ediger, Norie. and O\'Connell, Kari.

Sense of Place and Environmental Behavior at an Ecoregional Scale
 Ardoin, Nicole.

Serious Games for Learning: WaterLife, Where Rivers Meet the Sea
 Steffen, Peggy., Ibanez, Atziri. and OConnell, Tina.

Service Learning & EE: Successful University-Community Partnerships
 Haines, Sarah.

Sharks: 350 Million years of Evolution and Adaptations
 Barker, Brad.

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Taking Action Opportunities (TAOs) of Habitat Loss and Landscape Fragmentation
 Tanner, Dawn.

Teacher Education Goes Wild: Learning to Learn in a Campus Garden
 Gaylie, Veronica.

Teacher Preparation: Environmental and Sustainability Education Endorsement
 Sterner, Dennis., Wheeler, Gilda., Ruskey, Abigail. and Nolet, Victor.

Teacher to Ranger to Teacher Goes National
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Teaching Green in the Middle Years
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Teaching about Climate Change Science and Solutions with the Climate Change Backpack™
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Teaching about Climate Change: K-12
 Wallenstein, Sandy.

Teaching about Ethics for Sustainability
 Monroe, Martha., Biedenweg, Kelly. and Wojcik, Deborah.
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 [009] [010] [011] [012] [013] [014] [015] [016]
 [017] [018] [019] [020] [021] [022]

Teaching in Place: Addressing Nature Deficit Disorder through Community Partnerships
 Willis, Patrick. and Diez, Sheilagh.

Teaching in the Outdoors; Combining Outdoor Skills with EE Practices
 Bennett, Billy. and Wilder, Melinda.

Teaching the Greatest Challenge of Them All
 Grant, Tim.

Technology Connecting Teachers to Climate Change Research and Wildlife
 Ives, Jennell.

The Choir or the Clock? - The Power of Religious Parable and Metaphor
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The Climate Change Conundrum: Understanding It and Teaching It
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U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service: Let’s Go Outside for Good Health
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U.S. Forest Service Urban Connections Southern Expansion
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Underserved Youth and the Wilderness Experience - Evaluation of North Cascades Wild Curriculum
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Understanding Classroom Management In Outdoor Settings: A Qualitative Inquiry
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Understanding Nature through Artistic Expression: Past Highlights and Present Applications
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Understanding Student Learning in Environmental Education: An Action Competence Framework
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Understanding Sustainability: Engaging Lessons Using Math, Social Studies, and Science
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Understanding and Connecting EE with the Mission of Local Church Congregations
 Illyn, Peter.

University Sustainability Program – Advocating for Sustainability Education
 Fitzgerald, Patrick.

Up With Hope
 Jalloh, Sulaiman.

Update on Global Climate Change and Sources of Curricula
 Osis, Vicki.

Urban Bird Sounds Project: An Audio Guide to Urban Birds
 Brooks, Regan.

Urban Field Study: Investigating Ducks and Water Quality at a Neighborhood Park
 Thomas, Jeremy.

Urban Forest Research Experiences for Teachers, College, and Pre-College Students
 Dresner, Marion.

Using Data and Estuary Research in Exciting Education Initiatives Nationwide
 Van Wagner, Kristin.

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Virtual Environmental Classroom
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Visualizing Sustainability: How to Use Your Facility to Educate Your Visitors
 Dumez, Steve.

Visualizing the Watershed: How Geospatial Technology Enhances Local Stream Investigations
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Voices for Climate Change: A National Climate Change Communication Strategy
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Voyage of Learning: 30 Teachers, 8 Days, A City Park and Lots of Partners!
 Lyons, Liz.


Walk Our Talk: Sustainable Practices for Our Offices
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Waste Management through Vermitechnology: Success Story for Schools & Hotels
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Water; Ubiquitous but Limited…What is “Priority Use”?
 Coleman, Stephen.

Watershed Moments: Designing an Environmental Curriculum that Flows
 Vander Velden, Sandra., Engel, Joann. and Gressler, Marisa.

Watershed Watchers: Using Ocean Observing Data in the Classroom
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We "Dig" Dirt!!! Meaningful Outdoor Experiences for Children Birth to Three
 Rose, Julie.

Webinars: Online Technology that Enhances EE Programs
 Rickert, Melissa.

We’re NUTS about Nature! – Early Childhood Programs in Portland’s City Parks
 Larson, Christine.

What Counts as Learning? Exploring Views of High School Students in EE and Non-EE Programs
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What Grants Do (and How We Make them Happen)
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What’s Happening in Higher Education?
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Where Does the Sea Begin?: Connecting Portland to the Coast
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Who Made that Decision, and What WERE They Thinking?
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Whole school approaches to Environmental Education: Impacts on student learning
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Why are there No Children Here? An Inclusive Approach to Evaluating Place-Based Education
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Zoos: The Gateway to Nature for Our Youngest Learners
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