National Association of EMS Physicians 2006-Jan-19 to 2006-Jan-21

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A Comparison of Intraosseous and Intravenous Access in Adults and Children in the Prehospital Setting.
 Cataldi, Erin., McGinnis-Hainsworth, Diane., Megargel, Ross., Bollinger, Melissa. and O\'Connor, Robert.

A Comparison of Past and Present Hurricane Related NM-1 DMAT Deployments
 Greenberg, Brad., Nufer, Kevin., Shah, Mark. and Richards, Michael.

A Novel Approach to Methamphetamine Lab Exposure Health Risk Assessment For EMS Personnel
 Shimmin, Sara. and Sztajnkrycer, Matthew.

A Randomized Clinical Trial Comparing Ondansetron with Placebo in Aeromedical Personel with Motion Sickness
 Dula, David. and Rosenbach, Stephan.

A Recursive Partitioning Approach to Defining the Optimal Role for Air Medicine in the Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury
 Davis, Daniel. and Peay, Jeremy.

A Usability Study of Two Common EMS Defibrillators
 Fairbanks, Rollin. J. (Terry)., Caplan, Stanley., Shah, Manish N.., Marks, Aaron. and Bishop, Paul.

A meta-analysis of time to first medication administration during resuscitation of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest
 Rittenberger, Jon., Bost, James. and Menegazzi, James.

Accuracy of an EMS Dispatch Algorithm for the Identification of Stroke Center Candidates
 Freese, MD, John.

Agonal breathing in swine during prolonged VF
 Banville, Isabelle., Chapman, Fred., Berg, Robert., Hilwig, Ronald., Walker, Robert. and Kern, Karl.

Airflow Changes Associated with Use of an Airway Whistle
 Stephens, Shannon., Walcott, MD, Gregory., Cummings, RT, James., Williams, RN, BSN, BSME, Carolyn., Terndrup, MD, Thomas. and Brown, MD, MSPH, Todd.

Assessing the learning objectives for EMTs and paramedics responding to Multi-casualty incidents involving terrorism
 Kanarian, Steven.

At Risk Population with a Life Saving Proceedure: A Review of Choking, the Hemlich Maneuver, and Its Complications
 Levick, Nadine., Robinson, Laura., Likourezos, Antonios., Mener, David. and Lobel, David.


Cardiac Arrest of Visitors in a Hospital’s “Prehospital” Areas: Bystander AED vs. Standard Response Team
 Adams, Bruce., Anderson, Peter. and Stuffel, Elaine.

Cardiac Monitoring of Subjects Exposed to the Taser®
 Levine, Saul., Sloane, Christian., Chan, Theodore., Dunford, James. and Vilke, G.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation in an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest simulation model: The “delay-effect” of donning a gown.
 Watson, Leah., Sault, William., Gwyn, Randall. and Verbeek, P. Richard.

Characteristics of Minor Injury Patients Transported by Ambulance
 Easton, Raul. and Maio, Ronald.

Comparison of German Pre-Hospital Physician Practice to Paramedic Protocols
 MacDonald, Damian., Breckwoldt, Jan., Nix, Eric. and Cone, David.


Derivation of clinical predictors of failed first rescue shock during out-of-hospital ventricular fibrillation
 Hsieh, Margaret., Menegazzi, James., Niemann, James. and Swor, Robert.

Development of Evidence-based Dispatch Response Plans to Optimize ALS Paramedic Response in an Urban EMS System
 Craig, Alan., Schwartz, Brian. and Feldman, Michael.


EMS & Concealed Carry: Are Ohio EMS Providers Prepared?
 Gavin, Thomas. and Richardson, Shoshone.

EZ-IO: A Field Trial
 Jensen, Joe., Frascone, Ralph., Salzman, Josh. and Kaye, Koren.

Effect of Phone Position on Quality of Dispatch-Assisted CPR
 Brown, MD, MSPH, Todd., Saini, Devashish., Shah, Reesha. and Dias, Johnny.

Effect of Training on Quality of Dispatch-Assisted CPR
 Saini, Devashish., Brown, MD, MSPH, Todd., Dias, Johnny. and Shah, Reesha.

Effectiveness of an Ambulance Risk and Hazard Presentation
 Levick, Nadine., Likourezos, Antonios., Nawaz, Iram. and Mener, David.

Efficacy And Safety Of Intranasal Midazolam Administration By EMS Personnel For Seizures And Sedation
 Neff, Christian., Joyce, Steven. and Allred, Anthony.

Efficacy of intraosseous drug delivery during cardiopulmonary resuscitation in swine
 Hoskins, Stephen., Stephens, Christopher. and Kramer, George.

Emergency Medicine Resident Involvement in EMS is Limited
 Ray, Adam. and Sole, David.

Epinephrine Administration for Allergic Reactions by Basic Life Support Providers
 Moore, Brian., Homme, James. and Hankins, Daniel.

Errors in Prehospital Endotracheal Intubation
 Wang, Henry., Lave, Judith., Sirio, Carl. and Yealy, Donald.

Estimated Cost-Savings of a Pre-Hospital Traumatic Arrest Do-Not-Resuscitate Protocol
 Catenacci, Michael., Saussy, Jullette. and Hill, Eric.


Feasibility and Results of an EMS Screening Program for Older Adults in a Rural Community
 Shah, Manish N.., Clarkson, Lindsay., Lerner, Brooke., Scarlato, Susan., Sheahan, William D.., McCann, Robert. and Schneider, Sandra M..


GIS Mapping of Regional Trauma Severity
 Sahni, Ritu., Bangs, Christopher. and Newgard, Craig.

Geographic Locations of Cardiac Arrests in an Urban Community: An Initial Step in Optimizing the Chain of Survival
 Ralls, George., Silvestri, Salvatore. and Brandt, Patricia.


How Many Attempts are Required to Accomplish Prehospital Endotracheal Intubation?
 Wang, Henry. and Yealy, Donald.

Human Factors Field Study of Equipment and Process Design and Medication Safety
 Schwartz, Brian., Burgess, Robert., Craig, Alan. and Wichman, Kris.

Hydroxocobalamin for Smoke Inhalation-Associated Cyanide Poisoning: 8 Years of Experience in the Paris Fire Brigade
 Fortin, Jean-Luc., Turrimann, M., Domanski, L. and Kowalski, JJ.


Impact of Water Distribution on Heat-Related Illness at an Outdoor Mass Gathering
 MacDonald, Russell., Lukins, Jane., Burgess, Robert., Craig, Alan., Sharma, Arvind. and Schwartz, Brian.

Inter-rater Reliability for Witnessed Collapse and Presence of Bystander CPR in Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest
 Rittenberger, Jon., Martin, Jacqueline., Kelly, Lori., Roth, Ronald., Hostler, David. and Callaway, Clifton.

Inter-rater agreement using one component of the Neely Conference Criteria for determining medical necessity of EMS transports
 Patterson, P. Daniel. and Moore, Charity.

Inter-rater reliability and comfort with a termination of resuscitation guideline for defibrillation-trained Emergency Medical Technicians
 Morrison, Laurie., Visentin, Laura. and Verbeek, P. Richard.

Interfacility Transport of Patients with Decompression Illness: Literature Review and Consensus Statement
 MacDonald, Russell., O\'Donnell, Cathal., Allan, G. Michael., Breeck, Karen., Chow, Yen., DeMajo, Wilf., Peerbaye, Yousouf., Sawadsky, Bruce. and Wax, Randy.

Is mechanism of injury, in the absence of major injury, a useful predictor in prehospital trauma triage?
 Boyle, Malcolm. and Archer, Frank.

Is that IV Placed in the Field Actually Utilized in the ED?
 Sasson, Comilla.


Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Emergency Medicine personnel at a US teaching hospital about cricoid pressure.
 Nafiu, olubukola., Bradin, Stuart. and Tremper, Kevin.

Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviour of Paramedics Regarding Personal Protective Equipment for Communicable Respiratory Disease Outbreaks
 Visentin, Laura., Susan, Bondy., Schwartz, Brian. and Morrison, Laurie.


Lack of Agreement Between EMS and Expert Blood Pressure Measurements Upon Arrival to Triage
 DeLuca, Lawrence., St. Clair, Aaron., Kitchen, Levi. and Cienki, John.


Making the Right Call: Live or Let Die. A Comprehensive Evaluation of Prehospital Death Determination
 Lwin, Flora., Slattery, David. and Britt, Mary Ellen.

Medications Utilized for Prehospital Analgesia
 Williams, Brett. and Myers, Jeff.

Method of Evacuation in Current Combat Operations Adversely Impacts Initial Body Temperature in Patients Presenting with Traumatic Injuries
 McManus, John., Wade, Charles., Markelz, Stephen. and Holcomb, John.


National Limitations in Operating Room Training for Paramedic Student Endotracheal Intubation
 Johnston, Bradford., Seitz, S. Robert. and Wang, Henry.


Out of Hospital Endotracheal Intubuation by Air and Ground Ambulance Paramedics in Nova Scotia.
 Cain, Ed., Petrie, David. and Karim, Saleema.


Paramedics Do Not Aggressively Medically Manage Patients With Severe Pulmonary Edema
 Cushman, Jeremy.

Paramedics Independently Triage Patients for Primary Percutaneous Angioplasty
 Dionne, Richard., LeMay, Michel., Maloney, Justin. and Trickett, John.

Perceived Use of a Hemostatic Agent in Non-Medical Marine Corp Personnel.
 Schwartz, Richard., Watkins, Marc., Bullock, DeAnn., Waller, JL. and McManus, John.

Perceived need for the Advanced Practice Paramedic among key stakeholders
 Paquette, Anthony., Cone, David. and Zanker, Michael.

Performance analysis of a medical decision algorithm to mitigate SARS spread due to patient transfers.
 MacDonald, Russell., Henry, Bonnie. and Stuart, Rebecca.

Physiological Effects of Simulated Firefighting Tasks Compared with Continuous Exercise, in Heat and PPE
 Van Gelder, MD, Carin M.., Pranger MSE, L. Alex., Burns, PA-C, Kevin J.., Armstrong, PhD, Lawrence., Wiesmann, MD, William P.. and Bogucki, MD, PhD, Sandy.

Pilot test of a CBRN-capable mass casualty triage system
 Cone, David., MacMillan, Donald., Parwani, Vivek. and Van Gelder, MD, Carin M..

Predictors of Back Problems among Emergency Medical Technicians
 Studnek, Jon. and Crawford, J. Mac.

Prehospital Laryngeal Mask Airway Use by Emergency Medical Technician-Basics
 Silvestri, Salvatore., Ralls, George. and Ho, Alex.

Prehospital Pain Management for Children: a Focus Group Report of EMS Providers
 Kim, Michael., Szewczuga, Del., Simpson, Deborah., Pirrallo, Ronald. and Hennes, Halim.

Prehospital Use of Epinephrine for Allergic Reactions in Pediatric Patients
 Moore, Brian. and Homme, James.

Prehospital chest pain documentation: Helicopter EMS vs. ground EMS crews
 Aman, Sohail., Atassi, Bassel., Wittels, Kathleen. and Thomas, Stephen.

Program Accreditation Effect on Paramedic Credentialing Examination Success Rate
 Dickison, Philip., Hostler, David., Wang, Henry. and Platt, Thomas.

Prospective validation of a termination of resuscitation guideline for defibrillation-trained Emergency Medical Technicians
 Morrison, Laurie., Visentin, Laura. and Verbeek, P. Richard.


RapidVax: A demonstration of mass immunization by EMS for bioterrorism and epidemic preparedness
 Mosesso, Vince., Pinchalk, Mark., Prunty, Heather., Swayze, Dan., Close, Kelly. and Rhodes, Tiponi.

Re-thinking Critical Incident Stress: Coping Strategies in Emergency Medical Services Personnel
 Halpern MD, Janice., Gurevich PhD, Maria., Brazeau MA/MEd, Paulette., Bishop PhD, Scott. and Schwartz, Brian.

Resident Physician Involvement in Tactical EMS
 Slater, MD, Neill., Blankenship, MD, Brock., Crabtree, DO, Stephen., Winslow, MD, James Tripp. and Bozeman, MD, FACEP, William.

Resuscitation by paramedic personnel in chemical protective suits
 MacDonald, Russell., LeBlanc, Vicki., McArthur, Brad. and Dubrowski, Adam.


Safety of Intravenous Fentanyl in Adults Requiring Analgesia During Ground, Interfacility Transports by a Critical Care Transport Team
 Kurtz, MHS, PA-C, NREMT-P, Thomas.

Searching for Ambulance Safety: Where is the literature?
 Levick, Nadine. and Mener, David.

Selective Spine Immobilization by Protocol in the EMS Setting
 Vega, Jose., Roberson, Thomas. and Joyce, Steven.

Standing order prehospital analgesic administration: Does practice setting make a difference?
 Myers, Jeff. and Williams, Brett.

Stroke Center Designation: The First 100 Days
 Freese, MD, John., Brillant, MA, RN, Maria. and Rothberg, MD, Robert.

Student CPR/AED Training in High Schools- Is There a Need?
 McFarland, Leo., Levick, Nadine. and Mener, David.

Successfully implementing resuscitation protocols into clinical practice
 Gutman, Amy., Graham, Derrel. and Carden, Donna.

Supraglottic Devices in Tactical Airway Management: A Comparison of the King Laryngeal Tracheal Device and the Combitube in Army Combat Medic Students
 Hill, Guyon., McManus, John., Schwartz, Richard., Ward, John. and Holcomb, John.


Terrorism Response in U.S. Hospitals: Collaboration with Emergency Medical Services and Other Pre-Hospital Assets
 Niska, Richard. and Burt, Catharine.

The Ability to Capture “Real-Time” Physiologic Patient Data Using the Trauma Vitals System During Air Transport
 McManus, John., Salinas, Jose. and Holcomb, John.

The CRACSH Study: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation At Combat Support Hospitals
 Raez, Abby., Carr, Barbara. and Adams, Bruce.

The Change in Full-Time EMS Provider Career Satisfaction in their First Three Years of Employment
 Margolis, Gregg., Levine, Roger. and Wijetunge, Gamunu.

The Impact of EMS System Over-Utilization on a Large Urban EMS Service
 Carroll, Victoria.

The Impact of Paramedic Response and Scene Times on Outcome following Blunt Trauma.
 Hsu, Antony., Getto, Leila., McGinnis-Hainsworth, Diane., Megargel, Ross. and O\'Connor, Robert.

The Incidence of Rapidly Reversible Causes of Altered Mental Status in the Prehospital Setting.
 Khan, Mateen., McGinnis-Hainsworth, Diane., Megargel, Ross. and O\'Connor, Robert.

The Natural History of Pediatric Patients Meeting Criteria for Paramedic Intraosseous Catheter Insertion
 Davis, Daniel., Reynoso, Juan., Harley, James., Kanegaye, John., Buono, Colleen. and Vilke, Gary.

The Positive Predictive Value of Paramedic Versus Emergency Physician Interpretation of the Prehospital 12-Lead EKG
 Graydon, Cheryl., Wilson, Siobhan., Leahy, Dennis., Berthiaume, Shelley., Buesch, Barbara., Stein, Robert., Vilke, Gary. and Davis, Daniel.

The Sensitivity of Capnometry to Detect Endotracheal Intubation: Where Should We Draw the Line?
 Davis, Daniel., Ramanujam, Prasanthi., Buono, Colleen. and Vilke, Gary.

The Use of Cadaveric Airway Labs in Training Paramedics and Other Emergency Medicine Providers
 Bier, Scott., Crystal, Chad., Skinner, Carl., Pemberton, Laurie. and Kagel, Andrew.

The impact of an educational module on pre-hospital providers’ knowledge in pediatric pain physiology, assessment, and management
 Hennes, Halim., Rehm, Judi., Sternig, Ken., Pirrallo, Ronald. and Kim, Michael.

The impact of cultural diversity in acute health events
 Spencer, Caroline. and Archer, Frank.

Tower of Babel: Language Barriers as a Reported Cause of Prehospital Care Delay.
 Grow, Robert., Sztajnkrycer, Matthew. and Moore, Brian.

Transfer of intra-aortic balloon pump-dependent patients by paramedics: a case-series.
 MacDonald, Russell. and Farquhar, Steve.

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Value of Pre-arrival Instructions
 Lewis, Daniel., Mahoney, Brian., Vogt, Katie. and Bultman, Laura.

Value of Serial Prehospital ECGs in the Diagnosis of ST-Elevation Myocardial infarction (STEMI).
 Rowley, James., McGinnis-Hainsworth, Diane., Megargel, Ross. and O\'Connor, Robert.

Virtual Reality for Pain Management: Demonstration of EMS Feasibility
 Wheeler, Ernest., Williams, James R.., Richards, Michael., Alverson, Dale. and Hoffman, Hunter.
National Association of EMS Physicians 2006-Jan-19 to 2006-Jan-21
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