The Native American and Indigenous Studies Association 2015-Jun-04 to 2015-Jun-07

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"Asanjigowin "The Archive": Portraits of Native Women through Experimental Film"
 Ernest, Marcella.

"Attica in the Adirondacks": Rethinking Red Power through Ganienkeh
 Clements, Chris.

"Bending the Light" Towards Survivance: Anishinaabec-led Youth Theatre on Residential Schools
 Francis, Margot.

"Buffalo Calling"
 Hubbard, Tasha.

"Civilization" as Self-Defense? American Republicanism and Cherokee Resistance to Removal
 Hendrix, Burke.

"Every Inch A King": Indigeneity, Empire and the Metropolitan Circulations of Cetshwayo kaMpande
 Tallie, T.J..

"Honor Scenes: Misty Upham's Critical Interventions in Cinema"
 Tahmahkera, Dustin.

"I Got To Do Something To Keep My Family Up": The CCC-Indian Division and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians
 Sanders, Mattea.

"If They Were Kind:" Citizenship and Eviction in Nineteenth-Century Kahnawake
 Rueck, Daniel.

"Intergenerational Performance and Visible Nurture"
 Hearne, Joanna.

"It's our dead": Claiming Kin, Reconstituting Nation in Lynn Riggs's The Cherokee Night
 Brown, Kirby.

"I’m Gonna Buy Me an Island": Road Development and Environmental Criticism in Tomson Highway’s The Rez Sisters
 Paul, Cameron.

"Navigating by Our Grandmothers": Lessons From Reddit User, JeopardyReject, and Metis artist, Rosalie Favell
 Hoelke, Charlotte.

"Pre-Occupied": Collaborative Interventions
 Bernardin, Susan.

"Tell Them Nott to Bring Any Rum Here": Alcohol, Sovereignty, and Colonialism on Shawnee Homelands, 1700–1860
 Lakomäki, Sami.

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A Company of These Women: Haudenosaunee Women's Early 19th Century Social Ties
 Kane, Maeve.

A Fistful of Stállus: Resisting Neo-Colonialism in the Era of Diversity
 Storfjell, Troy.

A Local and International Exploration of Kaupapa Maori Film Theory
 Moewaka Barnes, Angela.

A Perspective on Frank Day’s Traditional Presentations of Value as found in Art Practice, Storytelling, and Healing
 LaPeña, Frank.

A Political Botany: Kanaka Ontology and Biocolonialism in Hawaiʻi
 Silva, Noenoe. and Goldberg-Hiller, Jonathan.

A Queer Image: AMC's The Killing and Chief Nichole Jackson
 Colley, Dr. Brook.

A Sharing Indigenous Political Culture is Alive and Well in Northern Saskatchewan
 Beatty, Bonita.

A Spindle, An Awl, and the Construction Tools of Tla’amin Histories in the Twentieth Century
 MacDonald, Katya.

A Story of Contrasts: The Settler Romantic Tradition and the Beothuk and Mi'kmaq of Newfoundland
 Hanrahan, Maura.

A Trail of Tears and Toughness: The Social Construction and Communication of Choctaw Cultural Persistence Through Religious Hymns
 Kemper, Kevin.

A Treaty Right to Post-Secondary Education
 Carr-Stewart, Sheila.

A Warrior’s Vision: Responding to the Call to Decolonize Indigenous Identities
 Ladner, Kiera. and Tait, Myra.

Aboriginal Treaty Nation Government and the Debts of Claims Litigation
 Mack, Johnny.

Academizar la Lengua Maya Tzotzil para Una Comunidad Lingüística Más Allá de las Fronteras Locales
 Lopez, Jose Alfredo.

Accessing Health Care Services for Indigenous people with Neurological Conditions in Canada: a multi- site approach
 Blind, Melissa.

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Baby Veronica, ICWA, and the Continued Erosion of Tribal Sovereignty
 Rocha-Beardall, Theresa.

Back on Track: Cultural Sovereignty and the Native American Flute
 Conlon, Paula.

Band Membership as Terrorizing Practice: Decoupling Indigenous Citizenships from Property-Holder Logics
 Lee, Damien.

Battles of/in Seattle: Settler Anarchism, Indigenous Futurity, and Native Women’s Memoir in the 21st Century
 Warburton, Theresa.

Beading and Walking Sovereignty: Dene Resurgence against Canadian Sovereignty
 Wrightson, Kelsey.

Belonging(s): Exhibiting the Tangible and Intangible
 Wilson, Jordan.

Between Colonial "Indio Ladino" and Indigenous Agent of Testimonio: Andean Self-Narratives of Suffering and Redemption (1615-1977)
 Quispe-Agnoli, Rocío.

Between Empires and Frontiers: Alaska Native Sovereignty, Statehood, and U.S. Settler Imperialism
 Arnett, Jessica.

Beyond Metaphors: A Native Feminist Felt Theorization of Settler Colonialism and Academia
 Robertson, Kimberly.

Biopolitics and Eldercare: Indigenous Refusals of Necrocapitalism
 Grande, Sandy.

Biopolitics in Michel Noel’s Nipishish: Policy, Power, and Resistance
 Boucher, James.

Black Hawk's Parallax View: (De)Naturalizing Native Genocide in The Life of Black Hawk, or Mà-ka-tai-me-she-kià-kiàk
 Cooke, Jason.

Black Hawk’s Representations
 Chiles, Katy.

Boarding School Transitions: From Catholic Mission to Tribal School on the Crow Creek Reservation, 1960-1975
 Galler, Robert.

Borders of Brush: The Brush Arbor as Literary and Ceremonial Architecture
 Brousseau, Marcel.

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Can Māori tribal enterprises, that embrace traditional values and worldviews, compete in global capitalist markets?
 Reid, John.

Change Agents, Service, and the State of Pueblo Nations
 Martinez, Matthew., Luarkie, Richard. and Warren, Alvin.

Changing Corporate Culture: Indigenous Influence on Extractive Companies via Negotiated Agreements
 Keenan, Julia.

Changing corporate culture: Indigenous influence on extractive companies via negotiated agreements
 Keenan, Julia.

Cherokee Rituals and Water in Colonial America
 Smithers, Gregory.

Chicana Feminist Theories, the Pacific Ocean, and Borderspaces: Unsettling Settler Colonialism in Hawai’i
 Rohrer, Judy.

Chicana Feminist Theories, the Pacific Ocean, and Borderspaces: Unsettling Settler Colonialism in Hawai’i
 Rohrer, Judy.

Chief Topinabee: Using Tribal Memories to Better Understand Tribal Leadership
 Low, John.

Choctaw “Capitalism” in a Time of Crisis
 Gantt, Sean.

Civilization and the Bonds between People and Land: Native American Letters in the Age of Removal
 Haake, Claudia.

Climate Speaking and Consciousness Raising: Indigenous Storying on Behalf of the Earth and the Generations
 Dragone, Nicholle.

Cocina mapuche. Ritualidad y resistencia desde la cotidianeidad
 Ortiz Caripán, Margarita.

Cold War Cowboys to Counterculture Indians: Warrior Masculinity, the Hollywood West, and America's Libertarian Turn, 1946-1976
 Anderson Patch, Natalie.

Collaborative Testifying to War in The Life of Mrs. Mary Jemison
 Henigman, Laura.

Collecting ‘Video Indígena:’ Engaging Indigenous Knowledges in a Changing Mediascape
 Cordova, Amalia.

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Dancing Decolonial Love
 Recollet, Karyn.

Dancing Sovereignty: Reclaiming the Grease Trail Through Movement and Song
 Dangeli, Mique\'l.

David Cusick’s Geography and the Original Settlers of New York State
 Mucher, Christen.

De-colonizing Global Colonial Architectures: An Exploration of Arcadia
 Watson, Kirrakee.

Decolonial Chats and Memes: Inscribing Indigeneity in the Digital Overlay
 Duarte, Marisa.

Decolonizing Dispossession: Rethinking Adivasi Land Relations in a Decolonial-Feminist Frame
 Nirmal, Padini.

Decolonizing in Colonial Spaces: Changing the World We Live in Through Self-Government
 Keith, Jennifer.

Decolonizing the Archive: Re-appropriating H.R. Voth’s Photographs by Reading Hopi Life Narratives
 Cox, Alicia.

Defining and Enacting Food Sovereignty in American Indian Community Gardening
 Hoover, Elizabeth. and Baca, Angelo.

Deracination, Elimination: Colonial Terror and the 1930s Race Laws in El Salvador
 Cuéllar, Jorge.

Deskaheh's Appeal for Justice: Reinterpreting Six Nations Autonomy and Settler Dominance at the League of Nations, 1923-1924
 Dietzel, Andrew.

Diasporic Lives and Deaths: Kānaka and American Indians Remember the Deaths of Kānaka in California
 Chang, David.

Dis/connection in 21st Century Vancouver: Local Government Planning and Indigenous Resistance to Dispossession
 Patrick, Lyana.

Dis/connection in 21st-Century Vancouver: Local Government Planning and Indigenous Resistance to Dispossession
 Patrick, Lyana.

Discourses of Race and Aboriginality in the NT Intervention.
 Macoun, Alissa.

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Early Anthropological Theories of Indigenous Religious Ritual
 Dees, Sarah.

Earth/Work: Repatriating Land, Reclaiming Labor in Allison Adelle Hedge Coke’s Blood Run
 Anderson, Josh.

El Plan de Vida Guambiano, ejemplo de resistencia y autonomía del Pueblo Misak
 Velasco Montaño, Rosa.

El arte de la resistencia pacífica en Colombia. Los jóvenes de la Guardia Indígena en el Cauca
 Carrión Sánchez, Claudia.

Eloquent and Mumbling Savages: Translating into Spanish the Linguistic and Stylistic Features of Native American Literature
 Herrero, Isis.

Embodied Jurisgenesis: NAGPRA, Dialogue, and Repatriation in American Indian Literature
 Katanski, Amelia.

Embodying the essentialised abject: challenging colour blind racism in performance
 Casey, Maryrose.

Embracing the D’harawal Dreaming: Lessons from Gagamari Burrugin
 Bodkin-Andrews, Gawaian.

Engaging the Intangible in Northwest Coast Material Culture Collections
 Bunn-Marcuse, Kathryn.

Englishman, Your Color is Deceitful: Unsettlement in Janet Lewis' The Invasion
 Spry, Adam.

Enhancing Traditional, Healthy Food Skills in an Urban Indigenous Community
 Martens, Tabitha.

Envoys of Interest: A Cherokee, a Tahitian and the Eighteenth-Century Empire
 Fullagar, Kate.

Eradication Nation: Disrupting the Time of Settler-Colonialism in Simon Ortiz’s From Sand Creek and Sherwin Bitsui’s Flood Song
 Pexa, Christopher.

Establishing Indigenous Natural Law through Indigenous Ontology & Epistemology
 Sparhawk, Molly.

Everlasting: Navajo Weavings, Navajo Life
 Ahlberg Yohe, Jill.

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Family Treasures/Family Secrets: Representing Indigeneity in Small-Town Ontario, 1840-1980
 Barclay, Krista.

Fear of Indigenous Storytelling
 Konkle, Maureen.

Feeding the Wiindigoo: Bureaucracy and Hunger in Native Literatures
 Miner, Joshua.

Fiber at the Core: An Approximation to Indigenous Textile Technology in the Caribbean
 Serra, Soraya.

Fiction and Lies in Sherman Alexie’s “Dear John Wayne” and Stephen Graham Jones’s Growing Up Dead in Texas
 Eils, Colleen.

Flying Proa Poetics: Wayreading Chamoru Migration and Diaspora in Lehua Taitano's A Bell Made of Stones
 Perez, Craig.

For Love or Land: Citizenship, Membership, and Identity in Kahnawà:ke
 Boucher Curotte, Orenda.

Forced Essentialisation: Racist Violence, white subjectivity and the Indigenous body.
 Singh, David.

Fourth World Theory as Indigenous Methodology
 Gilio-Whitaker, Dina.

From "Informants" to Intellectuals: Reframing Early Twentieth Century Nahua "Testimonio" Writing
 McDonough, Kelly.

From Dystopia to Utopia: Models of Success and Decolonial Futurity in Skawennati’s TimeTraveller™
 Sobrino, Sasha.

From River to River Mountain to Mountain: On the Road with William Apes
 Lopenzina, Drew.

From Space to Race: Jurisdictional Intimacies and the Logic of Oliphant
 Rifkin, Mark.

From a Decolonial Path: Different Notions of Justice from Indigenous People of Latin America
 Rodriguez, Meztli.

From print to performance: The art and aesthetics of kanikau
 Sala, Aaron.

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Gabrielino High School: Settler Futurity and the Signs of the Indian
 Mo\'e\'hahne, Ho\'esta.

Gardening, Digital Storytelling, and Indigenous Ways of Knowing – A Case Study from the Seneca Nation of Indians E.C.L.C.
 Corwin, Jason.

Gender and Ethnicity: The Role of Women in the P’urhepecha People’s Land Struggle
 Gutierrez, Sandra.

Gender, Biopolitics and Legalized Eviction in Occupied East Jerusalem
 Ihmoud, Sarah.

Gender, Place, and Indigenous Memory
 Glassburn Falzetti, Ashley.

Genealogies as Colonial Archive: The Charles Denny Collections
 Dolmage, Erin.

Genízaros, Indios, y Californios or Don Benito’s ‘Faithful Comanche:’ Race, Identity, and Violence during the Rancho Period
 Cowan, William.

George Washington and the Kidnapping of Indian Women in the Wabash River Valley
 Sleeper-Smith, Susan.

Getting Dirty: The Metaphysics of Indigenous Eco-Erotics and the Pansexuality of Women in Native Oral Literatures
 Nelson, Melissa.

Gii-kaapizigemin Manoomin Neyaashing: A Resurgence of Anishinaabeg Nationhood
 Yerxa, Jana-Rae.

Government Strategy and Metis Tactic: Nationalising the Canadian-American Borderlands.
 Pollock, Katie.

Grave Markers: Representing Genocide and Survival in the National Parks
 Cerretti, Josh.

Guerrilla Philology, Guerrilla Linguistics: Sequoyah's Achievement Reconsidered
 Brander Rasmussen, Birgit.


Haitian Indigeneity: Visibilizing Taino Heritage in Contemporary Practices of Vodou
 Beauvoir-Dominique, Rachel.

Hawaiian Science: The Political, Social, and Cultural Capital of Hawaiian STEM
 Keliʻikuli, Genai.

Hawaiʻi's Territorial Homesteads at Haʻikū, Maui: An Attempt at an American Colony in 1911
 Wright, Kawēlau.

He Lālā Au No Kuʻu Kumu (I am a Branch of my Teacher): Situating Our Research within Our Indigenous Epistemologies and Genealogies
 Saffery, Maya.

He Moena Pāwehe Makana: Weaving Anti-Capitalist Resistance into Kanaka Maoli Critiques of Settler Colonialism
 Maile, David.

Healing and the Vampire: Homecoming and Recovery in Drew Hayden Taylor’s The Night Wanderer: A Native Gothic Novel
 Sheffield, Carrie.

Hiawatha and Indian Pageants: Performances of Native – White History and Contact Experiences
 Scarangella McNenly, Linda.

Hijacking History: Silenced Native Californians in a Romanticized Past
 Lorimer, Michelle.

Historical Perspectives on Indigenous Children in Manitoba Tuberculosis Sanatoria, 1940-1960
 McCallum, Mary Jane.

Historical Practices of Visual Sovereignty: the Seneca Arts Project
 Marr, Alex.

Historical Trauma and Contemporary Native American Communities
 Riegert, JoAnne.

Homefree survivance: Occupied alterities, remaking home, Wai‘anae in the anthropocene
 Young, Kalaniopua.

Homelessness: Reflections in Hawai‘i and Refractions through Oceania
 Fermantez, Kali.

Hopi, Mother, Warrior: Lori Piestewa’s Service and Legacy
 Cornell, Akikwe.

Horace Poolaw: Participant Photographer
 Penney, David.

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I Am Guåhan, Wherever I am: Strategies for Empowering Chamoru Contemporary Art Practices
 Alcantara-Camacho, Dåko\'ta.

I ka wai hālau a i Wailua: Investigating Wailua River and its Tributaries in the Socio-political Development of Ancient Kauaʻi
 Merrin, Lilia.

Ia Te Onkwehonwe: The Racial Construction of Mohawk Identity
 Horn-Miller, Kahente.

Identifying and Understanding Indigenous Ways of Evaluating Physical Activity Programs
 Roberts, Erica.

Identity Construction in the Plays of Xojobal Jch’ ul Me’tik: A Case Study of Contemporary Mayan Theater in Chiapas, Mexico
 Daniels, Susannah.

Incarcerated Culture
 McIntosh, Tracey.

Indian Trust Funds and the Rise of American Capitalism
 Connolly, Emilie.

Indians in the Attic, Archival Aboriginals and other assorted white fantasies: Being and (un)Becoming Métis
 Adese, Jennifer. and Andersen, Chris.

Indigeneity in Iraq after Saddam: The Plight of the Assyrian and Chaldean Communities
 Hughes, Erin.

Indigenous (Im)Mobility and the Borderlands of North America
 Arnsperger, Levin.

Indigenous Cartography and Affinity Organizing: Mapping the Moʻolelo of Māui and Hina on the ʻĀina Kamahaʻo of Lualualei
 Fujikane, Candace.

Indigenous Corporate Networks: Maori corporate warriors and their agribusiness links
 Lambert, Simon.

Indigenous Health Sovereignty and the Repatriation of Birthing in First Nations Communities in Manitoba
 Cidro, Jaime.

Indigenous Higher Education and Decolonization in Ecuador: The Amawtay Wasi Case
 Drouin Gagne, Marie-Eve.

Indigenous Intellectuals in California and Colonial Knowledge
 Haas, Lisbeth.

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J.Z. LaRocque and the Liberal Party: Métis Politics in Saskatchewan, 1905-1944
 Devine, Heather.

Jeffrey Gibson’s Nomadic Modernism: Intersections of Indigenous, Western, and Global Visual Culture
 Roberts Seppi, Lisa.

John Stewart’s Wyandot Mission and Religious Colonialism as African American Racial Uplift
 Hughes, Sakina.

Justice and the Ballot Box: The Fight for Native Voting Rights in Montana
 Vercoe, Moana. and Mahoney, Colleen.


Kaha:Wi Means “To Carry:” Indigenous Dance Performance as Remembrance and Cultural Continuity
 Loft, Jennifer.

Kin, Commerce, and Catholicism: The Odawa of L’Arbre Croche and the Issue of Catholic Native American Neutrality in Pontiac’s War
 Sprague, Jason.

Kinship, Furs, Empire: The Anishinaabeg Odawa and the British ‘Conquest’ of North America
 McDonnell, Mike.

Knowledge Production and the Conference Revisioning the Americas through Indigenous Cinema
 St-Amand, Isabelle.

Kohala i ka Unupaa: Tracking Water irrigation and Social Integration in windward Kohala, Hawai'i
 Uyeoka, Kelley.

Ktunaxa Nation v. British Columbia, 2014: Theological Exclusivity and Indigenous Religious Freedom
 Shrubsole, Nick.


La educación superior en Guatemala: ¿una extensión simbólica del blanqueamiento?
 Chivalán Carrillo, Marco.

Labor, Work, and Mobility: Redefining Sovereignty in the Termination Era
 O\'Neill, Colleen.

Lakota Mobility and Movement in the Canada-U.S. Borderlands as Expression of Collective Identity and Sovereignty.
 Thomson, Claire.

Land Matters: Colonial schooling on Indigenous land in the late-18th century northeast
 Peace, Thomas.

Land and Foodways of the Oklahoma Cherokee: Reclaiming Food Sovereignty
 Shade, Jaquetta.

Land titling and market governance in the post-treaty Nisga’a nation
 Reid, Christopher.

Land, Indian Women, and the Influence of White Husbands in Indian Affairs
 Sweet, Jameson.

Latino Cultural Work at the Smithsonian: Considerations and Context for the Caribbean Indigenous Legacies Project
 Woodaman, Ranald.

Learning New Positions: Museums and the Politics of Repositioning "Endangered" Native American Knowledges
 Isaac, Gwyneira.

Life “Behind the Buckskin Curtain”: The Anti-Sovereignty Movement on the Oneida Reservation
 Kiel, Doug.

Liminality as Belonging: Race and Diaspora in Kanaka Maoli Communities
 Warren, Joyce.

Linguistic Identification as Boundary Markers in New York State
 Ingram, Rebekah. and Toth, Jay.

Listening for Our Stories in Dusty Boxes: Indigenous Research Methodologies, Archival Practices, and the Cherokee Female Seminary
 Legg, Emily.

Literary Transgressions: Native Writers and the Law in Indian Country
 Vigil, Kiara.

Living on the Edge: Toxicity and Sensuality on 'The Red Road'
 Lumsden, Stephanie.

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Mainstreaming Remote Aboriginal Housing in Australia
 Habibis, Daphne.

Maintaining Balance in Times of Change: Self-regulation, First Nations Traditional Health and Healing and Health Professionalism
 Robbins, Julian.

Makah Ocean Policies Regarding Treaty Fisheries Co-management and the Treaty Resource Environment
 McCarty, Micah.

Makahs, Maoris, and the British Empire in Pacific Marine Space
 Reird, Joshua.

Making Themselves Metis: Appropriating Indigenous Identity in Fur Trade Reenactment
 Nation-Knapper, Stacy.

Mandating Reconciliation in the Dawnland: Examining Long Term Goals of the TRCs in Maine and Canada and their Chances of Success
 Watson, Alison.

Maori Opposition to Fossil Fuel Development in Aotearoa New Zealand
 Grossman, Zoltan.

Mapping Fa'asamoa: Life Trajectories of Samoan College Students in Seattle
 Fonoti, Rochelle.

Mapping Indian Territory: Nineteenth-Century Narratives of Place
 Walkiewicz, Kathryn.

Mapping the Mystic Massacre: A New Approach to Pictorial Representations of the Pequot War
 Taylor, Marie.

Maria Tallchief’s “Bodies” of Work: Autobiographies of a Postindian Princess
 Toll, Shannon.

Masking Identities: The Contested Authenticity in the Northwest Coast Art of Cherokee Artist “Chief Lelooska”
 Montiel, Anya.

Masters, Servants and Occupiers: Rethinking the African ‘Servant’s Rebellion’ in the Cape Colony, 1799- 1803
 Ulrich, Nicole.

Materiality and Geography in Early Native Women’s Narratives: Pocahontas as Author?
 Lush, Rebecca.

Me and J.P.: Adam Castillo, the Mission Indian Federation, and John Peabody Harrington
 Przeklasa, T. Robert.

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Nail polish, stockings and Sámi rights: Combining my female and male identities with the struggle for Sámi rights
 Mikaelsson, Stefan.

Naming as Claiming: Symbolic Annihilation and Indigenous Erasure
 Merskin, Debra.

Nanabush and the Scientific Method of Inquiry
 Hogan, Michelle.

Narratives of National Citizenship in Gerald Vizenor’s The Heirs of Columbus and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Half of a Yellow Sun
 Coffey, Meredith.

National Histories, Archives, and Material Forms of Order in John Ridge’s 1825-1826 Essay
 Wisecup, Kelly.

National State Recognition of Indigenous Ethnomedical Systems: Peyotists at the Founding of the State of Oklahoma in 1907
 Wiedman, Dennis.

Native American Student Success in a Private Liberal Arts University: Interrogating Settler Colonialism in Higher Education
 Roberts, Christina.

Native American and Deaf Women: Parallels in Historical Oppression and Identity Formation between Two Cultures
 Paris, Damara.

Native American and Latina Veteran Women's Forms of Healing
 Mondragon, Delores.

Native Americans Appropriating Prints: Nineteenth-Century Images and Reinterpretation as Indigenous Self-Images
 Couch, N. C. Christopher.

Native Museums: Forums for Dialogue & Participatory Collaboration
 Haworth, John.

Native Negotiations of U.S. Water Law and the Constitutive Contradictions of Adjudication
 Markwell, Sam.

Native Space, Settled Space, and Routes to Freedom: Racial Hierarchies in the Great Lakes, 1780 to 1840
 Macgillivray, Emily.

Native Transnationalism: Politics North by South?
 Devine-Guzmán, Tracy.

Native Women, Intermarried Families, and Land in Removal-Era Great Lakes Testimony
 Murphy, Lucy.

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Oil and Gas Extraction in New Zealand and Canada: Post-politics and the Indigenous Moment
 Ruckstuhl, Katharina.

On the Fringe: Old Age, Assimilation, and Health in Northern California, 1900-1924
 Viles, Nicholas.

On the backs of the women: Indigenous women's perspectives into street gangs
 Henry, Robert.

Once Were Indigenous: Navigating Native Hawaiian and California Indian Relationships for Decolonial Possibilities
 Vaughn, Kehaulani.

Our History, Your History: National Museums and Indigenous Histories in North and South America
 Manning Stevens, Scott.

Our Native American Saint: Saint Kateri Tekakwitha and the Gendered Complexities of Indigenous Catholicism
 Jacob, Michelle.

Our Piece of the Pie: The Aboriginal Film and Video Art Alliance and Indigenous Sovereignty In Media Practice
 Crey, Karrmen.

Out of the Architecture: Installation, Activation, Invigilation
 Gilbert, Helen. and Phillipson, JD.


Packaged and Unpacked: Revisiting the Goldenweiser Wax Cylinders Project and Digital Curatorship at the Wood’s Edge
 Cronk, Sam.

Packing Penises and Two-Spirit Traces: Thirza Cuthand’s Performance of Female Masculinity
 Tatonetti, Lisa.

Palestinian Female's Experience in the Israeli Civil Service in '48 Palestine
 Daher-Nashif, Suhad.

Partnerships, pathways, and barriers to Aboriginal involvement in mining and energy projects in Saskatchewan
 Kayseas, Bob.

Passing for Free, Passing for Sovereign: A Speculative Reading of the Choctaw Freedmen’s Claim to Indigeneity
 Harvey, Sandra.

Paul Bunyan and Missing Indians: Memorialization and Place-Making in Indian Country's North Woods
 Keeler, Kasey.

Peddling Pottery: Catawba Indian Women, Pottery, and the Persistence of Catawba Identity
 Bauer, Brooke.

Performances and Sovereignty: Hiawatha Plays and Naming Ceremonies among the Odawa of Michigan
 Greci Green, Adriana.

Performing Violence in Indigenous Theatre
 Lachance, Lindsay.

Permanent Austerity and Fiscal Brutality: Techniques of Colonial Governance in Canada
 Pasternak, Shiri.

Pestles, Powder Horns, and a Burnt Kernel of Corn: Decolonizing Early New England Object Collections
 DeLucia, Christine.

Phasing Out the Sled Dog: The RCMP Dog Slaughter as an Attack on Inuit Kinship
 Kerfoot, Brandon.

Picturing Indian Health: Dr. Shoemaker’s Traveling Photographs, 1910-1918
 Wingo, Rebecca.

Pikuni Composition: Distinctive Features of Writers at Blackfeet Community College
 Zainer, Leanne.

Place as Archive: The Carlisle Indian School Farmhouse and Heritage Center
 White, Louellyn.

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Queer Bodies, Failed Subjects: Thinking Through (and Within) the Decolonial Infrastructures of Queerness
 Belcourt, Billy-Ray.

Quietly Erased: The Unilateral and Illegal De-Acknowledgment of Indian Tribes
 Brown-Perez, Kathleen.

Q’eqchi’ Women Contesting Impunity in Local Courts
 Velasquez Nimatuj, Irma Alicia.


Race and Indigenous employment in the Australian Public Service.
 Larkin, Steve.

Racial Classification and the Eastern Shore: Records of Bastards, Miscegenation, and Infanticide in Colonial Virginia
 Shefveland, Kristalyn.

Racialized Citizenship and Veiled Whiteness in Nineteenth-Century Honduras
 Lara, Jose.

Racismo institucional y privilegio ladino en la educación superior: un cuestionamiento desde las profesionales mayas
 Cumes, Aura.

Raised Fists, Hands in Earth, Bound in Chains: The Multiple Arms of Aloha ʻĀina
 Baker, Mary.

Re-centering Native America: Intersections of Native American Studies and Asian American Studies in a Globalized Korean Classroom
 Boo, Kyung-Sook.

Re-examining Treaty through Nêhiyaw pimâcihowin (Plains Cree Way of Life):
 Johnson, Paulina.

Re-politicizing the Medicine Game: Lacrosse as “Sport-for-Development” in Indigenous Communities
 Downey, Allan. and Arellano, Alexandra.

Re-thinking the Red Power Narrative: Protest Ideology and the "Long" Movement
 Hitchmough, Sam.

Reading The Crooked Good with my Big Heavens: Cree Language, Worldview, and its Implications for Settler Scholars
 Van Essen, Angela.

Reading United States v. Clapox et al. (1888) as Colonizing Native Sexuality through the Courts
 Basaldú, Christopher.

Reading the Land Beneath Our Feet: The Infrastructural Logics of Re-Naming Vancouver / Lhq'á:lets
 Robinson, Dylan.

Rebirth in the ‘Land of Death’: The Choctaws after Removal
 Fortney, Jeffrey.

Rebuilding a Mayan World: Awakening, Presence, and Possibilities
 Soto, Silvia.

Reclaiming Dibaajimowinan: Contesting Settler Archives through the Storytelling of Louise Erdrich
 Huettl, Margaret.

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Sacred Sites Protection and the National Historic Preservation Act: A Potential International Model?
 Gould, Rae.

Safe Spaces for the Ancestors: The Secret Life of Carlos Montezuma
 Crandall, Maurice.

Saltwater Fishery Conflict: Passamaquoddy and the State of Maine
 Lewey, Jamie. and Dana-Sacco, Gail.

Sarah Winnemucca, Past and Present: A Newspaper Archive
 Carpenter, Cari.

Self-determination with Gender Parity: Kichwa Women Frame Universal Rights within Culture
 Picq, Manuela.

Selling Indians: Native American Stereotypes in Advertising and Collecting from the Hirschfelder-Molin Collection
 Fehr, Erin.

Senator Harry Lane, the “White Man’s Indian,” and Native Sovereignty as Anti-Corruption in the Early Twentieth Century
 Carpenter, Marc.

Settlement and Reparations under U.S. Law
 Park, K-Sue.

Settler Colonial Biopolitics and Indigenous Australian Resistance in Lifeways and Literature
 Collingwood-Whittick, Sheila.

Settler Disavowal of Native Land and Labor in the South American Tropics
 Blickstein, Tamar.

Settler-Colonialism, Internal Colonialism, and the Cherokee Freedmen Controversy
 Akande, Issac.

Settling Tropical Australia: Race and Labour in the Northern Territory of Australia, 1911-1920
 Silverstein, Ben.

Sex Laws and Survival in Nineteenth-Century Hawaiʻi
 Archer, Seth.

Shahwundais and the Methodist Mission to Native North America
 Martini, Elspeth.

Sharing knowledge: The role of framing and language in communication between Aboriginal science and Western science.
 Bechtel, Robert.

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Take Me to the River: Wampum Trade and Traffic in 17th Century New England
 Bruchac, Margaret.

Talking Leaves: Aboriginal Prison Writings as Theory and Community
 Adema, Seth.

Te reo ā-tuhi: The Dynamics of Academic Writing in an Indigenous Minority Language – a Te Reo Māori Case Study
 Martin, Jen.

Teaching Indigenous Identities in a Global Context
 Carlson, Bronwyn., Harris, Michelle., Berglund, Jeff. and Poata-Smith, Evan.

Tetewatskà:hons ne Sewatokwà:tshera: Revitalizing Haudenosaunee Food Traditions through Mohawk Language
 McNaughton, Laticia.

Thank You, Listen, Gather Here: Doing Indigenous in Emily Johnson’s Choreography
 Shea Murphy, Jacqueline.

The Affect of Survivance: Feeling Resistance in the Settler-Colonial Condition
 Nordstrand, Pollyanna.

The Beautiful Lies and the Ugly Truths of Ontario’s Far North Act
 Peerla, David. and Cutfeet, John.

The Bio-Politics of Colonial Education in the Early U.S. Republic
 Peterson, Dawn.

The Biopolitics of Navajo Development: Value, Sexual Violence and Erasure
 Yazzie, Melanie.

The Conversation Health Care Providers Should Have with Native Women
 Arsenault, Jaime.

The Crisis of the Native Intellectual
 Smith, Paul.

The Doctrine of Discovery in Everyday Life: Property, Personhood and Settler Common-sense in Resistance to Land Rights
 Mackey, Eva.

The Earth Is (Still) Our Mother: Indigenous Adaptation in the Era of Climate Change
 Hamill, Chad.

The Education of John Napoleon Brinton Hewitt
 Merriam, Kathryn.

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Uncovering the doctrine of Mana Moana to better articulate Maori rights to water
 Skelton, Victoria.

Understanding Earthquakes and Other Upheaval in the Native South, 1811-1815
 Hancock, Jonathan.

Understanding Ownership: Protecting Indigenous Music in an Age of Appropriation
 Boomsma, Rose.

Unlikely Allies: Nonindigenous-Indigenous Alliances in Decolonization Movements in Aotearoa/New Zealand, the U.S.A. and Canada
 Stirling, Carolyn.

Uplift, Assimilation, Child Saving: Indigeneity, Racial Formation, and Governance at Hampton Institute, 1880-1912
 Fong, Sarah.

Urban Quilombo and Indigenous Movements in the Southeast Region of Brazil and the Horizons of Multiculturalism
 Poets, Desiree.

Urban Sámi identities – the Stockholm Sámi Association and the right to become a full member
 Frisk, Inge.

Using First Nations Research to Track and Promote Positive Change in Manitoba First Nations
 Star, Leona.


Value and Ephemeral Materiality: Indigenous Media and Digital Futures
 Wortham, Erica.

Victimization and Perceived Impact on Academics in a National Sample of Indigenous College Students
 Fish, Jillian., Livingston, Jennifer., VanZile-Tamsen, Carol. and Patterson Silver Wolf (Adelv unegv Waya), David.

Views from the End of the World: Conservation Ethics in Leslie Marmon Silko’s Almanac of the Dead and Cormac McCarthy’s The Road
 Kennedy, PhD, Virginia.

Violence Knows No Boundaries: Violence Against Women Along the Western Great Lakes Borderlands
 Jurss, Jacob.

Violence, Law and the Everyday Politics of Recognition
 Hunt, Sarah.


Waiting Is Not What to Do: Indigenous Continuance
 Ortiz, Simon.

Waiʻawa i ka Pahu Wai Lalo: Understanding Ground Water and Loko Wai Pond Resources in Wai'awa, O'ahu
 Keliipaakaua, Kepoo.

Walking the Red Road: A community’s journey to help each person live a good life
 Potvin, Nancy. and Chabbert, Patty.

Water Security, Ecosystem Services, and Indigenous Well-Being in the Southwest and Pacific Northwest
 Lefthand-Begay, Clarita.

We Made a MOOC: New Teaching Platforms and Alternative Narratives
 Walter, Maggie. and Jahnke, Huia.

Weetigo and Weesageechak Deoccupy. What Danis Goulet's shortfilm "Wakening" says about the Cree-Canadian relationship
 John, Sonja.

Weighed and Found Wanting: Biblical and Native Influences in Moctezuma’s Portrayal in the Crónicas X Histories
 Allen, Heather.

Welfarisation as a Process of Colonisation
 Green, Susan.

What Does it Mean to be Blackfoot in the 21st Century?
 Weasel Fat, Roy.

What does teaching from country mean? Two courses involving Yolgnu studies.
 Dunbar, Terry.

What the Washington Re*sk*ns are all about: South Park, The Daily Show and Native Mascots
 Risling Baldy, Cutcha.

Who Owns Massasoit?
 Blee, Lisa.

Who is Ainu? – Exploring the question of Ainu subjectivity in defining Ainu belonging
 Ishihara, Mai.

Whose Risk? A Comparison of Common and Uncommon Inheritance, Risk, and Benefits in Genomic Research
 Yracheta, Joseph.

Whose community in community-based research? Lessons from a research project on barren-ground caribou
 Dokis-Jansen, Kelsey.

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Xwnuts'aluwum: T'aat'ka' Relations and the Apocryphal Slave
 Flowers, Rachel.


You Can’t Take the Ethnography Out of “Autoethnography”: Rethinking Plains Indian Ledger Art and Modern Pueblo Painting
 Scott, Sascha.
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