Native American and Indigenous Studies Association Annual Conference 2016-May-18 to 2016-May-22

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"A Doorway Out of Darkness": A Manifesto by Incarcerated Men on the Right to Education in Jail
 Van Styvendale, Nancy. and Block, Diann.

"Samson Requests an Indian Maid": Captivity and Human Trafficking in Seventeenth Century New England
 Jahnke Wegner, Joanne.

"Sealfies": Contemporary Indigenous Motherhood, Assimilation, and Violence in the United States and Canada
 Rule, Elizabeth.

"Subjects of Gossip and Slander”: Female Criminality in Northwestern Guatemala, 1931-1944
 Nolan-Ferrell, Catherine.

"'The Bones Live': Performing Repatriation, Enacting Native Slipstream in Kneubuhl's "Ola Na Iwi"
 Anderson, Joshua.

#BlackLivesMatter and #IdleNoMore: Legal Change, Social Movements, and Voices of Resistance
 Rocha Beardall, Theresa.

(Re)Centering The Wildside
 Sanchez, Nikki.

(Re)mapping the Carceral Archipelago: Tourism, Private Prisons and the State (of Hawaiʻi)
 Williams, Liza.

[un]sanctioned: the recognizability of native presence in the contemporary Art gallery
 Whetung, Olivia.

'A Romance Rudely Shocked': Native Hawaiian-Native American Intimacies in the Early Twentieth Century Pacific Northwest
 Akina, Quinn.

'She rules…as a man could:' Native Women’s Leadership and Diplomacy in the Eighteenth Century Lower Mississippi Valley
 Ellis, Elizabeth.

¿Peonaje por deuda o esclavitud? Reinterpretando la historia del caucho en el Putumayo: una mirada a los grupos sionas y kofan
 Mongua, Camilo.

¿Quiénes Somos? The (In)visible Pipils of El Salvador : Necro-politics, and the “Raceless” Ideology of Mestizaje as Ethnocide
 Garcia, Alfredo.

ʻAi & ʻĀina, Moʻo Akua & Moʻolelo: Relationships of Land and Literature, Food and Amphibians
 Basham, Leilani.

ʻAʻole TMT! Examining a Hawaiian Curricular Counternarrative
 Kukahiko, Eōmailani.

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A Dialogical Ethics of (Asian) Settlers in Hawai`i
 Narikawa, Logan.

A Narrative Refusal to Write: Javier Castellanos Martínez’s Cantares de los vientos primerizos
 Burdette, Hannah.

A Personal History of the Allotment Era, Situating a Cherokee/Creek Family’s Racial Categorizations in a Revisionist Frame
 Davis, Darnella.

A Place in the Middle: Kumu Hina, Māhū, and Queer Indigeneity in Hawai’i
 Graham-Laidlaw, Maile.

A Place of Our Own - Urban Sámi identity formation in Stockholm
 Enlund, Desirée.

A Presentation of a Documentation Project of Elderly Sámis’ Stories and Experiences from Residential schools in Sweden
 Huuva, Kaisa.

A Study of Indigenous Language and Culture Instruction in Kindergartens in Taiwan
 Pawan, Ciwas.

A Tale of Two Reconciliations: Understanding Recognition and Indigenous Land Differently in Relation to Environmental Planning
 Laude, Carolyn.

A quantitative expression of language as a marker of identity

A time and place to sing: Ainu heritage performers and their bodies of creation and destruction
 Ang, Roslynn.

Aboriginal art at the intersection of anthropology and tourism: the case of William Barak (c.1824-1903)
 Vanderbyl, Nikita.

Aboriginal ways of tourism enterprise clustering in Australia: Aboriginal business knowledge for our future
 Jacobsen, Damien.

Activating the ‘Ōpio of Hawai‘i: Creating Place-Based Leadership Opportunities in Heritage Stewardship
 Brandt, Lokelani.

Affect, Reparative Politics, and the Structure of Settler Colonialism
 Takagi, Dana.

Alaska Native Theories of Change and Futurity
 Tuck, Eve.

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Back to the Future: Reconstituting Traditional Kwakwaka’wakw Governance in the Context of Neo-Colonialism
 Nicolson, Deanna. and Nicolson, Ryan.

Baddawi, Where the Palestinian Diaspora Is Re-Drawn.
 El-Hoss, Tamara.

Becoming Vulnerable: Food Security, Sovereignty, and Sharing
 Daborn, Merissa.

Being a Man on The Land: Decolonizing Indigenous Masculinity Through Land-Based Cultural Practice
 Alfred, Taiaiake.

Beyond Xicanismo: New Articulations of Native Diaspora
 Flotte, Nakay.

Beyond erasure: K-12 social studies curriculum and scripting the boarding school memory
 Shear, Sarah.

Black Indigeneity: The Garifuna Experience in the Poems of Wingston González
 Gomez Menjivar, Jennifer.

Boardercrossings: Surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding share synergies with Indigeneity, its connection to art, land and water
 Isaac, Jaimie.

Border Town Violence and Navajo Resistance to Settler Colonialism
 Denetdale, Jennifer.

Botany, Indigeneity and Intellectual Property in New Zealand, 1800-present
 Bil, Geoff.

Breakings others’ laws – every/day – the socio-political relevance of nearly illegal harvesting regimes in Aotearoa/New Zealand
 Coombes, Brad.

Bridging Indigenous Feminism and Struggles for Sovereignty Among California’s Unrecognized Tribes
 Chilcote, Olivia.

Building Bodies: Gender and Sport at Haskell Institute, 1880-1930
 Eby, Beth.

Building Indigenous Doctoral Capability: New Zealand, Hawaii, Washington State USA.
 Johnston, Patricia. and Maaka, Margaret.

Building virtual language communities through social media – because we don’t live the village life anymore
 Mahuta, Dean.

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Carceral Suicide: Situating Indigenous suicide in Canadian prisons in light of the spatial manifestations of necropolitics
 Horn, Kanatase.

Carlos Montezuma’s Immigrant Problem: “Americanism for Indians,” Wassaja, and the Limits of Native Activism
 Stanciu, Cristina.

Cartographies of Abundance: Mapping the Movement to Protect Mauna a Wākea
 Fujikane, Candace.

Caught in the middle: The fragmentation of Indigenous knowledge through the Native Title process in urban and rural Australia.
 Hutchings, suzi.

Challenges of Teaching Indigenous Law as Gendered: Interview Results
 Snyder, Emily.

Challenging Essentialism In Contemporary Indigenous Knowledge: Seeking Revelation Within The Esoteric Nature Of Our Dance
 pheasant, Karen.

Challenging existing understandings of ‘citizenship’ in the Pacific
 Ka\'ai-Mahuta, Rachael.

Chickasaw Diplomacy and Discursive Sovereignty
 Nichols, David.

Christianity and Idolatry: The Nahuas Confront European Concepts
 de la Cruz, Abe.

Circulation, Community, and Continuance: The Travels of Joseph Laurent’s Abenaki-English Dialogues
 Wisecup, Kelly.

Climate Justice, Indigenous Planning and Settler Colonialism
 Whyte, Kyle.

Co-designing Research in Place with First Nations, Métis and Inuit Educators
 Schaefli, Laura. and Godlewska, Anne.

Cold Bodies and Continuance in the Native Northeast: Indigenous Women’s Access to Mudflats in the Little Ice Age
 Wickman, Tom.

Colonial Continuity or a Path toward Self-Government?: Examining Internet Voting Deployment in First Nations in Ontario
 Budd, Brian. and Goodman, Nicole.

Colonial Imageries and the Street Gang
 Henry, Robert.

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Dance Your Style: Embodied Experience, Power Poses, and Powwow Dance
 Meness, Jennifer.

Danza Mexica y Conchera: Chicana/o Historic Indigenous Consciousness through Ceremony
 Serrano Najera, Jose Luis.

Data building is nation building
 Rodriguez-Lonebear, Desi. and Rainie, Stephanie.

Decolonising indigenous youth leadership – Lessons learnt from Matike Mai Aotearoa Rangatahi, New Zealand.
 Tawhai, Veronica.

Decolonizing Archaeological Methodologies: The Making and Remaking of Tribal Research Practices
 Nelson, Peter.

Decolonizing Health: Improving Health Equity Through Heritage Repatriation and the Traditional Arts
 Frandy, Tim.

Decolonizing Indigenous-Settler Relations through Pan-Indigenous Festival Encounters
 Chong, Carolyn.

Decolonizing Māhū: Self-Determination and Native Hawaiian Gender and Sexuality
 Uratani, Reid.

Decolonizing Tongues and Hands: Revitalizing Indigenous Speech Using Indigenous Sign
 BluWakpa, Makha.

Decolonizing our Indigenous Allyships: Working through Recognition/NonRecognition/MisRecognition
 Munoz, Marissa.

Decolonizing violence, sex, and time in the Canadian Arctic: Tanya Tagaq’s queer punk performance aesthetic
 Leydon, Scott.

Deconstructing the between-ness of space; at the intersection of design, blended identity, and diaspora
 Simati, Benita.

Defensa del territorio Sikuani frente al extractivismo
 Gaitán Yepes, Gloria.

Delusions of Reconciliation: How Australia Continues to Get It Wrong
 Ladner, Kiera. and Tait, Myra.

Determinants of Physical Activity and Nutrition Among Anishinaabe Children in Six First Nation Communities
 McGregor, Lorrilee.

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E Nānā Mai i ke Kumuwai: Ancestral Guidance for Modern Groundwater Solutions to Sutainable Economy in Waiʻawa, ʻEwa, Hawaiʻi
 Keliipaakaua, Justin.

E-colonialism and the indigenous digital citizen: a view from Aotearoa/New Zealand.
 Warren, Te Rina.

Ecologies of Gender and the Decolonizing Power of Masculine Vulnerability
 McKegney, Sam.

Edible Decolonization: Food as the Heart of Governance
 Eriksen, Senka.

Embodying Decolonization in Education: Kiuna Institute, a First Nations College in Odanak, Quebec
 Boucher, Orenda.

Embodying Self-Determination: The Renewal of Indigenous Political Economies through Foodways
 Daigle, Michelle.

Enfants de Langue: Children as Intermediaries among the Choctaws and Chickasaws
 Layton, Brandon.

Enfleshing sovereignty: settler colonial child welfare, refusal, and the decolonizing labor of mothering
 Kristjansson, Margaux.

Engineering Indigenous Science in Aotearoa-New Zealand: A Global Template?
 Ruckstuhl, Katharina.

Evaluation of the Merauke Integrated Food and Energy Estate using the Mauri Model
 Wambrauw, Elisabeth.

Examining Higher Education in American Samoa: A Tribal Critical Race Theory Analysis
 Saelua, Natasha.

Experience of Displacement in Postwar Okinawan People’s Struggles
 Uehara, kozue.

Exploring Barriers to Traditional Food Access and Knowledge for Indigenous Students in Southwestern Ontario
 Neufeld, Hannah.

Exploring the Challenges and Opportunities in Australian Indigenous Women’s Economic Participation
 Larkin, Steve., Butler, Kathleen. and MacGibbon, Lesely.

Expressions of Kuleana: Native Hawaiian Resistance in the Diaspora
 Vaughn, Kehaulani.

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Fale Aitu in the Diaspora: Samoan Cultural Satire in a Digital Age
 Lesuma, Caryn.

Fanon’s Native: Decolonizing Blackness and the Figure of the Muslim
 Rana, Junaid.

Fantasy Documents? Global Relations and the Haudenosaunee Passport
 McKie, Mia Yerihwayethus.

Feeling ‘At Home’: Re-Evaluating Indigenous Identity-Making in Canadian Cities
 Neale, Katharine.

Fictions of Land and Flesh
 Rifkin, Mark.

Fictive Kin: Deconstructing and Reconstructing Frank Speck’s Native Relations and Collections
 Bruchac, Margaret.

First Nations’ Right to Land, Urban Reserve Creation, and Settler Resistance in Treaty One Territory
 Tomiak, Julie.

Fluctuating Sovereignty, Disputed Jurisdiction: The Case of Osage Wind
 Dennison, Jean.

Food Security and Maya Land Rights: Crafting Paths of 'Development with Identity'
 Chatarpal, Mark.

Food is our language: Examining identity, self-esteem, and belonging in urban Indigenous youth
 Cidro, Jaime.

Food sovereignty in the Canadian colonial state: Tensions, strategies, and (im)possibilities in Indigenous-settler alliances
 Kepkiewicz, Lauren.

Food, Citizenship, and Power: Indian Policy, and Indigenous People in Northern Canada in the Post WWII Period
 Burnett, Kristin. and Hay, Travis.

Forward: Moving Native Youth from Reconciliation at Obama’s Tribal Youth Gathering for a Sovereign Future
 Baker, Megan.

Frameworks for engagement between indigenous and local government bodies: The ‘third way’ approach in advancing Māori aspirations
 Rarere, Moana.

From Citizenship to Sovereignty: The Juridics of Indigeneity and Belonging within the Settler State
 Mack, Johnny.

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Gabriel Dumont: Before the Battle
 Raven, Krystl.

Gender and Genre: towards a Transindigenous Literary Methodology
 Chacón, Gloria.

Genealogical Tracing of Settler-Colonial Indigenous Child Welfare Displacement in Canada
 Stirrett, Natasha.

Genocide and New Peoplehood in Canada
 Hogan, Michelle.

Global oceans: climate change, indigenous resources and the co-production of scientific knowledge in SE Alaska
 Brown, Jennifer.

Going to the Water: Counterflows in Indigenous Activist Media and Environment
 Miner, Joshua.

Good news in food: Indigenous food sovereignty in western Canada
 Martens, Tabitha.

Growing the Field of Alaska Native Studies
 Leonard, Beth.

Gurri Girri Song: Celebrating and Revaluing Australian Aboriginal Intellectuality
 Kelly, Raymond. and Harkins, Jean.


Hating Hawaiians, Loving Hybrids: Discourses of Racial Mixture in Early Twentieth Century Sociology in Hawaiʻi
 Arvin, Maile.

Haudenosaunee Nation, Restricted and Confined, Fight for Justice: “Fight the Line”
 John, Karissa.

Hauteruruku ki Puketeraki – Connecting To Te Ao o Takaroa (Domain of the Ocean)
 Mita, Ngahuia.

He Kura Kōrero: Kura Kaupapa Māori expressions of educational success.
 Martin, Jen.

He Moʻokūʻauhau Ko Ka ʻĀina – How Our Genealogy of Place Can Lead to Changes in Pedagogy and Practice at UH Mānoa
 Saffery, Maya. and Freitas, Antoinette.

He Pelapela Anei ka ʻŌlelo a ka Hawaiʻi? Can Hawaiian Words be Filthy?
 Wong, Laiana. and Warner, Noʻeau.

Hearing the Bones of the Page: Orlando White and a Diné Ontology of Language
 Rhadigan, Ryan.

Here, Let me define you some more
 Major, Rebecca.

Historiographic Refusal: Indigenous Enslavement in Settler Colonial New England
 Rogers, Tyler.

Holding the Academy Accountable: Moving Beyond the Reconciliation Framework in Canadian Post-secondary Institutions
 Stewart-Kanigan, Claire.

Homeland as “Inalienable Possession”: Understanding Mohican People’s Continuing Engagement with Their Eastern Homeland
 Tsepak (Tibet), Namgyal.

How Hawaiians Became Indians: Mitigating Indigenous Identity in the Pacific Northwest
 Boxberger, Daniel.

How are principles of Métis governance applied in a contemporary context?
 Dubois, Janique. and Saunders, Kelly.

How can Haudenosaunee youth live the Kaienere:kowa (The Great Law of Peace) in an urban setting in 2015?
 Vansickle, Sherri.

How do “real” Indigenous forest dwellers live?
 Altamirano-Jiménez, Isabel.

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Idle No More Hawaii: Land protection and Mauna Kea
 Case, Pua.

Idle No More and the Ecology of Relationality
 Wakeham, Pauline.

Idle No More: Home is Where the Children Are
 McAdam, Sylvia.

Illuminating economic unfreedom: Exploring Coast Salish “Gathering” economies in oral histories from the century just passed
 Kelly, Dara.

Imprisoned on Native Land: Japanese Internment and Native Women’s Labor at Manzanar
 Keliiaa, Caitlin.

In Loco Parentis: Indigenous Families Resisting the Canadian State’s Affective Embrace
 Million, Dian.

In State Care – Relating Juvenile Justice and Compulsory Education of Spokane, Kalispel, and Confederated Colville Youth
 Benson, Krista.

Inclusion or misleading exclusion of indigeneity, within national curricula in Aotearoa New Zealand?
 Heaton, Sharyn.

Incorporating Indigenous Legal Traditions into Legal Education: A Path toward Reconciliation?
 Drake, Karen.

Indian Homes and Indian Loans: American Indian Veterans and Inaccessible VA Home Loan Benefits
 Keeler, Kasey.

Indigenizing Architecture: The Museum At Warm Springs
 Marshall, Anne.

Indigenizing the Process: Truth Commissions in an Indigenous North American Context
 George, Rachel.

Indigenous Collage: Self-Determination in the Post-Land Claims Yukon Territory
 Charlie, Lianne.

Indigenous Culinary Art & Cuisine and the Transfer of Edible Ancestral Memory
 Serrato, Claudia.

Indigenous Federations in the Peruvian Amazon: Addressing Conflicts and Striving for a Collective Self-determined Wellbeing
 Vásquez Fernández, Andrea., Kozak, Robert., Shuñaqui, María., Sebastián Lizardo, Raúl., Innes, John. and Hajjar, Reem.

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Justice and the Ballot Box: Fighting Continued Suppression of Native Voting Rights in Montana
 Vercoe, Moana.

Justice for/in Palestine: U.S. and Israeli Settler Colonialism and the limits of Comparative Analysis
 Abdulhadi, Rabab.


Kaitiakitanga guardianship of our spirits, hearts and minds. Māori/Indigenous vitalities, psychology and mental-illness
 Roestenburg, Waireti.

Kanaka Hawaiʻi Gold Miners and Hawaiian-Language Newspapers in Nineteenth-Century Western North America
 Gonrowski, Drew.

Kaupapa Maori: A theory of transformation
 Pihama, Leonie.

Knowing The Whole Story: Polycentric Narration in Joseph Boyden's "Three Day Road"
 Weaver, Laura.

Kotahi aroha, One love! The aspirations of indigenous youth for constitutional transformation in Aotearoa, New Zealand.
 Davis, Nga Rauuira Puumanawhiti., Harrison, Kelly. and Te Whata, Leah.


La lucha por Autonomía Indígena y la plurinacionalidad en Bolivia
 López Flores, Pabel.

Land of Opportunity: Anti-Black and Settler Logics in Detroit’s Gentrification
 Quizar, Jessi.

Land, Politics, and Ethnicity: Indigenous Forest Defense and Social Mobilization in the P'urhepecha Highlands of Michoacan, Mexico
 Gutierrez, Sandra.

Laying Our Stories Bare: Racialized People, Colonization, and Decolonization in Canada
 Chatterjee, Sabina.

Learning on the Land in West Central Alberta: Conversations involving Cree-Métis Youth and Elders
 Friedel, Tracy.

Learning the Land, Knowing your Place: Community-Based Scholarship in Place
 Justice, Daniel.

Legalizing Medicine: The Menominee Experience with Legalized Marijuana
 Mohan, Paula.

Legitimizing Indigeneity: Vicente Mora Chimo as a Political Figure in Early Bourbon Peru
 Vargas Luna, Jaime.

Listening to the Ancestors: Wampanoag Programming at Plimouth Plantation
 Coombs, Darius.

Lives on Ice: Frozen Blood and Indigenous Activism
 Radin, Joanna.

Living Polleras: Sexual and Aesthetic Agency among Indigenous Women of the Altiplano
 Tapia, Angela.


Making “Decolonization” Relevant in Okinawa by Reimagining Asia and the Pacific
 Sakihara, Chihiro.

Mapping Lost Worlds: Mobilizing Native Solidarity in the Aftermath of Dam-Building
 Pexa, Christopher.

Matike Mai! Indigenous-led Constitutional Transformation, Aotearoa New Zealand.
 Mutu, Margaret.

Middle Passages
 Jackson, Shona N..

Mission Medicine: Christianity and Circulations among the Lake Superior Ojibwe, c. 1830
 Flood, Margaret.

Mitákuye Owás’iŋ: The Significance of Object-Human Relations in Susan Power’s The Grass Dancer and Louise Erdrich’s Four Souls
 Majhor, Samantha.

Molecular Death, Desire, and Redface Reincarnation: Indigenous Appropriations in the U.S.
 TallBear, Kim.

Moose-hair Tufting: A Stitch Imbued with Indian Residential School Knowledge
 Wenzel, Abra.

Moose-hide tanning as land-based pedagogy: Northern Tutchone moose-hide tanning with the Indigenous Governance Program
 Blackjack, Shelby.

More Than State Violence: countering stigma with love
 Hunt, Sarah.

More than Content: The Teaching of Residential Schools in the Canadian School Systems
 Habkirk, Evan.

Mothers of Corn: Wixárika Language and Ontology
 Garcia-Weyandt, Cyndy.

Mouri Moko: Indigenous women, skin-carving, ink, identity and wellbeing!
 Lee-Penehira, Mera.

Multicultural Missions and Indigenous Sovereignty: An “Unlikely Alliance” Between Korean Evangelists and Aboriginal Peoples?
 Lee, Ruthann.

Multiculturalism against Indigenous land rights: cultural recognition and settler futurity
 Mackey, Eva.

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Na Mana Aina: Concepts of the Formative Values of Aina
 Correa, Kalikolani.

Narragansett Dawn: The reclamation of an indigenous identity.
 Scott, Mack.

Native American Graduates’ Stories On Their Journeys Through the STEM Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral Degrees
 Chow-Garcia, Nizhoni.

Native American Pop Art: Bunky Echo-Hawk and Steven Paul Judd Appropriate "Star Wars"
 McLaughlin, Olena.

Native Americans Writing Latin in the Colonial Northeast: Further Examples and Some Reflections
 Williams, Craig.

Native Poetics and Trans-temporal Textualities
 Fitzgerald, Stephanie.

Native Road Movies NOT Called Smoke Signals: Expanding Spatial Sovereignty in Barking Water and The Dead Can’t Dance
 Gamber, John.

Navigating the St. Lawrence Seaway in a Canoe: Haudenosaunee Science, Sovereignty and Environmental Activism
 Nelson, Elias.

No Nā Kumu Mauli Ola Hawaiʻi: Distinct Pathways to Prepare Hawaiian Cultural Identity Teachers
 Alencastre, Makalapua.

Nohopaʻa Kainehe: A Story of ʻŌiwi Survivance and Resurgence in Hāmākua, Hawaiʻi.
 Peralto, Noʻeau.

Northern and Rural Food Systems in Indigenous Communities in Canada
 Skinner, Kelly., Parker, Barbara. and Schroeter, Annette.

Not Little Women: Canadian Settler Colonialism and State Responses to Violence Against Indigenous Girls
 Bertasson, Megan.

Nā ʻOno o ka ʻĀina: Growing, Eating, Singing, Savoring the Delicacies of the Land
 de Silva, Kahikina.

Nō wai, Ko wai? A whakapapa approach to Physical Activity
 cunningham, chelsea.


O Ke Kahua Mamua, Mahope Ke Kukulu: Developing A Strong Foundation of Native Hawaiian Cultural Resource Stewards
 Uyeoka, Kelley.

Objects of Precarity: Settler Governance, Affect, and the Materiality of Violence
 Byrd, Jodi.

Other Argonauts: Native Hawaiian Miners in the California Gold Rush
 Madley, Benjamin.

Our Love on the Land: Māori Intimate Economy in Scarcity Times
 Cavino, Hayley.

Outlaw Sovereignties in the Break of the Event: Enacting Kanaka Maoli Anarcha-Indigenous Insurgence through Fugitive Workshops
 Johnson, Kahala.

O’Keeffe’s Hawaii?: Modernism in Colonial Spaces
 Scott, Sascha.


Paper Sovereignty: Philip Hugh Howell’s Early Vision of Indigenous Journalism, Science, and Society
 Walls, Robert.

Para Ta Fakmåta I Hilå’-ta: Austronesian Demilitarized Reimaginings of the Pacific Islands
 Gofigan Kuper, Kenneth.

Photovoice to Understand Labrador Métis Senior and Youth Interaction
 Pace, Jessica. and Gabel, Chelsea.

Picturing Sovereignty: John Mix Stanley’s Portraits in Indian Territory and the Kingdom of Hawaii, 1842-1850
 Stevens, Scott.

Popper is dead; long live Popper?: The Rhymes Audience as Responsible Witness to Historical Trauma
 Uran, Chad.

Positive Aging: Indigenous peoples aging with HIV/AIDS
 Ryan, Chaneesa. and Jackson, Randy.

Postpartum Experiences of Truku’s Women in Eastern Taiwan: Culture Care
 Subeq, Yi-Maun. and Huang, Hsiao-Ching.

Premature Reconciliation: Canada’s TRC, Unfinished Business, and Rhymes for Young Ghouls
 Edelman Warrior, Carol.

Private Romance, Common (Decolonial) Love
 Lindquist, Kirsten.

Promoting indigenous identity: Visualization of indigenous issues into your non-indigenous work life’s context
 Frisk, Inge.

Property isn’t enough: Why tribal ownership of commercial fishing rights does not address Maori dispossession from fisheries
 Bodwitch, Hekia.

Protecting Water Rights and Revitalizing the Cui-ui on the Pyramid Lake Paiute Indian Reservation
 Bill, Amber.

Pulp Paper Representations: Looking for American Indians in Comic Books
 Hassing, Desmond.


Queen Liliʻuokalani’s Sovereign Declaration and the Kānāwai Tradition
 Kato, Masahide.


 Veve, Jaime.

Race and Relationality: Indigenous critiques of whiteness within feminist methodologies
 Morgensen, Scott.

Races and Runners: Indigenous Athletes, National Identities, and Imperial Rivalries, 1926-1928
 Keegan, Tara.

Racialization of Indigenous Peoples in the Canadian Health Care System:A Case Study from Six Nations of the Grand River Territory
 Jonathan, Christa.

Radical Rapprochement: Anarchism, Indigeneity, and Sovereignty
 Kauanui, J..

Radical Transformations: Land and Colonial Cultures in the Long Nineteenth Century
 Banivanua Mar, Tracey.

Re-writing the Mythic Immigration Narrative: Indigeneity and Maya Women’s Migration Stories
 Castellanos, Bianet.

Reading Against the Category: Native American “Autobiographies” or Something Else?
 O\'Connell, Barry.

Reading Beyond Reconciliation in an Inuit Memoir
 Martin, Keavy.

Reclaiming Sámi cultural heritage and history through archaeological research – Sábme, Sweden
 Larsson, Gunilla.

Reclaiming knowledge and transforming systems: Indigenous women and allies working to foster reproductive justice
 McKenzie, Holly., Anaquod, Jaqueline., Hoskins, Jannica. and Schwandt, Jillian.

Reconciliation by Dispossession? The First Nations Property Ownership Act and Indigenous land relationships in reserve contexts
 Krebs, Mike.

Reconciliation is Not Transitional Justice: Contextualizing Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission within a TRC Genealogy
 Gaertner, David.

Recovering Cherokee Dis-Places through Remote Sensing
 Garrison, Ervan.

Rediscovering the Path: Decolonizing Indigenous Governance
 Carriere, Real.

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Safe sacred space. Laestadianism- a religious revivalism as a place for preserving Sami identities, language and traditions.
 Hjortfors, Lis-Mari.

Sagviqtuq (One Explains Oneself) An Iñupiaq Framework
 Topkok, Sean.

Same Fight, Different Tactics: Trans-National Indigenous Pipeline Resistance and the Growing Influence of Social Media Activism
 McKenzie-Jones, Paul.

Sami popular music – identity, politics and aesthetics
 Norström, Marika.

Satirizing Citizenship: Alexander Posey and the Dawes Commission in Muscogee Country
 Hickey, Alanna.

Scholarship on Indigenous Agriculture: Crimes of Incompetence and Bias
 Mt.Pleasant, Jane.

Science and Sovereignty: Eugenics, Telescopes and the Politics of Jurisdiction in Hawaiʻi
 Long, ʻIlima.

Self-determination in practice: Mapuche decolonization in Patagonia
 Savino, Lucas.

Serving Our Country - Homefront
 Furphy, Samuel.

Serving Our Country - Vietnam Veterans histories
 Riseman, Noah.

Serving Our Country - Women in the Services
 Cadzow, Allison.

Serving Our Country: Yarn Ups - Oral history
 Greene, Craig.

Serving Our Country: oral and community history
 Maynard, John.

Settler Speaks of Stories: Reimaging Settler Space within Kanaka Maoli Nation-building Projects
 Wiggins, Chase.

Settler-Colonialisms’ Intimacies: The Doubled Up Position of Dispossessed and Settler
 Qutami, Loubna.

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Taking Adivasi Land Ontologies Seriously: Reinterpreting Adivasi Resistance as Decolonial Acts of Environmental Justice
 Nirmal, Padini.

Te Mana Raraunga: the emergence of the Maori Data Sovereignty Network
 Hudson, Maui. and Sporle, Andrew.

Te Tiori a ngā Pīpī: Māori language use among youth and young adults raised through wharekura (Māori-medium secondary schools)
 Poutu, Hinurewa.

Teaching Emancipatory Research Methods to Kanaka Maoli Researchers Working in Native Hawaiian Educational Communities
 Kaomea, Julie.

Teaching nêhiyawêwin (Cree) Language Classes
 Thunder, Dorothy.

Terril Calder: Building More-Than-Human Communities Through Stop-Motion Animation
 Brady, Miranda.

The Absence of Evidence and the Presence of a People: Matsqui Tribal Identity in the Cauldron of Colonial Litigation
 Carlson, Keith.

The Awakeners: A Contemporary Community-Based Approach to Mississippi Choctaw Cultural Revitalization
 Gantt, Sean.

The Boasian Challenge to Anthropology
 Hancock, Robert.

The Burning Heat of Ice: 19th Century Native Hawaiian Narratives of Coldness
 Hobart, Hiilei.

The Comanche Empire Strikes Back: In the Media Borderlands of Comanchería Cinema
 Tahmahkera, Dustin.

The Death of Manuel Jamines Xum: Indigenous Displacement and the Translocality of Violence
 Villalpondo, Alejandro.

The Distribution of Settlement: Regimes of Property in Melissa Lucashenko
 Griffiths, Michael.

The Embargo II Collective: Collaboration as Critical and Creative Indigenous Media Practice
 Tailfeathers, Elle-Maija. and Crey, Karrmen.

The End of Indigenous Religious Freedom in Canada? The Ktunaxa Nation Defeat in the British Columbia Court of Appeals (2015)
 Shrubsole, Nicholas.

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Un-Incorporating Territories: Pacific Sovereignty and Craig Santos Perez’s Decolonizing Poetics
 Jansen, Anne.

Unangam Tukungiin: Aleut Leaders
 Mack, Liza.

Understanding Indigenous Pedagogy: Toward a Critical Indigenous Perspective
 Bird, Christine.

Undocumented Transnationalism: Identity and Legality among the Indigenous Mexican Immigrants in Los Angeles, CA
 Sanchez, Daina.

Universities as Colonial Healthcare Providers, and Challenges from Cree, Oji-Cree and Ojibway (Anishinaabe) peoples in Canada
 Mashford-Pringle, Angela.

Unmasking the Acrylic Mist: Demystifying Graffiti Muralism and American Indian Semiotic Signatures on the Modern Landscape
 Healey, Gavin.

Unrecognized Peoples and Sovereignty Claims
 Lawrence, Bonita.

Unsettling Decolonial Healing: Critical Latino-Indigeneity as Intervention
 Chenyek, Rico.

Using Archaeology to Examine Self-sufficiency and Communalism within Mormon Pacific Islander Settlements
 Akina, Kaila.

Uu-a-thluk tupał (taking care of the ocean): (De)colonization of the Water and Ocean-based Nuu-Chah-Nulth Resurgence
 Sayers, Cole.

uu-a-thluk (taking care of). The Nuu-chah-nulth Approach to Nurturing Healthy, Responsible, and Ecologically Sound Food Practices
 Coté, Charlotte.


Victoria Kneubuhl’s Archive of Colonial Critique: Trans-Indigenous Connections in Kānaka Maoli Literature
 Kelsey, Penelope.

Vigilant and Vulnerable Collaboration: Writing Decolonial Poetry in Hawai‘i
 Yamashiro, Aiko.

Virgin Xochimilco: “Pure” Indians and Water in Mexico City’s Far South, 1920-1946
 Varner, Natasha.

Visualizing Aloha ʻĀina through Mana Wahine: The Art of Social Justice in Contemporary Kanaka Maoli Political Movements
 hoomanawanui, kuualoha.


Wahine Noho Anu I Ka Lau o Ke Kuahiwi: Women on Mauna Kea
 Freitas, Kuʻuipo.

Water Falls, Bread Fruit, and Royal Calling Cards in the Windy City: The Newberry’s Hawaiian Materials
 Norby, Patricia.

We Prayed in Water
 Erb, joseph.

We see you: Indigenous Reimaginings of the Residential School Narrative
 Semple, Angela.

Weaving our authority together: theorizing Indigenous nationhood and citizenship
 Wildcat, Matthew.

Welcome to Your Land: Subverting Urban Indigenous Inclusion as Settler Colonial Practice
 Baloy, Natalie.

Where “Indigenous” and “International” Meet: (Beyond) Higher Education As White Property
 Naepi, Sereana. and Stein, Sharon.

Whitewashing History: Settler Colonialism, Nostalgia, and Myths of the Bonga Family in Minnesota History
 Harper, Mattie.

Who Gets Coverage?: Media Response and Construction of American Indian Victimhood
 Campagna, Lena.

Who gets to tell the stories? Planning a descendant driven heritage center at the former Carlisle Indian Industrial School
 White, Louellyn. and Phillips, Morgan.

Who’s Citing Who?: Some Different Histories of Black, Indigenous, and Black and Indigenous Theorization of Self and Community
 Hall, Lisa Kahaleole.

Why Do White People Love Reconciliation? A Settler Perspective on the New Mask of Neocolonialism in Canada
 Root, Joel.

Wiigwaasi-Jiimaan: These Canoes Carry Culture: An Anishinaabe Approach to Cultural Repatriation
 DuBois, Thomas.

Wild Australia versus Wild America: Performing Great White Heroes and Authentic Savages on Tour.
 Casey, Maryrose.

William Apess’s Last Laugh
 Chiles, Katy.

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Xicana-Indígena Ph D mamis, creating space of visibility and belonging in Higher Education
 Vega, Christine.

Xicanindix: The Unmaking of My Colonized Mind Through Story
 Carmona, Christopher.


Yehewin: Wellness, Mindfulness and the Political Body as Revitalized Indigenous Governance
 Gilpin, Erynne.

Yeya’taseha to Yakonkwe: Narrating Ecologies of Change in Haudenosaunee Cosmology
 Adams, Amber.
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