NCA 95th Annual Convention 2009-Nov-11 to 2009-Nov-16

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(Dis)Embodied Difference in the Online Classroom: Vulnerability, Visibility, and Social Justice
 Dare, Alexa.

(Im)Mobility: Exploring Social Space and Mobile Phones
 Berdayes, Linda.

(Non)Soliciation: Tracing the contested enactment of power in crisis communication
 Boys, Suzanne.

(Not) Moving Debate Practice Toward the Unspoken Ideal
 Simerly, Greggory. and McGee, Brian.

(Re)Framing Academic Governance Committee Communication: A Case Study of a Faculty Development Committee in a Small, Private, Liberal Arts University
 Hartwig, Ryan.

(Re)Writing Melancholy in a Series of Unfortunate Events: The Orphan, The Letter, and a Hope for the New
 Nguyen, Kim.

(Un)Mapping the Nation: Imagining Kurdistan on
 Meredith, Leigh.

(Un)Recognizable relationships: Locating the relational unfamiliar through transgender relationships
 Norwood, Kristen.

(Un)Stable Spaces: A Critical Ethnography of a (Sometimes) Gay Bar
 Davis, Andrea.

1, 25! Speaker points to points of speaking: Auto/ethnographically negotiating the dis/engagement of college forensics experience in a communication classroom
 Nelson, Lydia.

24, Surveillance and Compromised Spaces of Democratic Practice
 Delnero, Michael.

'A Thorn in the Flesh': Exploring the Spiritual Causes of Illness
 Kodish, Slavica.

'America’s Holocaust': Holocaust Survivors’ Perceptions of Genocide Discourse in Antiabortion Argumentation
 Donofrio, Theresa.

'And she said, that mommy and daddy have decided to divorce': Young adults’ narratives on parents disclosing the divorce
 Maenpaa, Marjut. and Poutiainen, Saila.

'Base' of Identity: Reinvigorating Materiality in Identity Politics
 Sun, Kang.

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A Bakhtinian Byproduct: Uncovering the Rhetorical Genre from a Perspective of Heteroglossia in Language Spheres
 Langett, Jeremy.

A Biological Approach to the Rhetoric of Emergent Media
 Tracy, Christine. and Logan, Robert.

A Burkean Poetic Frames Analysis of 2008 Gubernatorial Ads
 Delbert, Jeffrey.

A Call to Arms: Passivity and 'Message to the Grass Roots'
 Hawley, A.C..

A Case for Dissident Judgment: Jesse Jackson and the Language Game of Presidential Politics
 Heusel, Jennifer.

A Case for a New Approach to Studying Political Participation and Communication
 Dylko, Ivan.

A Century and a Half of Struggle: The Chicago Typographical Union (Local 17) and the History of the Labor Movement in Chicago
 Macek, Stephen.

A Challenge to Commercialism: Advertisers, Activists, and the Fight over Advertising’s role in World War II
 Stole, Inger.

A Closer Look: Deconstructing and Reconstructing Racial Representations
 Hanasono, Lisa.

A Cognitive Processing Model of Information Source Use and Stereotyping: The Case of African-American Stereotypes in South Korea
 Tan, Alexis., Dalisay, Francis., Han, Eun-Jeong., Zhang, Yunying., Merchant, Mariyah. and Radanielina Hita, Marie Louise.

A Communicative Ethic for an Uprooted Age: Simone Weil and Community
 Maier, Craig.

A Communicative Praxis Approach to Service Learning
 Bell, Leeanne.

A Communicology of the Oval Office as Figural Rhetoric: Women, the Presidency, and a Politics of the Body
 Eicher-Catt, Deborah. and Sutton, Jane.

A Comparison of Maintenance Strategies in the Friendships of Young Adults, Middle Age Adults, and Older Adults
 Metts, Sandra., Beverly, Amy. and Asbury, Bryan.

A Conspiracy this Big Leaves Footprints, Jake: Detecting a Conspiracy of Hope
 Doss, Erin.

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Back in the Good Old Days: Examining the History of the Fairness Doctrine
 Faltesek, Daniel.

Bad Moon Rising: The Future of Academic Debate as a Civil Education Device in the YouTube Era
 Bates, Benjamin. and West, Daniel.

Badiou’s Post-Structuralist Recovery of Plato: Platonic Politics in the Face of Postmodernity
 McKenzie, John.

Baghdad's Burning Up the Blogosphere: Redefining 'Text' in the Internet Age
 Pierce, Teresa.

Balancing the Audiences of the AFL-CIO: The Challenge of Creating Identification
 Peplow, Amber.

Ballyhoo Magazine, Parody, and the Visual Rhetoric of Early 20th Century Advertising Critique
 Cooper, Troy.

Bananas, Globalization and Being There: Women and Labor Organizing in Guatemala
 Tiffe, Raechel.

Barack Obama: Performing Black Masculinity in ‘Post Racial’ America
 Chandler, Kimberly.

Barack Obama's Rhetorical Magic: Hope as Transformational Political Praxis
 Sweet, Derek.

Barack Obama’s Return to Change: Rhetorical Traditions to Break Epistemological Grounds
 Beasley Von Burg, Alessandra.

Barack Obama’s Victory Speech in Iowa: When the Anti-hero Runs for President
 Young-Johnson, Connie.

Barons of Barbecue: Constructing Race and Masculinity in the Smokehouse of Southern Culture
 Watts, Rebecca.

Battle of the Bumps: Examining Magazine Portrayals of Pregnant Celebrities
 Hopper, Megan.

Because They Work: Assessing the Influence of Negative Advertising on Voter Choice
 Smith, James.

Because there is no God: A critical examination of Elizabeth Dole's 2008 Senatorial campaign
 Friedman, Rachel.

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C. S. Lewis’s Satirical Depiction of J. D. Bernal’s The Social Function of Science
 Sullivan, Dale.

C.S. Lewis's Sci-Fi Literature: Old Outer Space Stories for a New Digital, Screen Generation Flying in Inner Space?
 Reagles, Steve.

CSR as Social Responsibility to Employees: How Organizations Communicate with Employees in a Time of Economic Crisis
 Meisenbach, Rebecca.

Calling Code-of-Conduct Violations
 Jackson, Sally.

Calling Forward Adrienne’s Anger
 Freitag, Jennifer.

Calling their Bluff: Overidentification, Ideographs, and Coalitions. Breaking the Stalemate in the Abortion Debate.
 Packer, Joseph.

Calls for Political Action from the Pulpit: A Critical Exploration of the LDS Church’s Role in the Success of California’s Proposition 8
 May, Alexander.

Camera as social commentary: Depression era photojournalism as a lens for American values
 Bowers, Peggy.

Cameroonian Health Care: A Metaphorical Approach
 Hell, Eudaline.

Campaign Analysis: National Institute of Mental Health Real Men Real Depression
 Clark-Hitt, Rose.

Campaign Context and Compelling Arguments: Media Salient Attributes and Candidate Public Salience in 2008 U.S. Presidential Campaign
 Lind, Colene.

Can Brand Placement Influence Identity Formation?
 Rowe-Cernevicius, Brittany.

Can Communication Technology Save Us? Humanism and New Surveillance
 Kim, Jin.

Can East Asia Produce its Own Al-Jazeera? Assessing the Potential of Channel NewsAsia as a Global Media Contra-Flow
 Wu, Shan.

Can I Tell You about My Mom? Stories Children Share about their Deceased Parent
 Bryant, Leah.

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D.O. or Die: Identity Negotiation among Osteopathic Medical Students
 Norander, Stephanie., Mazer, Joseph. and Bates, Benjamin.

Dao, Mao, and Science Doctrine: The Shaping and Shifting of Chinese Ideology for the Cultural Revolution
 Dan, Wu.

Dating Anxiety among Young Adults: The Impact of Communicative Attributes, Mate Value, and Baggage on the Dating Experience
 Sidelinger, Robert., Frisby, Brandi. and Booth-Butterfield, Melanie.

David Hume's Rhetorical Negotiation of Wealth
 Whidden, Rachel Avon.

David Met Goliath in Appalachia! A Case Study in the Organizational Identity, Identification and Rhetorical Vision of Appalachian Voices
 Ewalt, Joshua.

David Ricardo and the Aesthetics of Wealth Production
 Goodnight, G. Thomas.

De-Mystifying the Mystery Method: An Examination of the Attitudes, Expectations and Message Factors Related to ‘Picking-up' a Hook-up Partner
 Wiedmaier, Benjamin. and Spitzberg, Brian.

Deaf Subjectivity and the Riddle of Discourse: The Debate of Davis and Schroeder
 Wright, Richard.

Dear Future Student: A Critical Pedagogical Examination of Student Letters
 Phu, Cindy.

Dear Mama: Performing Community into Being in the Contemporary African Diaspora
 Mwangola, Mshai.

Debater-Scholar-Mentor: Feminist Historiography, Argumentation, and the Search for Excellence in the Intellectual Travels of Marie Hochmuth Nichols
 Woods, Carly.

Debating America’s Role in the World: Representative Ron Paul’s Exceptionalist Jeremiad
 Edwards, Jason.

Debating Gendered Language in the Law: Pennsylvania’s Burnham v. Luning, 1871–1872
 Ray, Angela.

Debating Reversely: The Benefits of Studying the Other Side in Political Communication
 Walton, Jennifer.

Decentralized or Centralized Decision Making: One and the Same?
 Pampaloni, Andrea. and Berzinski, Patrick.

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E Pluribus Unum: Barack Obama’s Use of Constitutive Rhetoric
 Powell, Kashif.

E Pluribus Unum: Rhetorical Dimensions of Union and Disunion in Antebellum America
 Abrahamsen, Rico.

E-mail as a relational maintenance tool and its effect on students’ perceptions of instructors' credibility
 Subramain, Maran.

ESPN … kept me alive: Adding external stakeholder influence to whistle-blowing models
 Richardson, Brian. and Hall, Camille.

Early Literacy in Today’s Digital Age: Why the Most Important Components Don't Even Have an ‘On’ Switch
 Collins, Molly.

East Relief: Pulling all Seven Samurai out of the Letters From Iwo Jima
 Ramsey, E. Michele. and Hendrickson, Jonathan.

Eco-Evangelism: Apocalyptic Discourses and Civil Religion in the Environmental Movement
 Cruger, Katherine.

Economic Miracle or Environmental Nightmare: The Case of Taiwan
 Chiang, Chih-Yun.

Economy, Community, and Responsibility: Organizational Communication and Social Entrepreneurship in a Rural Economic Project
 Kendall, Brenden., Gill, Rebecca., Cheney, George. and Ortiz, Erin.

Edible Virtue: Unpacking the Rhetorics of Community and Sustainability at Whole Foods
 Spurlock, Cindy.

Edith Stein: Faith, Reason and Knowledge
 Chastain, Melissa.

Edmund Burke’s Metaphors of Conciliation
 Roberts, James.

Educating Policymakers: Paving the Way for Efficacious Citizen Deliberation
 Leighter, James. and Reinig, Lydia.

Education for Praxis: Communication As Exemplar Discipline
 Harden Fritz, Janie.

Educational Preschool Programming: An Ecological and Evolutionary Story
 Bryant, J. Alison., Akerman, Anna. and Diaz-Wionczek, Mariana.

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FDR's 1932 Commonwealth Club Address: Building Ethos by Offering Stability through Change
 Vigil, Tammy.

Facebook as a Pedagogical Method: How Your Online Self Affects Your Offline Self
 Baker, Kylene.

Faceted Identities: Extending Intersectionality
 Sims, Christy-Dale.

Facilitated Workshop as a Pedagogical Tool: Inculcating Awareness and Appreciation of Intercultural Dialogue amongst College Students
 Deiss, Douglas. and Wong, S.T..

Facilitating Transformation: The Potential of Intercultural Facilitation
 Kong, Jieyoung.

Facilitation within the South Asian American Family: Generating an Intercultural Dialogue through Story Telling
 Khurana, Geeta.

Factors Contributing to PTSD and Compassion Fatigue in Television News Workers
 Dworznik, Gretchen.

Fag Hunt: Comparing West Coast and East Coast Reporting of the Homosexual Pedophile Frame in Catholic Priest Sex Abuse Coverage 1995-2003
 Marcel, Mary.

Failure by Degrees: The Performance Evaluation Model of Leadership
 Lammers, John. and Wilbrandt, Daniel.

Faith, Masculinity, and Work: An Analysis of Christian Stay-at-Home-Dads
 Browning, Blair., McAlpine, Teresa. and McNamee, Lacy.

Fallacy Identification In Song Lyrics: Encouraging Critical Listening
 Selzer King, Abigail.

Falling Apart, Coming Together: Bodies of Loss and Love
 Santoro, Patrick.

Family Communication Patterns Influence on Adult Children’s Romantic Rituals and Relational Maintenance
 Fowler, Michael., Pearson, Judy. and Beck, Stephenson.

Family Communication Patterns as a Moderator of the Relationship between Psychological Reactance and a Motivation toward Communicating about Being an Organ Donor with Family
 Quick, Brian. and Scott, Allison.

Family Communication and the Military Veteran: Relational Maintenance Strategies of Veterans Returning Home from Military Service
 Murphy, Richard. and Murphy, Melissa.

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GLBT Media Producers in the Shadow of Hollywood
 Coon, David.

Gain and Loss Frame Sun Protection Messages and Self-Efficacy and Response Efficacy of Adolescents
 Cho, Hyunyi.

Games and the Gaming Metaphor
 Paine, Richard.

Gauging patient knowledge of newly prescribed medication in acute primary care
 Koenig, Christopher.

Gay Male Partners Achieving Parenthood: Stories of Communicative Complexities and Challenges
 Galvin, Kathleen. and Patrick, Dennis.

Gender Benders in the American Girl’s Psyche
 Kornfield, Sarah.

Gender and Strategies in the Civil Rights Movement: The Rhetorical Choices of MLK, Malcolm X, Assata and Fannie Lou
 Davis, Michael.

Gender at Work: The Portrayal of Professional Women on 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit'
 McCudden, Michelle.

Gender in Belarus: Stability in need of change
 Parrish-Sprowl, John.

Gender in Texas: A Muted Issue a Close Texutal Analysis of Trans-rights
 Endres, Prairie.

Gender in the Balkan Wars: An Invitation to Manliness and Motherhood
 Vukasovich, Christian. and Ziberi, Linda.

Gender, Law, and Public Spectacle in 1860s Divorce Trials
 Harris, Leslie.

Gender, Leadership, and Visual Display: Gowns of the First Ladies of Texas
 Lain, Brian.

Gendered Avatar in Second Life: One Woman’s Journey from First Life to Second Life
 Anarbaeva, Samara.

Gendered Discourses on Stability and Change: Women Communicating Wisdom
 Kartoshkina, Yuliya., Nastasia, Diana., Aune, Adonica Schultz., Helgeson, Leslie., Horosewski, Mary Lee., Jordheim, Pat., Klesman, Charlotte., Vaskivska, Tetiana. and Schmidt, Michaela.

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HBO and the AIDS Epidemic: Subscribing to a Neoliberal Solution
 Pepper, Shayne.

HBO and the Iraq War: From Documentaries to 'Generation Kill'
 Chown, Jeffrey.

HIV/AIDS and Subaltern Autonomous Rationaility: A Call to Re-Center Health Communication in Marginalized Sex Worker Spaces
 Basu, Ambar.

Habeas Corpus in the Supply Chain: Material Discourse in the Coalition of Immokalee Workers’ Taco Bell Campaign
 Herder, Richard.

Habitus and the Production of Hispanic Advertising
 Chavez, Christopher.

Hacking the News: Transgressing Performative Control Systems
 Gournelos, Ted.

Hate Speech, Incitement of Art: The Music and Lyrics of Prussian Blue
 Davis, Justin.

Hate the Sin, Love the Sinner: The Un-reasonable Narratives of the Religious Right’s Brand of Christian Zionism
 Rhodes, Joe.

Having 'The Talk': Examining the Initiation and Construction Themes Associated with the Discussion of Exclusivity in Romantic Relationships
 Anderson, Mike.

Haywood at Cooper Union: An Intertextual Analysis of American Exceptionalism
 May, Matthew.

Hazardous Material: News Coverage of Terrorism, Disaster, and Risk
 Sharma, Rekha.

He Seyd, Sche Seyd: The Rhetoric of Discursive Events in Margaret Paston’s Letters
 Franklin, Hilary.

Healing Aspects of Consciousness-raising: A Narrative Analysis of Blogging in the Fat Acceptance Movement
 Merritt, Virginia.

Health Content in Chinese Newspapers: A Theoretically-Based Content Analysis
 Peng, Wei., Tang, Lu. and Zhuang, Jie.

Health Intervention on the Prevalence of Osteoporosis in Asian Indian Women
 Marwaha, Sheila.

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I Can has Community: Translating and Writing about Norms and Language in a LOLcat Fan Group
 Calka, Michelle.

I Churned Butter Once or Twice: Using Service Learning and Journaling to Start a Dialogue between Media Ethics Students and the Amish
 Wagstaff, Audrey.

I Declare this Meeting Adjourned: Exploring the Scholarship of Discovery and Teaching through Case Study Writing
 Muhammad, Azhanni.

I Don’t Write ‘em, I Light ‘em: Labor Policy and Class Struggle among Hollywood Labor
 Johnson-Yale, Camille.

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends: Examining Media Literacy Through the Context of Danielle Allen’s Talking to Strangers
 Winters, Caryn.

I Hate Chicken Breast
 Moreira, Claudio.

I Hope They Call Me on a Mission: Assimilation into the Missionary System of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
 Hinderaker, Amorette.

I Want a Box That Says 'ME'
 Roberts-Perez, Samaria.

I Went to President Obama's Inauguration, but I Couldn't Tell Anybody but God: Self-monitoring among People of African Descent
 Greene, Deric. and Stewart, Felicia.

I Work to Live, Not Live to Work: How Generation Y Talks About Work, Career, and Work-Life Balance
 Gronewold, Katherine. and Wenzel, Kristina.

I Would Never Get a Cat: The Relationship between Pediatrician Self-disclosure and Parent Satisfaction
 Norling, Gretchen., Harrington, Nancy. and Parrish, Adam.

I would never use that word: Disrupting Whiteness with Nigger
 Armada, Bernard.

I, Tetsuo: How ‘Akira’ re-examines Japan’s Occidental and Oriental identities in relation to America
 Reed, Charles.

I'm Here to Tell You it's OK: The FCC Chairman, Digital TV, and Lying to the Government
 Drushel, Bruce.

I'm Just Not That Into Him: A Qualitative Exploration of College Students’ Friends with Benefits Relationships
 Knight, Kendra.

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J to tha C: Divine Love and Hip Hop Language in America
 Obermeyer, Rebecca. and Manning, Jimmie.

Jack Bauer's 'Need for Speed' and the Ticking Time Bomb's Rhetorical Throw-weight
 Lawson, Sean. and Mitchell, Gordon.

Jackie, Unbound: President Kennedy’s Funeral and Fantasy Female Sexuality
 Caudle, Courtney.

Jackson's Moral Drama: Synecdochic Logic and Abstraction in the Opening Statement at the Nuremberg Trial
 Donofrio, Theresa.

Japanese Antiforeign Policy and Its Collapse: Kawaraban and The New York Times on the Battle of Shimonoseki, 1863–1864
 Fuse, Koji. and Mueller, James.

Japanese-American Self-Representation in Community Internment Memorials: Identity as Place, Placement, and Consciousness
 Edwards, Janis.

Jargon Intimidation: Rethinking Labels and Privileging Concepts in the Basic Public Speaking Course
 Jones, Kevin.

Jewish Mom, Butch 'Daddy': A Coalescing of Identities on 'Queer As Folk'
 Silverman, Rachel.

Joker's Remorse: An Examination of Failed Humor and Recovery Strategies
 Montague, Ryan.

Joking Can Be Serious: Students’ Attributions Moderating Teacher Humor and Credibility
 Nasser, Khaled., Rold, Michael., Mapp, Christopher., Bannon, Brandon. and Ratcliff, Dustin.

Journalists vs. Citizens as Questioners: Comparing the CNN/YouTube and MSNBC Debates
 Stromer-Galley, Jennifer. and Bryant, Lauren.

Judging a Cover by Its Book: The Influence of Personality Presentation on Perceptions of Physical Attractiveness and Memory
 Chambers, Cheryl. and Sparks, Johnny.

Jumping in the Deep End of the Debate Pool: Graduate Students Coaching an NDT Team With No Debate Experience
 Foote, Justin. and Denryter, Andrew.

Just Add Pink and Stir? The Pink Ribbon, Colonial Discourse and 'Soft' Diplomacy
 Hurt, Nicole.

Justice Scalia and the First Amendment
 Asenas, Jennifer.

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K.E.E.P. (Keep Erie’s Environment Protected): Analysis of Media Coverage of a Grass-Roots Effort to Stop a Tires-to-Energy Plant
 Troester, Rod. and Sundin, Mel.

Kansas Newspapers in the 21st Century: Adaptation to Innovation
 Leiker, Dawne.

Keeping It Real: Balancing Critique with Comedy in Disability Parody
 Sandahl, Carrie. and Nudd, Donna.

Keeping the Chavs in Check: Fashion, Identity, and the British Underclass
 Thomas, Ryan. and Antony, Mary Grace.

Keeping the Ties: Daughter’s Lasting Connections With Their Deceased Mother
 Gibson, Toni.

Kennedy's "Report to the American People on the Soviet Arms Buildup in Cuba": An Analysis of Rhetorical Timing
 Toutain, Christopher.

Kibaki’s 2002 Inaugural Address and Kenya’s Unfulfilled Expectations
 Kiambi, Dane.

Kierkegaard, Organizational Socialization and HRM: Edifying Employees through the Communication of Capability
 Herrmann, Andrew.

Kobayashi Yoshinori’s Senseron and the Construction of Japanese National Identity
 Matsushima, Aya.

Korean Adoptees’ Reports of Intrusive Interactions: Exploring Boundary Management in Families
 Docan-Morgan, Sara.


Labor Pains: Rethinking Gender through (Wo)Manual Labor
 Anderson, Shawny.

Labor, Craft, and the Task of the Professional Educator
 Arnett, Ronald.

Lacan and the Ethics of Catharsis
 Baranchuk-Hajiyev, Hanna.

Lacan, Kittler, and Kittler’s Lacan: A History of the Object Voice
 Vollrath, Chad.

Lactivism Online, or Much Ado about Breastfeeding Photos on Facebook
 Lunceford, Brett.

Land of Immigrants, Building a Fence: The U.S./Mexico Border Fence, the Berlin Wall, and the Making of the Other
 Martinez, Clint.

Language Practices of the Negotiation around Media Time Use at Home
 Pigeron, Elisa.

Latin America’s Battle for the Airwaves: Democratization or Accommodation?
 Shumow, Moses.

Latitude of Acceptance: Indian Mentality on Homosexuality Analyzed
 Thippanna, Smitha.

Laughter in the Pigsty? Rhetorical Dimensions of Political Discourse as Comedy
 Prellwitz, John.

Lauryn Hill: A Different Kind of Pulpit
 Johnson, Kimberly.

Law School as Postdoctoral Education: Reconceptualizing Communication Pedagogy Through a Legal Lens
 Swartz, Omar.

Lawbreaking Jokers and Playful Killers: Tricksters Using Outlaw Discourse
 Hagedorn VanSlette, Sarah. and Boyd, Joshua.

Laying the Groundwork for Identification: The Case of President Obama’s Inauguration
 Rountree, Clarke.

Leader-Member Exchange and Transformational Leadership Communication Behaviors
 Ewing, Janelle. and Lee, Jaesub.

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Mad Ladies and the Containment of Feminism’s Indecorous Excesses
 Deem, Melissa. and Hicks, Darrin.

Madness and Civilization: An Approach to Wiseman
 Swift, Crystal Lane.

Magazine Use Motivations, Magazine Exposure, and Tanned Women’s Image Beliefs
 Cho, Hyunyi. and Wilson, Kari.

Maintaining Poetry’s Uniqueness as Genre
 Kuyper, Chad.

Maintaining Stability While Promoting Change: A Service-Learning Project for First-Year Students in a General Education Learning Community
 Ball, Timothy.

Make them cut it!
 Bilos, Margaret.

Making Decisions about a Child's Disability: An Analysis of Culture and Translation in Meetings
 Canary, Heather. and Cantu, Elizabeth.

Making Over the Body: The Style of the Consumer-Citizen
 Heinricy, Shana.

Making Sense of Michael Scott: Good Intentions and Cultural Incompetence
 Schaefer, Zach.

Making Sense of an Abrupt Death: Autoethnography, Gay Identity, and the Politics of Loss
 Adams, Tony.

Making Things and Doing Rhetoric: Describing and Supporting Rhetorical Agency in Complex Decision Making Processes
 Grabil, Jeff.

Making a Difference: Changing a Community through Communication about Work Socialization for Inner-city Youth
 Eicholtz, Mary. and Espenschied-Reilly, Amanda.

Making the Case for Hospice: Beginning with the End in Mind
 Baldwin, Paula.

Making the Change to Agile Design and Development
 Dimock, Aaron. and Dimock, Rebecca.

Making the Fantastic Persuasive: Examining Malcolm X’s Use of History as a Rhetorical Device
 Varda, Scott.

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NGO Space and Digital Place: Transitioning Labor in Emerging Digital Economies
 Gajjala, Radhika.

Narcissism and Workplace Bullying: When the Schoolyard Bully becomes Your Boss
 Jacocks, Cara.

Narcissistic 'Beauty' of Russian Nationalism: The Rhetoric of Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Zhirinovsky
 Baranchuk-Hajiyev, Hanna.

Narrating Meaningful Work in the Nonprofit Sector: A Critical Analysis of Popular Discourses of Social Entrepreneurship
 Dempsey, Sarah. and Sanders, Matthew.

Narrating Peace in Family Stories: Stability and Change in the Oral Histories of Hindu Refugees in India’s Partition
 Chawla, Devika.

Narrative Capacity, Resistance Performance and the 'Shape' of New Social Movement Networks
 Atkinson, Joshua. and Rawlins, Laura.

Narrative Processing by Perspective: Impacts on Attitudes and Risk Perceptions of Tanning Bed Use by Female College Students
 Nazione, Samantha., Kovac, Andrea., Anderson, Elizabeth. and Lapinski, Maria.

Narrative and Framing: A Test of an Integrated Message Strategy in the Exercise Context
 Gray, Jennifer. and Harrington, Nancy.

Narratives of Nonprofit Wrongdoing: Exploring the Case of the World Trade Center Survivors' Network
 Jones-Bodie, Ashley.

Narrowing the Rift: Conversionist Approach to the Debate of Christ's Role in Culture
 Clawson, Kasey.

Nasty Bois: The Rise of Female Chauvinist Pigs
 Turner, Amber.

Nation, population, Chinese women, and quality child
 Zhang, Yahui.

National Identity and the Scientific Occupation: A Case for Fusing Science and Technical Labor Research with Race and Nation Research in Organizational Communication
 Wells, Celeste.

National Progress and Country Life: Rural Tropes in Political Rhetoric of Change
 Todd, Anne Marie.

Nationalism from Abroad: A Case Study of the Turkish Student Association at the University of Iowa
 Girit, Ozge.

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OMG! Religiosity’s Influence on the Content of Parent-Child Communication about Sex
 Heisler, Jennifer.

Obama Time! Defining This Defining Moment
 de Velasco, Antonio.

Obama and DNA Study to Examine Race in America as a Teaching Tool on Diversity
 Foeman, Anita.

Obama and Press Interaction as a Teaching Tool for a Journalism Cass
 Winters-Lauro, Patricia.

Obama as Activist-Orator: A Teaching Tool for Community Organizing
 Del Gandio, Jason.

Obama as Global Citizen: Teaching Tool in International Communication Class
 Mutua, Consolata.

Obama's Discourse as Teaching Tool in Argumentation Class
 Edelmayer, Kathleen.

Obama's Discourse as Teaching Tool in the Conflict Resolution Class
 Lynch, Christopher.

Obama's Discourse as Teaching Tool in the Public Speaking Class
 Sargent, Jack.

Obama's Discourse as a Teaching Tool for a Multicultural Leadership Class
 Nance, Teresa.

Obama's Inaugural Address: The Right Identification?
 Palmeri, Tony.

Obama’s Pastor Disaster and Apologia by Proxy: A Change in Structure for Image Restoration
 Sarapin, Susan.

Obama’s apologia: Reassessing the role of transcendence for minority subjects in presidential campaigns
 Moreno, Ulises.

Objecting to the Rule of Law: Seeking Justice for Immigrants in the Case of Enforcement
 Fernandez, Danielle.

Obscuring the Line Between the Institution and the Social Movement: The Role of Glinda as a Conservative Social Movement Leader in the Musical Wicked
 Schrader, Valerie.

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P2P Downloading and Watching of Fan-subbing Files as a New Trend of Media Consumption
 Tse, Yu-Kei. and Hsieh, Yu-li.

PHIPS 2007: Assessing the Impact of the Basic Public Speaking Course on the Development of a Positive Civic Disposition
 Grapsy, Ronald.

Packaging Feminism for Capitalism’s Purposes: Dialectic Interplays Among Feminisms, Consumerism, and Organizing
 D\'Enbeau, Suzy. and Buzzanell, Patrice.

Pain, Purpose, and Precedent: Models for Obama’s New Interrogation Program in Ireland v. U.K.
 Vicaro, Michael.

Painterly Technology: Art Critiques America’s Technological Identity in Nineteenth Century Painting
 Lambert, Larry.

Palestinian and Israeli Voices in Five Years of U.S. Newspaper Discourse
 Almeida, Eugenie.

Paper vs. ‘Clickers’: A Test of the Biasing Effects of Electronic Data Collection
 Worthington, Debra.

Parent and High School Student Preferences of College Web sites
 McAllister-Spooner, Sheila.

Parent-Child Communication about Nutrition
 Ndiaye, Khadidiatou., Anderson, Jenn., Clark-Hitt, Rose. and Coleman, Caroline.

Parental Communication of Spillover: The Impact on Youth Work Attitudes
 Polk, Denise.

Parental Privacy Invasions and Children’s Defensive Behaviors at Home and Away at College: Mediated Communication and Boundary Management
 Ledbetter, Andrew., Heiss, Sarah., Sibal, Kenneth., Lev, Eimi., Battle-Fisher, Michele. and Shubert, Natalie.

Parenting Advice 2.0: Discursive Portrayals of Parents and Experts on Reality TV
 Gordon, Cynthia.

Parents’ perceptions of a Chinese language community weekend school in the United States
 Lawton, Bessie. and Logio, Kim.

Parody and public discourse: Tina Fey’s portrayal of Sarah Palin
 Larson, April.

Participation and Resistance to the Ideology of English: Stories Told by Korean Students and Native-English-Speaking Teachers
 Root, Elizabeth.

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Qualitative Methods Adapted to Cross-cultural Research Contexts: Exploring the Sense-making of Female Afghan Refugees in the San Francisco Bay Area
 Smith, Valerie.

Queen Rania: Transnationalism, Race, and Celebrity on YouTube
 Ritsma, Natasha.

Queering the Courts: Bisexual and Transgender Exclusion in Judicial Opinions
 Garner, Kevin. and Endres, Prairie.

Queering the Typology: Sarah Silverman is Magic
 Hull, Heather.

Queers, Coors, and Teamsters: Boycotting as Ground for Coalition Politics
 Black, Jason. and Morris III, Charles.

Questioning the Status Quo: Finding the Change in the Stability of Existing Forensic Scholarship Regarding Leadership, Ethics, and Culture
 Swift, Crystal Lane.

Questions: A Methodology for Deliberation in Democracy
 Wachs, Anthony.

Quoting Washington Won't Get You a Pulitzer: How Sourcing in New York Times Correspondence Changed Over Time
 Cozma, Raluca., Hamilton, John. and Lawrence, Regina.

Qwe'reing/Queering Alliances through Silence: An Autoethnographic Exploration of 'Living out Loud'
 Johnson, Julia.


Race and Gender in Democracy in Performance
 Merrill, Lisa.

Race and Violence: A Comparative Study of the Coverage of Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois Shootings by The New York Times
 Chandrashekar, Santhosh.

Race in the Race: Mixed Race Identity and Obama’s Campaign
 Rucker, Iliana.

Race, Culture and the Discourse of the Middle East
 Semati, Mehdi.

Race, Rhetoric, and Resistance in Latina/o Struggles for U.S. Citizenship
 Cisneros, Josue.

Race, Risk and Governmentality in Psychiatric Rhetoric: The Case of Depression Awareness Campaigns
 Johnson-Thornton, Davi.

Racial Comedy, Parrhesia, and Critical-Rhetorical Truth Telling
 Rossing, Jonathan.

Racial Dis-harmony: America’s Discordant Racial Articulations in the Wake of the Reverend Wright Media Spectacle
 Oliha, Hannah.

Racial Paranoia Run Amok? Framing of the Latino-Black dynamics through Narrative Structures of Gang Violence in Mainstream and African American Newspapers
 Nam, Yujung.

Racism, Homosexuality, Puppets and a Broadway Tony: A Narrative of Avenue Q
 Vierra, Brian. and Hammers, Michele.

Radio Audience Attitudes Toward Programming and Localism in the Decade Following the 1996 Telecommunications Act
 Greer, Clark. and Ferguson, Douglas.

Raising the Flag: Constructing a Rhetorical Vision of an American City
 Mudambi, Anjana.

Rancière-ing Laclau: Towards a Permanent Revolution of the Sensible
 Tabako, Tomasz.

Rape By Proxy
 Deem, Melissa.

Rational Spectacle: Debating Global Warming in the Public Sphere on the Public Screen of An Inconvenient Truth
 Volkening, Lisa.

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Sacred Civics, American Style: Divine and Human Agency in American Reform, 1630 to 2009
 Cochran, David.

Sacred Language and Meaning: The Rhetorical Function of Greek Words in Sermons
 Camper, Kenton.

Sacrifices for the Partner and Relational Commitment During the Transition to Parenthood for Pregnant, Unmarried, Cohabitors: A Pilot Study
 Young, Valerie. and Curran, Melissa.

Safe at Home: Stability and Change in Women's Magazines Pre and Post 9/11
 Casper, Mary Frances.

Safer Secrets: An Investigation into Participants’ Perceptions of Confidentiality, Importance, Risk of Disclosure, and Secret Depth on Survey Questionnaires
 Niedermyer, Angela.

Same Flirting, Different Meaning: A Study of Flirting in Casual and Serious Romantic Relationships
 Ciak, Grace., Hutchison, Emily., Reed, Kelsey. and Saner, Julie.

Same-Sex Infidelity in Heterosexual Relationships: Support for the Evolutionary Perspective
 Denes, Amanda. and Lannutti, Pamela.

Same-sex marriage and families-of-origin: Dialectics of legal recognition
 Lannutti, Pamela.

Sammy Sosa Reminds Students to Round the Bases when Analyzing a Rhetorical Situation
 Frye-Bloomfield, Denise. and Hayes, Javette.

Saturated Capitalism and the Beautiful State
 Bruner, M. Lane.

Save Africa: The Commodification of Product Red Campaign
 Phu, Cindy.

Save the Cheerleader, Save the World: Multiple Mythic Heroes in an Intertwined Narrative
 Davis, Julie.

Savvy Aunties: From Childless Women to Child-Focused Consumers
 Hayden, Sara.

Savvy, not Super: Women, Leadership and Strategic Communication
 Quigley Holden, Tracey. and French, Sandra.

Scenarios USA: Exploring an Audience Analysis of Youth Narratives of Identity Construction
 Wright, Kallia.

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TV Ads Advocating Condom Use among Sexually Active College Students: A Quantitative Analysis of Psychological Reactance on Message Effectiveness, Quality, and Ad Attitudes
 Martinez, Amanda., Quick, Brian. and Stephenson, Michael.

Tainted Goods: Can the Possibility of a Relationship Ruin a Chance at Friendship?
 Langan, Emily.

Take The Limits Off: Realizing the Full Potential of Diversity in Higher Education
 Oliha, Hannah.

Taking Pride in Dirty Work: An Examination of Employees' Identity and Identification in a Dirty Work Organization
 Litera, Natalie.

Taking a Bite out of Love: Examining Relational Communication Models in the Twilight Series
 Clasen, Patricia.

Taking a Stand: Training Others to More Effectively Respond to Acts of Racial Discrimination
 Hanasono, Lisa.

Taking the Reins during a Time of War: Obama’s Rhetoric of Stability and Change
 Halpin, Marcy.

Tales of an Unincorporated Scholar: Research and Teaching in Vietnam
 Peeples, Jennifer.

Tales of the Bitter and Sweet: A Taiwanese Master Story and Transgression Narratives Shared Cross-generationally in Families
 Sandel, Todd.

Talk Radio Storytelling
 Berdayes, Linda.

Talk about work: The communicative constitution of meaningful work
 Connaughton, Stacey. and Forster, Sonya.

Talking About What is Distant and Not so Distant: A Temporal View of Sustainability in Communication Studies
 Gomez, Luis Felipe.

Talking Television with Simondon and Cybernetics, or Audience as Technical Object
 Hayward, Mark.

Talking to the Roma: Public Health Communication (and) Politics in Contemporary Romania
 Schneeweis, Adina.

Talking with the enemy rather than talking to the enemy: Obama’s rhetorical choices matter
 Wolbert, Anke.

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U.S. Cities Twitter about the 2008 Presidential Election: Fantasy Theme Analysis of Messages from Three Cities during Three Election-Night Time Phases
 Rozzell, Bobby., Ballard-Reisch, Deborah., Heldman, Lou. and Kamerer, David.

U.S. Latino Film Marketing and Distribution
 Puente, Henry.

Ubunto - I Am Because We Are: Narrative Constructions of Motherhood
 Thompson, Marie.

Uncomfortable Discourse: Leaders’ and Members’ Perceptions of Dissent Triggers in Churches
 Garner, Johny.

Undergraduate Student Perceptions of and Collective Sense-Making about Public Service
 Totten, Leah.

Understanding Cervical Cancer Diagnosis: Physicians’ Experiences of Giving Bad News
 Thompson, Melissa.

Understanding Group Participation in Social Networking Environment: Motivations for Using Facebook Groups and Social Outcomes
 Park, Namsu., Kee, Kerk. and Valenzuela, Sebastian.

Understanding Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC): A China study
 Tian, Song.

Understanding Social Support and Medication Adherence in the Context of High Cholesterol
 Drummond, Darlene., Bueno, Yvette., Keller, Vaughn., Spadola, Jenny. and Schy, Elizabeth.

Understanding and Promoting Regular Dental Visitation: Theoretical Analyses and Message Testing
 Benac, Christina.

Understanding the Audience of Planned Change Communication: How Employees Construe Organizational Change over Time
 Bisel, Ryan.

Understanding the Educational Needs of Students with Disabilities in Higher Education and Ensuring Equal Access
 Hayes, Erich.

Understanding the Predictive Power of Social Influence in the Theory of Planned Behavior
 Boudewyns, Vanessa.

Undressing the NBA Dress Code Policy
 Johnson, Thomas C..

Unenlightened Self Interest, Knowledge and Partisanship
 Bergan, Daniel., Neuberger, Lindsay., Shulman, Hillary. and Risner, Genevieve.

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Value Goggles
 Pampaloni, Andrea.

Vampires and Werewolves and Teens! Oh, My! The Cultural Economy of Twilight Fandom on the Web
 Mazzarella, Sharon.

Vanilla-Flavored Hegemony: What Kept the Promise Keepers White
 Winslow, Luke.

Verbal Foreplay: The Conversation Analysis of a Pick-up Artist’s Compliance Gaining Game
 Yeomans, Tricia.

Verbal Trigger Events (VTEs) and the Measurement of Reactive Verbal Aggression (RVA)
 Wigley, Charles.

Verizon Wireless Chaperone Service: Discourses of Parenting in the Digital Age
 Turkiewicz, Katie.

Veterinary Students Learn Interviewing Skills to Increase Client Compliance
 Vrchota, Denise Ann.

Victim and Perpetrator Accounts of Hurtful Messages: An Actor Partner Interdependence Model
 McLaren, Rachel. and Solomon, Denise.

Victim-Offender Mediation: A Meta-Analysis
 Burrell, Nancy., Gill, Rebecca., Timmerman, Lindsay. and Allen, Mike.

Victoria Woodhull and the Struggle for Women's Rights
 Miller, Lynn.

Video Story-telling among Lima's Street Boy Population: Ethical and Research Concerns
 Garcia, Daniel.

Violent Media Comparison: Personality Difference, Media Exposure, and Aggression
 Jalette, Gerard. and Mundorf, Norbert.

Viral Video as Genre: Approaching Genre Theory for Networked Digital Media
 Gurney, David.

Viral Voters: The YouTube Vote in Election 2008
 Mapaye, Joy.

Virtual Communication Tactics: Activist Organizations in Second Life
 Jarmon, Leslie.

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WANTED! One Good Roommate: Teaching Conflict Resolution in Small Group Communication
 Mullen, Annie., Brown, Jennifer., Mullen, Faith. and Mullen, William.

WHEN: Time in the News
 Barnhurst, Kevin.

WLBT and the Fairness Doctrine: Countering Racism in Local Television
 Balas, Glenda.

Wading into the Stream: Low Power FM Radio Stations and their Internet Websites
 Opel, Andrew. and Adamoli-Kalbli, Ginevra.

Waffles: A Cross-cultural Simulation Game
 Strom, William.

Waiting Outside: Ethnography and a Poetics of Beside
 Terry, David.

Waiting on History: The Bush Administration, Scapegoats, and the War in Iraq
 Ohl, Jessy.

Walking the ‘Traveling Field’: Sexual Violence and Deterritorialization of the Body
 Mercado Thornton, Rebecca.

Walking to Santiago: A Spiritual Journey amongst Images Symbolizing Discourses of Stability, Change and Restoration
 Redick, Kip.

Walking with Gandhi: Non-violence and Virtuality
 Gajjala, Radhika.

Warning the American Public of Terrorist Attacks: A Changing Framework of Colors
 Moe, Bryan.

Wartime Rhetoric’s Finest Hour: What We Can Learn from Winston Churchill’s Rhetoric in a Post-9/11 World
 Hyde, Ari.

Washing Coal Green: Issue Attention Cycles and Agenda-building in the 'Clean Coal' Public Relations Campaign
 Thatcher, Valerie.

Washington’s Presidential Etiquette
 Klean Zwilling, Jillian.

Watch More TV: Zoo TV as Embodied Critique of the Ideology of Entertainment
 Huther, David.

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X-Men Evolution: Mutational Identity Theory and the Shifting Subjectivities of the X-Men
 Zingsheim, Jason.


Yes We Can, Yes We Must: Communication Faculty as Scholarly and Entrepreneurial
 Darling, Ann.

You Are Still a Woman: Helping Serbian Women Overcome the Stigma Attached to Hysterectomy
 Sukovic, Masha.

You Can Act Like a Man: The Performing of Masculinities at Work
 Lynch, Owen.

You Can Logoff Anytime You Want but You Can Never Leave: Articulating Identity Narratives through Fantasy Baseball Participation
 Burr-Miller, Allison.

You Can’t Kill a Louse with One Finger: Using Intra-group Conflict Resolution Practices to Resolve Inter-group Conflict
 Jabs, Lorelle.

You Gain From a Convention What You Put Into It, Right? Accessibility for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Members Revisited
 Harrison, Robert.

You Know, God, Sometimes You Ask Me To Do the Hardest Things: An Eliadean Interpretation of Michel Tremblay’s Damnée Manon, Sacrée Sandra
 Saltzberg, Matt.

You Meant What? How Nonverbal Behaviors Add Meaning to Communication
 Plew, Melissa.

You Must Not Get It: Creating a Satiric Lens to Shield from Criticism
 Medjesky, Christopher.

You did this to yourself! Stigma and blame in lung cancer
 Bresnahan, Mary., Silk, Kami. and Zhuang, Jie.

You don't have to know a person to care: Coping with Parasocial Relationship Loss
 Sanderson, James.

You live in a fishbowl: A thematic analysis of the privacy management of a family of notoriety
 Usera, Daniel. and Routsong, Tracy.

You now have three minutes for Cross-examination
 Ohl, Jessy.

YouTube and the Challenge to Quality Journalism
 Peer, Limor. and Ksiazek, Thomas.

You're Supposed to Laugh: Predicted Outcome Values, Humor, and Likeability
 Koprince, Peter. and Householder, Brian.

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Zapata, El Macho Joto: Dis/placing History and Mythology through Performative Joto-hood
 Moreno, Ulises.

Zionism with a Hip-Hop Style
 Moyer, Jason.

Zitkala-Sa’s Nonviolent Rhetoric of Native American Resistance to Cultural Violence of Religion Replacement
 Gorsevski, Ellen.

Zizek’s Pauline Interpellation: Truth-events, Constitutive Rhetoric, and Empty Universals
 Foley, Megan.
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