NCA 96th Annual Convention 2010-Nov-13 to 2010-Nov-18

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"She is Like a Sister to Me": Discourses of Voluntary Kin as Family
 Braithwaite, Dawn., Bach, Betsy., Dirks, Sarah., Kranstuber, Haley. and Sato Mumm, Sai.

(De)scripting Culture: A Spiritual Epistemology Through Autoethnographic Exploration
 Martin, Nicole.

(Dis)Confirming Queerness: Confronting Compulsory Heterosexuality in Online Gaming through R. D. Laing
 Boone, George.

(E)raced Men: Complicity and Responsibility in the Rhetoric of Barack Obama
 McPhail, Mark.

(En)Compassing Ethnographic Sensibilities in the Undergraduate Classroom
 Sotirin, Patricia.

(In)Visibility as Communicative and Survival Strategy among Workers in Poverty
 Leeman, Mark.

(M)Adam Lambert and the Reification of the American Idol: A Case Study in Elitism at the Intersection of Talent and Homophobia
 Paine, Richard.

(Re) Introduction Henry McNeal Turner as Rhetorical Figure Worthy of Study
 Johnson, Andre.

(Re)Building Dialogue in the Black Church
 Webb, James.

(Re)Constructing Stress in the Academy: A Qualitative Glimpse at the Darker Sides of the Professoriate
 Pearson, Amy.

(Re)articulating civil rights rhetoric: A critical intersectional perspective on social movement rhetorical strategies
 Kelsey, Michelle.

(Re)conceptualizing 21st Century Learning: Pedagogical Priorities for Instructional Communication
 Lane, Derek.

(Today’s) Resistance is Futile: Transforming the Spastic Politics of Native America
 Trapani, William.

1. (In)definitive potential: Locating subversive pleasure in the dictionary
 Ernest, Alicia.

1. (Meta)Unveiling: Critical Discourse Analysis of Kabul Beauty School as an Orientalist Project
 Pfister, Raven.

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A Best Practices Assessment of NGO Crisis Communication: American Red Cross and Hurricane Katrina
 Husted, Rebekah. and Veil, Shari.

A Blended Training Innovation
 Powers, William.

A Boyfriend to Die for: Gender Dynamics in 'True Blood' and 'Twilight'
 Merskin, Debra.

A Bridge Too Far to Cross? Veterans’ Narratives of Returning to Civilian Life and the Implications for Cultural Civil-Military Relations
 Knopf, Christina.

A Bridge to Understanding the Sacrament of Confession from a Latino Child’s Perspective
 Herb, Rhonda.

A Bridge to the Crucifixion: The Old Preacher’s ‘My Jesus’
 English, Alison.

A Bridge to the Future: A Short History of Sigma Chi Eta and the Students It Honors
 Ainsworth, Allison.

A Call to American Women: Jeannette Rankin's Lifetime of Pacifist Rhetoric
 Lewis, Tiffany.

A Case Study in the Perceived Efficacy of Rural Midwestern Health Professionals to Bridge the Gap between Nationwide Diabetes Prevention and an Underserved Community
 Jones, Christina.

A Case Study of Online Controversy: Issues of Truth and Identity in Blogospherical Research
 Seitz, David.

A Case for Poetic Judgment: Tragic Emotions, Character, and Theatrical Texts
 Gordon, Jeremy.

A Clash of Cultures? President Obama and Competing Visions of America
 Calloway-Thomas, Carolyn.

A Clear Vision: Branding, Cultural Diplomacy and the American Film Institute’s Project: 20/20
 Erickson, Mary.

A Colonialist Celebration of National Heritage: Landscape Ideographs at Homestead National Monument of America
 Ewalt, Joshua.

A Communication Competence Approach to Healthcare Worker Conflict, Job Stress, Job Burnout, and Job Satisfaction
 Wright, Kevin., Bernard, Daniel., Banas, John. and Moore, Scott.

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Backroom Religion in Three-Dimensional Cyberspace: Religion and socialized residents of Second Life
 Heston, Kevin.

Backroom Religion in Three-Dimensional Cyberspace: Religion and socialized residents of Second Life.
 Heston, Kevin.

Bakhtin and Foucault Go Pentecostal: How the Rhetoric of Prophetic Utterances Redistributes Power Dialogistically
 Halliday, Steven.

Bakhtin, Antilogic and Antiphon’s Second Tetralogy
 Spring, Sarah.

Bakhtin's Carnivalesque, Polyphony and Dialogue in Organizational Communication: A Call for Research
 Kolodziej-Smith, Renata. and Novak, Julie.

Balance of Consideration Arguments and Constrains on Persuasion
 Hansen, Hans.

Bambi and the Vixens: Glee's Versions of White Bread Power
 Strano, Michele.

Banksy's Graffiti: The invisible voice of dissent
 Gajora, Liviu.

Barack Obama, Eugene Debs, and a History of 'Socialism' in the United States
 St. Onge, Jeffrey.

Barack Obama, Intellectualism, and the Revival of Political Eloquence in an Electronic Age
 Shultz, Kara.

Barack Obama’s Inaugural Address: A Study in Audience and Transcendence.
 Duffy, Bernard.

Barbara Mikulski and Nancy Pelosi: Victims of Media Coverage and Audience Attitudes
 Sheckels, Theodore.

Barry Goldwater’s Deliberation: Charting the GOP Course
 Loebs, Patrick.

Be Good Johnny Weir: Flamboyance, Masculinity, and the Sport of Figure Skating
 Binfield, Marnie.

Be It Resolved: The Social Construction of Reality through Political Resolutions
 Konieczka, Stephen.

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CHAMELEON: Individual and Community Ethos on the Internet
 Woodbury, Julie.

COMM 101 Meets Product Liability Litigation
 McGrath, John.

CONELRAD, or How We Learned to Stop Worrying: Media Convergence, Domestic Space and Emergency Alerts
 Vollrath, Chad.

CRETE: Conflict Resolution Education in Teacher Education
 Jones, Tricia.

Camp Counseling: An Administrator’s Eye View of the Summer Course Process
 Waks, Leah.

Camping the Oriental
 Au, Vanessa.

Can Game-Frames be Contained? Examining the Reach of Game-Frames in Media Coverage of Supreme Court Hearings
 Harvell, Lindsey., Robertson, Kylie. and Nisbett, Gwendelyn.

Can Reality TV Generate Real Health Behavior Change?: A consideration of the health benefits of watching The Biggest Loser
 Nabi, Robin.

Can We Be Positive Yet Critical? A Case Study of Compassion at a Hospice Organization
 Wong, Terrie. and Tracy, Sarah.

Can White Privilege Be Used Only For Evil?
 DeTurk, Sara.

Can books be owned, and how? A brief history of copyright in China from late Qing to Mao’s China
 Han, Dong.

Can there be a Postcolonial Ethnography?
 Chawla, Devika.

Canada in Afghanistan: Legitimacy and Narrative Coherence
 Belanger, Patrick.

Cancel That, Redo It, Start Over: Performing Errors, Performing Erasures
 Stucky, Nathan.

Cancer: The Hardest Word in the Dictionary to Say
 Waters, Alexis.

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DVR Killed the Video Star: An Organizational Case Study of New Media and Broadcast TV
 Trucil, Daniel.

Daddy’s Girls Pledge to Remain Pure: A Poststructuralist Feminist Analysis of Grassroots Organizing
 Vik, Tennley.

Dancing Reggaetón with Cowboy Boots: Dance Ethnography and the Choreography of Queerness in the Southwest
 Rivera-Servera, Ramon.

Dancing 'About' Architecture: The Aesthetic Dimensions of Institutional Discourse and Rhetorical Agency
 Rafferty, Steven.

Day One: Syllabus Pop Quiz
 Sargent, Margaret.

De/Colonizing epistemics of ethnography: 'Coming Out' and ethnographerpositionality
 Nicholas, Cheryl.

De/Constructing Our Identity in the Public Sphere
 Chuang, Rueyling. and Lin, Wei-Yen.

Dealing with Tragedy During International Travel
 Sims, Barbara.

Dear BlackBerry: I Love You, I Hate You.
 Kleinman, Sharon.

Death on Campus: Building Bridges in the University Community
 Hyden, Carl.

Death, Canonization, and Memory: The Rhetorical Implications of Shifting Grief
 Warrenburg, Kristine.

Debating the 'Digital Divide': A Proposal for Social Media as an Applied Context
 Riggs, Nicholas.

Debunking Latin American Stereotypes Through Study Abroad: Immersion as a Force for Attitude Change
 Shindler, Jack.

Deconstructing the Poverty Reduction Strategies of the World Bank: A Critical Interrogation
 Rastogi, Rahul. and Dutta, Mohan.

Decreasing Racist Attitudes Through Virtual Play: Evidence of Verbal Perspective Taking by White Students when Playing Black Avatars in Second Life Chat
 Gonzales, Amy. and Falisi, Angela.

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E-Health Literacy Implications for Seniors
 Poe, Pamela.

E-democracy@China: Does It Work?
 Yuan, Wenli.

Eating Healthy on a Budget: Negotiating Tensions between Two Discourses
 LeGreco, Marianne.

Eating the Suburban Good Life: Materiality, Embodiment, and the Copiousness of the Suburban Dinner Table
 Dickinson, Greg.

Eccentri(cities): The Rhetoric of Style through the Lens of the Weird
 Stimpson, Kristin.

Educational Friendship In-Action: Dealing with Dialectics of Teaching in a Time of Tragedy
 McClanahan, Andrea.

Effect of Priming and Message Sidedness on Relationship Maintenance
 Lim, Dongjin. and Stefanone, Michael.

Effects of Implicit Attribution Theories on the Experience of Guilt, Shame, and Jealousy
 Averbeck, Joshua. and Miller, Claude.

Effects of Instructor Sex on Students’ Perceptions of Instructor Credibility
 Clune, Katie., Banwart, Mary. and Russo, Tracy.

Effects of Message Framing and Perceived Risk on Women’s Attitudes Toward and Intentions to Get the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine
 Russell, Jessica., Ah Yun, Kimo. and Lindsey, Lisa.

Effects of Scanning—Routine Health Information Exposure—on Cancer Prevention and Screening Behaviors in the General Population
 Hornik, Robert., Mello, Susan., Parvanta, Sarah., Freres, Derek. and Schwartz, J..

Effects of monetary incentives and personal relationship history on deception and its detection and the truth bias
 Van Swol, Lyn., Braun, Michael. and Malhotra, Deepak.

Efforts to Learn from a Regretted Message: Effects of Emotion, Outcome Severity, Self Efficacy, and Reflection
 Meyer, Janet.

Eighteenth Century Decision Science: Imagination, Probability, and Rules in Eighteenth Century Rhetorical Epistemology
 Emery, Daniel.

El Camino Latino: The Representative Anecdote As A Burkean Method, Applied to Border Rhetoric
 Ruiz De Castilla, Clariza.

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F2F: How Faculty Assist First Generation College Students in Navigating the University and Campus System
 Harvey, Vickie.

Facebook Memorial Groups and Emotional Rubberneckers: Bridging the Bereaved with the Community
 DeGroot, Jocelyn.

Facebook Persona Construction and the Hegemonic Conceptions of Femininity
 Clark, Lauren.

Facebook and China: A Case Study of Conflict through Social Contextual Approach
 Kuang, Kai.

Facebook and a Reasonable Expectation of Privacy
 Hopkins-Best, Natalie.

Facebook as a Toolkit: Motivations Predicting Feature Use
 Smock, Andrew., Ellison, Nicole. and Wohn, D..

Facebook, Parental Control, and Teen Empowerment
 Muir, Star.

Facework's Role in Successful Mediated Instruction
 Kerssen-Griep, Jeff.

Facilitating Mutually Beneficial Relationships in a Virtual Marketplace
 Jitaru, Alicia.

Facilitating Tool Use in the Photography Studio
 Philabaum, Scott.

Facing Alterity: Prosopopeia and American Immigration Rhetoric
 Hartelius, Johanna.

Factors that Predict Married Partners' Disclosures about Infertility to Social Network Members
 Steuber, Keli. and Solomon, Denise.

Faith and Feminism: Former President Jimmy Carter Speaks out in Rhetoric of Transformation
 Brooks, Kaitlin.

Faith, Science and Trust: Climate Change Framing Effects and Conservative Protestant Opinion
 Holcomb, Jesse.

Family Communication Patterns: Communicating Affection, Support, and Everyday Talk for Parents and Children
 Frisby, Brandi., Byrnes, Kerry. and Myers, Scott.

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G.U.N.S. but No Butter: Reclaiming the Memory of the Nazi Occupation of Guernsey, Channel Island
 Jorgensen-Earp, Cheryl.

GIFTS of Hope and Building Bridges: Intercultural Praxis and the Basic Communication Course
 Patterson, Andrea.

GaGa Ooh La La
 Rudy, Jessica.

Gaga Does the Danse Macabre: Sex, Blood, and the Violation of Social Taboos
 Donofrio, Theresa. and Lawson, William.

Games We Play
 Crawford, Janis.

Games about Location to Foster Location-Awareness in Users
 Gordon, Eric.

Gatekeeping Public Participation: Ethnographic Account of the Production Process of Radio Phone-in Program
 Dori Hacohen, Gonen.

Gay Men, Body Dissatisfaction, and Objectification
 Schwartz, Joseph.

Gender Effects on Upward and Lateral Social Comparison and Comparison Motives through SEM
 Sohn, Steve.

Gender Violence Prevention Pedagogy
 Freitag, Jennifer.

Gender, Communication and Self-Presentation in Teen Chatrooms Revisited: Have Patterns Changed?
 Kapidzic, Sanja. and Herring, Susan.

Gender, Heredity and Materiality in the Genomics Age: Rhetoric, Race, Body
 Happe, Kelly.

Gender, Race and The Boondocks
 Howard, Sheena.

Gendered Security: Bridging Richard Nixon and Rachel Carson’s Calls for a Safer World
 Prody, Jessica.

Generic Safety: Form and Narrative in Transgender Produced Video Blogs
 Williams, Mara.

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HIV/AIDS Issue Representation on International Nongovernmental Organization Websites: A Dialectic Framework
 Agarwal, Vinita., D\'Silva, Margaret. and Leichty, Greg.

HIV/AIDS Media Coverage in the United States: A Comparison of African American and Mainstream Magazines
 Butler-Peres, Kamilia., Nan, Xiaoli. and Waks, Leah.

HIV/AIDS Stigmatization on Chinese Internet Discussion Forums: A Content Analysis Approach to HIV/AIDS Stigma
 Zhuang, Jie.

Habermas and the Nostalgic Narrative of Modernity
 King, Andrew.

Habermas on the relationship between secular and religious citizens: An opportunity to apply the two-way symmetrical model?
 García, César.

Habermas, Networks and Virtual Public Spheres: A Blended Deliberative Model from Developing Countries
 Raman, Veena.

Hagiography as Feminist Rhetorical Triangulation
 Spencer, Leland.

Hannah Arendt and Philosophical Leisure: Building a Bridge to the Political Realm
 Holba, Annette.

Happy Is He Who Learns from the Experiences of Others: The Revisionary Public Discourse of Osama bin Laden
 Reeves, Joshua.

Harmless Antics or Harmful Abuse? The Effects of Leadership and Humor on Workplace Bullying
 Mills, Carol.

Harnessing the Power of Superdiffusers in Interpersonal Networks to Cause Positive Health Behavior Changes
 Boster, Frank., Carpenter, Christopher., Andrews, Kyle. and Mongeau, Paul.

Hasidic Tales: Pedagogy for Communication Ethics
 Holba, Annette.

Have Our Bridges Fallen Down? A Look at the Incorporation of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos in the Basic Course Lecture
 Hill, Shelton.

He Can Do Bad all by Himself? Tyler Perry's Negative Representations of Blackness
 Washington, Myra.

Health Communication and Support: A Dyadic Examination of Predictors of Body Image Satisfaction and Relationship Satisfaction
 Young, Valerie. and Domschke, Tricia.

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I AM an Angry Black Woman: Bridging My Body and Locating My Voice (Top Paper)
 Griffin, Rachel.

I Am African: Branding 'Africa' Within Humanitarian Discourse
 Sussman, Rachelle.

I Got Dumped on Facebook: New Media’s Role in Conflict Management
 Roggensack, Katlyn., McFadden, Jessica., Sullivan, Shiloh. and Sherwood, Anne.

I Have Said My Say: Ordinary Women and Partisan Speech Making in the Antebellum Era
 Zboray, Ronald J.. and Zboray, Mary.

I Hear America Singing: An Examination of Song’s Contribution to the Public Memory of the Boston Tea Party
 Neville, Meredith.

I am Robin Hood: An Ethnographic Study of Undocumented Immigrants from Thailand in the United States
 Krittayapong, Jirah.

I don't get it: Allusion, ambiguity and irony
 Hancock, Jeffrey.

IPR Disputes in Cyberspace: U.S. Hegemony and Chinese Resistance
 Tian, Dexin.

Ibrahim Rugova’s Nonviolent Rhetoric and Passive Resistance During Kosovo’s Independence Movement
 Ziberi, Linda.

Identifying Changes in Youth’s Group Membership over Time based on their Targeted Communication about Substance Use with Parents and Friends
 Kam, Jennifer.

Identity Construction in User Profiles
 Shepherd, Dawn.

Identity Gaps Experienced by Individuals with Identities Divergent from their Families of Origin
 Breshears, Diana.

Identity and Communion: The Rhetoric of Conversion in Avatar
 Schoen, Steven.

Identity and difference in transnational feminism
 Kapoor, Priya.

Identity and the Media: A Taxonomy and Measurement Scale
 Dimmick, John. and Sarge, Melanie.

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Jacques and Gilles Watch Some Television
 Bollmer, Grant.

Jamie Oliver Takes On the US School Food System
 Broad, Garrett.

Japanese Students’ Perception of Western Instructors: Applied Intercultural Communication
 Akahoshi, Yasuko. and McDaniel, Edwin.

Jasmine and Judith: Vernacular Theorizing in an Ethnography of Drag
 Pensoneau-Conway, Sandra.

Jealousy 2.0: Attachment Style as a Moderator of the Experience and Expression of Jealousy Inducing Behavior on Facebook
 Cole, Megan. and Weger, Harry.

Jewish Machismo? Jewish Identity and Inglourious Basterds
 Klein, Ellen.

Jiddu’s Notions of self-transformation
 Thombre, Avinash.

John Rock and the Politics of Memory
 Browne, Stephen.

Joseph Cornell: Remembering His Carrousel in the Stars
 Jackson, Sarah.

Journalism and the Shape-Shifting Origins of the Anti-Evolution Movement
 Rojecki, Andrew.

Journalism as Process: The Organizational Implications of Participatory Online "News"
 Robinson, Sue.

Just Shut Up and Play: Revisiting 'Fists of Freedom' in Brandon Marshall’s Attempted Tribute to Barack Obama
 Sierlecki, Bonnie.

Justice in the Cara-combs: Latina Caras and Sonia Sotomayor
 Reyes, Eugene.


Kairos as motive-centered: Envisioning the kairotic moment through the writings of Kenneth Burke
 Doss, Erin.

Kassebaum and Sebelius: Political Experience but Not Presidential?
 Carlin, Diana.

Kategoria in the Congressional Testimony of the American Auto Industry Executives: Understanding Personal and Institutional Rhetorical Constraints
 Seeger, Matthew.

Katrina’s Story: An analysis of Hurricane Katrina’s television news coverage as myth and its role in racial formation
 Saxton, Loren.

Keeping the Common in Community: La Technique, ‘the City,’ and other ‘Environmental’ Hazards in the Contemporary Church
 Bennett, Stephanie.

Kennedy in Berlin - Building Identification Through the Empowerment of the Agent
 Fay, Isabel. and Kuypers, Jim.

Kikuyu FM Radio and Repositioning of Cultural Discourse
 Gathigi, George.

Kill Your Television: Toward a Definition and Purpose of Medium Activism
 Lyszak, Brett.

Know What Them Girls Want”: A Textual Analysis of Thug’s Relationships and Romance
 Craig, Richard.

Kraybill Conflict Style Inventory Validation
 Braz, Mary., Lawton, Bessie., Kraybill, Ronald. and Daly, Kelly.

Krishnamurti and the Art of Listening: Realizing the Goals of Participatory Democracy
 Chenjeri, Prakash.

Krishnamurti on Education and Learning: Reflections and Themes
 Thompson, Carol. and Thompson-Hayes, Marcilene.

Kumiai of Hawai`i Island
 Lee, Carolyn.


LIWC Validation Study: The OSLO I Accords
 Donohue, William., Liang, Yuhua (Jake). and Druckman, Daniel.

LSI in 'Theories of Persuasion'
 Munoz, Kristine.

La Burguesa en el Salón Soy Yo: Exploring Issues of Class and Ethnicity in Performance and Pedagogy
 Velazquez Vargas, Yarma.

La Comay: A Televisual Representation of the Puerto Rican Comadre
 Camacho, Melissa.

La Fée Verte: James M. Storm Transforms Reality into Fantasy
 Swift, Crystal Lane.

La Resolana: An exploration of a new narrative paradigm in the Connecting Community Voices collaboration
 Sandoval, Jennifer., Chen, Yea-Wen., Milstein, Tema. and Anguiano, Claudia.

Labors of Gamer Love: User-Generated Content, Add-ons, and Modules
 Baggerman, Thomas.

Language, Event, Object
 Crick, Nathan.

Language, Voicing, and Identity in the 'Coming Out' Narrative Genre
 DiDomenico, Stephen.

Large-Group Service-Learning in a New Course Called 'Communication and Citizenship': What Are Our Obligations, Choices, and Responsibilities as Communicators?
 Bruess, Carol.

Late Night Comedy, Public Relations, and Image Repair: Letterman Responds Twice to the Palin Joke Controversy
 Compton, Josh. and Miller, Brett.

Latina Bodies: Hollywood Fairytale?
 Leon, Diana.

Laughter in the Podium: Humor Use in Presidential Debates 1960-2008
 Rhea, David.

Layout Design and News Juxtaposition
 Goya-Martinez, Mariana.

Leadership Communication
 Hamstra, Chistopher.

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Mad Men: An Ideological Analysis of the Past
 Roberts, Myra.

Maddening Silence: Rhetorical Whispers and the Fanatical Antics of Abby Kelley
 Kurtz, Jeffrey.

Maintaining Peer Workplace Friendships: Tactics and Perceived Politeness
 Sias, Patricia., Gallagher, Erin., Pedersen, Hannah. and Kopaneva, Irina.

Maintaining and Negotiation Relationships and Reifying Traditions: Couples’ Co-constructions of Work-life Concerns
 Denker, Katherine.

Maintaining the Viability of Ethnographic Research in Post-Modernity
 Krizek, Robert.

Make those good girls go bad: Starring Britney Spears, Lady GaGa and Pink as the good bad girl
 Del Rosso, Teri.

Making Communication 'Cool': On Subjecting the Discipline to the Whims of the Free (Summer Camp) Market
 Donofrio, Theresa.

Making Connections: Mapping the Production of Neoliberal Governmentality and Subjectivities Along San Francisco’s Third-Street Light Rail.
 Alvarez, Vince.

Making Connections: Performing Arts in Writing and Speaking Courses
 Lavigne, Michelle.

Making Fun of Politics: The Framing of Al Franken and Norm Coleman in the 2008 Minnesota Senate Race
 Kvam, Danielle.

Making HIV/AIDS PSAs More Effective: Effects of Risk Perceptions and Efficacy Beliefs on Attitudinal and Behavioral Change
 Zhang, Jueman. and Chock, Tamara.

Making Material Matter: How Contemporary Collectors Remediate the Medium of the Book
 Lenaghan, Elizabeth.

Making Media Accessible: Applying Media Ethics to Online News Accessibility
 Krakow, Melinda.

Making Nature Meaningful
 Senda-Cook, Samantha.

Making Sense of Caster Semenya: The (Un)Happy Limbo of Non-Identity
 Winslow, Luke.

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NGO Space and Digital Place: Transitioning Labor in Emerging Digital Economies
 Gajjala, Radhika.

Naming and the Death Drive, Creating a Bridge Between Derridian and Lacanian Ethics
 Peters, Donny.

Narrative (In)Abilities in Benefitting from Narrative Therapy: A Call for a Communibiological Focus in Narrative Therapy Training Curriculum
 Kranstuber, Haley.

Narrative Medicine in Practice: Doctor's Stories about the End-of-Life
 Roscoe, Lori.

Narrative Sense-making and Time Lapse: Interviews with Low-Income Women about Sex Education
 Jensen, Robin. and Bute, Jennifer.

Narrative and Experience in the Pursuit of Academic Knowledge: Negotiating Responsibilities and Tensions
 Kenderes, Amanda.

Narratives in Opposition: How Does One Gain Superiority?
 Gross, Daniel.

Narratives of Power: Historical Factors and Initial Decisions in George W. Bush’s Interviews on the Iraq 'Surge,' 2007
 Minbiole, John.

National Coverage of the Responsibility Towards Socially and Economically Disadvantaged: A Community Structure Approach
 Webb, Jacqueline., Novick, Flora., Pagan, Hannah. and Villanueva, Marisa.

Nationalism Across the Globe: Comparative Analyses of the American and Chinese Telecasts in the 2008 Beijing Olympiad
 Billings, Andrew., Angelini, James. and Wu, Dan.

Nationalism, Identity, and Cultural Memory: The Case of Poland
 Igiel, Magdalena.

Nationwide Newspaper Coverage of Universal Healthcare: A Community Structure Approach
 Kiernicki, Kristen., Lavery, Patrick. and Davis, Caitlin.

Navigating Political Womanhood in Lucy Kenney’s 1840 'The Strongest of All Government is That Which is Most Free: An Address to the People of the United States'
 Berg, Emily.

Navigating the Non-Traditional: The Communication Surrounding Womyn That Defy Patronymy and Keep Their Birth Names
 Herron, Melissann. and Stephenson, Jenna.

Necessary but Incompatible: How Russian Oil and Gas Giant Gazprom Prioritized its Stakeholders during Russia – Ukraine Gas Dispute 2008-09
 Klyueva, Anna.

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Obama Fights the Smears: Bridges Between Traditional and On-Line Image Repair Discourse
 Davis, Corey.

Obama and the Rhetorical Chorus: Rewriting the Discourse of Colorblindness
 Lu, Jessica.

Obamamania: The Rise of a Mythical Hero
 Poole, Deandre.

Obama’s Blackberry: From Civilian Core to Military Edge
 Packer, Jeremy.

Obesity and Risk on the Biggest Loser
 Walkosz, Barbara.

Obesity is No Laughing Matter! A Content Analysis of Food Messages in Popular African American versus General Audience Primetime Television Comedies
 Phua, Joe.

Object Pleasures: Barbers, Hairstylists, and the Material Belongings of Work
 Rich, Craig.

Occluding Blackness and Promoting the White Woman Citizen: The Rhetoric of the National Woman's Party's Nationalization Campaign
 Stillion Southard, Belinda.

Oh, God Is It Hot Out There: Climate Change Science, Religion, and the Sacrificed Skeptics
 Von Burg, Ron.

On Being Nothing: Methodological Reflexions about Doing Research with Children
 Pomata, Veronica.

On Epistemology, Ontology, and Axiology: Conversation, Culture, and the Three Mythical Sisters of Academia
 Wong, Terrie.

On Ethnography, Documentary, and Epistemology
 Peterson, Leighton.

On Facebook, They Said People Would be Chanting From the Rooftops at Dusk.
 Yomtoob, Desiree.

On Obama’s Post Colonial Identity Construction: A Framing Analysis
 Sikanku, Etse.

On the Communicative Underpinnings of Debate Effects: Elite Debates, Citizen Communication, and Partisan Alignment
 Cho, Jaeho. and Ha, Yerheen.

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PETA Making Social Noise: A Perspective on Shock Advertising
 Forrester, Maya. and Matusitz, Jonathan.

Paperchase, Adoption, and Friendship: Finding Community in a Yahoo Group
 Monahan, Diane.

Paradigm and Exemplum: Suffragist Test Cases of the 1870s
 Ray, Angela.

Parasocial Breakup from ER: Examining the Role of Perceived Realism
 Wilson, Kari. and Cho, Hyunyi.

Parental Confirmation as a Moderator of Young Adults' Feelings of Being Caught and Family Satisfaction in Divorced and Non-Divorced Families
 Schrodt, Paul. and Ledbetter, Andrew.

Parenting Privilege Paradox
 Blau, Jnan. and Warren, John.

Parents Motivation and Message Structure Aimed at Making Requests of Their Young Adult Children
 Hullman, Gwen. and Palmer, Jason.

Parents’ Communication Skills and Adolescents’ Salivary Alpha-Amylase and Cortisol Response Patterns
 Afifi, Tamara., Granger, Douglas., Joseph, Andrea., Aldeis, Desiree. and Denes, Amanda.

Parodying a Parody: Framing, Satire, Partisanship and Fox News' The Half Hour News Hour.
 Schill, Dan.

Parsing Poverty: Farm Subsidies and American Farmland Trust
 Schnurer, Maxwell.

Participation without Guarantees: Documentary Ethics, Digital Media, and Hegemony
 McClain, William.

Participatory Consumption on
 Kuehn, Kathleen.

Partisan, But not United: Limitations of the Hostile Media Perception Model due to Assimilation Bias
 Blom, Robin.

Passing Class: My Professorial Body in Transit
 Carver, M. Heather.

Passing in Academia/Becoming in Performance Classrooms
 Shoemaker, Deanna.

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Quality Participation in the Classroom: Determining Quality and Examining Outcomes
 Frisby, Brandi.

Quantifying Active Patient Communication Behaviors: The Development and Validation of the Active Patient Communication Scale
 Burns, Michael., Houser, Marian. and Yu, Nan.

Quantitative Assessment of Architectural Communication Needs across Job Types
 Kupritz, Virginia. and Haas, John.

Quantitative Literacy as a Cornerstone of Media Literacy and as a Variable in Media Effects Studies
 Steinhardt, Joseph.

Queer Aspirations and (Neo)Liberal Norms
 Cloud, Dana.

Queering Cowboy Spectacle: Ethnographic Methodologies in Sexualized Spaces
 Carpenter, Peter.

Queering Method in Rhetorical Criticism
 Morris III, Charles.

Queering Org Comm: Building Bridges Between Organizational Communication and Queer Theory
 Dixon, Jennifer.

Queering Street: Homosociality, Masculinity, and Disability in “Friday Night Lights”
 Cherney, James. and Lindemann, Kurt.

Queering to Common: A Critical Analysis of Lady Gaga
 Orcholski, Megan. and Wakefield, Bradford.

Questioning Strategies, Diagnostic Utility, and Expertise Interactions in Deception Detection
 Levine, Timothy. and Blair, J. Pete.


Race and Racism in Black.White: Power, Politics, and Teaching Reality (?)
 Griffin, Rachel.

Race, Class and Risk Messaging
 Battistoli, Bruno.

Race, Labor, and Citizenship on Sugar Plantations in Prewar Hawai'i: A Historical Analysis of Picture Bride
 Arai, Sayuri.

Rachel Berry’s Pseudo-Stardom: Glee’s Almost Diva
 Silverman, Rachel.

Racial Mapping in Videogames
 Higgin, Tanner.

Racial/ethnic minorities, heritage language and power: How do Koreans in the U.S view Korean heriatage language education for their children in relation with power?
 Han, Eun-Jeong.

Radiologists’ (Re)productions and Transformations of Informed Consent to Treatment’s Discourse of Liability: A Structurational Analysis of Accounts of Social Action
 Olufowote, James.

Raising Departmental Funds while Enhancing the Learning Experience
 Jones, A. Todd.

Rapid Noncontact Credibility Assessment via Linguistic/Vocalic Analyses
 Humpherys, Sean., Moffitt, Kevin., Elkins, Aaron., Burgoon, Judee. and Nunamaker, Jay.

Rapping about Rap: Parental Mediation of Mainstream Hip-hop Music Videos
 Harvey, Jessica. and Manusov, Valerie.

Razing Bridges: The Impact of Organizational Crisis on Conflict Message Appropriateness
 Ocana, Anthony., Burnett, Ann. and Buslig, Aileen.

Re-Defining 'Relational Communication': Building Bridges to the Deceased Child Through Connecting with the Living
 Hastings, Sally.

Re-Imaging an Ancient, Emergent Superpower: 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Public Memory, and National Identity
 Gong, Jie.

Re-Transmitting Militarism: Predator Drones and Global Networks of Surveillance and Lethality
 Asaro, Peter.

Re-defining and Re-structuring Public Diplomacy
 Khakimova, Leysan.

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Sacharov and His Words of Freedom
 Williams, David. and Young, Marilyn.

Safe to Speak: Using Student Engagement to Ease Communication Apprehension and Encourage Cooperative Learning
 Griffin, April.

Safer-Sex Talk: Accounts from 21st Century Male and Female College Students
 Webb, Lynne., Amason, Patricia., Morledge, Claire., Spurlock, Katherine., Agee, Paula. and Moore, Megan.

Same As It Ever Was: The Cult of True Womanhood Alive and Well in Contemporary Post-Feminism
 Renegar, Valerie.

Sarah Palin, the Future of Feminism? Mapping Debates Around Sarah Palin in the Feminist Blogosphere
 Barker-Plummer, Bernadette.

Sarah Silverman's Balls: Queering the Comic Feminine
 Buckley, Cara.

Satirical Turns with Public Consequence? Dennis Miller’s Political Conversion
 Waisanen, Don.

Save Money, Live Better: Walmart's Successful Use of Public Relations Advertising
 Stokes, Ashli.

Saving Kenneth Foster: Speaking with Others in the Belly of the Beast
 Asenas, Jennifer., McCann, Bryan., Feyh, Kathleen. and Cloud, Dana.

Say What? An Analysis of Reader Comments in Best Selling American Newspapers
 Paskin, Danny.

Science and Politics in Nuclear Culture: The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, 1945-2005
 Henry, David.

Scientific Research as a Land Run: The Frontier Metaphor in Public Speeches by American Scientists
 Ceccarelli, Leah.

Scientific Uncertainty and the Federal Policy Reception of Silent Spring
 Walker, Kenneth.

Searching for Her Inner Jock: Confronting Sport as the Double Bind in Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign
 Sierlecki, Bonnie.

Searching for a Post-Cold War Subjectivity in South Korea: Remembering the 2002 Candlelight Vigils
 Kang, Jiyeon.

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TEA Parties and the Tropes of Evangelical Civic Identity
 Edwards, Jonathan.

Tactile Traditions: Human Universal and Cultural Differences in Haptic Communication
 Andersen, Peter.

Tailor-Made Racism: The Confluence of Humor and Physical Space as Threads in a Nationally Marketed Halloween Costume
 Paine, Richard.

Taiwanese Tastes: Culturally Coded Foods and Intercultural Contact
 Chiang, Chih-Li. and Hastings, Sally.

Taiwanese Teachers Building Bridges: How Teachers of Chinese Literacy Classes Adapt to their Adult Students and Challenge the Master Narrative of Immigrant Wives
 Chen, Eva.

Taking Backgrounds Seriously: Orientalizing Japan in Lost in Translation
 Kinefuchi, Etsuko.

Taking the Intercultural Classroom into the Community
 Foeman, Anita.

Talk about Hooking Up: The Influence of College Student Social Networks on Non-Relationship Sex
 Olson Holman, Amanda. and Sillars, Alan.

Talk to Take: The Who and What of Compliance Regarding Multivitamin Usage in College Women
 Ferrara Elisei, Merissa., Dorrance, Elizabeth., Kopfman, Jenifer. and Navon, Elana.

Talk, Power Symbols and Group Identity: How Small Group Meetings Construct Identities
 Gorgevich, Kristina.

Talking Politics: Young Citizens’ Interpersonal Interaction During the 2008 Presidential Campaign
 Rill, Leslie. and McKinney, Mitchell.

Talking about 'The Talk'
 Gordon, Cynthia. and Frawley, Kathryn.

Taming the 'Living Constitution': William H. Rehnquist’s Legal Polemic and the Discursive Forms of 'Judicial Activism'
 Veden, Mary Lynn.

Tangents on TV: The Tangential Relationship of Narrative and Educational Content in Children’s Television through the Capacity Model
 Nichols, Cynthia.

Tanned Appearance Motives Predict Attitudes, Intentions, and Behaviors
 Boenker, Madeline., Head, Katharine. and Stephenson, Michael.

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U.S. Women’s Communication with Heterosexual Partners about Sexual Discrepancies: A First Examination
 Son, Moon-Sook., Webb, Lynne., Allen, Myria. and Amason, Patricia.

U.S. host national’s intergroup contact experiences with Japanese sojourners: Exploring the role of communication in the intergroup contact hypothesis
 Imamura, Makiko., Zhang, Yan Bing. and Shim, Cheongmi.

US Nationalism, Images of the Territories, and American Public Memory
 Kimokeo-Goes, Una.

Umm, It Sounded Fine to Me? Working with Faculty and Student Mentors on Evaluating Oral Presentations
 Silva, Vesta.

Un-Performing: A Graduate Student Instructor’s Battle with Legitimacy
 Saltzberg, Matt.

Uncertainty Reduction in Physician-Parent Communication Following a Genetic Syndrome Diagnosis: Interviews with Parents of Children with Prader-Willi Syndrome
 Jones, Karyn.

Uncertainty, Appraisals, and Information Management in the Context of Non-Chronic Illness: Applying Uncertainty Management Theory
 Rudick, Charles., Goddard, Kimberly., Dillow, Megan. and Johnston, Justin.

Underserving ESL Learners in the Basic Course – Developing Speaking and Thinking during Every Class Session
 Rybold, Gary.

Understanding Communication in the Public Courtroom: An Ethnographic Approach
 Richardson, Emily.

Understanding Giving Advice across Cultures from the Perspective of the Theory of Planned Behavior
 Feng, Hairong. and Wilson, Steven.

Understanding Inter-media Attribute Agenda Setting: A Study of Political Ads and Partisan Blogs in Campaign 2008
 Greenwood, Molly. and Chattopadhyay, Sumana.

Understanding Readiness to Participate in Genetics Research: An Application of the Reasoned Action Framework
 Paquin, Ryan., Cappella, Joseph. and Price, Vincent.

Understanding Reality Television in the Context of the Financial Crisis of 2008: How HGTV Defends Neoliberal Logic
 Herro, Steven.

Understanding Students' Classroom Justice Experiences and Responses
 Horan, Sean., Chory, Rebecca. and Goodboy, Alan.

Understanding Web Comics: Independent Artists and Revenue Models
 Lackaff, Derek.

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Vagina Dentata: Ethics With Teeth
 Wong Lerner, Shannon.

Valerie Solanas and a Queer Performativity of Madness
 Rowe, Desiree. and Chavez, Karma.

Validating Vocal Analysis Software to Assess Credibility in Interpersonal Interaction: A Multilevel Factor Analytic Approach
 Elkins, Aaron. and Burgoon, Judee.

Valuing Relationships in Crisis Situations: The Extension of SCCT through Relationship Management Theory
 Brown, Kenon.

Valuing Work, Valuing Family: A Comparison of 'Balance' Discourse Targeting Mothers and Fathers
 Hatfield, Elizabeth.

Vegan Advocacy in Small Groups: Influencing Group Identity of Animal Rights Activists
 Kehoe, Kara.

Veiling Snapshots of Torture: Abu Ghraib and Invisible Violence Against Women
 Davis, Amanda.

Vengeance is Mine: The Emergence of Robust Jewish Agency in American Holocaust Memory
 Ehrenhaus, Peter.

Venus Envy: Alva Myrdal’s Visual Rhetoric of Feminine Peace Diplomacy in the Cold War
 Gorsevski, Ellen.

Verbal Communication Traits and Indices of Distance in Intercultural and Intercultural Relationships in the U.S.
 Allen, Jerry., O\'Mara, Joan., Long, Kathleen. and Judd, Ben.

Verbal Space-as-Text: A Performative Examination of Discourse at the Cross-roads of the Family Law Court System
 Day, Carolyn.

Vernacular Pundits in the Public Sphere: Locating Public Meaning in Image Macro Exchanges
 Ramos, Katie.

Vico’s Universal Right for a Rhetorical Theory of Stochastic Citizenship
 Beasley Von Burg, Alessandra.

Victimage and Identity in Joe Arpaio’s Prison
 Ghorbani, Shireen.

Video Made the Festival Star: the Effect of Video on Film Festivals
 Beaty, Joshua.

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WARNING: You are now entering the academy! A junior faculty member's labor of spirit in the first years
 Ballard, Robert.

WTAMU’s Common Reader and Service Learning in the Basic Speech Course
 Hanson, Trudy.

Wait, My Supermarket Isn't Local?!? Rhetoric and the Socio-politics of Eating at Home
 Wilson, Nathan.

Wal-Mart: An Analysis of the Glocalization of the Cathedral of Consumption in China
 Matusitz, Jonathan. and Leanza, Kristin.

Walking a Mile in Digital Shoes: Perspective Taking in Virtual Reality
 Bailenson, Jeremy.

Walter Lippmann and the Push for a Democratic Foreign Policy in the Early Cold War
 Drury, Sara.

War, Peace, and the Rhetoric of Antithesis in Barack Obama's Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech, December 10, 2009
 Terrill, Robert.

Warning-Side Effects May Not Including Paying Attention: Variables that Effect Attention to Warning Information in Direct-to-Consumer Pharmaceutical Advertisements
 Fondren, Wes.

Was There Something Else I Could Have Done? An Exploration of Dialectical Tensions and Management Strategies Experienced by Hospice Nurses
 Gilstrap, Cristina. and White, Zachary.

Watching Race in a Post-Racial Era: A Critical Exploration of Constructions of Blackness on HBO’s True Blood
 Chatman, Dayna.

Watching Tina Fey Make Liz Lemonade: "30 Rock’s" Post-Feminist Feminism
 Pepper, Shayne. and Shepherd, Dawn.

Watershed as Inducement to Action: The Rhetoric of Agricultural Conservation Practice
 Gottschalk-Druschke, Caroline.

Waveform Elevation and Bandwidth as Core Features of Public Speaking State Anxiety
 Sawyer, Chris. and Finn, Amber.

We Learn When We Are Safe
 Frymier, Ann.

We Learn in the Presence of Positivity—in Terms of Attitudes, Instruction, and Classroom Relationships
 Witt, Paul.

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Yes, We Have An Anti-Bullying Policy, But: HR Professionals Understandings and Experiences With Workplace Bullying Policy
 Cowan, Renee.

You Have a Friend Request: The Relationship between Social Attraction, Self-Disclosure, Predictability and Trust among Recently Added Facebook Friends
 Sheldon, Pavica. and Honeycutt, James.

You Know, It Makes Me Wanna Shout!!! Coverage of Obama’s Speech and Wilson’s Outburst. Was it Simple Incivility or an Act of Racism?
 LeDuff, Kim.

You Prepared Me to Leave Now Help Me Come Back: Applying Expectancy Violation Theory to the Organizational Facilitation of Students’ Re-Entry
 Southard, Ashley.

You Think I am Stupid? Face Needs in Intercultural Conflicts
 Chang, Yangrong.

You talkin’ to me? Examing professors’ perceptions of students’ messages
 Lannutti, Pamela. and Strauman, Elena.

You, Comrades, are Newspaper Men: Mao and the Bowstring Control of Chinese Media
 Black, James.

Young Adults’ Autobiographical Memories of Frightening News Stories Seen During Childhood
 Riddle, Karyn.

Your Average Nigga
 Young, Vershawn.

Your mom is here? A performance about the crossing of chosen and bio families
 Leighton, Corey.

You’re busted! Using convergence media to catch cheating partners in urban Kenya
 Mbure, Wanjiru.


Zubaydah's Shadow: On the Conjuring of Phantoms
 Juth, Eric.
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