33rd Annual National Council for Black Studies 2009-Mar-19 to 2009-Mar-22

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"Baby You Fine!: The (Re) Affirmation of Black Female Beauty in Mix-a-Lot's "Baby Got Back."
 Johnson, Andre.

"Don't Worry, I'm Safe" - An Ethnographic Examination of Sex, Condom Use and the culture of HIV/AIDS Among Urban African Americans,
 Pendleton, Nashay.

"From 'Nigga' to Zeus"
 Potts, Michael.

"Long ways to go": History, Racial Justice and Communal Vision in African American Poetry
 Schettler, Meta.

"Negroes Get Your Guns: The Prophetic Rhetoric of Bishop Henry McNeal Turner"
 Johnson, Andre.

"Notorious: Biggie’s Women”
 Teferi, Gloria.

"Self-Writing: Theory, Practice, and Travel in the Pan-African Imagination of Edward Wilmot Blyden, 1832-1912"
 Flemming, Tracy.

"Taking a Stand: Afro-Latino Empowerment Initiatives in the Americas"
 Smith, E..

"The Struggle is For Land": An Analysis of the Black Belt Thesis
 Woods, Benjamin.

"The Triangle of Black Power: The Relationship between the Black Power Movement, the Black Arts Movement, and Black Studies"
 Glocke, Aimee.

"When and Where Have I Entered?": The Potential Impact of Hisotrical Interventions on Traditional Histories and Contemporary Culture
 Barabin, Alexandria.

"Where Are My Kinsmen? The Trope of Loneliness in Coopers' The Last of the Mohicans and Douglass' Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave"
 Gibson, III, Ernest.

"You Weren't Hired to Speak, So Shut Up!"
 Hoggard, Dejuan.

(Re) visioning Race, Class, and Gender in Higher Education: A Critical Narrative Approach ton Understand Gendered Racism in Ivory Towers
 Gaines, Rondee.

1968 Student Strike at San Francisco State College
 Jones, Sharon.

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A Comaparative Analysis Of Spiritual Concepts: Nile Valley Roots, Judeo-Chirstian Fruits
 Heq-m-Ta, Heru.

A Comparative Examination of recent political leadership legitimacy crises in Nigeria and Kenya
 Okafor, Victor.

A Critical Examination Of Stereotypical Anthropomorphic Depictions And Its Role In Maintaining Whiteness: Gloria’s Duel Black Female Personalities In Dreamwork’s Madagascar
 Crum, Melissa.

A Culturally Competent Model That Supports Educational Resiliency In African-American Children
 Alston, Robbin.

A Materialist Analysis of African American Conceptions of God
 Munro, Robert.

A Matter of Habit: Unraveling the Teaching/Learning knot
 Florence, Namulundah.

A Psycho-Historical Analysis of Black Men and Crime in the United States:
 Suddler, Carl. and Payne, Yasser.

A Womanist Practice in the Delivery of Education and Recovery from Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Violence
 Crumpton, Stephanie.

Achieving a Runner’s High: African American Long Distance Running in the 20th Century
 Morikawa, Suzuko.

African American Female Lawyers and the Concept of Being the "Colored-Gender" within the Field of Law
 Clemons, Natasha.

African American Male Librarians: Motivational Factors of Career Choice
 Davis-Kendrick, Kaetrena.

African American Women who Practice Polygyny by Consent
 Dixon, Patricia.

African Americans and Standardized Tests: The Real Reason for Low Test Scores
 Jairrels, Veda.

African Communal Philosophy as Impetus for Agency in Africana Communities
 Ugwueze, Uche.

African Communal Philosophy as Impetus for Agency in Africana Communities
 Ugwueze, Uche.

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Balboa Boneke’s Landscapes of Exile: Time, Memory and Redefinitions of Citizenship in Equatorial Guinea’s Literature.
 Alvite, Dosinda.

Bebe Moore Campbell and the Black Student Movement at University of Pittsburgh
 Eyi di yiye, Osizwe.

Black & Brown Children Just Don't Get It: Compton Public School's Low Academic Achievement and its Relationship to the Omission of African American & Chicano History and Culture
 Faulkner, Kehli.

Black Dance or Black Dry-Sexing: That is the Question…
 Cardosa, Britni.

Black Family Textbooks and Reproductive Technology
 Squires, Sharon.

Black Female Rappers' and Sexual Politics in Rap Music
 Ferguson, Tamanika.

Black Female Rappers' and Sexual Politics in Rapic Music
 Ferguson, Tamanika.

Black Fists and Fools Gold: Race, Sports, Politics, and Student Activism at the 1968 Olympic Games
 Ratchford, Jamal.

Black Identity and Culture in Senghorian Negritude
 Joseph, Celucien.

Black Male Head of Household Status in the Initial Time of Obama
 Lemelle, Anthony.

Black Political Participation: A Sociohistorical Look at the Electoral Participation of Blacks
 Thomas, Leonard.

Black Women, Crime and the Black Community
 Skiffer, La Tonya.

Black Women's Bodies: The Process of scripting and reading in the policy making process
 Jordan-Zachery, Julia.

Black Women's Rhetoric: The Search for Dignity
 Atwater, Deborah.

Black, White and Blue: Racial Politics of Blues Music in the 1960s
 Adelt, Ulrich.

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CREOLE SEASONING: Roasting of Identities and the Making of an African Diaspora – (Creole as a Means of Avoiding Africanness/Blackness
 Alarcon, Jessica.

Change from Gangster Diplomacy to Intellectual and Moral Leadership in Foreign Policy
 Agozino, Biko.

Changing Same: Competing Notions of Blackness Among Traditionally Defined African-Americans and African Diaspora Immigrants
 Pilgrim, Aminah.

Charles Jones, African American Studies, Georgia State University
 Jones, Charles.

Christianity and its Effects on Ghana
 Riley, Desiree.

Color-Blind Classroom: Scholarship in Black Literature Courses
 Kirlew, Shauna.

Common Threads in African and African American Folklore: The case of Ananse and Bre’r Rabbit
 Ssendi Ssensalo, Bede.

Community’s Impact on the Resiliency of African American Children
 Bethea, Sharon.

Confronting an Enabling Myth: African American Father Absence - 1850-2000
 Tauheed, Linwood.

Conjuring Participation Through Performance: A Case Study Of Elmina And Colonial Williamsburg
 Bowden, Ashley.

Constructing An Ethic of Black Womanhood
 Mayrant, Sheena.

Countering the Counter Discursive in Hip-Hop Culture
 Spaulding, Stephany.

Creating Our Future: An Analysis of Mississippi Teacher Corps and Teach For America in Mississippi
 Thompson, Aaron.

Cultural Initiations and Transformations: The Visual Archive of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Early Hip Hop
 Beverly, Michele.

Cultural and Identity Politics: Constructions of Blackness by Brazil’s MNU and Afro-Reggae
 Burgman, Paul.

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Democracy, Civil Society and Women's Political Participation in Ghana

Detroit’s Red: Black Radical Detroit and the Political Development of Malcolm X
 Young, Jasmin.

Differences in black and black: African American cultural diversity and
 mason, patrick.

Discursive Issues in African-centered Studies: Content Analysis as a Possible Methodology
 Fairfax, Dr. Colita.

Don’t ‘Dis’(miss) My Style: African- American Male Students in the Writing Classroom
 Manget-Johnson, Carol.

Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Pan-Africanism, and the Election of Barack Obama
 Toby, Melodie.

Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Pan-Africanism, and the Election of Barack Obama
 Conyers, James.


Ecowomanism, Health Empowerment, and Spiritual Activism: Shaping the National Conversation about Change
 Phillips, Layli.

Education Ain’t Universal: Assessing American Public Education’s Impact on African American Self- Perception
 Claybrook, M. Keith.

Education Level and Unemployment Premium Gains for Black Men: Returns to Education Model
 Johnson, Nathaniel.

Education as a Means for Social Immobility in Caribbean Literature
 Lang, Charmaine.

Education for African Socialization and Professional Development
 Toure, Itihari.

Egypt in Africa: An Examination of Contemporary Egyptological Research in Comparative Perspective
 Beatty, Mario.

Emotion in Student Prose
 Green, Cantice.

Environmental Racism: Ecofeminism and the Fight Against Hazardous Waste Sites and Environmental Degradation
 Fabien, Vanessa.

Ethnomusicological Reflections on Institutionalized Jazz Education and the Deliberate Omission and Suppression of Black Culture
 Goecke, N..

Evaluating James Stewart's Contribution to the Study of Black Political Economy
 mason, patrick.

Exploring Adverse Birth Outcomes Among African American Women with Means: Revealing a New Population
 Farris, Kimberly.

Exploring African American Masculinities
 Nickleberry, Lynette.

Exposing The Real Culprit : Female Subjugation and Defiance in Toni Morrison’s Sula
 Hunter, Crystal.

Eye and I Skinflectionz: At the Center of Katrina’s Hurricane
 Hastings, Rachel.

e-Black Studies, Virtual Heritage, & Social Justice in the New South Africa
 Nieves, Angel.


Fair Play for William Worthy: Cuba, Human Rights, and Worthy v. United States
 Lovelace, Tim.

Fanon, Race and Post-Apocalyptic Landscapes
 Allen, Austin.

Finding Beauty in the City: Understanding Black Social Capital in San Francisco
 Rensch, Olton. and Tanner, Sean.

Forgotten Comrades: Black Panthers in U.S. Prisons Case #1
 Johnson, Dr. Tekla. and we langa, wopashitwe mondo.

Frank Marshall Davis: Outsider Journalist Looking In
 Takara, Kathryn.

Franz Boas and his 'Conspiracy' to Destroy the White Race
 Baker, Lee.

Frederick Douglass and Barack Obama’s Discourses on Race and Citizenship
 Knight, Betty.

From Acculturation to Actualization: Transformative Informal Messages of African American Mothers to their Daughters
 Simmons, Gia.

From Cottonfields to Courvoisier: Constructions of African American Upper Middle Class Identity in Advertisements
 Berry, William.

From Palace to Plantation to Glory
 Agunloye, Joseph.

From Self-destruction to Self-instruction in Spirituality
 neal, anthony.

Fulfilling the Mission of Africana Studies: The Scholarly Dimensions of Social Change
 Brookins, Craig.


Gay Rights Movements and the Misappropriation of Black Civil Rights Movements
 Robison, Tracy.

Gender Gap and Employment
 Hardison-Dayton, Cheryll.

Gentrification, Representation and Black Identity in Harlem’s “New Renaissance”
 Jackson, Danielle.

Globalization and Fragmentation in West Africa
 Edi, Eric.

God as Bicameral Mind: Implications for Africological Research
 Mcallister, Cher.

Gracie Lawson-Borders, African American Studies, University of Wyoming
 Lawson-Borders, Gracie.


Heterogeneity among Africans: Research in Mental Health
 Akoma, Efua.

Hip Hop Pedagogy: Towards a Critical Social Praxis
 Rashid, Kamau.

Hip Hop and Charisma: Hip Hop Lyricist's Views in Regards to Charisma
 Dunn, Jonathan.

Historic Brattonsville:
 Bratton, Lisa.


I Be African: A definition of African Agency
 Williams, Jennifer.

I Have a Name and it’s not Superhead!: Hip Hop’s Response to Karrin Steffans
 Golden, James.

I am because we are (and because I am unique): A critical examination of the cultural worldview vs. cultural practices of African Americans
 Cokley, Kevin.

Images of China and “Chinese-ness:” The dialectic between projection and reception in NBC's coverage of the Opening Ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Summer Games in Beijing.
 Schiffman, James.

In Practice: a Gay-inclusive Black Liberation Theology
 Scott, Jacqueline.

In Search of a Black Politic: Richard Wright's American Hunger
 Thomas, Marlyn.

In Search of a Black Politic: Richard Wright's American Hunger
 Thomas, Marlyn.

In a State of Statelessness: Livelihood Strategies of Zimbabwean Migrants in Atlanta, USA
 Musoni, Francis.

In the Shadows of Civil Rights Legends: The Unsung Political and Social Activism of Vivian C. Mason
 Clemons, Michael.

In the Spirit of the Hustlers Convention...: HIP HOP, the Emcee as Griot, and use of the ‘Counter Narrative’ in the context of CRT
 Benson, Richard.

Inscribing Women: War and the Female Writer.
 Uwakweh, Pauline.

Inventing the Sister/Bandit Queen: Assata Shakur, Icon-Construction, and the Africana Imaginary in Black Leadership
 Johnson, T..

Investigating the Motivations for Skin Bleaching in Tanzania
 Lewis, Kelly. and Sinead, Young.

Invisible Women Melting: How African American Women in Atlanta, GA Are Negatively Affected by Climate Change
 Mitchell, Jessica.

Is Destigmatization a Promotive Factor? Examining the Relationship Between Racial Discrimination, Destigmatization, and Psychological Well-being Among African American Adolescents.
 Henderson, Dawn. and Martin, Pamela.


Jeanette R. Davidson, African and African American Studies, University of Oklahoma
 Davidson, Jeanette.

Jerusalem in the Kongo: Prophecy and Authority in the late Seventeenth Century Kongo
 Skidmore-Hess, Cathy.


Karma, Causation, and Divine Law: Zora Neale Hurston’s Implementation of Buddhist Theory in her Short Works
 Overby, Tiffany.

Kill them before they grow: mis education and multiculturalism in public educational cirriculum.
 Johnson, Remy.

Killing Race, Preserving Racism: Adam Manbach's Angry Black White Boy and The End of the Jews
 Spaulding, Stephany.


Labor and the Female Slave Experience in The Bondswoman Narrative
 Barron, Agnel.

Language, Democracy, and Being: The Conflict of Multi-Lingualism in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
 Porter, Danielle.

Linking Struggles: A Comparative Analysis of Black Nationalism in Malcolm X and Stephen Biko
 Jackson, Ronald.

Literatures and Definitions: Toward Understanding Africentric Education
 Shockley, Kmt.

Locating Tyler Perry's Films in the Sociohistorical Context of "Race" Movies
 Seward, Adrienne.

Lost Daughters of Lilith: Representations of Black Womanhood in African American Literature
 Barnett, Regina.

Luther Campbell and the Censorship of Black Capitalism
 Banton, Arthur.


Maintaining Africana Studies: Content, Structure and Ideology for the 21st Century
 Carroll, Karanja.

Malcolm X & the Emerging Politics of African Diaspora Unity
 Young, Kurt.

Managed Care and Public Mental Health Services: Implications for Culturally Competent Evaluation Practice
 Williams, Aisha.

Mark Christian: Black Studies in the 21st Century: Longevity Has Its Place
 Christian, Mark.

Martin Luther King Jr.’s Influence on Barack Obama’s Political Discourse
 Fortson, Leah.

More Than Our Uniforms: The Black Cross Nurses of the UNIA
 Duncan, Natanya.

Moving Kinship: The Correlation between Rap Music and Spirituals as Social Activist Musical Genres
 Alilaw, Jayme.

Music, Dance, Spirituality, and Healing: the Garifuna Ancestor Veneration Ritual and the Garifuna Mass
 Greene, Oliver.


Narrating the Diseased Body: An examination of HIV/Aids Literature from Africa
 Waliaula, Anne.

Nation-building, Globalization and the Parameters of Afrikan Global Education: Establishing a Pan-Afrikan Educational Policy Agenda for the 21rst Century
 Dukuzumurenyi, Ambakisye-Okang.

Not Without My Father: How Family Structure Influences Black Dropout Rates
 Yeboah, Amy.

Nubians: Who Are They, Where Are They and How Long Have They Been There?
 Gaffin, V Nzingha.


Obama on the Mic: Hip-Hop Generation and the ’08 Presidential Campaign
 Ogbar, Jeffrey.

 Jones, Ricky.

Oppressed People and the U.S. Capitalist and Global Capitalist Collapse: Historical Analyses and Radical Praxis for Sustainable Communities
 Kunnie, Julian.


Pan Africanism, The Liberation of Southern Africa and Pro Democracy Movements: Reclaiming and Reformulating the Narrative of Democracy and Social Justice in Africa
 Bunting, Ikaweba.

Paradoxes and Conflicts: Barack Obama and the Politics of Racial Representation.
 Williams II, Ronald.

Paradoxes and Conflicts: Barack Obama and the Politics of Racial Representation.
 Williams II, Ronald.

Pathways to African a Healthy African Mind
 Azibo, Daudi.

Popular Knowledge and Official Discourse: A content analysis of reporting on the 1994 Rwandan genocide in the New York Times
 Sumner, Lindsay.

Problematic Reactions to Obama’s Election
 Reed, Wornie. and Louis, Bertin.

Proletarian Blues: Blues Music and Black Marxism in 20th century America
 Brown, Aerion.


Race and Gender in 19th century African American Women’s Literature and Political Thought
 Hayes, Tyrea.

Race and Gender in The Bondwoman’s Narrative and Clotel: Resistance to 19th Century White Supremacy
 Kirlew, Shauna.

Radical Healing and Rethinking African American Youth
 Ginwright, Shawn. and Akom, A.A..

Reclaiming Responsibility for African American Student Academic Success: Tips
 Osa, Justina.

Reconceptualizing Africana Studies: Pushing and Expanding the Nature of the Discipline
 Gooden, Dr. Amoaba.

Redevelopment in Southwest Atlanta: Integration vs. Accommodation with a focus on Herman J. Russell, Sr.
 Yearwood, Joi.

Refining the Afrocentric World View: Understanding Commonalities and Differences Across the Diaspora
 Brookins, Craig.

Regenerative Landscapes: Collective Memory, The Bayou Bienvenue Wetlands and the Lower Ninth Ward
 Allen, Austin.

Religion and Educational Access in Ghana
 Oheneba-Sakyi, Yaw.

Remembering 1968-69: A 40-year Anniversary Retrospective of the Climax of the Black Campus Movement
 Rogers, Ibram.

Research Based Challenges of Cooperative Learning
 McDougal, Serie.

Resistance Moves
 Washington, Giavanni.

Revival of the Proletariat: Race and the Azusa Street Revival in Los Angeles, 1906 - 1912
 Campbell, Marne.

Righteous Self-Determination: The Black Social Work Movement in America
 reid-merritt, patricia.

Rites of Passage Programs: A Model for Enhancing Culturally Esteem in African American Youth
 Dozier, Cheryl.

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 Sunni-Ali, Asantewa.

Say it Loud! Blackness and Resistance among Youth
 Hassberg, Analena.

Scholar and Activist: Re-examining the Contributions of Walter Rodney to the Caribbean
 Teelucksingh, Jerome.

Self-Efficacy for Self-Regulated Learning: an Exploration of the Perceptions of Students Labeled At-Risk in an Out of School Program
 Durand, Jessica.

Shelby’s Pragmatic Black Solidarity, A Resource for African American Studies in a Post-Civil Rights Era?
 Tunstall, Dwayne.

Sistas Develop Your Own Standards of Beauty and Heal Thyself
 Robinson, Tiearea.

Slavery and the Preservation of African Traditions & Customs in Trinidad & Tobago
 Fitzpatrick, Liseli.

Slavery and the Slave Trade: European Economic Benefit
 Jones, Ashley.

Slavery cannot be destroyed, but only change form
 Peoples, Gabriel.

Social Historical Perspective of Black Women’s Reproductive Rights

Space Traders: Critical Race Theory Themes in a Black Militant Near-Future Science Fiction Film
 Brown Jr., John Baker.

Stephanie Y. Evans: The State and Future of the Ph.D. in Black Studies: Assessing the Role of the Comprehensive Examination
 Evans, Stephanie.

Still Risin’: Africana Womanism and the Collective Liberation Struggle of Black Athletic Heroines
 Brooks, Kevin.

Strategic Resistance on the “Academic Plantation”: Strategies for Contending with Racism within Women’s Studies
 Douglas, Natasha.

Striking Back: Black Women, Coeducation and the Women’s Sphere at Fisk 1924-1940
 Praylow, Perzavia.

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Teaching August Wilson in Africana Studies
 Ellis, Kimberly.

The "I Can Do Anything" Curriculum
 Mattocks, Carolyn.

The (ill) Legitimacy of Afrocentrists: Questioning the Validity of African-Centered Scholarship
 Felima, Crystal.

The 21st Century "Message" Dosoevsky and JayZ: Sustaining Hope within a Nihilistic Backdrop
 Bailey, Julius. and Ruwe, Dalitso.

The African-American Image in Japanese Culture
 Walton, James.

The Afrocentric Family: Why Black Families are still Perceived as Failures
 Nagel, Brittany.

The Black Christ of Portobelo: Blackness and Beyond
 Gayles, Jonathan.

The Black Image in the Black Mind: W.E.B. Du Bois as a Visual Theorist after 1903
 Kiuchi, Yuya.

The Black Muslim Community's Response to the Riots of 1967
 Jeffries, Bayyinah.

The Black Star Rises: Ghana and Black Radicalism in the US, 1957-1968
 Rucker, Walter.

The Cartography of Race: Human Migration and the Genetic Archive.
 Ayers, Drew.

The Colored Colony of Issaquena County: An Exploration Using Genealogical and Traditional Sources
 Dunn, Ivy.

The Creation of Blackness: From Ethnic to Racialized Images
 Talley, Clarence.

The Economic Philosophy And Program of Elijah Muhammad
 Muhammad, Nafeesa.

The Enduring Exploitation of African People: From Slavery to Hip Hop
 Fissehaye, Biniyam.

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Uncovering Alice Childress: Her Life and Work
 Orr, Elizabeth.

Understanding Black Female Identity Through Family and Community
 Reese, DeAnna.

Unmasking Ogun the God and Ancestral Spirits in August Wilson's Plays
 Ukpokodu, Peter. and Hall, Lisa.

Urban African Americans and Education Reform Policies: An Afrocentric Critique
 Teasley, Martell. and Crutchfield, Jandel.


We Who Must Fight In The Shade: The Philosophy of Racial Realism
 Curry, Tommy.

Westernity in Africa: Cui Bono?
 Polanah, Paulo.

What African American Freedom Means
 Colon, Alan.

What did I do to be so Black and Blue? Ghanaian Beauty and Resistance
 Beverley, Anjalee.

Who are you calling a Welfare Queen?: An Examination of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and its Impact on African-American Women
 Moore, Ashley.

Who is an African American? The Cultural Identity Divide Between Foreign-Born and Native-Born African Americans
 Ukpokodu, Omiunota.

Womanist Education for Young Girls
 McFadden, Genova.


YouTube: Black Existentialism and Network Participation
 Jean Christian, Aymar.

Your Words Will Be Here: A Spiritual Methodolgy of Black Feminist Literary Research and Critique
 Gumbs, Alexis.
33rd Annual National Council for Black Studies 2009-Mar-19 to 2009-Mar-22
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