34th Annual National Council for Black Studies 2010-Mar-17 to 2010-Mar-22

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"Beyond the Step Show: A Critical Analysis of Hazing in African American Fraternities and Sororities"
 Colon, Alan.

"Can you Blush?’: Allegories of Race and Capitalism, and Progressive Deracialization in the Blade Trilogy
 Cha-Jua, Sundiata.

"Coming to the Stage: Dick Gregory and the Struggle for African American Equality, 1960-1963
 Frierson, Malcolm.

"From Slaveship to Ownership”: SOLAR Records, Black Economic Empowerment and Pan-Africanism,”
 Brown, Scot.

"Gurl Power's" Location in Womanist Scholarship
 Campbell, Shawnrece.

"Heteronormalizing the Black female athlete: the case of South Africa's Caster Semenya"
 Laws, Rachel.

"I'm glad that 'we' can help 'them'": An Analysis of Color-Blind Racism in a Campus Diversity Initiative
 Agnich, Laura.

"Kongolese Peasant Christianity and Resistance in the 18th and 19th Century South Carolina"
 Ngonya, Karen.

"Lynching in Black and White: The Politics and Social Functions of Historical Memory."
 Hill, Karlos.

"Mambos, Chickens and Blood: Disrupting Visual Pleasure in Alan Parker's Angel Heart
 Samuel, Kameelah.

"Mambos, Chickens and Blood: Disrupting Visual Pleasure in Alan Parker's Angel Heart"
 Samuel, Kameelah.

"Perpetuating Otherness": An examination of the films The Lion King and Tarzan.
 Waliaula, Anne.

"ReMediating Black Womanhood": Tyler Perry, Melodrama and the Politics of Appropriation
 Peoples, Whitney.

"Reflections of Reification in and on "Burgundy Street."
 Daniels, Ron.

"Rituals, Rhythm, and Resistance": Tracing Black consciousness and resistance through religion and music
 Makone, Lorraine.

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A Chronology of the Education of Black People in Illinois to 1875
 Bethea, Sharon.

A Comparative Analysis of Spiritual Concepts: Nile Valley Roots, Judeo-Christian Fruits
 Heq-m-Ta, Heru.

A Content Analysis of Religious Themes Gospel Rap
 Greene, Vanessa.

A Critical Examination of Luke Cage, the First Black Superhero
 Gayles, Jonathan.

A Field Study for Culturally Responsive Education
 Dial, Kendrick.

A Literary Tourism: Early 20th Century Travel/Tourism and the Afro-modern Experience
 Hall, Michael.

A Longitudinal Study of African Americans’ College-Going Identities
 Amah, Ifeoma.

A Sacred Art: Healing Through Belly Dance
 Banks, Tyra.

Acculturation and African American Students in Predominantly White Schools
 Wyche, Carley.

Advertising ‘Interraciality’ and ‘Multiraciality’ In ObamaLand – Representations and Images in Kohl’s, Macy’s, Sears, Wal-Mart, etc.
 Berry, William.

Africa in the Age of Discovery: A Retrospective
 Cook, Jared.

African American Archetypal Theory
 Holston, Jan.

African American Art Song
 Alilaw, Jayme.

African American Girls’ Gaming and Computing as a Gateway to STEM Participation
 Tynes, Brendesha.

African American Long Distance Running in the Twentieth Century
 Morikawa, Suzuko.

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Back to Where We Belong: The challenge of African American Studies and its impact on college-age students
 Spearman, Patrick.

Because Things Fall Apart: Shaping Biography into a Critical Race Theory Methodology
 Harris, Zenobia.

Biracial-Americans and Identity: An Examination of an Intermediary People
 Prescott, Telyia.

Birmingham: The Crucible of the Civil Rights Movement
 Huntley, Horace.

Black America’s Call for Civil Rights and the U.S. Emphasis on Mathematics and Science: Why Are African Americans and Minorities Underrepresented in Mathematics and Science and What Can Be Done?
 Beckham, Jerrell.

Black August and the Prison-House of Nations: Black Nationalism, the Republic of New Afrika and the Fight Against Imprisonment in the 1970s
 Berger, Dan.

Black Fathers through the Eyes of Black Daughters in Popular Non-Fiction
 Lewis, Heidi.

Black Feminist Criminology: Forming a framework to explore the mass incarceration of Black women.
 Meares, Christina.

Black Lilith Theory
 Payne, Kimberly.

Black Magic Woman: Gender, Ritual, and Power in Africa and the African Diaspora
 Hanks, Iyelli.

Black Panther, Red Eagle: "Power" and Ideology for the Black Panther Party and the American Indian Movement
 Mays, Kyle. and Rice, Albert.

Black Power in Newsprint: Radical and Mainstream
 Shabazz, Amilcar.

Black Studies Scholarship and Its Coverage in Thomson Reuters' Web of Science.
 Pickett, Carmelita.

Black Studies as a Double Major
 Harris, David.

Black Truth – It’s Power and Presence in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina
 Milo-Moultrie, Paula.

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Camping with La Baker: Drag Performances and Female Impersonation Acts of Josephine Baker
 Graves, Kristin.

Cedric Robinson’s Black Marxism: 25 Years Later
 Watkins, William.

Centers and Peripheries of Academic Maroon Spaces: Historically Black Colleges and Universities and the Intellectual Genealogy of Africana Studies
 Carr, Greg.

Centrality of Africana Studies to the Canonization and Library Collection of African-American Women’s Literature
 Black, Kimberly.

Chocolate City With Colonial Fillings; Detroit, Michigan as Colony and Neo-Colony
 Lindsey, Howard.

Cobalt Blues on the Family Bottle Tree
 Ray, Ella Maria.

Colonial Education: The Making of a Jamaican Education Minister
 Chunnu, Winsome.

Colonial Mentality
 Nnam, Michael.

Combing Differences: Black, Negra, Trigueña o Café con Leche - Weaving Race, Gender, Class, and Puerto Ricaness
 Quiñones, Maritza.

Combing Through "Da Kink": Locating Diasporic Sensibility and Black Feminist Thought in Canadian Playwright Trey Anthony’s “Da Kink In My Hair”
 Barabin, Alexandria.

Comparative Study of Select Concepts in Kemetic and Akan Spirituality
 Javois, Courtney.

Complexities and Convergences: Parents and Adolescents’ Perceptions of secular Rap Music
 Martin, Pamela.

Conceptions of Black Music at the Lobby Lounge’s Jazz Jam Session
 Goecke, N. Michael.

Confluences and Confrontations: The Haitian Renaissance and the Harlem Renaissance
 Joseph, Celucien.

Contextualizing the Evolution and Struggles of the Black Family: A Sociological Study
 Brown, Owen.

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Deconstructing Disney: Raising our children in cultural politics of racism and sexism
 Brighon, Rachel.

Deep-Sightings and Rescue Missions: 21st Century Radical Resistance and Activism from Women in the Academy
 Smith, April.

Defining and Naming Ourselves: Making a Case for the Africana Culturalist
 reid-merritt, patricia.

Deracialization as a Racial Project
 Johnson, Lawrence.

Digital Divides in the South: A Survey
 Horent, Eric.

Discursive Empowerment or Essentialism?: Racial Memory in Ntozake Shange’s Sassafrass, Cypress, and Indigo
 Ortolano, Scott.

Doing Seshat: A Methodological Approach for Building and Sustaining Research Institutions and Archival Preservation for Africana Studies
 Wilson, Ava.

Double Marginality: African American Muslims and Identity Construction
 Hankins, Nafisah.


E(race)ures: Strategies for Maintaining a White Swedish Hegemony
 Antoine, Katja.

Educating African American Students: Foundations, Curriculum, and Experiences
 Pitre, Abul.

Education Policy Implementation in Jamaica
 Chunnu, Winsome.

Effective Teaching Strategies and Black Studies
 Unseld, Teresa.

Environmental Racial Microaggressions: Habitus and the Ecology of Student Spaces at a Predominantly White University
 Mendenhall, Ruby.

Ethiopia and the Making of an Africana Thought
 bekerie, ayele.

Evaluation of Marriage Education Servant Leadership Development (MESLD) Healthy Marriage Program
 Dixon, Patricia.

Examining Leadership from an African Centered Perspective
 Evans, Charles.

Examining Workplace Discrimination: In a Discrimination-Free Environment
 Braxton, Shawn.

Exploring Pre-1968 Contributions of Africana Scholars as Foundations for Africana Studies Theory and Methodology
 Myers, Joshua.

Exploring the Use of the Word “Nigger” and its Variations by African Americans and its Societal Effects
 Kalogerakis, Tianna.


Fanon and the Quest for a Phenomenology that Saves Difference
 Nielsen, Cynthia R..

Female Underrepresentation in Hip Hop
 Lyttle, Keri.

Film Screening - Faubourg Tremé: The Untold Story of Black New Orleans
 McClune, Barrie.

Freedom Rights: Reconceptualizing the Civil Rights Movement
 Hasan, jeffries.

Freedom through Writing in Harriet Jacobs’Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl"
 Gray, Arjanae.

From Dahomey to Haiti: The Voudun Paradigm as a Manifestation of Pan-Africanism
 Umoja, Akinyele.

From Mammy to Foremother: The Black Domestic as Power Figure in the American Literary Tradition
 Richardson, Pamela.

From Negro to New African: Decoding New African Spirituals to Understand Their Intended Meanings
 Kujichagulia-Seitu, Taiwo.

From the River to the Bayou
 Allen, Austin.

Funding for Black Theatre during the Great Recession: Lessons from the Federal Theatre Project
 Coffey, Fiona.

Future White: The Imaginary of a White-Only World
 Doucet, Wilfred.


Gender and Identity in the African Caribbean Diaspora in Canada
 Gooden, Amoaba.

Getting Over or Getting by?: Sport and the Construction of Contemporary Blackness
 Bracey, Bryan.

Global Capitalism and Black Male Poverty in Washington D.C.
 Woods, Benjamin.

Global Capitalism and Black Male Poverty in Washington D.C.
 Woods, Benjamin.

Globalization and Black Women Entrepreneurship in Africa and Diaspora: an examination of race, gender and class.
 Nmoma Walker, Veronica.

God Talk with the Sacred and Secular Rapper: Implications for the Religious Socialization Research
 Adkins, LaTrese.

Guerrilla Tricksters as Folkloric Strategies of Resistance: Slavery's Effect on the Transforming Definition of Morality
 Rosenfeld, Susan.

GulfNotes - Going Home AK (After hurricane Katrina)
 Milo-Moultrie, Paula.


HIV Risk Behaviors of African American Women with At-Risk Male Partners: A Qualitative Study
 Fortson, Leah. and Bolden, Sherica.

Hair Politics in the Production of Neoslave Narratives and Icons
 Smith, April.

Hallways and Hibiscus: Literature, Africana Women, and a Framework for Gender Focus in Africana/Black Studies Curriculum
 Davis, Jalondra.

Hallways and Hibiscus: Literature, Women, and Africana/Black Studies Curriculum
 Davis, Jalondra.

Hip Hop Ethics According to Jay-Z
 Saville, Alphonso.

Hip Hop and the Black Studies Canon
 H, Perry.

Hip Hop as a Cultural Critique
 Smith, Synatra.

How Does Butch Get Out of the Footnote? Or Gladys Bentley's Blues
 Jones, Regina.

Howard Thurman and Black Spirituality in Higher Education
 Giles, Mark.

Hoyt Fuller and the Negro Digest/Black World
 Fenderson, Jonathan.


I Dunno Everything but I Know Bullshit When I See It: Gender Performance and Masculinity in Rap Music
 Barnett, Regina.

I know why the caged bird is choking, but still singing: A critical review of the research literature on welfare reform and low-income single mother students in postsecondary education
 Jones, Tabatha.

I'M LIKE A FLY MALCOLM X - Uncovering the Positive Effects of “Co-Modified” Historical Black Images
 Hayes, Sherrae.

If It Had Not Been…: A Qualitative Analysis of Black Church Responses to Katrina Survivors
 Leach, Ed.D, Monica.

In My Solitude: African American Autonomy in the American West, 1899-1940
 Eaton, Kalenda.

In a [Com]Promising Position?: Africana Worldviews, Obama, and a New Social Contract with America
 Johnson, T..

Indigenous African Praxis: Striving to Live in Harmony and Justice with Mother Earth
 Kunnie, Julian.

Infant Mortality: The Analysis of Stress Releasing Hormones in African American Women
 Oliver, LaTisha.

Integrating Technology: Creating Real World Applications for Academic Sucess and Social Responsibility
 Blackmon, Betty.

Internalized Collective Consciousness: A Tool for Black Women's Socialization
 Edwards, Ruth.

Internalized Collective Consciousness: A Tool for Black Women's Socialization
 Edwards, Ruth.

Interpreting the Vulnerability for Life Threatening Health Conditions in lower social-economic African American Communities.
 Fisher, Marion.

Iz Niggaz a Beautiful Thang? Interrogating Spike Lee’s Bamboozled, and the Historical Consequences of Minstrelsy in Hip Hop
 Newman, Ennis.

I’m a Thug: Not Really, But I Play One in Rap Videos


Jacob Carruthers and Egyptian Hieroglyphs: Innovations and Transformations in the African American Study of Kemet (Egypt) in Africana Studies
 Beatty, Mario.

Journeys to Self: Narrative Spaces and Identity Formation in Black Diasporic Women’s Literature
 Chambers, Lauren.

Joycelyn D. McKissick: Narrative of a Civil Rights Solider
 McKissick-Melton, charmaine.


Keeping it Funky Fresh from West Philly to the West: Racial Authenticity and Black Masculinity within The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
 Tucker, Cori.

Kumina: A Surviving Jamaican Folk Tradition
 Dalton, Melanie. and Gwynn, Eleanor.


Language and Class: Common Law Bedfellows in the Africana American Human Condition
 Zeigler, Mary.

Law and Order: The Social Justice Implications of the Racial Disparity Index
 Price, Byron.

Leadership and Philanthropy in the Black Community
 Lewis Kelly, Tanya.

Learning the Language of Hip-Hop: Reading and Writing Critically with Hip-Hop in the Classroom
 Nagel, Brittany.

Letter to My Sons
 Kopano, Baruti.

Let’s Go, Let’s Show, Let’s Rodeo: Ethnic Minority Involvement in Rodeo
 Owens Patton, Tracey. and Schedlock, Sally.

Liminal Spaces of Performance in Nella Larsen’s _Quicksand_
 Dismukes, Ondra.

Living Thinkers: The Autobiography of a Community of Women: A Documentary and Archive Presentation
 Walker-Canton, Roxana.

Living the Indigenous ways of Knowing”: The African Self and a Holistic Way of Life
 Ilmi, Ahmed.

Living the Indigenous ways of Knowing”: The African Self and a Holistic Way of Life
 Ilmi, Ahmed.

Local Color: Integrating Community History into Collegiate Curriculum
 Cooper, Michael.

Love's Labor Not Lost: Opposing Identities of an Indian Jamadarni and a Black Cleaning Woman
 Roy, Sumita.


Making Sense of Suffering: Spiritual Coping among African American Survivors of Hurricane Katrina and Levee Breaks
 Granberry, Kia.

Marie Laveau's Voodoo Feminism in Jewell Parker Rhodes' Voodoo Dreams
 Green, Tara.

Message from a Rooftop: Mark Essex and Black Power in New Orleans
 Camara, Samori.

Messianic Masculinity: Black Male Christian Bodies in Uncle Tom's Cabin and The Green Mile
 Boyd, Stacy.

Mississippi Women Survivors of Hurricane Katrina Speak
 Davis, Ophera.

Mother-Sister: The Role and Responsibility of Senior Black Faculty Mentoring Junior Black Faculty
 Reid-Merritt, Pat.

Movies, Stereotypes, and the Black womans image
 Fontaine, Nargis.

Moving the Center of the Discussion: Agency and Location in Nubian Literature
 Gaffin, V.

Multiculturalism and Militancy in Spike Lee's "When the Levees Broke"
 DeRosa, Ryan.

Music with a Message: Exploring Black Religion and Social Resistance
 Keatts, Quenton.

Muslim by Association: The Negro Industrial and Economic Union
 Bennett, Robert.

My God is Bigger than All That: Religion, Spirituality and Hip Hop Culture
 Rosser, William.

My Transformation from a Zone 8 Thug to a Father & Freedom Fighter
 Shakur, Yusef.

Myths of Racial Democracy: The Racial Politics of Post-Revolutionary Cuba and America in the Era of Obama Racelessness
 Bolden, Sherica.


NCBS Student Roundtable: Our Past, Present, and Future
 McGee, Jr., Michael.

NCBS Student Roundtable: Our Past, Present, and Future
 Gibson, Ernest.

NCBS Student Roundtable: Our Past, Present, and Future
 Gaines, Rondee.

Negotiating Blackness: Performing Afro-Guyanese Identities in the Kweh-Kweh Ritual
 Richards-Greaves, Gillian.

New Afrikan By Grace: The Republic of New Afrika and the Concept of Citizenship in the United States
 Onaci, Edward.

Nkrumahism: An Afrocentric Ideology Subsuming Global Class Struggle
 Poe, Zizwe.

No B-Grades, Fakes, or Variants: Sneaker Culture, Performance, and the Politics of Black Masculine Authenticity
 Bush, Christina.


Obesity and Body Image Among People of African Descent - Marcia E. Sutherland, Ph.D. Chair and Associate Professor, Department of African Studies, UAlbany, SUNY
 Sutherland, Marcia.

Of Prophets and Patriarchs: T.D. Jakes, Tyler Perry, and the Contemporary Assault on Black Womanhood
 Cooper, Brittney.

On Violence: Police Brutality and Black Working-Class Self-Defense in New York City, 1900-1935
 king, shannon.

On Worldview in Asantean Afrocentric PhilosophicalPerspective and African Psychology: Implications for Africological Inquiry
 Maat, Sekhmet Ra Em Kht Maat (Cher Love McAllister).

One Person's Trash Another Person's Treasure: Destabilizing Whiteness in Search of Equality
 Lindsey, Natashia.

Orality and Racialized Embodiment in Toni Morrison’s Jazz and Doug Atchison's Akeelah and the Bee
 Guthrie, Ricardo.

Otis Vaughn and The Belly of the Ship: One man’s journey in historic preservation
 vaughn, beverly.

Overcoming Africa's Colonial Psychological Pauperization
 Shamala, Lucas.

Overcoming Barriers to 'Breaking the Silence': Empowerment for Improving the Health of African American Girls and Women
 Turner, Sekai.


Perceptions and Experiences in Elijah Muhammad's Economic Program: Voices from the Pioneers
 Muhammad, Nafeesa.

Perceptions and Experiences in Elijah Muhammad's Economic Program: Voices from the Pioneers
 Muhammad, Nafeesa.

Perchance to American Dream: The Search and Seizure of Modernity and Nationalism on the Cuban Baseball Field, 1868-1970
 Wood, Gus.

Performance Analysis of Community in an African American Church
 Robinson, Kaniqua.

Performativity of Race and Gender in Music: The Hip Hop Subculture of Nerdcore
 Ronald, Jessica.

Place and the Cultural Politics of the Republic of New Afrika
 Karolczyk, Paul.

Playas, Hos, Pimps and Wifeys: The Influence of Hip Hop Culture on African American Male-Female Relationships and Mate Selection
 Wallace, Danielle.

Prairie Fires
 Howard, Ashley.

Predicting Academic Achievement of Male College Students
 Spruill, Nicklaus.

Preservation of African History and its Importance to the African Psyche Post-Slavery in Trinidad & Tobago
 Fitzpatrick, Liseli.

Prop 8’s Race Politics: A Critical Look at White LGBT activism and why Gay is not the New Black
 Clutterbuck, Alyssa.


Qualitative Analysis of Religious Symbolism in Hip Hop Compact Disk (CD) Covers
 Bowles, Ph.D., Tuere.

Queering Africa, Queering Diaspora
 Livermon, Xavier.


Race Theory: A Deconstruction of the Ideological Basis of Race and its offspring Ethnicity
 Hunter, Delridge.

Race and Sexuality- Intersections or Hierarchies? : Black LGBT Students Holding Multiple Minority Statuses on Campus
 Flannery, Ife-Maria.

Race in the Garinagu Struggle for Land Rights in Honduras
 Garcia, Doris.

Racial Identity in the Obama Age: A New Status for Cross’ Nigrescence Model?
 Tynes, Brendesha.

Racial Passing in the late 20th and early 21st Century: Are we really "Post-Racial"?
 Cutter, Martha.

Racial Socialization, Racial Discrimination and Mental Health Among African American Parents
 Gatson, Juana.

Recognizing the Reality of Success: An Analysis of African American Success Images in Television
 Woodson, Devin.

Reflections on Music and the Politics of Liberation
 ya Salaam, Kalamu.

Religious Race Cards: Comparative Considerations for the Study of African American Priests and Nuns
 Dorsey, Joseph.

Residence, Risk, and Resilience: How black women navigate community, HIV, and Substance Abuse
 Davis, Sarita.

Resiliance, Resistance and Culture: The struggle for Black family dignity in the 21st century
 Akinyela, Makungu.

Resistance, Inc.: Uses of Entrepreneurship and Technology in Africana Activism
 Buford, Kathryn.

Rethinking African culture and building discourses using its principles.
 Ugwueze, Dr. Uche.

Rethinking Civil Rights Historiography: The Roanoke, Virginia NAACP and the Struggle Against Environmental Racism
 Lovelace, Jr., Herbert.

Rethinking Protest: Alice Childress and Richard Wright
 Orr, Elizabeth.

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Schooling as Oppression: Placing the Obamafied Public Schooling Agenda in the Freireian Context.
 Griffin-EL, Nosakhere.

Second Generation Immigrant Muslims: Racial and Religious Discrimination, the Racialization Process, and Parallels with the African American community
 Kamran, Omar.

Seven Principles For Developing Cultural Self-Esteem in African-American Children: A Path to Healing
 Alston, Robbin.

Sex Work in Washington, DC: Black Female Sexuality and Black Women's Labor
 Hill, Marcus.

Sitting down to stand up: Black student suspensions/expulsions at historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), 1960--1962: A phenomenological study
 Mealy PhD., Rosemari.

Social Justice and Social Work Practice with Black Families: An Afrocentric Approach
 Teasley, Martell. and Crutchfiled, Jandel Crutchfield.

Social Responsibility and Africana Studies
 Mohammed, Ife.

Social and Economic Organization of the Black Professoriate at Predominately‐white Colleges and Universities
 Lemelle, Anthony.

Societal Factors Influencing Foreign Policy Success: The Case of the Congressional Black Caucus
 Clemons, Michael.

Some Other Kind of Love: Ebony Magazine and Homosexual Representations
 Robison, Tracy.

Spiritual Schizophrenia and African Ancestral Atavism in the Black Poetic Tradition
 Hendrickson, Jason.

State of Love and War: Masculinity, Violence and the Nyiginya Kingdom, 1770-1896
 Watkins, Sarah.

Steal Away the Dream: Migration, Escape, and Freedom in the Invisible Man's Trip North
 McGee, Jr., Michael.

Stewards of the Land: African Americans in Agriculture and Natural Resources--Rights and Responsibilities
 Steplight Johnson, Stephanie.


Teaching Black History in White Classrooms
 Crum, Melissa.

Teaching Black History in White Classrooms
 Crum, Melissa.

Teaching Teachers: Building Cultural Capacity and Historical Literacy for Teachers Teaching Our Children
 Van Putten, Melodye Micere.

Teaching about Black Greek Letter Organizations
 Gyant, LaVerne.

The 1966 Meredith March, The Deacons for Defense and the Growing Debate on Armed Resistance
 Umoja, Akinyele.

The African American Imprint in West Virginia
 Salaam, Daaiyah.

The African Diaspora: A Key Asset for Africa's Progressive Development
 Ebang Toung Mve, Franck Tucker.

The African Quest for Knowledge: A Four Part History of Africana Studies
 Pope, Menelik.

The African Union and the Global African Diaspora
 Mangala, Jack.

The Afrocentric Paradigm Revisited
 Monteiro-Ferreira, Ana.

The Asili Phase of the African Centered Education Movement in Detroit, Michigan
 Chike, Kefentse.

The Black American Education Experience
 Horton, Jason.

The Black Campus Movement: The Case for a New Historiography
 Rogers, Ibram.

The Black Press and Murder on Dowling Street
 Watson, Dwight.

The Black Press responds to Kanye: Counternarratives of Kanye West on Katrina and racial inequality
 Jackson, Sarah.

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Un-Fairytales: Realism and Black Feminism in the Works of Jessie Fauset
 Tillman, Danielle.

Uncovering Black Feminist Writers 1963-90: An Evaluation of Their Coverage in Research Tools.
 Hankins, Rebecca.

Understanding Decisions to Participate in Plegding in Black Greek Letter Organizations: Through a Groupthink Lens
 Riser, Shaina.

Uptown Online: Representations of Harlem on the Web
 Jackson, Danielle.


Victorious Consciousness: Myth or Reality?
 Watts, Daud.

Violence, Achievement and African American College Students
 Kelly, Diana.

Virtual Harlem as a Distance Learning Classroom
 Carter, Bryan.

Virtual Skin: An Exploration of Race and Gender in Second Life
 Winand, Angela.

Visions of African Modern Women: A Critical Analysis of Selected Writings from Ama Ata Aidoo
 Lang, Charmaine.


What Freedom Means to Us: Reconsiderations of Freedom by Black Youths in the Jim Crow South
 Sturkey, William.

What are Students learning in courses that focus on Race?
 tripp, luke.

What’s Taking Us So Long: An Examination of the Scholarship of Hip-Hop in African American Religious Studies
 Johnson, Andre.

Where the Actual and the Fictional Share a Bed in Wahome Mutahi’s Three Days on the Cross
 Waliaula, Kennedy.

Where the “isms” Meet: Ann Petry’s The Street as Cautionary Tale
 Jefferson-James, LaToya.

White Appropriation of Black Athletic Power
 Ratchford, Jamal.

Whose Language is it, Anyway?: Examining the Political Sociology of “the Accent”
 Bennett, Consuella.

Why Not Ball: Elite African American Student-Athletes and Their Educational Matriculation
 Brooks, Kevin.

Womanism vs. Africana Studies
 King, Jamesia.

Womanism vs. Africana Studies
 King, Jamesia.


You Stuck on Being Hardcore, I Chuck the Deuce Up: Expanding Notions of (Acceptable and or Black) Masculinity in Hip-Hop Culture
 Hazelton, Dawn. and Ogbar, Jeffrey.

You're Always On My Mind: The Black Female Body and Imagined Sex Workers in the 20th and 21st Centuries
 Thomas, Jocelyn.

Young, Black and Female: You Got a Problem with that?
 Sinanan, Allison.

Young, Black and Female: You Got a Problem with that?
 Allison, Donnetrice.

Young, Gifted, Confident and Assertive!: But he’s Not a Team Player
 Cleveland, Darrell.

Your Blues Ain't Like Mine, Mine's Better: Investigating Blues Ideology and Marriage in Black Women's Narratives
 McCray, April.


Zulu Worldview, Traditional Healing and Afrikan Psychology: Resoration of Afrikan Spirit through Africana/Black Studies
 Washington, Kevin.
34th Annual National Council for Black Studies 2010-Mar-17 to 2010-Mar-22
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