35th Annual National Council for Black Studies 2011-Mar-16 to 2011-Mar-21

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"Fear Not of Men:" Finding the Light
 Pippen, Morgan.

"Frances Harper, Marriage, and the Regulation of Desire"
 Salvant, Shawn.

"From Cops to Robbers": Legitimate Identity Construction in 1946 Washington DC
 Sharpe, Bethany.

"Funky Feminists: The Negotiation of Image, Identity Politics and Performance in Funk Music by Black Women 1968-1978"
 Evans, June.

"Gender Complementarity:" Grounding Africana Womanism
 Hubbard, Dr. LaRese.

"His activism was more of an intellectual kind": Arthur Ashe, Gender, and the Black Freedom Movement"
 Hall, Eric.

"More than a Haircut: An Oral History of the Black Barbershop as an Informal School and ‘Sacred Space’ for African-American Males"
 Jefferson, Alphine.

"Mourning Her Arrival: Reading images of Michelle Obama as symbolic and visual vectors of a Post-racial American Woman"
 Horsley, Marsha.

"My Castle on the Nile: Illustrated Sheet Music by Black Composers, 1880-1930"
 Leininger-Miller, Theresa.

"Our Struggle for African Redemption is Spiritual": An Africalogical analysis of the UNIA and Marcus Garvey's Social and Political concept of soveignty in the state of Louisiana
 Issa, Jahi.

"Preach On, Preacher!": African American Christianity in August Wilson’s Gem of the Ocean
 Simpson, LaJuan.

"Presentation of Self: Images of Young African American Colleges Students."
 Williams, Ronald.

"Reconceptualizing and Reinterpreting the Written Word: Using African/Black Psychological Theories to Analyze the African/Black Novel"
 Glocke, Aimee.

"Sitting with Shakespeare": Black Readers of White Authors in Segregated America
 Hurst, Louetta.

"Storming the Peloton: A Social History of Black Cyclists in the U.S."
 Turpin, Robert.

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A Brother's Loss: The Impact of Miscarriage on African American Men
 Smith, Aaron.

A Call for Black Power: A Political Analysis of Black Student Insurgency at The Ohio State University from 1969 to 1970
 Pierce, Tina.

A Description of Science Unit for Elementary African American Students Designed to Combat Systemic Racism
 Mutegi, Jomo.

A Dream Still Deferred: The Fight for Educational Equality in the Columbus City School District
 Pierce, Tina.

A Great Literacy Campaign for the 21st Century: Exploring Supplementary Education Models for the Academic Advancement of Black Families
 Davis, Amira.

A Moral Suburban Fort amidst Hostile Immoral "Injuns": Detroit 187 as a Modern Version of the Lone Ranger and Tonto
 Rahman, Ahmad.

A New Delhi State of Mind: A Comparative Assessment of the Growth of Hip Hop in India
 Sethi, Jusdeep.

A Princess Like Me: Fantasy Theme Analysis and the Race Factor in Disney Princess FIlms
 Tanner-Hill, Kiara.

A Proposal for NCBS To Take The Leadership In Liberating African-Americans As A Social Responsibility
 Dennis, James.

A Qualitative Examination of What Black Males Say About their Experiences at a Predominantly White College
 Robertson, Ray.

A Social Movement of Social Movements: Conceptualizing a New Historical Framework for the Black Power Movement
 Rogers, Ibram.

A Survey of Dietary Practices in a Sample of African American Youth
 Hill, Anthony.

A Systemic Context for Educational Obstacles of Graduate Students of Color
 Richardson, Deidre.

A Theorist’s Journey: James Turner, Africana and the Development of Critical Race Theory
 Crenshaw, Kimberle.

A Theory of African-American Health: Revisiting Racism, Health, and Post-Industrialism
 Semmes, Clovis.

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Back to Eden: A Black Hebrew Theology of Food
 Key, Andre.

Barbie Resurrection: Comparative Analysis of Tyra Banks, Lil Kim, & Nicki Minaj as Black and Barbie in Popular Culture
 Cullors, Kasey.

Between a Dilemma and a Crisis: Black Public Intellectuals, the Scholar-Activist Tradition, and Wilderness Wanderings in the Age of Obama
 Williams, Zachery.

Beyond Ali and the '68 Summer Olympics: Black Athletes and Black Power
 Arnold, Stanley.

Beyond the Plantation and the Battle Royal: Black Owned Gymnasiums in the South, 1845-1915
 Moore, Louis.

Beyond the Rape Myth Black Resistance to Lynching, 1867-1930
 Cha-Jua, Sundiata.

Beyond the Scope of Racial Justice
 Mensah, Shaeeda.

Black Birth: The Experiences of Contemporary Black Midwives
 Asantewaa, L\'Erin.

Black Bodies on the Bayous: Slaves and Convicts Subject to the State
 Thompson, Darla.

Black Families in the New Millennium: exploring penalties, incentives, African values and traditions in the formation of marital unions and procreation efforts
 Cudjoe, Karen.

Black Females in Humorous Roles: Why Must She Always Be the Bitch?
 Lyons, Arlene.

Black Feminist Thought and Womanism: Paradigms for the Guiding Research Focused on African American Girls
 Lindsay-Dennis, LaShawnda.

Black Historians in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century: Constructing a Black Historical Past
 Hall, Stephen.

Black Intellectual Insurgency: James Turner and the Discipline of Africana Studies
 Fenderson, Jonathan.

Black Leadership of the 21st Century: Obama, Brazille, and West
 Chavis, Jr., Charles.

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Can Critical Feminist Theories of Leadership be Reframed in the Context of Race When Interpreting the Leadership Styles of African American Women?
 Mealy, Rosemari.

Caught Between Conflicting Worlds: Underrepresented Students and the Experience of Double Consciousness
 Coffey, Shannon.

Celebrity Status and Music-making at a George Clinton Concert
 Goecke, N..

Chapter Five: “Refusing to Cut Our Losses: The Legal Mobilization Campaign for the Omaha Two”
 Jones, Charles.

Chapter Four: “ ‘For the Minds of the People’ Political Freedom and Ascendancy in Omaha’s Black Panther Party and the FBI’s, OPD’s, and Douglas County Attorney’s ‘Total War’ On Political Dissent.”
 Ali Johnson, Tekla.

Chapter Three: “Revolutionary Suicide: Regional and Local Landscapes of ‘Black Power’”
 Anderson, Reynaldo.

Chasing Jezebel: Exploring the Attitudes of Black Women Towards Sexual Behavior
 Thomas, Dionna.

Choice of ICT Career: A Case Study of SouthWestern Nigerian Women
 Ojokoh, Bolanle.

Christian Doctrinal Interpretations and Ritual Innovations in Kweh-kweh Ritual Performances
 Richards-Greaves, Gillian.

Chuckling Resistance: The residual silencing of black laughter
 Hunt, Kara.

Churches, Alleys, and Parking Lots: Building Playgrounds for Underserved Black Youth in Cleveland Ohio, 1945-1975
 Seawell, Stephanie.

Cimarrones at Howard U.: A Pan-Africanist Student Organization at an HBCU
 Ichile-Hanks, Iyelli.

Clothing Selection: Connections to Body Image (Dis)Satisfaction Among African American College Students
 Oden, Lorette.

College Readiness: Students Perspective of being prepared for College
 Smith, Valyncia.

Commercial Revolutions and the Birth of a New Society in Atlantic Africa
 Ogundiran, Akin.

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Damned the Black Arts Movement: How Sapphire’s Push Utilizes Black Stereotypes to Obtain Artistic Freedom and Individuality
 Joyner, Gee.

Dance with the Devil: Immortal Technique and Payback in the Radical Politics of Hip-Hop
 Koeppe, Kyle.

Decent Daddy, Imperfect Daddy: Black Male Rap Artists’ Views of Fatherhood and the Family
 Oware, Matthew.

Decoding Spirituals to Understand Their Role in the Survival and Liberation of a People
 Kujichagulia-Seitu, Taiwo.

Deconstructing the Black Beauty Aesthetic
 Flewellen, Ayana.

Deconstructing the Quintessential Mammy Aunt Jemima in popular culture
 Evans, June.

Defending Ourselves: Black Chicagoans Resistance to Police Brutality.
 Bailey, Johnny.

Depression and Risk Behaviors among African American Youth who are Obese
 Hill, Anthony. and Finger-Wright, Dolores.

Desperate Situations and Resurrection: The Impact of Catholic Orders on African Americans in the American South, 1937-1969
 Robinson, Maurice.

Detroit: City of Casinos and the Economic Disempowerment of African Americans
 Adell, Sandra.

Developing a Social Justice Advocacy Assessment: Evaluating Change Agency among Disenfranchised Populations
 Dalila, Nzingha.

Displacement, Recovery, and White Reimagining in Post Katrina New Orleans
 Lalla, Nicholas.

Distance Education in Science and Engineering Disciplines at Historically Black Colleges and Universities
 Flowers, Lawrence.

Does Black Love Come with Baggage? Assessing Black Men’s Attitudes Towards Marriage and Black Women
 Fannin, Lauren.

Does Participation in Physical Activity by African American Adolescents Reduce their Likelihood of Engaging in Violent Behavior?
 Rasheed, Mina.

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Education for Liberation: An Examination of Pedagogy at the University of Barlovento and University of Central Venezuela
 Woods, Benjamin.

Educational Inequalities and School Violence
 Agnich, Laura.

Effects of Ethnicity/Race on Case-Based Learning Outcomes in a Psychology Class at a HBCU
 Whaley, Arthur.

Emancipate Yourselves from Mental Slavery: Black Women’s Radical Views on Human Rights
 Rajack-Talley, Theresa.

Embodying Diversity: The Consequences of “Other Mothering” for Black Women in the Academy
 Story, Kaila.

Empowering African American Students for Academic Success through Film as Innovative Pedagogy
 Wilson, Valerie.

Engaged Pedagogy: The Hiphop Expo: When and Where I enter: Black Women beyond gender talk.
 Houston, Akil.

Ethnic Enclaves or Racial Residential Segregation: The Influence of Blackness and Nativity on Health Outcomes
 Porter, Sharese.

Everything is Everything: A Comparative Analysis of Donny Hathaway’s The Ghetto (Live) and Stevie Wonder’s Village Ghetto Land (Live)
 Hicks, Keisha.

Expanding the Cumbe: Cimarrones, the Afro-Venezuelan Experience and Howard University
 Swan, Quito.

Exploring African American Women's Legislative Influence: A Case Study of the Maryland Legislature
 Brown, Nadia.

Exploring the Black experience: Conversations about Race, Ethnicity and Culture
 Hernandez, Ana., Scott, Dalesa., Awosan, Christiana. and Cooper, Candice.

Exploring the Role of the Black Sidekick
 Winters, Richard.


Fanonian practices in South Africa
 Gibson, Nigel.

Farming for Freedom: Black Resistance through Urban Agriculture in Detroit
 White, Monica.

Fashion Magazines, Standards of Beauty, and the Marginalization of African American Women
 Ferguson, Tamanika.

Fast Food Apartheid: The Nutritional Segregation of African Americans in South Los Angeles
 Wilson, Joni.

Fast Food Mania
 Staten, Ivy.

Felipe Luciano's Puerto Rican Rhythms: El Barrio Meets Black Power
 Williams, Henry.

Female Sexual Agency in the Black Diaspora: Breath, Eyes, Memory and Sula
 Goddard-Scovel, Ekeama.

Fighting the Power: Public Enemy’s Influence on Senegalese Hip Hop
 Klunk, Paige.

Fighting the Power: Public Enemy’s Influence on Senegalese Hip Hop
 Klunk, Paige.

First Baptist Church of Montgomery, Alabama: A Lightening Rod of Political and Social Reform
 Rice, Rolundus.

From Slavery to Black Power: Black Empowerment Through Education
 Rudd, Jarrod.

From the ‘Tragedy’ of Objectification Under the ‘Male Gaze’ to Challenging Racial and Sexual Hierarchies: Representations of Multiracial (Black/White) Women in American Film'
 Amber, Murrey-Ndewa.


Gambling Addiction: A Personal Narrative
 Phillips, Denise.

Games We Play
 Smith, YharNahKeeShah.

Gangs to Crews; A Social Look of Hip Hop Style and Influences
 Brown, Brittany.

Garveyism as an Enduring Paradigm for Self-Determination in the African Diaspora
 Jolly, Kenneth.

Garveyism, Diaspora, and Redemptive Womanhood in Limón, Costa Rica, 1921-1949
 Leeds, Asia.

Gender, Masculinity, and the 1960s Urban Rebellions
 Howard, Ashley.

Gendering the African Diaspora: The Sporting Bodies of Caster Semenya and Surya Bonaly
 Bell, Ramona.

Genealogy--Making History Real
 Price, Tanya.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s), and Food Security in Africa: The Pros and Cons
 Darko, Isaac.

Ghost Dogs, Little Big Men and Buffalo Soldiers: The Cultural Politics of Black and Red in Film
 Jordan, Joseph.

Gil Scot Heron to Dead Prez: An Examination of Activism in Hip-Hop Lyricism
 Marks, Justin.

Girdle your loin: An autobiographical musing in defining symbolism of womanhood amongst Anlo-Ewe of Ghana
 Agbemabiese, K. Yawa.

Global Blackness of the Black Supermodel
 Johnson, Elizabeth.

Global Readiness: The Relevance of Africana Literature for Institutions of Higher Learning
 Uwakweh, Pauline.

God and Government: The Audacity of Jeremiah Wright and the African American Prophetic Tradition
 Johnson, Andre.

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HIV, Culturally (Ir)-Relevant Interventions, and African American Men
 Estem, Kristecia.

Hair Frames Your Face
 Benton, Cherise.

Hair: The Deep Rooted Issue in the Black Female Community
 Price, Jerome.

Hair: The Deep Rooted Issue in the Black Female Community
 Lockett, Brittney. and Chery, Fritzkeysha.

Haiti and Black Transnationalism: The Cosmopolitan Contours of Black Intellectual Thought and Culture
 Joseph, Celucien.

Healing women of color: Addressing the trauma of oppression & Intimate Partner Violence
 Scott, Dalesa.

Health Commissioner
 Maseru, Noble.

Healthy Trauma: Medical Experimentation as Acts of Trauma on Black Bodies
 McGriff, Aisha.

Healthy Warm-Up
 Davis, MD, Denise. and Davis, MD, Keevin.

Hell no, We Won't Go, Either: Radical Black Protest of the Vietnam War, 1967-1972
 Higgins, Amanda.

Hip Hop and Philosophical Inquiry: A Case for an Engaged Community
 Bailey, Julius.

Hip Hop and the Black Studies Canon
 Hall, Perry.

Hip Hop as Ghetto: A Critical Analysis of Cora Daniels’ Book Ghettonation
 Brown, Brittany.

Hip-Hop as Existential Philosophy
 Wauls, Samantha.

History and Subjectivity: African Americans Muslims
 Ali, Amna.

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I Got My MBA from the Marcy Street Projects: Liberal Education between James Cone and Jay-Z
 McKinney, Charles.

I Just Want to get my Groove On: Colorism and The Marginalization of African American Dancers in Dance
 Owens Patton, Tracey.

INVITED FILM SCREENING: Shaft or Sidney Poitier: White Paternalism and the Black Masculine Image in Comic Books
 Gayles, Jonathan.

Identity Crisis: Multiracial Identity and the future of America
 Ridgle, Nia.

In Two Places at Once: Autoethnographic Exploration of Afrocentric Lesbian Identity
 Cutts, Qiana.

Incorporating an African American Male Female Relationships Course into a Black Studies Curriculum
 Dixon, Patricia.

Informal Education and Pan-Africanism
 Frehwiot, Mjiba.

Inter-group Attitudes: African American and Latino Students at a Multi-Cultural Center
 Claybrook, Maurice.

Internal Belief System
 Thomas, Kirtis. and Thomas, Deneia.

Interrogating Interracial Pornography
 Cruz, Ariane.

Intersubjectivity of Racial Identity: Creating a New Space with a Heideggerian Notion of thrownness
 Chu, Shanti.

Intimate Partner Violence in Black Couples
 Scott, Dalesa.

It Takes a Village: UC Student Involvement in Africana Studies' K-12 Outreach Programs
 Reutter, Michele.

It’s OUR Prerogative: Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice
 Barlow, Jameta.

It’s OUR Prerogative: Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice
 Cofield-Poole, Brittney.

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James Turner and Africana Studies: The Politics and Pedagogy of a Movement
 Brown, Scot.

James Turner and Pan-Africanism in Theory and Praxis
 Levy, Latasha.

Jazz and Hip-Hop: A Bride of Culture
 Alexander, Jeffory.

Jitu Sadiki
 Sadiki, Jitu.

Journeying with the Amistad: The Multidimensions of Slavery and Freedom
 Kamara, Jemadari.


Keeping Our Eyes on the Pr1ze
 Ghee, Kenneth.

Khalid A. Samad
 Samad, Khalid., Sadiki, Jitu. and Byrdsong, T.Rashad.

Knowledge Transfer and African American Studies
 Harris, David.


Landless Landowners: The Diasporic Features of the Religio-Political Experience of Homeland Africans
 Assenyoh, Bernard.

Left Hanging by Winds of Change: Young People’s Sexual and Reproductive Health in Zimbabwe
 Chikovore, Jeremiah.

Lest We Forget: A People's Journey from Former Slave to World Savior
 Muhammad, Eric Ture.

Lets talk about sex: Understanding the power of communication in attaining sexual agency to reduce the spread of STDs.
 Vincent, Nickyale.

Liberation is Power in Lionheart Gal: Life Stories of Jamaican Women by Sistren
 Gibson, Casarae.

Liberty at What Cost: Exploring the Contradictions in the Creation of Liberia
 Niati, N. Binda.

Lifting as We climb: African American Women's Experiences in the Ivory Tower
 Reddick, Bonnie.

Listening to the Voices of Successful Black Teachers and Students in the Science and Mathematics Classroom
 Beckham, Jerrell.

Lynched Because of Love
 Young, Pat.


MAAT- a Critical Indigenous African Approach to Understanding Traditional Healing Practices
 Ilmi, Ahmed.

Man, I Don't Know Why I am So Tired; The Impact of Racial Microaggression on the Health of African Americans
 Bridges, Eric.

Marginalization of Gay and Lesbian Youth in the Black Community
 Vinson, Lisa.

Marginalization of Gay and Lesbian Youth in the Black Community
 Vinson, Lisa.

Marginalizing Factors and the Disappearing Diaspora of Haitian-Americans in the United States
 Normil, Carine.

Marketing and Reading Blackness: Masculinity & Football
 Banton, Arthur.

Martin Luther King's Masculinity as Counter-Cultural, 1960-1968
 Slade, Nikeeta.

Media Perceptions of African Americans with Guns from the 1860s to the 1960s
 Morgan, Jo-Ann.

Meeting my Father in Prison: "How it Transformed me from a Gang Banger to a Father and Freedom Fighter
 Shakur, Yusef.

Memory, Place and the African-American pilgrimage to Harper’s Ferry
 Tareen, Sher Afgan.

Men’s Attitudes toward Women and Homosexuality: The Role of Race and Class
 Nagel, Elizabeth.

Metacognition in the Classroom: Teaching Students How to Learn Africana Studies in the 21 Century
 Wilson, Michael.

Mind On Ice: Black Public Intellectuals and the Rise of an Afro-Carceral Consciousness
 Vaught, Seneca.

Minority Laws, Majority Oppression
 Brown, Lisa., Lawes, Dainia. and Felder, Jennifer.

Missy Elliot: Transcending Conventional Hip Hop Aesthetics and Industry Norms
 Carr, Joi.

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NCBS/NBUF Grant Recipient. Using African apprenticeship models to engage students of color in Mathematics
 Broussard, staffas.

Nancy Morejón and the Empowerment of African Culture in Cuban National Identity
 Renda, Mary.

Nappy Hair: Discourses on Hair and Race in Contemporary African American Children’s Picture Storybooks
 Black, Kimberly.

Navigating Burning Buildings: African American Students Using Education as an Articulation of Resistance
 Hoff, Pamela.

Navigating Forgotten Histories: An Oral History Approach to Understanding the Life Experiences of Black Detroit High School Student Activists of the Black Power Movement
 Walker, Dara.

Navigating the Academy: Publish, Don’t Perish
 Issa, Jahi.

Negotiating a Science Teaching Identity: An African American Science Teacher Educator's Struggle
 Cone, Neporcha.

Neo-liberalism and Higher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa
 Ochwa-Echel, James.

New Afrikan Name Choices, Diasporic Consciousness, and Empowerment Through Self-Definition
 Onaci, Edward.

Nigger Who? Nigger What?:Tracing the “Nigger” Trope in Popular Culture
 Williams, Carmen.


OBAMAENON AND AFRICANA LEADERSHIP: From the Black Renaissance and Negritude to Barackcracy
 Gbotokuma, Zekeh.

Obama in Ghana: Meaning and Appropriation of 'Door of No Return'
 Ayesu, Ebenezer.

Ofo Na Ogu: Igbo Ethical Teachings
 Nnam, Nkuzi.

Ohio Newspapers’ Coverage of the 1963 Birmingham Protests: A Media Content Analysis
 Reisinger, Max.

On the Front Line: Student-led Initiatives for Enhancing the Campus Experience
 Hudson, Brittney.

On the Threshing Floor: African American Women's Piety in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Century
 Lucky, Crystal.

Once the Sentence Is Over: The Collateral Consequences of Incarceration for Black Males in Wisconsin
 Lampley, Robert.

Online Constructions of Race in the Age of Obama
 Tynes, Brendesha.

Orchestrated Antipathy: Colonial Racialization of the American Indian and African Americans
 Freeman, Darryl.

Our Side of the Story: Representations of Black Women in the work of Elizabeth Catlett
 Morgan, Kelli.


Paradoxical Beauties: A History of Black Models in Early Nineteenth Century European Art
 Anderson, Tanzania.

Parallel Gender Positioning
 Hardison-Dayton, Cheryll.

Perceptions of African American Women in Rap Music Videos
 Pellerin, Marquita.

Performance Studies as an Approach to Black Religion
 Jordan, Kimberleigh.

Performing Black Transnational Solidarity: Memory and Representation of the Haitian Revolution in the Works of the Negritude Writers
 Joseph, Celucien.

Perspectives from back 'home': Rethinking Louise Bennett's 'Colonization in Reverse' 1966
 Birthwright, Eldon.

Phenomenological Perspective on Violence
 Haile, James.

Physical activity and weight-loss maintenance for African American women
 Githiri, Virginia.

Pink and the Fancy Gal: White Slavery, The Abolitionist's Crusade, and the Painter's Canvas
 Woods, Naurice.

Poor Single Mother of Welfare, Tell Me How You Did It?: A Critique of the Controlling Images of U.S. Welfare Policy
 McCalester, Jo Von.

Popular Reception and Toni Morrison’s Beloved: The Text through Time, Outtakes from the Film and Considerations of The Oprah Effect
 Magras, Lydia.

Poster: Exploring the Differential Impact of Segregation by Race Versus Class on Health Among US Blacks
 Kershaw, Kiarri.

Power, Culture, and Dress Codes: Schooling and the Regulation of the Black Male Body
 Price, Adrian (Adisa).

Pray for the Lights to Go Out: The Portrayal of Blacks in Kansas City Sheet Music
 Ogunmola, AnnaMarie.

Predictors of Imposter Phenomenon among High Achieving Ethnic Minority Undergraduate College Students
 Peteet, Bridgette., Montgomery, LaTrice. and Weekes, Jerren.

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Quality and Access to Health Care: Perceptions of Minority Residents in Greater Cincinnati
 McDowell, Tiffany. and Wallace, Edward.


Race Relations: The city of Indianapolis, and the Indianapolis Police Department; 1906 to 1926
 Bates, Leon.

Race and Ethnic Relations in the First Person
 Kisubi, Alfred.

Race and Gambling Addictions and Treatments
 Deborah, Haskins.

Race and Politics in Latin America
 Johnson, Ollie.

Race, Class & Conservatism
 Newman, Vivian.

Race-Matching in Psychotherapy: Findings, Inconsistencies, and Future Directions
 Weekes, Jerren.

Racial Harmony & Heroes: A Content Analysis of the Pearson Reading Program “Good Habits, Great Readers”
 Love, Bettina. and Brandelyn Tosolt,, Brandelyn.

Racial Realism and the Hegelian Dialectic: An Anti-Colonial Critique of Eurocentric Appropriations of “History”
 Luu, Jonathan.

Racism in the 2010 Cinema: Representation of African Americans in Toy Story 3, Shrek Forever After, and Alice in Wonderland
 Williams, Oluwatosin.

Raise My Fist, Raise Our Confidence: Black Power and the 1968 Olympic Games
 Patton, Patrice.

Rape Attribution for African-American Students
 Mandela, Imani.

Re)-searching the Question of Black Orality using Once Upon a Time
 Mucina, Devi.

Re-conceptualizing Black/Africana Church Pedagogy: An Investigation into How Current Methods Discount the Critical Process
 McKinney, Adrienne.

Re-envisioning the African Subject in the Africana Literary Fiction: Chinua Achebe and Richard Wright in Perspective
 Agum, David.

Re-thinking Anita Hill: Sexual Harassment, Black Patriarchy, and the Judicial Legacy of Clarence Thomas
 Clutterbuck, Alyssa.

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Same as Above
 Harris, Rey.

Sartre and Fanon on Creation
 Oke, Ronke.

Search for a Self Identity in Alice Walker’s ‘The Color Purple’ and Sylvia Plath’s ‘The Bell Jar’.
 Ghaffari, Somayyeh. and Mottalebzadeh, Naser.

Segu – When Keepin’ It Real Goes Wrong
 Gantt, Danielle.

Self-Perceptions of Obesity Among African American and Hisptanic/Latino Youth: A Descriptive Study
 Hill, Anthony. and Brittingham-Brown, Ernestine.

Sexed Up and Dumbed Down: Black Men in McBride's Miracle at St. Anna
 Green, Tara.

Sexuality in Heels
 Fuller, Tasha.

Singing Fruit-Cock-Tail: Black Girl Musical Games and Womanist Language
 Bowman, Salandra.

Singing in the Big House: African American Opera Singers and White House Politics
 Wheeler, Maurice.

Small Miracles: The Shifting Roles of Women and the Holy Spirit in a Kongo Church
 Covington-Ward, Yolanda.

So you like my booty: Celebrating Michelle Obama while Black Women Disappear from the Political Landscape
 Jordan-Zachery, Julia.

Socio-psycho Analysis of Hip-Hop’s Affect on Contemporary Youth
 Cardosa, Britni.

Spectres of Fanon
 Turner, Lou.

Spell My Name In Greek Letters
 Trice, Kinyatta.

Spell My Name in Greek Letters
 Charleston, Kayla.

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T.R. Byrdsong
 Byrdsong, T.Rashad.

Talkin’ and Textifyin’: Assata, a Case Study for Womanist Critical Autobiography
 Gaines, Rondee.

Teaching Spirituality in Schools: A Practical Approach
 Darko, Isaac.

Teaching Teachers: Building Capactiy and Historical Literacy for Teachers Teaching Our Children
 Van Putten, Melodye Micere.

Teaching a De-centered Blackness
 Busdiecker, Sara.

The "Passing" Stain: Philip Roth and the Influence of Nella Larsen
 Ramon, Donavan.

The (Re)Birth of a Black Nation: Revolutionary Womanist Activism in the Republic of New Afrika
 Gaines, Rondee.

The Academic and Social Responsibility for the Call to Reperations and Repatriation
 Muhammad, Eric Ture.

The Adequacy of Research Library Collections for the Africana Scholar
 Black, Kimberly.

The American Drug Empire
 Krebs, Nick.

The American Nightmare: Terrorism and the State Sanctioned War Against the Black Community
 Brown, Tashal.

The Antiquated Guide to Black Love: An Analysis of Black Relationship Guides and “Gurus”
 Wallace, Danielle.

The Art of Shadowboxing: Gender as Performance and Pedagogy in Hip Hop Culture
 Houston, Akil.

The Biologies of Poverty and Oppression: Factors in Health Disparities

The Black Aesthetic vs. the Soul Aesthetic: The Artistic Parallels of the Black Arts Movement and Black Popular Culture
 Carter, Ashli.

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Understanding, assessing and evaluating the program review at Dominguez Hills
 Furusa, Munashe.

Understanding, assessing and evaluating the program review at Ohio University
 Stephens, Ronald.

Unintended Consequences: Restricting Citizenship in Maryland's Early Republic
 Reid, Patricia.

Urban Youth Culture's Experiments in Living: The Results Are In
 Sullivan, Ronald.


Vampire Ethics:Decidability, Freedom, and the Logics of Capitalism and Imperialism in The Gilda Stories
 Dodge, Jason.

Variations of how Louisiana's rural Blacks responded in the early Civil Rights Movement
 Millner, Steven.

Viewing Kanye: An Iconographic Examination of Kanye West’s Music Videos
 O\'Neal, Devin.


Waking the Sleeping Giant: 2008 and Black Political Participation in South Carolina
 Matheny, Roneka.

We Charge Genocide- Internationalizing the Struggle
 Deese, Adrian.

We Too Can Do Science: Narratives and Counter Narratives of Successful African Americans in the Sciences
 Beckham, Jerrell.

We, The Hip Hop People…: Pedagogical Tools for Teaching Politics in the Age of Hip Hop
 Stanford, Karin. and Bright, Garfield.

Weapon of Mass Destruction
 Lewis-Burton, Beverly.

West African Dance (An interactive workshop)
 Brown, Brenda.

We’re Not Done Yet: The Need for Disability Theory in Black Studies Scholarship
 Schalk, Sami.

What are we Projecting? Examining Television Talk Show Hosts in the Context of Africana Womanism
 Brown, Brittany.

When Coaches Fought Back: The NASC and National Organizations in the Post-1945 Black Athletic Revolt
 Ratchford, Jamal.

When keeping it real goes wrong: African American Studies and its impact on students academic careers in other classrooms
 Spearman, Patrick.

When the Minor Becomes Major: The Role of the Africana Studies Minor Program at Colleges and Universities
 Reid-Merritt, Patricia., Nelson, Linda. and Vaughn, Beverly.

Where is the Love? Generational Differences in African American Relationships
 Dozier, Deshonay. and Tekle, Sara.

Where is the Love? Polygamy vs. Monogamy in Hip Hop
 Nason, Erica.

Where the Heart is: Migration, Home, and Healing in Edwidge Danticat’s Breath, Eyes, and Memory & Pearl Cleage’s What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day
 Youngblood, Terrance.

White Supremacy and Anti-Black Exclusion in Ecuador and the U.S.
 Foster, Theodore.

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Zymbabwe, Nigeria & Haiti: Case Studies in Afrikan Nation-Building and the Reconstruction of Afrikan Political Praxis
 Dukuzumurenyi, Ambakisye-Okang.
35th Annual National Council for Black Studies 2011-Mar-16 to 2011-Mar-21
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