36th Annual National Council for Black Studies 2012-Mar-08 to 2012-Mar-10

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"From Slavery to Civil Rights: Looking at Black and White Female Relationships in Dessa Rose and The Help "
 Hale, Candice.

"From the Yard to the Office": The Dilemmas College Students Face in Transitioning From a Major in African American Studies Toward the Professional Career Arena
 Brown, Kyle.

"Give Me Dignity, or Give me 'Death': Effacing Stereotypes in Alice Childress' Trouble in Mind"
 Young, Pat.

"How to be Anti-Racist" Guides: A Comparitive Critical Analysis
 Slivko-Bathurst, Heather.

"I Can’t": An Investigation of the Impact of Ability Labels on Students Labeled “At-Risk” in an Out-of-School Program
 Durand, Jessica.

"Intellectual Swagger & Hip Hop Culture: Re- Imaging Black Style, Liberation Pedagogy and Identity Formation within Jay- Z and Kanye West’s Watch the Throne Album.”
 Wilson, Michael.

"Oh Heavenly Body": The Star Image of Zoe Saldana
 Jordan, Owena.

"The Enemy in the War on Drugs can be Identified by Race."
 Muhammad, Nafeesa.

"The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same": A Question of Social, Cultural, and Political Agency in Black America
 Little, Breeia.

"The burning of a body" in the Drama of Jane Taylor
 Ukpokodu, Peter.

"They Only Talk to Me When They're Drunk--The African-American Experience at Predominately White Institutions"
 Frazier, Denise.

"Who will Tell the Story of Us?" African Masters Speak on the Crisis of African American Identity
 Price, Tanya.

"You're Not African:" A Comparative Study of Group Identification & Resistance Among African-American & First Generation West
 Clark, Gabrielle.

"[R]ight Now We Need Solidarity Above All": The Political and Media Representations of Bob Foster and Arthur Ashe's South African Trips
 Hall, Eric.

"'Questions Which Have Been Hidden by the Answers': Baldwin Interrogates Patriarchy in the Pulpit"
 Melton, McKinley.

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A Bathroom of One’s Own: YouTube, Black Women, and the Cultural Production of the Natural Hair Revolution
 Freeney, Sabrina.

A Case of Double Consciousness: Americo-Liberian and Indigenous Liberian Relations 1840 - 1930
 Santana, Genesys.

A Critical Race Theory Analysis of the Spiritual Crisis in Black Education
 Giles, Mark.

A Dark and Troubled Two-ness: Exploring the Visual Associations of Blackness with Fear and Longing in Contemporary Aesthetic Discourses
 Anderson, Tanzania.

A Long Race Home: The Sociological Perspective as to Why Black Children are Least Selected for Adoption
 Kay, Samantha.

A Look at Women in the Labor Movement
 Gyant, LaVerne.

A Methodological Turn: The Usability of Maatian Epistemology and Blues Methodology to Define Citizenship
 Speight-Vaughn, Melissa. and Hodges, Demetricia.

A New Paradigm in Development: The Role of Grassroots Women’s Organization in Addressing the Rape Crisis in the DRC
 Oruh, Chioma.

A Report on the Excavation of the Tomb of Karakhamun and the ASA Restoration Project
 Browder, Anthony.

A Tragic Comedy: Critical Race Theory, Epistemologies of Ignorance, and Drugs
 Krebs, Nick.

A Vocation of Agony:Vietnam War Rhetoric, the Prophetic Persona and Angst of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
 Anderson, Sanders.

A Woman's Right to Lose: Margaret Sanger, Eugenics and the Annihilation of Africans through Abortion
 Smith, Aaron.

Abortion: A Form of Black Genocide or Pro-Lifers Playing the Race Card?"
 Dickson, Lynda.

Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Patriarch? Black Masculine Identity Formation Within the Context of Romantic Relationships
 Charleston, Kayla.

African American Healing Tradition in the Antebellum South
 Hamilton, Jessica.

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Back to Africa? Haitian Émigrés in Postcolonial Africa
 Jackson, Regine.

Back to the Woodshop: A Racial Realist Assault on Liberal Education’s Function as the Empire-al Pedagogy of Black Citizenship.
 Curry, Tommy.

Behind the Scene? Black Films and Identity Development in African American Girls
 Bennett, Tiffany.

Being True to Ourselves: Succeeding in the Academy as Community Engaged Scholars
 Foster, Kevin.

Beyond the Music: An Experimental Analysis of Political Rap and Black Nationalist Ideology
 Bonnette, Lakeyta.

Bim and Joebell: Filmic Representations of Colonial and Postcolonial Caribbean Identity
 McFarlane-Alvarez, Susan.

Bitch You Must Be Crazy: Mental Illness and Ntozake Shange’s For Colored Girls (1976)
 Louis, Diana.

Black Aesthetics, Art & Social Justice
 Hall, Van-Anthoney.

Black African Families in the U.S.
 Rivers, Natasha.

Black African Women and the Challenges of Racial Representation in Early Caribbean Literature
 Smith, Cassander.

Black Education Then and Now: Disparities in the Quality and Funding of American Schools
 Green, Tene’.

Black Feminist and Womanist Ideals: The Liberatory Act of Birthing Practices
 Ojelade, Ifetayo.

Black Indians: In Search Of Identity In A Biracial System
 Payne, Cordelia.

Black Leaders Changing Schools: A Qualitative Study of Black School Administrators' Perception of the School Counselors' Role.
 Lynn, Joe.

Black Participation in the Civil War as a Black Revolution
 Henderson, Errol.

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Campus Diversity - Necessary but Not Sufficient: The Campus Experiences of Elite College Students
 Brunn, Rachelle.

Can a Scholar Love Two Disciplines?: The Comingling of African American Studies and Women's Studies
 Simpson, LaJuan.

Canon Formation and The Making of Black Atlantic Literary Culture: The Contribution of Black Anthologies
 Joseph, Celucien.

Capitalism, Blackness, and Temporal Changes in Diaspora
 Burden-Stelly, Charisse.

Caribbean-origin Blacks in the United States’ Black Liberation Struggles: An Afro-diasporic Perspective
 Hay, Michelle.

Carol Mosely Braun: A Step Forward in Politics
 Smith, Hannah.

Carrying on the Tradition of feeding the soul: the Culinary practices of African American women
 Green, Nicole.

Cartographic Inscriptions of the Black Sexual Subject: Women's Politics of Place and Body
 Eaves, LaToya.

Caveat of an Obnoxious Slave: Decolonizing Global Black Power From the Intellectual Governors of White Supremacy
 Swan, Quito.

China –Africa Relations: A Case Study of China’s Foreign Direct Investment in Ghana
 Rahman, Majeed.

Clenora Hudson-Weems, Africana Womanism and the Diaspora in the 21st Century
 Hubbard, LaRese.

College Presidents and Campus Unrest: Discourse Analysis of Public Speeches
 Cole, Eddie.

College Readiness: Student's Perspective on Being Prepared for College
 Smith, Valyncia.

Colliding Racial and Sexual Identities of Dis/Empowerment in Yamada Eimi's Novel Bedtime Eyes
 Brickler, Alexander.

Coloring Outside the Lines: The Role of Art Therapy in Black Studies
 Henthorn, Kylene.

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Dancehall Queens: Politicized Bodies/ Transnational Spaces
 Abraham, Patricia.

Deeply Rooted: Cultural Continuity in the Social and Political Systems of New Orleans Second Line Traditions
 Gray, Shukrani.

Democratic Transformation: A Critical Analysis of the Anti-apartheid Movement in South Africa
 Agbehonou, Edoh.

Designing a New African American Themed Community Center
 Schultz, Robert.

Developing Bridging Social Capital from Informal Economic Participation: Miami as an Example
 Hunter, LaToya.

Developmentalist Modernity and Production of Violent Spaces in Kenya
 Sahle, Eunice.

Differences in Marriage Market Conditions: Examples from Three Regions
 Walker, Laquitta.

Difficult Attachments: Marriage, Law and Diasporic Intimacy
 Osinubi, Taiwo.

Disappearing Acts: The Mass Incarceration of Black Women, Quantifying and Testing the Significance of Intersectionality
 Meares, Christina.

Disparities in Study Abroad Programs
 Waller, Cierra.

Divide and Conquer—Again: Where (Black) Straightness Meets (White) Queerness
 Cohens, Derrick.

Do African Americans Really Benefit from the HOPE Scholarship in Georgia?
 Woods, Darrius.

Doing Asa Part II: Cultural Power in the Language of the Seeker and the Knower
 Toure, Itihari.

Domestic Violence Among Hiv Positive Women in Nigeria: A Study of Ikenne Local Government.
 Sotunsa, John. and Sotunsa, Mobolanle.

Double Consciousness in African Americans: Comparing Dubois to a Multicultural Perpsective
 Whaley, Arthur.

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Educating the Children of the African Diaspora: Schooling Black Children in Jamaica Bermuda, and Chicago
 Watkins, Audrey.

Educative Process of Capoeira Angola and the Construction of Ethnic-Racial Belonging
 Nogueira, Simone.

Elijah Muhammad Studies
 Pitre, Abul.

End-of-Healthcare Decisions in the African American Community
 Stokes, Felicia.

Engaging Research: African American Genealogy and Scrapbooking in the Classroom
 Carter, Temeka.

Engendering Academic Excellence and Social Responsibility: Africana Studies and Student Engagement, Retention, and Graduation
 Furusa, Munashe.

Essentialism and Contingency: Bhabha, Spivak, and Asante
 Monteiro-Ferreira, Ana.

Examining Community Violence Using Participatory Action Research: The Wilmington Street PAR Project
 Battle, Brittany.

Examining Middle College High School Alumni Perception of their Academic Preparation for College
 Williams, Montrischa.

Examining Racialized Colonialism: Theoretical Junctions of W.E.B. Du Bois, Frantz Fanon, and Gloria Anzaldua
 Coffey, Shannon.

Examining the Deficiencies and Disinterests Regarding College Students and African American Studies
 Newman, Carrie.

Experiencing Trust in Development Contexts: The Case of Western Aid Workers and South African Villagers
 Watson, Marcus.

Exploration of Political Power among African-American Public Housing Residents
 Harper, Caroline.

Explorations of Black Feminist Theory Through Nicki Minaj
 Chism, Yasmeen.

Exploring the Healing Power of Creative Writing and Artistic Expression
 Lewis, M. Celita.

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Facts of White Germaness
 Kelly, Natasha.

Fanonian Violence: An Essay on the Struggle for Conscious Significance and Identity
 Pryor, Erick.

Faux Moral Panics: Notes on Black Professional Women’s Romantic Prospects
 Ossei-Owusu, Shaun.

Fear of a Black Republic: African Americans and the Struggle for Haitian Independence, 1816-1862
 Alexander, Leslie.

Flight, Freedom and Abjection: Fractured Manhood and Tragic Love in James Baldwin's Giovanni's Room
 Gibson, III, Ernest.

For Better or For Worse: The Influence of Contemporary Culture on the Black Family
 Carthen, Brittany.

Frances Harper and the Blood of Sacrifice
 Salvant, Shawn.

Frederick Douglass on US hypocrisy and Willful Paradox
 De Leon, Heidi.

Free Black, Politics and the Press in Antebellum New Orleans
 Reed, Derrick.

Free Young Wezzy: Reflections on the Education Black Boys
 Griffin_EL, Nosakhere.

Free the Mind, Free the Land--No More Prisons in the USA
 Kunnie, Julian.

From Black Jew to Hebrew Israelite: the Emergence of the Black Nationalist Consciousness in Black Judaism
 Key, Andre.

From Mammy to Madea
 Fontaine, Nargis.

From Mandela to Malema:Youth Militancy and Black Nationalism in South Africa 1950 - Present
 Walton, David.

From Mother to Daughter: an Analysis of Intergenerational Activism Among African-American Women from 1960 to 1961
 Canty, Jayme.

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Gender Dynamics in the Sanctified Church: Exploring Female Roles, Contributions, and Limitations in Mississippi County, Arkansas
 Boyd, Gloria.

Gender, Achievement and Learning Styles Among African American Youth
 McDougal, III, Serie. and Guillory, Crystal.

Generation Y and Beyond: Impact of Natural Hair Blogs on Black Women
 Johnson, Elizabeth.

Get Out of Babylon: Bishop Henry McNeal Turner and the Rhetoric of Emigration
 Johnson, Andre.

Getting into the Business: African Americans and Socialization of Television Work
 Adamo, Gregory.

Gladys Bentley and A'Lelia Walker: Queering Black Women's History
 Thompson, Shantala.

God Don't Like Ugly and He Damn Sure Ain't Impressed With Pretty
 Turner, Monica.

Groundings in Atlanta:The Walter Rodney Foundation, The Annual Rodney Symposium, and the Rodney Papers
 Benjamin, Jesse.

Growing Our Own: The Two Year College as Seed-bed for Strengthening Ethnic Studies at the Four Year College
 Gibney, Shannon., Mason, Jesse., DeVore, Kathleen., Coleman, Taiyon. and Deus, Valerie.


HIV and Condom Use Among Non-marginalized African American Women
 Norwood, Carolette.

Harnessing Labor: Iron Collars, Slaves, and Regimes of Profit and Punishment in Antebellum Louisiana
 Thompson, Darla.

Hey, Mr. Preacher Man! The Paradoxical Role of Black Preachers in the Progress and Development of African American Communities
 McKinney, Adrienne.

Hip Hop and Youth Activism
 Barnes, Nelson.

Hip Hop, Liberatory Consciousness, Leadership and African Americans
 McAdoo, Terrance.

Hip Hop’s Inheritance: From the Harlem Renaissance to the Hip Hop Movement
 Rabaka, Reiland.

HipHop Aesthetics: Can It Be That It Was All So Simple Then?
 Collins, Armondo.

Hiphop within a Womanist Lens
 Fischer, Dawn-Elissa.

Holistic Pedagogy in Urban Education: Developing Critical Inner Literacy through Yoga
 Jackson, Chelsea.

Horror Stories and Tales of Survival: Life In Academia
 Wright II, Earl.

Housewives and Homegirls: The Effects if 21st Century Reality Shows on Black Women
 Simpkins, Antwaan.

How Historic Discrimination and Resegregation of Our Cities Impacts Our Schools: Parental School Choice
 Parker, Jasmine.

How Maladpative Coping Strategies to Racism Effect the Educational Attainment of African American Males at PWIs
 Roberts, Toya.

Huey P. Newton as Black Radical Humanist Theologian
 Neal, Anthony.

Hypermasculinity, Hypersexuality, and Black Male-Female Relationships
 Turner, David.


I Am Gullah: The Challenges of Being Gullah in the 21st Century
 Banks, Tiara.

I'm Academically Illiterate
 Smith, YharNahKeeShah.

I'm From The Hood Stupid
 Basu, Anjan.

I'm Not Rebellious, I Just Didn't Want To: Black Caribbean Women, Identity, and Resistance
 Halliday, Aria.

Implications of State Implementation of Federally Mandated Reform
 Croft, Sheryl.

In Search of Multicultural Education/Social Justice in Tough Economic Times
 White, Jazmin. and William-White, Lisa.

Incorporating Migration in African Economic Development
 Arthur, John.

Inequality Maintained by Stories of an “Underclass”: Media's Role in Merging Race, Class, and Gender with Poverty; Maintaining Inequalities; and Potential Places of Change
 Canela, Elizabeth.

Inside the Seed of School Accountability: An Afrocentric Analysis
 Jenkins, Rodrick.

Integrating African Indigenous Science in Faculties of Higher Education in Uganda
 Akena, Francis.

Interracial Couples in France Today: Postcolonial Love?
 Coquet-Mokoko, Cecile.

Investigating Hypermasculinity, Victimization, Violence, and Institutional Conflicts with Black Males: A Case study in Inglewood, CA
 Turner, David.

Is the Black Church Dead?
 Wright, Barrett.


Jean Price-Mars’s Philosophy of Religion and his Discourse on the Nature of belief”
 Joseph, Celucien.

Journeying With the Amistad
 Kamara, Jemadari.

Justice, Subversion, and the Politics of Respectability
 Mensah, Shaeeda.


Kaffringha Song and Dance as Political Expression
 Jayawardene, Sureshi.

Kawaida Womanism: African Ways of Being Woman in the World
 Karenga, Tiamoyo.

Keeping the Yoruba Language Alive in the Diaspora: Children Have the Right to Share in their Beautiful Roots and Culture
 Dosumu, Grace.

Kemet to Compton: African Hairstyles from Ancient Times to the Present
 Hilliard-Nunn, Patricia.

Kill the Beast! The Emasculation of the African American Male in America
 Harris, Sarah.

Kweh-Kweh, ‘Cookup Rice,’ and the Negotiation of African Guyanese Identities
 Richards-Greaves, Gillian.


Leadership as A Mobilized Resource
 King, Danielle.

Legacy of Slavery on the Black Identity
 Oguagha, Ashleigh.

Lifting As We Climb: The relevance of the critical methods and approaches of the late nineteenth century Black women activists to the Black woman educator today.
 Sartin, Natalie.

Literature, Arts and Ceremonies as Resources for Socialization in African Culture
 Ugwueze, Uche.

Long-Term Life Issues: What Mentors Must Know
 Marchand, Hal.

Looking for ♥ from the Spectator: Tyler Perry and the Search for Amorous Relationships in Urban Contemporary Cinema
 Banton, Arthur.

Los Angeles Models for Womanist Cultural Entrepreneurship
 Davis, Jalondra.


Machinery of Profit: The Pre-Civil War Louisiana State Prison Factory
 Thompson, Darla.

Mae Mallory, Miss Deep South and the Maintenance of The Southern Belle Fantasy Trope at The Cuyahoga County Jail 21st and Payne PAIN
 Seniors, Paula.

Major African Writers: The Creation of a New Course
 Gaffin, V.

Malcolm X and the Break from the Nation of Islam: The Five Stages of Grief
 Gibson, Makeda.

Malcolm X as Living Agent of Personal Transformation: The Michigan Prison Experience
 Rahman, Ahmad.

Malcolm X: What Measure of a Man? Assessing Personal Growth and Social Transformation from An African-Centered Social Work Perspective
 Reid-Merritt, Patricia.

Martin Delanys Pan-African "Garden of Hesperides": Description, Explanation, and Historical Narrative
 Beatty, Mario.

Marxist and Feminist Compatibilities with Rastafarianism
 Balfour, Jay.

Masking Traditions in the Works of Zora Neale Hurston and Kara Walker
 Jones, Sandra.

Mass Communication and Perspectives for the Study of Reggae And Cultural Domination by Re-exportartion or Re-importation
 Regis, Humphrey.

Maya Angelou: Deconstructing the Myths America Lives By
 Carr, Joi.

Meeting the Needs of Black Students Interested in Mathematics and Science: The Lessons Schools Can Learn from Listening to Black Students and Students of Color
 Beckham, Jerrell.

Memes of Black Womanhood: Mammy, Sapphire, and Jezebels meets Black Girls Rock
 Chapman, Rava.

Mentoring and Teaching: Pedagogical Experiences With the African Atlantic Research Team
 Dodson, Jualynne.

Mere Men: The Jewels of Alpha Phi Alpha and Racial Uplift
 Bradley, Stefan.

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NCBS Community Grant Recipient
 Canton, David.

National Council of Negro Women's Authoritative Role in the Civil Rights Movement
 Robertson, Ashley.

Negotiating Blackness within Afro-Latin Communities
 Williams, Jernine.

Negotiating Worlds, Managing Subjectivities, and Redefining Selves: The Lived Experiences of African American Undergraduate Females at PWIs.
 Allen, Ayana. and Lewis, Chance.

Neither Fish Nor Fowl: The Mythology of Muleology in The New South and Today
 George, Erin.

Neo-Evangelism and The “theology” of Steve Harvey
 Fisher, Earle.

Nicki Minaj as the Modern Day ‘Hottentot Venus’
 Coleman, Tiffany.

Not Just ‘The Help’: Long Walks, Boycotts and Activist Black Social Texts
 Guthrie, Ricardo.

Nothing Post- about Blackness: Analyzing the Paradox of Post-Blackness
 Middleton, Acie.


Octavia E. Butler’s Aversion to Labeling: Black Women, Stereotypes and Transcended the Boundries of Female Protagonists
 Walker, Tiffany.

Old Kingdom Kemetic Art and Black/African Youth
 George III, Clarence.

Old World Texts in New World Spaces: Missing African Literacies in US Literacy Research
 Pogue, Tiffany.

On Culture, Education & Community: A SWOT Analysis of Leadership Development in Southern Malawi
 Reynolds, Kanton.

Orality, Literacy, Musicality, and All the Jazz.
 Hall, Perry.


Paradigm Shifts in Black America
 Harris, David.

Perfect Peace and Princess Boys: Literary Depictions of Gender Nonconforming Black Children
 Harwell, Osizwe.

Performance Of Race :Obama Biracial Politics
 Hassan, Bashir.

Performance Patterns of Yoruba Drum Poetry
 Sotunsa, Mobolanle.

Piracy in Somalia: Is it Criminality at High Seas or a Defense of National Sovereignty Rights?
 Ochwa-Echel, James.

Planet Rock: Rediscovering the Peace Tradition Within Hip Hop
 Johnson, Andre.

Political & Environmental Degradation in Somalia
 Zakaria, Nada.

Political Prisoners: A Neglected Aspect of Black Power Studies
 Jones, Charles.

Post-modern Pop: The 1980s, Whitney Houston, and the "new" American Popular Sound
 Morrison, Matthew.

Preventing Obesity Among Black Women, Through the Lenses of Black Feminism and Womanism
 Barlow, Jameta.

Project Title: Into a Den of Bureaucrats for Her Portion : A Critical Examination of the Intersection of the 4th Amendment and U.S. Welfare Policy
 McCalester, Jo Von.

Prolegomena Toward a Theory of African American Studies as Transdisciplinary
 Norment, Jr., Nathaniel.

Propaganda Without Preparation: The Mis-Education of the African American College Freshman in the 21st Century
 Wells, Konnie.

Proposal for NCBS to Liberate African-America as a Social Responsibility
 Dennis, James.

Public Health Policy and Relevance to Mobile Food Vending
 Wallace, Edward.

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Que dança é essa?: Reflections of gendered power relations and sociocultural expressions of sexuality in agarrada dancing to Roots reggae in São Luis do Maranhão, Brazil.
 Yawson, Gee.


Race and Race to the White House: Racializing Barack and Michelle Obama from 2008 to the Present
 Bell, Ramona.

Race, Resistance, and Civil Society: The Institutionalization of Black Power
 Bell, Joyce.

Racial Formation in a Post Racial Society
 Trice, Kinyatta.

Racial Identity, Black Studies Classes, and the Politics of Black Identity
 Cokley, Kevin.

Racial Violence Touches the House: The Murder of Two Morehouse Sons
 Dunn, Stephane.

Racial identity development and psychological coping strategies of African American males in the development of positive health outcomes.
 Bridges, Eric.

Racialism: Media Framing and the First Black President of the United States
 Berry, Venise.

Racialized Perceptions of Minorities: A Comparative Analysis of Symbolic Racism in Europe
 Pikes, Brandi.

Rational Rebels: The Religious Roots of the Nat Turner Revolt
 Brown, Ronald.

Re-Defining the Pipeline: Two Solutions Based Approaches Addressing African-American Male Educational Attainment
 Best, Latrica. and Davis, JR., Charles.

Re-Generating Her/Story: Race, Rape and the Performative Process of Decolonizing Black Love
 Hastings, Rachel.

Re-Writing the English Curriculum
 Quiett Jenkins, Rasheedah.

Re-imagining African American Identity through African Fabric and Symbols
 Williams, Dianne.

Re-visioning the Slave Past via Ancestral Memory in Phyllis Alesia Perry’s Stigmata
 Patton, Venetria.

Reckoning With the Land: Towards an Environmental and Political History of African-American Social Movements
 Densu, Kwasi.

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SIDS in the African American Community
 Mack, Niya.

Salt Peanuts: Theorizing a Bebop Methodology
 Davis, Amira.

Sara Baartman to Black Barbie: Debunking the Negative Labels assigned to African American Women
 Rossell-Wright, Deidra.

Scotland and Slavery: Coming to Terms With the Truth
 Davidson, Jeanette.

Self-representation of African international students at a Mid-Western university in the US
 Manguvo, Angellar.

Sexual Desire, Alternatives, and Deviancies in Nigeria
 Robison, Tracy.

Sexuality, Migration and HPV: Exploring the Sociocultural Context of an STI in the Black Caribbean Immigrant Population in Florida
 Standifer, Maisha.

Sharing the Educational Load: Isues and Solutions for African American Male Motivation in High School
 Bland, Matthew.

Shifting Targets: Literature in the "New" South Africa
 Gantt, Danielle.

Silence in the Classroom and the Academic Journey of African American Students
 Winn, Alisha.

Skateboarding in the Hood: A critical ethnographic examination of urban street skateboarding as it relates to underground Hip-Hop
 Hernandez, Angel.

Skin Deep: The Psychological Effects of Color Consciousness on African Americans
 Palmer, Breanne.

Skipping Down the Road to Failure: Examining School Exclusionary Practices and the Prison Pipeline
 Miller, Patricia.

Slippin Backbones: Black Girl Language Defined
 Bowman, Salandra.

Snake Gwaan Eat Whateva in the Belly of the Frog: Bermuda’s Sally Bassett, Poisoning and Maritime Maroonage, and Transatlantic Networks of Resistance to Slavery.
 Swan, Quito.

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Telling our Story: Narrative Therapy, Mental Healing, And Cointelpro.
 Akinyela, Makungu.

The Trouble with the Trouble: Black "At-Risk" Adolescents in the Crucible of Public Education
 West, Horzabrey.

The (Re)Groundings with My Brothers: African-Centered Thought and Movement in Atlanta, Georgia, 1992-2002
 Young, Kurt.

The (Un)Conscious (Popular) Underground: Subcultural Capital and Ghettocentricity in Underground Rap Music
 Oware, Matthew.

The 21st Century Tenant Farmer
 McKinney, Cynthia.

The Academic Pressure Cooker: Motherhood and Academia
 Hale, Candice., Smith, YharNahKeeShah. and Fields, Dechantel.

The Affects of Historical knowledge on Community Activism in a Historic African American Community
 Coleman, Susan.

The African Union vs Global Governance: Pan Africanism in the Global Era
 Edozie, Rita Kiki.

The African-Canadian Middle Class
 Modibo, Najja.

The AfroLatin@™ Project: Afrodescendant Citizenship in the Digital Age
 Priestley, Amilcar.

The American Scheme: A Critical Analysis of the Sociological Philosophy in President Obama's Educational Rhetoric
 Coleman, Robyn.

The Best Black Face in the Worst White House?
 Fishman, Darwin.

The Black Campus Movement and the Racial Reconstitution of Higher Education, 1965-1972
 Rogers, Ibram.

The Black Consciousness Movement and the Decolonization of Black Power
 Cole, Jocelyn.

The Black Preacher in the 21st Century
 McWilliams, Weldon.

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US Domestic Colonialism: Stealing Art and Crippling Fisk
 Heusel, Jennifer.

Understanding the Persistence of Poverty within Black America through the Prism of Historical Capital and the Atlantic World
 Brown, Owen.

Unmarried Women and the Social Contract
 Oke, Ronke.

Up You Mighty Race: The African American Intellectual Tradition and Its Impact on African American Studies
 Spearman, Patrick.

Uprisings, Rebellions and Action: Factors that influence Afrodescendant social moments in Latin America
 Smith, Linda.

Upward Mobility: Experiences With Families of Origin Among College-educated African American Women
 Simmons, Danielle.

Using Afrocentricity to Explore Black Women's Experiences in Doctoral Programs
 Reddick, Bonnie.

Utilizing Universal Learning Design, Bloom's Taxonomy and Technology to Increase Accessibility and Learning
 Backmon, Betty. and Torres, Thersa.


Valuing: HIV Prevention Education Research and Evaluation
 Davis, Sarita.

Violence in Revolutionary Warfare: The Case of South Africa’s Fight against Apartheid
 Frimpong, Prince.

Violent Revolution in a Non-Violent Era: The Program and Strategies of the Black Liberation Army
 Austin, Curtis.

Vision of Hope: Money & Race Inside the Ebony Tower
 Barksdale, Marcellus.

Vitriolic Verse, Reflexive Triangularity and the Identity Politics of African-American Poets in the Nineteenth Century
 Hendrickson, Jason.


W. E. B. Du Bois, the Atlanta Sociological Laboratory and Africana Studies
 Wright II, Earl.

Walking the Tightrope of Leadership: Booker T. Washington in the Age of Jim Crow
 Jackson, Jr., David.

Watching God and Brewster Place: The Black Woman’s Mini-Narrative
 Wimby, Monique.

Water Security: Ethiopia-Egypt Transboundary Challenges over the Nile River Basin.
 Rahman, Majeed.

We Wear the Masks: The Mis-Representation of African American People in Politics, Media, and Entertainment
 Davis, Jaiyvohn.

Wellness Centers and Their Benefit to African-American Women
 Rhymes, Ondrea.

What Costs does the Black Community Incur, when the Cost of a College Education is Determined too Expensive?
 Kabengele, Blanche.

What are Students learning in courses that focus on Race?
 Tripp, Luke. and Tripp, Michael.

When Attitudes Kill: The Legal Construction of Racial Discrimination in Health Care
 Jenkins, Kevin.

When Rap Became 'Gangsta': How the Rodney King/Watts Riots Redefined Hip Hop
 Joyner, Gee. and Fisher, Earle.

When and Where [My Pleasure] Enter[s]
 Francis, Conseula.

When the Stage Lights Dim: The Performance of Hetero-Normative Black Masculinity in Post-1970s Disco and Rhythm and Blues
 Middleton, Acie.

White Armies/Black Troops: How was Africa Really Colonized?
 Watts, Daud.

Who Shot Ya? A Look at Black Power on the Silver Screen.
 Cole, Jocelyn.

Who’s your Mammy? Tyler Perry and the Limits of Black Spectatorship
 Allen, Stephanie.

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X Marked the Spot: Malcolm X and His Influence on the Call For Black Studies
 Tyehimba, Agyei.


Yellow, Green and Black: The Treatment of Venus and Serena Williams in Professional Tennis
 Cosby, Teresa.

You Mean, There's Race in My Movie?
 Gooding, Frederick.
36th Annual National Council for Black Studies 2012-Mar-08 to 2012-Mar-10
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