37th Annual National Council for Black Studies 2013-Mar-13 to 2013-Mar-17

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"A Way to Live in Truth": Redemption and Healing in August Wilson’s _Gem of the Ocean_
 Jones, Jacqueline.

"Before the Flood": Black Labor in Illinois During the Late Nineteenth Century
 Ward, Alonzo.

"Brenda's Got a Baby": Single Motherhood in the Streets
 Hitchens, Brooklynn.

"Children's Stories?" Hip-Hop's Influence on Urban Youth Culture
 Green, Jasmine.

"Continuing with the Vision of the Past: Teaching Black Studies in Grades K-6 through NCBS's Community Education and Civic Engagement Grant"
 Glocke, Aimee.

"DO YOU HAVE GOOD RELIGION?" The Prophetic Rhetoric of the Slave Revolts of Gabriel Prosser, Denmark Vesey, Nat Turner, and John Brown
 Travers, Kimberley.

"For such a time as thisTransnational African Christian Women and their impact on U.S. culture
 Smith, Candis.

"In All Our Harlems": Policing Black Youth and the Case of the Harlem Six
 Suddler, Carl.

"Islam as a vehicle for Black liberation: The Case of Bermuda"
 Jeffries, Bayyinah.

"I’m a Shoe Connoisseur, I Been Gettin’ Shoes:" Race, Masculinity, and Sneaker Fandom
 Bush, Christina.

"Original Beauty: Black Hair on YouTube"
 Haaruun, Ayana.

"Rebuilding a Fallen City": Black Power Organizing in the Post-Industrial Bottomlands
 Pimblott, Kerry.

"Step Back, White Boy": Black Feminist Analysis of Hand Clapping Games
 Nichols, Lydia.

"The Confessions of Harriet Jacobs"
 Salvant, Shawn.

"The Ordeal of the Jungle": Race, Violence, and the Chicago Labor Movement, 1916-1920
 Bates, David.

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A Million Dollar Gem: The Madam C. J. Walker Theater
 Manuel, Ph.D., Cordelia.

A New Race War in America: A Womanist Rhetorical Analysis of the RNA-11 Case
 Gaines, Rondee.

A Primary Target: The Assassination of the Black Family in the U.S.
 Little, Breeia.

A Rapper, a Rose, and a Visionary Language: A Stylistic Study of Tupac Shakur’s Poetry
 Lancaster, Iris.

A Revolutionary Understanding of Afrocentric Afrolatinidades
 Aaron, Ashley.

A Second Emancipation Proclamation: Remembering the Roots of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
 Lovelace, H. Timothy.

A Sense of Place: African American Place-Making
 Sadler, Cynthia.

A Shelter in the Time of Storm: The Correlation between housing instability and spirituality in Nashville, Tennessee
 Cole, Ouida.

A Study of Images from the 19th Century Illustrated Black Press
 Spencer, Deirdre.

Access to Higher Education: The social and economic impact of Online Education on African-American students
 Lovelace, Daisy.

Adult responses to disruptive student behavior: An exploration of culturally relevant strategies
 Joseph, Andrea.

Affirmative Action and Implications for Faculty Diversity
 Rucker, Sydney. and Harris, Cameron.

African American Entrepreneurship in the Era of Globalization
 House-Soremekun, Bessie.

African American Mental Health in the Millennium Media, 2000-2012
 Breaux, Richard.

African American Parents of Children with Severe Cerebral Palsy
 Walters, Rita.

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BAM III: The Impact of Black Students on the University of Michigan
 Shuck, Johari.

Beah Richards, Race, and Body Culture In Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (1967)
 McKoy, Sheila.

Being Black and African: The Intersection of Race and Ethnicity Among New African Diasporas in the United States
 Nwabara, Olaocha.

Beyond Madame C. J. Walker: Exploring the Black Business and Entrepreneurial Class in Indianapolis
 Little, Monroe. and Bates, Leon.

Beyond the Atlantic: African Identity in India and Sri Lanka
 Jayawardene, Sureshi.

Black Bodies, Difficult Memories an Exploration of African American Human and Spatial Agency in Fort Bend County, Texas
 Roberts, Andrea.

Black Feminism and Ageing Black Female Sexuality: Stereotypes, Challenges and the Importance of Inclusion
 Crider, Juanita.

Black Girls Growing Up In The United Kingdom: Telling Our Stories
 Davidson, Jeanette.

Black Men in Social Work: Practice, Policy, Problems
 Jones, Gary. and Steele, Reuben.

Black Power, Borrowed Power: Race and Cultural Identity in Contemporary Afrobeat Music
 Dosunmu, Oyebade.

Black Studies Birmingham: A Critical Reflection on the Failure of Black Studies in the Cradle of the Civil Rights Movement
 Foster, Theodore.

Black Studies and The Bombastic Brilliance of Black Twitter
 Ellis, Kimberly.

Black Studies, African American Studies, Africana Studies or Africology? The debate about how to name the discipline revisited
 Okafor, Victor.

Black Women’s Bodies: Symbols of Honor and Violence
 Delongoria, Maria.

Black and Hispanic Migration: Repeating Trends
 Coker, Schane.

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CYBERNETIC WORLDS AT PLAY: Poetics of Online Black/Diasporic Homoerotic Expansion
 Hassan, Bashir.

Called to Serve: Disrupting the Practice of Leadership Privilege
 Brunson, Margaret. and Hemphill, Mary.

Cease Fire on Labeling African-Americans with learning disabilities
 Lynn, Joe.

Changing Nation: The Power of Sénégalese Hip Hop and the Quest for Femcees
 Lo, Sheba.

Chemistry Achievement and the African Caribbean Immigrant Students' Home: A Mixed-Methods Study
 Pinder, Dr. Patrice.

Civil Rights, Black Power and Economic Development: A historical foundation for the Reparations Movement
 Gammage, Justin.

Climate Change and African Socio-Diversity:Overcoming the Crisis in the Sahel, from Sudan to Mali
 Hewitt, Cynthia.

Collegiate Experience of African-Born Faculty in U.S. Academy
 Ukpokodu, Omiunota.

Color Me Faggot: Black LGBTQ’s of Atlanta, Georgia, and Intra-Group Prejudices and Discriminations
 Simpkins, Antwann.

Come to My Kwe-Kwe: African Guyanese Ritual Performance and Rediasporization in New York City
 Richards-Greaves, Gillian.

Coming to Get and Needing to Keep: Organizational Participation within a Professional Community
 Chioneso, Nkechinyelum. and Brookins, Craig.

Coming to Get and Wanting to Keep: Organizational Participation within a Professional Community
 Chioneso, Nkechinyelum. and Brookins, Craig.

Commination Exercise and Conflict Resolution Skills Help Young Marriages
 Ross, Mikale.

Confined Community: The Formation and Destruction of the Farish Street Historic District
 Baker, Dwayne.

Connections Work for Helping Professions and Other Interested Parties: The Relational Cultural Theory and How its Application can Transform Lives
 Finger-Wright, Dolores.

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Decolonization of the Earth and Being: Indigenous Ways of Knowing in Africana Experience
 Kunnie, Julian.

Decolonizing the Black Church: Daniel Alexander Payne’s Role in Colonizing African Americans in the 19th century and the Impact Today
 De Leon, Heidi.

Decolonizing the Black Church: The role of Daniel Alexander Payne and the impact today
 De Leon, Heidi.

Defying Death: A Search for Black Manhood and the True Black Woman in the BAM
 Forsgren, La Donna.

Demanding Justice!: Influence of Two Black Student Movements on IUPUI
 Rogers, Juhanna.

Democracy in African Countries: Does it Stimulate Economic Development?
 N-Yaaba, Lawrence. and Bolden, Nicholas.

Denmark Vesey: An Atlantic Perspective
 Flemming, Tracy.

Determining the Self: The Republic of New Afrika and Lifestyle Politics During the 1970s
 Onaci, Edward.

Diasporic Nationalism: Constructing a Family of Our Own
 Flannery, Ifetayo.

Did You Read What She Said? Orality, Literacy, and Embodied Texts in Diasporic African Spiritual Traditions
 Pogue, Tiffany.

Digital Africana Studies: Singularity, Performativity, and Technologizing the Field
 Carter, Bryan.

Django Unchained: A Content Analysis - Is it “just a movie”?
 Allison, Donnetrice.

Do Black Women Still Come First? A Critical Examination of the Time Warner Purchase of Essence Communications, Inc.
 Hill, Marcus.

Do Negro Boys Need Separate Schools?: Evaluating Success and Single-Sex Charter Schools
 Jones, Amber.

Do You See What I See: Collegiate Males Representations in Media
 Smith, YharNahKeeShah.

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Earl Lovelace's call for reparations in Salt
 Maharaj, Jassodra.

Early American Literature and its Lasting Influence on the Educating of Black Youth
 McInnis, Latoya.

Emancipation Day Sunrise Service: Reinventing African Traditions and Policing Ethnic Boundaries in Guyana
 Richards-Greaves, Gillian.

Empowering Faith Communities of Color to Combat Health Disparities: A Descriptive Study
 Hill, Anthony.

Entrepreneur And Practice Of Innovation
 Arif, Mohd.

Envisioning Freedom: African American Resistance in Pennsylvania, 1784-1800
 Dickinson, Michael.

Ethnic Profiling: The Afro-French Experience
 Whembolua, Guy-Lucien.

Evacuating the Father Wounds in Ernest J. Gaines’s novel In My Father's House (1978)
 Boyd, Stacy.

Examining African American Masculinity, Fatherhood and Media Depictions of African American Fathers & Families
 Thompson, Amberly.

Exploring Complexities of Teacher Identity and Race: An Autoethnographic Study
 Crooms, Cyrene.

Exposure to chronic violence: Its impact on academic achievements of Black male college students
 Oden, Lorette.


Fanon, Violence and Schooling: Reclaiming our Embodied Africanness as counter-insurgent Knowing
 Ilmi, Ahmed.

Female Genital Circumcision: The Misinterpretation of a Surviving Tradition
 Williams, Myia.

Festival, Music, and the Performance of Nigerian Igbo Identity in a North America City
 Okigbo, Austin.

Filling the Void: Exploring the Relationship Between Africana/Black Studies & African American Museums
 Kirby, Jr., Jimmy.

Finding Mama In Academia: An Examination of the Impact of Black Female Professors on the Success of Black Students
 Sampson-Choma, Tosha.

First Generation College Student: Decrease Work and Increase Connectedness
 Wallace, Edward.

Folk Medicine Use Among the Gullah: Bridging the Gap between Folk Medicine and Westernized Medicine
 Banks, Tiara.

Freedom in Laughter: Dick Gregory, Bill Cosby, and the Politics of Representation in African American Comedy, 1963-65
 Frierson, Malcolm.

Freedom, Trans-spatial Identity and Diasporic Consciousness in the Poetry of Frances E.W. Harper and Paul Laurence Dunbar
 Hendrickson, Jason.

From "Race" to Racism: Shifting Health Discourse to Provide Pragmatic Solutions to the Social Root of Inequality
 Schueler, Adam.

From Equiano’s Slave Ship To The Battle Royale: The African American Fight Scene
 Ramon, Donavan.

Front Porch Funerals: The Visible Mourning of the Invisible Death of Urban Black America
 Yearby, Quinnmesha.


Garifunaduáü: Cultural Continuity, Change and Resistance in the Garifuna Diaspora
 Servio-Mariano, Boyd.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are Devastating the Black Community
 Harris, Cathy.

Georgia Geechees and Gullahs During the Civil War Era: The Case of the Morgan-Frazier Family Clan
 Cromartie, J. Vern.

God Don't Like Ugly and He Damn Sure Ain't Impressed with Pretty
 Turner, Monica.

Going Beyond the Plot and the Protagonist: Teaching the African Novel Using Inside Information
 Gaffin, V.

Good Hair: A Blues Meditation
 Baxa, Malaika.

Google Searching for Black Girls Online: Old Media Stereotypes in New Media Practices
 Noble, Safiya.


HBCU’s are the Homeplace for Black Students
 Wright, Donela.

HENRY MCNEAL TURNER: A Crusade of Hope for African Americans
 Travers, Kimberley.

HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa: Why women are more vulnerable
 Ochwa-Echel, James.

Healing the Little Girl Within: Healers Healing Sexual Trauma
 Clark, Dinah.

Health Care, Spirituality and Decision-Making
 Anderson, Gloria.

Henri Christophe and Citadelle Laferrière: Legacies and Transformations of Colonialism
 Coombs, Adam.

Henry McNeal Turner and the Emancipation Proclamation
 Johnson, Andre.

Hey, Nigger, You Look Like a Nigger: The American Literary Canon's Demonization of the African Americans in Mass Media
 Joyner, Gee.

HipHop: Womanism--Methods to Floss and Theories to Flow
 Fischer, Dawn-Elissa.

Historical and Cultural Influences on African American Music
 Stephenson, JoAnne.

Historical legacy of Colonialism and Independence in African Culture
 Ebang Toung Mve, Franck Tucker.

 Dixon, Fredrick.

Hollywood, Black Women and Cosmetic Surgery
 Tillman, Jasmine.

Homosexual Contributions to Hip-Hop
 Martinez, Joe.

Hurricane Katrina was bound to happen: the Southern Strategy and African American politics
 Brown, Nikki.


I Am Because We Are: Neural Basis of Collectivism in African People Pedagogical Implications for Educating African Youth
 Burbanks, Samuel.

I'm Supposed to be Free: Edna Johnson and the Struggle for Civil Rights in Indiana
 Cunningham, Rebekah.

If You Can’t be Free, Be Indignant: The Womanist Legacy of Malcolm X
 Radford-Hill, Sheila.

Images of Black Power: Art and the Campaign to Free Huey P. Newton
 Morgan, Jo-Ann.

Immigration Reform Policy: Problems and Prospects of a Durable African American-Latino Political Coalition
 Clemons, Michael.

Intergenerational Guideposts: Consistency within Black Feminism
 Ferguson, Tomika.

International Financial Management
 Arif, Mohd.

International Strategic Alliance
 Arif, Mohd.

Internationalization of Hip Hop Fashion: Trans-Pacific Cultural Exchange
 Kiuchi, Yuya.

Intimacy in a South African Village: Of Church, Love, and Resistance
 Watson, Marcus.

Isaiah Dorman: The Man and the Myth
 Eickhoff, Mark.

It's all in the Mind: The Pressues of Fame and Failure in the Hip-Hop Generation
 Tipton, Chandler.


Jukin’ to the Alter: Exploring the Queen of the Juke, GeoSocial Boundaries, and Respectability in Mid-20th Century Film
 Halliday, Aria.


Ka Ba: An Aesthetic Analysis of Sacred Sounds in Motion
 Bratcher, Melanie.

Kabila, Lumumba, Tshombe and Me
 Davis IV, Edward.

Keeping it Real: Towards a Black Studies /Social Work Pedagogy
 Vaught, Seneca.

Kennedy-King Dialogue
 Wolfe, Jim.

Kent State University: The Untold Story of Black Power in a White University
 Khemet, Kofi.


Legacy of the Black Power Movement
 Sokoya, Kinaya.

Leroy Keyes and Youth Activism in the late 1960s
 Ratchford, Jamal.

Linking Environmental Studies with Transforming Black Experiences
 Patterson, Rubin.

Listening to Malcolm: Malcolm X and the Traditions of Black Humor
 Tkweme, W.S..

Literature as History – Revolt of Consciousness in Slave Narratives, Revolt Literature, African American Fiction, Hip-Hop Bibliography
 Hollowell, Deonte.

Literature of the New African Diasporas: Global crossroads
 Kalubi, John.

Little Oreo Girl in a Big Brown World-Whiteness and Higher Education
 Smith, YharNahKeeShah.

Locating Matongé
 Davis IV, Edward.


Making a Home in America: Cameroonian Immigrants in the United States
 Takougang, Joseph.

Making the Solutions Problem Free: A Review of The Adventures of Sankofa
 Williams, Oluwatosin.

Malcolm X and the Black Campus Movement
 Rogers, Ibram.

Malcolm X as Living Agent of Personal Transformation: The Michigan Prison Experience
 Rahman, Ahmad.

Malcolm, the Cuban Revolution, Race and the Case of Carlos Moore
 Johnson, Ollie.

Many Voices (1970-1972): Rhetorics of Pragmatism, Cynicism, Optimism, and Determination in the Arkansas Delta
 Alston-Miller, Monika.

Mara: A Romance of Rape and Reprisal
 Young, Pat.

Measuring the Meaning of Black Media Stereotypes
 Adams-Bass, Valerie. and Stevenson, Howard.

Mental Illlness in the Black Communtiy
 Drean, Jennifer. and Davis, Sarita.

Mentorship and Community Partners
 Oden-Shabazz, Byron.

Messaging Radical Black Politics: A Study of New Afrikan Media Work, 1966-1986
 Shabazz, Amilcar.

Mixed Race Marginalization in Critical Race Discourse
 Davis, Emmalon.

Modeling Manhood: Interrogating and Reframing Representations of Black Masculinity in School
 Nasir, Na\'ilah., Givens, Jarvis. and ross, kihana.

Moving Back Toward Slavery: An Analysis of the Motive of the Carceral State in America
 Harris, Christina.

Multiculturalism and Pan Africanism
 Monteiro-Ferreira, Ana.


Nation Building: Reattachment to African Cultural Frameworks in the Education of African Youth
 Shockley, Kmt.

Navigating Uncharted Territories: My Quest to Become A Culturally Responsive Leader
 Boyd, Libra.

Negotiated Freedom: The Socio-Cultural Impact of the Memphis Cotton Makers Jubilee
 Sadler, Cynthia.

Nollywood in Latin America: Exploratory Research on Audience Consumption in Brazil.
 Ewing, Kamahra.


Obama, Africa, and the Absence of African American Leadership and Advocacy
 Alkebulan, Adisa.

On Black Education: Conflict & Agreement Through Time
 Givens, Jarvis.

On the Wrong Side of Freedom: African American Allies and Informants of the Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission
 Sadler, Cynthia.

One Less Lonely Girl : An In-Depth Analysis Of The Infamous “Single, Educated Black Woman”
 Osagie, Osamagbe. and Harwell, Osizwe.

Oppressed in the Womb: Racism and Adverse Birth Outcomes for African American Women
 Fannin, Lauren.

Our Rites of Passage!: Narratives on the Racialized Experiences of Black Women in British Universities
 Rogers, Juhanna.

Out of one come many: African American students' attitudes concerning African American Studies courses
 Spearman, Patrick.

Overlooking a Legend: Hank Aaron and Baseball in the Deep South
 Tomlinson, Lauren.

Overweight and Obesity Among African American Women: An Examination of Predictive and Risk Factors and Weight Reduction Recommendations
 Sutherland, Marcia.


Pan-Africanism, the Evolution of the 20 Century African Art and the Black Art in America
 Blood, Peggy. and Ademuleya, Babasehinde.

Perils and Challenges to Higher Education Institutions Involved in Civic Engagement Activities
 Blackmon, Betty.

Pimps, (False) Prophets, Half-Truths and the Commodification of the Prophetic Tradition
 Fisher, Earle.

Political Stasis and the Anti-Black Identity: Fanon, Rejected African Heritage and the Accommodation of Colorism in the Caribbean
 Radney, El-Ra.

Poornography and the Entrenchment of Western Hegemony: The Case of Kony 2012 Video
 Akena, Francis.

Popular Culture and the Hyper-sexualized Black Woman: Young Black Women Speak
 Fortune, Jamella.

Positional Identity and Power: Stereotypes that Influence Asian, African and African American Teachers' Positional Identity
 Blackwell, Edith.

Post-Racial Before Post-Racial Was Cool: Sidney Poitier and Hollywood’s Quest for a De-racialized Blackness
 Jordan, Joseph.

Post-Racialism in the 21st Century
 Barnes, Dwayne.

Prince Hall: The Man, The Order and the State of the Lodge in Indiana
 Morgan, Mike.

Progeny of the Persecuted: The Carceral Class and the ‘African’ Diaspora
 Loggins, Ameer.

Public Art, Race, and History in Indianapolis: Fred Wilson’s _ E Pluribus Unum_
 Labode, Modupe.

Public Perceptions of African American Women
 Pellerin, Marquita.

Purposeful Roots: The Transcendental Natural Hair Journey
 Brunson, Margaret.

Pushing the Boundaries of Blackness: How Indigeneity Challenges the Racial History of Detroit
 Mays, Kyle.


Queering Africana Christianities: Blackness, Masculinity, and the Rise of Gay Evangelicals
 Tucker Edmonds, Joseph.


Race and Privilege in Community Design
 Smith, Debra. and Ryan, Deborah.

Race as a Cultural-Ideological Class Construct and its impact on Human Rights Discourse
 Pope, James.

Race, Faith & Politics
 Signil, Christopher.

Race, Religion, and The Haitian Revolution
 Joseph, Celucien.

Racial Adjustment and the Progressive Era Ideal
 Guillroy, J..

Racializing Difference Here and There: Anthropological Perspectives on the Afro-Atlantic World
 Harrison, Faye.

Racing to the Demise: A Discourse on Issues and Destructive Socio-Political Commentaries Targeting the Black Nuclear Family
 Thompson, Angelynn.

Racing to the Demise: A Discourse on the Black Nuclear Family
 Thompson, Angelynn.

Racism and Soccer in "New Europe"
 Pels, Robert.

Re-imagining African American Identity through African Aesthetics
 Williams, Dianne.

Reading Between the Lines: The History of Same Sex Desire in Nigerian Literature
 Robison, Tracy.

Rebranding Black Amerrica -- Confronting The Toxic Marketing Cocktail Of American Business
 Hampton, Mark.

Recognizing the Invaluable Contribution of Henerietta Vinton Davis to the UNIA
 Bandele, Ramla.

Redefining Blackness: An Examination of Cultural Identity among African Americans and Caribbean Blacks
 Greene, Anthony.

Remaking Ellen Craft: Georgia Douglas Johnson, Black Drama, and New Negro Womanhood
 Carter, Derrais.

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S.Res. 496: The Push To Observe the Historical Significance of Juneteenth Independence Day
 Williams, Kendrea.

Sankofa: Go Back and Fetch It! Research on the Effectiveness of an Afrocentric Curriculum
 George III, Clarence.

Sankofa: Looking Back to Fetch from the Past
 Nnam, Nkuzi.

Seeds of Fire – African American Indigenous Knowledge and Skill Development
 Hoff, Pamela.

Selling Surface: Examining the Construction of Visuality in Hip-Hop Music Videos
 Cramer, Lauren.

Sexuality & Health for African American Teens: A Critical Application of Development Theory
 Gilbert, Tracie.

Shanley’s Parable on Doubt: A Clash of Discourses and Their Visions for America
 Brown, Donald.

Single Parenting in the African American Community: Implications for Public Policy and Practice
 Whitaker, Ingrid. and Whitaker, Mark.

Slave Emancipation Revisited
 Grant, John.

Slavery Televised: Bernardo Guimarães’ A Escrava Isaura and the Global Telenovela
 Kennon, Raquel.

So After All My Logic And My Theory: Emancipatory Research Through Hiphop
 Roberts, Christopher.

Social Justice in Ancient Egypt: Ancient Philosophical Foundations for Modern Claims
 Karenga, Maulana.

Social Media and the Presidential Campaign
 Echols, SaMecha.

Social Media, Community Mobilization and the Race to Occupy: The Case of Occupy the Hood
 Black, Kimberly.

Social Responsibility Contemporary Approaches Abstract
 Abner, Anthony.

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Taking Post-Racialism Seriously: From Movement Mythology to Racial Formation
 Taylor, Paul.

Tananarive Due’s Re-visioning the Past and Imagining the Future Through the Eyes of Ancestral Ghosts
 Patton, Venetria.

Teaching is a Calling: An African Perspective
 Ukpokodu, Omiunota.

Teaching the Talented Teens: An Examination of Academic Attainment Among African American Young Men
 Woods, Brandy.

Teaching, Mentoring and Public Engagement in “Anthropology of Blackness”: Notes from Disciplinary Intersections without Cross-listing
 Fischer, Dawn-Elissa.

The "Rape Over" of Hip Hop: Corporate Overseer’s Wreckin’ the Urban Community
 Webb, Naeemah.

The 21st Century Tenant Farmer
 McKinney, Cynthia.

The Abydos Formula and the Interrogation of the Future
 Asante, Molefi.

The African Diaspora’s Allegory of the Cave
 Ford, Richard.

The Athletic Career and Acclaim of Leroy Keyes
 Riley, Andrew.

The Cathy Harris Story Helped Pass Federal Whistleblower Laws
 Harris, Cathy.

The Changing Same: Urban Communities and Rebellion Aftermath
 Howard, Ashley.

The Class Character of the Black Condition: the Significance of Delineating Marx and Weber
 Woodson, Andrew.

The Cost of Progress: Urban Renewal, Urban Universities, and Displace Communities
 Rucker, Sydney. and Harris, Cameron.

The Creole Garden, Earth Epistemologies and Caribbean Decolonial Discourse
 Parris, Ayanna.

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Un-Politically Correct: A Workshop in Africana Expression
 Nicholas, Alice.

Uncovering the Long Black Student Movement, 1919-1972
 Rogers, Ibram.

Unraveled Pieces of Me: A Sociological Analysis of Former African American Slave Women’s and Perceptions of Life in Antebellum Arkansas
 Brantley, Demario.

Unshackling the cost of history: Can Hollywood make motion pictures about slavery?
 Banton, Arthur.

Uplifting Identities: Theorizing Blackness in Light of Mixed Race Realities
 Howell-Carter, Marya.

Urban concentration of impoverishment under globalism regime: curriculum units comparing West Africa & U.S. Midwest
 Santiago-Valles, W. F..


Victims of Circumstance: The Black Experience in America
 Davis, Jaiyvohn.

Voices & Visions from Southside: An NCBS/NBUFC Community Engagement Grant Project, 2012
 Guthrie, Ricardo.

Voices from Caribbean College Classrooms: The Academic and Lived Experience of Jamaican Non-traditional Female Students in Higher Education
 Black-Chen, Marsha.


WWII’s Forbidden Love: A Government’s Racist Caste of Rejection
 Patton, Tracey.

Wanting to Be Well: Women as Healing Agents and Subjects in The Salt Eaters and Mama Day
 Matta, Allia.

We are STILL Brave: Black Women’s Radicalism in postwar America
 Yancy, Brittney.

What To Do When You Become Director: A Practical Guide to Black Studies Administration
 Francis, Conseula.

When Cultural Drag Goes Wrong: Problematic Representations of Rape in Manu Herbstein's Ama
 Harris, Christina.

When History and Place Matter: Understanding the Patterns of Black Farm Numbers in the Census of Agriculture, 1982-2007
 wood, spencer. and Wiley, Zelia.

White College Student Allies: Interracial Cooperation in a Black Power Based Movement.
 Gilbert, Cornelius.

Will the real Black super heroes please stand up!: A critical analysis
 Ghee, Kenneth.

William R. Jones and the Black Nontheistic Tradition: Expanding the Black Religious Experience
 O\'Neal, Brittany.

With Determination and Fortitude We Come to Vote: Black Resistance to Voter Suppression in Mississippi
 Williams, Michael.


Yellow, Black, and Read All Over: Historicizing the Negro Press's Representations of Japanese Imperialism
 Brickler IV, Alex.

Yes, the Environment is in Bad Condition:But Will it Deteriorate or Will We Transform It?
 Mickens, E. Michelle.

You Must Learn!: Reassessing Hip-Hop’s Origins
 Johnson, Talib.

Young, Gifted and Endangered: The Crisis of Black Males in America and the Peculiarities of a Dying Breed
 Simpson, Alphonso.


Zora Neale Hurston: Genres, Geographies, and Genders
 Freeman Marshall, Jennifer.
37th Annual National Council for Black Studies 2013-Mar-13 to 2013-Mar-17
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