38th Annual NCBS National Conference 2014-Mar-05 to 2014-Mar-09

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"Bloneva Bond--Longtime Niagara Falls, New York Activist
 Boston, Michael.

"Don't think I'm just his little wife”: Reading the Discography of Beyonce as a Post (post) Feminist Manifesto
 Hamilton, Aretina.

"Im Going To Stay Single:" The Price of Negative Marriage Depictions
 Monroe, Calvin.

"Knowledge of Self": Educational Thought in the Nation of Islam, 1960-1970
 Jones, Lindsey.

"Markers of Terror - Based Trauma in African American Women's Discourse: Selected Case Studies"
 Pennington, Dorothy.

"Miss Ida B. Wells:" Kicking Ass Badly
 Young, Pat.

"Portraits of Women's Power in Ancient Egypt: The Office of the Divine Wife of Amen"
 Karenga, Tiamoyo.

"Sun Ra and Autonomous Marxism: The Digital Turn at the End of History"
 Anderson, Reynaldo.

"The Four Good Deeds of Ra: Conceptual Sources of Human Rights in Ancient Egypt"
 Karenga, Dr. Maulana.

"The Real Ghosts in the Machine: Afrofuturism and the Haunting of Racial Space"
 Guthrie, Ricardo.

"Urban Renewal is Black Removal": The Language of Whiter Transformation
 Rice, AJ.

(In)visible Black Males: A Qualitative Study of The Narratives of Black Masculine Identities at the Pebbles School
 Laing, Tony.

(Re)Inscribing Meaning: Closing the Excellence Gap
 Yeboah, Amy.

(re)Configuring What It Means to Be Black and Cultural Sustainability in Light of Epistemicide After Forty Years of Terroristic Mentacide
 James Myers, Linda.

12 Years A Slave: Understanding the Relationships between the Races
 Fontnette, Alicia. and McInnis, Latoya.

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A 2nd Look: Study Abroad Programs and African American Student's Involvement, Benefits, and Perceptions
 Holmes, Tammy.

A Black Feminism Analysis of White Women in Hip Hop & the Subjugation of Black Women
 Graham, Joseph.

A Global Citizen Rooted in African-Centered Education: Black Internationalism and South Africa's AUIS
 Caesar, Tiffany.

A Message to the People: Implications of a Radical ‘Call and Response’ Model for Community Organization
 Flannery, Ifetayo.

A Pan-African Solution to the American Political Oppression of the Black Community
 Simmons, Matthew.

A Queen in Slavery
 Jackson, Jonosha.

A Radical Critique of the Genealogy and Expansion of Policing in the United States
 Jones, Aundrey.

A Response to the Crisis in Education Policy
 Williams, Brandi.

A Sisterhood of Purpose: Black Women School Founders of the Early 20th Century
 McCluskey, Audrey.

A Slaveholders’ Excursion: Citizenship, Exclusion and Constitutionalism in the United States and Liberia
 Duck, Brittany.

AAE Speech Acts Behavior: An Inalienable Right Worth Protecting!
 DeJarnette, Glenda.

Activists With A Cause: Tim Black, Stetson Kennedy and Studs Terkel
 Stein, Alan.

Addressing “The Convergence of Consciousness” and the “Three Avenues” of W.E.B Du Bois
 Lyons, Da\'Vonte.

Aesthetic Conceptions of Freedom
 Hall, Van Anthoney.

Afraid to try? Cliff and Claire and family and education and anti-chauvinism
 Bishop, Nadielka.

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Before James Meredith: Clyde Kennard and the Battle Against School Desegregation in Mississippi
 Austin, Curtis.

Being Black: How Amiri Baraka’s Dutchman Unchained the Black Writer
 Joyner, Gee.

Beyoncé Knowles, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Toni Morrison, and Hortense Spillers: Black Feminism in Search of its Liberation Center
 Harris, Christina.

Beyond Nilocentrism: The Imperatives of African Archaeology in Black Studies
 Ogundiran, Akin.

Black American Girls and Identity Complex: Surviving within the Controlling Image “Good” or “Ghetto” Girl
 Bachelor, Jewell.

Black Bodies, White Market: Race, Class and Urban Expansion in Atlanta, Georgia
 Simpkins, Antwann.

Black Criminal Record: Race and Crime in the United States
 Pavageau, Megan.

Black Harlem: Dissipation and Revival
 Olurin, Olayemi.

Black Images in the White Mind: Imitations of Real Lilfe
 Collins, Janice.

Black Insurgency, Cold War Politics, and Robert F. Williams’s Reaction to America’s Involvement in the Vietnam War
 Stephens, Ronald.

Black Men’s Health: HIV Prevention Lesson A Hip- Hop Approach
 Whembolua, Guy-Lucien.

Black Men’s Health: Violence By Design
 Wallace, Edward.

Black Philosophy and the Essence of a Pan-African Struggle
 Radney, El-Ra.

Black Political Utopias
 Powell, Schetauna.

Black Power: A Personal and Black Nationalist/Pan Africanist Assessment
 Brown, Jr., Edward.

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Caribbean Women Finding Balance between Returning to Higher Education and being Successful: Voices from Jamaica
 Black-Chen, Marsha.

Challenges of Black Male Student-Athletes in Big-Time Intercollegiate Sports: A Critical Review of the Evidence
 Theune, Felecia., Dawkins, Marvin. and Braddock II, Jomills.

Charles Johnson’s Middle Passage as a Slave Narrative
 Hoff, Alexandra.

Chinese to English Translations of Robert F Williams’ Exile in China under Mao Zedong’s Ideology
 Yang, Mandy.

Cohabitation: The Next Frontier of the Black Family
 Coker, Schane.

Colo-mentality: Colonial Trauma in Oyono’s Houseboy and Condé’s Crossing the Mangrove
 Iheka, Cajetan.

Community Gun: African American Youth and Community Violence-The Case of Kathina & Jermayne
 Dixon, Patricia.

Constructing Liberation Technologies: Afro-futurism as a re-coding of Africana Liberation Epistemologies
 Williams, Jennifer.

Consumerism in the 2000’s: The Deterioration of Black Wealth and Prosperity
 Coker, Schane.

Contemporary Relevance of the Civil Rights Movement: Expanding the Discourse through the work of Harry Belofonte and Bill Cosby
 Frye, Danielle.

Contending with (Race)ism: Rethinking Ogbu and the Educational Experiences Caribbean American Youth
 Coleman-King, Chonika.

Continual Motion: Balancing the Roles of Black Female Administrator and Faculty Member
 Wheeler, Durene.

Contrasting experiences of Afro Descendants and Indigenas in Two Latin American Contexts
 McGarrity, Dr. Gayle.

Contrasting experiences of Afro Descendants and Indigenas in Two Latin American Contexts
 McGarrity, Dr. Gayle.

Contributions of and Corrections to The Study of 25th Dynasty Kemet
 Gaffin, Virgilette Nzingha.

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Decoding the Elusive Elements of Brixton’s 1981 Uprising through Anglo-Caribbean Migrants’ Collective Memories
 Hunter, Virgillo.

Decolonizing African American Women’s Literature: Asserting Agency in Afrocentric Analysis
 Nicholas, Alice.

Discipline and Punishment on the Settlement-Plantation
 Goonan, Casey.

Disproving the Pathological Label of Blacks: An African-Centered Exploration
 Horton, Samantha.

Do You Know?: HIV/AIDS, Social Media and African Americans
 Berry, Venise.

Documentary Presentation- Living Thinkers: An Autobiography of Black Women in the Ivory Tower
 Walker-Canton, Roxana.

Does a Guilty Verdict in the Trial of Child Killer Really Equal Success?
 Bates, Leon.


El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X): Understanding the Legacy and Continuity of a Critical Human Rights Consciousness and its Reflection in the Revolutionary Praxis of the Africana World
 Pope, James.

Environmental Terrorism in Africa
 Jallow, Saba.

Epideictic and Deliberative components of Obama’s Chicago Address on Economics and Violence
 Cochran, Jacoby.

Epsitemic Identity in Africana Studies
 McDougal, Serie.

Establishing the Black Rhetorical Tradition: Henry McNeal Turner During Reconstruction
 Johnson, Andre.

Ethnic Divide: Attitudes about Educational Achievement and Opportunities among Caribbean Blacks and African Americans
 Greene, Anthony.

Examining the Past to Move Forward: Civil Rights and Economic Development
 Gammage, Justin.

Exploring African American College Students’ Career Development Outcomes
 Flowers, Lamont. and Flowers, Lawrence.

Exploring the Color Line in Hip Hop/ Rap Music: Examining the Role of Color Consciousness in Videos and Media
 Hargrove, Jashala.


Fanon, Violence and Schooling: Reclaiming our Embodied Africanness as counter-insurgent Knowing
 Ilmi, Ahmed.

Finding a Ghetto Utopia: Understanding Omar Tyree’s Flyy Girl
 Saffold, Jacinta.

Finding a Way: Rebellious Caribbean Women Write their Liberation
 Bennett, Janelle.

For the Love of Amiyah Scott: African-American Transgendered Women, Intra-group marginalization and the perpetuation of White Hetero-normative Patriarchy
 Simpkins, Antwann.

From Malcolm X to Generation Y: The African American Muslim Community after 1965
 Beyyette, Bethany.

From One Generation to the Next: The Monroe Movement, Revolutionary Nationalism and the development of the Revolutionary Action Movement
 Umoja, Akinyele.

From the Post-Colonial to the Twenty-First Century Black African: A Call for Mental Emancipation
 Abakah, Emmanuel.


Gabby Douglas’s Hair and Michelle Obama’s Arms: The Politics of Resistance & Respectability
 Bell, Ramona.

Gentrified Cultural Regression in the Windy City: A Reassessment of Chicago’s Robert Taylor Homes Project
 Holifield, Derrick.

Ghost of a Chance: Clifford Brown, Jazz Improvisation and Afrocentric Models of Aesthetic Criticism
 Cosby, David.

Globalization and Education in Postcolonial Jamaica
 Watkins, Audrey.

God is a Negro: The (Rhetorical) Black Theology of Bishop Henry McNeal Turner
 Johnson, Andre.

Going beyond misdiagnosis, misunderstanding, and trust in the African American community: Why we as a people are so reluctant to seek psychotherapy counseling?
 Lynn, Joe.


HBCUs against Vietman! The anti-War Movement at North Carolina A&T(1960s-1970s)
 Edmonds, Kelton.

Handling the Package: African-Americans and the HIV/AIDs Epidemic in Atlanta, Georgia
 McCord, Dante.

High Hope and Fixed Purpose: Frederick Douglass and the Talented Tenth on the American Plantation
 Littleton, La\'Neice.

Hip Hop Entrepreneurs and a White Rapper Named Macklemore: How Hip Hop’s Newest MCs are Changing the Rules of the Recording Industry
 Hill, Marcus.

Hip Hop Music as Emblematic of the Nguzo Saba
 Sostaita, Barbara.

Hip Hop and Rap Narratives: Understanding Moral Entrepreneurs, The War on Drugs, and Prison Culture in Relation to Mass Incarceration
 Carter, Anthony.

 Ross, Larry.

Holding On and Losing Ground: The Importance of Place in Rebuilding Black Communities
 Sadler, Cynthia.

Homonationalism and Racialized LGBTI Organizing: Challenging the Whiteness of Transnational Methods and Ideologies
 Rodriguez, Sasha Maria.

How Anti-Affirmative Action in California Underdeveloped Black Male Higher Education: The ONYX Black Male Collective As A Paradigmatic Response
 Johnson, T..

How Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” Law is Affecting African Americans
 Wright, Courtney.

How the Media Influences the Perception of the Black Athlete
 Abner, Amir.


If I Ruled the World: Hip-Hop and Utopia
 McCarthy, Justin.

Images of African American Women in Literature and History: Women as Civil Rights Leaders
 Vinyard, Alma.

Implications of Trayvon Martin's Murder for Public Debate and Policy Analysis
 Santiago-Valles, W..

Institutional Racism and Integration: The Hidden Connection
 Spears, Rachel.

Insurrectional Knowledge: The Anti-Prison Africana Pedagogy of Assata Shakur, Mumia Abu-Jamal, and Russell Maroon Shoatz
 Tinson, Christopher.

Invisible Men: Negotiating Partisan Colorblindness & Identity Amongst African Immigrant Youth Males
 Soljour, Kishauna.

Issues in Africana Studies:Maintaining a Disciplinary Focus
 Tillotson, Michael.


Jay-Z’s Lucipher and the Insufficiency of Systematic Theology in Urban Experience
 Mansour, Charles.

Jesus moved to the suburbs: HIV, The Black Church, and Commuter Congregations
 Davis, Sarita.

Journey into Africana Studies
 Davidson, Jeanette. and Shehada, Sohail.


Keeping Your Head Up: Exploring Critical Race Theory through Hip Hop Pedagogy
 Newby, Ashley.

King Kong Ain’t Got Nothing on Me: Black Masculinity, Anti-Intellectualism, and Rage
 Lanois, Derrick.


La Representacion de Personas de tez Negra en la Revista " Magazin." (The Representation of Dark Skinned Black Puerto Ricans in the "Magazin" magazine)
 Severino, Dr. Carlos.

Leading through Empowering: Civil Rights Leadership Models as Feminine and Community-Oriented in Post-War Atlanta
 Garrison-Harrison, Christy.

Leroy Keyes, Purdue Football, and Youth Activism in the late 1960s
 Ratchford, Jamal.

Let My People Go! Special Education as the New Segregation!
 Eddie, April.

Let the Circle Be Unbroken: Freedom Schools as a Programatic Alternative for Urban Youth
 Watson, Marcia.

Life History, Race, and Social Change in 20th century America: Critical Race Biography of Howard and Sue Bailey Thurman
 Giles, Mark.

Linguistic Culture, Microagressions, and Resistance in the Courtroom: Evidence from the Trayvon Martin Trial
 Hyter, Yvette.

Logistic Overview of the Ghana National Health Insurance Policy
 N-Yaaba, Lawrence.

Lost in Translation: The Multiple Meanings and Consequences of Lynchings and Vigilantism in Ghana and Black America
 Shabazz, Kwame Zulu.


Madea as a Trickster: A Fictional Rejection of Black Female Containment
 Faust, Mitchell.

Mambomania!: Perez Prado and the Visual Borders of Blackness
 Ongiri, Amy. and Onaci, Edward.

Martin, Malcolm, and Motown: 1960s Black Leadership and the Cultural Evolution of Black Music
 Giles, Mark.

Mary Don't You Weap: Black Women's Theological Rhetoric from the Pulpit
 Marshall, Cona.

Maternal Ministry, Other Mothering, and Finding Power for Women in the Black Church: A Phenomenological Exploration
 Lovett, Shauntia.

Melvin Black, Oscar Grant, and the Struggle for Civilian Police Oversight in Oakland, California, 1979-2009
 El-Shabazz, Rasheed.

Mentoring in Education from an African Perspective: Ubuntu Can Be a Gift to the Practice
 Johnson, Latoya.

Meritocratic Minstrelsy: Discerning the Authentic and Aesthetic Performances of Rick Ross and Kanye West
 Krebs, Nicholas.

Millennium Development Goals and the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Africa: Impact of Gender Inequality and Poverty.
 Wogugu, Manfred.

Modern Day Accommodation
 Schuschke, Josh.

Modern Minstrelsy: "Black" Voices in Children's Animated Film
 Bloomquist, Jennifer.

More than Slaves: The Black College Football Player as an Extremely Exploited Proletariat According to W.E.B. Dubois’ Black Reconstruction
 Brown, Drew.

Mother Earth Knows All: Africana Studies and the Urgency of Global Warming and Climate Change
 Kunnie, Julian.

Multiliteracies and the Law
 Davis, Karen.

My Africana Studies Research Experiences after Studying Robert F. Williams
 Braddock, Benjamin.


Narratives of Black Automobility: Early Twentieth Century Road Tales of Triumph and Humiliation
 Harrison, Anthony.

New Afrikan Names, Lifestyle Politics, and the Republic of New Afrika
 Onaci, Edward.

Non-Aligned Women and The Politics of "Compulsory Feminism"
 Watkins, Valethia.


Of African Descent: Negro, to Black and Back: Post-Black identity in the 21st Century.
 Bethea, Sharon.

Of African Descent: Negro, to Black and Back: Post-Black identity in the 21st Century.
 Squires, Sharon.

Of African Descent: Negro, to Black and Back: Post-Black identity in the 21st Century.
 DeLongoria, Maria.

Of African Descent: Negro, to Black and Back: Post-Black identity in the 21st Century.
 Smith, Sheila.

Operating in the Black: Exploring the Inequality of Municipalities in Saint Louis
 Beyyette, Mustafa.

Operation Carlotta - Africa in Cuba
 Abaka, Edmund.

Organic Intellectuals: Social Networking and the Black Intellectual Tradition
 Carter, Bryan.


Palatable Blackness: An Examination of the Mediated Messages About Blackness As Seen in The Media
 Hall, Carolyn.

Pan-African Belize
 Lee, Devon.

Parental Ethnotheories of Racism: A Qualitative Analysis
 Brock, Megan.

Partisanship and Race: Motives to Disenfranchise the Enfranchised
 Edmonds, Kelton., Slaven, Michael., Blumberg, Melanie. and Yamba, Mohamed.

Pedagogy and Practice: Extending the Understandings of African Diaspora Participatory Literacy Communities
 Pogue, Tiffany.

Pedagogy of the Nontraditional: 35 Years of the Introductory Course at a Two-Year College
 Dorsey, William.

Perceived Discrimination, Impostor Feelings, and African American College Students' Mental Health
 Cokley, Kevin.

Performance and Africana Communities in India and Sri Lanka
 Jayawardene, Sureshi.

Political Prisoner Mae Mallory-Dream Escape at 21st and Payne/Pain: Letters from Prison: The Story of A Frame-up.
 Seniors, Paula.

Post Racialism in African American Museums
 Scott, Anastacia.

Post-racial is NOT Past-racial
 Singer, Katie.

Postblackness, Sexuality, and the Black Christian Public Sphere
 Tucker Edmonds, Joseph.

Prescribed Identites and the Resulting Shame: Realities of African American Women
 Edwards, Crystal.

Priests, Preachers, Aristocrats and Caliphs: A Requiem for the Hidden Truths of Civil Rights and Present Day De facto Segregation
 Barrett, Channa.

Provisional notes on the dilemmas of community and nation-building in a post-racial, anti-black world.
 Graham, Greg.


Quantitative Approach to Democracy in Africa
 Amari, Amira.


Race, Colonization, and the NFL Draft: A Fanonian Analysis of the Interviewing of Black NFL Prospects”
 Brown, Drew.

Race, a Face, and Self-Image: Humanizing God and Why We Do It
 Simmermaker, Thomas.

Racial Terrorism and the Economies of Academia: Africana Studies as Arbiter
 Myers, Joshua.

Racism Inside and Out of the Classroom: Exploring the Voices of African American Women Faculty
 Pittman, Chavella.

Racist Underpinnings of the Contemporary so- called " Cuban Revolution"
 Martinez, Ivan.

Raising Our Voices: Student Activism in the Post-Trayvon Era
 Vickers, Camille.

Ralph Ellison’s "Invisible Man": Salvific Messianic Language Disrupting the Constructed Self
 Carr, Joi.

Re-visioning transnational engagement: Assessing the impact and efficacy of U.S./Jamaican collaboration in advancing the gay rights agenda
 Hylton-Patterson, Nicole.

Reassessing African American Schooling Outcomes
 Graves, Ellington.

Recapturing the African Mind:Book Review
 Bridges, Bruce.

Reclaiming Black Urbanism in Cape Town and Chicago
 Salo, Ken.

Reclaiming My Body: Black Women and the Fight against Reproductive Inequality
 Pumphrey, Shelby.

Reconnection to Energy: The Power of Àse Yoga
 Alston, Dr. Robbin.

Recurring Circles of Exclusion: The Fazendeville Community of the Lower Ninth Ward
 Jackson, Joyce.

Remembering the Trayvon Martin Saga: Teaching About Race and Ethnicity Using the George Zimmerman Criminal Case
 Cromartie, J. Vern.

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SWAG = Style With A Goal: Exploring Fashion/Style as a Critical Literacy of Urban Black Youth
 Hayes, Sherrae.

Sankofa, Restoring Afrikan Women to Traditional Greatness
 Jackson-Lowman, Huberta.

Securing Academic and Professional Employment with an Africana Studies PhD Degree
 Grim, Dr. Valerie.

See You at the Crossroads: Esu-Elegba, and the Short Stories of The Harlem Renaissance, and Black Freedom Era.
 Terry, Courtney.

Seeds of Deprogramming: The Critical Condition of Current Black Local Political Historiography, 2003-2013
 Wood III, Augustus.

Seeking Poetic Justice: Positioning Black Women and Queer Identifying into the Black Power Historical Narrative
 Hope, Jeanelle.

Seen and NOW Heard: Women of The Civil Rights Movement
 Dobynes, Andrea.

Self-Determining Healers: Disease Etiology and the Value of Alternative Treatments of Heart Disease in the New Afrikan Community of Atlanta, GA
 Simmons, Matthew.

Shifting fertility patterns among Black Women: Implications for Future Black Population Growth
 Dickson, Lynda.

Shining a Light on African Freedom Struggles: The Council on African Affairs' Newsletter New Africa.
 Conteh, Alhaji.

Shooting from the Hip: Obama’s Impromptu Speech After the Zimmerman Verdict
 Johnson, Andre.

Sin Has Many Tools But A Lie Is The Handle That Fits Them All
 Ford, Richard.

Sociolinguistic Perceptions of Nonstandard English Dialects and Their Implications in the Trayvon Martin Case: A Preliminary Investigation
 Rivers, Kenyatta.

Speaking through Silence: Autobiography of the African American Prisoner
 Briscoe, Natosha.

Stakeholders perceptions of influences on the development of leaders in Malawi
 Reynolds, Kanton.

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THE NEW PAN AFRICANISM 2020: The Historical Imperitive for the Establishment of the United Pan African Nation by August 2020
 Brown, Jr., Edward.

Talking B(L)ack: The Social History of Black Talk Radio
 Canton, David.

Tatapo'n Memories: Africa survives in Mexico
 Dozier-Henry, Oare\'.

Teaching About Race and Ethnicity in the African Diaspora
 Reid-merritt, Patricia.

Teaching Africana Philosophy as a Non-Specialist in Africana Studies: Challenges and Possibilities
 Hoff, Joan Whitman.

Teaching High School Social Studies from an Afrocentric Perspective
 Earl, Chantee.

The Academic and Intellectual Development of Black Males
 Lewis, Dwight.

The African Americanization of the Black Diaspora in Globalization or the Contemporary Capitalist World-System
 Mocombe, Paul.

The African Diaspora in India: [Re]Inscribing the History and Culture of Habshis Within the Africana Historiographical Continuum
 Poindexter, Ebone.

The Architects of Fear: Black Self-Determination and Redemptionist Politics in Galveston, Texas, 1850-1900
 Wood III, Augustus.

The Artist as Activist: Remembering Amiri Baraka
 Nicholas, Alice.

The Asantean Cultural Subject
 Monteiro-Ferreira, Ana.

The Black Communities of Central America: Garveyism, Resistance Movements and Community-Building
 Crawford, Ramiro.

The Black Family at the turn of the Twentieth Century: Critical Insights through the Lens of W.E.B. DuBois
 Hope, Tedford.

The Black Female Identity Complex
 Payne, Yarkenda.

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Unearthing Afro-Dalit Unity: W.E.B. DuBois in conversation with B.R. Ambedkar
 Rahman, Rafiqur.

Unpacking Generational Luggage through Literature
 Wright, Deidra.

Unpacking the Illusion of Antihaitianismo: The Denial of Racism Amongst Conservative Dominican Writers.
 Guilamo, Daly.

Untitled - To Be Determined
 Buari, James.

Urban Removal: Detroit’s Brewster-Douglass Projects and the Subversive Displacement of the Black Impoverished
 Braddock, Benjamin.

Urban Revitalization without Gentrification?: A Comparative Analysis of Three Historically Black Street Corridors
 Padgett, David.

Using African-Centered Pedagogy as “Transformative Strategy of Resistance” to While Supremacy in the Classroom
 Bethea, Sharon.


Violence among African Americans: Contextualizing the Cultural Factor
 Oliver, William.

Voices from the South: Reconfiguring the Intersection of Race, Gender and Geography in the Evaluation of the STEPS to a Healthier Heart Intervention Program for Southern African American Women
 Barlow, Jameta.


W.E.B DuBois, Jawanza Kunjufu and the Decolonization of Education in the United States
 Richardson, Renee.

Warring Ideals in Four Dark Bodies: Ghana, Pan-Africanism and Black Political Leadership
 Johnson, Alexis.

We are at the crossroads of freedom and equality
 Greer-Kimmons, Dr. Willie.

What Will Be the Magic Words: Amiri Baraka’s Transformative Black Aesthetic in Ka’Ba
 Bratcher, Melanie.

What’s in a Hood?
 Ball, Jared.

When Keeping it Real Went Wrong: Dave Chappelle, Kanye West, and Twenty-First-Century Schizophrenia
 Krebs, Nicholas.

Where Do We Go From Here?: Martin Luther King, Non-Violence and Black Power in 2014
 Eversley Bradwell, Sean.

Who You Calling Black?: The Effects of Colorism in the African American Community
 Simpson, Alphonso.

Who is Black? Puerto Rican racial formation and affirmations
 Clemente, Rosa.

Why Fatherhood Matters: The Representation of African American Men in Television as Fathers
 Johnson, Jakia.

Why Our Brothers Matter: Black Males and Public Education in America
 Kumah-Abiwu, Felix.


Yellow Bone, Red Bone: Social Effects of Light Privilege on Young Light Skinned Black Women
 Botts, Brittany.

Youth of Color, Tradtional Political Participation, and Political Activism
 Fishman, Darwin. and Rodriguez, Sasha Maria.
38th Annual NCBS National Conference 2014-Mar-05 to 2014-Mar-09
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