National Council for Black Studies (NCBS) 39TH Annual Conference 2015-Mar-11 to 2015-Mar-15

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"Black Haze" Revisited: Reflecting on the Past and Future of Black Greek-Letter Fraternities
 Jones, Ricky.

"If the Lord Ordained Me, I Need Nothing Better”: The Spiritual Logic of Old Elizabeth
 Herman, Lorenzo.

"Moving Towards Bbophelo: African Healing Systems and the Africana Academy"
 Hamilton, Jessica.

"My Poor Child": Representations of Childhood in Narratives of Enslavement
 Webster, Crystal.

"Rumor Represents the Psychological Truth to Those Who Tell It": Youth Accounts of the 1943 Harlem Rio
 Suddler, Carl.

"Sundown Towns -- A Hidden Dimension of American Racism" -- A Review and Analysis
 Finnie, Scott.

"The African Diaspora in Latin America: Costa Rica"
 Perdue, Devon.

"The Physical Uplift of the Race: The Emergence of the Black Physical Culture Movement, 1900-1930."
 Guillory, J. Anthony.

"To the Spoils Go the Victor": Black Women and Apartheid
 Gwishiri, Natalie.

"Waste Changing the Worst": How low-income urban women in Highfields, Zimbabwe are managing their waste.
 Marovatsanga, Rutendo.

"We have to help our white sisters..": A reformation of the magical negro caricature in Lifetimes reality series "Girlfriend Intervention."
 Giannino, Steven. and China, Chrystal.

"Why We Are Not What We Seem: The Social Ascription Critique of Agency"
 Taiwo, Olufemi.

"You’re young, you’re Black, and you’re on trial. What else do they need to know?”: Reading Walter Dean Myer's Monster
 Griffiths, Jennifer.

100 Years of Passing and the Vicissitudes of Performing Race
 Wilson, Jasmin.

: Caribbean Diet & Health in the Caribbean: An Intersection of Migration, Geopolitics, Economics, & Necessity
 Charleswell, MPH, Cherise.

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A Black Studies Model for Open-Access Learning and Student Retention
 Vaught, Seneca., Thomas, Griselda., Nikki, Hill. and Williamson, Kenneth.

A Call to Action
 Harris, Jerome.

A Call to Arms: The Strategy and Tactics of the Black Panther Party
 Austin, Curtis.

A Chance to Heal: Differential Racialization and Healing Racial Trauma with Black and Latino Male Youth – A Case Study of a Community Based Organization
 Turner III, David.

A Critical Look at South African Higher Education
 Rahyns, Janelle.

A Decolonizing Pedagogy (Lauren Arrington)
 Arrington, Lauren.

A Spark of Black Power within the African Revolution: Walter Rodney, the USARF, and Cheche at Dar es Salaam, 1967-1971
 Asheeke, Toivo.

A Study of How Caucasian Students Comprehend the Afrocentric Paradigm in a Historical Black College or University
 Adeyinka, Samuel. and Jordan, Tina.

A Touch with Technology: Promoting Digital Inclusion within Communities of Color
 Cofield-Poole, Brittney.

A Verbal Response: Presidents of Public Black Colleges and the North Carolina Student Movement, 1960–1964
 Cole, Eddie.

Adaptation to Climate Change: Strategies and innovations of small African communities in dealing with the impacts of climate change.
 Dube, Fadzai.

Advancing Black Womanist Identity in the Community; in the Schools and Colleges
 Tsuruta, Dorothy.

Advancing the Discipline Through the Recovery of Relevant Models for Research: The Case of the Creative Ideal of Langston Hughes.
 A.Wilson, Khonsura.

Adverse Reactions: Responses to Unethical Use of Norplant
 Gregory Campbell, LaNita.

Africa Rising or a New Scramble for Africa?
 Faraji, Salim.

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BGSA At UCLA: Emancipatory Struggle in White Institutional Space
 Njoroge, Makeda.

BGSA At UCLA: Emancipatory Struggle in White Institutional Space
 Taiwo, Olufemi.

BGSA at UCLA: Emancipatory Struggle in White Institutional Space
 Michael, Antwann.

BLACK MASCULINITY: fact or fiction ?
 Dobynes, Andrea.

BS or ES? Black Studies vs. Ethnic Studies in the Academy
 Guthrie, Ricardo.

Bagpipes and Black Voices: Clashing Sounds or Innovative Harmonies?
 Davidson, Jeanette.

Balck Woman as Savior
 Simmons, Tamala.

Baldwin Wright and Ellison
 Marks, Kef.

Being Human: Rejections of Dehumanization & Post-Humanism in Black Possibility
 McCoy, Melanie.

Best Practices in African-Centered Pedagogy (Kweku Vassall)
 Vassall III, Kweku.

Beyond Feminism: Embracing & Practicing Womanism in The Caribbean and The Diaspora
 Charleswell, MPH, Cherise.

Beyond Survival, Back to Our Roots: Beyond Survival, Back to Our Roots: African ‘ancient properties’ overcome slavery’s legacy in Tar Baby and “Triolets for Triolet”
 Williams, Mariam.

Bigger by the Dozens: A Study of Battle Rap as a function of African American Linguistic Culture
 Mavima, Blessing.

Biodiversity and Climate Change in Central Africa: Perceptions, Attitudes and Policies
 Allen, Walter., Fuller, Trevon. and Trochez, Anthony.

Birth of New Phoenix Risings: Celebrating Lived-Narratives of African American Cultural Memories
 Shabazz, Amilcar. and Vanterpool, Rudolph.

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Claiming and Expanding Memory in the Realm of Black Women’s Experience
 Bullock, Angelica.

Colonial Education: A Comparative Analysis of U.S. and Brazil
 Hope, Tedford.

Colonial Mentality in Africa
 Nnam, Nkuzi.

Communities of Color, Service Systems and Public Policy
 Dunhamn, Jane.

Conceptualizing Political Oligarchy and the Solidification of an USA Permanent Underclass
 Mubarak, Rome.

Creating a Mess to Unfold the Mess That Is America in Johnson’s Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man
 Toombs, Charles.

Criminalizing the Narrative of Black Rage: Case Study of Newark, Los Angeles and Ferguson
 Ellis-Williams, Antoinette.

Crossing Epistemologies: Black Atlantic Religious Philosophies and Alternative Modes of Knowing
 Suárez, Farid.

Culturally Relevant Pedagogy (Leticia Thornton)
 Thornton, Leticia.

Culture, Artistic Expression and Social Activism: Can We Resurect the Black Arts Movement?
 Reid-merritt, Patricia.


Daddy’s Little Girl: Black Lesbians and their Relationships With their Fathers
 Isoke, Saidah.

Dancing the esoteric dilemma of race
 King, Gregory.

Deconstructing the Cipher: An Analysis for a New Community
 Duncan (Kweli), Arnett.

Defending Mother Earth and Her Struggling Children By Any Means Necessary: Indigenous Ancestors' Call to Decolonization Action From Imperialism and Globalization
 Kunnie, Julian.

Diaspora, Historical Memory, and Social Movements: Rethinking the Role of Critical Ethnographies
 Ilmi, Dr. Ahmed.

Did they get along? – Biographies of two African American Women in Religious music: Clara Ward & Rosetta Thorpe.
 Amoah, NANA. and Jones, Caralee.

Diminishing the Invisibility in the Name of our Wombs: From Scholarship to Activism: Black Women Articulating Reproductive Health
 Davis, Chyna.

Disciplinary Quality Control: You Call THAT Africana Studies?!
 Wright, Donela.

Disciplinary Theoretical Frameworks and the Danger of Transmigrated Concepts
 Monteiro-Ferreira, Ana.

Discovering Your Doctoral Swagger...Getting Ph(inishe)D and Beyond!
 Jean, Dr. Daniel.

 Williams, Brackette.

Doctoral Students’ Mentoring Experiences and Their Perceptions of the Impact on Research Behaviors: A Focus on Historically Black Colleges and Universities
 Bishop, Nadielka.

Doing Womanist Work
 Fischer, Dawn-Elissa.

Double-edged Gaze: Jezebel, Sapphire, T.H.O.T
 LeVias, Arcadia.

Dying to Succeed: Achievement, Struggle, and Radical Healing for Black College Students in STEM
 McGee, Ebony.


Ebony Teacher: Exploring Cross-Cultural Interactions in the Korean Classroom
 Charles, Quanisha.

Education and Economics: From Poor Public School to well Invested Prisons
 Brown, Shelton.

Education as Healing in The Africana Community: Ancestral Integration as Cultural Reclamation in The Face of Ideological Assimilation as Cultural Genocide
 Roberts, Christopher.

Education over Schooling: Reclaiming the Independent School Movement as a Site of Liberatory Holistic Pedagogy
 Moses, Raven.

Effective Pedagogies for African American Students in Higher Education
 James, Jessica.

Emancipation: Challenges at the Intersection of American and European Philosophy
 Ford, Richard.

Every Student is @ Risk: Improving Learning, Retention, and Satisfaction!
 Jean, Dr. Daniel.

Examining Black Women’s Stereotypes through Alpha Kappa Alpha- America’s First Black Sorority
 Norman, Tish.

ExhibitBE: A Metaphor for a Movement
 Nichols, Lydia.

Expanding the African-centered Framework: Social Analysis and the Place of Internal Colonialism in Africana Studies
 Carroll, Karanja.

Experiencing Diaspora: Beyond Transnational Travel
 Miles, Corey.

Exploring Lives of Inspirational Women from Africa: How Their Experiences Influence Young African Girls’ Lives.
 Zvikaramba, Rudorwashe.

Exploring New Frontiers: Instructional Design of Black Studies Online
 Johnson Muhammad, Keesa. and Martin, Maria.

Exploring the Lives of Inspirational Women Entrepreneurs from Mainland Africa: How Their Experiences are Influencing Young African Girls.
 Zvikaramba, Rudorwashe.

Exposing the Impoverish Theories of Post-Racialism and Color Blindness in the Era of Ferguson-“Black Lives Matter.”
 Mealy, Rosemari.

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Faith-Based Interventions for Alleviating Health Disparities in the African American Community Using an Afrocentric Framework
 Rosenthal, Danielle.

Ferguson from the Ground: One Educator's Perspective
 Bradley, Stefan.

Financial Independence for the Scholar-Activist: Options for New and Seasoned Colleagues in Academe
 Zulu, Itibari. and Zulu, Jr., Itibari.

Finding Self in the Midst of Chaos: Understanding the Psychological Existential Consequences of Being a Black Man in America
 Doss, Adeyemi.

Finding the Modern in Early Modern Caribbean Literature
 Smith, Cassander.

Five Top Reasons Why the World Needs Leading African American Scholars to Evolve Beyond Blackness
 Baker, Shujaa.

Folk Music At Its Best: Ham and Eggs With A Side of Music
 Madison, Monique.

Folk Wisdom in the Plays of August Wilson
 Janifer, Raymond E..

Foot Soldiers of Resistance
 young, jasmin.

 Tillotson, Michael.

Fostering Global Citizenship in the African American College Student
 Perdue, Jenaya.

From Demonized to Dignified: Making Black Lives Matter in times of Pervasive Cynicism
 Carter, Temeka. and Issifou, Moussa.

From the Code of Umoja to The Chairman Speaks: The Radical Democratic Vision of Chokwe Lumumba contra the Reagan Eighties
 Shabazz, Amilcar.

From the Streets to the Seats In Between Cells, Bullets, and Poverty: Contemporary Relevance of Reaganomics and the Crack Epidemic
 Frye, Danielle.


Gaga Pa’l Pueblo: An exploration of an Afro Dominican Organization
 Guilamo, Daly.

Global Blackness : Decentering African Essentialism within Hip Hop
 Bates, Joshua.

Graduating African American Students: The Influence of Positive Social Relationships
 Lewis, Dwight.

Greetings Earthlings, Take Me To Your Leader: OutKast, Atlanta and Afrofuturism
 Hobson, Maurice.

Grounding Kawaida Womanism: An Archaeology of Classical African Sources
 Karenga, Tiamoyo.


HER-story: Black Girls Uncovering Racialized and Gendered Microaggressions in Middle Schools
 Edwards, Crystal.

HIV and the Black Church: Obstacles and Options to Faith-based Prevention Education
 Davis, Sarita.

Harlem on Our Minds: Urban Space, the Black Arts Movement, and Community Self Determination
 Williams, Henry.

Harriet Wilson's Our Nig and the Hypocrisies of Nineteenth Century American Life
 Basu, Anjan.

Hegemonic Masculinity: A Catalyst for Black Fraternal Organizations
 Butler, Myisha.

Hip Hop Based Education: Juvenile Justice and Community Activism
 Igeleke, Ekudnayo.

Hip Hop Based Education: Juvenile Justice and Community Activism
 Igeleke, Ekudnayo.

Homonationalism and the Erasure of the Black Queer Experience
 Rodriguez, Sasha.

How Does One “Do” Agency?: Establishing the Framework for an Afrocentric Literary Identity Theory
 Moses, Raven.

Hubert Harrison and the Production of African-American Media History
 Freeman, Sholnn.

Human Rights at Home and Abroad: The Role of Race in the Cold War
 Lee, Kyoung A.

Hunt, Ham and Eggs: The Historical Origins of the Ham and Egg Show
 Harris, Kyle.


I Can Not Go Home as Who I Am: Issues Confronting the Psychological and Mental Health of African American Males
 Simpson, Alphonso.

I Didn't Do it: Disparate discipline procedures and its impact on African American student learning.
 Spearman, Patrick.

Illumined Leadership Spirit: Connecting Stressful Life Events & Spiritual Identity for Women Leaders of Color
 Brunson, Margaret.

Improving the Lives of Black Girls is as Important as Saving Black Boys
 Brooks, Kevin., Lewis, Dwight. and Gaines, Rondee.

In Your Space, Have Always Been in Your Space, and Staying in Our Space
 Toombs, Charles.

Increasing Community Engagement to meet the challenges of Mental Health Disparities In African American Communities
 Wallace, Edward.

Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS): Their value in Africa’s natural resources management.
 Chitsiku, Innocent.

Ineffective Service Delivery: The case of urban women in times of Zimbabwe’s energy crisis.
 Moira, Moira.

Integrating Spirituality and the Black Perspective: Understanding the Experiences of Individuals from the African Diaspora
 Wright, Dolores.

Intersection of racism and ableism in public care sector and solidarity through Black Disability Studies
 Nishida, Akemi.

It's Written In The Stars: Zoe Saldana's Star Image or How She Got This Job
 Jordan, Owena.


Joseph Antenor Firmin (1850-1911): His Life, Ideas, and Legacy
 joseph, celucien.

Journey into the Absurd: Nella Larsen's Quicksand as Black Absurdism
 Morris, Kevin.

June 16 (A One-Man Play): Using Dramatic Text to Explore How At-Risk Men Navigate Fatherhood
 Travis, Ryan.

Justifiable Homicide and Beatings: The Core Issue Which is Often Overlooked
 Signil, Christopher.

Justifications and Contradictions For Islam’s Best Kept Secret
 McLeod, Nicholas.


Kuweka Ni Kweli (Keeping it Real): Hip Hop Authenticity in Tanzania
 Vidmar, Hannah.

Kwame Nkrumah: African Nationalist with a Cross-Cultural Vision
 Epherson, Darian.

Kwame Ture (Stokely Carmichael), Leadership, and the Civil Rights Movement: A Personal Perspective
 Morris, George.


La Canciòn De Las Acllacunas
 Singletary, Chi-Ante.

Le Mal d’Haiti: Roots of Haiti’s Economic Woes, Underdevelopment, and Dysfunctional Civil Society
 joseph, celucien.

Lieutenant Colonel, Joseph H. Ward, M.D. Medical Corps, United States Army Reserve
 Bates, Leon.

Lo straniero: New Italians, Italian Identity, and Alienation in Italian Hip-Hop
 Zammarchi, Enrico.


Maatian Moral Anthropology: A Critical Examination of Ancient Egyptian Ethical Texts
 Karenga, Maulana.

Mama’s Baby or Baby’s Mama: Locating and Liberating African People Through the Language We Use
 Paige, Garrison.

Marcus Garvey and the Southern Garvey Movement
 Reid, Andy.

Margret Toomer: The Mother of the Egg Show
 Sneed, Kymara.

Mass Incarceration of African American Males in the United States: The Role of the Prison Industrial Complex and the American Justice System
 Corder, Matthew.

Mindful Policing: A Curricular Response To The Police Abuse Question
 Wilkey, Lloyd.

More than Skin Deep: The Growing Complexity of Black Identity in the Silicon Valley
 Wilson, Ruth.

Motherlove:Inner Relations of Black Mother Daughter Relationships
 Collins, Tiara.

Mountain tourism: Its role in Sustainable Livelihoods of African Communities
 Kurehwatira, Munashe.

Movements Matter: Centering Migration and Immigration Histories in Africana Studies
 Johnson, Violet.

My Hair Has Deep Roots: Issues Surrounding African American Women’s Hair
 Willis, Phylycia.


Neither Race Nor Sex: A Womanist Analysis of the Gendered Debate in The Black Scholar
 Gaines, Rondee.

New Histories of Black Women Organizers in L.A. The Caffie Greene Project
 Turner, K.C. Nat.

New Routes to the African Diaspora: “Naija Bites” and Other Televised Cultural Productions by Nigerians in the United States
 Nwabara, Olaocha.

No Passengers on My Plane
 Richardson, Renee.


Obeah, Politics, and Emancipation: Celebrating Freedom while Captive in Guyanese Cultural Struggles
 Peretz, Jeremy.

Octavia Butler and The Makings of a Black Sci-Fi Superheroine
 Gipson, Grace.

Of Academic Forgery: The Evasion of Black Studies
 Myers, Joshua.

Of Racial Abjection
 Davis, Brandon.

Omowale Malcolm X : A Pan African Perspective on the 50th Anniversary of his assasination
 Brown, Jr., Edward.

One False Step: The Muhammad Ali Digital Humanities Project
 Crawford, Malachi.

Ontology of Colonialism and the Displacement of Teleology
 Forjwuor, Bernard.

Opportunities for Black Studies Students and Faculty to Study Abroad in Cuba
 Walters, Rita.

Otis O'Neal: The Father of the Ham Show
 Herd-Clark, Dawn.

Our Ancestors Were Material Scientists: Archaeological and Geochemical Evidence for Indigenous Yoruba Glass Technology
 Ogundiran, Akin. and Ige, Akin.

Our Faith Moved Mountains: Community Organizing and Activism in Brazil from 1860 to 1980.
 Singletary, Chi-Ante.

Our Pan-Africanist Mothers: An Afrocentric Analysis of Maya Angelou and Eslanda Robeson
 Harris, Christina.

Overdue for Sovereignty A RE-Presentation of Black Nationalism
 Williams, Myia.


Pan – African Scripting: African American Language and the Struggle against the Colonization of African Memory
 Radney, El-Ra.

Pan-African Movements and Reparations Demands in the 20th Century
 Zulu, Itibari.

Pathways to an Elite University for African American Women from Low-Income Neighborhoods
 El Henson, Peace And Love.

Paul F. Keene, Jr., Consummate Artist: Search for a Self-Authenticating Narrative
 Kirby, Jr., Jimmy.

Peculiar (Dis)localities: Meditations on Race, Region, and Black Queer Being
 Bush, Christina.

Pedagogical Approaches to Positive Explicit LGBT Topic Engagement within Africana Studies
 Claybrook, M. Keith. and Fisher, Meryah.

People of African Descent & The Dynamics of The African Diaspora
 Barnett, Jaelen.

Performing Diaspora: Spatial Interventions and Reclaiming Identity within the Art of Jeannette Ehlers
 Wilson, Michael.

Performing Queer African Auto/Biography in Film and New Media
 Imma, Z’étoile.

Policing Black Sexuality
 Davis, Brandon.

Post-colonial Dislocation and Amnesia: An Afrocentric Analysis
 Noman, Abu Sayeed.

Prison Nation: Lies, Corporate Ties, and the Pursuit of Pursuit of Profit —An Examination of the Privatization of Prisons and the 21st Century Mass Incarceration Crisis.
 Webb, Naeemah.

Project Resilience: Preparing African American Youth to Make Healthy Responses to Traumatic Events
 Hill, Anthony.

Promoting Positive Black Identities in a “Post-Racial America”
 Smith, Simone.

Psychological impact of White Supremacy on the Contemporary Black Community
 Blakely, Justin.

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QBoard and Classroom Engagement: A Digital Solution to Stereotype Threat
 Gipson, Brooklyne.


Race and Sports
 Thomas, Mic\'eal.

Race, Gender, Privilege and Nationalism in a Postcolonial Society – If I Could Write This In Fire by Michelle Cliff
 Lockett, Danielle.

Race, Gender, and Citizenship: Means-Tested Government-Aided Black Mothers Demand “Rights to the Campus”
 Pegos, Mariko.

Racial Redemption and Beyond: Violence and Atonement in Church and Society
 Nash, CL.

Racism in U.S. Higher Education
 Colon, Alan.

Racism vs Social Capital: Enhancing Social Sustainability in African American Communities
 Strouble, Bruce.

Racist Ideas Before American Slavery: A Revisionist History, 1453-1619
 Kendi, Ibram.

Radicalizing Archives: Acquiring Autonomy of the Archival Record for the Posterity of Intellectual History, Heritage and Building of the Academy in the African American Community.
 Bailey, Philip.

Radicalizing Archives: Acquiring Autonomy of the Archival Record for the Posterity of Intellectual History, Heritage and Building of the Academy in the African American Community.
 Lipscomb, Trey.

Radicalizing Archives: Acquiring Autonomy of the Archival Record for the Posterity of Intellectual History, Heritage and Building of the Academy in the African American Community.
 Neal, Jessica., Lipscomb, Trey. and Bailey, Philip.

RealSearch: Honoring Black youth expertise and wisdom
 Richards-Calathes, Whitney.

Reappraising the Black Panther Party: Its Contributions to the Black Studies Movement at Merritt College and San Francisco State University
 Cromartie, J. Vern.

Reclaiming Black Girlhood in School—Reclaiming Black girlhood and their Innocence: Will they Survive?
 Bachelor, Jewell.

Redefining Radicalism: Anna Julia Cooper and the Politics of Respectability
 Dennie, Nneka.

Reimagining the African Diaspora: Interpersonal Relationships among Nigerians, African Americans and Jamaicans in Houston, Texas
 Jones, Caralee.

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Sacred Ring Shout and Pathways to Healing: Umfundalai as Curative Pedagogy
 Bratcher, Melanie.

Sacred Sex in Ancient Kemet
 Saifu, Phiven.

Sankofa: Lessons from the Mecca, 1968
 Imani, Jocelyn.

Savannah's Garey Family: A Study of the Post-Civil War Rise of a Non-Aristocratic Segment of the Black Middle Class
 Watson, Stacey.

Savannah's Garey Family: A Study of the Post-Civil War Rise of a Non-Aristocratic Segment of the Black Middle Class
 Watson, Stacey.

Saving Our Museums and Landmarks: A New Call for Action and Activism in Black Studies
 Glocke, Aimee.

School Board Governance in the 21st Century
 Pierce, Dr. Tina.

Screening of The E-Word: A Documentary on the Ebonics Debate
 Gayles, Jonathan.

Second Ward High School: The Closing of Charlotte's Educational Safe Haven
 Bodrick, Shanaee.

Segregation in Curriculum: The Debilitating Effects of the Exclusion of Africans/African Americans and Their Historical Contributions in the Public School System
 Coleman, Sandra.

Serving Africa on the Menu
 Ziintak, David.

Signifying on the Signifiers: What Mari Evans’s “Status Symbol” Can Offer The Help
 Carr, Joi.

Signs of Blackness in Television Youth Programming
 Bell, Ramona.

Sister Belinda Ali and the Nation of Islam
 Taylor, Ula.

Social Activism & Collective Consciousness: The Legacy of 20th Century Black Nationalism
 Jeffries, Bayyinah.

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THE BLACK SCHOLAR and the Ten Point Program for Reparations
 Cha Jua, Sundiata.

Teaching Courses on Race and Racism
 Tripp, Luke.

Teaching a Diverse History of Physics
 Haynes, Sharina.

The "Soles" of Black Folks: Negotiating the Consumption of the Nike Air Jordan Among African American Males
 Woods, Brandy.

The Afrikan People’s Liberation Tribunal: An Exercise in Self-Determination
 Simmons, James.

The Alfred and Bernice Ligon Collection at CSU Dominguez Hills: Reconsidering the Metaphysics of Africana Studies
 Faraji, Salim.

The American Dream: African American Wealth and Financial Disparities
 Brackett, LaToya.

The Authentic Black: Measurement Through Folkways
 Barksdale, Siera.

The Black Church Under Fire: A study of hegemonic influence in the Black Church during the Modern Civil Rights Movement in South Central, KY, 1955-1968
 Wright, Barrett.

The Black Maternal and the Katrina Lexicon
 Riley, Jasmine.

The Bridge Party, or The Hangman's Noose
 Young, Pat.

The Call to Violence: Humanistic Endeavor or Action Sans Reason
 Isaac, Rochell.

The Cape Verdean Who Emigrates Never Puts Down Roots”: Slavery, Colonialism, and Transnationalism in Shaping Cape Verdean Identity
 Edwards, Janelle.

The Choking Kind Interrogating the Radical Aesthetics of Robert O’Hara’s Theatre of Choking
 Ramsey-Zöe, Otis Cortez.

The Continuing Significance of Race in President Barack Obama’s America
 Brown, Jr., Owen.

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U. S. African Americans and Caribbean Nations Demands for Reparations
 Horne, Gerald.

Uncovering Misrepresentation of Black Muslims in American Media
 Bakeer, Aminah.

Unsung Icons: The Stolen Legacies of Jo Ann Robinson and Rosa Parks
 Alkebulan, Adisa.

Urban Agency and the Black World: A Case Study of Pittsburgh’s Hill District
 Kaloyeropoulou, Eleanora.

 Dobynes, Andrea.


Violence Against Black Men: Is it a Badge and Incident of Slavery?
 johnson, robert.

Voice and voiceless-ness in her(s)tory and his(s)tory: A Post-Colonial/Feminist reading of the representation of the black female voice in Afro-Hispanic literary narratives.
 McBurney, Wendy.


War Guilt: W. E. B. Du Bois, African Americans, and the Meaning of World War I
 Williams, Chad.

Water Scarcity: Africa’s Problems and Prospects
 Msabaeka, Mutsa.

What are they Saying about Vodou? Dantès Bellegarde, Chrisitian civilization , and the Problem of the Vodou Religion
 joseph, celucien.

When the Dogs Bites and Bee Stings: The Impact of Trauma on Success in African-American Adolescents and Adults
 Barber, Gregory.

Where is the Love?: An Analysis of Reality Television Series Love & Hip Hop-Atlanta
 Smith, Tiffani.

Why Black Girls Matter: A Qualitative Study
 Covington, L..

Why does it make us shout? The joy of African American Gospel Music!
 Vaughn, Beverly.

Willie lynch the poison, African Psychology the remedy
 Baptist, Arron.

Without Africans There Is No Sugar: Slavery and Resistance in Brazil
 Bender, Mariah.

Worthy Daughters of the Soil: Benevolence and the American West Indian Ladies Aid Society, 1915-1936
 Edwards, Janelle.

Writing Against All Odds
 Bell II, Chris.

Writing Skills and Social Welfare: An Evaluation of Georgia’s Writing Assessments, Past and Future
 McInnis, Latoya.


Youth Activism, San Diego, and Theoretical Knots: The Political Socialization Process for African American Youth
 Fishman, Darwin.

Youth, Education & Sports (YES) With Africa Program
 Kamara, Jemadari.
National Council for Black Studies (NCBS) 39TH Annual Conference 2015-Mar-11 to 2015-Mar-15
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