40th Annual National Council for Black Studies Conference 2016-Mar-16 to 2016-Mar-20

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"Detroit Women and the Black Arts Movement"
 Flounory, Angela.

"Diversity and Excellence: Stereotype Threat and Negative Perceptions Among African American Students in Honors Programs."
 Shaffer, Donald.

"I Love This Cotton Hair!": Black Women, Natural Hair, and (Re)Constructions of Beauty
 Rowe, Kristin.

"I’m Still At A Loss for Words”: Re-Centering the Voices of Black Women in the #BlackLivesMatter Movement
 Idehen-Amadasun, Izoduwa.

"New Women, Steel City: The Aurora Reading Club in Pittsburgh, PA, 1890-1940"
 Murray, Y\'hoshua.

"The Brothers" : Black Power in 1960s Albany, New York
 Yehudah, Ph.D., Miciah Z..

"This Tortured and Uncertain Life": A Psychoanalytic Reading of Vera Caspary’s The White Girl

"We Contend Against Outrage and Oppression": Ellen Garrison Jackson, Activist-Teacher
 Davis, Christina.

"What Are You Following me For?” Teaching Community, Justice-Learning, and The Power of Black Youth Voices
 Moore, Heather.

#BlackButtsMatter: Cross Cultural Examination of Black Women’s Motivation to Engage in Body Modification
 Ashley, Rokeshia.

#BlackLivesMatter: Teaching During the Movement at UNCG
 Green, Tara.

#RealSisters: Exploring the Myth of Black Sisterhood
 Harper, Bria.

(South) African Renaissance: South Africa’s Role in Shaping Continental Pan-Africanism as a Regional Power
 Mavima, Blessing.

‘Naija’ in South Africa: Towards a Methodology to Examine African Diasporic Cultural Producers, Cultural Productions, and Representations
 Nwabara, Olaocha.

’Round Pegs into Square Holes:’ Teaching Black Studies in an African Centered Way at Predominantly White Institutions
 Glocke, Aimee.

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A Black Professor at a Majority White HBCU; Proufond Questions, Perspectives, and Ironies
 Frank, Troy.

A Cut Above the Rest: An Ethnographic Glimpse of an Unconventional Intimacy
 Fox, Kyle.

A Love Letter to All My Sisters
 Lee, Heather.

A Site of Nation: African American Utopian Novels at the end of 19th and early 20th Century
 meng, xianzhi.

A Typology of Black Culture Centers at Traditionally White Universities
 Sanders, Kimberly.

Abolition Democracy: Re-Imagining the Privatization of Prisons and the 21st Century Mass Incarceration Crisis
 Webb, Naeemah.

Abstract French vs. Haitian Kreyol Debate in Miami Experiment
 Hyatt, Autumn.

Ace Bandages and Amnesia: The Political Erasure of African Medicinal Knowledges from African History
 Hamilton, Jessica.

Activists in Name Only: The Incorporation of NABJ
 Crittenden, Letrell.

Africa in the Global Fashion Industry: Beyond Masks, Safari Coats, and Romance
 Potter, Wendy.

African American Literature of the Civil Rights Movement
 Flanagan, Brenda.

African American Spirituality and Religiosity
 Horton, Samantha.

African American Women Athletes at PWIs in the Jim Crow Era, 1900-1940
 Breaux, Richard.

African Centered Education as Solution to Black Miseducation
 Shockley, Kmt., Burbanks, Samuel. and McPherson, Kevin.

African History, Culture, and Literature in the 21st Century: The Field of Black Studies in Brazil and Latin America
 De Sousa, Andreia.

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Bass Reeves: African American Legend of the Old West
 Janifer, Raymond.

Being African-Centered in the 21st Century: Black female Junior faculty members teaching, learning, and navigating HBCUs
 Kirby, PhD, Morgan. and Berry, Erin.

Being, Existence, Freedom & Suffering in Black Philosophy: Pan Africanism Through the Lens of Black Existentialism
 Radney, El-Ra.

Beyond Reproductive Choice: SisterSong and Reproductive Justice for Black Women
 Turner, Jennifer.

Black Activism on College Campuses in the Creation of a Black Cultural Center
 Stubbs, Marcus Stubbs.

Black Clergy in ELection 2016
 Signil, Christopher.

Black College Student Retention at Predominately White Institutions: The Role of Black Studies?
 Omowale, Serwaa.

Black Conservative Constructions of Race and Public Policy
 Levy, LaTasha.

Black Girl Magic: The Message and the Movement – then, now, and beyond.
 Thompson, Joy.

Black Life on the Hill: The Impact of Nationalized Racial Violence And Discrimination on Undergraduates at Cornell
 Gabriel, Noelani.

Black Power, Black Faith and Black Jesus: The Rhetoric and Theology of Rev. Albert Cleage, Jr.
 Fisher, Earle.

Black Religiosity: Utilizing W.E.B. Du Bois to explore the popularity of Black Megachurches in Atlanta, Georgia
 Benson, Delvon.

Black Seahawks: African American Whalers during the Antebellum Era
 Bolden, Willie.

Black Studies and the Black University: A Critical Reconsideration
 Boone, Will., Pope, James., Walker, Corey. and Harold, Claudrena.

Black Suffering and Black Liberation: James Cone, New Black Gods, and Theodicy
 Tucker Edmonds, Joseph.

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Camden Perspectives on Imposed Renaissance Charters
 benson, keith.

Challenging the Mis-education of the Negro in Argentina: Pedagogy and Race in Buenos Aires
 Anderson, Judith.

Charcoal making as a rural livelihood outcome: The case of Makala village in the Congo
 Muteb, Elobe.

Charlotte as Teaching Canvas: Exploring & Celebrating African Diasporas through Digital Storytelling

Childhood sexual abuse experiences and its associated factors among adolescent female high school students in Arbaminch town, Gammo Goffa zone, Southern Ethiopia: a mixed method study
 Mekuria, Aleme.

Citizenship and Diaspora
 Kachipande, Sitinga.

Civil Rights and Other Monumental Tasks in the Sunshine State
 Owens, Brian.

College Selection in a Post-Colonial Context: A Qualitative Exploration of African-Americans’ Ontological Assumptions about Blackness and Whiteness
 Dada, Martin.

Color Deafness: Video Subtitles, Closed Captions, and White Writing as Textual Overlay for African American English
 Snell, Nicole.

Comics to Reality: A Brief Analysis of Leadership Traits in order to seek Liberation
 Jacobs, Marquice.

Conceived in Struggle: Black Studies at CSU Dominguez Hills
 Gammage, Justin.

Confronting intersectionality of gender and race of Black girls in multiracial high schools:A critique in post-Apartheid South Africa
 Moagi, Lefatshe.

Countering the Assault on Black Studies
 Brooks, Kevin. and Jeffries, Judson.

Creating an African American Interdisciplinary Course: Logic and Methodology
 Gaffin, V.

Critical Curriculum: The African-centered History of the United States
 Duncan (Kweli), Arnett.


Dear White People and the Unresolvable Antagonism Between Whiteness and Black Subjectivity
 Guthrie, Ricardo.

Defending Our Good Names: Personal Namesakes and Political Mediascapes
 McFarlane, Nicole.

Degradation Through Reclamation : The Rise of Black Social Media and the Plight of the Black Millennial
 Gibson, Miranda.

Developing a Global Perspective
 Smith, Sheryl.

Differentiated water availability in Zimbabwe's Mkwasine Estate Communities due to climate change
 Manhopi, Caroline.

Digital Tools and Black Studies: An Overview

Digital Tools and Publishing Opportunities: The Case of Fire!!! The Multimedia Journal in Black Studies
 Thomas-Houston, Marilyn.

Digitizing the Black Experience: Understanding Collaboration and Sustainability Initiatives
 Lynch, Joshua.

Dismantling Pedagogies of Silence: Curiosity as Resistance to Epistemic Domination in Urban Schools
 Brown, Tashal.

Do not mistake my flesh for the enemy:” Black Poets and Dramatists Complicating the Limitations of Black Nationalist Identity
 Davis, Markeysha.

Dominican Attitudes Towards Haitian Immigrants, 2010-2012: A study.
 Guilamo, Daly.

Don’t speak for me…Listen to me! The Hip-Hop Generation; Abandonment and Mass Incarceration.
 Smith, Aaron.

Dr. Bertha Maxwell-Roddey: The Personality Behind the Founding of
 Nichols, Elaine.

Dropping the Ball and Lifting the Fist: The Influence of Black Political Movements on the Identity and Agency of Black Athletes
 Brown, Drew.

Dying Under a Weight of Decadence: Suicide, White Manhood and Nationalist Rhetoric
 Manditch-Prottas, Zachary.


Early African History, General Issues of Historiography and Multidisciplinary Evidence: the case of Understanding and Teaching Ancient Egypt in its African Context
 Keita, S. O. Y..

Educating White Instructors: Moving Beyond Stereotype to See the Child Within
 Smith, Cynthia.

Encounter Theatre as a Means of Social Change and Empowerment
 Coleman II, David.

Ethel Waters and Beyoncé: DIVAS!
 Vaughn, Beverly.

Exploring Stereotype Threat in HBCU's and in PWI's
 Smith, Gabrielle.


F-O-R-T The Operational Basis for African-Centered Africana Studies
 Tillotson, Michael.

Fighting the Funk: Artists, Activism, and the Cultural Boycott in Apartheid South Africa
 Freeman, Jonathan.

Finding a Balance Between Returning to School and Being Successful: Voices from Jamaican Non-traditional Female Students
 Black, Marsha.

Forensic Anthropology: Stories in Bone
 Smith, Jacquelyn.

Free Angela: examining the role of gender and sexism in the Black Power Movement
 Howard, Jasmin.

From (Priest) and (Physician) to Root Doctors and Santeros: How Traditional Methods of Healing Unite Africans in the Diaspora and in the Motherland
 Pickens, Angira.

From Ava to Zeinabu: unpacking The Unique Challenges That Black Women Filmmakers Face in American Cinema.
 Bakeer, Aminah.

From Experience to Discourse: Online Value Production in Harlem Cultural Tourism
 Jamerson, William.

From National Council to National Mall
 Pretzer, William.

From Roots to Flourishing Literacy: Using Picture Books and Graphic Novels in the Middle and High School ESL Classroom
 Busto, Justine.

From Three Rivers to Arlington: Mexican American Civil Rights to 1954
 Kelly, Matthew.

From Y.O.U.-C.A.N. to M.A.N.-U.P.
 Batteast, Cassio. and Knox, Joshua.

From snaps to raps: The role of Ebonics in African American communication
 George, Clarence.

From the Classroom to the Community
 Butler, Suquanna.


Glitter in the Streets: The Caribbean Carnival as Kaleidoscopic Neocolonial Resistance in the Fiction of Pauline Melville
 Mookerjee, Rita.

Globalization and its impacts on African Education: The case of Zimbabwean Education
 Masanga, Takudzwa.

Grassroots Mobilization for Criminal Justice Reform
 Collins, Molly.


HBCUS and the Cvil Rights Movement a Case Study of the NC A&T State University Register Student Newspaper and the Relevance of Other Historic African American Newspapers
 ndege, conchita.

Half of a Tassel: Effects of Retention Programs on Underrepresented Students Graduation from both Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Predominantly White Colleges and Universities
 Bailey, Tonya.

He lives: An Ethnographic study of Black Church culture in Los Angeles
 Henderson, Jonathon.

Heading Home: Literary Pan-Africanism in the Return Narratives of Eslanda Robeson and Maya Angelou
 Harris, Christina.

Healing HIstory: The Documentary
 Van Putten, Melodye Micere.

Helen Bannerman and Little Black Sambo (1899): A legacy of Othering through children’s literature
 Trahan-Thomassin, Marilou.

Henry Ossawa Tanner at the Paris Salon
 Woods, Naurice.

High-Impact Educational Strategies: What Works for African American College Students?
 James, Jessica.

Hip Hop Spirituals: African Spirituality, Spirituals, and the Spirit in Hip Hop
 Claybrook, M. Keith. and Robinson, Tiearea.

Hip-Hop and the voice of the Black American community
 Tidwell, Wylie.

Hiplife’s Jezebels: Female Images in Popular Ghanaian Music Videos
 Nikoi, Nii.

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia in America: Africa and the Black Freedom Struggle in the United States
 Abaka, Edmund.

Historical Interpretation of Womanhood Image Based on Three Races of Economic Development Stages Worldwide: Igbo, African American and Han Chinese, a comparative perspective
 austin, jane.

Holding On: Gayl Jones and Unstately Black Life
 Cervenak, Sarah.

Homegirls: Helping, Healing, and Holding Each Other Down
 Colston-Brooks, Victoria.

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I AM | WE ARE the WOMEN: A Call to Arms
 Jones, Tasha.

Igbo Religion &Traditional Medicine
 Nnam, Nkuzi.

Imagining a Black Future Digital Revolution through the #Afrofuturism hashtag
 Gipson, Grace.

In Theory and Action: Student and Faculty Reflections on 21st Century Black Student Organizing
 Turner III, David. and Claybrook, M. Keith.

Individual Narratives, Collective Implications
 Singer, Katie.

Interdisciplinarity, the Sciences and the African Worldview
 Dandridge, Anthony.

Intersections of Africana Voices via Nollywood Reception in Brazil
 Ewing, Kamahra.

Into me see (Intimacy): The transformative power of Arts-based intergroup collaborations
 Oba, Olufunke.

Investigating Teachers’ Perceptions of Culturally Relevant Teaching in Early Elementary Classrooms
 Dominguez, Joy.


Juxtaposition of Black Lives Matter
 Adejumo, Vincent.


Kendrick Lamar: Honest, Fearful and Unapologetic
 Wheeler, Ja\'Andra.

Kente and Tartan: The Fabric of African Lives in Scotland
 Davidson, Jeanette.

Kindred Narratives in Pan-African Perspective: African Centered Pedagogy, Culture, and Community Compared
 Caesar, Tiffany.

Kool-Aid, King Kong and KFC: Racialism and the Media
 Berry, Venise.

Kunfundisha: An Innovative Teaching Approach for Student Engagement and Experiential Learning
 Hackett, Cedric.

Kunfundisha: An Innovative Teaching Approach for Student Engagement and Experiential Learning
 Hackett, Cedric.

Kwasi Konadu
 Konadu, Kwasi. and Harris, Robert.

Kweku Andoh Sustainability Institute: Community Building in Ghana
 Akoma, Efua.


Landscape of Kemit's Human Condition
 kounougous, yves.

Language and Society in Afrika: Kinship terms and the social ideal in Kemet
 Nehusi, Kimani.

Languaging the African Diaspora: Somali Refugee Women, ESL and Central Ohio
 Goins, Marla.

Lessons in Freedom from the American South
 Lewis, Janaka.

Let the Girls Be Girls: Locating the Black Tomboy in Hip Hop Culture
 Isoke, Saidah.

Liberatory De-Stabilization of the Archival Enterprise: The Radical (Re)Orientation of Africana Museology
 Wallace, Hannah.

Like Black Studies - in the academy: Mississippi Hurricane Katrina Women Survivors - still on the fringes.
 Davis, Ophera.

Living Under Fire: Panther Women, Black Power, and the Elm City
 Yancy, Brittney.

Looking to the Past for New Directions in Educational Leadership
 Croft, Sheryl.

Lucille Clifton: A Spiritual Shaping of Writing Projects and Educational Philosophies
 Pogue, Tiffany.

Lynching in California: A Preliminary Report
 Wade, Evan.


Making the Coast Pacific: Military Road Building, Violence, and Social Engineering on Mexico’s Colorful Coast
 Porter, Jayson.

Manufacturing West African Identities: Vlisco’s African Print in Post-Colonial Ghana
 Taylor-Watson, Kadari.

Mapping the Long Struggle: The Black Lives Matter Movement and African-centered Ethical Thought
 Livingston, Samuel.

Margaret Walker Alexander ‘Mother of the Black Studies Movement’ and The Institute for the Study of History, Life, and Culture of Black People at Jackson State College, 1968-1979
 Chapman, Rico.

Marketing Strategies of the Connecticut UNIA: A Preaching of Unity, Religion and Fraternal Orders
 Wade, Evan.

Marriage, Murder, and Mayhem in Alice Walker's "The Third Life of Grange Copeland"
 McCray, April.

Masculinity and Mental Health: The Stifling Hold on Black Males
 Sanders, Kayla.

Matryoshka Dolls In Action: Black Women at Fayetteville State University, 1960-1980
 Turner, Francena.

Maya Angelou and Karrine Steffans: Taking Back Respectability and Owning Pleasure
 Colston-Brooks, Victoria.

Mentoring Black Graduate Students
 Lewis, Dwight.

Mentoring in Qualitative Research: Using Sista Circle Methodology to Support Black Women Teachers
 Johnson, Latoya.

Migration, borders, and crisis: intra-gender relations between native Finnish and Black African immigrant women
 Ndukwe, Thaddeus.

Mining in the Congo: The Lubumbashi Story.
 Kasongo, Anany.


Natural Evolutions: Community voices on reproductive and environmental health concerns facing Black women, with a focus on Black hair care
 Adewumi, Teniope.

Negative to Positive: Black Cartoons Shift from Short Film to Television, 1900-1980.
 Faust, Mitchell.

New Native Son: The Fear Within
 Lamberth, Maurice.

New Orleans & Jacmel; Sister Cities' Cultural & Economic Sustainability
 Jackson, Joyce Marie.

New Pan-Africanism in a Global Political Economy: Africa’s Third Way
 Edozie, Rita Kiki.

Niger Delta Dystopia and Environmental Activism in Ojaide's Tale of the Harmattan
 Missihoun, Honoré.

Non-Aligned Women: Critical Issues for Black Women's Studies without Feminism
 Watkins, Valethia.

Not The Stereotypical Black Teen Mother: Factors that have helped contributed to their success
 hollis, myra.


Ogun as healer: Exploring Afrofuturist pedagogy as a means to disrupt white cultural dominance in STEM education and amplify Africana girls’ technical agency.
 Williams, Jennifer.

On Gender and Jim Crow’s Teachers: Hidden Transcripts within the Hidden Transcript
 Kelly, Hilton.

On Kara Walker’s Sugar Sphinx and the Gratuitous Violence of the Slave (Wo)Man
 Johnson, Cherod.

Organizing for Collective Action: A Model for Mobilizing the Collegiate Community
 daniels, andrea.


People Can Change: Examining the Experiences of Formerly Incarcerated
 Rice, Mark.

Philosophy as Propaganda: Radical Representations as Liberatory Cultural Forms
 Roberts, DeChana.

Philosophy of Symbiosis, the Nardal Sisters, and Senghor
 Maruyama, Shunichi.

Poetically Speaking, Rhetorically Being Tupac Examining Tupac Shakur’s Rhetoric through the Lens of His R.O.S.E. Theory
 Lancaster, Iris.

Police, Policing and Community
 Tchakirides, William.

Positioning Africana Studies for Vitality in a Changing Academy
 Page, Jr., Hugh.

Prescribing Success: College Completion and Low-Income, First-Generation African-American Males
 Frazier, Denise.

President Obama and Black Lives Matter
 Signil, Christopher.

Presidential Campaign Rhetoric, Racial Priming and Tacit Consent to Repress Black Militancy, 1968-72.
 Brown, Ronald. and Brown, R..

Proclamation of Liberation: The Radical Fundamentalism of Africana Thought Based Policies
 Martin, Myriah.

Psychological and Sociological impacts of White Supremacy on African Americans 1980-1995
 Blakely, Justin.


Queen Charlotte NC
 Joelle, Terri.


Race and Power in an Urban School District: A Political Economy Analysis of Black Education in Detroit
 Rice, AJ.

Race, Class and Environment: Mobilizing Communities Against Racial Health Disparities and Environmental Injustice
 Gilbert, Shelby., O\'Bryan, Simone. and Knibbs, Locksley.

Race, Povery, Inheritance, and Monopoly
 Williams, Reginald.

Race, Racism, and Discrimination: Debating the National Defense Act of 1916
 Nagel, Amanda.

Racialized Casteism: Exposing the Relationship between Race, Caste, and Colorism through the Experiences of Africana People in India and Sri Lanka
 Jayawardene, Sureshi.

Rap's Cypher: Theorizing Diaspora as a Mechanism of Agency
 Miles, Corey.

Re-engaging Kawaida Cultural Nationalism and Political Struggle in the 21st Century: Lessons from Maulana Karenga and Us
 Stewart, James.

ReConceptualizing African American Philanthrophy and Economic Development
 House Soremekun, Bessie.

Reading and Writing to Freedom: Enslaved Africans, Literacy, and the Spirt of Rebellion
 Littleton, La\'Neice.

Reappraising the Black Panther Party, 1966-1970: Its Contributions to the Black Studies Movement at Merritt College and San Francisco State University
 Cromartie, J. Vern.

Recalibrating the Abolitionist Impulse
 Goonan, Casey.

Reclaiming Black Mothers’ Reproductive Freedom
 Davis, Amira.

Recognizing African American Mothers’ Acts of Advocacy and Resistance: Viewpoints on Race, Power, and the Politics of Special Education
 Ruffin-Adams, April.

Reflection Eternal: Hip-Hop as an African Folk Art Birthed in America
 Welbeck, Timothy.

Relevant Alternatives to Increase Success in Higher Educaiton
 Barnett, Jaelen.

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Same Script, Different Cast: Afro-Chinese relations from a Black studies perspective
 Mock, Tara.

Schooling the Race: Carter G. Woodson and the Black Educational Heritage, 1915-1950
 Givens, Jarvis.

Self-Determination Strategies of Free Black Communities in the Antebellum Midwest”
 Rowe, Jill.

Silent Resistance: Censorship, Oscar Micheaux, and His Growth as a Filmmaker In 1920s New York
 Lopez, Alyssa.

Social Alchemist and Patriot: a Comparison of the Presidential Campaign Rhetoric of Barack Obama and Ben Carson
 Pennington, Dorthy.

Soul of the Felon: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Neoslavery
 St.Hilaire, Wilbert.

Soul to Soul: Hip Hop, Globalization, and Africa
 Hall, Perry.

Strategic Platforms for Mentoring
 Tillotson, Michael.

Sunlight Of No Light: Black Males as Victims of Suicide
 Simpson, Alphonso.

Syncretism and Africana Religions in the U.S. Legal System
 Boaz, Danielle.

System Racism and Incarceration
 Kyles, Tarrell.


Tackling the Taboo in the Black Church
 Scott, Aishah.

Technology as Cultural Capital in Early Yoruba Civilization, 1100-1500
 Ogundiran, Akin.

Ten Hut: An Examination of Beyoncé’s “Formation”
 Weaver, Jasmin.

The Africa Centered Perspective as a Tool for Analyzing and Reinterpreting African Politics

The Afrocentric Literary as Radical Liberator: African American Literature as Agency
 Nicholas, Alice.

The Age of Obama & The African American Experiences
 Brown, Jr., Owen.

The Black Female Body and the Confederate Flag: The Visibility of Racism
 Russum, lj.

The Black Queer Dilemma: A Struggle of Acceptance in Activism and Academia
 Sawyer, Raegan.

The Contribution of African Women in the Development Process in Africa: The case of the late Dr. Wangari Maathai
 Ochwa-Echel, James.

The Corner: Black Bodies, Spatial Aesthetics, and the Go-Go Economy
 Summers, Brandi.

The Delta

The Effect of Social Media on Activism among Millennials
 Bailey, Janessa.

The Effects of Racial Discrimination on GBQ Adolescents
 Wilkerson, Theron.

The Erotic as Homeplace: Africana Women Literary Writers’ Interpretations of Sexuality as a Psychological Site of Resistance and Liberation
 McCoy, Melanie.

The Fall of White Monuments and Negro Messiahs: Afrocentric Meditations on Africana Healing from White Supremacist Ancestral Invasion
 Roberts, Christopher.

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Un-Hottentoting the Queen of Punt
 Samuels, Tristan.

Uncovering Human Truths Across Genres
 Misko, Stephanie.

Understanding Challenges towards Building a Healthy Nation: An Analysis of the Healthcare System of Liberia
 Oliver, LaTisha.

Undocumented Workers: Black Women’s Work and Community Activism
 Madlock Gatison, Annette.

Urban Agriculture: Making an Impact in Black Communities
 Akoma, Efua.

Us, Kawaida Philosophy and the Black Liberation Movement: A Critical Reading of the Revolutionary Record
 Karenga, Maulana.

Using Black Feminist Methodologies for Social Critique in the New Millenium
 Rais, Saadia.

Uwenzi: The Need for Pan Africanism
 Shockley, Kmt., Katembo, Baruti. and Akombo, David.


Visions from Below: the Prophetic Pariah in the Black Literary Tradition
 Wesley, DeMointe.

Vixen Activism: Bridging the Gap Between Black Female Sexuality and Respectability in Hip-Hop
 McNair, Emily.

Voicing Pain, Voicing Resistance: The Media Making of the Third World Women’s Alliance
 Lang, Charmaine.


We're not Black, I'm Haitian and she's Puerto Rican; Teaching About Race and Ethnicity.
 Reid-merritt, Patricia.

What Does Pink & Blue in The Black World Has To Do With White?
 Monteiro-Ferreira, Ana.

When Black Private Humor Goes Public: Mainstream Misappropriation of Black Hashtags
 Gipson, Brooklyne.

When the Big Man Speaks:Examining Africa’s Big Man Politics, Issue Framing and Electoral Violence
 Kumah-Abiwu, Felix.

Where Was Louise Little: The Lost Years of Little's Commitment to Kalamazoo State Hospital, 1938-1963
 Pumphrey, Shelby.

Where do I fit? An Analysis on the Performance of Multiracial and Multiethnic Identities
 Evans, Cheyenne.

White Supremacy, Settler Colonialism and Solidarity in the United States and Palestine
 Farnia, Navid.

Why "The Selma of the North" Still Applies
 Smith, Robert.

Why Do African American Parents, Who Homeschool Their Children, Prefer Homeschooling Over Public, Private, and Charter School Education?
 Jackson-Sutton, Clara.

Why Use Fiction For Agency When The Truth Is Available
 Ford, Richard.

Womanist Theory and Methodologies Shaping Identity Development and Consciousness
 Reynolds, Dana.

Women of Us and the Black Power Movement: Expanding the Concept and Practice of Liberation
 Karenga, Tiamoyo.

Women of the African Diaspora and the Triple Whammy of Oppression
 Ardrey, Saundra.

Words of African Wisdom through Leuk the Hare in a French Immersion Classroom
 Shembo, Pam.
40th Annual National Council for Black Studies Conference 2016-Mar-16 to 2016-Mar-20
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