41st Annual National Council for Black Studies Conference 2017-Mar-08 to 2017-Mar-13

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"Black Nationalism and African Nationalism: Re-envisioning Contemporary Pan-Africanism"

"Close to My Chest"
 Gray, Laguana.

"Do Not Call Me Uncle Tom": African American Resistance Against British Racism 1830-1895
 Murray, Hannah-Rose.

"Fighting the Good Fight: The Emancipation Experience of a 'Beautiful African-American Mind'"
 Frear, Yvonne.

"The Double-Consciousness of a Beautiful Soul"
 Pruitt, Bernadette.

#Black Lives Matter: The Black Power Through a Hip Hop Pedagogical Lens
 Jones, Charles.

(Mis)Representing the Black Male Body: Exploring Black Masculinity and Sexuality in PrEP4Love
 Quin, Kevin.

(The) Ill Na Na: Exploitation of Black Women in Hip-Hop, a Hip-hop Feminist Perspective  
 Gallion, Aisha.

(re)Thinking Cultural Advantage: African Wisdom Tradition Knowledge Production, and Convergent Realities in the Post-Obama Era

‘Black Souls in Male Skins’: An Exploration of Four Black South African Men’s Performances of Masculinity and Perceptions of #PatriarchyMustFall Movement
 Brooks, Jusitn.

“A United and Valiant People”: Black Visions of Haiti in the Early Nineteenth Century
 Alexander, Leslie.

“Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong with You Girl”: An Analysis of Mental Illness Among African American Women
 Redrick, Tiara.

“An Exploration of Dominican Attitudes Towards Haitian Immigrants in the Dominican Republic in the Wake of the 2010 Earthquake.”
 Guilamo, Daly.

“Beyond ‘Good Hair’”: Negotiating Hair Politics Through African American Language
 Rowe, Kristin.

“Black Studies and Community Expansion: Nonprofit Incorporation, Grantwriting and Independent Satellites in “the Hood.”
 Stelly, Matthew.

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A City On Fire: The Rebirth of the Movement for Black Lives in Atlanta
 Brooks, Clarissa.

A New Educational Paradigm
 5X, Bro. Troy.

A New Educational Paradim On-line Show
 5X, Bro. Troy.

A Social Justice Approach: Teaching Africana Literature in a Smartphone Era
 Brooks, Robin.

A Sociological Critique of the Second-Shift: The Unidentified Shifts of Black Women
 Brailey, Carla. and Slatton, Brittany.

A Structural Theory of “Black African Ethnic Symbolic Mobility” with Nigerians as a Case Study
 Oriji, Chinwe.

Aboriginal Dreaming
 Shehada, Sohail.

Absent Father, Present God
 Stephens, Althea.

Academic Motivation and Success: A Phenomenological Study of 8th Grade African American Males In Two Suburban Maryland Middle Schools
 Bacon, Kyle.

Access to Ethnic Heroes: African American Male Students’ Search for Positive Images in their Likeness
 Rayford, Ph.D., Debra.

Activists, Anarchists, and Apathetics, Oh My!: Student Protests at a PWI (Predominantly White Institution)
 Jackson, Shirley.

Addressing Food Deserts: A Case Study in Inglewood, CA
 Crumble, Danny.

African American Leadership: Its Evolution in Racialized America
 King, Rueben.

African American Women, Labor, and Skill in Eighteenth Century Massachusetts
 Thomas, Felicia.

African Consciousness Through Linguistic Unity: A Juxtapositional Analysis of Terminology from Yurugu and The Eloquence of the Scribes
 Gaffin, V.

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Balancing Social Media Use and Privacy for Public Employees
 Barker, Ashleigh.

Because the Spirits: Visualizing Connective Consciousness in Contemporary Art Practices
 Wilson, Michael.

Becoming Black and African: Nigerian Diaspora Transformations of Racial and Ethnic identities in the US
 Nwabara, Olaocha.

Beliefs and Black Males in Urban Education: A Conversation with Reverend Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr.
 Dulaney, Kim.

Best Practices in Organizing Service Learning Projects for African American College Students
 Ardrey, Saundra.

Bestiality against Black bodies and the deleterious effects of predisposed media disclosure
 Hackett, Cedric.

BlaQueer Intimacies in the Caribbean
 Anderle, Charlie.

Black Aesthetics, Black Hair
 Powell, Syleena.

Black Babies in Scotland: Were we Jock Tamson's Bairns
 Davidson, Jeanette.

Black Femininity: From Hottentot to Miss America
 Powell, W. Denae.

Black Feminisim: Beyonce’s influence on Sexual Decision-making among Black female millennials
 Taylor, Laura.

Black Girls Run
 Harris, Felicia., Ramsby, Kenton., Thomas-Houston, Marilyn. and McLaurin, Irma.

Black Liberation in Brazil: Embracing African Ancestry
 Craft, Merissa.

Black Studies in the Digital Age: Research, Write-Up and Distribution
 Thomas-Houston, Marilyn.

Black Studies, Black Students and Black Struggle on a Conservative Midwestern Campus: The Case of the University of Nebraska at Omaha
 Stelly, Matthew.

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Cabralism: Amilcar Cabral’s Critical Theory of History, Culture, and National Liberation
 Rabaka, Reiland.

Cabral´s Signature of Radicalism: Culture as a Tool of Liberation
 Lao-Montes, Agustin.

Caregiver Burden: An Enduring Human Cost of Wars and Non-Wars in Uganda
 Mukenge, Ida Rousseau., Alibaruho, Gloria. and Chirume, Tinashe.

Challenges to African Playwrights and their Ideologies of Liberation
 Zenenga, Praise.

Charting Family, Freedom, and the African Diaspora in Yaa Gyasi’s Homegoing
 Kennon, Raquel.

Chasing the World: Imposter Syndrome & Irrational Expectations of Self through the eyes of a Black scholar battling Bipolar 2
 Coghill, Kalyn.

Christianity, Politics and a Lack of Social Activism: Protestantism in the Haitian Diaspora of the Bahamas
 Louis, Bertin.

Colonial Mentality in Africa
 Nnam, Nkuzi.

Coming Up the Rough Side of the Mountain”: Building a Multicultural Church in a US Southern Mill Town
 Cripps, Rodney. and Waymer, Damion.

Communism, Clergy, and Civil Rights Movement: The Rhetorical Strategies of the 1950s-Clergy Against Southern Segregationists
 Gittens, Rhana.

Complications of Blackness and Indianness in Oklahoma & Texas, 1870-1900
 Myers, Leroy.

Conjure, Hoodoo, and the Cross: African Spirituality and the Slave Experience in Pre-Antebellum America
 Newman, Chris.

Conquest of Africa
 Owuau, Samuel.

Contemporary Quilts: Art, Activism and Storytelling
 Johnson, Pearlie.

Cooperatives and Environmentally-Friendly Farming Methods: The Case of Twikatane Cooperative in Samfya-Zambia
 Mwase, Daka.

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Decolonization of the Ideology of "God" in Africana Religions and Cultures
 Kunnie, Julian.

Decolonizing African Nationalisms in the Anglophone and Lushophone Africa
 Zunguze, Jeremias. and Boakye-Boaten, Agya.

Detroit Techno and Afrofuturism - Between Utopia and Dystopia
 Engbirk, Emilie.

Diasporic Consciousness and Struggle for Peace: The Hutu Diaspora in Belgium
 Kuradusenge, Claudine.

Digital Media: Sculpting Cultural Consciousness through Iconography
 Sankara, Taharka.

Dismantling the Segregation Monolith: Medgar Evers and the Black Freedom Movement in Jackson, Mississippi, 1952-1964
 Henze, Kristin.


Education and Elijah Muhammad
 Pitre, Dr. Abul.

Elijah Muhammad and Education
 Pitre, Dr. Abul.

Empowering Youth through Civic Engagement
 Moss, Tayo.

Engaged Scholarship: Advancing Rigor, Elevating Impact
 Craddock, Douglas.

Engaging Diaspora: Pan-African Institutions, Post/Development, and Globalization
 Nisbett, Mario.

Eurobliviousness! How White Privilege, Entitlement and White Fragility lead to Colonialism Oppression and Death.
 Smith, Aaron.

Existence in Red, Black & Green: Detroit’s Pan African Legacies in the African World Festival
 Radney, El-Ra.

Exploring Available Resources for Black Students Seeking Employment in the Medical Profession
 Cooper, Malaysia.


Facing the Giants of Your Mind: An Introspection of “Rise” by Solange Knowles
 Oluwole, Odunayo.

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM): The Physical, Psychological, Sexual, and Emotional Effects
 Aidoo-Apau, Araba.

For Colored Girls Who Loved Prince Rogers Nelson: Issues of Colorism and Identity
 Allison, Donnetrice.

Forging the Dirty South: Maynard Jackson, Politics and the Creation of the Dirty South
 Hobson, Maurice.

Fostering Spaces for Empowering Black Male Youth
 Shockley, Kmt. and Frederick, Rona.

Francis Cress Welsing's Contributions to Africana Studies Epistemology
 Jayawardene, Sureshi. and McDougal, Serie.

From Daddy Rich to the Preachers of Reality Television: A Historical Analysis
 Allison, Donnetrice.

From Katherine Dunham to Solange: The Artistic Vulnerability of Black Women
 Gilbert, Joiclyn.

Further Demise of African Colonialism: Discourse on African Aesthetic and Victory
 Craig, John., Lipscomb, Trey. and Jacobs, Marquice.


Game Changers: The Contemporary Social Construction of the Black Athlete
 Rowley, CT.

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner: Food Sovereignty and Black America
 Foster, Christina.


 Thermidor, Priscilla. and Jones, Adrienne.

Hashtags and Health: How Black women are fueling a fitness movement
 Harris, Felicia.

Hatshepsut: An Afrocentric Analysis
 Samuels, Tristan.

How Do You Dismantle the Pre-K-12 Educational System?: Use Academic Terrorism
 Mort, Niki.

How the Welfare State is Destroying the African World from Black America to the Continent of Africa!!
 Kafele, Baruti.


I Break Chains all by Myself: An Exploration of Womanist Ideologies in Lemonade
 Paskus, Erin.

In Goldleana's Hand: How a Black Space Created Black Cultural and Civic Identity in the Hollywood Neighborhood of Shreveport, Louisiana
 Anderson-Douoning, Jolivette.

In Living Color(ism): Morrison, Melanin, and Black Girl Rage in The Bluest Eye
 Perro, Ebony.

In the Midst of Crisis: Language and Resistance in Flint
 Gaines, Leah.

Incarcerated: Liberty and Justice for None
 Hilger, Ashley.

Inter-Group Dynamics and Attitudes of African/s/Americans: Can We All Get Along?
 Magu, Stephen.

Is Haitian Epistemology an African Epistemology?
 Blanc, Judite.

It's A Man's World- The Invisible Women in Invisible Man
 Hadnot, Brianca.

It's in the Mind?:  Blending Hip Hop Culture and High Impact Practices to Increase Student Success
 Stanford, Karin.


James H. Williams: An "Uncommon" Common Sailor in the Age of Sail
 Bolden, Willie.

Jean Price-Mars and the Possibility and Impossibility of God in African Traditional Religion
 joseph, celucien.

Jumping Overboard:Suicide by Drowning as a Form of Resistance, Faith, Agency and Martyrdom During The Transatlantic Slave Trade.
 Stevenson, Jr, Dr. Robert.


Le Cinema de L'Exclusion: #BlackFrenchCinemaMatters and the Impact of Transatlantic Slaving on African Diasporic Respresentions in French & African Francophone Cinema
 Lundy, April.

Legacy of Blackness: Haitian Military Strategy, Armed Struggle and the Black Power Movement
 Austin, Curtis.

Letter by Letter: Literacy as a Tool for Resistance during Enslavement
 Littleton, La\'Neice.

Libation, a Pan Afrikan Ritual of Heitage: Origins and Significance
 Nehusi, Kimani.

Life During Wartime, or Society as Such: African American Intellectuals and Foucault’s 1975-1976 Lectures
 Montesano, Michael.

Literature and music as counter-narratives to nationalistic discourse in post-independent Zimbabwe
 Mpondi, Douglas.

Looking for a Motherland: African Cultural Preservation Among Afro-Brazilians
 Kuradusenge, Claudine.

Lorde Help Us: What Can the Theoretical Perspectives of Audre Lorde Offer #BlackLivesMatter
 Sanders, Kimberly.


Martin Luther King, Jr., & Frantz Fanon: Can “the apostle of nonviolence” & “the prime minister of violence” meet?
 Gaiters, Seth.

Mistaken identities: Unpacking African and black identities.
 Palmer, Fileve.

Modalities of Marronage: Diasporic Resistance of Africana People and Their Quest for Freedom(s)
 Lefao, Maya., Scott, Mikana., Clarkson, Octavia., Macon, Danielle. and Simmons, Matthew.

Money Talk: A Building Block of Healthy African-American Relationships
 Hill, Anthony.


Nkrumahism in 21st Century America
 Simms, Uri.

No Hashtag for Joseph: Redressing Black Male Lives Lost to Gun Violence in the U.S.
 Cochran, Shannon.

Not Your Average Brotha: Examining the Educational Lives, Literacies and Masculinities of Black Males
 Belle, Crystal.


Obama Leadership Communication
 Jones, ConSandra.

Old School Gospel vs. Contemporary Gospel: Has the message changed?
 Vaughn, Beverly.

On Citizenship: Politically Legitimizing the African Diaspora
 Àzúbùíké, Ekúndayò.

On Intellectual Reparations: Hegel, Franklin Tavarès, Susan Buck-Morss, Revolutionary Haiti, and Caribbean Philosophical Association (CPA)
 joseph, celucien.

On Prophets and Protests: Father Divine, Alternative Christianity, and a Critique of Black Protest
 Tucker Edmonds, Joseph.

Oppression and Survival: Hallucinations, Madness and Cray Cray in Hip-Hop Music
 Jackson, Hope. and Harper, Kim.

Organized Chaos - Rioting and Looting as Responses to Police Abuse
 Hollowell, Deonte.


Palestine, Cultural Domination and Therapeutic Resistance: A discussion on decolonization and telling our own stories
 Akinyela, Makungu.

Pan “African” Rising: The Paradox of Culture, a Third Way, and Co-Producing Global Development
 Edozie, Rita Kiki.

Pan-African Identity in the U. S. Black Population: A Cluster Analytic Approach
 WHALEY, Arthur.

Patterns in Meaning:Transnational Popular Culture Rhetorics in Arusha, Tanzania
 Keene, Tamika.

Perceptions of Black Women Based on their Hairstyles
 Zollicoffer, Ashley.

Perspectives on E-Waste Dumping and Resource Extraction in Countries of Color
 Adeola, Francis.

Pop Culture without Culture: Examining the Public Backlash to Beyoncé’s Super Bowl 50 Performance
 Gammage, Marquita.

Preserving the African-American Experience in Historic Freedmen's Town, Houston
 Miljkovic, Ela.

Pro-Black Leadership In a Trump Era “ Enhancing The Unapologetic Leader”
 daniels, andrea.

Protestant or Christian: Symbolic Boundaries and Nationalism in the Haitian Diaspora of the Bahamas
 Louis, Bertin.


Quality of Life Study of Eritrean and Ethiopian Community in Houston
 Johnson, Kevin. and Woldu, Dawit.

Quilombola Movement: Present and emerging challenges to maroon slave communities in Northeastern Brazil.
 Williamson, Kenneth.


Racial Idenity in Relation to Cardio Metabolic Risk
 Smith, Gabrielle.

Racial Unity and Ethnic Conflict: The Politics of Identity for Nigerian, Jamaican and African Americans in Houston, Texas
 Jones, Caralee.

Racial-Gendered Policing
 Tharpe, Angelica.

Rebranding a Nation: The Power of Media to Transform Narrative and Mobilize the Diaspora.
 Coleman, Stephanie. and Kabaila, Wesley.

Recouping History: 12 Years a Slave and The Plantation Mistress(es)
 Carr, Joi.

Red, White, and Black: The Balkanization of the Subaltern
 Hyams, Aaron.

Reflections on My Journey with the My Brother's and Sister's Keeper Program
 Roehler, Ryan.

Religion, Secularism, and #BlackLivesMatter
 Gaiters, Seth.

Restoring the Community and Self through a Re-Conceptualization of the Spirituals through the Works of Wade Nobles
 Robinson, T.J..


She Is Here!!: Black (Female) Bodies in the Future
 Gipson, Grace.

Shifting the Periphery and Reclaiming Our Space: Literary Representations of Blackness
 Nicholas, Alice.

Shifting the Periphery and Reclaiming Our Space: Literary Representations of Blackness
 Nicholas, Alice.

Shirley Chisholm, the Nation's First-Black Female U.S. Representative
 Drinkard-Hawkshawe, Ph.D., Dorothy.

Signifyin(g) and Black Twitter Activism
 Thompson, Sheneese.

Silence: The Space between Role and Code of the African-American Female Choreographer
 Avery, Nicole.

Small Scale Industries in Pollution Control: The Case of Sakubva Green Market in Mutare, Zimbabwe
 Munyau, Munyaradzi.

Soap, Pickaninny, Aligator Bait, and Racism: Stainilgo, The Kendall-Davis Co. Advertisement
 Trahan-Thomassin, Marilou.

Social Justice and Black Basketball: Playing the Game On and Off the Court
 Pearson, Demetrius.

Sociology 209: The Blackman in America and The Honorable Min. Louis Farrakhan.
 Dixon, Bro. Fredrick.

Sociology 209: The Blackman in America and The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad
 Dixon, Bro. Fredrick.

Sojourner's Truth and Her Sisters Too
 Briggs, Shaneka.

Some Sh*t is for Us: For Colored Girls who have Considered Sex-Positivity, but Whiteness is Too Much
 McCoy, Melanie.

Soul Sessions: How Music, Spoken Word, and Dance Have Been the Remedies through Years of Trauma
 Baker, Raycinta.

Soul Survival: Black Girl Magic(k), Humanistic Healing and Aspects of (Alterity and) Self-Actualization in the Rhetoric of Solange’s A Seat at the Table
 Hand, Amara.

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Take it to the streets! Camden residents speak on their expectations of city public school teachers beyond the schoolhouse
 benson, keith.

Teaching Africa in USA: A Conundrum
 Opara, Ruth.

Teaching Courses on Race and Racism
 Tripp, Luke.

Teachings of Wisdom in Africology
 Monteiro-Ferreira, Ana.

Technology, Games and Learning in an Intermediate Spanish Class at an HBCU
 Arthur, Rosalind.

Thank God for Donald Trump!
 Smith, Aaron.

The Balance and Duality of Consciousness and Entertainment
 Brooks, Natalya.

The Civil Rights Struggle in the Elm City: The NAACP in New Haven
 Canton, David.

The Critical Need for African Centered Educational Leadership
 Hughes, Joycelyn., Frazer, C.. and Shockley, Kmt.

The Damnation of Hip Hop: A Critique of Hip Hop Through the Lens of W.E.B Dubois
 Wright II, Earl.

The Dialectics of "Black Progress": The Insufficiency of "Black Progress" as Text
 Pennington, Dorthy.

The Discourse of White Racist Extremists and Imprecatory Acts Against African Americans
 Pennington, Dorthy.

The Empathy Promise: To Exist Within Ourselves and Within Others
 Reynolds, Dana.

The Ethnogenesis of Black America through Television
 Bostic, Malik.

The Ferguson Effect on Historical and Enduring Structural Racism in America
 Pulphus, Jonathan.

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Understanding Nommo and Social Justice: Using Communication Arts as a Tool of Womanist Political Change
 Gaines, Rondee.

Understanding the Dream as Truth in Martha Southgate’s The Fall of Rome
 Lancaster, Iris.

Unpacking Incarcerated Women's Communication and Resistance through Media Activism
 Ferguson, Tamanika.

Uplift Through Education: Washington and Du Bois Applied to the 21st Century African American Context
 Dyer-Lewis, Evia.

Uplift Through Education: Washington and DuBois Applied to the Twenty-First Century African American Context
 Brown, Chelsea. and Royster, Michael.


Viv Dechoukaj, Long Live Uprooting! Aristide’s Politico-Theological of Violence, and the Ethics of Necklacing and Gangsterization
 joseph, celucien.


Walking the Tightrope: Black Women and Labor in the Black Panther Party
 Hall, Maija.

We Got Next: An intersectional view of African American female sport engagement
 Olushola, Joyce.

We Have the Data! Is There the Will? Challenging White-Led Public Charter Schools to Establish Targeted Initiatives for Comprehensive Black Male Student Success.
 Nyofu, Mshinda.

We are not alone: conceptualizing people-things relationship among Oromo Diaspora in North America.
 Wayessa, Bula.

What a Difference a Year Can Make
 Ford, Matthew.

What's So Good About Feeling Bad? Narratives from the Underground Slave
 Guthrie, Ricardo.

When Horror Meets History: Speculative Power of Toni Morison’s Beloved
 Haynes, Marcus.

When Martin Met Nixon: Transnational Blackness in the Shadow of American Soft Power

Who must and can take the leadership for the struggle in the BLACK WORLD ?
 kounougous, yves.

Why Are Students Discouraged from Majoring in Africana Studies in Higher Education?
 Jackson-Sutton, Clara.

Why Conversations on Race Still Matter
 reid-merritt, patricia.

Why Integration is killing Black Culture
 Dennis, James.

Why We Act This Way: An Analysis of Hip Hop in the U.S at the Start of the Millennium
 Terry, Courtney.

Will the South Ever Die? : A Reflection on the Reign of Southern Hip Hop
 Brooks, Clarissa.

Without Sanctuary Revisited: The Spectacle of Terror in the Age of Black Lives Matter
 Boyd, Stacy.

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Yes, I AM a Woman: How White Feminism Made Africana Womanism Necessary
 Henderson, Jordan.

Young Black & American: The Guide to Thriving
 Kelley, Porscha.

Youth-Driven Success Strategies: Reimagining Schools through Arts and Education
 Thomas Brooks, Shari.
41st Annual National Council for Black Studies Conference 2017-Mar-08 to 2017-Mar-13
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