42nd National Council for Black Studies Conference 2018-Mar-13 to 2018-Mar-19

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"Anti-Blackness and the Assimilation of White Catholic Immigrants in the 19th and 20th Centuries"
 LeBeau, Chan.

"Black and a Woman: Black Women's Struggles for Race and Gender Justice in the 1970s and 1980s"
 Cooper, Zalirah.

"Medicinal Maroonage: A Nutritional Call to Arms"
 Heq-m-Ta, Dr. Heru.

"Perusing Iola's Letter (1994)"
 Young, Pat.

"Teaching About the Intersections of Race and Disability"
 Mack, Joshua.

"That nigga turnin' deez hoes to Cinderella:" Drake, Love, and Black Women
 Dial, Aaron.

"They can read and perhaps write a little": The American African Tradition of Literacy in the Antebellum South
 Littleton, La\'Neice.

#BlackGirlMagic as a form of resistance and resilience
 Craft, Merissa.

#For the Culture: Reframing Black Womanhood in Digital Spaces
 Jackson, Tanisha.

#HealThySelf: From Soul Food to Spiritual Food
 Jones, Symone.

#blackgirlmagic : the efficacy of social media as a strategy for Africana women’s identity reclamation
 Williams, Jennifer.

12. Jean Price-Mars’s Brazilian Connection: Arthur Ramos Reads Haiti
 Mompoint, Myriam.

2nd Generation Black Women's Use of Digital Media in Restructuring Identity & Diaspora
 Fekade, Beza.

‘It’s Truly Ghanaian!’: The Accra Evening News and Ghana’s “Benevolent Dictator,” 1960-1964
 Mcleod, Nicholas.

“"Loving U is Complicated: a Womanist Reflects on 31 Years of (Mostly) Adoring Prince."” Reflection on Prince
 Tallie, Mariahadessa Ekere.

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A Black Professor at a Majority White HBCU; Profound Questions, Perspectives, and Ironies – Part II
 Frank, Troy.

A Critical Twitter Analysis of Undocumented Students in Higher Education
 Hall, Kayon.

A Critique of American Schooling: Inequality by design
 Mahnzili, Amiri.

A Fork in the Road: Barriers to the Promotion of African American women in Higher Education
 Harris, Crystal.

A Graveyard of Unmarked Tombs: The Genocide of America's Indigenous People
 Wells, Joi.

A Literature Review on Rejection Sensitivity, Race Based, and Implications for Future Research
 Luney, LeAnna.

A Means to an End: The United States Role in Stigmatizing Black Motherhood for Political Gain
 Alameen-Shavers, Antwanisha.

A Pan-African Disconnect? Why the Global African Community and Zimbabweans Reacted Differently to Mugabe's Demise
 Mavima, Shingi.

A Perspective of Women in Black Speculative Fiction
 White, Tamara.

A Psychological Reading of "I Am Not Your Negro": Charles Cooley Revisited
 Pennington, Dorthy.

Abolitionist Theater in German Territories?
 Oduro-Opuni, Obenewaa.

Accountability: The Sixth Love Language
 Barbarin, Tyler.

Advancing the Call to National Involvement of Africana Studies
 Tillotson, Michael.

African American Collegiate Athletes During Jim Crow, 1940-1970
 Owen, Edward.

African American Identity Artwork and Black Public Memory
 Bullock, Angelica.

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Back in Da Day When Things Were Wood
 Salaam, Morgan.

Banking While Black
 Fossett, Stephen.

Before 4:44 Jay-Z King of the WOKE rappers!
 Smith, Aaron.

Being Black and Scottish: Journey Across the Lifespan
 Davidson, Jeanette.

Between the Performative and the Political: Locating ‘Ceylon Kaffir’ Identity in Aesthetics, Memory and Performance
 Jayawardene, Sureshi.

Biblical Monotheism and the Origins of Racism
 Chamberlin, William.

Black African American Woman in Hip Hop
 Lashley, Maudry-Beverley.

Black Buddhists: Hiphop, Value Creation and Social Justice in African Diasporic Communities
 Fischer, Dawn-Elissa.

Black Cartoon: Agency Seeking Sovereignty
 Simpson, Alphonso.

Black College Students: Managing Depression
 Ragland, De\'Jeanna.

Black Culture Centers at Traditionally White Universities: Services, Strategies, and Survival
 Sanders, Kimberly.

Black Existentialism: Beyond Race to the Foundation of European Colonialism
 Reuven, Hadrakel.

Black Faculty Mentoring Black Students at a Predominantly White Institution
 Walters, Rita.

Black Farmer's General and Gendered Strikes against the USDA
 Wright, Willie.

Black Histories for Self-construction Within a Chinese Context
 Adams, C.

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Ceremonial Dances of Australian Aboriginal Cultures of Indigenous West African Cultures
 Shehada, Sohail.

Challenging White Educators in Independent Schools to Move Beyond Cognitive Blindness to Critical Pedagogy: One Mother/Educator's Story
 Ruffin-Adams, April.

Chant Down Babylon: Re-Establishing Race In The Zanj Rebellion In Iraq, 869 - 883 C.E.
 Mcleod, Nicholas.

Charting Territories of Love
 Creque-Harris, Leah.

Choreopoems: Augmenting Textuality with Movement, A 3D Video Motion Analysis Study
 McFadden, Zari.

Christianity, Politics and a Lack of Social Activism: Protestantism in the Haitian Diaspora of the Bahamas
 Louis, Bertin.

Civil Rights, Media, and Public Advocacy: Effects of the Diversity of the Disability Rights Movement on its Scope and Longevity
 Na, Si On (Michelle).

Classical African Sources of Kawaida Womanism: Revisiting Maatian and Ifa Sacred Discourse
 Karenga, Tiamoyo.

Coding While Black
 Dupe, Kai.

Colonial Spaces: Current Iterations and Analysis of Caribbean Places
 Scott, Mikana.

Color Blindness Through Stained Glass Windows
 Batchelor, Marilyn.

Commemoration Intervention: The Theory of Black Cultural Mythology
 Temple, Christel.

Commodification of Black Religious Culture: Simulated Experience
 Morris, DuJuan.

Communal Resistances to Displacement and Gentrification
 Livingston, Samuel. and Dickerson, Eva.

Community Engaged Research in Palmichal, Costa Rica
 Nelson, Camri.

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Damnation, Identity and Truth: epistemology and ethnic suffering in Kendrick Lamar's DAMN
 Key, Andre.

David Franklin and the Rise of the Black Mecca
 Simanga, Michael.

Dear Black Studies Celebrities: Please Have a Seat, Preferably in Your University Classrooms
 Glocke, Aimee.

Death, Burial, and Difference among Bolivia’s Afro-Descendants
 Busdiecker, Sara.

Decolonization of Eurocentric Christianity in the Africana World: Reclaiming and Restoring People to Wholeness
 Kunnie, Julian.

Decolonizing the Curriculum: African-Centered Theory, Methodology and Curriculum Development for a HBCU Graduate Sport Management Program
 Cavil, J. Kenyatta.

Desegregation of Clarke County Public Schools: A story of resilience and empowerment from a street-level pioneer in social reform
 Neely, Adrian.

Detroit and The Neoliberal Racial Order
 Rice, AJ.

Digital Storytelling in Comics and Fandom Culture-An Analysis of Black Girl Nerds and Misty Knight’s Uninformed Afro (MKUA)
 Gipson, Grace.

Disruptions in Black Masculinity: A Womanist Narrative Analysis of Black Panther Male Representations
 Gaines, Rondee.

Distilling the Essence of Black College Leadership: A Portrait of Dr. Henry Ponder
 Ponder, E Cheryl.

Dying Swan: Cultural Nationalism and Queer Formations in Trinidad and Tobago
 Mahoney, Antron.


Educational Leadership and Louis Farrakhan
 Pitre, Abul.

Electro-Acoustic Drumming: Integrating Tradition and Technology in Fuji Performance
 Aina, David.

Empire as the Nexus of Struggle in Revolutionary Cuba
 Farnia, Navid.

Empowered Black Female Identity in West African Braiding Shops: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Empowering First-Year African American Students Through Culturally-Responsive Learning Enhancements
 Lo, Sheba.

Engaging the Spirit of Ubuntu in Education: Fostering the Ethic of Humanism and Ubuntu Competency
 Ukpokodu, Omiunota.

Environmental Degradation and the Black Community
 Croll, Evvan-Joi.

Envisioning a New House: The Folk Who Call Themselves Home
 Green, Cierra.

Erasing and Inscribing Identity: Psychological Reductionism in the Dutch Slave Complex
 Jamison, David.

Establishing Culturally Relevant Interventions for Black Male Success in School: Building on Ancient Egyptian Maatian Pedagogy
 Nyofu, Mshinda.

Eve of Dissent
 Massey, Makayla.

Examining Black Masculinity and Hyper Masculine Identities
 Evans, Jazmin.

Examining Media representations of Black women in interracial relationships
 Bracy, Saacha. and Smith, Alyssa.

Examining the Dating Habits Among African American College Students
 WALLACE, destiny.

Examining the Representation of Colorism in Black Romantic Relationships in 2st Century Sitcoms
 Grayson, Aneesah.

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Feminism and The Black Panthers
 Wise, Brittany.

Filters of Fetishes: The Hyper-Sexualization of Black Women in mass Media
 Thomas, Jazzy.

Food Access, its Impact on Healthy Eating in Los Angeles, and the Role of Urban Agriculture in Promoting Food Sovereignty
 McFadzen, Hawk.

Forging Hip-Hop Through Diaspora: Hip-Hop Videography and the Black Aesthetic Tradition
 Miles, Corey.

Forging and Representing the Nigerian Diaspora in the African World
 Nwabara, Olaocha.

Forging the Dirty South: Maynard Jackson, Politics and the Creation of the Dirty South
 Hobson, Maurice.

Forging Sistas: Race, Gender, Southern Higher Education and the Construction of Black Womanhood 
 Njoku, Nadrea.

Foundational Concepts in Maatian Moral Anthropology: Endowments, Relational Grounding and Transformative Agency
 Karenga, Maulana.

Framing the Civil Rights Story: Prime-Time Television News and the Black Freedom Struggle in the USA, 1954-1965
 Goodwin, Sage.

From Co-Creation to Contemporary: Black Women’s Literary Spaces in the Academy
 Nicholas, Alice.

From Ham Bone to Beat Box: African Polyrhythms Through Body Percussion
 Stewart, Joseph.

From Tender Head to Tender Heart: Black Panther Community and Care
 Robinson, Robert.

From Timbuktu to Kara: African-Centered Pedagogies in Detroit and Tshwane (Pretoria)
 George III, Clarence.

From Timbuktu to Kara: African-centered Pedagogies in Detroit and Tshwane (Pretoria)
 George III, Clarence.

From Zamunda to Wakanda: Using Sequential Art as a Blueprint towards Free Black Futures
 Craig, John.


Gene-Culture Interaction and Its Effect on Cognitive Flexibility: Providing a Biological Rational for Culturally Relevant Pedagogy
 Burbanks, Dr. Samuel.

Get Out: A Comedic Performance?
 Adams, Tessa.

Globalization, GMO-Food Colonization, and Black Nutritional Sustainability
 Kunnie, Julian.

Globalized Local Workers’ Movement: The Transmission of Black Workers’ Consciousness in Response to Capital and the White Labor Aristocracy
 Walton, David.

Glory and the Glorification of Violent “Nonviolence”
 Metcalfe, Sariah.

God’s Urban Army: The Metropolitan Atlanta Baptist Ministers' Union and The Struggle for Racial Equality, 1895-1980
 Hightower, Edward.

Governance, Peace & Development in Africa: an Africological theory of Leadership & Political Integration in Africa
 Okafor, Victor.

Gullah Language and Identity in the 21st Century
 Lockett, Amanda.


Haitian Women Warriors: The Influence of African Martial Art & Military Traditions
 St.Hilaire, Wilbert.

Healing as Spiritual Anti-Violence Praxis
 Sumah, Yayra.

Healing the Bruised and Mothering the Motherless: The Aje in Elizabeth Nunez's "Bruised Hibiscus"
 Bess Montgomery, Georgene.

Health Disparities Despite Genetic Conformity: The Problem with Race-Based Medicine
 Crook, Alexis.

Health Disparities and Food Banks: Moving the Nation Toward a Culture of Health
 Wallace, Edward.

Hip Hop on Campus: Social Justice, Inclusion, Advocacy and (Top Down) Initiatives
 Harrison, Anthony Kwame.

Hip-Hop Cointelpro 2.0
 Square, Damion.

Historical Construction of Mixedness Through Societal Recognition
 Ramón, Jasmine.

Home Improvement: A Womanist Approach to Developing Black Males and Strong Communities
 Brooks, Kevin.

Homelessness Among Older African American Women and Female Veterans
 Jackson-Sutton, Clara.

Hood Niggas and Urbanism as a Way of Life
 Nicholson, Tadia.

How Does Race Get Conceptualized Within the Social World?
 Rogers, christopher.

How Scotland can turn towards Black Studies
 Jackson, Ima.

How Sick Is That?: African American Young Adults Navigating Health
 Stanford, Karin. and Gregory, Eyesys.

How does Black Studies Courses Affect the Psychological Development of African American College Students?
 Hamilton, Ira.

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Ideological Origins of the Revolutionary Action Movement
 Ahmad, Muhammad. and Bracey, John.

If it had not been for Dorothy Ferebee
 Worth, Andrew.

Impact and relevance of Urban and African-Centered Literature on the Urban American
 Uhuru, Jihad.

Impact of the Nonreactivity Sub-Facet of Mindfulness on Resilience to Stress in African American College Students
 Freligh, Charles.

Improving Girls’ Self-Esteem: Reflections on My Civic Engagement
 Carroll, Madisyn.

In Conversation with Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Intersex (LGBTI) Movements: Queer Politics in Post-Apartheid South Africa.
 Ngubane, Gillian.

Integrating the Arts and Humanities in Youth Empowerment Programs
 Gahn, Gillian.

Intergenerational Transmission of Historical Trauma and Maternal ACE scores of African American mothers: Association with children’s social emotional development
 Butler-King, Renea.

Intervening in the Crisis: A Critical Analysis of Black Male Youth Interventions, 1960s-Present
 Turner III, David.

Into a Burning House: Black Nationalism and the Negative Impacts of Integration on Black-Owned Businesses
 Courman, Nicklaus.

Investigating the Impact of Mass Incarceration on Black Love
 Patton, Amber.

Is there a Place for Quantitative Empiricism in Black Studies? The case of Black Psychology
 Cokley, Kevin.

i loved you on purpose: Healing Homosociality in Shange's “for colored girls who have considered suicide/when the rainbow is enuf”
 Smith, Elizabeth.


James Baldwin’s Southern Journey in The Evidence of Things Not Seen
 Salvant, Shawn.

Joseph Antenor Firmin, the Black Humanist and Cosmopolitan
 Joseph, Celucien.


Keeper of My Mothers’ Dreams: Making Healing Art through Divine Practices
 Hamilton Abegunde, Maria.

Kemetic Consciousness: A Study of Ancient Egyptian Themes In the Lyrics and Visual Art of Earth, Wind, & Fire, 1973-1983
 Bailey, Trenton.

Kemetic Consciousness: A Study of Ancient Egyptian Themes in the Lyrics and Visual Art of Earth, Wind & Fire, 1973-1983
 Bailey, Trenton.

Killing Me Softly: The Cost of Emancipatory Masculinity in Junot Díaz’s The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
 Fox, Kyle.

Knowing and Being: Black women educator’s literary works on being and teaching Black girls
 Brown, Tashal.

Kobe Baker
 Baker, Kobe.


Lawrence Dunbar Reddick: Black Knowledge and Black Excellence
 Canton, David.

Lessons from Flint: Black Women's Mothering Experiences During the Flint Water Crisis
 Fannin, Lauren.

Let That Bass Drop: The African Asili of Hip-Hop
 Baizar, Shelby.

Let the Church Say Amen! Being Black and a Woman Student Affairs Practitioner- A Testimony of Truth, Empowerment and Survival
 Thompson, Valerie.

Let’s Talk about Sex at the Kitchen Table: How Intergenerational Wisdom Can Promote Sexual Healing for Black Women and Girls
 Francis, Clarissa.

Liberating African Consciousness from a White Supremacist Narrative: Notes on the European Slave Trade
 Alkebulan, Adisa.

Lifting as We Climb: African American Faculty in the California Faculty Association
 Canton, Cecil., Bryan, Leslie., Cox, Chris. and Abdullah, Melina.

Literacy Come to Life: Engaging Detroit Youth in the Ideas of Storytelling, Self-Expression, and Philanthropy
 Roehler, Ryan.

Living History: Teaching Black History from an African-Centered Worldview
 Walker, Erika.

Living on the Outside: The Complexity of Preserving the Black Self in ‘White’ America
 Khan-Thomas, Zeba.

Louis Armstrong and the Arts, Philosophy, and Politics of the Harlem Renaissance
 Decuir, Michael.

Lùlù Fún Wọn: Oríkì in contemporary culture
 Carter-Enyi, Aaron.


Manufacturing Sameness: Continuities and Expansions of Community Identity in Afro-Chinese Relations
 Mock, Tara.

Mapping Africa in the Low Country:interdisciplinary Implications of Tracing African American History Through its Gullah Origins
 Livingston, Samuel.

March Madness: Pregame Music as Ritual for African American Athletes
 Kanu, Christina.

Maroonage as a Solution to Black Miseducation and White Terrorism
 Shockley, Kmt. and LeNiles, Kofi.

Mask Off: Unveiling Agency Reducing Identities within the Diasporic African Community
 Paige, Garrison.

Mastering Deviance: Southern Gangsta Rapper's Portrayals of the Criminal Justice System
 Dawson, Akiv.

Maternal Health and Infant Mortality Among Black Women
 Omowale, Serwaa.

Maternal Intergenerational Transmission of Historical Trauma and African American children’s social emotional development
 Butler-King, Renea.

Matters of Black Canada and the Myth of Multiculturalism
 Ilmi, Dr. Ahmed.

Medew Netcher in an African Diasporic Context
 Samuels, Tristan.

Media Representations of Black Love
 Stewart, Mauri. and Joshua, Ayanna.

Memory and Environment: Free and Fugitive Blacks in Pre-Civil War Indian Territory, 1830-1860
 Myers, Leroy.

Memory and Environment: Free and Fugitive Blacks in Pre-Civil War Indian Territory, 1830-1860
 Myers, Leroy.

Memory, Museums and Remembering the Struggle for Freedom
 Guthrie, Ricardo.

Militarism, Africa’s Security Landscape and the Securitization Theory
 Kumah-Abiwu, Felix.

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Narrating Environmental Equality for Improved Policy-Making
 Richardson, Alexus.

New World Era: Culture, Self-Determination, and the Sociopsychological Construct of Black Power
 Kyles, Tarell.

Not Made in America: Capturing Nationality and Identity through African and Caribbean Camera Lenses
 Walcott, Carolyn.


On Being a Jalimusa: Africana Feminist Culture as Critical Race and Feminist Theory
 Davis, Millicent.

Online Leadership for Offline Protesting: #Blacklivesmatter
 Cole, Ashley.


PTSD: A Crisis Not Named in HBCUs
 Bailey, Lilieth.

Pan African Detroit, The Development of Black Refuge: Cultural History, Race Struggles and Cultural Formation
 Radney, El-Ra.

Perceptions of Cultural Appropriation among Black Youth
 Turner, Rasaan.

Perceptions of Wrongful Convictions and Capital Punishment
 Seidu, Yaw.

Perspectives from High School Students: The Realities of Growing Up Black in Modern America
 Fontnette, Alicia.

Pessimism and Poetry as Praxis in Tongo Eisen-Martin’s Someone’s Dead Already
 Ko, Kiwon.

Ph.D. in African Psychology: An Akobɛn to the SakhuShetis
 Tolokun-Ajinaku, Olisa.

Pioneering Transnationalism: A Preliminary Exploration of Cape Verdean Diaspora Travel, 1892-1963
 Edwards, J..

Pitch Polarity in Praise Singing and Hip-Hop: Evidence for an Underrepresented Poetic Feature
 Dula, William.

Policing Understood as a Racial Project: An Exploration of the Role Law Enforcement has played in the Shaping of Race Relations in America
 Chandler, Jahaan.

Policing, Race, and the Shared Projects of African-American and Caribbean Historiography
 McKinson, Kimberley.

Preserving Sacred Space: Mahaila Jackson's Decolonial and Transnational Song Labor
 Wilson, Anndretta.

Prison, Theatre, and Italy’s Boogiemen
 Caponetto, Rosetta.

Private Language, Public Citizenship: Gullah Geechee Language and the Diaspora
 Walker, Natasha.

Professional Athletes and their Protest of the National Anthem: Counter-Narratives as a form of Agency Reduction
 Gammage, Justin.

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Quader’a Henry
 Henry, Quader\'a.


Race Matters: Contribution of Hip-Hop in the Fight against Racism
 Ochwa-Echel, James.

Race Relations in Maine
 Drinkard-Hawkshawe, Dorothy.

Race and the Recreation Center: Exploring the Persistence of Racism in Predominantly Black Spaces
 Herman, Cameron.

Race, Community Yoga, and Trauma-Informed Yoga Models
 Hall, Janae.

Race, Word, and Image: Representation and Strategies of Conceptualism in Recent Work of Kara Walker
 Yoon, Sarah.

Reasons and Failures in Attempts at Allocating Land to Former Slaves
 Freeman, Arie.

Reframing of the Black Women’s Objectification within the neo-slave narratives, Dessa Rose and Underground
 Campbell, Rachel.

Religious Habitus among Bahamians of Haitian Descent
 Louis, Bertin.

Research from Within: Narratives of the Power of Sista Circle Methodology
 Johnson, Latoya.

Revisiting ‘The Strong, Independent Black Woman’
 Aboderin, Olutoyosi.

Risky Bodies: Race and the Science of Violence
 Rollins, Oliver.

Roi Ottley's New World A-Coming: Agency and Racial Hegemony on Radio
 Gaber, Andrew.


Sacred Bodies, Sacred City: The Black Madonna and the Politics of African American Cultural Renewal
 Tucker Edmonds, Joseph.

Sanctifying Home: How Rhetoric of "Carry Me Back to Old Virginny" Still Works Despite Resistance
 Foster, Pamela E..

Sankofically Nommoatic: The World is MIND as Contemporary Ma'atian Philosophy
 Wright, Donela.

Secure in Our Own 'Womanish' Cultural Tradition: Never “Purple” to “Lavender” Development/Validation
 Tsuruta, Dorothy.

Seeing Sounds and Creating Space within Quiet and Blackness
 Redmon, Shanise.

Shadow of Creativity
 Perkins, Kendrick.

Sharecrop Documentary Screening
 Stack, Claudia.

Significance of Race in the US Undergraduate Public Relations Educational Landscape: Reflections of Former Public Relations Students
 Waymer, Damion. and Brown, Kenon.

Social Activists and Model Social Activism: A Case for Resolution
 Reuven, Genuyah.

Social Media as a Tool for Activism
 Jordan Jr, Andre.

Social justice education and college readiness and enrollment among afro-Brazilian girls in secondary school
 Goins, Marla.

Socializing Black Girls to Affirm African Diasporan Identities as Global Citizens
 Campbell, Angela.

Sociopolitical Activism of Black Bodies in America
 LeSueur, Alexzander.

Song, Myth and Chimurenga: Political Power Dynamics in Contemporary Zimbabwe
 Gwekwerere, Tavengwa.

Spanish and African Migration, Modernity, and Mestizajé in Colonial Mexico
 Ramirez, Christian.

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Tamara Dinnall
 Dinnall, Tamara.

Teaching Courses on Race and Racism
 Tripp, Luke.

Teaching While Black: Negotiating Between Self-Preservation and Systemic Interests
 Id-Deen, Effat.

Teaching from the inside, out: A spiritual self-study of an African American woman teacher educator in Ghana
 Faison, Morgan.

Technology Infusion vs. Technology Diffusion: Black Megachurches in the Digital Age
 Benson, Delvon.

The Academic Motivation Scale and Black Student Achievement
 Cobb, Tianna.

The African in Darkness: Using African Dramatic Form to Realize Black Fiction
 Van der Riese, Nefertiti.

The Alt Right, White Nationalist’s, and The Souls of White Folk: Exploring the White Supremacist Rhetoric in the Works of W.E.B. DuBois
 Adams, Raven.

The American Colonization Society
 Tate, Starr.

The Art Song
 Shumate, Matthew.

The Black 14 and the Athletic Civil Rights Movement in the NCAA and American West
 Ratchford, Ph.D., Jamal.

The Black Girl Clapback Revolution: Deconstructing representations of Black identities in contemporary culture
 McPherson, Kisha.

The Blacks Arts Movement Reprise: The Golden Age of TV and Blackness in the 21st Century
 Ogbar, Jeffrey.

The Bolivarian Process and Afro-Venezuelan Revolutionary Politics
 Garcia, Jesus.

The Boondocks: Refusing the Builder
 Payne, Kennedy.

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Uncharted Waters: Why Public School Teachers and Administrators must know and understand Poverty
 Simpson, Paula.

Under My Hood, Truth Experience: A discussion on African Americans, Art, and Healing
 Bridges, Eric. and Howard, Coleman.

UndocuBlack: Examining the Challenges of Undocumented Black Students on College Campuses
 Jermany, Catherine. and Opoku-Boamah, Ammisha.

Unearthing Unsung Genius via Family Lore
 Davis, Dannielle.

Unmasked: The Science Curriculum in Black Studies
 Dahan, Natalie.

Unspeakable Things Now Spoken: 30 Years of Toni Morrison's Theoretical Works
 Gaffin, V Nzingha.

Upset the Setup: Advancing Black Studies through Interrogating “structural whiteness”
 Tinson, Chris.

Using Yin Yoga to heal trauma among African Americans
 Bridges, Eric. and Howard, Coleman.


Voodoo, Slavery, and Attitudes: A Horrific Sight to See
 Montgomery, Sharell.


Walking the Walk while Talking the Talk: The Performance of Black Masculinity on the Predominately White College Campus
 Cross, Michael.

War as an Imperial Import/Export in the U.S. Race Rebellions and Viet Nam War
 Farnia, Navid.

Water, Peace, and Cleansing: Yemonja in African American Literature
 Simpson-Wilkey, LaJuan. and Bridges, Eric.

We Are Men: A Gendered Analysis of Manhood and Adulthood as Personhood in the New Black Identity
 Walton, David.

We Be Gullah: Reclaiming Gullah Identity Through the Visual and Performing Arts
 Livingston, Rakira.

We Count: A Qualitative Analysis of African - American Student Engagement at CSU Dominguez Hills
 Henderson, Jonathan.

Weaponizing South Africa's Black Consciousness Movement, April 1972 - September 1976
 Asheeke, Toivo.

What are the perceived Barriers to HIV related healthcare for HIV positive Black MSM who are formerly incarcerated in South Carolina
 Junious, Eric.

White Lies Black Redemption: An Afrocentric Analysis of Social Reproduction Theory
 Sivers, Terry.

Who Is Killing the Brothers? Institutional Death and African American male Redemption in Black Communities
 Pratt, Shontoria.

Who is the Messiah? Kwame Nkrumah and Black Popular Media

Why Black Men Don't Attend Church and How to Recover a Spirit that Attracts Them
 Miller, Emerson.

Womanism and Collective Experiences Amongst African American Women as a Means to Solidarity, Friendship and Healing
 Kalu, Ola.

Womanist Theology and Nola Darling - Spike Lee’s Character in “She’s Got To Have It”
 Batchelor, Marilyn.

Women of the African Diaspora: A Case Study of Limpopo, South Africa
 Ardrey, Saundra.

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Yemoja Rising: The Feminine Divine in Fiction, Film and Jazz
 Smith McKoy, Sheila. and Simpson-Wilkey, LaJuan.

Yemoja: Iya mi and Orisa of the Ogun River. Musings of a priest of Yemoja and psychologist and the implications for African American healing.
 Bridges, Eric. and Simpson-Wilkey, LaJuan.
42nd National Council for Black Studies Conference 2018-Mar-13 to 2018-Mar-19
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