NCOBPS 41st Annual Meeting 2010-Mar-18 to 2010-Mar-22

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" L'Affaire Hissène Habré": The Impossible Trial of an "African Pinochet"
 Ba, Oumar.

"Between a rock and a hard place: American Political Science and 'Black Political Science'"
 harris, kelly.

'Fickle' State Sovereignty: The Haitian Case Study
 Lawes, Dainia.

'Its Africa's turn': Putting 'symbolic' politics into perspective with South Africa 2010
 Maposa, Bose.

“The Influence of Race and Wealth on Representation in The Maryland State Legislature”
 Brown, Nadia. and Whitt, Christopher.

“The Unmentionable Ugliness of the Jailhouse”: Sexualized Violence and The Civil Rights Movement
 Legal-Miller, Althea.


A New Paradigm of the African State: Fundi wa Afrika
 Martin, Guy. and Muiu, Mueni.

A Response to Mark Anthony Neal's "'Black Schools Kill Smart Niggers?': Reconciling the Romance for Black Institutions in the Post-Soul Era"
 Densu, Kwasi.

African American Political Participation in Predominantly White Constituencies
 starks, robert.

African Americans and Public Education: Life After No Child Left Behind
 Patrick, Barbara.

Afro-Brazilian Diasporic Notions of Linked Fate
 Mitchell, Gladys.

Alien Tort Statute: Human Rights Litigations in US for Crimes Committed in Africa
 Akoh, Harry.

An Analysis of Black Political Participation in Mississippi
 Harper, Caroline.

An Interrogation of the “Domestic”: Domestic Work, Political Subjectivity and Maria da Penha Law in Brazil
 Harrington, Jaira.

An Intersectional Approach to Understanding Variances in Political Efficacy Rates
 Roberts, Jameka.


 Nettles, Darryl.

Beyond the Music: An Experimental Analysis of Political Rap and Black Nationalist Ideology
 Bonnette, Lakeyta.

Black Activism in Ecuador, 1979-2009
 Johnson, Ollie.

Black Feminism Interrupted
 Alexander-Floyd, Nikol.

Black Feminism Interrupted: Intersectionality as a Research Paradigm in Post-Feminist Times
 Alexander-Floyd, Nikol.

Black Panther Party and Electoral Politics
 Donna, Murch.

Black Political Elites and Community Develpment in Columbia South Carolina
 Legette, Willie.

Black Political Incorporation in Los Angeles: Perils or Prospects?
 Ricks, Boris.

Bloody Lowndes
 Jeffries, Hasan.


Calming the Waters: A Case Study of the Affects of the Policy Governance Model on Political Engagement in the Columbus City School District
 Pierce, Tina.

Centering Race, Gender, and Colonialism in Post-Apartheid South Africa’s Post-Racial Social Theory
 Willoughby-Herard, Tiffany.

Changing United States Foreign Policy Trajectory Towards Africa’s Civil Wars: Reconsideration For the Obama Administration
 Nsia-Pepra, Kofi.

City-County Consolidation: Blacks in Rural Georgia
 Green, Willie.

Comparisons of Contemporary Political Campaigns in Brazil and the United States
 Morrison, KC.


Destined For Sucess or Doomed for Failure? The Finding of an African American Female in the South Carolina Legislature
 Covington, Amanda.

Digital Evolution in Africa: Old routes, Same questions, Same direction
 Dlamini, Reuben.

Does Hip Hop Culture Influence the Politics of the African American Community?
 Stanton, Sade.

Du Bois on China, India, and Japan: The Rise of the "General Crisis of White Supremacy" in the 31st Century.
 Horne, Gerald.

Du Bosian Thought in Contemporary America: From Double Consciousness to Dual Marginality
 Dennis, Rutledge.

DuBois' place in our understanding of Black Politics
 Jones, Mack.


Encouraging Undergraduate Research
 Austin, Sharon.


From Chisholm ’72 to McKinney ’08: African American Women in Electoral Politics Challenging the “Non Viable” Label
 Smooth, Wendy.

From Subordinate to Rival: The Rise of América in the Americas
 Pritchett, Danielle.

From Trailblazers to Tokens: the Changing Nature of Black Representation
 Platt, Matthew.


Going local and Getting access to the Garrisons in Kingston, Jamaica
 hossein, caroline.

Government Law Enforcement and the Fight Against Terrorism
 Stewart, Larry.

Great[er] Expectations: Racial Group Interests, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton
 Wilson, David. and Brown-Dean, Khalilah.


I Am Capitalism
 Jackson, Amanda.

I Am My Brother and Sisters Keeper
 Hunt, Jerome.

If I’m Black and You’re Black, Does That Make Me a Constituent?
 Prendergast, Danielle.

If Jefferson is Wrong, America is Wrong
 strickland, bill.


Judging Identity: Group Affinities, Jurisprudence, and the Post-Sotomayor Supreme Court
 King-Meadows, Tyson.


Linking Aristide, Katrina & Obama: Epistemology & the Black Empowerment Imperative
 Young, Kurt.


Maryland Black women state legislators: An intersectional approach to identity politics and legislative decision making
 Brown, Nadia.

Michelle Obama's Transformation from Citizen Actor to Public Mother Through the Lens of the Blogosphere
 Smooth, Wendy.

Minority Representation and the State: A Case Study of Hausa Women in Kano, Nigeria
 Wallace, Adryan.


Negotiating Blackness: A Comparative Historical Analysis of Race in Mexico and Jamaica
 Carroll, Savannah.


Odd Man Out: Analyzing the Political Behavior of Citizens After their Candidate Loses an Election (2000-2002-2004).
 Gillion, Daniel.

Oil and US Foreign Policy toward Sub-Saharan Africa
 Fikreyesus, Daniel.


Partisan Politics and Tribalism in Microfinance: The Jamaican Case
 hossein, caroline.

Policy Space and Economic Development: A Comparison of Investment Policies in Africa and Asia
 wachira, godfrey.

Politics is Not Enough: Re-examining the Racial and Economic Conditions for Protest in American Cities
 Shaw, Todd. and Brown, Robert.

President Barack Obama's Foreign Policy Agenda: A Focus on Russia
 Wiggins, Johnathan.


Que Viva La Negritud: Black Consciousness and the Cuban Revolution
 Clealand, Danielle.


Race and Republicanism: from Maceo to Obama
 Sawyer, Mark.

Race in American Politics before Obama
 Morris, Lorenzo.

Race, Religion and Obama
 Pinderhughes, Dianne.

Racial Appeals by Black Candidates
 Stephens, LaFleur.

Racial Repression, Raceless Agendas, Social Justice and the Obama Presidency
 wilson, carter.

Racial Triangulation among Whites/Blacks/Mexicans as a Consequence of the Bracero Program
 King, Athena.

Regional Organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations are More Effective than the United Nations across the International Spectrum: The Plight of Africa
 Covington, Amanda.

Responsibility to Protect.- Why Were Dafurians Denied Protection?
 Nsia-Pepra, Kofi.

Ronald H. Brown and African Diaspora Studies
 Tyson, Briana.


Significance of music as a sub discourse in Black political thought
 Green, Ricky.

Somali Teens and Inter-Generatonal Conflict in the Diaspora
 Said, Guled.


T.I.N.A or Katrina: Re-envisioning Africana Political Thought: Political Economy or Political Ecology in the Post-Katrina Era?

 Densu, Kwasi.

Technicolor Racism or Caricature Assassination: Attitudes toward The New Yorker Magazine Cover Featuring Barack and Michelle Obama
 King-Meadows, Tyson., Harmon Martin, Shiela. and Stevens, Elka.

The (Michelle) Obama Effect in Public Opinion
 Wilson, David.

The (Re)Groundings with My Brothers: Black Political Science & the Teaching of Black Political Struggle
 Young, Kurt.

The Benchmark U.S. Symposium on Brazilian Race Relations
 Mitchell, Michael.

The Burden of Jekyll and Hyde: Barack Obama, Racial Identity and Black Political Behavior
 Frasure, Lorrie.

The Civil Rights Movement: Impact on the Obama Presidency
 McFayden, Elgie.

The Effect of Federal Intervention on Voter Turnout: Has Section 5 of the Voter Rights Act Outlived its Usefulness?
 Parker, Jonathan.

The Geography of Black Candidate Success
 King, Marvin. and Allen, Marcus.

The IMF in Africa
 Newsome, Lafayette.

The Impact of Illegal Immigration on African Americans' Unemployment Rate
 Omar, Eslam.

The Impact of Immigration on the Socioeconomic Status of Blacks
 Smith, J. Owens.

The Patriot Act: Does It Make Us Safer?
 strickland, bill.

The Political Implication of the First Lady's Media Perceptions: An Analysis of Michelle Obama
 Harper, Caroline.

The Political Implications of Social Capital
 Reid, Ashley.

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U.S. Africa Foreign Policy, Affairs, and Relations in the 21st Century
 Demessie, Menna.

U.S. Policy Towards the Great Lakes Region of Africa, 1996-2009: Constructive Engagement or Neo-Imperialism?
 Martin, Guy.

US Foreign Policy Toward Africa
 Sarabo, Tabitha.

Understanding an Abnormal Norm: The Life Cycle of the Cuban Embargo
 Mufuka, Rumbidzai.

Urban Creativity & Politics: The Political Significance of the Harlem Renaissance and Hip-hop
 Baker, Parris.


Who Are The Losers: A Policy Analysis of the Columbus City School District's Win-Win Agreement
 Pierce, Tina.

Women of Action Women of Change
 Nelson, Claudia.

Women of Color Community Based Organizations’ Response to HIV/AIDS
 Jordan-Zachery, Julia.
NCOBPS 41st Annual Meeting 2010-Mar-18 to 2010-Mar-22
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