NCOBPS 42nd Annual Meeting 2011-Mar-16 to 2011-Mar-21

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"Assessing Ronald Walters's Final Book: The Price of Reconciliation"
 Taylor, James.

"Assessing Ronald Walters's Freedom Is Not Enough: Black Voters, Black Candidates, and American Presidential Politics,"
 Smith, Robert.

"Assessing Ronald Walters's Pan Africanism in The African Diaspora"
 Campbell, Horace.

"Charisma, Character and Ethnic Identity: John F. Kennedy and Barack Obama"
 Smith, Robert.

"Taken on the Whole: Ronald Walters and Black Politics"
 Jones, Mack.

"The Race Problematic in the Age of Barack Hussein Obama"
 Hill, Rickey.

"'Moral Values', Black Pathology Thesis, and the Civil Rights in Contemporary Politics"
 Tucker-Worgs, Tamelyn.

19th Century racial triangulation among whites/blacks/Native Americans (re: Reconstruction and the Dawes Act)
 King, Athena.

“A Political History of Grassroots Environmental Justice in North Carolina”
 Muhammad, Naeema.

“Anti-Colonial and Anti-Apartheid Armed Struggle in Southern Africa: The Significance of the Battle of Cuito Cuanavale”
 Kadalie, Modibo.

“Aspects of Armed Struggle in the Activism of Imam Jamil al-Amin”
 Quest, Matthew.

“Becoming Conscious in the Armed Forces: An African American Soldier in the Invasion of the Dominican Republic-1965-66”
 Muhammad, Saladin.

“Ecological Implications of the Work of Walter Rodney”
 Kadalie, Modibo.

“Frame It, then Change It: Observing Black Masculinity’s New Wave of Exploitation and Abuse using Power and God”
 Aston, Anwar.

“My President is Black”: Should President Obama’s Main Interests Lie in Minority Uplift?
 White, Ashanti.

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A Culture All Their Own:The Culture Clash within America’s Race Problem
 Graves, Stephen.

A Response to Mark Anthony Neal's "'Black Schools Kill Smart Niggers?' Part II: Class, Sustainability and the Tradition of the Jegna
 Densu, Kwasi.

A Tale of Two Cities: Deracialization and Mayoral Elections in Atlanta and Washington, DC
 Gillespie, Andra.

Activism, Health Disparities and Directions of Political Science Research
 Ricks, Boris. and Taylor, Erica.

Africa and it's Diaspora: Renaissance, Reconnection, and Reconsideration of Citizenship in the 21st Century
 aubrey, lisa.

Africa and the International Criminal Court: Judicial Imperialism, De-legitimization, and the Making of New Norms
 Ba, Oumar.

African-American Inclusiveness in Political Science: An Exploration Inside the Issues Surrounding Participation in Higher Education
 Taylor, Donna.

Agency and Resistance in the Slums: Black Women and the use of Informal Banks in Jamaica, Guyana and Haiti
 hossein, caroline.

An Interrogation of the Domestic: Domestic Work, Political Subjectivity and Maria da Penha Law in Brazil
 Harrington, Jaira.

Anti-Racist Policies in Twenty-First Century Brazil
 Caldwell, Kia.


 Nettles, Darryl.

Barack Obama and the 2008 elections
 Taylor, James.

Barack Obama in the Throes of the Cultural Evolution
 Hill, Rickey.

Be Careful What You Wish For: The Consequences of Integration and the African American Embrace of Liberalism
 Robertson, Osei.

Black Political Science? Not quite
 harris, kelly.

Black Political Scientists and the Church: A Discussion of our Responsibility
 Covin, David.

Bopal 1984 and Chenobal 1986 Revisited
 Shafiei, Fatemah.


Case Study of Land Reform in South Africa
 Whaley, Britney.

Charming Accommodations: Progressive Urbanism Meets Privatization in Brad Pitt's Make it Right Foundation
 Johnson, Cedric.

Civil Rights Policy in the 21st Century
 Pinderhughes, Dianne.

Community Organizing in Context
 Bullock, John.

Corruption and Development: The Inter-Relationship between Perceived Corruption and Development Indicators
 Carroll, Megan.


Deception at the Ballot: The Disparaging Effects of Political Participation on African-Americans
 Graves, Stephen.

Dismissive Intent: The United States Ratification and Reporting of the International Convention for the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination
 Brown, Drena.


Explaining the Surprising Decline of Capital Punishment in North Carolina
 Baumgartner, Frank. and Unah, Isaac.

Exploring African American Women's Legislative Influence: A Case Study of the Maryland Legislature
 Brown, Nadia.


Family Bonds and Bondage: Unpaid Servitude in Salvador, Brazil
 Hordge-Freeman, Elizabeth.


Heavy is the Head that Wears the Crown: An Assessment of Presidential Evaluation
 Baptist, Najja.


Law 10.639 and Contemporary Racial Politics in Ribeirão Preto, Brazil
 Gillam, Reighan.

Lessons from the Civil Rights Evolution
 Jones, Mack.

Liberia: Study of Liberian Government and its Relationship to American Government
 Nettles, Darryl.

Linked Fate in Black and Brown
 Gillespie, Andra. and Mack, Brianna.


No Longer At Ease: The Effects of Structural Adjustment on Authoritarian Regimes and Dictatorship in Africa
 Smith, Levar.


On the Fringe of Armed Struggle: The Black Guerilla Family
 Tomlinson, Linda.

One People, One Voice, One History: A Comparative Analysis of Race and Nation in Mexico and Colombia, 19th-20th Century
 Carroll, Savannah.

Overexposed: Public Attitudes about the Visual Aesthetics of First Lady Michelle Obama
 Stevens, Elka.


Partisan Approaches to Race in France and the European Union
 Morris, Lorenzo.

Politics of Caribbean Microfinance: A Comparative Study of Jamaica, Guyana and Haiti
 hossein, caroline.

Presidential Leadership by Disassociation: Jesse Jackson’s Image and Evaluations of Barack Obama
 King-Meadows, Tyson.


Race, Foreign Policy, and the Obama Presidency: Recent Trends and Developments
 Clemons, Michael.

Racial Appeals by African American Candidates
 Stephens, LaFleur.

Racial Violence, Public Reason, and Democratic Education
 Leslie, Isis.

Racism in a Racialized Democracy and Support for Affirmative Action Policy in Salvador and São Paulo, Brazil
 Mitchell-Walthour, Gladys.


Sexual Harassment and Abuse in the Black Church: Examining Implications for Political Mobilization in Black Communities
 Alexander-Floyd, Nikol.

Successes and Challenges of the African Growth and Opportunity Act: An Analysis of AGCI
 Williams, Nichelle.

Surviving the Sciences: Following the Factors that Compel One to Exit the STEM Workforce
 Harris, Cheryl.


The Afro-Brazilian Women’s Movement in the Post Durban Context
 Franklin, Jessica.

The Constant Reincarnation of Black Politics
 Platt, Matthew.

The First Black President? Cross-racial Perceptions of Barack Obama’s Race
 Wilson, David.

The Formation of African American Southern Party Partisanship After the Civil War: Voting in Presidential and Congressional Elections, 1868-1920
 Puckett, Sherman., Walton, Hanes., Allen, Josephine. and Deskins Jr., Donald.

The Impact of Racial Redistricting upon State Legislative Decisionmaking
 Trautman, Linda.

The Obama Campaign
 aubrey, lisa.

The Outcomes of the Urban Crisis: Re-examining the Racial and Economic Conditions for Protest in Black Mayoral Cities
 Shaw, Todd., Brown, Robert. and McCoy, James.

The Political Behavior of The Somalis In The Diaspora And Their Contribution To The Larger Black Political Agenda
 Hashi, Omar.

The Political Disconnect Between Politics and the Black Church as a Tax Exempt Entity
 Howard-Hill, Jean.

The Political and Religious Empowerment of Ghanaian Women: An Ethnographic Pilot Study

The Politics of Poverty among Public Housing Sites in Urban Cities
 Harper, Caroline.

The President's Men: Black United States Marshals in America."
 Moore, Robert Moore.

The Role of Violence in Maintaining American Herrenvolk Democracy,l865-1900
 strickland, bill.

The Southern Strategy on Steroids: The Politics of Demonization in the Age of Obama
 Samuels, Albert.

The Voting Rights Act Regime : The 2006 Amendments and Opposition
 Jones, Adrienne.

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Understanding Residential Mobility of Low-income Families and the Influence of Housing Assistance: Evidence from HOPE VI Revitalization
 Brown, Ashley.


What’s on Your Radio? Rap Music and White Racial Attitudes.
 Bonnette, Lakeyta.

Where do we go from here? The Afro-Brazilian Women's Movement in the Post Durban Context
 Franklin, Jessica.

Which Opinions Count? African Americans and Race Neutral Ballot Initiative Outcomes
 Spry, Amber.


Zimbabwe: A Case for Preconciliation
 Mufuka, Rumbidzai.
NCOBPS 42nd Annual Meeting 2011-Mar-16 to 2011-Mar-21
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