NLPA Biennial Conference 2012-Oct-11 to 2012-Oct-13

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¡Si Se Puede! Examining Resilience Factors and Acculturation among Mexican Farmworkers
 Blanco, Karla. and McNeill, Brian.

“I am a Latina Multiculturalist”: Tortillas, Chopsticks, and Frappuccinos
 Flores, Michelle.


A Conceptual Model of Mental Health and Suicidality Outcomes for Latina/o Adolescents
 Pina-Watson, Brandy.

A Psychosociocultural (PSC) Analysis of Latino Queer Undergraduates: Their Experiences and Coping Strategies
 Munoz, Melissa., Castellanos, Jeannett. and Gloria, Alberta M..

A Qualitative Analysis of Latino Adolescent Males Experiences and Attitudes about Romantic Relationships
 Cordero, Annel., Tafoya, Marsha. and Galliher, Renee.

A Qualitative Exploration of the Experiences of Latina/o Professors teaching Latina/o Psychology or Counseling Courses.
 Zamarripa, Manuel X..

A Qualitative Investigation of the Perceived Impact of Discrimination on the Lives Of US Latinos
 Vallejo, Leticia. and Torres, Lucas.

A Review and Discussion of Important Factors in the Adaptation of Motivational Interviewing with Latinos
 Valencia, Cristina., Sanchez, Crystal. and Torres, Hector.

A Study of Sociocultural Assimilation and Deportation of Mexican Heritage Individuals
 Padilla, Amado.

Aaron T. Beck and the Central Intelligence Agency: Adapting Research Methodology in Mexico City
 Gonzalez, David.

Accent as a Determinant of Microaggressions and Health Outcomes for Latina/o Americans: A path model
 Rivera, David.

Acculturation, acculturative stress and self-reported anxiety and depression among Puerto Ricans in Central Florida
 Capielo, Cristalís.

Adapting an Evidence Based Practice for rural Latino children with anxiety
 Moore, Sheena., Garcia, Maritza., Firpo, Yudelki., Whitaker, Yuliana., Bustos, Cristina. and Chavira, Denise.

Against all Odds: Resiliency and Academic Success among Undocumented Latina/o Adolescents
 Banner - Hubbard, Jasmine., Samuel, Ida. and Chavez, Nayeli Y..

Amor de Cerca: Positive Involvement in Latino Families
 Varon, Michelle. and Domenech Rodriguez, Melanie.

An Examination of Academic Resilience in Inner-City Hispanic-American Adolescent Males
 Ismael-Lennon, Aida.

An Exploratory Study of Thriving in Latino/as: The Role of Culture
 Morgan Consoli, Melissa., Cabrera, Pati., Llamas, Jasmin., Noriega, Erika., Nelly, Gonzalez., DeLucio, Kevin. and Namkung, Chelsea.

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Balancing Clinical and Cultural Competence in Therapy
 Barron, Adriana., Macias, Kitsya. and Lopez, Steven.

Behavioral Activation for Latinos Diagnosed with Depression: Cultural Contexts and Preliminary Outcomes of a Pilot Study
 Santiago-Rivera, Azara.

Behavioral Indicators of Latino Culture Values in Adolescent Romantic Relationships
 Mora, Karla., Medrano, Cristina. and Galliher, Renee.

Buenos Amigos: Using Latino Values in the Treatment and Prevention of Bullying
 Gutierrez, Ivone., Salas, Silvia P.., Chavez, Nayeli Y.. and Farook, Minnah.


Care for Caregivers: Measuring the Burden, Needs, and Quality of Life of Informal Latina/o Caregivers
 Camacho, Faviola. and McNeill, Brian.

Caught in the middle: Searching for a Voice in Mexican Immigrants Traumatized by the Drug War
 Cespedes, Claudia.

Cognitive and Psychosocial Aspects in Children and Adolescents with Type-I Diabetes in Puerto Rico
 Tirado, Cinthia., Acevedo, María. and Martinez, Karla.

Combining Clinical Work and Advocacy when Working with Undocumented Students: The Role of the Therapist
 Cadenas, German. and Arciniega, G. Miguel.

Conceptions of Culture: Pre and Post Shifting Cultural Lenses Training
 Montaño, Zorash., Hale, Kathryn., Casados, Ava. and Cerda, Tracy.

Concurrent and Longitudinal Links among Acculturation, Acculturative Stress, Ethnic Identity, and Psychosocial Health among Latina/o Adolescents
 Tafoya, Marsha. and Galliher, Renee.

Consejos: Getting Published
 Comas-Diaz, Lillian.

Considerations for Beginning Latino Research Authors
 Arciniega, G. Miguel.

Creating an Experiential Portfolio of Latino/Latina Outreach: Serving the Latino Student Population at a Predominantly White Institution
 Flores, Michelle.

Cultural Adaptation: Frameworks, Models, and Guidelines
 Domenech Rodriguez, Melanie.

Cultural Adaptations in the Historical Context of Psychotherapy Research & Practice.
 Bernal, Guillermo.

Cultural Identity and Values as Predictors of Latinas/os' Self-Esteem and Life Satisfaction
 Navarro, Rachel., Ojeda, Lizette., Luna, Laura. and Pina-Watson, Brandy.

Cultural and Ethical Dilemmas in the Assessment of Hispanic and Spanish-Speaking Populations
 Gallios, Jacqueline.


Defining Psychological Bien Estar among Latino community college students
 Salgado, Manuel. and Segura-Herrera, Theresa.

Developing Latina/o Outreach: Intersections of Feminism, Social Justice, and Institutional Responsibility
 Carrillo, Iris.

Developing a Culturally-Competent Psychotherapeutic Intervention for Latinos
 La Roche, Martin.


Educational Micro-Successes: Revelando Las Actividades Diarias de Latinas
 Herrera, Nancy., Castellanos, Jeannett. and Gloria, Alberta M..

Ensuring Publication Success
 Buki, Lydia. and Prieto, Loreto.

Ethical Issues Concerning the Psychological Treatment of Latinos
 Espinola, Maria.

Ethnic identity Development and Working Alliance in Psychology Supervisory Relationships
 Fernandez, Jessica.

Evidence-based substance abuse treatment for Latina/o populations: Integrating relational, behavioral, and culturally competent interventions
 Gaztambide, Daniel.

Examining Suicidality Among Latino Adolescents and Young Adults: Implications for Cultural Diversity in Treatment
 Gutierrez, Rebecca. and Rivero, Rosanna.

Exploring the Challenges Faced by Latinas Experiencing Domestic Violence
 Postmus, Judy. and McMahon, Sarah.


Familismo, Enculturation, and Acculturation as predictors of Psychological Well-being in Latina/os residing in the U.S.
 Rangel, Sarah. and McNeill, Brian.

Familismo, Ethnic Identity, and Bicultural Stress as Predictors of Mexican American Adolescents’ Positive Psychological Functioning
 Pina-Watson, Brandy., Gandara, Liliana., Castellon, Nancy. and Ojeda, Lizette.

Family Involvement, Financial Well-being, and Latino Undergraduate Academic Persistence
 Montaño, Stephanie. and Romero, Andrea.

First-Generation Latina/o Students: Stories of Persistence
 Campagna, Michele.

Forensic Neuropsychological Testing of Latinos: Assuring Accuracy and Fairness when Assessing Spanish-Speaking Populations
 Bonafina, Marcela.

From Graduate Student to Professional: Mi Relación con Outreach
 Minchala, Valerie.

From theory to practice: Providing psychotherapy to immigrants
 Puñales, PhD, Diana.


Gender Matters: The Influence of Acculturation and Acculturative Stress on Latina/o College Student Depressive Symptomatology
 Gandara, Liliana., Castillo, Linda., Autrey, Autumn., Walker, Jo Ellyn. and Collaborative, Multi-Site University Study of Identity and Culture.

Giving Back as a Motivation for Undocumented Students in College
 Correa, Macarena., Chavez, Esthela., Jimenez, Mayra., Castellanos, Jeannett. and Gloria, Alberta M..


Haber Como le Hacemos? The Experience of a Counseling Psychologist in Training: Rethinking Psychology
 González, Dianna Marisol.

Heritage Speakers of Spanish in Context: Development of Cultural and Linguistic Competence for Bilingual Clinicians
 Pena, Ezequiel.

How to Become a Latino Man and Not Die in the Attempt
 Torres, Hector., Seymour, William. and Smith, Ramel.


I Am Who I Am: Coming to Embrace the Latina Identity
 Adelchanow-Fournier, Lauren.

Immigrants’ Perceptions of the Community: A Scale Development Study
 Flores, Lisa., Aguayo, David., Harvath, Jessica., Valdiviac, Corinne., Jeanetta, Stephen., Morales, Alejandro. and Martinez-Castilla, Domingo.

Impact of Immigration on the Mental Health Status of Cuban Americans
 Franco, Veronica. and Fuentes, Milton.

Improving Access and Reducing Barriers to Depression Treatment for Latino Elders: Un Nuevo Amanecer (A New Dawn)
 Chavez-Korell, Shannon.

Increasing Access to Mental Health Services for Latino/as: A Provider’s Network and Social Awareness Campaign
 Torres, Hector. and Chacon, Mayra.

Increasing Psychosis Literacy of Spanish-speaking Adults in Mexico
 Gonzalez, Edlin., Aldana, Erendira., Munoz, Carmen. and Lopez, Steven.

Is the PhD worth it? Lessons learned by an Early Career Psychologist
 Quiros, Alexander.


Las Penas Con Pan Son Buenas
 Lopez, Gabriela.

Latin American Psychology: Legacy, Contributions, and Sources
 Consoli, Andres. and Morgan Consoli, Melissa.

Latina Adolescents’ Academic Achievement and its relationship to Marianismo, Grit, and Academic Motivation
 Rodriguez, Kimberly M.., Castillo, Linda. and Gandara, Liliana.

Latina Teen Suicide and Bullying
 Romero, Andrea. and Valencia, Celina.

Latina/o Experiences with Racial Microaggressions: Does gender and ethnic background matter?
 Mazzula, Silvia.

Latina/o Spirituality and Mental Health: A New Addition to Counseling Psychology Curriculum
 Hoogasian, Rachel. and Pereira, Steve R..

Latinas/os Behind Bars: Opportunities for Intervention & Empowerment
 Galvan, Nallely.

Latino Community Engagement in the Design and Development of Obesity Research
 Sanchez-Johnsen, Lisa., Bolanos, Liliana., Escamilla, Julia., Ortega, Kelly., Juarez, Gabriela., Alonso, Angelica., Bastian, Eduardo., Reina, Regina., Rodriguez, Erin. and Ballesteros, Juana.

Latino Same-Sex Bi-National Families: Immigration’s Forgotten
 Dominguez, Daniela.

Latino Youth and Precollege Program Outcomes
 Mancilla, Gerardo. and Gloria, Alberta M..

Life Stressors, Symptoms, and Depression: A Latino Men’s Mental Health Study
 MORENO, OSWALDO., Cardemil, Esteban. and Sanchez, Monica.

Los que Vamos Contra la Corriente: Latina/o Graduate Students’ Challenges and Resiliency in Psychology Programs
 Salas, Silvia P.., Gutierrez, Ivone., Chavez, Nayeli Y.. and Farook, Minnah.


Mentorship characteristics that assist Latinas to pursue, persist, and attain a college education
 Flores, Edith. and Gloria, Alberta M..

Milwaukee Community-Based Bilingual Consultation Group for Mental Health Trainees and Professionals
 Tassara, Marcel., Alomá, Alina., Lira, Ernestor. and Lopez, Marisela.


NMSU Spanish-speaking Consultation and Support Group
 González, Dianna Marisol., Navarro, Elvia Lorena. and Côté, Laura Maria.

Navigating the Intersection of Gender and Culture: A Conversation on Gender
 Mejia, Claudia.

Navigating the Intersection of Gender and Culture: The Importance of the Self of the Therapist
 Martinez, Susana.

Navigating the Intersection of Gender and Culture: The importance of multicultural competency from a Latina Supervisee’s Perspective
 Aguilar, Yocelyn.

Navigating the Maze that is Higher Education. . .and Beyond: A Latina Psychologist’s Story
 Minchala, Valerie.

Newcomers’ and Receiving Communities’ Perspectives on Latino Immigrant Acculturation in Three Rural Midwest Communities
 Flores, Lisa., Morales, Alejandro., Arévalo Avalos, Marvyn., May, Sarah., Valdiviac, Corinne., Jeanetta, Stephen. and Martinez-Castilla, Domingo.

Non-Existent Voice Without Literary Support: Promoting Awareness of Racial Oppression at Predominately White Institutions
 Alford, M.A., Britney L.. and Adames, Hector Y..

Nuevos Horizontes: Advocacy & Coalition Building
 Salcedo, Bamby.

Nuevos Horizontes: Clinical Perspective
 Malaret, Johanna.

Nuevos Horizontes: Trans Migration
 Cerezo, Alison. and Morales, Alejandro.


On Becoming Culturally Competent: An Introduction
 Aranda, Roy.


Paper 1
 Castellanos, Jeannett.

Paper 1
 Arredondo, Patricia.

Paper 1
 Navarro, Elvia Lorena.

Paper 2
 Chavira, Gabriela.

Paper 2
 Illes, Roseanne.

Paper 2
 Santiago-Rivera, Azara.

Paper 3
 Santos de Barona, Maryann.

Paper 3
 Field, Lynda.

Paper 3
 Navarro, Elvia Lorena.

Perceptions and Realities of High-Risk Latino/a Youth and Their Parents: A Qualitative Study
 Cabrera, Pati. and Morgan Consoli, Melissa.

Political Asylum Cases and Obtaining Visas from U.S. Embassies for LGBT: Successes and Barriers
 Morales, Eduardo.

Predictive value of Spanish language neuropsychological battery in patients with epilepsy
 Myers, Lorna.

Professional Development and Personal Empowerment of First-Generation Teachers of Migrant Children: A Socio-cultural and Ecological Analysis
 Mathur, Smita. and Buitrago, Myriam.

Promotoras de salud mental: A strengths-based approach to culturally responsive prevention and social justice advocacy
 Côté, Laura Maria.

Promoviendo Conexión en Boston College
 Orecchia, Amy. and Guthridge, Laura.

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R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Campaign: Addressing Bullying and Promoting Resiliency Inclusive of Sexual Minority Youth
 Pastor, Silvia C..

Racial and Ego Identity Development Among Puerto Rican and Dominican College Students
 Sanchez, Delida.

Racial/Ethnic Microaggressions and Academic Persistence Among Latina/o College Students: A Test of a Model
 Medina, Cynthia.

Resilience Amidst Hopelessness: Exploring the Psychological Impact of Legal Status on College-Eligible Undocumented Immigrants
 Hernandez, Elizabeth.

Risk Factors for Suicidal Behavior among Latina Adolescents: A Systematic Literature Review
 Nicasio, Andel., Humensky, Jennifer., Cabassa, Leopoldo J.. and Lewis-Fernández, Roberto.

Role of Generation, Ethnic Identity, Familismo, Bicultural Stress and Machismo on Latino Boys’ Life Satisfaction
 Castellon, Nancy., Pina-Watson, Brandy., Gandara, Liliana. and Ojeda, Lizette.

Rough Terrain: Latino and African American Men’s Experiences with Navigating Higher Education
 Cerezo, Alison. and Beristianos, Matthew.


SES, Self-Construal, Ethnic Identity, and Machismo as Predictors of Mexican American Men’s Life Satisfaction
 Ojeda, Lizette.

Saber es Poder: How to Address Culture in the Recovery from Trauma
 Wallis, Fabiana.

Single Mothers Influence on Latino Undergraduates' Academic Success: A Psychosociocultural Analysis
 Rojas Perez, Oscar., Gloria, Alberta M.. and Castellanos, Jeannett.

Social Stratification: Implications for Understanding Racial Identity Development in LatiNegros/AfroLatinos
 Alford, M.A., Britney L.., Ortega, Dorian., Dawson, Elan. and Adames, Hector Y..

Sociopolitical Behaviors of Undergraduate Students and Implications for Academic Outcomes
 Valencia, Celina., Cabeza de Baca, Tomas. and Romero, Andrea.

Solution-focused Therapy with Mexican-American Families Coping with Diabetes
 Bustamante Taft, Nancy.

Spirituality and Ceremony in Psychotherapy: Exploring Latina Clinicians’ Intersections of Gender and Ethnicity
 Hoogasian, Rachel. and Gloria, Alberta M..

Strategic Planning gets Things Happening
 Ojeda, Lizette.

Stress, Psychological Well-Being, Racial Discrimination, and Gender Role Conflict Among Latino Day Laborers
 Arellano-Morales, Leticia., Liang, Chris., Rios-Oropeza, Ernesto. and Ruiz, Lucerito.

Subjective Social Status and alcohol use in a diverse, web-based Latin population
 Stoll-Egger, Sabrina., Barrera, Alinne. and Burns, Sonia.

SuperArte: Colombian women, victims of violence, tell their survival stories through Participatory Action Research (PAR)
 Corrales, Carolina. and Sanchez, Lisette.


Teaching Latino Psychology Courses and Immersion Programs in Spanish: Approaches to Building Clinical Competencies
 Morales, Eduardo.

The Association of Acculturative Stress and Health Disparities among Latinas/os
 Nevels, Bailey.

The Childhood Trauma Questionnaire (CTQ-SF): Development and Validation of a Spanish Version
 Garcia, Laura., Alexander, Ojeda., Ashlee, Barker. and Chavez, David.

The Development and Validation of a Cognitive Development Scale in the Elderly (CDSE).
 Medina, Giselle. and Torres, Yisel.

The Effects of Discrimination and Machismo on Alcohol Use Among Mexican Day Laborers in A Rural Community
 Dornhecker, Marianela., Pina-Watson, Brandy. and Ojeda, Lizette.

The Impact of Familismo on Ethnic Identity and College Adjustment with Latinos
 Benson-Flórez, Ph.D., Gregory., Villagran, Francia., Martinez, Alexandra., Pierce, Brittany. and Pieknik, Samantha.

The Impact of Racial Microaggressions on Latina/o Americans’ Mental and Physical Health
 Nadal, Kevin.

The Kitchen Sink: The Dos and Don'ts of Writing a Manuscript's Literature Review Section
 Castillo, Linda.

The Life of a Latina Graduate Student: A Qualitative Analysis
 Aranda, Elizabeth.

The Linguistic Autobiography as a tool for Understanding Bilingual Clincians’ Linguistic Profiles
 Martinez, Susana.

The Role of SES, Cultural Adaptation, Familismo, and Male Role Attitudes on Mexican American Men’s Life Satisfaction
 Ojeda, Lizette., Gonzalez, Gerardo. and Pina-Watson, Brandy.

The Story of Us: An Autoethnograpic Account of BiNational Queer/Trans Amor
 Malaret, Johanna.

The development of a comprehensive behavioral health system of care to increase health equity
 Silva, Michelle., Paris, Manuel., Anez, Luis., Bedregal, Luis. and Diaz, Esperanza.

The experiences of queer men of color in higher education: Managing multiple identities in college
 Rios, Desdamona. and Del Toro, Juan.

The impact of Language on the Negotiation of Multiple Cultural Identities
 Fernandez, Ana., Wallner Samstag, Lisa., Papouchis, Nicholas. and McGuire, Howard.

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Understanding the Cultural Integration Process: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
 Fuentes, Milton., Oliva, Johanna., Sanchez, Walt., Andrade, Melanie., Forero, Stephanie., Rivas-Carrillo, Jorge. and Truffin, Michelle.

Understanding the Sociocultural Profile of Immigrants
 Fuentes, Milton. and Adames, Hector Y..

Undocumented Students: History and Description of the Population
 Cadenas, German.


Verifying Semantic Equivalence of a Spanish Translation of the Adult Hope Scale
 Edwards, Lisa., Tassara, Marcel., McClintock, Jessica., Lang, Scott., Slivensky, Diana. and Guerrero, Jennifer.


What use am I? I’m better off dead: Towards the construction of the perception of depressive symptoms in an indigenous community
 MORENO, OSWALDO., Berenzon Gorn, Shoshana. and Saavedra Solano, Nayelhi.

What's politics got to do with it? Sociopolitical factors that impact Latino/a
 Farook, Minnah. and Chavez, Nayeli Y..

When the American Dream is out of Reach: Clinical implications of Undocumented Status in Latino/a Youth.
 Perez, Jessica., escutia, jasmin., Chavez, Nayeli Y.. and Salas, Silvia P..

Working With Child Obesity in the Latino Community Using Narrative Therapy
 Nunez, Gabriela.

Working with Fronterizos in the Southwest Borderland: Needs and Barriers to Mental Health.
 Navarro, Elvia Lorena.


Youth-led and School Based Strategies to Close the Achievement Gap: Creating a High School College-Going Climate
 Montano, Stephanie., Romero, Alex. and Romero, Andrea.
NLPA Biennial Conference 2012-Oct-11 to 2012-Oct-13
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