Northeastern Political Science Association 2009-Nov-19 to 2009-Nov-22

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" Machiavelli's Endurance: His Realism, Worldview,
 Freeman, David.

"A Case Study of Pedophilia: It Takes a Village to Make a Pedophile"
 Travers, Jerome.

"An Empire the Most Interesting in the World": The American Founders' New Understanding of Empire
 Burgess, Rebecca.

"Insecure Peace: The Oslo Accords and Conflict Resolution in Israel-Palestine"
 Dioun, Cyrus.

"Jefferson's Notes vs. Madison's Papers: A Debate Over Constitutions
 Gish, Dustin. and Klinghard, Daniel.

"Jefferson's Notes vs. Madison's Papers: A Debate Over Constitutions"
 Gish, Dustin. and Klinghard, Daniel.

"Just Say No": Abstinence-only Sex Education and Evolutionary Theory
 Peterson, Steven. and Somit, Albert.

"Pedophilia and the Public Agenda of the American Church"
 Segers, Mary.

"Protecting Constitutional Perogative": Signing Statements in the Obama Presidency
 Korzi, Michael.

"Refugees - Making Weak States Weaker?"
 Berry, Koop. and Davis, Anne.

"The Catholic Bishops: A Crisis of Leadership"
 Rossini, Lawrence.

"The Vatican and the American Church"
 Formicola, Jo.

“A Divergent Consensus – 19th Century American Party Development”
 Silver, Adam.

“A Nursing Father”: Puritan Political Theology in America
 Bowden, Geoff.

“Cherish the manly republican virtues”: Joseph Buckminster and the Relationship between Religion and Commerce
 Morgan Smith, Sarah.

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A Big Learp Forward? Cross-Strait Relations since 2008
 Kao, Pei-Shan.

A Decision-Support Tool for Policymakers
 Mara, Cynthia.

A Defense of Birthright Citizenship
 Lister, Matthew.

A Different Vision: African-Americans, America as Superpower, and Presidential Politics
 Kubic, Micah.

A Fair Fight?: The Impact of Party Rules in the Democratic Nominating Campaign
 Fullmer, Elliott.

A Framework for Categorizing Variation in IGO-NSA Engagement Type
 Ruhlman, Molly.

A Global Court of Human Rights?
 Kirkpatrick, Jesse.

A Matter of Perspective: The Courtroom Battles for Marriage Equality
 Aultman, Brandon.

A More Global Court? Judicial Globalization and its Effect on the Supreme Court.
 Narasimhan, Angela.

A Network Analysis of Organizational Interactions:2006 Bird Flue Crisis in Turkey
 Çelik, Süleyman.

A New Era in Turkish-American Relations?
 Demirdas, Ali.

A Pious Republic: Religious and Civic Virtue in John Witherspoon’s Political Thought
 Maloyed, Christie.

A Rawlsian Argument Against the Electoral College: The Difference Principle Favors the Direct Election System
 Nishiyama, Wesley.

A Refutation of Unequal Democracy: The Myth that Democratic Presidents Improve Economic Growth and Equality
 Campbell, James.

A Republic of Reasons: Public Reason and the Constitution of the Public Sphere
 Macedo, Stephen.

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Bacon’s Science of Politics and the American Republic
 Innes, David.

Balancing Act: How Media Imbalance Affects the Electorate in Presidential Election Campaigns
 Weikert, Joshua.

Barack Obama, Christian Realism, and Democracy Promotion
 Patterson, Eric.

Benedict Arlen?: The Future of the Republican Party in 2010 and Beyond
 Deutchman, Iva.

Benjamin R. Tucker: Anarchism, Tyranny, and Despair
 Shone, Steve.

Between Fortuna and Virtù: Machiavelli, Vettori, and the Idea of Italia in the Early Sixteenth Century
 Policelli, Robert.

Between a Staatsvolk and a Threatened Minority: Thinking about Bosniak Nationalism
 Catic, Maja.

Beyond Liberalism and Communitarianism
 Thompson, Michael.

Black, White, and Latino Perceptions of the 2008 Presidential Elections
 Nunnally, Shayla.

Blackout: The Rhetorical Erasure of African American Women from Politics, 1919 to 2008
 Applewhite, Harriet.

Building a Common European Energy Policy
 Dekanozishvili, Mariam.

Building the Perfect City between Earth and Sky: Tyranny in Aristophanes' Birds
 Evangeliou, Christos.

Business Improvement Districts: A Public Administration Approach
 Unger, Abraham.

Bypassing the Republic? Human Rights, Citizenship and Global Funds.
 Alvarez, David.


Can the Western powers be successful in the ‘war against international Islamist terrorism’?
 Cox, Patrick.

Caught Between Ambitions: The United States, Iran and the Cold War
 Bhatti, Safeer.

Changing Faces: Hollywood’s Infiltration of Politics
 Henderson, Jennifer. and Ford, Channing.

China's Involvement in Sub-Saharan African
 Aidoo, Richard.

Christianity and American Politics: Alexis de Tocqueville’s Fear and the Findings of Social Science
 Watts, Deanna.

Civic identity as Civic Existentialism
 Moschella, Marlisa.

Civil Society and Democratic Transition in Southern Mexico
 Lombera, Juan.

Civil-military Relations in Eastern Europe: Comparisons in Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Romania
 Jurek, Steve.

Classical and Christian Virtues in Dante's Inferno
 Alvis, David.

Coming to Grips with the Holy Ghost: Metaphors, Opinion, and Government
 Zaino, Jeanne.

Coming to a Constructive Consensus
 Pitrone, Kathryn.

Community Participation and the Standards of Citizenship
 Fourlas, George. and Tungohan, Ethel.

Community Policing and Municipal Political Structure
 Peaslee, Liliokanaio.

Comparison Study of Teaching Blended Courses vs. Teaching a Distance Education Courses
 Martin, Susan.

Conflicting Visions of Reconciliation in the Aftermath of Violent Conflict: Insights from former Yugoslavia
 Bryan, Nicole.

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Dancing in Chains: Policy Influence of Chinese NGOs
 Tan, Honggang.

Daring Death: Bringing the Powerless Back into Social Movement Research
 Olson, Nichole.

Decentralization in LDCs - help or hindrance?
 Wheeler, Sarah.

Deliberative Democracy and the Political Participation of Turkish Youth in Cyberspace
 Çebi, Sezgin. and Akıllı, Yelda.

Democracy, Territoriality and Public Space in Ancient Athens
 Templer, Rachel.

Democratic Inconsistency? Challenge to "Democratic Peace"
 Joo, Hyung-min.

Democratic Republicanism as an Alternative to Liberalism: The Political Perspective of Marx and Engels
 Schulman, Jason.

Democratization in the Dominican Republic: A Glass Half Full or Half Empty?
 Mitchell, Ken.

Democrats and “Dirty Oil”: Off-Shore Drilling, Shale Rocks, Coal Liquefaction and Tar Sands
 Marien, Daniel.

Demography and the Next Poltical Party System
 Caswell, Bruce.

Demography as Possibility: The Changing U.S. Population and the Election of Barack Obama
 Beachler, Donald.

Determinants of Human Rights in Southeast Asia (1976-2005)
 Yen, Yung-Ming.

Determinants of Tenure in the U.S. House of Representatives
 Hankinson, Chad., Jalalzai, Farida. and Leal, David.

Diagnoses: Reexamining Fanon’s Violence
 Catsis, Nicolaos.

Did Madison think Congress would be deliberative?
 Bailey, Jeremy.

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Echoes of the Founding: Examining America's Constitutional Birth
 Breslin, Beau.

Educational Challenges of Homeland Security in an Open Society
 Forest, James.

Election Administration: A Study in Intergovernmental Management
 Stoilov, Vassia.

Elements of Socratic Political Prudence: Revisiting Prometheus in Plato's Protagoras
 Suchan, Vladimir.

Emergency, Entrepreneurship, and Economic Development: The Origins of Federal-State-County Cooperation in Southern Public Health, 1917-1930.
 Sledge, Daniel.

Empathy, Compassion, and Force in Presidential Foreign Policymaking
 Mislan, David.

Energy in the National Interest: Understanding the Essence and Evolution of American Geo-Strategy
 Dolan, Chris.

Environmental Performance or Ecological Damage? Climate policies in Germany
 Karapin, Roger.

Equal Protection and the Roberts Court: Ricci v. Destefano
 Foss, Jerome.

Ethnic and Cultural Perspectives on the Regional Merger Process in Russia.
 Akhmetkarimov, Bulat.

Euroscepticism and What Parties Make of It
 Topaloff, Liubomir.

Evisceration of Democracy in a Transnational Polity. The Case of the EU
 Domeyer, Axel.

Examining Effects of Working at the Polls on College Students' Political Efficacy, Ambition & Interest
 Deegan, Michele. and Mathews-Gardner, Lanethea.

Explaining Leadership Selection in the Brazilian Congress: A Multinomial Logistic Model
 Filho, Dalson Britto. and Silva Júnior, José Alexandre.

Explaining the Difference between Jiang Zemin’s and Hu Jintao’s Attitudes towards the Taiwan Issue
 Chen, Chien-Kai.

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Facilitator or Deterrent?: The Impact of Foreign Development Aid on the Occurrence of Contemporary Civil Conflict.
 LaMontagne, Bernadette.

Faction, Human Nature, and the Limits of the Science of Politics
 Parks, Matthew.

Falsity and Public Reason
 Beerbohm, Eric.

Federalism and Sovereignty in the Origins of the American Republic
 Khachaturian, Rafael.

Fichte’s New Modes and Orders: The Machiavellian Constitutionalism of Fichte’s Addresses to the German Nation
 Nakhimovsky, Isaac.

Four Alternative Constructivisms And Their Implications For Theorizing And Practice
 Edwards, David.

Fourteenth Century Christian Political Theory Meets the Search for the Secular Islamic State: Marsilius of Padua and Abdullahi Ahmed an-Na'im"
 Koch, Bettina.

France’s return to the NATO fold, a revolution in military and diplomatic affairs?
 Sheppard, Elizabeth.

Freedom of Thought and Hobbes's Liberal Critique of Christianity
 Herold, Aaron.

From Deep Resentment to Mutual Respect: The Kennedy-Blackmun relationship
 Colucci, Frank.

From Runnymede to Rye House: Popular Sovereignty in the Magna Carta and Lockean Liberalism
 Tetlow, Joanne.

From Theologico-Political to Philosophico-Political? Symbolic Imperative, Conflict, and Freedom in Lefort's Vision of Democracy
 Park, Sunyoung.

From the Classroom to the Kitchen Table: An Experiment in Building Youth Political Efficacy
 Vercellotti, Timothy. and Matto, Elizabeth.


Gendering and Racing the Discipline: Representational Practices within the Canadian Political Science Association (CPSA), 1913-1939
 Newton, Janice.

Genes, Environment, and Behavior: Contemporary neuroscience and Public Policy
 Masters, Roger.

George Bernard Shaw's New Deal for America
 Willis, Wayne.

Getting Women to Run for Office: Do Mentors Play a Role?
 Forrest, Keith.

Good Governance and Sub Sahara Africa’s Future Economic Outlook
 Osae-Kwapong, John.

Governing with the Polls
 Fried, Amy. and Harris, Douglas.

Government as “Holy Order” in Luther’s Lectures on Genesis
 Carty, Jarrett.

Green Energy Mandates: A Policy Analysis
 Rish, Joseph.


Has the Glass Ceiling Been Shattered?
 Sherrett, Marie.

Has the Rise of China Made Latin America More Unsafe?
 Spanakos, Tony. and Xiao, Yu.

Health Care Reform and the Politics of Moderation
 Dell\'Aera, Anthony.

Helping Serendipity Along: The Internet’s Role in the Evolution and Enhancement of Social Capital in the Era of American Civil Society Version 2.0
 Wright, Christina.

Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Bid-A Comparative Perspective
 Jalalzai, Farida.

Historical Institutionalism and the United States' Objections to the International Criminal Court: The Importance of the Post-Cold War Temporal Context
 Sarkany, Laszlo.

How Dante Got Into Hell
 LePain, Marc.

How Well Do IR Theories Explain Regional Integration Outcomes? 1952-2004
 Kim, Jeeyong.

How do we define and measure fairness?
 Okura, Masako.

Hume to Obama: The Scots, Conversation, and the U. S. Constitution
 Vandenberg, Phyllis.

Hunting and Education in Xenophon's Cynegeticus
 Ehrmantraut, Michael.


Identity and the Modern Crisis in Charles Taylor and Edmund Burke
 Byrne, William.

Ideology and Utopia in Marxist Thought: A Sociological/Anarchistic Deconstruction
 Shechter, Benli.

If I'm Coerced am I to Blame?
 Brown, Brookes.

In Order to Form a More Perfect Union: Escaping "Democratic Purgatory" through the "Just Powers" of Democratic Representation
 Brown, Christopher.

In Our Own Backyards: The Need for More State-Level Interagency Homeland Security Training
 Cullen, Bob.

Inequality and Politics: Change and Continuity in Income Levels in Developed Countries
 Critzer, John.

Institutionalizing Decentralization: Hybrid Institutions in Tanzanian Public Financial Management and Health System Strengthening Initiatives
 Long, Catherine.

Integration of Women in Three New England Legislatures
 Lucas, Jennifer. and Dupre, Michael.

Interpreting Obama’s Campaign Successes From a Social Constructivist Perspective
 Amazeen, Michelle.

Intrastate War as Hegemonic Competition: Constructing Insurgency and Awakening in Iraq's al-Anbar Province
 Pampinella, Stephen.

Is Lucretius a Political Thinker?
 Bruno, Jonathan.

Is Neutrality Possible?
 Burnside, Michael.

Is Pain a Problem?: Human Nature and Suffering in J.J. Rousseau and C.S. Lewis
 Shelley, Trevor. and Jacob, Seigler.

Is Political Philosophy Possible? Carl Schmitt and the Incompatibility Between Political Theology and Political Philosophy
 McKoy, Christopher.


Japanese and U.S. E-campaigns: A Comparative Analysis
 Maeshima, Kazuhiro.

Just Call Good Things Goods: How the Language of Values Fosters Political Irresponsibility
 Harold, Philip.

Just War Theory and Insurrection: The Case of the Violent IRA/Sinn Féin Campaign in Northern Ireland
 Schmitt, David.

Justice Kennedy’s Kantian Constitution
 Devaney, Joseph.

Justice: Do it.
 Davis, Ryan.


KOSOVO: THE BALKAN DILEMMA. Multilateral Diplomacy in Nation-Making.
 Babamusta, Ermira.

Keeping the Promise: Implementation of Security Guarantees in Civil Wars
 Pleschinger, Stefanie.

Keynes, Jung, Rorty: The Pragmatic Responses to Marx, Freud and Nietzsche
 Widmaier, Wesley.


Latino Racial Identity and Political Attitudes
 Stokes-Brown, Atiya.

Laughing to the Left: Ideology and Modern Political Satire
 Dagnes, Alison.

Laughter and Political Judgment in Thucydides
 Lombardini, John.

Left in Power: Intra-Party Politics and Political Representation in Latin America
 Nogueira Budny, Daniel.

Leo Strauss's Locke: The Difficulties of the Natural Law
 Grant, John.

Liberating Toleration: Liberal Toleration Must Rescue itself by Rediscovering its Skeptical Roots
 Misra, Shefali.

Lincoln´s Changes of Mind: Three Answers to the Slavery Question
 Sable, Marc.

Listen to the Rhythm of the Legal System as it Sings; Music as Analogy for The Common Law
 DeAngelis, Mark.

Living Under the Bridge-Discrimination, Violence and Progress in the of Decade Roma (2005-2015): The Case of Serbia
 Poucki, Sasha.

Localism Revived: Subsidiarity as an Alternative to Communitarianism and Cosmopolitanism
 McCrary, Lewis.

Lockean Prerogative and the Obama Presidency: An Early Assessment
 Kildow, Harold.

Locked Up: Gender Stereotypes, Transgendered Prisoners, and the Politics of Law
 Jamieson, Beth.

Love and Fear in Machiavelli's Politics
 Fontana, Benedetto.

Lucretius: Poetry, Politics, and Philosophy
 Colman, John.


MERCOSUR and the Future of Latin America - Comparative Research on EU Case
 Jo, In Seon.

Making Their Way: Women, Representation and Power in the American City
 Stock, Dayna.

Manufacturing Placement as a Tool of Political Influence
 Parrott, Michael.

Measuring Democracy: Comparative Analysis of Different Indices
 Imai, Kunihiko.

Measuring Effects of Supreme Court Rulings: Affirmative Action after Grutter
 Cheeks, Brenda.

Memory and Conflict: Reflections on Just War and the Abuse of Memory
 Syse, Henrik.

Men as Non-Political Animals: The Vicissitudes of an Idea in Medieval Muslim, Jewish and Christian Political Thought
 Syros, Vasileios.

Men, Women, and War: US Army Recruiting during the Iraq and Afghanistan Conflicts
 Brown, Melissa.

Microfinance and Policy Transfer: Possibilities and Problems
 Jouben, Lindsay.

Military Science and Political Science in Medieval Europe and Tokugawa Japan
 Shogimen, Takashi.

Modern maritime piracy: its history, present situation and challenges to international law.
 Caninas, Osvaldo.

Modernity and the Principle of Public Welfare in Islamic Law
 Abdelkader, Deina.

Montesquieu, Tocqueville, and the Politics of Mores
 Taylor, Flagg.

Montesquieu's Political Particularism
 Callanan, Keegan.

Moral Education in the Liberal State
 Ebels-Duggan, Kyla.

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NATO's Culminating Point
 Hillison, Joel.

National Identity and Foreign Policy in Post-Soviet Russia and Ukraine
 Grossman, Michael.

Nature, Human Nature, and Political Theory: How Aristotle Helps to Clarify Rousseau
 Litke, Justin.

Nature, Sin, and Human Happiness: Augustine’s Theological Engagement with Natural Philosophy in De Libero Arbitrio
 Harmon, Thomas.

New "Democratic Life" or Old Democratic Deficit? Democracy and Treaty Reform in the European Union
 Miller, Joshua.

No Country for Old Men: Cormac McCarthy and Modern Politics
 Schultz, Peter.

Normative Questions on Temporary Labor Migration
 Tungohan, Ethel.

Northern Ireland and the War on Terror: Political Perceptions
 Cunningham, Christopher.

Nullification: Facilitating Deliberative Democracy by Strengthening Federalism
 Scott, Kyle.


Oil Exporting States and Regional Balances of Power
 Armbruster, Mitchell.

Okin on Plato on Family and Stasis
 Poage, Nathan.

Old Serbia or Kosovo Proper: Competing Claims, Contested Territory
 Schneider, Mary Kate.

Oligarchy, Representative Government, and Aristotelian Participatory Democracy
 Barker, Derek.

On Apathy and Banal Evil: The Case of Carbon Emissions
 Vaidya, Ashish.

On the Place of the Ancients in Tocqueville’s Science of Politics
 Elliot, Natalie.

Only a Short Dream: Neoliberalism, Neo-Confucianism, and South Korea
 Parker, Scott.

Ordinary 'Terrorism'
 Stump, Jacob.

Organizing in the Age of Experiments: Benjamin Franklin's Public Spirit
 Kurtz, Geoffrey.

Overcoming Foreign Aid Backlash in Egypt: The Potential of Community Schools for Promoting Democratization
 Browne, Heather.


Partisan Change and Constituency Erosion: The Case of Union Membership Decline
 Camobreco, John.

Party Cohesion through Perceived Preference Coherence: An Analysis of Voting Networks in the European Parliament
 Ringe, Nils.

Party Defection in the “Early” Congress
 Spiker, Kevin.

Patterns of Behavior of Administrative Law Judges in Federal Fair Housing Enforcement
 Lamb, Charles. and Seabrook, Nicholas.

Personal Privacy/Autonomy: Reconnecting the Property Shield
 Mott, Kenneth. and Koleva, Denitsa.

Piety and Politics: The Transformation of Religious Belief
 Mullan, Joyce.

Plato and the Arts: Socrates' Treatment of Mimetic Poetry in the Republic
 Moes, Mark.

Plato on Greed and Injustice
 Greco, Anna.

Plato's Refutation of Indivisible Body in the Parmenides
 Roecklein, Robert.

Plato’s Republic: Socrates’ Critique of Poetry as a Critique of Moral Habituation
 Beckett, Mischa.

Poetry, Politics, and Philosophy in Dante's "Purgatorio"
 Stern, Paul.

Policy Implementation and Technological Literacy: A Case Study
 Stone, Jeffrey.
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Political Alliance, Domestic Interests and Trade Policy-Making: A Case Study of Turkish-American Textile Trade Negotiations
 Yuvaci, Abdullah.

Political Aristoteliansim Before (and After) the Politics
 Sullivan, Mary Elizabeth.

Political Elite Recruitment and Democratic Representation: Evidence from Romania, Hungary and the United Kingdom
 Voicu, Alexandru.

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Racial Resentment and Vote Choice in the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election
 Knuckey, Jonathan.

Racing-Gendering in the Maryland State Legislature
 Brown, Nadia.

Radical Pluralism Unbound
 Corlett, William.

Re-evaluation of Russia in the 2008 Russian-Georgian War: Russia’s Weakness
 Brooker, Stephen.

Re-imagining the Wheel: Madison, Maslow’s Hierarchy and the Rhetoric of the War of 1812
 Brown, Ted.

Reaching Out: Understanding the Puzzle of Cross-Party Appointments to the Lower Federal Courts
 McLeod, Aman.

Reason of state and state building in Scipione Ammirato’s Discourses on Tacitus
 Dauber, Noah.

Reforming American Politics: The Relevance of Locke and Mill
 Tannenbaum, Don.

Regimes and the Politics of National Drug Control:The Case of International Narcotics Control and US Drug Policy
 Kumah-Abiwu, Felix.

Regional Hegemonies And Regional Integration: A Case Study of South Africa and Nigeria’s Role in The African Union
 Onabajo, Samuel.

Relegitimizing the Liberal Peace: Embracing Cooperative Global Order to Meet Modern Challenges
 Popecki, Christopher. and Cocozzelli, Fred.

Religion, Identity Politics, and Democracy: The Case of Turkey
 Ibryamova, Nuray.

Religious Freedom As Imperialist Discourse
 Brettschneider, Marla.

Religious Identity Politics at the U.S. Supreme Court: Justice as Competition
 Miller, Laura.

Remaking Nationhood: Assimilation and Citizenship among the College-educated Second Generation in New York and Berlin
 Sezgin, Utku.

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Scale Shift in Eastern North American Electricity Conflicts and The James Bay Hydroelectric Development Project
 Holzinger, Brenda.

Secession and the Downsizing of States
 Griffiths, Ryan.

Securing Evidence in Aristotle's Polis
 Thompson, Norma.

Selection Methods and Public Confidence in the State Courts
 Broscious, Courtney.

Self-Enforcing Clientelism
 Gallego, Jorge.

Self-knowledge, instincts, and individuality in Nietzsche’s philosophy
 Alejandro, Roberto.

Senate Confirmations of Supreme Court Nominees, 1937-2009
 Nelson, Garrison.

Shooting Down Détente: The U-2 Incident in US-Soviet Relations
 Perry, James.

Silence in Presence: Feminist and Democratic Implications of the Saturday Mothers Vigils in Turkey
 Goker, Zeynep.

Small Donors: Small Change in Candidates?
 Brusoe, Peter.

Social Class and Congressional Decisionmaking
 Carnes, Nicholas.

Socrates and Achilles: Heroic Virtue and the Philosophic Life in Plato's Lesser Hippias
 O\'Toole, Daniel.

Socrates and Critias: A Platonic Response in the Charmides
 Shmikler, Joshua.

Socrates as Farmer in Xenophon’s Oeconomicus
 Nee, Laurence.

Solid South and Solid North: A Comparative Look at Racial Politics in the Deep South and New England, 1952-2004
 Kirsch, Daniel.

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Tamil Eelam: at the End of the Road
 Sen, Nina.

Teaching International Politics to General Education Students: A survey of knowledge and outcomes
 Sachleben, Mark.

Teaching Political Science, History and Social Science Research Methods to Non-majors Through Family History Research.
 Hirt, Mary Jane.

Temporality, Secularism and Contract: On the Birth of Progress in Political Theory
 Schulman, Alex.

That Unequaled Sprit of Enterprise: The Link Between Political Economy and Strategy in the Federalist
 Smith, Brian.

The 3300-km Tightrope: The Nabucco Pipeline as Dividing Line Between European and Russian Interests
 Iserman, Richard.

The Adoption of New Technology Policies in Local Government: A Comparative Analysis
 Wohlers, Tony.

The Articulate President: The Road To Presidential Success In Political Leadership
 Sandman, Joshua.

The Common Good in Thomas Aquinas
 Lisska, Anthony.

The Concepts of Love, Country and Patriotism in the American Founding Debates
 McLean, Scott.

The Confessional Vocation: Richard Wright's Cri de Coeur and Simone de Beauvoir's Response
 Marso, Lori.

The Death of Oslo: What Lessons Can We Learn?
 Budd, Eric.

The Decline of Social Movement Unionism: A Comparison of Patterns in South Africa, Brazil and South Korea
 Sluyter-Beltrao, Jeffrey.

The Destruction of Korean Air Lines Flight 007
 Thornton, Richard.

The Dialectics of Adorno and Marcuse: Towards a Radical Political Praxis
 Leeb, Claudia.

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US NGO Penetration in Latin America: Polyarchy Promotion Continues
 Rivero, Douglas.

US foreign economic policy towards the rise of Sovereign Wealth Funds
 Ali, Asim.

Uncovering Blackness: Racial Politics and Black Consciousness in Cuba
 Clealand, Danielle.

Uncovering Legal Invisibility: Toward a Precise Definition of “Statelessness”
 Kingston, Lindsey.

Urban Policy Approaches to Climate Change in the United States: A Comparative Analysis
 Bartling, Hugh.

Utopia from Below: Conceptions of the Ideal Society in Anti-Statist Political Philosophy
 Pauli, Ben.


Values in Context: Are "Core" Values Fixed?
 Moskowitz, David. and Speakman, June.

Varieties of Cosmopolitanism and Politics of Hospitality
 Sezer, Devrim.

Venire reform? Assessing the state and federal efforts to address the Supreme Court mandated jury pool composition requirements
 White, Thomas. and Baik, Ellen.

Violence and Destruction in Global Movement Protests: Media, Academic and Activist Explanations in Comparative Perspective
 Bennett, Elizabeth.

Violence and the 1977 Electoral Defeat of Boston's Antibusing Leaders
 Overstreet, Susan.

Violence, Security, and Retrospective Voting
 Altier, Mary Beth.

Virtue Ancient and Modern in Shakespeare's Coriolanus
 Arnn, Kathleen.

Virtue and Happiness in Cicero’s De Finibus
 Brutto, Joseph.

Virtue and Natural Law in Milton’s Republicanism
 Cordes, Daniel.

Visual Ideology: Spectacle as a Category of Political Theory
 Buccellato, James.

Vita Mundi or Vita Activa
 Zuckerwise, Lena.


War and the Architucture of Private/Public Space
 Bar On, Bat-Ami.

Washington's Farewell Address, Faction, and republican Statecraft
 Corbin, C..

What Explains Different Degrees of Activism in the Anti-Globalization Movement?: A Case Study of Attac Germany and France
 Stockemer, Daniel.

What Intellectual Excellence Was Aristotle Encouraging in the Politics?
 Mulhern, John.

What Is Wrong With Elite Democracy?
 Babbitt, Paul.

What Led to the Divergent Economic Development in Korea and Nigeria? Differences in Colonial Heritage and Characteristics of Corruption
 Lee, Dae Woo.

Which Investors Are Afraid of Conflict?
 Chiou, Yi-hung.

Whither the Socratic Method?: An Assessment of Blended and Traditional Course Formats
 Andorfer, Joan.

Who Is Plato's Elean Visitor in the Statesman?
 Kerch, Thomas.

Whole Cities Made of Parts: Rulers and Ruled in Aristotle's Politics
 Kowalchuk, Andrea.

Why Medicaid Funding of Family Planning is Essential in the 21st Century
 Suissa, Rachelle.

Why Youth Vote: Development of a Political Identity and Political Independence
 Gentry, Bobbi.

Why the United States Engages China?
 Choi, Wooseon.

Women Lawmakers in New York State
 Hagerty, Mary.

Words as Deeds, Deeds as Words: Thucydides’s Wartime Art of Rhetoric
 Svoboda, Michael.


Xenophon's Cyruses and the Art of War: Hunting in Paradise
 Gish, Dustin.

Xenophon's Socratic Leadership in the Anabasis
 Petrie, Eric.
Northeastern Political Science Association 2009-Nov-19 to 2009-Nov-22
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