Northeastern Political Science Association 2010-Nov-11 to 2010-Nov-14

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"Freedom of Expression Rights under Hugo Chavez's "Democracy""
 Lunde, Jennapher.

"Some Malignity of Disposition": Edmund Burke on National Loyalty
 Meilaender, Peter.

"The Happiest Nation Under Heaven": Israel's Constitution and American Federalism
 Bruno, Jonathan.

"To Spare the Conquered and Beat Down the Proud": Augustine's Theory of Politics as Sacrifice and Compassion
 Kelly, Ashleen.

"Why John Winthrop is Not the Father of American Exceptionalism."
 Litke, Justin.

'Philotimia' and 'Philosophia' in Plato's Charmides
 Pichanick, Alan.

'Phuein' and 'Phusis' in Aristotle's Politics
 Mulhern, John.

'Possessions Forever': Thucydides and Kant on Peace, War and Politics
 Mara, Gerald.

“American Conventionalism: How the Bill of Rights and American Constitutionalism Reveal the Unexceptional and Traditional Nature of the American Founding."
 Devaney, Joseph.

“Americana Libido Dominandi: The American Lust for Dominating the Earth.”
 McCrary, Lewis.

“Out-of-Area in Afghanistan: NATO’s Mission and Afghanistan’s Future”, or “Doomed Together? NATO’s Stakes in Afghanistan and Central Asia”
 Hertkorn, Michaela.

“Post-Creole Democracy: Michael Manley’s Politics of Change and Jamaican Democracy in the 1970s”.
 Ledgister, F.S.J..


A Demonstration of Moot Court by students from Bentley College, Fitchburg State University, and Holy Cross
 Salimbene, Franklyn., Weizer, Paul. and O\'Donnell, John.

A Gendered Critique of New Trends in Long-term Care Policy in the US in a Comparative Perspective
 Brule, Amanda.

A Kerala Problem: Crisis, Decentralized Development, and Its Dilemmas
 Baik, JongWan.

A Meta-Communist Manifesto: Kazantzakis' "Saviors of God"
 Evangeliou, Christos.

A Modern Machiavellian President: Hugo Chavez
 Albalooshi, Lalyla.

A Principle of Just Access - Developing Agency for the Handicapped in Liberal Justice
 Murray, Matthew.

A Study in Contrasts: Jasper's Universe and Schmitt's Pluriverse
 Wallace, Nathan.

A Theory of Imitation in Plato's Republic
 Moes, Mark.

A Top Secret Memo: National Security Directives and the American Presidency
 Diaz-Rosillo, Carlos.

A Working Democracy: Jane Addams and the Meaning of Work
 Winkelman, Joel.

Accidental Imbalance: Lessons from Vietnam toward Harmony between National and Military Strategies in South Korea
 Ban, Kil-Joo.

Adalet ve Kalkinma Partisi: Turkey’s Neoconservatives
 Vamvakas, Petros. and Cakir, Beril.

Agendas and Separation of Powers: A Case Study of State Institutions and Policy Attention
 Leckrone, J. Wesley. and Gollob, Justin.

Agonistic Politics and Empathy
 Kimlee, Sungho.

Agreeing to Disagree: Deliberative Democracy and Justification for War
 Nelson, Travis. and Kapust, Daniel.

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Bankruptcy Stigma and its Political Effects: The Social Construction of Debtors in Bankruptcy Policy
 Laws, Serena.

Being and Law: Leo Strauss on Plato's Minos
 Goldberg, Robert.

Bioterrorism and U.S. Domestic Preparedness: Bureaucratic Fragmentation and American Vulnerability
 Crudo, Christine. and Lenze, Paul.

Border Politics in the House - The Influence of the Congressional Border Caucus on Member Votes
 Mack, William.

Building an Independent Judiciary - Evaluation of the New Judicial Appointment Processes and Institutions in Eastern Europe
 Golubovic, Milica.


Calculation, Community and Cues in Context: Public Opinion on European Integration in the Baltics
 Lust, Aleksander.

Campaigning in the Past Tense: Background Appeals in Political Advertisements
 Arbour, Brian.

Can Peacekeepers Succeed Where Politicians and Public Administrators Have Failed?
 Chavda, Roslyn. and Malone, Mary.

Can the Minority Party in Congress Shape Public Opinion?
 Green, Matthew.

Can the Western Powers be Successful in the ‘War against International Islamist Terrorism’?
 Cox, Patrick.

Carving a Space for Elite Republicanism: Hierarchy, Deference and Paternalism in American Political Development
 O\'Hara, Jonathan.

Casualty Ratio Framing and Perceptions of Success in Afghanistan
 Oliver, Alexander.

Change for the Better? How Kenya and Zimbabwe’s Semi-Presidentialism Could Help Consolidate the Harmed Democracy
 Hsieh, Han-Hui.

Character and Contest: Thucydides on the Outbreak of War
 Jaffe, Seth.

China's People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) in the Context of China's "Peaceful Rise"
 Herrick, Christopher.

Chinese National Identity and the Politics of the Majority-Minority Discourse in Inner Mongolia
 Bradley-Storey, Lacey.

Civil Theology Reconsidered: The Salience of a Venerable Topic
 Vidal, Troy.

Climate Change Policy Negotiations and International Justice
 Boran, Idil.

Committed to the Resource Curse? Government Compliance with Resource Stabilization Funds in Latin America
 Johnson, Matthew.

Communication: The Root of Environmental Problems on the Earth Today
 Doherty, Richard.

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Darwin and the Declaration
 Seagrave, S. Adam.

Debates over the United Nations Secretary-General (UNSG) Report on Human Security: Toward Global Consensus or Divide?
 Tamura, Setsuko.

Deliberation: Building the Reflective Citizen?
 Pincock, Heather.

Democracy and Islam -- Drawing on the Insights of a Post-Modern Puzzle In Conflict Resolution Studies: The Cases of Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran and Turkey
 Haskollar, Elcin.

Democracy and Revolutionary Justice in Thucydides' History
 Calabrese, Brian.

Democracy and Those Who Leave: The Political Participation of Emigrants
 Long, Katya.

Democracy and the Honest Politician’s Rhetorical Trap
 Admiraal, Beth.

Democracy at the Border
 Watkins, David.

Democracy in Context: Between Universal Ideals and Local Values
 Banai, Hussein.

Democratic Boundaries? : Constructing Constituencies in Organized Labor and Politics
 Orr, Susan.

Determinants of Latinos’ Attitude toward Capital Punishment
 Baik, Ellen.

Developing a United States National Office of Data Protection: Lessons from the European Union
 Mameli, Peter.

Dialectic of Colorblindness: An Adornian Critique of Race and Law
 Emerson, Blake.

Dialogue and Democracy: Philosophy and Politics in Plato
 Kim, Michael.

Differentiating Eurosceptics in Turkey
 Rossbach, David.

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Economic Crisis and the Welfare State: A Comparative Case Study of the United States, Germany and Sweden
 LaMontagne, Bernadette.

Edmund Burke and the Limitations of Historical Thought
 Smith, Brian.

Elections at the Gates: Clientelism and Gated Communities in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
 Suárez-Carrasquillo, Carlos.

Empirical Analysis of Democracy Promotion Aid: US, EU and the Difficulty of Democracy in Iraq.
 Barry, Jack.

Erik Peterson's "Monotheism as Political Problem"
 Wilson, Jeffrey.

Eros and Socratic Philosophy in Xenophon's Symposium
 Nee, Laurence.

Ethics and Politics in Confucian Thought
 El Amine, Loubna.

Ethnography, Democracy, and Political Science
 Hilmer, Jeffrey.

European Union Political Conditionality and Post-Accession Compliance: Minority Rights in Bulgaria and Romania
 Ibryamova, Nuray.

Everson v. Board of Education and Colonial Maryland: Lessons for First Amendment Jurisprudence
 Prud\'homme, Joseph. and Tremper, Nicholas.

Everybody Get Together: Hippies, City Parks, and Urban Politics
 Silos-Rooney, Jill.

Examining the Dynamics of Policy Change: The Case of U.S Narcotics Policy and the Implications for the Global Narcotics Regime
 Kumah-Abiwu, Felix.

Executive Ideology, Constitutional Structures and Welfare State Change: TSCS Regression vis-à-vis fsQCA
 Kuehner, Stefan.

Executive Power Surge: Congressional Delegation of Authority and Tariff Politics in the Late Nineteenth Century
 Klinghard, Daniel. and Wallace, Kevin.

Explaining the Expansion of Japan's SDF Peace Operations after the Cold War
 Nagaoka, Sachi.

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Failure to Adapt: Japanese Antisubmarine Warfare in World War II
 Tattar, Matthew.

Fair Trade in Foreign Policy: Should States Make Trade Liberalization Conditional on Respect for Rights?
 Goff, Sarah.

Fair Trade: Leveraging Ideologies that Empower Consumers and Producers in the Americas
 Bennett, Elizabeth.

Far From Pure: Puritan Roots of New Right Rhetoric
 Reger, Alexander., Tagliarina, Daniel. and Huff, Jamie.

Farming and the City: Local Food Production and the Politics of Land-use Change
 Bartling, Hugh.

Federal Authority and States Rights in the Era of Jackson
 Lim, Elvin.

Feminism vs. Federalism: U.S. v. Morrison and the Ideological Debate over National Sovereignty
 Villegas, Christina.

Follow the Leader? Lawyers and Judicial Federalism in New York
 Price, Richard.

Following the Money; ARRA Funds in Rhode Island Cities and Towns
 Speakman, June.

Founding Narratives: How Presidents Speak about America’s Constitutional Birth
 Breslin, Beau.

Free Citizen and Coercive State
 Sohn, Yong-Hoo.

Freedom and Shame in Plato's Laws
 Ballingall, Robert.

Freedom of Association: Which Institutions Matter?
 Frey, Diane.

Friending Obama: How Netroots Technology is Altering Presidential Nomination Dynamics
 Hull, Christopher. and Morgan, Briana.

Friendship and Patronage in The Florentine Histories: Partisanship, The Rule of Law, and Unhealthy Forms of Political Conflict.
 Clarke, Michelle.

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Gathering Power: A Decade of Pipeline Politics Pays Off
 Palubinskas, Ginta.

Gender and Election Planning in Afghanistan
 Root, Rebecca. and Khinjani, Shaima.

Gender and International Relations
 D\'Amico, Francine.

Gender and Political Psychology
 Sapiro, Virginia.

Gender and Reconciliation in Ethno National Protraced Conflicts: The Case of Cyprus
 Hadjipavlou, Maria.

Gender, Race, and Intersectionality
 Simien, Evelyn.

Gender, Race, and the Cabinet (1933-2010); A Transgendered Institution?
 Borrelli, MaryAnne.

Gendering Hindu Nationalism in Colonial India: Women and Gender in Hindu Mahasabha Politics, 1915-1951
 Williams, Rina.

Global Environmental Governance: Politics, Markets, and Social Movements
 Kauffman, Brenda.

Global Governance and Sexual Identity: LGBT Human Rights
 D\'Amico, Francine.

Globalization and Terrorism: An Emergence of a New Social Class
 Benedict, Ashley.

Good or Bad Cops? The Role of Police Assistance in U.S. and European Foreign Policy
 Heiduk, Felix.

Governance Patterns and Development Outcomes in sub Sahara Africa: Choosing Indicators and Other Methodological Challenges.
 Osae-Kwapong, John.

Greek Civil War (1946-1949)
 Kaloudis, George.

Gulliver’s Travels : American Linguistic Hegemony in the Case of Educational Testing Services(ETS)
 Yoo, Yeon Hee.


Harry Jaffa's Egalitarian Natural Law Theory
 Vaughan, Geoffrey.

He Shall from Time to Time: The Modern Evolution of State of the Union Addresses
 Ronan, Jim.

Hearing a Different Drummer: Thoreau’s Principled Anti-War Rhetoric
 Brown, Ted.

Hegel and Marx on the Schlechte Unendlichkeit of Modern Civil Society
 Smetona, Matthew.

Herodotus as Political Thinker: Reflections on Contemporary Democracy
 Thompson, Norma.

Hey Hillary! Love Your Hair, Now Iron My Shirt: A Theoretical Analysis of a First Lady's Candidacy for Higher Office.
 Miller, Kristen.

History and Activism: A Historiographical Look at the Life and Times of Howard Zinn
 Maar, Henry.

Hitting the Streets: Hannah Arendt, Women Action and Public Appearance in Ciudad Juarez
 Orozco, Elva.

Home Field Advantage?: Expatriate Power in Lebanon
 Elghoul, Mohammed.

Homo Samba: The Philosophical Roots of Populism in Latin America?
 Spanakos, Anthony.

How Anxiety Affects Nationalism: An Assessment Using Terror Management Theory
 Johnson, Diane., Krause, Chris. and Wilson, Sean.

Human Law and Christian Rhetoric in Book 1 of De Libero Arbitrio
 Burns, Daniel.

Hume's Reply to the Sensible Knave
 Culp, Jonathan.


Identity Politics/Identity Philosophy: Does the Philosophic Voice Have an Identity?
 Giannetti, Jason.

Ideological Homogenization and the Rules of the Game in Post-Reform Presidential Nominations
 Paulson, Arthur.

Ideology vs. Party in the Senate's Supreme Court Confirmation Process: A Two-Century Journey, 1795-2010
 Nelson, Garrison.

Implementing a Restorative Peer Justice Model at Social Justice Academy
 Rochefort, David., Smith, David. and Maze-Rothstein, Susan.

Indices of Democracy: A Comparative Analysis (Revisited)
 Imai, Kunihiko.

Individualism, Egalitarianism, and Social Capital
 Young, Jonathan.

Inpromptuality: A New Face of the Hermeneutical Solution in a Time of Crisis
 Maier, Romulus.

Integrating Foreign Policy Explanations: U.S. Decision-Making and Presidential Wars
 Blomdahl, Mikael.

Integration and Institutionalization of Mercosur
 Veloz, Waskar.

Interest Groups, Citizen Participation Mechanisms, and Institutional Bias in State Wildlife Policy
 Jackman, Jennifer.

Intergrating Multimedia and On-Line Instruction in Teaching Political Science
 Caswell, Bruce.

International Criminal Law and the Politics of Selective Justice: Is the ICC a Tool for Judicial Imperialism in Africa?
 Ba, Oumar.

International Equity in U.S.-China Relations and the Politics of Global Climate Change
 Barresi, Paul.

International Sovereignty and the Domestic Analogy in Hobbes
 Finn, Stephen.

Interventionist or Passive: The Government's Anti-Labor Policies
 Scheuerman, William.

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Jamaat-e-Islami and the Politics of Accommodation? A Case-Study of the Role of an Islamist Party in the Democratization Process of Bangladesh
 Hashim, S. Mohsin.

Japanese Economic Revitalization Policy Reconsidered: Alternatives for Reshaping Governance
 Kim, Jemma.

Japan’s Modernization, Pan-Asianism, and the Fifteen Years War – The Case of Kawashima Yoshiko 川島芳子
 Bauwens, Fabian.

John Lilburne, Petitioning and a Populist-Leaning Account of English Republicanism
 Patterson-Tutschka, Monicka.

Judicial Review vs. Civic Constitutional Councils: Rights, Democracy, and Law
 Zurn, Christopher.
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Justice and (Hellenic) Law in Xenophon's Anabasis.
 Buzzetti, Eric.

Justice, Rights, and Just War Theory: A Thomistic Perspective
 Gorman, Ryan.

Justices Kennedy and O'Connor: Swinging toward Accommodationism
 Lee, Francis.


Kant and the Moral Cost of Humanitarian Intervention
 Staring, Scott.

Kantian Democratic Republicanism
 De Federicis, Nico.

Keeping the Promise: Implementation of Security Guarantees in Civil Wars
 Pleschinger, Stefanie.


Laboratories of Innovation: A Cross National Comparison of E-Government Practices in Local Government
 Wohlers, Anton. and Bernier, Lynne.

Last-Minute Bets: How National Congressional Campaign Committees Respond to Possible Wave Elections
 Scala, Dante.

Learning Zivilcourage: An Environmental Opera on Hannah Arendt’s Concept of the Courage of the Unarmed Civilian
 Haddad, Khristina.

Legislative Simulations of the Policy Process: Learning from Experience
 Hackey, Robert.

Leisure as an Object of Distributive Justice
 Rose, Julie.

Leo Strauss and the Socratic Turn
 Landy, Tucker.

Leo Strauss on the Challenge of Revelation in Plato's Laws
 Shuster, Arthur.

Leo Strauss's Critique of the Traditional Natural Law Doctrine: The Problems of Punishment, Promulgation, and Nature
 Grant, John.

Leo Strauss's Final Statement on Machiavelli: A Modification of the 'Ancients vs. Moderns' Thesis?
 West, Thomas.

Liminal Istanbul: Considerations on a European Capital of Culture
 Mello, Brian.

Literary Structure and Political Science in Jefferson's "Notes on Virginia"
 Gish, Dustin. and Klinghard, Daniel.

Localization and Nationalization: House Democrats in the 2010 Elections
 Beachler, Donald.

Look at Who's Dancing in Dante's Heaven
 LePain, Marc.

Lucy Parsons on the Lives of the Poor: An Alternative Theory of Democracy
 Shone, Steve.


Machiavelli's New Constitutionalism
 Zuckert, Catherine.

Machiavelli’s Republican Renewal.
 Wittels, William.

Making Moot Court Matter: How to Get the Most out of Moot Court Simulations
 Weizer, Paul.

Marketing in Government: An Examination of the Democrats 2009-2010
 Cosgrove, Kenneth.

Mass Perceptions of Media Bias in the 2008 Presidential Election: Gender Bias, Racial Bias, or Fair Game?
 Nunnally, Shayla.

Media Effects on the Behavior of People Who are not Intended Recipients of the Message in the Post Conflict Region
 Mironova, Vera.

Metaphysics, Politics, and The Dynamic Arche in Aristotle
 Hasan, Aminah.

Michels the Syndicalist: Reinterpreting "Political Parties"
 LaVenia, Peter.

Minorities in Democracy and Policing Policy: From Alienation to Cooperation
 Porat, Guy-Ben.

More Bark than Bite: The Diminished Role of Party and Ideology in State Legislators' Votes on Animal Protection Bills
 Tauber, Steven.

More to Us Than You Think: Considering Efficacy in Light of the “Civic Opportunity Gap”
 Matto, Elizabeth.

Muslims in Russia and Russian Foreign Policy: Lessons from the Past.
 Akhmetkarimov, Bulat.


Nation-State Building Process in Third World: Focused on the South Korea’s Syngman Rhee Government (1945-50)
 Lee, Taek Sun.

National Identity Formation and Change: A Rational Choice Perspective
 Uzdella, Alison.

Nationalism and Political Violence: Always against Women’s Interests?
 Saeidi, Shirin.

Natural Law, Transcendence, and Perfectionism
 Rasmussen, Douglas.

Natural and Artificial Impartiality
 Frazer, Michael.

Neoconservatism and the Conservative Movement
 Redden, Thomas.

Neoliberalism and Social Capital in OECD Countries
 Kage, Rieko.

Neurocognitive Correlates of Political Ideology on Cross-Strait Relations: Evidence from Taiwan
 Lee, Yu-Kang Lee., Hsu, Chung-Yao. and Liu, Hui-Ying.

New Approach to Democratic Representation: A Case Study on Participatory Budgeting
 Shum, Maggie.


Obama's Human Rights Policies
 Dietrich, John. and Witkowski, Caitlyn.

Obama’s Leadership in Climate Politics: An Interim Assessment
 Marien, Daniel.

Of Virtues and Values: Sympathy, Empathy, and Agonistic Respect in Recent Democratic Theory
 Glover, Robert.

Okinawa Confidential: The 1969 U.S.-Japan Negotiations toward the Reversion of the Ryukyu Islands
 Komine, Yukinori.

On Natural Justice in Aristotle's Ethics
 Sensen, Kathryn.

On Philippos and Laughter in Xenophon's Symposium
 Ehrmantraut, Michael.

On Political Machines in New York City: A Trend Toward a Weakening of the Traditional Power Structures
 Skandul, Emil.

On the Suppression of Somali Pirate Attacks against Merchant Ships
 Monje, Scott.

Organizational Development: Harlem Community Board and Columbia University’s Expansion Plans in Manhattanville, New York
 Sorensen, Robert.

Outline of a Nonideal Theory of Justice
 Arvan, Marcus.

Overcoming The Limitations On Presidential Power: What Can A President Do?
 Sandman, Joshua.

Overland to Afghanistan: Colonial Travel Writing from Foster’s Journey to Mortenson’s Three Cups of Tea
 Jalalzai, Zubeda.


Palabra de Mujer (Word of a Woman): Women’s Political Leadership in Latin America
 Evans, Rebecca.

Parties in the Digital Age: An Analysis of State Party Websites
 Cohen, Diana.

Party Realignment in the Northeast: The Role of "Southern Backlash"
 Knuckey, Jonathan. and Kim, Myunghee.

Pax Sinica: Conceptualizing and Researching China's Soft Power
 Sandby-Thomas, Peter.

Peace and the Order of Nature: Augustine, Giles, and Dante
 Busch, Peter.

Perpetuated Antagonism: Partisan Infighting among Veto Players and Enduring Rivalry Maintenance
 You, Chaekwang.

Planning an International Trip: Internationalization of General Education Courses through Practical Skill-Building
 Sachleben, Mark.

Plato and Homer: Passionate Opponents, Necessary Allies
 George, Ashish.

Plato's Critique of Honor in Plato's Timaeus-Critias
 Sawatzky, Nathan.

Plato's Phaedo and Civility: Democratic Freedom’s Dependence on a Meritocratic God
 Robinson, Cavin.

Playthings, Pessimism, and Justice: Plotinus’ Use of Plato’s Laws
 Zimmerman, Brandon.

Political Behavior in Southeast Asia: An Examination of the Resource Model in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand
 Denton, Ginger.

Political Institutions and the Origin of the Problem of Time-Inconsistency
 Lin, Wei-hsiu.

Political Misinterpretations: Signs, Signals, Symbols
 Devine, Richard.

Political Party Reform in Mexico: The Case of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) 2000-2007
 Cady, Frederic.

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Racial Conservatism in the Northeast: The Use of Racially Implicit Campaign Messages in 1994 Campaigns for Governor in the Northeastern United States
 Kirsch, Daniel.

Radical Hope and the End of Practical Reason: An Aristotelian Analysis of the Virtue of Lear’s Plenty Coups
 Shmikler, Joshua.

Radicalization of Political Parties within Parliamentary Elections 2010 in Central Europe
 Mihalik, Jaroslav. and Horvath, Peter.

Re-thinking the Contemporary Political-Religious Divide: An Analysis of Bush's and Obama's Religious Rhetoric
 Hogue, Andrew. and Korthuis, Aaron.

Reason and Revelation: The Epistemological Foundation of Sayyid Qutb’s Political Thought
 Roelofs, Christopher.

Reconciliation Oriented Leadership: The Case of Chilean President Michelle Bachelet
 Lieberfeld, Daniel.

Reconstructing Westphalia: Israel as a Challenge to the Modern State System
 King, Adam.

Reflections on the Conservative Revolution in America
 Gordinier, Tim.

Reforming the Presidential Primary System: The Voter Empowerment Solution
 Frederick, Heather.

Regions and International Relations: Theorizing the Subnational Government Actions in International Affairs
 Kuznetsov, Alexander.

Religio-Political Rhetoric and Presidential Policy Goals: Problem Definition, Framing, and Agenda-Setting Tactics
 Arthur, Damien.

Religion and American Political Thought: A View From the First State Constitutions
 Carter, John.

Remembering the 1940's: The Forgotten History of Howard Zinn's Activism
 Ivol, Ambre.

Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards: A Case Study to Analyze Their Effectiveness
 Rish, Joseph.

Representing Grassroots Development: Collective Action & Microfinance Practitioner Associations
 Hudak, Kristen.

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Sahl to Stewart: The Importance of Modern Political Satire
 Dagnes, Alison.

Securitization and Agenda-Setting: The Case of Environmental Refugees
 Duygulu, Sirin.

Self-Enforcing Reciprocity Norms (SERN) in Setting TransNational Socal & Labor Standards
 Weiner, Richard.

Sexual Violence as Politics: Policy Implications of Sexual Violence as a Tactic of Armed Conflict
 Perry, Ashlie.

Shades of Gray: Alexis de Tocqueville on Enlightenment
 Shelley, Trevor.

Socratic Laughter and Socratic Politics
 Lombardini, John.

South Africa's Constitution-making Process and Women's Rights: A Critical Analysis of Hirschl's Hegemonic Preservation Thesis
 Assis, Mariana.

Spinoza's Alternative Model of Political Power
 Field, Sandra.

Staggering Towards Beauty: Howard Zinn on the Role of the Nation in Moral Progress
 Trosky, Abram.

Stagnated Development, Bureaucracy, and the Rise of Anarchism in Greece
 Chinich, Ian.

Staring, Caring, and Curing in the Platonic Dialogues
 Smith, Gregory.

State Justification in Context: Bernard Williams on Political Legitimacy
 Levitov, Alex.

Stimulus Politics and Stimulating Policy Histories: Taxation, Spending, and Partisanship in the European Union
 Toloudis, Nicholas.


Tacitus and the Politics of Machiavelli
 Fontana, Benedetto.

Taking “Dynamic Federalism” to the Courts: Multistate Litigation By State Attorneys General As National Regulation
 Nolette, Paul.

Talking about Inclusion : Partisanship & Congressional Language about Immigration Policy
 Cobetto, Joseph.

Teachers, Students, and an Inquirer: Dramatis Personae of Plato's Protagoras, Gorgias, and Meno
 Turner, Jeffrey.

Territorial Control and Recruitment in the Cambodian Civil War, 1970-75: Case Studies in Battambang Province
 Kubota, Yuichi.

Terrorism, Regional Conflict, Hegemony, and Power Balancing in South Asia
 Sitaraman, Srini.

Text, Classroom, Polis: Aristotle's Politics and Augustine's City of God as Touchstones for a Core Curriculum
 Montas, Roosevelt.

The 1950s: Popculture and Government Response
 Hamill, Cynthia. and Years, Nickalaus.

The American Media’s Anti Kabila Bias: Media Indexing, Government Policy and the Second Congo War
 Cook, Christopher.

The Anti-Federalists and the Common Good
 Peterson, Matthew.

The Appeal of Black Republican Candidates: An Exploratory Study of Black Candidates Involving Gender and Party Labels
 Harden-Russell, Aiisha.

The Appetite for Justice: A Reinterpretation of Plato's Republic
 Chesshire, Hugo.

The Banking Collapse of 2008 was Avoidable: Intellectual Property and Markets for Public Policy
 Gamble, James.

The Capital “In His Person”: Human Capital Theory and the Mid-Twentieth Century Redefinition of Labor
 Breen, Jennifer.

The Challenges and Possibilities of Regional Collaboration among Small Jurisdictions
 Kraus, Neil.

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US/Iranian Relations: An International Relations Constructivist Analysis on Iran’s Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program
 Bozonier, Vincent.

Ulysses S. Grant: The First Republican Heir Apparent President
 Zinman, Donald.

Unbalanced Power: The Mongol Conquests and the Rise of a World Hegemon
 Tschaen Barbieri, Eliane.

Uncle Sam’s Outsourcing and Dragon’s Self-Innovation: Two Contrasting Innovation Strategies in Defense Industry
 Kim, Youcheer.

Understanding Diffusion in Electoral Campaigns
 Atikcan, Ece.

Understanding the Congressional Vote: The Effects of Scandals and Media Coverage on Incumbents, 2002-2010
 Gulati, Girish. and Brown, Lara.

Understanding the Resource Curse in the Caspian Region
 Oge, Kerem.

United Nations Small Arms Disarmament Diplomacy
 Weiss, Paulette.

Unmasking Xenophon’s Persia: An Athenian Civic Education
 Farrell, Christopher.

Uprising, Unshackling, & Rebooting: Calls to Reform Government at the State and Federal Level
 Zaino, Jeanne.

Using Instant Feedback to Promote Learning
 O\'Rorke, John.

Utilizing E-Textbooks in Political Science:Teaching and Learning Implications
 Moskowitz, Joseph.

Utopia Realized?: America as the Libertarian Promised Land
 Pauli, Benjamin.


Veterans' Benefits and Social Policy: Expanding the Conceptual Boundaries of the American Welfare State
 Tarsi, Melinda.

Virtue Loves Company: The Case of Priam
 Mathie, Mary.

Voter Mobilization and the Rise of Black Political Power
 Vogl, Tom.


Was Martin Heidegger a Radical Historicist?
 LeBlanc, Jonathan.

Watching War Movies in Baghdad: The US Military’s Mobilization of Cinematic Mythos in the Iraq War
 Huiskamp, Gerard.

Water Authority For Sale: Disadvantages of Selling City Assets to Plug Budgetary Deficits
 Sosar, David.

What Government Does: The Strong and Weak American State
 Luger, Stan. and Waddell, Brian.

When Does the Campaign Begin? Early Identification of Frontrunners in the New Hampshire Primary
 Smith, Andrew.

When There's No Buck to Pass: Accountability and Authority in the American Founding
 Weiner, Greg.

When the Public Supersedes the Private: On Plato's Republic
 Davenport, Daniel.

Where Are the People? Scholarship on Women, Men and Civil Violence
 McCabe, Diana. and Applewhite, Harriet.

Where Did the Liberal Republicans in Congress Go?
 Blessing, Laura.

Who is Callicles? Reading Plato's Gorgias in Light of Republic VIII and IX
 Carl, Brian.

Why Agamben is Wrong about Refugees: Towards a Phenomenology of Displacement, Exclusion, and Belonging
 Parekh, Serena.

Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? Empathy, Agonism, and Deliberation
 Morrell, Michael.

Why Do Resource Extractive Countries Pursue Environmental Reform? A Case Study of Ecuador
 Enriquez Leon, Maria.

Why Do They Run? A Survey of Women of Color State Legislators
 Scola, Becki.

Wither the State? The Paradox of Energy De-Regulation
 Petersen, Raymond.

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Xenophon's Socratic Rhetoric in the Symposium
 Gish, Dustin.

Xenophon's Unadorned Socrates in the Symposium
 Petrie, Eric.
Northeastern Political Science Association 2010-Nov-11 to 2010-Nov-14
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