Northeastern Political Science Association 2011-Nov-17 to 2011-Nov-20

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"Failure to Reform Public Policy: Why Two Republican Governors Failed to Privatize Pennsylvania's State Liquor Monopoly"
 Hale, George.

"Keep It in a Gray Fog": Ayn Rand's Contentious Relationship with Europe
 Brühwiler, Claudia.

"The Radical Democratic Embers": A Reinterpretation of the Habermas-Rawls Exchange
 Farr, Evan.

"What If..." Election Simulations
 Kennedy, Charles.

"Women and Civil War: A New Data Set Tells Us More"
 McCabe, Diana.

1915-1923 - Years of Deep Division and Catastrophe: Prime Minister Venizelos and King Constantine
 Kaloudis, George.

'Office Is A Thing Borrowed': Jean Bodin on the Rights of Office
 Lee, Daniel.

{Do leader selection rules impact accountability? Exploiting exogenous variation in farmer associations formation
 Grossman, Guy.

‘The Dragon’s Charm’: Ghana’s economic encounters with China
 Aidoo, Richard.

‘The Most Important Business of the State’: Rousseau and the Civic Education of the Republic
 Mehta, Varad.

“ Tenures of Widows in the House: Distinguishing Benchwarmers from Careerists."
 Fogarty, Brian. and Hankinson, Chad.

“Parties without linkage? A comparative study of American, German and Polish political parties and their electorates”
 Troicki, Juliane.

“Republican Equality”: A New Protestant Ethic Forged in Jacksonian America
 Illuzzi, Michael.

“Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation? Tell me, if you understand."
 Udoff, Alan.

“Whither a Nuclear-armed Japan: Re-examining Realist and Constructivist Perspectives”
 Komine, Yukinori.


A Canon of International Politics Films? Using Moving Images to Enhance Students’ Critical Analysis of World Politics
 Sachleben, Mark.

A Comparative Analysis of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan: Causes of Political Instability
 Dorgabekova, Davlatsulton.

A Deweyan Defense of Guerrilla Gardening
 Ralston, Shane.

A Discursive Genealogy of Transitional Justice- From Authoritarian Transition to Global Criminal Justice
 Nolutshungu, Nomvuyo.

A Legal Invasion? International and Foreign Law Citations in Majority Opinions from the Rehnquist Court
 Yankle, Allyson.

A Matter of Form: Pierre Manent and Jürgen Habermas on the Nation, Democracy, and the Possibility of Politics
 Shelley, Trevor.

A Modern Team of Rivals: Internal vs. Parallel Competitive Staffing Structures in the Obama Administration
 Harder, William.

A Second Dimension? Political Parties and Structural Cleavages in the Netherlands
 Van Gorp, Johannes.

A Study of Muslim Political Leadership in Sri Lanka
 Abdul Razak, Mohamed-Imtiyaz.

A Tale of Two Democracies: Understanding Democratic Success and Failure in Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands
 Sanders, Michael.

A Zinnian Look at Social Activism in Polarized America and the Arab Spring
 Miller, William.

Abkhazia: A Nation Without International Support
 Krzelj, Karina.

Actualizing Democratic Citizenship: Arendt and Classical Rhetoric on Judgment and Persuasion
 Ballacci, Giuseppe.

Al Qaeda's Post 9/11 Organizational Structure and Strategy: The Role of Islamist Regional Afilliates
 Celso, Anthony.

All of the Women are White, All of the Men are Black, but Some of Us Are Brave: Intersectionality and Voter Turnout in the 2008 Presidential Election
 Simien, Evelyn. and Hampson, Sarah.

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Backlash on Multiculturalism or Economic Insecurity?: Accounting for Public Support of the Arizona Approach to Immigration in New England
 Filindra, Alexandra.

Balancing Domestic and International Concerns: The Logic of Algerian-U.S. Diplomacy
 Rumsey, Jessie.

Barack Obama: Republicrat or What?
 Crotty, William.

Bargaining and Surveillance
 Pallitto, Robert.

Becoming Transnational Citizens: The Liberian Diaspora’s Civic Engagement in the United States and in Homeland Peacebuilding
 Reilly, Janet.

Before Barack Obama, there was John Mercer Langston: The Congressman from Virginia, 1891
 Jirard, Stephanie.

Blood and Oil: The Difference Between War for Oil and War Because of Oil
 McKee, Lauren.

Bolivare-you-kidding? Credibility and Participation in Political Economy
 Spanakos, Anthony.

Brand Democratic: Obama, and the Democrats in the Era of Political Branding
 Conley, Brian. and Cosgrove, Kenneth.

Brazil: an influential global power in the 21st century?
 Giannini, Renata.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Anti-Incumbency and Corruption in India
 Davies, Emmerich.

Bringing Civil Religion Back In: The Tea Party’s Revival of Reagan Against Obama
 Hickel Jr., Flavio.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Slaying Stereotypes and Engendering Efficacy
 Lauermann, Robin.

Building “Conservative Egalitarianism”: Race and Political Legitimation in the Urban North, 1940-1965
 Baribeau, Erin.

Bureaucracy in the Modern American Sitcom
 Miller, William.

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Can Weak States Form a Winning Coalition with the ICJ to Constrain Hegemon?
 Kim, Youcheer.

Capabilities, Powers, Ontology: Do Nussbaum and Sen Need Aristotle -- & If So, Why?
 Groff, Ruth.

Ceremony and Citizenship in the United Kingdom, France, and the United States.
 Applewhite, Harriet.

Challenges of Arab Democratization in the Light of the Latin '‘Third-Wave'
 Friedheim, Daniel.

Changing Representational Strategies: Freedom Fighters, Terrorists and Dictators in the Making of U.S.-Angola Foreign Policy Relations, 1986-2002
 Galinanes, Ramon.

China’s Relations with Existing World Powers
 Herrick, Christopher.

Cicero and Private Property
 Bradizza, Luigi.

Civic Virtue and Luxury in Rousseau's Discourse on the Arts and Sciences
 Harding, Michael.

Cohousing and Political Behavior
 Berggren, Heidi.

Coldplay in the Lyceum Bakery: Student Generated Mixed Media in an Introduction to Political Theory Course
 Moran, Fran.

Collective Action and Confidence in Political Institutions: Europe, its states, and its citizens
 Ottomanelli, John.

Comparative Perspectives on Reconciliation Oriented Political Leaders
 Lieberfeld, Daniel.

Comparing Public Pensions between the U.S. and Europe
 Moschella, Joseph.

Compatibilities on the Idea of Law in Hobbes and Leibniz
 Kim, Yong.

Competing "Problem Definitions" and the Causes of the Financial Crisis
 Holtzman, Richard.

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Dante's Introduction to the Comedy: An Analysis of Inferno 1
 Barrus, Roger.

Deforestation, Structural Adjustment and the Rise of Ecotourism in Costa Rica.
 Miller, Andrew.

Deliberative Democracy and Prediction Markets: Why Deliberation Still Wins, But Can Be Made Better
 Chick, Matthew.

Democracy and the Challenge of Legalism
 Paik, Sung-Wook.

Democracy as Secular Christianity: A Comparison of Nietzsche, Tocqueville, and Maritain
 Kraynak, Robert.

Developing Countries and Global Intellectual Property Regime
 Bedirhanoglu, Nazan.

Disaggregating Issue Ownership: Agreement, Association, Competence, and Credibility in Party Issue Reputations
 Paris, Celia.

Divergence towards the Legitimacy of the International Criminal Court: A Media Discourse Analysis
 Cohen, Cynthia.

Diversity within the whole: how identity dynamics are conditioned by status, ideology, information, region, and gender
 Giurlando, Philip.

Do the Clothes Make the Candidate?
 Adams, Eberley. and Hannum, Tara.

Do the Post-Communist Transitions Offer Lessons for the Arab World?
 Basora, Adrian.

Does Making the U.S. Supreme Court a Campaign Issue Help or Hurt Senate Candidates?
 Unger, Michael.


Education in Xenophon’s On Hunting and The Education of Cyrus
 Ehrmantraut, Michael.

Effects of International Economic Integration on Contemporary Authoritarian Regimes
 Florence, Joseph.

Elections in a state of conflict: the rise of provincial regional parties in opposition within a federal system
 Kugler, Tad.

Electoral Authoritarianism in the Third Wave of Democratization: Concepts and Regime Trajectories
 Kao, Chieh. and Kou, ChienWen.

Enforced Satisfaction: Justice Field on Government's Role in the Pursuit of Happiness
 Carrington, Adam.

Entering through the Keyhole: Strauss’s Recovery of Classical Political Philosophy in Xenophon’s "Constitution of the Spartans”
 Ruderman, Richard.

Environmental Commitments and the Obama Presidency
 Berg, John.

Eudaimonistic Virtue Politics: the "Pursuit of Happiness" as the Foundation of Political Science
 Foreman, Zachary.

Examining the Resource Curse Theory and Development: Any Lessons for Ghana?
 Kumah-Abiwu, Felix.

Exceeding the Capacity to Host: The Differing Impact of Refugees in Africa and Southwest Asia
 Berry, Koop. and Davis, Anne.

Exceptionalism, Imperialism, Self-Deception: On Writings from Herman Melville and St. Augustine
 Garrison, Justin.

Explaining Public Opinion on Spending Cuts: The Effects of Necessity, Fairness and Intra-Party Conflict
 Borges, Walt. and Clarke, Harold.

Explaining Religious Terrorism
 Saiya, Nilay.

Explaining Violence after Wars
 Boyle, Michael.

Exploring Politics and Government with Fiction: Some Methods, Potentials, and Issues
 Stump, Jacob.


Falsehood in Words: Truth, Freedom, and Indirection in Plato and Kierkegaard
 Dustin, Christopher.

Finding Liberty's Refuge: Balancing the States and the Individual on the O'Connor Court
 Van Der Vort, Eric.

Foreign Policy Attitudes: Origin and Impact on 2008 Presidential Election
 Raisi, Alireza.

Founding or Re-founding: A Problem in Rousseau’s Political Thought
 Hill, Mark.

Framing Struggles on the High Court: Constraints on the Ability of Elites to Frame Issues
 Zilis, Michael.

French Democratic Theory: Islam and Laïcité, Is there a conflict?
 Styers, Aleta.

From Factory Floor to Killing Floor: Marx, Critical Theory and the Status of the Animal
 Buzby, Amy.

From Foyer to Lobby? Arab Lobby Influence at Home and Abroad since 9/11
 Lamer, Wiebke.

From Hijabs to Bikinis: Are Laws about Women’s Dress Incompatible with Democracy?
 Shaffer Minkowitz, Chana.

From a Straussian 'politike episteme' to a Voegelinian 'participatory science' of politics
 Trimcev, Eno.


Gaining Requested Committees in a State Legislature: The Effects of Prior Legislative Service
 Hedlund, Ronald., DeLeo, Rob., Hedlund, David. and Larson, Claudia.

Gambling Away Our Future: Bond Vigilantes and the Financial Consequences of State-Level Budget Forecast Errors
 Brogan, Michael.

Gauging the Impact of Party on the Expression of Gender By Congresswomen in the 111th & 112th Congresses
 Kress, Adam.

Gender Impact on National Financial Re-Engineering:
 Foluke, Osunyikanmi.

Global Citizenship, Governance, and Identity in the Post-Westphalian Age
 Langran, Irene.

Globalization, Internet Access, and Welfare-State Effort
 Murphy, Justin.

Group Representation, Electoral Reform, and Democratic Revival: Resisting Quiescence and Manufactured Interests
 Ledford, Angela.


Habermas, Constitutional Patriotism and the Non-European World
 Hassanzadeh, Navid.

Habermas, Social Movement Theory, and Deliberative Democracy
 Martineau, Samuel. and Kaurloto, John.

Hail to the Chiefs! The strategic and political role of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the 21st Century.
 Fernandez, Juan.

Hares on the Mountain: Race, Gender, and Fiction in the Trials and Executions of Betsey and Francis Silver
 Huff, Jamie.

Hegemony or Dominance? A Gramscian Analysis of US Ascendancy
 D\'Attoma, John.

High Noon and Polish Republican Symbolism in Relation to American Political Culture
 Kuz, Michal.

History, Providence, and Exceptionalism: A Critical Examination of Providential History Studies in American Political Thought
 Haworth, Peter.

Hospitality: Between Right, Ethics and Politics
 Balaguera, Martha.

How Much Does Science Advice Matter? Understanding International Policy-making on Climate Change and Nuclear Nonproliferation
 Reich, Jacqueline.

How Much State? Perceptions on the Role of the State in the Americas
 Malone, Mary Fran. and Azpuru, Dinorah.

How not to argue about judicial review and democracy
 Lemieux, Scott. and Watkins, David.

How the Massachusetts Affordable Housing and Land Use Appeals Act Survived the Most Recent Effort to Repeal It
 Krefetz, Sharon. and Furman, Matthew.

Howard Zinn: A Moral Example for GI Resistance
 Caputi, Ross.

Humanitarian Peacekeeping: Civil-Military Interaction in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
 Stuart, Meredith.

Humble Hope: An Augustinian Account of a Democratic Virtue
 Lamb, Kenneth.


Ibn Khaldun and Modernity: History, Religion, and Power
 Koch, Bettina.

Illegal Immigration in the Federal Courts: A Constitutional Analysis of Hazleton’s Illegal Immigration Relief Act in Light of Chamber of Commerce v. Whiting
 Devaney, Joseph.

Imagination and the Law in Dante's "Purgatorio" XV-XVII
 Stern, Paul.

In Search of a Post-Strauss Xenophon
 Altman, William.

In and Not Of: World Alienation in Arendt and Augustine
 Spencer, Rachel.

Incumbency, Party Identification and GOTV efforts in local elections: the case of the 2011 Lower Merion School Board Election
 Golden, Marissa.

Infinite Arcadia: Berry, Babbitt and Historical Environmentalism
 Bowman, Joshua.

Innovation as Corruption
 Sparling, Robert.

Insurgencies, Peace Processes, and Rebel Goals
 Backstrom, Jeremy. and Linebarger, Christopher.

Intent versus Implications of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission: The Supreme Court’s Interpretation of Corporate Personhood and the Resulting Political Role Change
 Werner, Cassandra., Burns, Gordon. and Kunz, Karen.

International Organizations and Post Conflict Democracy: The Case of Liberia
 Mulligan, Tricia.

International Relations Theory and the Foreign Policy Orientation of US Political Elites
 Sawoski, Mark.

Intersectionality and Descriptive Representation in Boston Municipal Elections
 Sutherland, James.

Is Aristotle’s best constitution a democracy?
 Samaras, Thanassis.

Islamic Feminism and the Future of Women Rights in the Muslim World
 Amjad, Mohammad.


Jacques Derrida's Democratic Response to the Problem of Nihilism
 Dinan, Matthew.

James Madison: Constitutional Stability and Change
 Hunsicker, Jacqueline.

James Madison: Pragmatist?
 Datta, Prithviraj.

John Adams, Balanced Government, and American Democracy
 Mayville, Luke.

John Stuart Mill on Women: Freedom, Custom, and Redefining Nature
 Krall, Lorraine.

Judicial Nomination Filibusters Revisited? The 111th and 112th Congresses
 Korzi, Michael.

Judicial Review as Judicial Response: Individual Perspective and Constitutional Construction
 Edlin, Douglas.

Justice Kennedy and Constitutional Liberty: Equality and Liberty in Republican Government
 Scully, Mark.

Justice and Power in Euripides’ Hecuba
 Mullan, Joyce.


Keeping the Promise: Implementation of Third-Party Guarantees in Civil Wars
 Pleschinger, Stefanie.

Kosovo, Reframing the Question: The Connection Between Ethnic Conflict and Elite Manipulation Conflict
 Strife, David.


Leftist Populism in France: the 2012 Presidential Election
 Pinto, Melisse.

Leo Strauss, Modern Science, and Natural Right
 Landy, Tucker.

Leo Strauss, Modern Science, and Platonic Natural Right
 Landy, Tucker.

Leo Strauss’s Critique of Hobbes’s Critique of Religion
 Bartlett, Gabe.

Lessons Not Learned: Bridge Collapse in America
 Roudebush II, Jay.

Lessons from Montreal, Kyoto, and Copenhagen: The Viability of Future International Environmental Policies
 Simonson, Brenna.

Lessons from the Francophone Counter-Revolution
 Armenteros, Carolina.

Liberal Doubts and the Mass Political Party: Weber, Bryce, and Ostrogorski
 LaVenia, Peter.

Liberalism and the Most Advantaged: Rawls and Reasonable Envy
 Green, Jeffrey.

Literary Sources in Early American Poltical Thought
 Caswell, Bruce.

Local Climate Policy in the United States: Governance, Institutional Capacity, and Politics
 Bartling, Hugh.

Lotus Eaters of a Bitter Country: Consumption and the Limits of Greek Democracy
 Vamvakas, Petros.

Love and Art in Plato's 'Phaedrus'
 Lier, Tiago.

Love and Friendship in The Prince and The Discourses: Machiavelli's Critique of Affection and its Significance for Modern Republican thought
 Smith, Clifford.


Macbeth and Political Corruption
 Altschuler, Bruce.

Machiavelli and the Gracchi
 Fontana, Benedetto.

Magnanimity as a Political Virtue: Aquinas on Aristotle's Great-Souled Man
 Brutto, Joseph.

Majority Tyranny? An Analysis of Direct and Indirect Votes on Anti-Gay Ballot Measures
 DiSarro, Brian.

Making Politics Personal: Leadership Programs as a Tool for Building Political Interest in College Women
 Stock, Dayna.

Marxferatu: The Vampire Metaphor as a Tool for Teaching Marx’s Critique of Capitalism
 Morrissette, Jason.

Matelda, Dante, and Beatrice in the Earthly Paradise: Poetry and Philosophy on Trial before the Court of Biblical Theology
 Berg, Steven.

Matter over Mind: Economic History and Market Reform in Eastern Europe
 Lust, Aleksander.

Measuring Progress: The Effects of Operationalization in the Foreign Aid and Development Literature
 Kishi, Roudabeh. and McNally, Darragh.

Media and Threat Legitimation
 Lusk, Adam.

Memory Politics in Egypt: Trials, Truth, and Democratic Transitions
 McIvor, David. and Reger, Jeff.

Middle Powers or Petty Imperialists?: Turkey's Foreign Policy Orientations in the Age of Franchisee Imperialism
 Balaban, Utku.

Modern Slavery and Contemporary Democratic Theory
 Watkins, David.


National and Indigenous Movements in Liberal-Democracy: Contrasting the Spanish Basques and Ecuadorian Amerindians
 Moyseowicz, Andrew.

New Media and Information Literacy in the Study of American Politics
 Cope, Jonathan. and Flanagan, Richard.

Nietzsche on the Culture of Reason
 Church, Jeffrey.

Nietzsche's Enmity with Socrates: Tragedy, Eros, and Contest
 Kirkland, Paul.

Night of the Living Dead and Political Theory: The Romero Zombie as Political Critique
 Robbins, Nicholas.

Nixon vs. the "Evil Weed": Marijuana and Youth Politics, 1968-1972.
 Blumenthal, Seth.

No Sheeple Left Behind: Christian Apocalyptic Literature and the New World Order Conspiracy
 McCarthy, Daniel.

Noir Enemy, the State: A Libertarian Reading of Power and the Police in the Novels of Raymond Chandler
 Batchelder, William.

Not A Partnership in Pepper, Coffee, Calico or Tobacco: Edmund Burke and the Vicissitudes of Colonial Capitalism
 Ince, Onur.


Obama By The Numbers
 Caswell, Bruce.

Off the Map: Complex and Problematic Relations between the European Union and Microstates/Territories
 Adams, Paul.

On the Unity of Rousseau's Discourses
 Schmidt, Anna.

One Heartbeat from Disaster: The Dangerous History of Presidential Succession and the 25th Amendment
 Ronan, Jim.

One Step at a Time: Does Gradualism Build Coordination?
 Ye, Maoliang., Asher, Sam., Casaburi, Lorenzo. and Nikolov, Plamen.

Opening the Floodgates: Citizens United, the 2010 Midterm Elections, and 2012 Forecasts
 Mellen Jr, Rob.

Our Wars Are Done: The Decline of Machiavelli in Much Ado About Nothing and Othello
 Fleury, Eric.

Overcoming the Past: A Look at Transitional Justice
 Wallace, Love.


Participation Repertoires: A Conceptual and Analytical Innovation in an Era of Expanded Forms of Participation
 Oser, Jennifer.

Parts and Wholes of the Polis in Plato's Statesman
 Goldin, Owen.

Party Novelty and Economic Voting
 Litton, Krystyna.

Passing the Torch: Millennials' Attitudes Towards Civic and Political Engagement
 Matto, Elizabeth. and Martin, Kimberly.

Peace at any Price?: Moral Suasion and Coercion in the Spanish American War
 O\'hara, Jonathan.

Peak Oil: Energy Shortages and the Threat to Food Security
 Hamrah, Satgin.

Petitioners, the Chinese State and the Internet: Interpreting Traditional Institutions Online
 Bradley-Storey, Lacey.

Philanthropic Social Ventures: A Framework and Profile of the Emerging Field
 Ochs, Holona.

Philosophy as Love of Toil in Xenophon
 Petrie, Eric.

Plato on Eleatic Atomism in the Parmenides
 Roecklein, Robert.

Police Conduct, Exigent Circumstances, and Fourth Amendment
 Slane, Alton.

Police at the Polls: Impeding or Improving Access to the Vote?
 Cobb, Rachael. and Gebo, Erika.

Politeia in the Aristotelian Politeia of the Athenians: A Catalogue of Uses
 Mulhern, John.

Political Motherhood; Tracing gendered expectations in U.S. Public Spheres
 Staudinger, Alison. and Burkhardt, Anne.

Political Symbols of the New Left Counterculture and the Origins of Modern Liberalism
 Slack, Kevin.

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Qaddafi's Reflection in the 'Mirror for Princes': A Modern-Day Machiavelli?
 Taylor, Stephanie.

Quid Pro Quo: Builders, Politicians and Election Finance in India
 Vaishnav, Milan.


Race, Ethnicity, and Term Limits: The Demographic Impact on California’s Legislative Leadership
 Becker, Lawrence. and Ricks, Boris.

Real Environmentalists?: Problem Definition and the Case of Cape Wind
 Bellino, Guy.

Rearranging Chairs: Parties, Committees, and Leaders in the U.S. Senate
 Moscardelli, Vincent.

Reclaiming Politics in the Middle East: Refelctions on the Overthrow of Mubarak
 Mello, Brian. and Mackin, Glenn.

Reconciling the Electoral College with the Popular Vote
 Nishiyama, Wesley.

Recuperative Resistance
 Gursozlu, Selin.

Regime Theory in Action: The Case of Providence
 Speakman, June.

Reification, or, How I Learned to Pity the Bomber
 Kelleher, Brenna.

Rejoining the Club: Taiwan’s Bid for United Nations Participation—Prospects and Portents
 Metzler, John.

Religion in America: A “Natural Experiment” for Tocqueville, Marx and Weber
 Lemos, Diogo.

Religion, Art, and Capitalism: Affinities, Aversions, and Critique
 Mueller, Samuel.

Relocating the Fatherhood Movement
 Baugher, Erin.

Representation at the Executive Level: Indistinguishable Elites, Multifarious Masses
 Jalalzai, Farida. and Jurek, Steve.

Republican Anti-Tax Positions: Looking Beyond the Presidency
 Blessing, Laura.

Republican Character: From Machiavelli’s Prince to the U.S Constitution
 Gallo, Evan. and Michelbach, Phillip.

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Same Society, Different Paradigm: A Critical Examination of the Concept of Society in IR
 Martineau, Josh.

Securitization Theory and the New Security Environment
 McGuire, Sara.

Separating Church and State in a "Spiritually Plausible" Way: Spinoza's Lessons for Islam's Modernizers
 Pidluzny, Jonathan.

Sexual Preference vs. Sexual Orientation: Identity and Same Sex Marriage
 Bedi, Sonu.

Shakespeare's Comic Perspective
 Major, Rafe.

She-Devils: Comparing and Contrasting Prominent Female Nazi War Criminals with Female Soldiers at Abu Ghraib
 Koppenhofer, Emily.

Should we talk about it? What’s wrong with deliberative universalism
 Nili, Shmuel.

Skinner contra Skinner: Method vs. Interpretation
 Suchowlansky, Mauricio.

Social Provision under Authoritarianism:Evidence from Health Politics in Sub-national China
 Huang, Xian.

Social Science, Personal Responsibility, Populism, and Political Polarization
 Brewer, Mark. and Stonecash, Jeffrey.

Socrates & the City: Unconventional Friends
 Grewal, Gwenda-lin.

Socrates’ Silence in Plato’s Cleitophon
 Pichanick, Alan.

Socratic Philosophy in Xenophon's Symposium
 Nee, Laurence.

Something Good is Going to Happen to You: The Consumption of Religious Media in the American Public
 Russo, Salvatore.

Sources of Government Revenue, State Interests, and Foreign Policy Choice
 Ogutcu, Sema Hande.

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Talk the Walk: The Rhetoric of Presidential Mass Pardons for the Civil War
 Dodds, Graham.

Teaching in a Changing World: Integrating Ongoing Events in a Course on Comparative Democratization
 Ruget, Vanessa.

The Arab Spring and the Prospects for Inter-State War
 Ewenstein, Paul.

The Arab Spring: The Power and Limitations of a Computer-Mediated Communication Revolution
 Roberts, Joseph.

The Battle of Seattle: How Poor Strategy Led to War on a City’s Streets
 Pridemore, Amelia.

The Best Bet for a Dollar: An Examination of Maryland 2010 Elections and Candidate Expenditures
 Kasniunas, Nina. and Fittry, Dashell.

The Biblical Adam in John Locke's Two Treatises of Government
 Tetlow, Joanne.

The Buddhist President
 Redden, Thomas.

The Budget Gap: Gender Inequality Amongst U.S. Cabinet Departments, 1962-2010
 Fahey, Kevin.

The Concept of Attention
 Bourgault, Sophie.

The Conflicted President: Examining The Efforts of Recent Presidents to Set Public Policy Agenda Direction
 Sandman, Joshua.

The Constitutive Political Elements in Political Liberalism
 Gursozlu, Fuat.

The Contentious Emergence of International Religious Freedom Advocacy within American Evangelicalism
 Shin, Chan Woong.

The Creative Class and Political Coalitions: Bridging Race, Class, and Culture along Philadelphia's Waterfront
 McGovern, Steve.

The EU and Conflict Prevention: Goals Still Unfulfilled
 Bachiyska, Korneliya.

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Understanding Israeli Foreign Policy: 1967, 1973, 1982
 Corcoran, Patrick.

Understanding Mormon Political Thought
 Perry, Luke.

Understanding the Role of Non-profit Networks in the Context of Regional Equity
 Deegan, Michele.

Undiscovered Arendt: Emotion, Solidarity, and the Pathos of Action
 Kim, Juman.

Uneven Democracy: Human Rights in Presidential and Parliamentary Systems
 Partin, Daniel.

Union of Islamic Courts. An opportunity lost for Somalia
 Morash, Brett.

Untangling American Jewish Ideology and Partisanship in the Twenty-First Century
 Abrams, Samuel.


Virtue as Glory or Virtue as Comfort: The Quarrel between Machiavelli and the Moderns
 McKinnell, Ryan.


Waking Up: Gerald Ford and the Reconstruction of the American Presidency
 Reger, Alexander.

War Is a Condition in Need of a Cure
 Moynagh, Patricia.

War and the State in Africa
 Covert, Elliott.

What is Interesting about Interest Group Activity: An Analysis of the Presidential Transition of 2008
 Van Leir, Lindsay. and Brown, Heath.

What the Polls Say About the Presidential Election
 McLean, Scott.

White Partisan Identification and Union Membership Decline
 Camobreco, John.

Who Sent Beatrice to Dante's Rescue?
 LePain, Marc.

Why Hobbes had no theory of representation
 Rehfeld, Andrew.

Why Political Control Depends on Trust: Examining Bureaucratic Discretionary Effort
 Resh, William.

Why President Obama Underplayed Cap and Trade Policy at the Start of His Administration
 Marien, Daniel.

Why War May Be Just But Self-Defense Never a Right: An Augustinian Paradox
 Kries, Douglas.

Why did men extend the franchise? The separate logic of women’s enfranchisement in Britain 1900-1918
 Teele, Dawn.

Why did nationalism emerge as such an important factor in the break-up of Yugoslavia in the 1990s?
 Cote, Penellope.

Will the Madison Protests Lead to a Tea Party of the Left?
 Berg, John.

Women Winning Elections: The Role of Gender in Presidential Campaigns in Latin America
 Evans, Rebecca.

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Xenophon as Orator: Actualizing Theory within the Poroi
 Farrell, Christopher.


Zinn and the Arts
 Olson, Alix.
Northeastern Political Science Association 2011-Nov-17 to 2011-Nov-20
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