Northeastern Political Science Association 2012-Nov-15 to 2012-Nov-17

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"Blogging the Court: The Term 'Judicial Activism' in Online Political Discourse."
 Domino, John. and Bessette, David.

"Divine Comedy: Aristophanes' Critique of Zeus"
 Ambler, Wayne.

"Problematizing Fukuyama: Heidegger's 'Enframing' as an Alternative to Hegel's 'Recognition' in Studies of Global Democratization"
 Wilcox, Bryan.

"Rousseau's Political Economy as a Theoretical Basis for Contemporary Leftist Populism
 Pinto, Melisse.

"The FMLN as Political Party, 1994-2012"
 Allison, Michael.

"The Will to Live Together: Women and Men in the French National Assembly, 2011-2012
 Applewhite, Harriet.

"Th’ Election Returns Follow Th’ Court?" or, Finley Peter Un-Dunne: Blockbuster Terms and Presidential Elections
 Lichtman, Steven.

"We Are the 99-Percent”: An Analysis of the Newspaper Coverage of the Occupy Wall Street Movement
 Schermbeck, David.

"What Gain is There For Man?": An Introduction to Ecclesiastes
 Dempsey, Erik.

"Whether Autumn Should Follow Summer...": The Discourse of Globalization in British Party Politics
 Dye, Daniel.

“Critiquing the Homeric World: Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida”
 Nee, Laurence. and Spiekerman, Timothy.

“Deweyan Democracy as Sittlichkeit”
 Nance, Michael.

“Explaining the Emergence Anti-Corruption Parties as a New Party Type: Conceptualization and Analysis”
 Charron, Nicholas. and Bågenholm, Andreas.

“Firme y Honesta: Costa Rica’s First Female President, Laura Chinchilla.”
 Jalalzai, Farida.

“I am an American”: The Political Consequences of Hank Morgan’s Lack of Identity
 Kehlenbach, Emil.

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A Critical Response to James Tully’s Democratic Multiculturalism
 Amani, Aslan.

A Decade of Gendered Justice: The International Criminal Court
 D\'Amico, Francine.

A Juxtaposition of the Rap and Grunge Movements of the 1990s: Were Rap and Grunge Movements Rebellious or Promotional of the Status Quo?
 Kolmar, Colin.

A Place That is No Place: The Ideal of Individual Autonomy in Rousseau
 Street, Ella.

A Place for Partisan Political Elites in Democratic Theory?
 Lebow, David.

A Return to Ideology: an analysis of the Tea Party movement and its effects on American political party dynamics
 Taylor, Hannah.

A Simulated Model of Vote Buying and Election Observation
 Boone, Tyler.

A Target-Rich Environment: The Hits and Misfires of Modern Political Satire
 Dagnes, Alison.

Accommodation and Moderation: Party Unity and Presidential Consensus Building
 Scully, Mark.

Achieving Democratic Leadership: A Data Mined Prescription
 Jurek, Steve. and Scime, Anthony.

Advocacy Coalitions and the Shifting EU Financial Regulatory Environment
 McManus, Ian.

African Americans View the Presidential Election of 2012
 Nunnally, Shayla.

Against the Tide: Conservative Constitutionalism in the Dominican Republic
 Mitchell, Ken.

Agency Mergers: The Politics of Immigration Policy
 Hernandez, Neil.

Alasdair MacIntyre’s Rejection of Liberal Modernity as a Political Theory of Negation: Assessment and Critique
 Herchold, Jan.

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Banking Reform in China: A Soft-belly under Political Obstacles?
 Luo, Xiaoyuan.

Behavioral Economics as Apparatus: Producing and Governing ‘Homo Economicus’
 McMahon, John.

Between Liberal and Radical: An Arendtian Cosmopolitanism?
 Baskir, Unsal.

Beyond Frustration: Where is the State in Scapegoat Theory?
 Beeman, Mark. and Chowdhry, Geeta.

Bipolar Partisans: The Increasing Partisan Polarization of the U.S. Electorate 1978-2008
 Zingher, Joshua. and Thomas, Michael.

Border Battles: Does Security Trump Trade?
 Gelleny, Ronald. and Marion, Nancy.

Bridging the Gap: Linking the Rhetorical and Administrative Presidencies through Signing Statements
 Watts, Deanna.

Bringing the Ballot Box to the People: The Origins of Inclusive Election Administration Practices
 Pallister, Kevin.

Building Student Participation Through Class Discussion Presentations
 Nicholas, Phil.

Busting the Filibuster
 Schagrin, Zachary. and Delshad, Ashlie.


Campaign Strategists and Use of Online Tools During the Elections of 1998 - 2008
 Shanks, David.

Can Citizens Have Dirty Hands? Collective Political Responsibility and Moral Guilt
 Golemboski, David.

Can Democratic Citizens Live up to Our Democratic Theories?
 McCoy, Matthew.

Can we learn from an animal? The meaning of happiness and virtue in Rousseau's Second Discourse
 Schmidt, Anna.

Catholic Identity, Democratic Participation, and American Catholic Sisters
 McDermott, Annette.

Charles Taylor on Defending Liberal Arts Education, Tradition and Multiculturalism in the Education of Citizens
 Cronin, Madeline.

Charting the Roots of Anti-Chinese Populism in Africa: A Comparison of Ghana and Zambia
 Hess, Steve. and Aidoo, Richard.

China-Taiwan Economic Ties and the 2012 Taiwanese Presidential Election
 Chen, Chien-Kai.

Chinese View of the European and European Union: Who Likes the European and the EU and Why?
 Su, Yu-Sung.

Choosing a Conception of the Person
 Brudney, Daniel.

Cicero and Private Property
 Bradizza, Luigi.

Citizen Reactions to Political Disagreement Among Elected Officials
 Paris, Celia.

Citizenship in an era of insecurity: Crime, Violence and the Implications for Democracy
 Gonzalez, Yanilda.

Citizenship in the Millennium: Sketching the Millennial Generation's Conception of Civic Duty and Forecasting Implications
 Matto, Elizabeth.

Civic Freedom and Reverence for Law in Ancient Sparta
 Collins, Susan.

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Dante as Political Philosopher: The Monarchy and the Comedy
 Barrus, Roger.

Decentralization in Italy and the troubles of federalization. A long-term analysis
 Baldi, Brunetta. and Baldini, Gianfranco.

Deconstructing the U.S. Senate: Institutions, Politics, and Constitutionalism
 Wirls, Daniel.

Deep Presidency: Toward a Structural Theory of a Sustainable Office—Obama and Beyond
 Grover, William.

Defining “National Security” and “Homeland Security” --- What Difference Does it Make in Domestic Counterterrorism Efforts in the United States?
 Stanton, Louise. and Cosgrove, Richard.

Democracy and the rationality of risk related policies
 Park, Choonghoon. and Yoo, Songhee.

Democratic Deficit Reloaded: Arendt and Foucault on the Political Effects of the Economic Crisis
 Anili, Bruno.

DesCartes and Modern Political Philosophy
 Roecklein, Robert.

Determinants of Local Public Finance in South Korea
 Yashima, Kenichiro.

Devolutionary Trends in the Republic of Moldova: The Case of the Gagauz Yeri
 McLauchlan, Judithanne. and Patlis, Larisa.

Diamonds and Genocide: American, British and French Press Coverage of the Second Congo War
 Cook, Christopher.

Diasporas and Traumatic Events in Comparative Context: Punjabi Sikhs and the Golden Temple Attack
 Cunningham, Christopher.

Direct Democracy or Astroturf? Recent Examples of Initiative, Referendum and Recall
 Pilver, Erika.

Direct vs Representative Democracy
 gitsoulis, chrysoula.

Discretion for Street-Level Bureaucrats
 Zacka, Bernardo.

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Economic development of post-communist countries: assessment of the agricultural reforms’ outcomes in selected CEE countries.
 Aksana, Yarashynskaya.

Energy Security and Sovereignty in the 21st Century
 Palubinskas, Ginta.

Environmental Policy Convergence, Policy Change, and Non-State Actors
 Bayrakal, Suna.

Evaluation of the State Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) in the United States for Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
 Bhan, Manjyot.

Evolving Norms Around the Latin American Child Soldier
 Root, Rebecca.

Examining Japan’s Increasing Security Role within the U.S.-Japan Alliance: From the 1995 National Defense Program Outline to the 2010 National Defense Program Guidelines
 Komine, Yukinori.

Examining the Demographic Traits of the Least Partisan U.S. House Members
 Shastri, Anand.

Exchange Rate Regime Choices of Young Democracies
 Son, Byunghwan.

Executive Prerogative, Lockean Liberalism and the National Security State
 Barger, Paul.

Expanding Intersectionality: "White" Women in Kazakhstan
 Benedict, Ashley.

Experiential Learning and Political Engagement in Online Courses
 Jackman, Jennifer.

Explaining Variations in Violence: A Study of Hezbollah and Hamas
 Vieira, III, Everett.

Explaining the Causes of the 1979 Sino-Vietnamese War: Optimism, Balancing, and Windows
 Hastey, Joshua., Henzel, John. and Ijihi, Jennnifer.

Explaining the Electoral Appeal of Military Veterans in Presidential Elections
 Teigen, Jeremy.


Financial Power
 Esitashvili, Nikolo.

Finding and Founding Liberty: Montesquieu's "Gothic thesis" of modern liberty
 Clark, Rebecca.

Finessing Presidential Term Limits
 Tager, Michael.

For the Good of the Service: Recognition Theory and the Questionable Legacy of the Repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"
 van der Vort, Eric.

Foreign Aid and Economic Decision Making during Peacebuilding
 Rickmers, Lisa.

Foreign Policy by Monsanto
 Stapleton, Patricia.

Foundings in Machiavelli and Hobbes
 Hassanzadeh, Navid.

Fractured America? Regionalism and its Effects on Political Behavior
 Abrams, Samuel.

Free Speech and the Roberts Court: Back to the Marketplace?
 Metroka, Brandon.

Friendly Takeovers: Embracing Municipal Financial Control Boards
 Hardwick, Kevin.

From Social to Economic Democracy: Michael Manley's "Voice at the Workplace" and Jamaican Democracy
 Ledgister, F.S.J..

From Theory to Practice: Shifting the Focus of the Anti-essentialist Critique of Multiculturalism
 von Thien, Liam.

From a Spark to a Fire: State-Society Relations and Social Profit in the Arab Spring
 Turin, Dustin.


Gandhi's Political Thought and Potential Contribution to Political Science
 Schmidt, Michael.

Gender Politics: A Case Study of Power, Policy, and Feminism in Iran
 Hoff, Sara.

Gender Strangers and Interpellation: Examining Transgender Identities through Marx and Simmel
 Aultman, Brandon.

Genocidal Rape in the Former Yugoslavia
 Virtus, Addalena.

Geography, Natural Resources, and the Political Salience of Collective Identities
 Tuthill, Charles., Ramaioli, Massimo. and Chu, Sinan.

Gerald Ford and the Vietnam Amnesty Debate
 Reger, Alexander.

Germany’s Model of Industrial Relations and How German Collective Bargaining Affects the Eurozone
 Hernandez, Billie Jo.

Gerson's Conciliarism and 'Ecclesiastical Politics'
 Pappin, Gladden.

Ghanaian Immigrants and the Health Care Industry in Massachusetts
 Smith, Preston.

Global Justice and the IMF
 Davis, Ryan. and Chilton, Adam.

Governing Iraq: Explaining the Limits of Institutional Design and Ethnic Conflict Management in a Divided Society
 Mako, Shamiran.

Gramsci's explanatory strategy in the prison notebooks
 Smetona, Matthew.

Green Bioethics: Environmental Implications for Artificial Reproductive Technology
 Richie, Cristina.


HIV-The Selfish Gene: A Comparative Analysis of Antiretroviral Treatment, Environment, and Access.
 Ams, Shama.

HIV-The Selfish Gene: A Comparative Analysis of Antiretroviral Treatment, Environment, and Access.
 Ams, Shama.

Headlining Presidential Power: New York Times Front-Page Coverage of Executive Orders from Truman to Clinton
 Major, Mark.

Health Care, Patent Reform, and the Future of the Prescription Drug Regulatory State
 Dell\'Aera, Anthony.

Health Policy in the American States
 Olson, Laura.

Healthy Roads, Healthy Schools: A Look Into the Effects of Transportation Infrastructure
 Cordingley, Christopher.

Heidegger on Hegel's Philosophy of Right: Self-Assertion as Founding
 Polt, Richard.

Heidegger’s Nietzschean Modernity
 Quinn, Timothy.

Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin: The Impact of Gender on the Female Voter Turnout in the 2008 Election
 Suissa, Rachelle.

Hispanic Businesses: A Community’s New Beginning or More Conflict and Avoidance
 Sosar, David.

Holland: Montesquieu's Other Model Republic
 Bandoch, Joshua.

Home of the Brave: Kinship and Courage in Plato's Lysis and Menexenus
 Borck, Catherine.

How (not) to Laugh in Democratic Athens: Demosthenes 54, Against Konon
 Lombardini, John.

Human Rights, Civil Society, and Democracy
 Critzer, John.

Human Trafficking Policy and India: A Case Study of India's Political Discourse on Trafficking
 Hyde, McKenzie.

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Ibn Khaldun and Machiavelli on the Autonomy of Politics
 Koch, Bettina.

Identity and Immigrant Integration in Western European New Migration Cities
 Molles, Elitsa.

Identity, Politics, and Autonomy in the work of Anthony Appiah
 McErlean, Jennifer.

Ideologies of Violence: The Puzzle of the Taliban, 1994-2000
 Gates, Leah.

Imagining the Modern State: Enterprise, Faith and Governmentality
 Plotica, Luke.

Immigrants, Advocacy, and the 2012 Election
 Brown, Heath.

Immigration Policies Among the US States: What Fuels the Fire?
 Paez, Alex. and Delshad, Ashlie.

Imperfectly Recognized: Mediating State Demands and Group Needs around Politics of Recognition
 Malloy, Tamar.

Implementing Local-Level Educational Policy: A Multi-Year Case Study of a One-to-One Program in a Rural School District
 Stone, Jeffrey.

Improving Normative Mechanisms in Small Arms Trade, Security Sector Reform, and Disarmament:
 Weiss, Paulette.

Incompleteness–Solidarity: A Journey along Complex Polytopes
 Romero, Fernando.

Infinite Money and Infrastructural Power: An Empirical Analysis of the Causal Relationship between War, Debt, and Taxes in Early Modern England 1689-1789
 Louis, John.

Influences of Civic Education, Experiences, and Expectations on Voter Turnout of Young Adults
 Otto, Sue Ann.

Infrastructure Nationalism: Privatization and Protest in the Baltics
 Lust, Aleksander.

Institutional Indeterminacy, Conversion and the Protest Landscape: Explaining the Localization of Unrest in China
 Bradley-Storey, Lacey.

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Jefferson and Madison on Intergenerational Debt
 Kildow, Harold.

John C. Calhoun
 Nguyen, Nam.

John Calvin on International Relations: The Realist and Rationalist Traditions in Calvin's Political Thought
 King, Joshua.

Judicial Review and Underdevelopment
 Tait, Kira. and Rutledge, Jennifer.

Justice in Republic I
 Weiss, Roslyn.


Kings’ Speech: A Study of Political Rhetoric in Sophocles’ Oedipus at Colonus
 Atkison, Larissa.


Latinos in U.S. House Races and Political Participation: The Evidence So Far
 Vickrey, Clifford.

Leadership, Organization, and Moral Authority: Explaining Peasant Radicalism in Contemporary China
 Zhang, Wu.

Legal Advocacy and the Development of Campaign Finance Law
 Hensley, Jonathan.

Legislative Awareness of Health Disparities: Implications for Public Health Policymaking
 Chanyasulkit, Chris.

Lending a Hand and Heterogeneity: The Impact of Ethnic Diversity upon the Welfare State
 Luke, Michael.

Leo Strauss on Nietzsche´s Will to Power
 Jaramillo Torres, Angel.

Letting Go or Giving Up: Ironic Freedom and Assisted Suicide
 Baer, Judith.

Letting Go or Giving Up?: Ironic Freedom and Assisted Suicide
 Baer, Judith.

Liberal Parties and Party Systems
 Margulies, Ben.

Liberalizing the Sword of Leviathan: Montesquieu and Beccaria on Penal Reform
 Shuster, Arthur.

Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite: Wollstonecraft contra Rousseau contra Aristotle
 Nenadic, Natalie.

Liberty in Machiavelli's Republic
 Baluch, Faisal.

Locke on the Use and Value of Money
 Moseley, Daniel.

Lockean Consent as Rational Convention
 Layman, Daniel.

Looming Conflict: Resource Security and International Relations Theory
 Murray, Sarah.

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MATTERS OF CONVICTION: At the crossroads of Spirituality, Health and Public Policy
 May, Stephen.

Machiavelli and the Gracchi: On the Relation Between Republican Liberty and Socio-Economic Equality
 Fontana, Benedetto.

Machiavelli's The Prince - Political Philosophy, properly understood
 DeLuca, Kenneth.

Machiavelli’s Prince as 'Mirror’: A Re-evaluation
 Nederman, Cary.

Maimonides Viewed Through a Spinozan Lens: The Argument of the Action of Strauss’s “What is Political Philosophy?”
 Bernstein, Jeffrey.

Making Sense of Discretion in Action: Micro-Dynamics of Canada's Refugee Determination System
 Tomkinson, Sule.

Making The Norm Work: How Civil Society Drives the Cluster Munition Taboo
 Benjamin-Britton, Taylor.

Manifestly Unlawful & Manifestly Immoral: Accountability for Torture and Consequences for Just War Theory
 Perrin, Ayodeji.

Mass Incarceration: Breaking the Vicious Cycle
 Bly, Matt.

Meaning and Practice: Transitional Justice Ideas from Practioners
 Nolutshungu, Nomvuyo.

Measuring the Legitimacy of the International Criminal Court
 Cohen, Cynthia.

Mirrors for Peoples: "Reflections on the Revolution in France" and "Democracy in America"
 Selinger, William.

Mobilizing the Minority: Coptic Identity and the Decline of Secularism in Egypt
 Isaacs, Matthew.

Modeling Minds: James Steuart and the Ambitions of Political Economy
 Shelton, Joel.

Modeling Minds: James Steuart and the Ambitions of Political Economy
 Shelton, Joel.

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Naming Physis and the “Inner Truth of National Socialism”: A New Archival Discovery
 Ireland, Julia.

Natural Inferiority, Conventional Vice: Women in Plato's Laws
 Strauss, Brenna.

Natural Justice in Aristotle’s Ethics
 Simpson, Peter.

New Media and Political Communication; The Differences Between Websites and Social Media Networks as Tools in 2012 U.S. Senate Campaigns
 Spence, Drew.

Nietzsche Contra Hegel: On the Use and Abuse of History for Life
 Brooks, Shilo.

Nietzsche and the Roots of Heidegger's Critique of Modernity
 Quinn, Timothy.

Nietzsche on Plato and Plato's Socrates
 Black, Martin.

Nietzsche's Contests: Platonic Art and the Problem of Socrates
 Kirkland, Paul.

Nietzsche’s Interpretation of Power Relations and the International System
 Tchantouridze, Lasha.

Nominal Roles as the Rudiments of Political Life
 Wenglinsky, Martin.

Non-State Armed Actors and the Drug Trade in Latin America
 Norman, Susan.

Northern Ireland Peace: Staying Apart or Coming Together
 Kelly, Charles.

Not Hopelessly Hellenic: Aristotelean Method, Lincoln’s Courage and the Best Democratic Regime
 Sable, Marc.


Obscene Remainders: Global gangs and the Liberal Imaginary
 Buccellato, James.

Of the People, by the People, and for other Peoples? Moral violence and the state in the political philosophy of Howard Zinn
 Trosky, Abram.

On Natural Justice in Aristotle
 Sensen, Kathryn.

On Overcoming Religion by Understanding it Radically: Strauss’s Critique of Spinoza as a Response to Heidegger
 Chacón, Rodrigo.

On the Purpose and Problem of Emile’s Religious Education
 Starr, Nicholas.

On the Varieties of Heideggerian Politics and the Nihilism of Everydayness
 Duff, Alexander.

On the complementarity of republicanism and international pluralism: Vattel and Rousseau on war and rights
 Kalmanovitz, Pablo.

Opinion and Military Service
 Schnack, Troy.

Over Her Dead Body? Rousseau’s Misogyny Reconsidered
 Schaler, Claudia.


PACs, SuperPACs, and Interest Groups in Electoral Politics
 Franz, Michael.

Pakistanis in the United States: Diaspora Mobilization After 9/11
 Khory, Kavita.

Perceptions and Misperceptions: China's Relations with the States of Southeast Asia in the Context of its "Peaceful Rise"
 Herrick, Christopher.

Pessimism and the Tragic Heroes in Nietzsche’s Birth of Tragedy
 Shepherd, Melanie.

Phenomenology and Constructivism in Nietzsche, Heidegger and Strauss
 Smith, Gregory.

Phenomenology and Constructivism in Nietzsche, Heidegger and Strauss
 Smith, Gregory.

Plato and Heidegger on Idealism and Nihilism
 Fried, Gregory.

Plato and the Construction of Justice
 Cammack, Daniela.

Plato's Aristophanes on Love and Political Ambition
 Burns, Daniel.

Plato's Critical Theory
 Brill, Sara.

Plato's Laws and the Development of Stoic Natural Law Theory
 Atkins, Jed.

Plato's Sophist and the Question of Method in the Human Science
 Dinan, Matthew.

Poeticizing on the Riddle of Existence, Take 2
 Martin, Richard.

Policy, Parties and the Presidential Election of 2012
 Crotty, William. and Gabriele, Florencia.

Politeia in Aristotle's Politics V: A Catalogue of Uses
 Mulhern, John.

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Raphael Lemkin's Life and Works: The U.N. Genocide Convention and the History of Ideas
 Irvin, Douglas.

Rare Earth Elements and U.S. Foreign Policy: The Critical Ascension of REEs in Global Politics and U.S. National Security
 Dobransky, Steve.

Realist vs. Transnational-Coalitional Approach: Dealing with Apology/Compensation Issues in Japan and Germany
 Ku, Yangmo.

Redefining Liberal Legitimacy
 Yumatle, Carla.

Reflection or Refraction? Self-Presentation and Media Coverage of Racial Minority Candidates
 Tolley, Erin.

Reflections on Water in Plato's Laws: Legislation, Shipbuilding, Agriculture, and Nature
 Trelawny-Cassity, Lewis.

Regional Differences in the Meaning of Political Independence: A Comparison of the Northeast and South
 Knuckey, Jonathan. and Branz, Tyler.

Regulating Oil Consumption and CAFE: Why Being Green Isn’t Easy in America
 Bellino, Guy.

Rehabilitating Philosophy’s Reputation: a Reading of Plato’s 'Republic'
 Avgousti, Andreas.

Religious Influences in the Competitive Authoritarian Regimes of the Middle East
 Kane, Rose.

Religious Liberty in the Federal Courts
 Devaney, Joseph.

Repertoire of Streets: Street Protests in Turkey, 1971-1985
 Gümrükçü, Selin Bengi.

Representation, Deliberation, Participation: Europe and the Limits of Democracy
 Misra, Shefali.

Resistance to harm reduction programs in the HIV/AIDS epidemic: the role of national epistemic communities.
 Sokolova, Elena.

Responsibility While Protecting: Can it be alternative to R2P?
 Govindaraj, Rose.

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Save the 1% – we need their taxes! Crisis and contradiction in liberal economic policy and the Obama coalition
 Paul, Darel.

Searching for the Unity of Virtue in the Protagoras, Gorgias, and Meno
 Turner, Jeffrey.

Secure Communities: Approaching the Problem of Illegal Immigration From the Wrong Direction
 Smith, Kathleen.

Separated at Birth: A Comparative Analysis of State-Building in Post-Colonial India and Pakistan
 Ngo, Martin.

Service Delivery Dilemmas in Rural South Africa
 Singer, Eric. and Wolflink, Alena.

Shared Nuisance Versus Not My Problem: How Transnational Groups Influence Bilateral Security Relations
 Winslett, Gary.

Similarities and Differences between Regional and Global Diffusion of Democracy
 Imai, Kunihiko.

Simmering Ocean: Sino-Indian Competition in the Indian Ocean
 Brooker, Stephen.

Simone Weil's critique of Human Rights
 Mullan, Joyce.

Social Captial and the Idea of the State
 Breede, Hans.

Social Media and Presidential Campaign: A Content Analysis of 2012 Presidential Candidates’ Use of Facebook Public Pages
 Shen, Ivy.

Social Media and Traditional Advertising During the 2012 Presidential Campaign
 Jasperson, Amy.

Social Media and Traditional Advertising During the 2012 Presidential Primary Campaign
 Jasperson, Amy.

Social Media and the Arab Spring: The Vehicle that made the Revolution Possible
 Abdelaber, Hamid.

Social Reforms and Non-democratic Regime Stability
 Bulpett, Diane.

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Terrorism 2.0: a New Birth of an Old Essence
 Nalbandov, Robert.

The Arab Spring and Democracy: Where are the women?
 Abdelkader, Deina.

The Armed Forces as a Political Player: Democratization Processes in Benin and Togo
 Morency-Laflamme, Julien.

The Big House upon the Hill: Mass Incarceration, Human Rights and the United States
 Biswas, Sayantan.

The Bureaucrat’s Two Bodies: Corruption and the Weberian Ideal
 Sparling, Robert.

The Candidate Stole My Heart, y Como Me Duele! -Emotional Appeals in Spanish and Latino Mobilization
 Hernandez, Samantha.

The Capabilities Approach and Catholic Social Thought
 Culp, Jonathan.

The Civil Religion of John Rawls
 Lyth, Bruce.

The Coherence and Modern Relevance of James Wilson's Political Thought
 Claunch, Charles.

The Complications of International Law in the Face of a Global Threat: Climate Change
 Nilsen, Evan.

The Conditioning Effect of Ideology: Constituent Approval of Female U.S. House Members
 Fridinger, Maggie. and Larson, Bruce.

The Contemporary Context of Human Security and Network Strategies for Peacebuilding
 Kamran, Annelies.

The Counterinsurgency Constellation: Understanding the Defeat of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam
 Winger, Gregory.

The Curse of Senate Experience
 Alvarado de la Rosa, Enrique.

The Desire for Knowledge in Xenophon’s Symposium
 Nee, Laurence.

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U.S.-China Conflict in Cyberspace: A Case Study of the First U.S.-China Cyber Warfare
 Choi, SeulAh.

US Education Policy: A Social Studies Teacher's Perspsective
 Burger, Amy.

Un-represent: Theorizing Political Fanaticism
 Poe, Andrew.

Understanding Participation (and Nonparticipation) in Public Anti-Poverty Programs: Politics, Policy, and People
 Nicoll, Kerri.

Unhinged: How political identity sorting created behavioral polarization without issue position polarization
 Mason, Lilliana.

Unlocking Plato's Cave
 Suchan, Vladimir.


Victimizing Talk
 Cole, Alyson.

Violence, Intimacy and the Enlightenment
 Arnold, Kathleen.

Vita Activa and the Nature of the Firm
 Fleming, Cameron.

Voter Coordination and the Rise of the Republican Party
 Chamberlain, Adam.

Voter Turnout Among the Chronically Homeless
 Moyseowicz, Andrew.


Welfare Reform and the Mobilization Power of the Displaced Workers in China, 1994-2004
 Zhang, Yali.

What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger? The Effects of the Militarization of Anti-Drug Efforts on State Building
 Flores-Macías, Gustavo.

What Happened to the Terror Threat?
 Rubin, Gabriel. and Friedman, Benjamin.

What a difference five years haven’t made: Justice Kennedy and the Roberts Court, 2007-2012
 Knowles, Helen.

What is the Matter with Pennsylvania?
 Hale, George.

What makes the election ineffective in a representative democracy?
 Cho, Haejung.

What went wrong with Delegative Democracies? The case of Argentina
 Gabriele, Florencia.

What’s New? Assessing the effectiveness of current events assignments for political science classes
 Ruget, Vanessa. and Hudak, Kristen.

When FDI comes to Party: Party Institutionalization and FDI flows
 Owens, Daniel.

When “Defending Women’s Agency” Undercuts It: An Argument for the Language of “Trafficking”
 Gordon, Jane.

Where Have All the Moderates Gone? How Primaries Have Affected Polarization in Congress from 1994-2008
 Morley, Alicen.

Which Economy Does the Electorate Evaluate? A Comparison of the Public's Reactions to the Available Measures of the Economy and Actual Economic Growth
 Campbell, James. and Yin, Hongxing.

Who Speaks? Who Matters? Reflections on Ranciere.
 Feola, Michael.

Who’s Drawing the Lines?: Party Control and Perverse Effects in Majority-Minority Districting
 Simons, Joseph. and Mallinson, Daniel.

Why Ethnic Political Organizations Seek Foreign Support
 White, Peter., Asal, Victor. and Conrad, Justin.

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Xenophon's Parody of Platonic Philosophy in Xenophon's Oeconomichus
 Petrie, Eric.

Xenophon’s Apology of Socrates
 Ambler, Wayne.


Zapatismo as Praxis
 McCarthy, Cliff.
Northeastern Political Science Association 2012-Nov-15 to 2012-Nov-17
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