Northeastern Political Science Association 2013-Nov-14 to 2013-Nov-17

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"A Move Down Pennsylvania Avenue: The Changing Behavior of Presidential Hopefuls in the U.S. Senate”
 Mugglestone, Konrad. and Nunez, Gilbert.

"False Consciousness" and Democracy
 McCoy, Matthew.

"From Deviance to Defiance: Egalitarian Challenges to the American Sexuality Regime"
 van der Vort, Eric.

"She was a Friend of John Brown's:" Mary Ellen Pleasant and the Question of Using Violence to Combat Racial Injustice
 Moynagh, Patricia.

"Speak to us of Children" - The Capabilities Approach: a Call to Education
 Cox, Meghan.

“Après moi, le déluge?: Venezuela After Hugo Chavez
 Spanakos, Anthony.

“Ballot Position Effects under Compulsory and Optional Preference Voting PR Systems”
 Marcinkiewicz, Kamil. and Stegmaier, Mary.

“Montesquieu’s Understanding of Men's Natural Passions and the Commercial Republic as Montesquieu’s Best (and Most Natural) Regime”
 Lehmann, Timothy.

“No Stampede for Me Was to Gather Headway”: Roosevelt, Taft, and the Election of 1908
 Korzi, Michael.

“October Surprisesˮ: Media Myth or Political Phenomenon?
 Jacob, Rafael.

“Reforming” the Electoral College: Republican Proposals in the Wake of the 2012 Presidential Election
 Beachler, Donald.

“Spectacles, Sociability, and Citizenship: Rousseau’s Response to Montesquieu’s Assessment of the Theater and French Society in Letter to D’Alembert”
 Sullivan, Vickie. and Balch, Katherine.

“St. Thomas Aquinas and the Acquisition of Knowledge: Studiousness as a Virtue”
 Dougherty, Richard.

“The Forgotten Origins of Diversity: Montesquieu’s New Nature and Politics”
 Im Bernhoft, Jiyoon.


A Comparative Analysis of Mass Mobilizations, Regime Change and Reforms in Egypt and Yemen
 Minteh, Binneh.

A Critical Analysis of N. G. Mankiw’s Just Deserts Theory and its Consequences for Democratic Deliberation
 Richards, Michael.

A Decade of Change: A Comparative Study of Hispanic Newcomers in Northeast Pennsylvania Communities Focusing on 2000 and 2010 Published Reports and Census Data
 Sosar, David.

A Good and Perfect Beginning: Plato's Conception of Founding
 Bernal, Angelica.

A Matter of Perspective: Exploring the Interaction between Environmental Value Orientations and Environmental Message Framing
 O\'Connell, Riley. and Ernst, Howard.

A New Civic Motherhood? Placing Tea Party “Mothers” in Historical Political Context
 Deckman, Melissa.

A New Variety of Anti-Secularism? India and Pakistan's new social movements
 Deo, Nandini. and Hussain, Khurram.

A Philosophical Archeology of Iliad 2.1-277
 Wilson, Jeffrey.

A Response to Murray’s Coming Apart: Updating Wilhelm Roepke for the 21st Century
 Byrne, William.

A Response to the Neo-Kantian Criticism of Inverted Totalitarianism
 Samson, Jestin.

A Theory of Socialization-Driven Diffusion of Policy Innovations
 Mallinson, Daniel.

A comparative Analysis of Women Education in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait
 Minteh, Binneh. and Guest, Katherine.

A.2180-A: Putting Safety Back Into Patient Handling
 Ostrander, Breanna.

Accelerate: The Grand Narrative of Progress, Energy, and the Automobile of the Future
 Reese, Katherine.

Adorno and the Return to Nature
 Hubbard-Mattix, Laci.

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Bargaining and Revolutionary War
 Ewenstein, Paul.

Beholding Beauty and Begetting Virtue in Plato's Symposium.
 Dustin, Christopher.

Between Nature and Society: Rousseau’s Solution to Civilization
 Nishiyama, Wesley.

Bicameral Dynamics: Conference Committees, Congressional Behavior, and Legislative Outcomes
 Alexander, Brian.

Blue Prairie: The Transformation of Illinois from the Land of Lincoln to Democratic Base State, 1988-2012
 Lodato, Raymond.

Broken Vows, Broken Democracy? The Effect of Divorce on Political Engagement.
 Johnson, April. and Amira, Karyn.

Buddhist Politics: “Human Suffering”- A New Metric for Public Policy
 redden, thomas.

Bullying within the School System: A Viral Issue
 Jamison, Brooke.

Burden-sharing in the European Union
 Hillison, Joel.

But Seriously, Folks: Using Funny Stuff in Serious Policymaking
 Dagnes, Alison.


Can News Organizations Compete in the Twittersphere? Using Retweets to Analyze Media Consumption Habits
 Rhodes, Samuel.

Catastrophe-in-Chief: The Presidency, the State and the Political Economy
 Grover, William.

Change and Continuity in Concertacion Era Presidential Policy
 Evans, Rebecca. and Shin, Kyu.

Character and Continuity in the Platonic Dialogues
 Borck, Catherine.

Chasing Dreams: The Realities of East Asian Naval Procurement
 Brooker, Stephen.

Chief Justices of the Supreme Court: Their Courts and Their Cases
 Nelson, Garrison.

China in the UN Security Council: Behaving as a Responsible Stakeholder?
 Gai, Zheya.

China's Relations with Russia in the Context of China's "Peaceful Rise"
 Herrick, Christopher.

Cicero's Political Piety
 Herold, Carly.

Ciitzens and their locally elected representatives: A Pracademics Perspective
 Golden, Marissa.

Citizens, Locally Elected Officials and Administrators: A Pracademics Perspective
 Golden, Marissa.

Civic Hacking: A Qualitative Exploration of Motivations and Expectations
 Stepasiuk, Tanya.

Class Conflict and China's Foreign Policy
 brackett, charles.

Comparitive Politics of Women Education in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait
 Guest, Katherine.

Competitive Compromises: The Conditional Acceptance of Flip-Flopping Politicians
 Croco, Sarah. and Turitto, Candace.

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Dante and Beatrice
 Barrus, Roger.

Debating Japan’s Nuclearization: Exploring the Linkage between External Security Calculations and Internal Normative-Institutional Restraints
 Komine, Yukinori.

Debtor Prisons? Why Eurozone bailouts have disproportionately imposed the cost of adjustment on debtor countries.
 Glatzer, Miguel., Goyer, Michel. and Valdivielso del Real, Rocio.

Delays in Bulgaria’s Political and Economic Transition: A Case Study of Rousse.
 Castle, Robert.

Democracy in Asia:Is there anthing unique to the region?
 Imai, Kunihiko.

Democratic Foundations of Machiavellism
 Danel, Adam.

Democratic Transitions: The Cases of Burma and Egypt.
 Abdelkader, Deina. and Thwanghmung, Ardeth.

Demography and the Electoral College
 Caswell, Bruce.

Diaspora Responses to Traumatic Events in the Homeland: The Sikhs and the Irish
 Cunningham, Christopher.

Disaster Diplomacy: A Case Study in Haiti
 Thomas, T. J.. and Sachleben, Mark.

Divergent Perspectives on the Kosovo Crisis Through a Realist Lens
 Kushi, Sidita.

Do Appeals to Religion Increase Support for Violence? An Examination of Ethnoreligious Mobilization Strategies
 Isaacs, Matthew.

Does Obama Care?: Assessing the Delivery of Health Care Reform in the United States
 Conley, Brian.

Does Rawls need a principle of non-domination?
 Cotton, Simon.

Does the First Day Matter?
 Ballinger, Robert.


EU Attitudes and their Effect on the Policies and Practices of Gender-Related Asylum Claims
 Kelley, Samantha.

EU Enlargment: New Member States' Attitudes Towards the Union Since the Economic Crisis
 Vargas-Gonzalez, Briana.

Eleftherios Venizelos: His Meteoric Rise to Power in the early 20th Century
 Kaloudis, George.

Emotional Orientations: Emotions, Gender, and Transformation in De Beauvoir’s The Second Sex
 McMahon, John.

Encouraging a Dialogue between Law and Politics: Lessons from the International Criminal Court’s First Decade of Investigations
 Rodman, Ken.

Envy and Egalitarianism
 Maiorano, Jonathan.

Envy and Politics
 Caspary, William.

Ethnic foreign policy lobbies: Lessons learned from AIPAC and J Street
 fried honick, amalia.

Ethnic political parties: Increasing representation or resentment?
 Jones, Rebecca.

Eugenics in USA Immigration Policy: From 1850 to ... When?
 Huntleigh, Andrew.

Experiential Learning, Political History and Cultural and the Efficacy of Short Term Abroad
 Sachleben, Mark.

Experts on Their Own Neighborhood: The Predicament of the East Harlem Community Board
 Waters, Thomas.

Explaining Final Term Changes in Congressional Foreign Travel
 Dabros, Matthew.

Explaining Language and Citizenship Policies in the Former Soviet Union: The Cases of Belarus, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, and Ukraine
 Stevens, Christopher.

Explaining Variation in Statutory Language Across the States
 Hannah, Lee.

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Failed Attempts to Disenfranchise the Enfranchised: Ohio and Pennsylvania
 Edmonds, Kelton., Slaven, Michael., Blumberg, Melanie. and Yamba, Mohamed.

Fantasies of racial kinship interrupted in Michael Kang's "The Motel"
 Lee, Fred.

Fault-Tolerant Designs and Democratic Structures
 Santillanes, Gary.

Female Casualties and American War Support: Evidence from a Survey Experiment
 Oliver, Alexander. and Helms, Maggie.

Fighting for Families: Gender Stereotypes and Candidate Evaluations
 Greenlee, Jill. and Langner, Carrie.

Financial Power
 Milagre, Alice.

Finding the Right Match: Retaining Partners in an Strategic Alliance to Combat Agroterrorism
 Minnis-McClain, Jessica.

First Draft of Liberty: The Virginia Plan and a Well-Constructed Senate
 Kelts, Steven.

Foundations of Political Authority in Jacques Derrida
 Kaufmann, Andrew.

Four Theories for the Political Failure of Microfinance
 Jouben, Lindsay.

Framing Policy with Civil Religion
 Hickel Jr, Flavio.

Framing the War on Women: A Survey Experiment on the Effects of Partisan Framing on Issue Perception, Responsibility, and Vote Choice
 Koning, Ashley.

Freedom of Information Act and the Institutionalization of Citizen Oversight
 Baron, Kevin. and Sclofsky, Sebastian.

From Fracture to Fusion: The Muslim American Response to the “External Threat” Following September 11th, 2001
 Albert, Zachary.

From heterogeneity to homogeneity: the systemic diffusion of policy-making
 Ondur, Mehmet.

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Gender quotas and diversity politics: the political representation of ethnic majority and minority women
 Erzeel, Silvia. and Celis, Karen.

Germany's Green Energy Revolution: Challenges to the Theory and Practice of Institutional Change
 Hager, Carol.

Global Democratic Legitimacy and Deliberative Systems
 Kuyper, Jonathan.

Global Health Governance and Organ Transplantation Policies
 Langran, Irene.

Globalization and Social Justice: The Case of Public Private Partnerships
 Unger, Abraham.

Globalization and Urbanization: Sustainable Development in the NYC-Region
 Ottomanelli, John.


Habermas and Realist Thought
 Hassanzadeh, Navid.

Hannah Arendt and the Story of the Future
 O\'Byrne, Anne.

Heidegger and Jünger: Nihilism and Post-War Europe
 Quinn, Timothy.

Helping Citizens Implement the Affordable Care Act: Information’s Role in Fostering Medicaid and Subsidy Uptake
 Chattopadhyay, Jacqueline.

Henry Clay and the Limits of Reformist Liberalism in American Politics
 Sable, Marc.

Hermeneutical Violence, Political Violence: the Case of Heidegger
 Duff, Alexander.

Homer on Political Motivation and the Purposes of Political Community
 Gross, Andrew.

How South Korean Media Frames the North Korean “First lady,” Ri Sol-ju: A Content Analysis of Conservative and Progressive Newspaper Coverage
 Cho, Sarah., HWANG, INJEONG. and Lee, Ju Heon.

How Terrorism Ends: Impact of Lethality on the Group’s Survival
 Nawaz, Muhammad.

How the Vincent Chin murder instigated the 1980’s Pan- Asian and Pacific Islander movement
 Cholankeril, Diana.

Hybrid Regime Repression of Free Expression Rights: A Case Study Using Venezuela and Bolivia
 Lunde Seefeldt, Jennapher.


Identity, National Image, and National Loss: A Comparative Study of Divergent Responses to the North Korean Abduction Issue in Japan and South Korea
 Chaussee, Sam. and Ku, Yangmo.

Ideology and the Will to Power in International Relations
 Davis, William.

Imbalanced Population Sex Ratios as a Predictor of Civil Disorder: the Case of Taiwan
 Meyer, Dane.

Immigrant Mobilization in Comparison: 2012 v. 2013
 Brown, Heath.

Immigration, Integration, and the Roots of Terror
 Gineste, Christian.

Implementing the Affordable Care Act in the States
 Deegan, Michele. and Mathews, A Lanethea.

Influence vs. Control: Collaborative Approaches to Regulation in a High Risk Environment
 Linder-Zarankin, Michal.

Inscrutable Souls: Problems with Persuasion and Justice in the GORGIAS and the PHAEDRUS
 Smart, Theresa.

Institutional vs. Non-Institutional Sources of Presidential Influence: A Case Study of Bill Clinton's Presidency
 Culp, Derek.

Intellectuals and the Authoritarian State: Social Scientists and the Making of Ethnic Minority Policies in the People's Republic of China
 Chu, Sinan.

Intersectionality and Tokenism on the Boston School Committee: Jennie Loitman Barron 1925-29.
 Aliotta, Jilda.

Is Anyone Other than the Philosopher Happy in Plato's Republic?
 Culp, Jonathan.

Is Free Will Possible in a Media Dominated Society?
 williams, nadia.

Is Law the Only Response to Religiously Injurious Speech?
 Ghosh, Cyril.

Isolating the Effects of Electoral Participation on Political Trust
 Shineman, Victoria.

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James Cameron's Avatar and the Free Market path to the Stars
 Sheppard, Simon.

Jefferson, Lincoln, and the Role of Technology in the New American Republic
 Klinghard, Daniel.

Judicial Review and Human Rights: An Analysis of the Court Cases
 Rutledge, Jennifer.


Latin America’s Pink Tide: Women and Presidential Leadership in Comparative Perspective
 Evans, Rebecca.

Laughter and the Serious Life in Aristotle
 Bucy, Brendan.

Learning from Hobbes's Dismal Family: The Didactic Purpose of the "Natural Kingdom" in Hobbes's Political Thought
 Koganzon, Rita.

Leo Strauss on Hobbes's 'Right of Nature'
 Roecklein, Robert.

Leo Strauss on the eternal return of the same
 Jaramillo, Angel.

Let’s Talk Crisis: Presidential Rhetoric and Unilateral Power
 Petersen, Mark. and Young, Laura.

Lost In Translation: Intellectuals and American Public Policy
 Anderson, Kevin.


Machiavelli, Liberality, and the Analysis of Aristotle
 Colmo, Christopher.

Magnanimity, Humility, and Hope: Recovering Aquinas’s Account for Political Theory
 Lamb, Michael.

Maimonides on Providence
 Lorch, Benjamin.

Manheim and Rawls on Democracy, Perspectivism, and the Problem of Ideology
 Martineau, Samuel. and Kaurloto, John.

Mathematics and the Disposition of the Soul in Plato's Republic
 Thomas, Gordon.

Measuring Supreme Court Decision-Making Utilizing Scaling Errors in a Cumulative Rating Scale
 Snook, Carl.

Migration, Development, and the State: a comparative study of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan
 Ruget, Vanessa., Usmanalieva, Burul. and Shermatov, Bahriddin.

Minimum Wage and Inequality
 Marcano-Rivera, Rashid.

Motherhood, The Family, and The 2012 Presidential Election
 Elder, Laurel. and Greene, Steve.

Moving beyond the estimates: Dreamer refunds in Massachusetts
 Brenner, Christine.


National Identity of the former Yugoslavian diaspora
 Virtus, Addalena. and Zejćirovic, Irma.

Negotiating with Resisters of International Humanitarian Legal Norms
 Dijmarescu, Horia.

Neo-republicanism as a critical theory?
 Watkins, David.

Neopatrimonialism and Stability: Do Government Systems Matter in Africa?
 Patch, Allison.

Nietzsche and the Construction of History
 Schwarz, Julia.

Nigerian women and political apathy: Prospect and challenges

No Adult Left Behind? An Analysis of Stakeholder Opinions in Adult Literacy Policymaking
 McGlynn, Adam.

Nuclear Industry Lobbying in the U.S.
 Kostyaev, Sergey.

nergy Power: The Political Geography of Energy Sector Campaign Contributions to Federal and State Elections
 Brogan, Michael.


Occupy Star Wars
 Mehta, Varad.

Old Symbols and New Purposes: Legitimating Military Power in Contemporary Iraq
 Humphreys, Brian.

On Philosophical Anarchism
 Jun, Nathan.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: The Origins of Brazil’s Gendered Political Institutions
 dos Santos, Pedro.

Operation Blue Bat: An Alternative Assessment of the 1958 American Intervention in Lebanon
 Karam, Jeffrey G..

Ordered Liberty: The Early Political Thought of John C. Calhoun
 Grove, John.

Outside the Battlefield: In-group Political Dynamics of Civil War Negotiations and Settlements
 Ogutcu, Sema Hande.


 Mulhern, J..

Parsing and Mapping: Proposing a New Research Framework for Examining Deliberation’s “Better Citizen” Claims
 Pincock, Heather.

Partisanship and the Splitting and Trading of Neighborhoods Across Electoral Districts
 Clayton, Spencer.

Patriotic Despotism: The Political Theory of "Deuteronomy"
 wenglinsky, Martin.

Pennsylvania Ballot Initatives & the Erie County Government Term Limits Movement
 Habursky, Joshua.

Personal Responsibility and Capitalism: a discussion of the necessity for liberal ideas in economic policy
 Maneri, Candice.

Philosophical Tools for Teaching Critical Thinking in the Political Science Classroom
 Ralston, Shane.

Pitiful Friends: Pity, Friendship, and Self-Knowledge in Emile, Book IV
 King, Joshua.

Plato and Economic Inequality
 Press, Gerald.

Plato's Invisible Hero of Democracy: Socrates inn the Republic and Crito
 Klonoski, Richard.

Plato's Republic in Rousseau's Emile
 Burns, Daniel.

Platonic versus Liberal Conceptions of Social Justice: A Polemic
 Thompson, Michael.

Playing in the Dark: Overcoming the Submergence of Material Conditions in Democratic Theory
 Ingram, Callum.

Polarization and Interest Groups: Lobbying in a Divided Government
 Mugglestone, Konrad.

Policy and Institutional Effectiveness in the Attraction of FDI into Central and Eastern European Countries
 Tzenev, Atanas.

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Race to the Money: The Role of Economic Opportunity in Determining State-level Environmental Regulatory Compliance
 Pal, Courtney. and Ernst, Howard.

Race, Residence, and Business Ownership: The Consequences of Minority Economic Empowerment for Outgroup Attitudes
 Einstein, Katherine. and Woolfalk, Miya.

Ratifying international human rights treaties in East Asia
 Chang, Hyo Joon.

Re-examining Citizenship Norms and Political Participation in Contemporary U.S. Politics
 Oser, Jennifer.

Re-imagining Civil Religion: William Lloyd Garrison and the Civil Religious Poetics of Antebellum Abolitionism
 Wright, Brendan.

Recognition, Participatory Democracy, and the "Rights vs. Needs" Debate
 Back, Laura.

Reconsidering the Importance of Simonides in Plato’s Republic
 Jordan, J..

Reexamining the Liberal Critique of Plato and Rousseau
 Zucker, Gregory.

Religion across the early canon - Machiavelli, Luther, Hobbes, and the role of religion in government
 Golesorkhi, Lara-Zuzan.

Religion and Politics: Gandhi, the Gita, and Indian Swaraj
 Schmidt, Michael.

Religion in Post-Secular Democracy: lessons from the Habermas-Ratzinger exchange
 Imparato, Mary.

Religious Discourse in the Political Sphere: An Examination of John Rawls’ Public Reason
 Petri, Daniel.

Religious Symbols and the Establishment Clause: The Lemon Test and Camouflage
 Mott, Kenneth., Lombardi, Maria. and Mensinger, Cassandra.

Responding to Terrorism: Does Regime Type Matter?
 Vieira, III, Everett.

Rethinking Electoral Violence in Africa: A Postcolonial Constructivist Reading
 Okpotor, Faith.

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SNAP: The Politics and Policy of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program 2000-2013
 Gritter, Matthew.

Same-Sex Marriage: A Cascading Norm?
 Remkus, Brett.

Santa Muerte: How a Single Saint Undermines Mexico’s Institutions
 Tran, Dan.

Secularization and the Shi’a clergy’s counter hegemonic project: the framing of an alternative modernity
 Ramaioli, Massimo.

Secularizing Pakistan and Bangladesh? Contingency versus Reality
 Ahmed, Sayeed.

Shale Gas: A Balancing Factor in International Relations
 Palubinskas, Ginta.

Shaping US-Africa Policy: Change, Continuity, and Leadership Traits of Clinton and Obama
 Balogun, Emmanuel.

Shared Understandings, Social Criticism and the Question of Method in Political Theory
 Reiner, Jason.

Should you Harm your Enemies and Benefit your Friends? - a commentary on Plato's "Gorgias"
 Bush, Amy.

Social Science & Policy: A History of Funding Battles from the Post-WWII Period
 Zaino, Jeanne.

Socrates and Parmenides, Strauss and Heidegger
 Landy, Tucker.

Socrates’ Feminism in the Republic
 Sawatzky, Nathan.

Socratic Ontology in the Republic
 Artrip, Ryan.

Soft Power: The Alliance for Progress and Its Implementation in Pre-Revolutionary Nicaragua, 1961-1979
 Wilson, John-Paul.

Spatializing Africa in relation to the “Global Commons”
 McNeill, Casey.

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Tax Morale in Italy: Examining the Effects of Civic Culture on Tax Morale
 D\'Attoma, John.

Terrorists and freedom fighters: The use of international norms in the discourse of rebel groups
 Mueller, Jennifer.

The "Last Plantation": A history of racial segregation and stratification in the U.S. congressional workforce
 Jones, James.

The Absence of Human Rights Language in Domestic Issues
 Arves, Stephen.

The Arab Spring: A Theoretical Examination of Revolutionary Patterns
 Guan, Yichen.

The Association Between Youth and Global Citizenship: Fact or Fiction?
 Bramlett, Brittany.

The Congressional Campaigns of Benjamin Cardin of Maryland
 Grant, Philip.

The Constructed Drunkard's Search: The Market for Identity Confirming and Disconfirming Information
 Hayes, David.

The Effect of Election Day Registration on Voter Turnout
 Bucchianeri, Peter. and Sclar, Jason.

The Effect of European Integration on Policy Congruence in Europe
 Zapryanova, Galina.

The Effects of Income Inequality on Political Participation in the United States
 Doyle, Lisette.

The Effects of Outside Spending Post-Citizens United: A Case Study
 Jenks, Andrew.

The Effects of Perceived Prejudice on Racial Policy Preference Formation: A Meta-Level Analysis
 Reckendorf, Alexandra.

The Effects of R&D Funding on the Number of Utility Patents Granted
 Severenchuk, Serge.

The Emerging Energy Trouble: Fostering Energy Security in the Caribbean
 Hardt, Kelsey. and Sachleben, Mark.

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Un-civil Discourse: Politics in the Age of Cursing
 Williams, Victoria.

Undying Protests: Resisting Feminicide in Juárez and Chihuahua
 Orozco, Elva.

Unexpected Support for European Integration: Memory, Rupture and Totalitarianism in Arendt’s Political Thought
 Verovsek, Peter.

Unionized Worker Cooperatives: A Global Comparison
 Michael, Christopher.

Untangling the Web of Impact Factors: A Multi-level Analysis of State Committee Assignment Success
 Hedlund, Ronald., Larson, Claudia. and Larsen, Benjamin.


Variation in the Influence of Political Concentration across High and Low Salience Legislation
 Kelly, Jason.

Voter Perception of Online Sources of Campaign Information: 2006, 2008 and 2010 Elections
 Shanks, David.

Voter Turnout and Twitter: A Research Design Proposal
 Natiello, Steven.


What Makes Mayors Tick?: Factors Affecting the Policy Agendas of Big City Chief Executives
 Leckrone, Wesley., Atherton, Michelle., Crossey, Nicole. and Stickley, Andrea.

What can Adorno (still) teach us about Capitalism?
 Feola, Michael.

What is John Stuart Mill's conception of time?
 Ewing, Alexander.

What is Political Participation? An Intra-Disciplinary Reevaluation
 Elliott, Kevin.

What is in a Name? Recreation Areas versus Parks and the Case of Golden Gate
 Walsh, Julie.

When the Crime is Birth: "Meth Babies" and the Limits of Pure White
 Howard, Grace.

Why Violence was Unnecessary in Northern Ireland
 Schmitt, David.

Why deliberation? The legitimacy of political decisions in times of economic crisis

Why is the Good Regime of Plato’s "Laws" the Second Best City?
 Ballingall, Robert.

Why mobilize? Muslim Americans and US Foreign Policy.
 Cury, Emily.

Willing to Die: Suicide Terrorists as Rational Nationalist Actors
 Mroszczyk, Joseph.

Would Aristotle's Phronimos Survive the Socratic Elenchus?
 Turner, Jeffrey.


Zombies in America: Tocqueville, Marcuse, and the Living Dead Americans
 Robbins, Nicholas.
Northeastern Political Science Association 2013-Nov-14 to 2013-Nov-17
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